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									                  ILLINOIS YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION
          Olympic Development Program Tournament & Travel Rules

1. You are responsible for your own behavior. As an ambassador of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association and the
US Olympic Program, your behavior is expected to be perfect. What you do ON and OFF the field reflects on all of
us. Coaches, administrators, referees, teammates and everyone else is expected to be treated with consideration and
2. Be prepared to meet time schedules as they pertain to departure dates, times, flights, training, etc. Keep in mind
3. Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited.
4. Players are not permitted to get tattoos or body piercings during the trip.
5. Players are not permitted to stay up and talk on the phone past curfew - NO EXCEPTIONS!
6. Players must remain with the team in the hotel or other facility.
7. Abide by Regional camp rules that will be provided to you at camp.
7. Players who disobey the rules will be sent home by the Region.

Before You Leave
1. Bring a valid form of identification showing proof of age, ie: driver=s license, passport, copy of your birth
certificate, or school identification.
2. Make sure that your luggage has a lock and a luggage tag with your name, address and phone number. For
luggage that is going to be checked, include a card with this information inside the luggage. Before leaving home,
itemize your bag=s content and worth in case it’s lost.
3. Bring a small bag with a lock to carry essential items and valuables with you. Make sure soccer shoes, shin
guards, shorts, complete uniform, medications, money and other essentials are in your carry-on bag.
4. Check Southwest Airlines website for their baggage information
including carry-on luggage size and weight restrictions and Transportation Security Administration’s Prohibited
        You can bring in your carry-on bag, liquid and gel toiletries that are no larger than 3-ounces in size and
         place them a clear plastic, quart-size container or ziplock bag. Larger containers that are half-full or
         rolled-up toothpaste tubes are not allowed. Only one ziplock bag is allowed per passenger.
5. Show up at the designated time and location. Keep in mind that EARLY IS ON TIME; ON TIME IS

Travel Dress/Packing
TRAVEL and while participating at specified group activities, airport, malls, etc.
2. You will be given your soccer uniform at the airport. Pack it in your carry-on bag. You must wear the uniform
during the regional camp soccer activities.
2. The temperatures will be hot so pack weather appropriate and enough clothing for the duration of the trip. Make
sure everything is clearly identified with your name. You have to carry your own bags so don=t overpack.
3. Bring the following items:

 Windbreaker/rain poncho or bag         Water bottle with name                 Sewing Kit/Safety Pins
 Sweatshirt/polar fleece/warm-ups*      Soccer ball with name                  Medications
 Shinguards,                            Soccer Ball Pump & Needle              Sun Screen
 2 pairs Soccer shoes & extra laces     Plastic bags for laundry & rain        Shampoo/Conditioner
 Walking shoes/sandals                  Permanent Marker to mark all items     Sunglasses
 Bathing suit                           of clothing.                           Eye contact care products*
 Jeans/Slacks*                          Small Bag with lock for carrying       Snacks*
 Casual Shirts/Shorts/Socks             items & valuables with you.            Tape for shinguards
 Undergarments                          Hat for sun protection                 Cell Phone or phone calling card*
 Event Shirt                            Bandaids                               Anything else you can think of.
 Team Uniform                           Toothbrush & paste                     *Optional
 Team Shorts                            Hair dryer/Curling Iron*               DO NOT BRING knives, guns,
 Team Socks                             Deodorant /Hygiene products            drugs, alcohol, tobacco products,
 Any Medications                        Hairbrush/Comb                         pressurized canisters, or flammable
Money and valuables must be kept in a safe place. Illinois Youth Soccer and Region II are
not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Hotel/Facility Guidelines
1. You can bring a telephone calling card or your cell phone to make out going calls.
2. In the hotel players must always remain in groups of three (3). Outside of the hotel players must stay in groups of
four (4).
3. Players are not permitted to switch rooms.
4. Parents are not permitted in player’s rooms or players in parent’s rooms.
5. Players must keep all their equipment in a neat orderly manner and in the same area in their room every day.
Hotel or facility properties are to be treated with care. LEAVE YOUR ROOM IN THE SAME WAY YOU FOUND
IT. Make sure garbage is properly disposed of. If you need extra trash bags, call housekeeping or see the front desk.
At your level of play, there is NO EXCUSE for abuse.
6. Please be considerate of other patrons and leave quietly. Remember, other patrons have special needs and care
must be taken after 9 PM at night to be quiet in hallways and rooms and during study sessions.
7. Do not order movies, room service or use the room=s mini bar. All incidental charges including phone calls,
movie charges, room service, damaged or stolen property will be split among the room=s occupants.
8. Players must carry soccer balls in hotel. No running, kicking, bouncing or dribbling permitted in the hotel.
9. Players are not permitted to leave the facility without the permission of their Administrator and Coaches.
10. Players are not permitted in the bar area. Stay out of pools unless otherwise instructed by your coach. Running
in the halls is not allowed.
11. Do not leave your door open or ajar if you are visiting down the hall. This is an invitation to thieves and other
predators. The hotel will give you extra keys for roommates.
12. Fasten the dead bolt at night.
13. In case of emergency, follow security procedures, use nearest exits, do not to use elevators in case of fire and
meet at the designated meeting place outdoors.
14. Follow all Regional ODP Camp instructions.

Health & Safety Guidelines
1. Anticipate what you may need as far as prescriptions. If you are prone to athletes foot or infections, bring
antifungal cream or antibiotics. Remember to bring contact care products, knee or ankle braces, etc. REMINDER -
all prescriptions must be in their original containers and must be yours. You cannot carry loose pills or have
prescriptions with other people=s names on them.
2. Drink plenty of water; you can dehydrate quickly in warmer weather or higher altitudes. Avoid carbonated
beverages and caffeine.
3. If you are injured or ill, see the trainer immediately. A trainer can sometimes treat an injury before it gets
aggravated so you can get back on the field sooner.
4. If something is bothering you or you don=t feel well, consult your coaches, CITs or regional staff with whom you
feel comfortable.
5. Always fasten your seat belt when traveling in car or plane.

Environment & Weather
1. You can encounter different circumstances and surroundings. Be cognizant of this and listen to instructions given
to you by your Regional Camp administrators and/or coaches.
2. Another issue is weather. You may be in an area prone to storms, flooding or tornadoes and should follow the
instructions from the Regional Camp administrator and/or coaches.

Instruction to Parents
1. Parents, in case of bad news from home, please call the team coach first before contacting your child.
2. Parents are not permitted in player’s rooms or players in parent’s rooms.
3. Players are to stay with the team at all times.

                      HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE ODP EXPERIENCE!

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