RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT

This Agreement of Lease, dated         is between        Owner, hereinafter referred to as "Landlord or Lessor" and
      Residents(s) hereinafter referred to as "Resident or Lessee", with the following people as occupants

ADDRESS:             North Bay Road Unit #           Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
This sum is comprised of the following:
BASE RENT: $              +$        for
MOVE-IN DATE:                 PRORATE:$_
LEASE TERM: Begins:               Ends:
LATE FEE:            (10% of the total rental amount, see paragraph 4, below)
                                                      Aventura, FL 33180
Lessor has delivered and Lessee has accepted those addenda and/or contracts indicated below:
Move In Inspection form                         Amenity Use Agreement
Pet Addendum                                    Garage Addendum
Package Release Agreement                       Utility Charge Agreement
Key Release Agreement                           Community Policies
Amenity/Key Acceptance                          Concession Addendum
Mold & Mildew Addendum                          Other:_______________________
SPECIAL PROVISONS: (NOT applicable, unless otherwise stated)
MOVE-IN DATE: The Proposed move-in date shall be as stated above. Rental shall be due from that date until the
end of the month in the sum of as stated above. Residents possession of the premises shall commence on the move-
in date. The fact that Resident occupies the premises prior to the term of this Lease as defined in the paragraphs
hereinabove shall in no way affect the term of this lease. Performance of all obligations, covenants and conditions
shall be due from both manager and resident as of the move-in date.
THIS Residential Lease Agreement was made and entered into on the date set forth hereinabove, by and between the
parties, stated above, with Residents listed jointly and severally if more than one.
1. DEMISE. In exchange for valuable consideration including, without limitation, the promise by Resident to pay
landlord the rental payments set forth herein, and the performance by Resident of all other terms, conditions and
covenants contained in this residential lease agreement as well as any addenda hereto (any and all such addenda are
incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof) Landlord agrees to lease to Resident and Resident agrees
to lease from Landlord the Condominium at the address described above.
2. TERM. The term of this Lease shall be for the period set forth above. In the event that the subject demised
premises is not available to Resident for occupancy on the commencement date of this Lease as aforesaid due to
construction delays or the failure of a prior resident to timely vacate the premises, or for any other reason beyond the
control of the Landlord, the Landlord shall not be liable to Resident for any damages arising from same, and this
lease shall remain in full force and effect. In such event, however, the Resident shall not be responsible for paying
rent to Landlord on a prorated basis for those days during the first calendar month of occupancy that the subject
demised premises was not available for occupancy by Resident. Upon the failure of Landlord to deliver possession
to Resident within ten (10) days after written demand by Resident, Resident may declare this Agreement null and
void and of no force or effect from its inception and Landlord shall refund to Resident any security deposit and/or
other amounts paid Landlord by Resident in conjunction with this Lease Agreement only.
3. RENT. The Resident agrees to pay to Landlord in advance at the commencement date of this Lease and thereafter
on the first day of each and every consecutive calendar month thereafter, by personal check, money order or
cashier's check, the monthly rental amount set forth hereinabove. Payments are to be made to
__________________________________________________________________________________. It is agreed
that neither at no time shall Landlord accept cash for payment of rent nor shall the Landlord accept partial payments.
For purposes of this Lease Agreement it shall be irrefutably presumed that Resident has not paid rent unless
Resident can produce a canceled check or money order supporting to prove rent has been paid to Landlord. If this
Lease commences on a date other than the first date of the month, the Resident shall be responsible for paying

Landlord a prorated amount of said rent based upon the actual number of days in the first month of the tenancy that
Resident occupied the Condominium. This amount shall be payable in advance to Landlord. All late fees and
returned or dishonored check fees referred to in paragraph four (4) of this Agreement shall be deemed as additional
rent for the purposes of this Agreement. If Resident will be absent for more than fourteen days, Resident must notify
Landlord in writing.
A. The sum of $           (10% of the total monthly rental amount) will be due as a late fee for rent received after
6:00 p.m. on the (4th) fourth day of the month. B. The sum of $50.00 will be due for each dishonored check. Late
fees will also be applied if rent is paid with a dishonored check. C. Landlord reserves the right to require all
payments received after the due date to be made by money order, cashier's check or certified check.
D. Resident agrees that any check dishonored by the bank shall be redeemed from Landlord by Resident in full,
including all charges as aforesaid, by cashier's check, money order or certified check within twenty-four (24) hours
of delivery of written demand by Landlord therefore. Any dishonored check which is returned and/or redeemed after
the date rent is due under this lease shall be deemed delinquent and such rental payment shall be subject to the late
fee and penalties set forth herein. In addition, Resident shall pay to Landlord any and all costs incurred by Landlord
in the collection of any dishonored check. E. If during the lease term, the bank dishonors two checks for any
reason whatsoever, Resident agrees to pay all future rent and other charges by cashier's check, certified check, or
money order. Landlord shall not accept personal checks thereafter.
F. All such charges set forth in the preceding sections of this paragraph four (4) shall be deemed additional rent for
purposes of this lease agreement and Landlord shall be required to give Resident statutory three day notice and not a
seven day notice for payment of same. It is agreed and understood that Landlord is under no obligation to accept
payment of rent and/or additional rent as defined hereinabove after expiration of the statutory three-day notice
period for nonpayment of rent.
5. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Resident agrees to pay to the Landlord at the time Resident applies for the Condominium,
a security deposit, the amount of which is set forth hereinabove, for Resident's fulfillment of the terms and
conditions of this Agreement. The deposit will be returned to Resident within thirty (30) days after the
Condominium is vacated if the following terms and conditions have been fulfilled:
A. Complete vacation of the entire premises by Resident on or before the date specified in the required written 60-
day notice of cancellation of Resident's Lease from Resident to Manager, list of damages and defects as set out in
Resident's Lease. B. Expiration of the term of the Lease, or termination of the Lease in accordance with the express
provisions thereof. C. Payment by Resident of all rent required under the Lease, up to and including the date of
expiration or termination of the term of the Lease, or up to and including the in accordance with the express
provisions thereof. C. Payment by Resident of all rent required under the Lease, up to and including the date of
expiration or termination of the term of the Lease, or up to and including the final day of the 60-day notice period
whichever is longer. D. Thorough cleaning of the premises, including, but not limited to, all kitchen appliances
(refrigerator, oven, range, dishwasher), baths, carpet, tile, walls, closets/storage areas, patios/balconies, etc., so as to
be in the same condition as same were in on the commencement date of the term of the Lease, normal wear and tear
excepted. E. An absence of defect in or damage to the premises, whether caused by Resident, pets, or otherwise,
unless included on the written list of damages and defects as set out in Resident's Lease. F. Observance and
performance by Resident of all of the other covenants and obligations of Resident under the Lease, from the date of
commencement of the Lease up to and including the date of expiration or termination of the term of this Lease, or up
to and including the final day of the Lease, or up to and including the final day of the 60-day notice period,
whichever is longer. G. Observance and performance by Resident of all rules and regulations pertaining to
Resident under the Lease, including without limitation, those rules and regulations pertaining to pets.
H. Provision by Residents) to Manager of (60) sixty days written notice prior to the date of expiration of
termination of the term of the lease. Failure to provide a full sixty-days notice of intent to vacate shall result in the
Resident being charged for the balance of the notice period an amount based on the daily pro-rata rental amount,
such amount not to exceed two month's rent. Such charge shall be considered liquidated damages under this lease
I. Provision by Resident to Manager in writing of Resident's forwarding address.
The deposit may be applied by Landlord to satisfy all or part of Resident's obligations hereunder and such
application shall not prevent Landlord from claiming damages in excess of the deposit. It is hereby expressly
understood that no part of the security deposit is to be construed as a prepayment of rent by Resident. The security
deposit given by Resident to Landlord pursuant to this paragraph shall be held by Landlord in a non-interest bearing
account as described hereinabove. Resident hereby acknowledges that Resident has been made aware of and has
received the following transcription of Florida Statutes section 83.49(3). Said Florida Statute reads as follows: (a)

