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LO 9-2320-360-12


    31 March 1994                                                            LO           9-2320-360-12
          TRUCK,      TRACTOR,         M1070,     8   X   8,    HEAVY    EQUIPMENT         TRANSPORTER          (HET)
                                                (NSN      2320-01-318-9902)

    References:    TM    9-2320-360-10,     TM    9-2320-360-20

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         improvements and by stating your reasons for the recommendations. Your letter or DA
         Form 2028-2, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms, should be
         mailed directly to Commander, U.S. Army Tank–Automotive Command, ATTN:
         AMSTA-MB, Warren, Ml 48397-5000. A reply will be furnished directly to you.

M a i n t e n a n c e L e v e l s . This lubrication order (LO) is for operator/crew and organizational maintenance. The lowest
level of maintenance authorized to lubricate a point is indicated by either operator/crew (C) or organizational (0).
Operator/Crew may lubricate points authorized for organizational when authorized by organizational.

Lube Intervals. Lube intervals (on-condition or hardtime) and related man–hour times are based on normal
operation. The man–hour time specified is the time needed to do all the services prescribed for a particular interval.
The calendar interval may be extended during periods of low activity. If extended, adequate preservation precautions
must be taken. Engine oil/transmission oil/hydraulic oil/steering oil must be sampled at 90-day intervals as prescribed
by DA Pam 738–750. Hardtime intervals will be applied in the event AOAP laboratory support is not available. For
equipment under manufacturer’s warranty, hardtime oil service intervals shall be followed. Intervals shall be
shortened if lubricants are known to be contaminated or if operation is under adverse conditions, such as
longer–than–usual operating hours, extended idling periods, or extreme dust.

Intervals shown in this LO are based on calendar times or calendar times and mileage. An example of a calendar
lubrication interval is: S, in which S stands for semiannually (every six months). An example of a mileage and
calendar interval is: 9/A, in which 9 stands for 9,000 mi (14,481 km), and A stands for annual (every 12 months).
Perform the lubrication at whichever interval occurs first. Special lubrication intervals and services are shown by the
use of asterisk (*) symbols. Notes are located on card 32.1.

Oil Filters. 011 filters shall be serviced/cleaned/changed, as applicable, when:
             They are known to be contaminated or clogged;

             Service is recommended by AOAP laboratory analysis, or;

             At prescribed hardtime intervals.


             Dry cleaning solvent(s), type II is toxic and flammable. Wear protective goggles and
             gloves and use only in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and
             clothes, and don’t breathe vapors. DO NOT use near open flame or excessive heat.
             The flash point is 100-140°F (38-60°C). If you become dizzy while using cleaning
             solvent, get fresh air immediately and medical aid. If contact with eyes is made, wash
             your eyes with water and get medical aid Immediately.

Cleaning and Fording. Clean parts with dry cleaning solvent. Dry before lubricating. After high pressure washing,
lubricate all fittings and oil can points outside and underneath the HET Tractor. After fording, lubricate all fittings
below fording depth and check submerged gearboxes for water. For corrosion control, refer to TM 9-2320-360-10.

L o c a t o r s . Points indicated with dotted arrows are lubricated on both sides of the HET Tractor. Reference to the
appropriate localized view is given after most lubrication entries. Localized views begin on card 19.

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                                                 LO 9-2320-360-12

             Table 1. Lubricants

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                              LO 9-2320-360-12
           Table 2. Other Fluids

Table 3.
                            Table 4.

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LO 9-2320-360-12

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               LO 9-2320-360-12

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