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 Why do I need to use Export/Import?
     Here are some examples:
• If you have a laptop that you take home (or have
  a home version of H.E.L.P.) to update Goals and
  Objectives at progress report time OR work on
  Annual Reviews/IEP’s away from school you will
  need to export data so it can be imported at
• You will need to export the update files from the
  laptop (or home version) and Import them back
  into the school’s network version of H.E.L.P. so
  that the H.E.L.P. network version contains the
  most up to date information about your students.
When moving DATA between
two H.E.L.P. programs (such
as a standalone version on a
laptop and a network version
  on a desktop computer at
    school) you must use
If this data is moved, will there be
          data duplication?

       The answer is

How do I Export H.E.L.P.

  Follow these steps to
 Export Files from your
laptop (or home version)
       of H.E.L.P.
Do NOT try to export to a floppy
H.E.L.P. files are
larger than the
capacity of a floppy
You must use a
larger data source to
move the data
     What are the larger data source
1.   Use a USB key in a
     USB port (sometimes
     called a Flash drive,
     thumb drive, jump drive
     or Cruzer drive).

2. Export the data to a “go
    between file” and burn
    the exported data onto
    a CD
How to use a USB key
        • USB keys usually are
          easily recognized by
          Windows 2000 or above.
          (Some Windows 98 users
          have reported difficulty
          when attempting to use a
          USB key)

        • Insert the USB key into
          one of the USB ports
          available on your
Your computer will assign the USB
       device a drive letter.

In this case it
has name it
Removable Disk
(E:)                                                  At this window
                                                      Take no Action

  Remember the Drive Letter name that was assigned by the computer.
         Or you could go to
          MY COMPUTER

Look for the drive letter for the Removable Disk
If you do not have a USB drive
    You must make an export
 folder or “Go Between” folder
     to function as a source to
    receive the exported data
How can I make an export folder?

   You must create a file
     folder on your hard
     drive that can function
     as a source for your
     exported data.

  Here is HOW to do it…
    Just follow these instructions…


Click on “My Computer”


Click on the “My Computer”
icon on your desktop

  Click on the C: icon
(this is your hard drive)
Right Click in the
blank space to the
side or bottom of the
A pop-up window will appear:

                                In the pop-up window
                               click on NEW and in the
                                   extension click on
The New Folder will appear in the window.

                             •The label, “New Folder”
                             will be highlighted.
                             •While it is highlighted
                             key in the name of the
                             i.e. temp or spec ed
                             •After keying in the
                             name of the new folder,
                             click in a blank area in
                             this window to “set”
                             (take off the highlight)
                             the name of the folder
                             that was just keyed in.
        How to Export Data
• Open the H.E.L.P. program.
• From the Main Menu click on
• In the next menu the choices are:
  System Maintenance, State Mandated
  Tables, and Customized Tables—click on
You will see System Maintenance
             Menu 2

Click on:
       In the next window the export
             options are listed:

Click on: Individual
Client Selection                Do NOT click
                                on the browse
                                button here
 Then click OK
At the next menu
                   Use the drop
                   down arrow
                   and select a
                   student from
                   the database

               Use the Browse
               button to find the
               location of the folder
               to which you will
               make your export
               A window will open
A H.E.L.P. Browser will appear

                     Click on the down
                     arrow to the right of the
                     Look in: field
                     A directory of locations
                     on your computer will
Find the location you have chosen
   to receive the exported data

                      You will see a list of drives
                      available on your computer.

                  If you are going to use a USB
                  drive look for the drive letter your
                  computer assigned. In this case
                  it is Removable Disk (E:)

                    Click on the drive letter.
   If you have prepared a “Go
Between” folder to receive the data

                      Click on the (C:) drive
                      It will appear in the
                      Look in: box above
To find the “Go Between” folder

                    Find the folder you created
                    (in this case the TEMP
                    folder) Click on it and it will
                    appear in the Look in: field
You must give the exported file a
         file name…

                                        The Temp folder will appear in
                                        the Look in: field

  No matter if you are using a TEMP folder or a USB Removable
  Disk such as (E:\) you must give the file you are about to export a
  file name. Key the File name into this field. Do not use commas,
  slashes dashes, or apostrophes in naming the file.
  Key in the name of the student or
     export name, ie. 4 April 08

In the field “File name” key in the name of the student that you will export.
(The default is “Transfer” but You need to change this to the name of the
student.) DO NOT USE periods, commas, slashes or dashes
                                                                     Click OPEN
 In the field “Path/Name of Data Base to Export to:” you will
  see the letter of the drive, the name of the folder and the
                      name of the student

Click the Export
   When the export is finished..
• You will see a message “The export is complete”
• You can select another student and export
  him/her to another file name or export him/her to
  the same folder AND use the same file name.
• If using the same file name you will get a
  message that says the file exits. Click OK
• This is a good option if you have worked on
  several students and need to import them into
  the Network version or standalone version.
 What If I exported data to a
       folder I created,
How do I get the data on a CD?
               To Burn a CD

• Your computer must have the
  capability to write data to a CD (burn a
• Open you CD writing program
  (programs vary with each machine)
Go to Start, Programs and select
 your CD Recording Program