"Upon the vacating of the premises for termination of the lease, the landlord shall have thirty (30) days to return the
security deposit together with interest if otherwise required, or in which to give the Resident written notice by
certified mail to the Resident's last known mailing address of his intention to impose a claim on the deposit and the
reason for imposing the claim. The notice shall contain a statement in substantially the following form: This is a
notice of my intention to impose a claim for damages in the amount of____ upon your security deposit, due to ____.
It is sent to you as required by 83.49(3), Florida Statutes. You are hereby notified that you must object in writing to
this deduction from your security deposit within 15 days from the time you receive this notice or I will be authorized
to deduct my claim from your security deposit. Your objection must be sent to (Landlord's address). If the Landlord
fails to give the required notice within the 30-day period, he forfeits his right to impose a claim upon the security
deposit, (b) Unless the Resident objects to the imposition of the Landlord's claim or the amount thereof within 15
days after receipt of the Landlord's notice of intention to impose a claim, the Landlord may then deduct the amount
of his claim and shall remit the balance of the deposit to the Resident within 30 days after the date of the notice of
intention to impose a claim for damages, (c) If either party institutes an action in a court of competent jurisdiction to
adjudicate his right to the security deposit, the prevailing party is entitled to receive his court costs plus a reasonable
fee for his attorney. The court shall advance the cause on the calendar".
6. FAILURE TO COMPLY. Resident agrees that the Resident shall be responsible to Landlord for the rent accruing
hereafter even if Resident fails to occupy the subject demised premises. Resident further acknowledges that Resident
consents to the application of the security deposit by Landlord in the event that Resident does not occupy the
Condominium, to cover Landlord's costs in preparing the Condominium for rental and re-renting the Condominium,
together with any and all damages for unpaid rent accruing from the commencement date of this Lease up through
the date that Landlord is able to re-let the property, provided, however, that re-letting is on terms equal to or more
favorable to Landlord than the terms and conditions set forth in this Lease.
7. CONDITION OF THE CONDOMINIUM UPON MOVE-IN. The Resident agrees that prior to Resident taking
possession of the subject demised premises, Resident shall make an initial walk through of the Condominium with
an agent of Landlord and at such time the Resident and the Landlord shall so note on a move-in report any and all
problems or deficiencies in the Condominium that the Landlord shall be reasonably required to repair. The Resident
agrees that other than those items set forth on the move-in report, the Resident shall accept the Condominium as is.
Reasonable repairs for purposes of this paragraph shall be those repairs that are required in order to render the
Condominium habitable. The Landlord shall make all such repairs with reasonable promptness after said move-in
report is executed.
8. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO VACATE. Resident or Landlord may terminate this lease at the end of the initial
Lease Term by giving the other party written notice of termination no later than sixty (60) days prior to the end of
the initial lease term If neither party so gives notice, this Agreement will be extended on an month-to-month basis
upon the same terms and conditions as contained herein, except that the rent payable hereunder shall be increased by
10% per month. At the time this Lease expires, if notice has been given by either party, Landlord shall have the right
during the last (60) sixty days of the term of the Lease to enter the Condominium without notice at all reasonable
times in order to show the premises to prospective Residents. Failure to provide a full (60) sixty-days notice shall
result in the Resident being charged for the balance of the notice an amount based on the daily pro-rata rental
amount, such amount not to exceed two month's rent. Such charge shall be considered liquidated damages under this
lease agreement.
9. MONTH TO MONTH. Either party may terminate a month to month tenancy by giving the other party written
notice of termination no later than (30) thirty days prior to the end of a monthly rental period. Failure to provide a
full (30) thirty-days notice shall result in the Resident being charged for the balance of the notice an amount based
on the daily pro-rata month to month rental amount, such amount not to exceed one month's rent. Such charge shall
be considered liquidated damages under this lease agreement.
10. SUBLET. Resident may not sublet the Condominium or assign this Lease without the prior written consent of
Landlord. In the event Landlord allows subletting or an assignment of Resident's rights and interest hereunder,
Resident shall nevertheless remain liable to Landlord for all terms, conditions and covenants of this residential lease
agreement, including, but not limited to, the payment of rent.
11. UTILITIES. Landlord shall furnish, as part of the Lease Agreement, the following utilities only: Water, Sewer,
Garbage Removal. And Pest Control. If the cost to Landlord of providing any of said utilities increases for any
reason during the term of this Agreement, Resident shall pay as additional rent its share of such increase allocable to
the Condominium commencing thirty (30) days after delivery to Resident by Landlord of written notice for same.
Under no circumstances shall Landlord be responsible to Resident for any interruption in furnishing services. The
Resident is responsible for changing the electricity into Resident's name prior to move-in. If such is not completed,
the Resident authorizes the landlord to deduct any utility charges paid on Resident's behalf from the security deposit.

