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					                        UINTAH COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION
                                    Staff Report
                                    May 6, 2009

1. EMB Investments, LLC: Requesting a Conditional Use Permit to operate a man camp on
   property located 2148 West 500 North, Vernal, Utah; Serial Number: 04:090:0003.
   A. Property is zoned RA-1.
   B. This parcel is 0.5 acres.
   C. This man camp is to accommodate individuals working on Uintah County School
       District’s schools.
   D. The man camp has been at this address for some time and we have not received any
       complaints about it.
   E. This is in a residential area close to the high school and the future university.
   F. The Uintah County Code with regards to man camps is as follows:

      17.112.010 Definitions.

      “Bachelor dwellings” means a dwelling unit which is occupied by four or more non-related persons.
      “Construction camp” or “man camp” means housing facilities designed and intended to be used for
      a temporary period of time to house construction-related workers. Such facilities are not intended to
      accommodate families with school age children. Construction camps may include the use of
      bachelor dwellings, travel-trailers, (recreational vehicles), campers, mobile homes or a combination
      of these.

      17.112.020 Conditional use permit required.

      A. The use of construction camps or bachelor dwellings and incidental commercial and other
      accessory uses shall be considered a conditional use, and as such a conditional use permit must be
      obtained from the county board of commissioners, as described in Chapter 17.76. The county
      commission may approve or deny the request for a conditional use permit for construction camps or
      bachelor dwelling, depending upon the compatibility with surrounding land uses and compliance
      with this title.
      B. Where a travel-trailer court or mobile home park within twenty (20) road miles of the urbanized
      areas of Jensen, Ballard or Vernal is to be used to accommodate temporary construction-related
      workers, or is to contain bachelor dwellings, compliance with all applicable state and county
      ordinances is a prerequisite to obtaining a conditional use permit. This includes compliance with all
      provisions of the mobile home park and/or travel-trailer court requirements. (See Chapter 17.108.)
      C. Where a travel-trailer court or mobile home park is to be used in conjunction with a construction
      camp which is located more than twenty (20) road miles from the urbanized areas of Ballard, Jensen
      or Vernal, the mobile home park and travel-trailer court regulations (Chapter 17.108) may be
      waived and the site plan and accompanying documents approved in accordance with this chapter
      shall constitute the requirements for the construction camp.

      17.112.030 Site plan approval required.

      A site plan with supporting documents must be submitted for review and approval to the planning
      commission. The plan shall be drawn to scale, and shall provide the following information:
      A. Dimensions, orientation and vicinity of the parcel;
      B. Location, size, number, construction and types of proposed housing;
      C. Traffic access to camp and parking;
      D. Location and types of recreational facilities;
  E. Approved culinary water system and sewage and solid waste disposal;
  F. Storm water runoff, and method for control of storm water;
  G. Location of fire protection and medical facilities;
  H. Such other data, as may be required.

  17.112.040 Documents required.

  In addition to the site plan, the applicant must also provide information showing how and when the
  required services and facilities will be provided. All services and facilities will be provided at
  applicant’s expense. Letters of approval for the culinary water and sewage facilities from the State
  of Utah Department of Environmental Quality and/or the local health department shall be required.

  17.112.050 Minor construction camps.

  A minor construction camp will accommodate less than fifty (50) people, and will be used for less
  than two years. The following services and facilities must be provided in a minor construction
  A. Culinary water and sewage and solid waste disposal facilities approved by the State of Utah
  Department of Environmental Quality and/or the local health department;
  B. Adequate access to the site and parking;
  C. Maintenance of the site;
  D. Emergency medical and fire facilities and security services;
  E. Not less than one hundred fifty (150) square feet of living quarters per individual;
  F. Common dining areas and recreation areas shall not be included in determining the square feet
  per individual.

  17.112.060 Major construction camps.

  A major construction camp shall be designed to accommodate more than fifty (50) people, or to be
  used more than two years, and shall provide the following services and facilities:
  A. All services and facilities required for minor construction camps;
  B. Electrical services;
  C. Recreational facilities.

  17.112.080 Restoration of site.

  A. Applicant shall provide a written plan and agreement together with a bond, or other financial
  guarantee, setting forth how the construction camp will be dismantled, and the area restored to an
  unoccupied condition.
  B. Permanent housing for guests and other temporary persons may be allowed in limited numbers to
  serve temporary occupants. Permanent housing is not to be used to house permanent employees.

