Ultrasonic Cutting and Coagulating Device

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					                          Ultrasonic Cutting and Coagulating Device

   1. Ultrasonic generator with fixed frequency of 55.5 KHz with transducer and footswitch capable
        of incising tissue and providing hemostasis with minimal thermal injury.
   2. It should have 5mm instruments/probes/shears.
   3. It should have capacity of 5mm vessel sealing with lap and open shears.
   4. It should have 3 different audible tone settings possible.
   5. The probe of the Coagulating shear should be 360 rotatable and capable of working in three
        modes-Flat, Blunt and Sharp mode.
   6. It should have option of hand activation with bilateral MIN and MAX switches
   7. It should have a provision for connecting 2 footswitches for two surgeons to work
   8. It should have self-diagnostic mode to detect any problem with generator, footswitch,
        transducer or instruments.
   9. It should have an audible indicator for active shear/probe/instrument
   10. It should have a warning system for a worn out probe/shear/instrument with error codes.
   11. It should have a maximum of 5 power level settings with power level display of both MIN &
   12. Frequency of vibration should be same for both open and lap probes/shears/instruments
   13. It has a vibration range of 50-110 microns(micro meters,m)
   14. The system can be put in standby mode for better safety.
   15. It should not be combined with an Electrosurgical unit
   16. It should be functional for both Laparoscopic and Open surgeries.
   17. It should have an option of using 5mm hand activated Laparoscopic Shears.

     Accessories (a) Wrench (b) Test Tip (c) Transducer for shears (d) Transducer for fine dissecting
Open surgical instruments: (a) Coagulating Shears-Open (b) Coagulating Shears-Open Curved
Mode (c) Fine dissection probe for Thyroid and auxiliary dissection.
Laparoscopic Instruments(a) 5mm coagulating shears – lap 36cm and 45 cm.

1. There should be atleast 10 Govt. Hospital/ Medical College Installations in India.
 2. Should submit Performance Certificates from at least 10 hospitals in Tamil Nadu State.

2 year warranty should be provided

3 years labour AMC should be provided.