In the event the Landlord does not furnish water and/or sewer, the Resident may be required to subscribe to a water
metering system (the "Water System"). By entering into this lease, the Resident agrees that (i) Owner may install in
or about the premises whatever equipment is necessary for the operation and monitoring of the Water System; (ii)
the Resident shall be responsible for submitting a deposit to the water company within three days of notification
from the Landlord or the company monitoring the Water System that such deposit is due; and (iii) thereafter, the
Resident shall make timely payments to the company monitoring the Water System of all fees associated with the
use of water on the premises. Bills for water usage shall not include charges for water service for common areas and
facilities. In the event that the deposit is not paid or payments are not made when due, such shall be
Resident to comply with the Seven (7) Day Notice to Cure shall result in a Seven (7) Day Notice to Vacate issued by
the Landlord and shall result in the termination of the leasehold between the parties for the liability of the Resident
for default breach of the lease. Any unpaid amounts due for water and/or sewer usage shall be deductible from the
security deposit as damages if any amount is unpaid at the termination of the lease agreement.
12. PROPERTY LOSS. Landlord and Condominium shall not be liable for any damages or losses to person or
property caused by persons other than Landlord. Landlord shall not be liable for personal injury or damage or loss to
Resident's personal property (furniture, jewelry, clothing, etc.) from theft, vandalism, fire, water, rain storms, smoke,
explosions, sonic booms, or other causes whatsoever, whether caused by negligent acts of Landlord, its agents or
AND RESIDENT'S PROPERTY. Landlord's property insurance does not cover risk of loss to any of Resident's
property. Also, if any of Landlord's employees are requested to render any services such as moving automobiles,
handling of furniture, cleaning, delivering packages, or any other service not required of Landlord under this
Agreement, such employee(s) shall be deemed as agent(s) of Resident regardless of whether or not payment is made
by Resident for such service. Resident agrees to hold harmless and indemnify and defend Landlord from any and all
liability arising in any way whatsoever from the rendering of such service.
13. RIGHT TO ACCESS. Landlord and Condominium shall have the right to enter the Condominium at any
reasonable time, without notice for inspection, maintenance and pest control. In case of emergency, Landlord and
Condominium may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to property.
14. USE/OCCUPANCY. The Condominium shall be used for residential purposes only and shall be occupied only
by the person(s) named on this lease. Resident agrees not to permit any person(s) not listed on the lease to occupy
the Condominium more than fourteen (14) days and nights during the full term of the lease. Resident agrees to abide
by all municipal and state laws and ordinances so as not to create a nuisance and not to conduct or initiate activities
which would increase the rate of insurance on the premises.
15. INDEMNIFICATION. Resident agrees to reimburse Condominium and/or Landlord promptly for the cost to
Landlord for property damage to the Condominium and Condominium for the common areas of the Community,
including, without limitation, the cost of repairs or service (including plumbing trouble) caused by Resident's
negligence, intentional acts and/or improper use by Resident, occupants, guests or invitees. Resident shall be
responsible for any such damage resulting from windows or doors left open. Payment of all amount due
Landlord/Condominium under this provision or the agreement is due and payable within five (5) days of delivery of
written notice to Resident. All amounts due hereunder are deemed additional rent.
16. MAINTENANCE. Resident agrees to make maintenance checks at proper intervals on smoke alarms located in
the Condominium and to report any and all defects in writing to Landlord immediately. In the event hot water,
heating, air conditioning, plumbing or other equipment shall need repair, and Resident does not notify Landlord in
writing of the needed repair or for any reason that is beyond the control of Landlord any such utilities require
reduction or cut off, the Landlord shall not be liable for any damage arising out of Landlord's failure to furnish such
services. Resident shall maintain the Condominium, including the fixtures therein, in a clean, sightly and sanitary
condition. Resident shall not, without the consent of Landlord and Condominium, alter, remodel or otherwise
change the appearance and/or structure of the Condominium, building or grounds.
17. EARLY LEASE TERMINATION. In the event Resident desires to terminate the Lease before the natural
expiration date of the Lease, Resident may cancel this Lease contract and receive full refund of the security deposit
provided that all of the conditions below are fully satisfied to Landlord's satisfaction.
A. The Resident must have fulfilled at least six months of the original lease term
B. Written notice of termination must be received by Landlord no later than sixty (60) days prior to the proposed
termination date. The Resident is responsible for rent during the sixty-day notice period. Failure to provide a full
sixty-day notice shall result in the Resident being charged for the balance of the notice period an amount based on
the daily pro-rata rental amount, such amount not to exceed two month's rent. Such charge shall be considered
liquidated damages under this lease

C Termination fee equal to one month's rent must be tendered to Landlord simultaneously with the notice of
D. All monies due the Landlord and all amounts to accrue up through the termination date, including rent, must be
paid in full at the time of giving notice. Final payment must be made in the form of certified funds (i.e. cashier's
check or money orders).
E. Upon vacating the condominium, the condominium must be left in its original condition, with normal wear and
tear excepted.
18 DEFAULT BY RESIDENT. If Resident fails to pay rentals or additional rents when due, or if Resident fails to
reimburse Landlord for damages, repairs or plumbing service costs when due under this contract, or if Resident or
other occupants or guests of this Condominium materially and/or repeatedly violates this contract or any addenda
hereof or applicable state and local laws, or if the Resident abandons the Condominium, then Landlord or Landlord's
representative may terminate Resident's right of occupancy by giving Resident at least three day notice in writing.
Notice may be by mail, posting or personal delivery to Resident's Condominium. Such termination does not release
Resident from any obligation or liability for future rentals. If any amount due Landlord are delinquent, Landlord
shall not be obligated to continue utilities which are furnished and paid for by Landlord. Resident's absence from the
premise for sixteen (16) consecutive days while all or any portion of the rent is delinquent shall be deemed an
abandonment of the premises. If Resident fails to vacate on or before the expiration or termination date Landlord
shall be entitled to double rents for the holdover period. In order to clear an Condominium after abandonment,
surrender or eviction, Landlords representative may enter the premises and remove and store all property of every
kind found therein. All of Resident's property on the premises is hereby subject to a contractual hen as well as all
other hens available to Landlord at law or in equity. There shall be no sale or disposition of any of the foregoing
property except pursuant to the law.
19 LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. In addition to all other damages to which Landlord is entitled as set forth herein
and/or as called for in Chapter 83, Part II of the Florida Statutes in the event that Resident breaches this lease by
failing to pay rent when due and/or is evicted for any breach of this lease and/or surrenders or abandons possession
of the subject Condominium prior to the natural termination date of this lease, without fully exercising the
cancellation provision contained herein paragraph 16, the Resident shall be responsible to the Landlord for damages
for unpaid rent, late charges, attorney's fees, and/or fee paid to any collection agency, costs and other special and
general damages appertaining thereto. It is hereby expressly recognized and acknowledged by Resident that no exact
measure of the loss and damage which may be caused to Landlord, its successors and/or assigns, resulting from a
breach by Resident of the covenants contained in this lease agreement, can be determined. For purposes of
liquidating such damages, other than for damages to the subject demised premises above and beyond normal wear
and tear, NSF charges and other special damages, attorney's fees and costs, it is agreed that in the case of any breach
by the Resident of the covenants contained herein the damages for arrears of rent and late charges caused shall be
and are hereby fixed, liquidated and determined to be equal to the rent and late charges accruing up through the end
of the month in which Resident vacates the Condominium plus an additional amount equal to rent and late charges
for two additional months after the date of said breach The Landlords, its successors and assigns are hereby given
the right to recover said damages from Resident by use of any appropriate legal means. These liquidated damages
are in addition to all other amounts accruing under the lease, including, without limitation, NSF check charges,
utility charges and/or charges for the cost of repair and cleaning of the subject demised premises for wear and tear,
damages above normal wear and tear, damages above normal wear and tear, attorney's fees and costs, and collection
expenses and costs.
20. PETS. Resident shall not keep any animal, bird or pet of any kind in the Condominium, or on or about the
community grounds without prior written consent of Landlord, and without paying Landlord a pet deposit and non-
refundable pet fee to be determined by Landlord. This pet deposit shall be treated as an additional security deposit
and shall be governed by the security deposit provisions of this Agreement hereinabove. All pets must receive prior
approval from the condominium association.
21. RIGHT TO POSSESSION. Whenever under the terms hereof Landlord is entitled to possession of the
Condominium, Resident will at once surrender same to Landlord in as good condition as at the commencement of
this lease, normal wear and tear excepted.
22. RULES AND REGULATIONS. Resident, all occupants of the Condominium, Resident's family, guests and
invitees shall comply with all rules and regulations now or hereafter promulgated by Landlord and Condominium
including, without limitation, the printed rules and regulations, if any, attached hereto and incorporated herein by
reference. Resident agrees to abide by all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances and agrees not to engage in
any activity in or about the Condominium community, including common areas, of an illegal nature, purpose or
intent. Resident further agrees that Resident, all occupants of the Condominium, Resident's family, guests and

