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									How to repay your Bond Loan
This fact sheet provides you with details on the different ways of paying your Bond Loan.
Bond Loan repayments can be deducted from Centrelink payments and paid directly to the
department each fortnight.
If you receive a Centrelink payment other than Family Tax Benefit A or Family Tax Benefit
B, then it is a condition of Bond Loan approval that you establish EasyPay to have your
Bond Loan repayment deducted directly from your Centrelink payment.
You will be provided with an EasyPay Deduction Authority for Bond Loan Payments form.
This form must be completed and signed as part of the Bond Loan application process, or
the application will not be approved.
Deductions can be made from any applicant receiving an eligible Centrelink payment.
All applicants must decide how much each person will pay, however, the total deduction
amount must be at least equivalent to the monthly Bond Loan repayment.
You can pay more than your monthly repayment by nominating the amount you wish to
pay each fortnight on the EasyPay Deduction Authority for Bond Loan Payments form.
The EasyPay scheme saves you time and effort, as your Bond Loan repayment is paid on
time even if you are on holidays or ill. It is free of any charges from the department and
Repayment Card
You can repay your Bond Loan at any Australia Post outlet by using the repayment card
issued by the department.
If you use other payment methods, such as EasyPay, you can still use your repayment
card if you want to make additional payments.
You can ask for a replacement card at your local Housing Service Centre.
BPay is a fast, easy and convenient way to pay your Bond Loan by phone or internet
You can use BPay if you are a registered phone banker or internet banker with a
participating financial institution.
Automatic payments
You can arrange for your bank, credit union or building society to transfer Bond Loan
repayments from your account to the department. These repayments can only be taken
from one account. Bond Loan arrears and other debts can also be paid using this method.
In most cases, the financial institution will charge a fee for transferring the Bond Loan
repayment each time.
If you wish to arrange repayment by this method, please contact your financial institution.
Cheque or money order
You can repay your Bond Loan by sending a cheque or money order, along with your
name and Bond Loan account number, to the department.
Any cheques or money orders must be made out to the Department of Communities, and
addressed to:
Shared Service Agency
Housing Revenue
GPO Box 1210
Brisbane Qld 4001
The department’s Housing Service Centres and Client Service Centres do not accept Bond
Loan repayments.
More information
For more information, please call the department’s Housing and Homelessness Services
information line on 1300 880 882 or visit

How to repay your Bond Loan
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