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					UKEC Annual General Meeting 2005

Venue: Malaysia Hall (30-34, Queensborough Terrace London W2 3ST)
Date: 22nd October 2004 (Saturday)
Time: 1.30 pm – 6.00 pm

   1.     Acting Chairman of UKEC, Fadzli Shah Anuar
   2.     Vice Chairman Human Resource, Fahmi Saldi
   3.     Vice Chairman Information, Ong Cheng Boon
   4.     Vice Chairman Finance, Farah Sahzwin Daud
   5.     Vice Chairman Operations, Nasrul Ariff Ismail
   6.     President of Warwick MSA, Faeez Mohamad Ali
   7.     Vice-President of City University MS, Saiful Adli Aziz
   8.     President of Queen Mary UoL MS, Tengku Iedil Alaudin
   9.     President of MACFIS, Muhammad Fawwaz Aminuddin
   10.    University of East London (UEL), Jacob Ooi
   11.    Treasurer of UEL, Fadzrena Abdul Rais
   12.    Sports Secretary of MSS Manchester, Yasmin Johan Soh
   13.    University College London (UCL) MS, Puteri Nabeela Johari
   14.    UCL MS, Farahana Azmin
   15.    KPUM, W. M. Firdaus
   16.    City University MS, Alvin Choong
   17.    Sports Secretary of City University MS, Lim Chia Wei
   18.    President of Leicester MS, Shazril Imran Shaukat
   19.    Leicester MS, Kohila Vani Sigamoney
   20.    UCL MS, Ahmad Ariff
   21.    Events Director of MACFIS, Abdul Kadir
   22.    Corp Relation Director of MACFIS, Low Jian Loong
   23.    King’s College London MSS (KCLMSS), Norfauziah Marzuki
   24.    Vice-President of Surrey MSS, Mohd. Harris Saleh
   25.    Sports Coordinator of Surrey MSS, Wan Imran
   26.    Secretary of Surrey MSS, Nurul Huda
   27.    Sports Coordinator of KCLMSS, Tang Chun Hou
   28.    Secretary of Cardiff University MSS, Adeline Tan Sze Mun
   29.    Social Secretary of Cardiff University MSS, E An Tan Loh
   30.    President of Imperial College MS, Cheah Yii Leong
   31.    President of UEL MS, Tomoteru Thaam
   32.    Secretary of UEL MS, James Lim
   33.    Vice-President of MASSTECH, Afiq Kadir
   34.    Vice-President of Bristol MCS, Siti Aisyah Patthi
   35.    Editor of Bristol MCS, Norazizah Zainal
   36.    President of Bristol MCS, Adam Othman
   37.    Social Secretary of Nottingham MS, Nur Amanda Zainal Abidin
   38.    Welfare Officer of Nottingham MS, Azween Ramli
   39.    Treasurer of KPUM, Norariefah M. Iqbal
   40.    President of LSE MSS, Wee Jonn Leow
   41.    Vice-President of LSE MSS, Stephanie Tan
   42.    President of Cambridge MS (CUMAS), Tee Sui Seng
   43.    Treasurer of CUMAS, Grace Lee

44.    Webmaster of CUMAS, Lee Yi Jin
45.    Ents Officer of CUMAS, Irene Vidyanti
46.    President of Cambridge Malaysia Singapore Association, Ryan Iskandar
47.    President of MSS Manchester, Serina Sue Ibrahim

1. The Acting Chairman chaired the Supreme Council meeting due to the fact
   that the Deputy Chairman, Akhari Aya Maziz Sanusi, is currently out of the
   UK performing his pilgrimage.

2. The meeting began with introductions by member society representatives of
   themselves and a speech of appreciation by the Acting Chairman.

3. Dr Syed Raisudin bin Syed Abdullah, Director of the Malaysian Students’
   Department (MSD), gave a brief speech congratulating UKEC for its eventful
   year and expressed his hopes for the incoming executive committee. After
   delivering his speech, he left the hall.

4. The Acting Chairman then presented a short introduction on UKEC’s
   organisational structure, particularly on the range of duties of each executive
   committee member, and the functions and structures of both the Supreme
   Council and the Board of Trustees.

5. The meeting proceeded to the report of UKEC’s inaugural Careers’ Fair by the
   Vice Chairman Operations. The UKEC-Biz Connection Careers’ Fair was
   successfully held on the 19th of March 2005 in the University of Warwick. He
   ended the report by suggesting several areas to improve for the following Fair.

6. The Acting Chairman delivered the Project Kalsom 11 presentation on behalf
   of its executive committee (KomKom) members who are all unable to attend
   due to personal capacity.