invitees shall not be loud, boisterous, disorderly, nor shall they individually or collectively in any way whatsoever
disturb the rights, comforts and conveniences of other residents of the Condominium Community. It is agreed and
understood by Resident that the Landlord may, in its sole discretion, hereafter, reasonably amend, or alter, the
attached rules and regulations of the Condominium Community, without the prior consent of Resident, and that
Resident agrees to be bound thereby after receiving written notice of said amendments. All subsequent amendments
to the rules and regulations of the Condominium Community shall be deemed incorporated in this lease by reference
immediately upon the delivery of same to Resident by Landlord. Resident shall be responsible for the conduct of
Resident, any and all occupants of the Condominium, as well as Resident's agents, invitees and guests. In addition to
all other rules and regulations of the Condominium Community promulgated herein and elsewhere, Resident
covenants that Resident, occupant(s). Resident's family, agent(s) invitee(s), and/or guest(s) shall not be disorderly,
boisterous, and shall not disturb the rights, comforts and conveniences of the Landlord, its agents, representatives
and/or employees nor of other residents, guest(s) or invitee(s) at the Condominium Community. In its sole discretion,
the Landlord may request any guest or invitee of the Resident to leave the Condominium Community if the
Landlord believes, in its sole opinion the guest or invitee is creating a nuisance. Resident shall not interfere with the
Landlord or Landlord's staff in the performance of their duties, nor shall resident make any threats to any Landlord
personnel. Violation of this provision shall be considered a material breach of the lease entitling landlord to
terminate resident's right of occupancy.
23. RADON GAS. We are required by Florida Statute 404.056(8) to give the following notification to you: "Radon
is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that, when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities, may
present health risks to persons who are exposed to it over time. Levels of radon that exceed federal and state
guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida. Additional information regarding radon and radon testing may be
obtained from your county public health unit."
24. MOLD AND MILDEW. Resident acknowledges that the condominium unit is located in Florida which has a
climate conducive to the growth of mold and mildew, and that it is necessary to provide proper ventilation and
dehumidification of the condominium to retard or prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Resident agrees to be
responsible for properly ventilating and dehumidifying the condominium and the contents to retard and prevent
mold and mildew and that the Landlord shall not be responsible for damage to the condominium or the personal
property contained therein for damages caused by mold and mildew.
25. WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL. The Resident hereby waives Resident's right to demand a jury trial in any cause of
action arising between Landlord and Resident concerning this contract.
26. APPLICATION. In the event that any information given and/or representation made by Resident in Resident's
Application is false, Landlord may, at Landlord's option and in its sole discretion, terminate this lease without giving
Resident any right to correct the misinformation and/or misrepresentation. Resident agrees that Resident will
promptly notify Landlord in writing of any change in the information provided Landlord by Resident.
27. NO SECURITY SERVICES. The Landlord shall not provide nor does the Landlord have any duty to provide for
Resident, security services for the protection of the Resident or the Resident's property. The Resident hereby
acknowledges that he understands the foregoing, and the Resident shall look solely to the law enforcement agencies
of the county or municipality in which the Condominium is located for his protection. It is agreed and understood
that the Landlord shall not be liable to Resident for any damages, injuries or wrongs sustained by others, or property
of same from criminal or wrongful acts of Landlord, its representative(s), agent(s), employee(s), or any other
person(s) or entity(ies) that may cause harm to Resident resulting from a tortuous, criminal or wrongful act by same.
In the event that the Landlord elects to hire a security service to patrol and/or monitor the Condominium Community
and common areas, it is understood and agreed that said services are provided exclusively for the protection of the
Landlord's property and in no way whatsoever shall it be intended or construed as a waiver by the Landlord of the
foregoing, nor in any way whatsoever shall it be construed as creating a duty of the Landlord to protect the Resident.
28. ATTORNEY'S FEES. In the event legal action is instituted to enforce this Agreement hereof, the prevailing
party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney's fees, in addition to court and other costs, including,
without limitation, fees and costs incurred in conjunction with any proceeding before any appellate tribunal. In the
event Landlord employs the services of a collection agency to collect any money owed Landlord by Resident,
Resident shall be responsible to reimburse Landlord upon demand for all costs and fees, whether or not contingent,
incurred thereby the Landlord, in addition to all other amounts owed.
29. MORTGAGEE'S RIGHTS. Resident's rights under this lease shall, at all times, be automatically subordinate and
junior to any existing or future mortgage, deed or trust or other lien applicable to the premises or its contents, which
is now or shall hereafter be placed on the property of which the Condominium is a part. If requested. Resident shall
execute promptly any document that Landlord may request to verify this subordination agreement.

30. DEFINITIONS. "Landlord" as used in this Lease shall include Landlord, its agents, representatives, successors
and assigns. "Resident" shall include Resident, his heirs and representatives. "Landlord" and "Resident" include
male and female, singular and plural, corporation, partnership or individual, as may fit the particular parties.
“Condominium” refers to Porto Bellagio, A Condominium, Inc.
31. NOTICES. Any notice required by this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be posted, hand delivered and/or
mailed by registered or certified mail to the Landlord at Landlord's address set forth herein and to the Resident at his
Condominium address.
32. NON-WAIVER. Failure of Landlord to insist upon strict, timely compliance by Resident with any term(s) of this
agreement shall not amount to nor be construed as nor otherwise constitute a waiver by Landlord of Landlord's right
thereafter to insist upon strict and timely compliance by Resident of any and all terms and conditions of this
agreement, including, without limitation, any term(s) that may not have been enforced strictly by the Landlord
previously. Acceptance by the Landlord of rent after knowledge of any breach of this lease by the Resident shall
not be a waiver of the Landlord's right nor construed as an election by the Landlord not to enforce the provisions of
this lease pursuant to such a breach. Landlord's failure or delay in demanding damage reimbursement, late payment
charges, returned check charges, or other sums due Landlord, shall not be a waiver of Landlord's right to insist on
payment thereof. Landlord may demand same at any time, including move-out or thereafter.
33. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement, the rental application and any attached addenda constitute the entire
agreement between the parties and no oral statements shall be binding. This Agreement comprises all terms,
conditions and agreements of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, superseding all prior arrangements
or agreements, and except as provided in the rules and regulations in paragraph 20 hereinabove may not be altered
or amended except in writing and signed by authorized representatives of each Party hereto.
 34. LAW GOVERNING. This Agreement shall be construed by and enforced with, and the validity and
performance hereof shall be governed by, the laws of the State of Florida.
35. SEVERABILITY. If any term of the Agreement is found to be contrary to the laws of any jurisdiction having
control of its construction, validity or enforcement, or it is found that any term is void or voidable, then said term
shall not apply and this Agreement shall be construed as if said term were not present, and there shall be no effect on
the remainder of this Agreement as a result of the removal of such term, provided that the general intent of this
Agreement is not changed.
36. CONSTRUCTION. This Agreement shall not be construed more strongly against any party hereto regardless of
who was more responsible for its preparation.
37. NO REPRESENTATIONS. The Resident hereby acknowledges and agrees that at no time during the course of
discussions and/or negotiation leading up to and including the time of execution of this lease did any representative,
agent, or employee or the Landlord make any representation(s), engage in any discussion(s) of the lease, or
otherwise communicate with the Resident, anything that in any way whatsoever contradicts any written term and/or
condition of this lease agreement, nor did the Landlord, any representative, agent and/or employee of the Landlord
make any statements) or communication(s) or representation(s) of any nature whatsoever that supplement or in any
way whatsoever amend or add any terms or provisions to this lease as written. The Resident hereby acknowledges
that the Resident has read this lease in its entirety and is fully informed of all contents hereof.
38. DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION OF PREMISES. In the event of damage or destruction to the premises by fire,
water, or other hazard, or in the event of malfunction of equipment or utilities, Resident shall immediately notify
Landlord. If the damages are such that occupancy of the premises as a whole can be continued, Landlord shall make
repairs as needed with reasonable promptness and rent shall not abate during the period of such repairs. If only part
of the premises is rendered unusable by the damage or destruction, the Resident may vacate only that portion of the
premises rendered unusable and Resident's rent shall be reduced by the fair market value of the unusable portion of
the premises during the period of partial vacancy, provided the damage or destruction was not caused by Resident,
and/or occupant, guest, agent or invitee of Resident or occupant, but in all other respects the terms and provisions
hereof shall continue in full force and effect. In either event, if the damages resulted from the wrongful or negligent
acts of Resident, Landlord may pursue all of its remedies against Resident provided under Florida law. If, in
Landlord's opinion, the premises are so damaged or destroyed other than by the wrongful or negligent acts of the
Resident so as to substantially impair Resident's enjoyment of the premises, the Lease may be terminated by either
Owner or Resident in which event Resident shall vacate the premises within seven days of receiving notice by the
other party. In the event the premises are damaged or destroyed so as to substantially impair Resident's enjoyment of
the premises due to wrongful or negligent acts of Resident, Landlord may, in addition to Landlord's other remedies
under Florida law, terminate this Lease by providing Resident with a Seven Day Notice to Vacate, in which event
Resident shall vacate the premises within seven days of receipt of the notice, or without terminating the Lease,
require Resident to accept a comparable condominium unit in the Condominium Community for the remaining term

