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					Scentsy Review, An Insiders Look At The Scentsy Business
      The Scentsy Review

Scentsy is a multi level marketing company launched in 2004 by Orville and Heidi Thompson. They sell wickless scented candles and also ceramic
warmers together with other aroma items. Scentsy is among the most popular independent businesses and the quickest growing candle business
around the world and with strong reasons. The reason is , they provide a safe option to the standard candles you got until now.

Scentsy is not merely a company that wants to sign up folks and make a profit. They give you guidance and coaching so each and every new rep has
a good possibility of building a remarkably profitable business. What started out as a sheep farm in Idaho is presently growing by around three
hundred percent each year.

The Scentsy Products

Scentsy Products began to gain interest when the company arranged its primary successful showing by Orville Thompson and his wife at a home
party. After manufacturing the products themselves and getting a sufficient volume of products for people to get, they began advertising at local
business events. Scentsy products are made with the customer in mind. Their key product is the wickless candles and there are over 70 distinct luxury
warmers as well as over eighty different fragrances.

Candles are about a 3 billion dollar business in the United States. There are many occasions when you'll need wickless or flameless candles.
Perfumed candles are also quite a common and extremely asked for piece of home decorating. This company presently has over 50,000 independent
consultants throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The Scentsy Business

The Scentsy core kit, which includes fragrance testers, business items and test products is priced at $99. Distributors make 20%-30% commission
from their personal sales in addition to extra bonuses for the sales of other distributors they sponsor. Every Scentsy consultant will receive a free
website for three months to setup their business and free delivery on purchases above $150.

How do I make sure that Scentsy isn't an MLM scam?

For me the Scentsy is actually a perfectly reliable home based business. The fundamental issue as to getting to be truly prosperous in mlm is to learn
how to attract more distributors into your company.

There is absolutely no other way to build a strong MLM team than to study and control the power of leadership. The main reason why as many as
96% of internet marketers do not achieve success is not that they are simply less skilled, but that they're missing out on a formula for being successful
and on the support of a leader.

These principles apply for Scentsy as well. It has the potential of creating mlm vip's, but those aiming for that position need to find themselves a
competent network marketing mentor as well as to dedicate the time and energy needed to learn what must be done to become a leader like that.

There must be a better, more successful technique. Promoting a business opportunity such as Scentsy through the internet and bringing it in front of
huge numbers of people has a mind-boggling potential. Analyzing and applying some essential internet prospecting techniques will take you further
than you could even have thought.

About the Author
George Tiganus is an internet marketing professional who teaches people his MLM success techniques to build their business online. This Scentsy
Review brings out a proven formula to turn into a very successful entrepreneur in just 100 days.


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