7. Vice-President of MASSTECH (Malaysian Students of Science and
   Technology) presented a report by first introducing the functions and
   organisational structure of MASSTECH. The Supreme Council questioned
   UKEC Deputy Chairman’s overlapping roles in the executive committee of
   MASSTECH during the Q & A. The Acting Chairman then explained the
   integral roles of UKEC and the Deputy Chairman, who was Vice Chairman
   Development at that time, in founding MASSTECH.

8. The Vice Chairman Information reported on the UKEC petition against the
   new visa regulations by Home Office Secretary. Due to the lack of response
   from member societies to pool signatories under one petition, an appeal letter
   was prepared for the societies to collect signatories and send to the Home
   Office at their own initiative.

9. Jacob Ooi, representative from the UKEC London Regional Games, spoke on
   the Games that were successfully held in March this year by UEL Malaysian

   Society and Queen Mary Malaysian Society. The Supreme Council provided
   valuable feedback regarding the continual purpose of UKEC Regional Games.

10. Surrey University Malaysian Society expressed their intention to join UKEC
    after a fruitful cooperation with UKEC in the Careers’ Fair.

   Leicester proposed Surrey to be admitted to the Supreme Council.

   Queen Mary seconded.

   The motion was unanimously approved.

11. The Acting Chairman then formally proposed for the discontinuance of UKEC
    in financially supporting UKEC Regional Games.
    Leicester seconded the proposal.

   13 out of the 16 member societies supported the proposal.

   Hence, UKEC will now cease to financially support UKEC Regional Games.

12. Puan Nariman Abu Bakar ( from STA Travel
    promoted STA Travel as the leading student travel organisation that offers not
    only affordable trips and flights, but also travel consultation for member
    societies interested in planning societal trips. The latter was seen as an
    opportunity for member societies to seek alternate source of financial funding.

13. The Vice Chairman Finance produced a financial report of UKEC as of 21st
    October 2005 that included the income and expenditure report of the Careers’
    Fair. The account was later audited by MACFIS representative to the Supreme
    Council, Abdul Kadir Mohamed Abd. Salam, and Kohila Vani Sigamoney of
    Leicester. However, the Supreme Council felt that UKEC still lacks clearly
    defined and unambiguous criteria in deciding on its financial contribution to
    some member societies.

   The Acting Chairman moved a motion to freeze all UKEC’s financial
   contribution to member societies until the next General Meeting.

   CUMAS seconded.

   The motion was unanimously approved.

14. CUMAS then suggested for and volunteered to be the Supreme Council’s
    representative in determining UKEC’s future role in providing financial
    contribution to member societies.

15. The Vice Chairman Human Resources presented Kalsom 12 that is to be held
    the following year in Kelantan.

16. Due to the lack of time, the Acting Chairman proposed a motion to postpone
    the Committee Transfer Protocol discussion until the next General Meeting.

   Leicester seconded.

   The motion was unanimously approved.

17. The Acting Chairman notes the future active involvement of Surrey in the next
    Careers’ Fair.

18. The Acting Chairman then presented former Kalsom Head, Reza Baharin’s
    comments regarding the need for more transparency in UKEC accounts. He
    first explained the financial role of the Board of Trustees in UKEC and the
    signatory-structure of UKEC’s four financial accounts.

   Again, due to the lack of time, the Acting Chairman moved a motion to
   postpone the review of the Board of Trustees’ role in UKEC.

   City seconded.

   The motion was unanimously approved.

19. Elections to elect the new UKEC executive committee members were held.

   W. M. Firdaus was nominated for the post of Chairman;

   Serina Sue Ibrahim of Manchester for Deputy Chairman;

   Puteri Nabeela Johari of UCL for Vice Chairman Information;

   Jacob Ooi of UEL for Vice Chairman Development;

   Norfauziah Marzuki of KCL for Vice Chairman Finance;

   Nur Amanda Zainal Abidin of Nottingham for Vice Chairman Human

   Farahana Azmin of UCL as Vice Chairman Operation;

   and Ahmad Ariff for the newly created post, Vice Chairman Special

   All candidates were uncontested and henceforth, elected unanimously by the
   Supreme Council.

20. The new Deputy Chairman chaired the remainder of the meeting. Rozimi
    Abdul Rahman from Shell gave a brief introduction on the career and
    internship opportunities with Shell for future graduates. The post-meeting
    complimentary dinner was jointly sponsored by Shell and MSD.

Prepared by

Vice Chairman Information
UKEC 2004/2005

Acting Chairman
UKEC 2004/2005


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