of the Lease, in which event all of the terms and provisions of this Lease shall continue in full force and effect in
relation to such comparable condominium unit, and Resident shall immediately vacate the Condominium and take
possession of such comparable condominium unit.
39. INTRUSION ALARM. Any security/intrusion system alarm located on the premises will be installed by a party
in the business of installation and maintenance of security/intrusion systems. Owner does not warrant that the system
will prevent loss of burglary, hold-up, fire or otherwise, or that the system will provide the protection for which it is
installed or intended. Owner and their agents makes no guarantee or warranty, including any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness that the equipment or services supplied will avert or prevent occurrences or their
consequences therefrom which the system of services is designed to detect or avert. Resident agrees that Owner and
their agents shall have no responsibility for the repairs to the security/intrusion system and that all such repairs shall
be the sole responsibility of Resident. Additionally, Resident agrees to pay any permit fees required to be paid by an
appropriate governmental authority or property owners association in connection with the use of a security/intrusion
system. Residents) must comply with the requirements stated in Exhibit B (attached hereto) and must execute and
provide the appropriate information on Exhibit B.
40. MILITARY ENLISTMENT. If during the term of this lease, the military transfers Residents) from to permanent
duty station beyond a (50) fifty mile distance from the property, the Resident may terminate this lease as follows:
A. Written notice of Resident intent to vacate must be mailed to the lessor at the address shown within the lease
contract. Said notice must contain the specific planned
moving date, which date should be, a minimum of 30 days before the planned move. The Resident must provide
written verification from the military regarding the
transfer. B. Rent through the move out date should be paid in full prior to vacating the premises.
41. DRUG FREE HOUSING. The Resident, any member of the Resident's household, or a guest or other person
under the Resident's control, shall not engage in or facilitate criminal activity on or near the property, including, but
not limited to, violent activity or drug-related criminal activity. The Resident or any member of the Resident's
household shall not permit the dwelling unit to be used for, or facilitate, criminal activity, including but not limited
to, violent criminal activity or drug related criminal activity.
A. "Violent criminal activity" means any felonious criminal activity that has one of its elements the use, attempted
use or threatened use of physical force against the
person or property of another.
B. "Drug related criminal activity" means the illegal manufacture, sales distribution, or use, or possession with
intent to manufacture, sell, distribute or use, of a controlled
substance (as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act).
C. One or more violations of this clause constitutes a substantial violation of the lease and a material
noncompliance with the lease for which the Resident shall not be
given the opportunity to cure. Any such violation is grounds for termination of tenancy and eviction from the unit.
D. Proof of violation shall be by a preponderance of evidence, unless otherwise provided by law.
E. In case of any conflict between the provisions of this clause and any other provisions of this lease, the
provisions of this clause shall govern.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed these presents in duplicate the day and year first above written.

____________________________Resident Signature                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                             Date____________________________

___________________________ Owner Signature                                Date____________________________

                                     Concession Addendum

This Addendum to Lease amends and/or modifies as hereinafter set forth that certain Lease
Agreement (the “Lease”) made and entered into on      (date), between          (the owner) and
the Lesses      (the “resident), as follows:

1. Resident has been granted a leas concession for the following:
               Move in concession.
        Other ____________________________________

2. The full amount of this concession is $        . To be taken as follows:

3. In event the entire lease term is not fulfilled by the Resident, the Resident agrees to reimburse
the Landlord the full amount of the concession at the time the resident gives notice.

____________________________Resident Signature                Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                Date____________________________
____________________________Resident Signature                Date____________________________

___________________________ Owner Signature                   Date____________________________

                                                Rules And Regulations

1. Pets: The keeping of a pet in the condominium is allowed, provided, however, that it is clearly understood that the
keeping of a pet is a conditional license subject to revocation. The maintaining of a pet in the condominium is
subject to the following standards and guidelines:
(a) There shall be no more than two household pets in a unit, which shall be limited to dogs or cats, which pets must
be registered with the Association.
(b) There shall be no breeding or maintenance of household pets for commercial purposes.
(c) Pets are not to become a nuisance or annoyance to other Occupants in the condominium.
(d) Fish or caged domestic (household-type) birds may be kept in Units subject to these Rules and Regulations, and
no reptiles or wildlife may be kept in or about the condominium property.
(e) Unit Owners must curb their pets and pick-up and dispose of all solid waste of their pets.
(f) Dogs and cats shall not be permitted outside of a unit unless attended by an adult and on a leash of not more than
six (6) feet long. No pet shall be allowed on or about any recreational facilities of the condominium.
(g) No pets shall be allowed on a balcony or terrace of a Unit when the Unit is not occupied
2. Common Elements:The following rules and regulations shall apply with respect to the Common Elements and
Limited Common Elements:
(a) Except for name plates of uniform size and design approved by the Board of Directors, no Resident shall cause
any signs to be posted or affixed to any of the Common Elements or any Unit in which such sign may be seen from
the Common Elements, except as reserved to the Developer.                Occupants may display tasteful, seasonal door
wreaths on their Unit doors, provided no nails, screws, or other fasteners, which would penetrate the door surface
are used.
(b) No Occupant may make or permit any disturbing noise on the condominium property, whether made by himself,
his family, friends, guests or servants, nor do or permit anything to be done by such persons that would interfere
with the rights, comforts or other conveniences of other Occupants.
(c) Disposition of garbage and trash shall be made only in garbage disposal containers, or in receptacles supplied by
the Association. All wet garbage and loose trash placed in rubbish receptacles must be placed in suitable bags and
such bags shall be securely tied.
(d) No clothing, bedding, laundry or other articles shall be shaken or hung from any of the windows, doors or other
portions of the Common Elements.
(e) No Occupant shall commit or permit any nuisance, immoral or illegal act in his Unit or in the Common Elements.
(f) All common walkways, balconies and terraces, lobbies and hallways shall be kept free for their intended use by
the Residents in common, and shall in no event be used as storage areas by the individual Residents, either on a
temporary or permanent basis. No door mats shall be allowed in common walkways, except for those of a size,
shape and design as approved by the Board of Directors.
(g) All terraces or balconies must be kept neat and orderly. Tasteful, temporary holiday decorations may be
displayed from terraces or balconies except that nothing may be attached or hung from the balcony railings. Any
other items must have the written permission of the Board of Directors of the Association.
(h) Electric grills only are permitted on balconies or terraces.
(i) Unit Owners, their families, guests, invitees or lessee, shall in no way deface, mar, alter, repair or replace any part
of the Common Elements, and in such event they shall be liable for damages thereto.
(j) No exterior antenna shall be permitted on the condominium property except as approved by the Association
Board of Directors, provided that the Association or Developer shall have the right to install and maintain a
community antenna, radio, and television cables and lines, and security and communication systems.
 (k) Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the Common Elements.
(l) The feeding of birds is prohibited on the condominium property, except for birds that are household pets within a
(m) Soliciting is strictly forbidden. It is requested that Occupants notify the Association if a solicitor appears and
the Associations shall have the right to take appropriate action.
3. Pool and Spa:
(1) Anyone using the pool facilities will comply with all local health regulations which specifically include taking a
shower before entering the pool or spa.
(2) Bathers must remove suntan lotion, creams, hair pins, lotions, powders, etc., before entering the pool or spa.
(3) No breakable containers are permitted around the pool or spa area and no food or drink may be consumed within
the pool or spa area.
(4) There shall be no running or shouting or boisterous games played within the pool or spa area.

