How Ergonomic Mini Keyboards can Save Your Hands from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by strawberryjam08


									                                        How Ergonomic Mini Keyboards can Save

                                        Your Hands from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                                        If you believed that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is just

                                        another of those “growing up” pains, think again! This is

                                        the type of pain that is hard to ignore. In fact, if

                                        symptoms are not managed and the condition is left

                                        untreated for some time, it can cause deformity and

                                        permanent damage on your hand and wrist. When it

comes to your health, a sense of urgency is always appropriate. See your doctor.

You could be Suffering from CTS

What are the danger signs? How would you know if the pain on your wrist is a symptom

of CTS?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually associated with pain; however, pain is such a

universal symptom of many other ailments that it is hard to tell what you are

experiencing could be a sign of CTS. This is where professional diagnosis is

necessary. Visit your doctor. To make your own diagnosis about your condition, based

solely on what you read on the internet and what your friends have suggested, may put

your health (and your life) in peril.

Aside from pain that runs from the tip of your fingers to your forearm and even up to

your shoulders, other symptoms include: numbness of your finger-joints, your wrists, or

your hands; tingling sensation, apparent lack of strength to lift or move an object. Any

combinations of these symptoms are danger signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Ergonomics Mini Keyboards Save Your Hands
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome builds with time; it does not happen overnight. Your

prolonged use of the PC that is not ergonomically-designed to suit your fingers and

hands may put too much pressure on the median nerve inside your wrist’s carpal tunnel.

Repetitive motion of your fingers and hands while using conventional (non-ergonomic)

keyboard will cause strain on the median nerve, compresses it, and when inflammation

sets in that’s when you feel the searing pain that simply does not go away.

Ergonomic mini keyboards are specially designed for ease and comfort of their users.

There is a plethora of designs, depending on your preference.

Left-handed mini keyboards eliminate the stress that comes with prolonged use of the

PC by a left-handed typist; “split –hands” designs are also available when you prefer to

have more space for both of your hands on the keyboard platform. And there is one for

every budget, too!

Even health professionals, therapists and chiropractors agree that the use of ergonomic

mini keyboards is the cheapest and the best preventive measure against carpal tunnel

syndrome. Make an investment in your health, today! Protect the full use of your hands

before carpal tunnel syndrome beats you to it!

View photos of quality, but less expensive ergonomic mini keyboards at; there’s surely one that fits your budget.

Ergonomics mini keyboards are designed to suit the user’s hands, protecting them from

the onset of repetitive strain injuries common among those who use their keyboards for

long hours. Using traditional (non-ergonomic) keyboards usually cause stress on the

hands and wrists that may inflame the median nerve inside the carpal tunnels, and may

give rise to carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating and painful condition.

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