“Create a Data Disk”
Select Data Disk
     Place new CD in the CD drive
            Click Add Data

                                                           Click Add


A browser will open, use the directory in Look in: to find exported data and
also find the file name

You will need to import the
data you exported (either to
USB or CD) into the school
Before you Import the updated files from the
   laptop or home computer into the school
   network H.E.L.P. you MUST delete the
   “old” records that are in the network
Remember: H.E.L.P. will not duplicate
If you do not delete the “old records” it will
   appear that the import did not work.
           You have 2 options:
#1. Use Delete in Client Intake: IF you are the ONLY
    teacher who writes and updates the student’s IEP.
    For example: no other teachers or related service
    personnel (such as Speech Pathologist, OT, PT, social
    worker, teacher of the hearing impaired, etc.) update
    or complete portions of the IEP, you can delete the
    student and all the forms using Delete in Client Intake.
Note: When you import the students from your data
    source you will bring in the student and all his
    updated forms into the network.
DO NOT USE THIS OPTION IF other personnel also edit
    and create forms for this student, you will delete their
    forms and work
                 Option 2…
#2 Delete individual forms: Use this option if
   other personnel edit and create forms for this
   student. Use this option also if you only
   update one form such as Goals and
Note: At progress report time you usually only
   change information on the Goals and
   Objectives forms. You do not need to delete
   the student and all of his/her forms since they
   have not changed
 Deleting from Client Intake
                 Delete icon

1. Use the Search Icon (binoculars)
2. When the drop down opens, select the student to be deleted by
   clicking on the name
3. Select the trash can (delete) icon. A pop-up window will appear
     Deleting from Client Intake

In the pop-up window you are given a choice. Before deleting the
student do you wish to Save the student first? If you wish to Save the
student click Save.
When you click Delete you will see a meter at the bottom of this window
indicating that each of the forms for this student are being deleted.
After delete is finished the word “Deleted” will appear in all fields
    Deleting from Client Intake

If needed click on the Search icon (binoculars), to search for another
student to be deleted

When finished, click the closing door icon to leave Client Intake and
return to the main menu.
 How to Delete in Forms Menu
1. In the FORMS MENU click on the name
   of the form to be deleted, such as Goals
   and Objectives
2. Deleting a form within the FORMS
   MENU will delete only that form
Remember: Deleting a student within
   CLIENT INTAKE will delete the student
   and ALL the forms for that student.
     How to Delete in Forms Menu
3.    Find the record that you want to delete using the
      SEARCH ICON (binoculars) to locate the student by
4.    Verify the record you want to delete is on the screen
5.    Click on the DELETE ICON (Trash Can)
6.    A message will appear giving you one more change to
      verify the delete. Click OK to delete, click cancel to
      undo the delete.
7.    Following the delete you will not longer see the record
      on the screen, H.E.L.P. takes you to the next record.
Choose the Search (binoculars)
to locate the student’s record
you wish to delete by selecting
the student’s name
                                              You will see a list of students

                Select the student by clicking on the student’s name.
                Please note that a student can be listed more than
                once. To help you to locate the correct record you wish
                to delete please look at the Name, Date, Goal number
                and Implementer fields noted in the browse
Verify the record by looking at it on
             the screen

 If it is the correct record click the delete icon (Trash Can)

 A message asking you to verify you wish to delete the record will appear.
 Click OK if you are certain this is the record you with to delete.
  After you have deleted “old
    records” in the Network
H.E.L.P. you need to import the
  updated records from your
  Connect USB device or
    place CD in school
computer that is connected
  to your school network
       How to IMPORT Data
• Open the H.E.L.P. program.
• From the Main Menu click on
• In the next menu the choices are:
  System Maintenance, State Mandated
  Tables, and Customized Tables—click on
You will see System Maintenance
             Menu 2

Click on:
                  Import Students

1. Select the type of data you will import by clicking a bullet in the circle in
    front of the data Select: Client Information and Client Forms
2. Use the Browse button to the right of the Path/Name of Data Base
                    Import Data

A H.E.L.P. Browser will appear
Use the drop down arrow in the “Look in” field to find the location of
the data from which you wish to import ie. (C:\) or Removable Disk
Highlight the location of the data on the area selected and click
OPEN At the next window find the file to import, highlight it and click
In this window find the folder you
                        Double click on
                        the folder you
                         Import Data

The correct path from which to import the data will appear in the Path/Name of
Data Base to Import line
Then click OK
When finished you will receive a message that the import is complete
The new data you imported should not be part of the school network H.E.L.P.
 Check to see if data was Imported
• Go to Client Intake
• Student(s) who were imported from your
  data source can be found under the
  Search Icon (binoculars)
• If only importing changed forms, go to the
  form(s) that were changed in the Forms
  Menu and open the form. Use the Search
  Icon (binoculars) to locate the student’s
  form by clicking on the student’s name
   Facts about Import/Export
• You have created a copy of this student’s
• The student data still remains in the
  location from which it was imported
• Export does not delete the student it just
  copies the data

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