(5) Children under 16 years of age are not permitted within the pool area unless accompanied by the child’s parent
or guardian or an adult designated by the parent or guardian who is and shall remain responsible for the children.
(6) No pets shall be allowed in the recreational areas of the condominium, including, but not limited, to the pool or
spa area.
(7) Persons using the pool and spa area are not guarded and all persons using these facilities do so at their own risk.
(8) Pool deck furniture shall be covered with a towel when using suntan lotion or oil.
(9) Deck furniture is not to be removed from the pool or spa area.
(10) No substance such as soap or shampoo may be used in the pool or spa.
(11) Incontinent persons or children not toilet trained must wear protective garments to contain waste before
entering the pool or spa.
(12) No radios or other sound producing equipment may be utilized in a manner that is an annoyance or nuisance to
other owners or their guests.
(13) No diving shall be permitted in the pool or spa area at any time.
(14) No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the spa, and the maximum water temperature for the spa shall
be 105 degrees. Pregnant women may use the spa only with caution.
4. Parking/Vehicles: No boats, trailers, campers or vehicles larger than a passenger automobile shall be permitted
upon the Condominium Property. No commercial vehicles will be allowed on the property. No repairing of
automobiles, trailers, boats, campers or other motor vehicles shall be permitted upon the Condominium Property.
All vehicles shall be parked only in the parking spaces so designated for that purpose by the Association. Only one
vehicle may be parked in a space and shall not extend beyond the boundaries of the parking space. If a parking
space is reserved for a particular Unit, then that designation may be by a separate letter or an appropriate marking of
the parking space or spaces for said Unit. After the Association has assigned a space to an Owner, only the
Occupants of said Owner’s Unit shall be permitted to utilize said assigned space. Each Owner shall notify all
Occupants of the regulation regarding parking, and all Occupants shall abide by said parking regulations.
5. Units:
(a) All Residents shall keep and maintain their respective Units in good condition and repair.
(b) No Resident and/or guest invited or otherwise may play or suffer to be played any musical instrument, radio,
television, mechanical or electrical equipment in any manner which interferes with the television or radio reception
of another unit or in any manner which disturbs or annoys the Occupants of another unit.
(c) No Residents shall decorate any part of a Unit or the development so as to change the appearance of the Unit or
the condominium building from the exterior. This precludes the painting of any balconies, illumination of the
exterior of a building, display of objects upon balconies, patios or railings or exterior window sills or ledges, unless
approved by the Association in writing or authorized elsewhere in these rules and regulations.
(d) All draperies, blinds or other window treatments visible from the exterior of a Unit shall be in a white, off white,
light beige. No Unit shall have any aluminum foil placed in any window or glass door and there shall be no
reflective or tinted substance placed on any glass, and there shall be no unsightly materials placed in any window or
glass door which is visible from the exterior.
5. Move-In: Occupants moving into a Unit are required to arrange for the move in with the Association so as to
insure that the common element areas are not unreasonably withheld from use by other unit owners. Each Resident
is responsible for disposing of any excessive waste or material, such as boxes and papers utilized in the moving and
in the event the Association is required to pay any additional trash disposal fee because of said waste material, then
said additional charge must be reimbursed by the Resident. No moving activity is permitted between 3:00pm
Fridays and 8:00am on Mondays. No moving activity is permitted on legal holidays.
6. Antennae And Satellite Dishes:
(a) Unit owners are permitted to have a video antennae device or DBS Satellite Dish in accordance with the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) rules governing Over-the-Air-Reception-Devices (OTARD) and these
regulations. No dish may exceed eighteen inches (18”) in diameter. Diameter is measured across the widest part of
the dish or any other video antennae device.
(b) The Dish must only be installed on a balcony or on the balcony railing or within the unit. It is prohibited to
install the Dish or device on outside walls of the building, outside window sills or other common elements or on the
balcony railing.
(c) The Dish or device must be secured in such a manner that it will not become dislodged.
(d) The Dish or device must meet the technical requirements of having a clear, unobstructed view of the
Southwestern sky in order to receive the signals necessary for viewing television programming. The Dish or device
may not be installed in any way so as to extend beyond the outside of the balcony or balcony railing for the purpose
of positioning the Dish or device to receive a clear unobstructed view of the Southwestern sky.

(e) In compliance with the FCC’s OTARD rules the Association advocates that unit owners have such Dish or
device installed by a professional installer. Installation should include the use of a Flat Link or Glass Link cable as
the connecting device that will permit the closing of doors while at the same time permitting transmission of the
video signal.
(f) In accordance with the FCC rules and regulations regarding the illegal use of inside cable wiring and signal
leakage, and in accordance with the compliance restrictions imposed by the Association’s current video (cable)
operator; the cable extending from the Dish, device or Dish set top receiver shall not be connected to any existing
cable outlets or external cable access boxes in the unit or elsewhere on the premises.
7. Renters Insurance: All renters are required to provide proof of renter’s insurance prior to move in.

____________________________Resident                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident                             Date____________________________
____________________________Resident                             Date____________________________

___________________________                                      Date____________________________
Owner Signature

                                 MOLD/MILDEW ADDENDUM ADVISEMENT
MOLD: Mold consists of naturally occurring microscopic organisms which reproduce by spores. Mold breaks
down and feeds on organic matter in the environment. The mold spores spread through the air and the combination
of excessive moisture and organic matter allows for mold growth. Not all, but certain types and amounts of mold
may lead to adverse health effects and/or allergic reactions. Not all mold is readily visible, but when it is, it can
often be seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown and black, and
often there is a musty odor present. Reducing moisture and proper housekeeping significantly reduces the chance of
mold and mold growth.

Preventing mold begins with you. The resident is hereby notified that the Premises are subject to the infestation of
mold or mildew if not properly maintained. When moldy materials are disturbed some molds produce toxic
chemicals which may contaminate the Premises’ air space. Resident acknowledges that routine visual inspections
for mold growth or signs of water damage and wetness is the most reliable method for identifying the presence of
mold or mildew and should be addressed immediately.

