Tom Green County Child Library Card Application by nuhman10


									                   Tom Green County Child Library Card Application

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The staff welcomes you and your child to the Tom Green County Library system! We
hope to provide a world of reading enjoyment and boundless opportunity to explore and
discover the world through the books, audios, and online resources your child can access
with their library card.

Your Child must have a library card with him/her or have access to the parent’s card in
order to check out books. A child’s library card may be used at the Main, West, and
North Branch Libraries, as well as online for access to the library’s online services. If
your child’s library card is lost, it will cost $3.00 to replace it.

Data on card applications received and issued via mail may be subject to verification
upon your and your child’s first visit to the library. Please bring your identification and
proof of address (if different from that on your identification.)

CHILD’S NAME:____________________________CHILD’S BIRTHDATE_________


CITY:______________________ STATE_________ ZIP CODE___________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER:_______________CELL PHONE NUMBER:_____________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S NAME (PRINTED):_________________________________

*DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBER:___________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE_______________________________________

*A state-issued identification card, passport, social security card and military-issued
identification, or social security card and some other form of picture identification may
be used in lieu of a driver’s license. If the mailing address differs from the address on the
driver’s license, proof of address will also be required (lease agreement, utility bill,
military orders, etc.)

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