  17.112.090 Compliance.

  The county commission, in its discretion, may require a bond or other financial guarantee to insure
  that all facilities and services are provided. In the event the applicant fails to provide the services
  and facilities required, the construction camp may be closed and ordered to vacate. These remedies
  are in addition to the remedies provided in this title for failure to comply with the zoning

G. All the above mentioned regulations have not been complied with.
H. There was a man camp in this area that was applied for but was denied recently.
   I.   Staff would like to see all of the requirements, for man camps, met prior to any
        approval. Staff also has concerns with the location of this man camp. There are
        several single family residences in this area.

2. David Barton: Requesting a Conditional Use Permit to store insulation supplies on property
   located at 6335 South 1750 East (Alahandra Ferry Rd.), Vernal, Serial Number: 06:063:0029.
   A. The property is zoned MG-1.
   B. This parcel is a total of 78.25 acres.
   C. The building they want to use for the storage of insulation was built as an agricultural
       building. They would need to get a building permit within two (2) weeks and comply
       with all building regulations.
   D. A business license must be obtained for this location.
   E. All storage must be within the confines of a building;
   F. Conditional Use is for storage only.
   G. The following items are the requirements for a Conditional Use Permit.
        o   The proposed use of the particular location is necessary or desirable to provide a
            service or facility which will contribute to the general well-being of the community
        o   Such use will not, under the circumstances of the particular case and the conditions
            imposed, be detrimental to the health, safety and general welfare of persons, not
            injurious to property or improvements in the community, but will be compatible with
            and complimentary to the existing surrounding uses, buildings and structures when
            considering traffic generation, parking, building design and location, landscaping and
        o   The proposed use will comply with the regulations and conditions specified in this title
            for such use
        o   The proposed use conforms to the goals, policies and governing principles and land
            use of the master plan
        o   The proposed use will not lead to the significant deterioration of the environment or
            ecology of the general area, nor will produce conditions or emit pollutants of such a
            type or of such a quantity so as to detrimentally affect to any appreciable degree
            public or private property including the operation of existing uses thereon in the
            immediate vicinity or the community or area as a whole
        o   The conditions imposed on the use shall:
            o Comply with the intent, spirit, and regulations of the Uintah County zoning
               ordinance and the zoning district where the use is to be located.
            o Make the use harmonious with the neighboring uses in the zoning district.
            o Abate nuisances that would not be in harmony with neighboring uses.
            o Protect property values and the tax base of Uintah County.
            o Bear a rational relationship to the use and health, safety, comfort, order, or
               general welfare and shall not be arbitrary or capricious in nature.
   H. Staff would recommend approval with the following stipulations;
      •   All of the items above are followed.
      •   Reasonable hours of operation.
      •   No trucks shall be kept on the property.
        •   Conditional Use Permit approved for three (3) years.
        •   The Conditional Use permit requirements (above) are followed.
3. Torrey and Kirsten Christophersen: Requesting a Conditional Use Permit to have a
   preschool operated from their home located at 2891 West 500 North, Vernal, Serial Number:
   A. Property is zoned RA-1.
    B. The parcel is a total of .82 acres.
    C. Staff recommends approval of this CUP with the following stipulations;
       •   All Uintah County Regulations must be followed.
       •   Hours of business 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
       •   Parking must be off the road and on the above named property.
       •   Must have three (3) parking spaces dedicated to dropping off and picking up
       •   Sheriff will do background checks on every person over the age of sixteen
           (16) living in or working in the facility.
       •   Business license must be obtained.
       •   No children under the age of three (3) years old are allowed.
       •   No more than ten children at a time.

4. Harlan & Vickie Wilkins: Requesting to rezone property located at 8799 East Brush Creek
   Road, Jensen, Utah; Serial Numbers: 06:084:0038 and 06:084:00401, from A-1 to I-1.
   A. The property is about 38 1/4 acres.
   B. They have a shop on the property that was built for the business.
   C. They would like to have one (1) acre rezoned.
   D. They are in a fairly remote area and the shop and trucks are quite a way off the road.
   E. Staff has concerns about the use of Brush Creek Road with industrial traffic. There is a
      bridge with a six (6) ton weight limit between this property and US 149.
   F. The future land use map that is in the process of being adopted does not show this area as

5. Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations Chapter 04.150 Penalty for late payment
6. Title 17 Zoning Chapter 116 Storage of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Zones


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