CLIMATE CONTROL: Resident(s) agree to use all air-conditioning in a reasonable manner and use heating
systems in moderation and to keep the premises properly ventilated by periodically opening windows to allow
circulation of fresh air during dry weather only. RESIDENT(S) AGREE THAT AIR CONDITIONING WILL BE

• Keep the premises clean and regularly dust,                  • Keep shower curtains within bathtub when
   vacuum and mop                                                 showering
• Use hood vents when cooking, cleaning and                    • Wipe down floors if any water spillage occurs
   dishwashing                                                 • Securely close shower doors (if present)
• Use exhaust fans when bathing/showering and                  • Leave bathroom and shower doors open after use
   leave the fan on for a sufficient amount of time            • Use clothes dryer (if present) for wet towels
   afterward to remove moisture                                • Use household cleaners on any hard surfaces
• Use ceiling fans if present                                  • Remove any moldy or rotting food
• Water all indoor plants outdoors                                immediately
• Wipe down any moisture and/or spillage                       • Remove garbage regularly
• Wipe down bathroom walls and fixtures after                  • Wipe down any and all visible moisture
   bathing/showering                                           • Wipe down windows and window sills if moisture
• Wipe down any vanities/sink tops                               is present
• Avoid air drying dishes                                      • Inspect for leaks under sinks
• Not drying clothes by hanging indoors                        • Check all washer hoses for leaks (if present)
• Open blinds/curtains to allow light into the premises        • Limit the source of indoor humidity by increasing
• Use reasonable care to close all windows                     fresh air ventilation and warming cold surfaces when
   to prevent rain or outdoor water from penetrating           condensation occurs
   Keep all furniture away from walls allowing at              • Ensure that clothes dryer is operating properly and
  least 1 12-inch clearance for airflow                           clean lint screen after each use
• Do not overfill closets or storage areas,                    • Not to bring any personal property into the unit that
  ventilation is important to these spaces                       may contain mold, especially “soft possessions”

• Visible or suspected presence of mold                        • Moldy clothing
• All air conditioning or heating system problems              • Refrigerator and air conditioning drip pan overflows
• Leaks, moisture accumulations, major spillage                • Moisture dripping from or around any vents, air
• Indoor plant watering overflows                              conditioning condenser lines
• Musty odors, shower/bath/sink/toilet overflows               • Loose, missing or failing grout or caulk around
• Leaky faucets, plumbing, pet urine accidents                 tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, or countertops
• Discoloration of walls, baseboards, doors, window            • Clothes dryer vent leaks
  frames, or ceilings                                          • Non-working fans or windows
• Water intrusion, plumbing leads, drips or “sweating” pipes

SMALL AREAS OF MOLD: If mold has occurred on a small, non-porous surface such as ceramic tile, Formica,
vinyl flooring, metal, or plastic and the mold is not due to an ongoing leak or moisture problem, the Resident agrees
to clean the areas with soap (or detergent) and a small amount of water, let the surface dry, and then within 24 hours
apply a non-staining cleaner such as Lysol Disinfectant®, Pine-Sol Disinfectant® (original pine-scented), Tilex
Mildew Remover®, or Clorox Cleanup®.

TERMINATION OF TENANCY: Owner or agent reserves the right to terminate the tenancy and RESIDENT(S)
agree to vacate the premises in the event owner or agent in its sole judgment feels that either there is mold or mildew
present in the dwelling unit which may pose a safety or health hazard to RESIDENT(S) or other persons and/or
RESIDENT(S) actions or inactions are causing a condition which is conducive to mold growth.

INSPECTIONS: Resident shall conduct a visual inspection for the presence of mold growth inside the Premises at
least once per month, including window frames and on carpets; ceiling tiles, and on any currently or formerly damp
material made of cellulose (such as wallpaper, books, papers, newspapers); all indoor plants; and personal property.
RESIDENT(S) agrees that owner or agent may conduct inspections of the unit at any time with reasonable notice.

Resident(s) can be held responsible for property damage to the dwelling and any health problems that may result.
Noncompliance includes, but is not limited to, Resident(s) failure to notify Owner or Agent of any mold, mildew or
moisture problems immediately IN WRITING. Violation shall be deemed a material violation under the terms of
the Lease, and owner or agent shall be entitled to exercise all rights and remedies it possesses against RESIDENT(S)
at law or in equity and RESIDENT(S) shall be liable to Owner for damages sustained to the Leased Premises.
RESIDENT(S) SHALL HOLD Owner and agent harmless for damage or injury to person or property, including
attorney’s fees, as a result of RESIDENT(S) failure to comply with the terms of this Addendum.


________________________________                      ______________________________________
Resident                                              Resident

________________________________                      ______________________________________
Resident                                              Resident

________________________________                      _______________________________________
Owner Signature                                       Date


Each party warrants, acknowledges and agrees that no broker(s) or salesperson(s) other than
       , whose address is          (“Lessor’s Broker”) and        whose address is       (“Lesee's
Broker”) have ever been involved in the transaction contemplated herein and each party
covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold the other harmless from and against any and all
claims made by any broker(s) or salesperson(s) seeking any commission or compensation for any
loss, liability, costs or expense arising by, through or under said indemnifying party. Such
indemnification shall include reimbursement of any attorneys’ fees and costs, including those
accruing from alternate dispute resolution proceedings, trial and appellate proceedings, incurred
as a result of such claims made or such lawsuits filed. Lesee acknowledges that associates of
Lessor’s Broker and Lesee's Broker are being paid by Lessor. The commission to be paid to
Lessor’s Broker shall be equal to $         and the commission to be paid to Lessor’s Broker shall
be equal to $         brokerage commission and $         locator fee. This is separate to any fees
that the lessor pays for third party management by Southeastern Services, LLC.

_________________________________            __________________________________
Resident                     Date            Owner                        Date

Resident                     Date

                                        CARPORT/GARAGE ADDENDUM
                                             OWNER OF SPACE:

1.   By signing below, Resident acknowledges and agrees that use of the garage/carport is for the sole purpose of
     vehicle storage; that use of the garage is at the Resident’s own risk; that the Resident agrees to hold harmless, to
     indemnify and to otherwise defend the Landlord and its agent against any damage, cause of action, loss or claim
     that may arise from the Resident’s use of the garage.

2.   Resident agrees not to store flammable and/or explosive materials inside garage(s).

3.   In the event there is a parking space in front of the garage, Resident is assigned the parking space as an
     additional assigned space. Resident hereby agrees to use this space as opposed to others in the area of the
     building to assure adequate parking for other Residents and to prevent other Residents from blocking entry to

4.   I acknowledge receipt of       garage opener(s). I assume responsibility for same and will return opener(s)
     upon move-out. If opener(s) should be lost, stolen, or damaged and should need replacement, the cost will be
     $100.00 per opener.

5.   The current monthly fee applicable for the use of the carport/garage for the term of the lease is $       .
     All additional fees including carport and garage fees and inclusive of late fees and NSF fees shall be deemed
     additional rent. The late fee for garage rent received after 6:00pm on the fourth of the month is $       and the
     NSF fee is $50.00. Non payment of parking fee will result in cancellation of this agreement not withstanding
     the owner’s right to pursue collections on any balances owed.

This rental agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party with a thirty day written notice of cancellation.

Condominium #

Garage/Carport #1                                       Garage/Carport #2

Remote Opener #1                                        Remote Opener #2

_________________________________                       __________________________________
Resident                     Date                       Owner                        Date

Resident                     Date

                                                 Pet Information

Name:             Condominium No:

Telephone Numbers:
Home:_________________Work:_____________________ Cell:___________________

Pet Information

Pet Name                      Type: Dog / Cat

Breed                       Sex: Male / Female

Age:              Weight:           Height:

Pet Name                       Type: Dog / Cat

Breed                       Sex: Male / Female

Age:              Weight:           Height:

Are all vaccines current? Yes       / No

Does your pet have a current nametag? Yes / No

Current Veterinarian:

        Name:      ____________________________ Telephone:___________________

        Address: __________________________________________________________

In order to keep our community beautiful, please clean up after your pet. By signing below you certify
that the information provided above is true and accurate.

