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 Hair extensions, Best hair extensions salons in New York City, New York, NYC, NY,Long Island

       By VanessaShowSmith
       Dated: Nov 08, 2009

       Hair extensions, human hair extensions at best hair extensions salons in New York by Rodolfo Valentin.

       I was searching for the top hair salon in New York City for hair extensions and hair color. Everybody I
       know in NYC screamed to me the name of the top hairstylist RODOLFO VALENTIN, RODOLFO
       VALENTIN....... I just wanted to look like Jessica Simpson. There's just no way the beautiful pop start
       would be where she is today if it weren't for her hair extensions. Each fake inch of those elongated
       light-colored tresses screams megastar. Without them extensions, she is just simply the cute girl next door.

        But behind closed doors I am jealous of Simpson's extensions and the tremendous interest they acquire, so
       when I got the opportunity to try Rodolfo Valentin's trademarked Hair Infusion Hair extension technique I
       didn't vacillate.

        The procedure for a new head of hair began enjoyably enough. at Rodolfo Valentin's chic-fresh and ultra
       modern Salon on Madison, Valentin himself evaluated the color and texture of my hair and walked me
       through his Hair Infusion process. In 45 minutes?versus the eight hours that other hair extensions usually
       takes?he attached more than three dozen strips of real hair to the roots of my own hair. By the end of the
       process, which costs about $2,800, I have a head of hair even Victoria Beckham would be pleased to toss
       around for a while. Unlike other hair extensions, mine are ?eco-friendly?,meaning ?reusable?, that I can
       remove them and have them reattached at the bargain price of $500. saving thousands of dollars that I
       would have to spend if I have the others old systems available. The master of masters hair designers
       Rodolfo Valentin enthusiastically told me ?you will love them forever?...

        He was right. As soon as I left his salon, walking back down Madison, I was moving backward and
       forward my new supermodel tresses over my shoulders with pleasure and noticed many admiring glances. It
       makes me feel no more envy of Jessica Simpson.


       Vanessa Show Smith is an editor and writer for media, newspapers, magazines and television in North
       America, South America and Europe.

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