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Know anyone interested in doing a Fundraiser? Have you thought about Scentsy? Check
out the benefits of choosing to do a Fundraiser with me as your Scentsy Consultant…

*Your organization will receive 20% of all sales from this fundraiser. See below:
                            $5000.00 in sales = $1000.00 profit!!
                           $10,000.00 in sales = $2000.00 profit!!

*I purchase ALL of your Fundraising material! So this is 100% profit for YOU!

*I am also available for Fundraising Parties. This is when fundraiser supporters are invited
to a designated area and they are able to visual see, touch and smell our products. You
are even able to do this toward the end of the regular fundraiser!

*When the product is shipped, it will be shipped directly to me. I will then package up the
orders for your organization and then hand deliver them to you so you are able to pass
them out to your fundraising supporters, which gives you one less thing to do!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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