I agree to clean up after my pet.

_____________________________                       ______________
Resident                                            Date

_____________________________                       ______________
Owner                                               Date

                                  UTILITY AGREEMENT
                                      UNIT #

I (We)       , agree to and acknowledge that I (We) are responsible for electrical service in the
above referenced condominium as for the duration of the lease agreement and any renewals

__________________________________                  ______________________________
Lessee                                              Date

__________________________________                  ______________________________
Lessee                                              Date


 THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY was made and entered into by and between Porto Bellagio
                         Condominiums, and

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein and other good
                      and valuable consideration, it is hereby agreed as follows:
That the Buyer shall release Porto Bellagio, its agents, employees, owners, successors and
assigns from any liability under a theory of bailment, or gross negligence or negligence, or any
other theory of liability concerning packages or goods that are accepted on behalf of the
undersigned Buyer and Buyer’s occupants as a result of a non-availability of the undersigned at
the time of the packages delivery. The Buyer agrees that Landlord, its agents and employees are
not responsible for verifying the condition upon receipt of goods on behalf of the undersigned or
for the proper storage for the goods of the undersigned. The undersigned tenant specifically
waives any right of action that may be brought concerning acceptance of a package for the
undersigned by Porto Bellagio, its agents, employees, successors and assigns. Refusal of the
Buyer to execute this form shall result in Porto Bellagio, its agents, assigns, successors,
employees and owners refusing to accept packages on behalf of the tenant. This Release of
Liability is valid from the time of execution until same is revoke in writing by the Buyer. This
writing must be delivered via first class mail, to the Owner and their agents office of Porto
Bellagio Condominium to be effective. Such cancellation shall become effective only upon
actual receipt by landlord its agents, assigns, successors, employees or owners.
Occupant Signature:___________________________
Date Signed:______________________________
Unit :

                                 RENTER INFORMATION

Date: ___________
Unit #:___________
Occupants Name:_________________________________________________________
Occupants Name:_________________________________________________________
Occupant’s Name: ________________________________________________________
Home #:___________________ Fax #:___________________
Work #: ___________________ Cell # :__________________
Emergency Contact:_______________________________________________

Vehicle #1 Make:___________________________
Vehicle#1 Model:__________________________
Vehicle #1 Color:___________________________
Tag #__________________________________

Vehicle #2 Make:___________________________
Vehicle #2 Model:__________________________
Vehicle #2 Color:___________________________
Tag #__________________________________

Vehicle #3 Make:___________________________
Vehicle #3 Model:__________________________
Vehicle #3 Color:___________________________
Tag #__________________________________

Access device #:_________________________
Decal #:________________________________

Access device #:_________________________
Decal #:________________________________

Access device #:_________________________
Decal #:________________________________

I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain current information with the condominium
association. I acknowledge receipt of all keys, entry devices, and parking permits and agree to
properly use each. I further understand that failure to park in my assigned parking space will
result in my vehicle being towed at my expense.

____________________________                       ______________________________
Signature                                           Date

                                  AMENITY KEY FOB ACCEPTANCE

Resident(s) Name:
Unit Number:
I (we)        acknowledge receipt of          acess devices(s) numbered        issued for amenity and/or gate access. I (we)
assume full responsibility of the key/card(s) issued and agree to return upon moving out of the above referenced address.

If the key fob(s) are lost, stolen, or damaged and should need replacement, I (we) agree to pay
the cost of $100.00 per key/card issued for replacement.

1.         Resident(s) acknowledge and agree that no representations have been made by the owner or Owner and their agents
           that the access gate has been or will be provided to protect resident(s) from crimes to his/her personal property.
           Resident(s) acknowledge that they must exercise adequate care for their own safety and to protect their automobiles
           and personal property therein from theft and other crimes. Resident(s) agree that neither owner nor Owner and their
           agents shall be liable for any loss, damage or theft to resident’s automobile or personal property therein.

2.         Resident(s) acknowledge and agree to use controlled access gates in a proper and safe manner and follow all
           instructions or directions given for proper use, entry and exiting of the gates. Resident(s) are also in agreement that
           improper use of such gates can result in damage to resident(s) automobile. Resident(s) acknowledge and agree not to
           disclose or give out to the general public or strangers, access codes, cards or keys which allow access to the
           condominium complex.

3.         Resident(s) acknowledge and agree that they shall pay owner or Owner and their agents for any damages which
           resident or resident’s family, occupants, guests or invitees cause to the controlled access gates or to any other portion of
           the condominium community. Payment shall be made promptly upon receiving an invoice for the same, and such
           damage shall be due as additional rent under the Residential Lease Agreement.

4.         Resident(s) agree to assume the risks inherent when using said gates and shall not hold owner or Owner and their
           agents liable for any loss or damages incurred when using the gates. We strongly suggest you maintain proper motor
           vehicle insurance to ensure coverage for damages to Resident(s) vehicle or reimbursement to Owner and Owner and
           their agents for damages to access gates.

5.         Resident(s) acknowledge and agree that the access gates and devices may experience mechanical, electrical or
           electronic failure from time to time. Neither owner nor Owner and their agents shall have any liability for loss or
           damages to resident(s) person or property in the event said gates or devices fail to operate properly. Owner or Owner
           and their agents may at any time, either with or without notice, repair, replace, discontinue, disconnect, suspend,
           deactivate or install any such limited or controlled access gates or devices without any liability whatsoever. Any such
           change, replacement, modification, discontinuance, suspension or failure to operate properly of said gates shall not
           relieve resident(s) of liability for payment of rent, nor shall it excuse resident(s) from fulfilling the balance of the
           remaining term of their Residential Lease Agreement.

__________________________________________                               _______________________________________________
Resident                                  Date                           Owner Signature                          Date

Resident                            Date

Resident                            Date

Resident                            Date

                                            Condominium Approval

The resident and owner agree and acknowledge that this lease is not valid without the prior written
approval of the condominium association. A copy of the Condominium Board approval will be included
as an addendum to this lease and any renewals thereof. The approval of all leases are at the sole
discretion of the condominium board of directors and approved or declined based upon the guidelines
contained in the governing documents of the association.

Resident                            Date

Resident                            Date

Owner                               Date

       ResidentConversation Log

Date   Conversation Log           Initials

                                        LEASE FILE COVERSHEET

Resident                                               Occupant

Resident                                               Occupant

Resident                                               Occupant

Resident                                               Occupant

Unit #

Move-In Date or Renewal Date:                  _______________

Utilities Confirmation Number:                  By Whom:____________________

Renters Insurance Policy:                       Confirmed by:_________________


LEFT SIDE (Top to Bottom)                              RIGHT SIDE (Top to Bottom)

 Resident Conversation Log                             Lease File Cover Sheet
 All Resident Correspondence/Notices                   Lease Renewal Addendum
 Move-In Checklist                                     Lease
 Amenity Key Acceptance                                Garage/Carport Addendum
 Package Release Agreement                             Concession Addendum
 Mold & Mildew Addendum                                Rules and Regulations
 Pet Information                                       Utility Charge Agreement
 Renter Information Sheet                              Application
 Condominium Approval                                  Credit Report
                                                        Application Verifications
                                                        Application Qualifications
                                                        Guest Card

Completed By:         ____________________________                  Date: ____________
                      Leasing Consultant

Reviewed By:          ____________________________                  Date: ____________
                      Leasing Manager


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