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									                         The Wedding Singer
            Important Costume Update Information
Websites at the end of this document will show some sample/ ideas for
costumes. If you are not sure- ASK. If you need help- ASK. We have a
limited supply but we can help to get you what you need.
Your local Goodwill Stores , both Marchwood and Thorndale, are a
treasure trove of 80’s fashions. Check them out for bargains galore.
There are also thrift stores located throughout the area. Ask your family
and friends for help; you’ll be surprised at what people hold on to.

*Everyone needs a formal/dressy outfit suitable for a wedding or bar
mitzvah. Dancers need to be sure the dress selected allows for
movement. We do have some dresses you can wear. Set up a time to
meet with me if you cannot find anything. Men need a shirt and tie (you
can wear a jacket also and I have some you can try on) and your own
pants that fit around the waist- not hips where all of you wear them now.

* Everyone needs a “club” outfit for Saturday Night in the City. All
featured dancers, general ensemble and non speaking roles are New
Yorkers. This means you need a mostly black outfit. You are very cool.
All featured singers are New Jerseyians. This means you need colorful,
including neon colors, outfit. You are trying hard to be as cool as the
New Yorkers. Nothing should be sleazy.
If you are in Someday, you will wear your wedding clothes.
If you are in Pop, you will need something you would wear to a nice
restaurant. You may use your wedding outfit if you can’t find anything
else. Possibly add a jacket or a sweater. You may also see me to find
something that works. Men could wear a plain colored tee shirt with a
sports coat (yes, they did do this in the 80’s), or a sweater. (Zach Rondos
and Brad- we’ll find you something since you do not have a wedding
outfit. You’ll need your own pants.) The four dancers in this number
will get bridesmaids dresses.
If you are in Casualty of Love you will wear your wedding clothes.
Again, you may add/ subtract. The head table girls are bridesmaids in
black/ white. This was a trend at weddings. I have dresses you can try. If
you have one you’d like to wear be sure you can move easily in it.
If you are in Not That Kind of Thing, you are at the mall. You have some
choices in your outfit. You may be able to use some of your Saturday
Night outfit- maybe minus jewelry and add a jacket and purse. Guys
may want to consider a music tee shirt and jeans, again that fit at the
waist. Other possibilities for males and females include a preppy look,
polo shirts with collars popped up, sweater tied around the shoulders,
khakis,- you get the idea. You may consider some workout wear, a
warm-up suit for example or leggings with legwarmers. Big sweaters
with BIG shoulder pads and leggings are another choice. We have some
of these things available if you have any difficulty.
If you are in All About the Green and you are a dancer, we will be
making you a skirt and tie. You will need a white shirt. All other
females, you’ll need a skirt and jacket in a dark color and a white or
light colored top. I have some you can try on. Men- you’ll need a white
shirt and dark pants and a tie- yellow or red if possible. If possible,
please try to find a pair of suspenders. These were popular in the 80’s. I
have a few pairs but not nearly enough for everyone.
If you are in Single, you’ll need your own pants and a “Cosby” style
sweater. If you have your own, that would be awesome. If not, we do
have some you can wear.
Servers, bartenders- you’ll need a black bottom piece and white top.
We’ll probably make some sort of tie for you and possibly a name tag.
Lexi and Heather- if you can provide your own that would be a huge
If you are in Glen’s Posse- males- you may use your Saturday Night
outfit and maybe add a jacket. Ladies, I’ll get back to you with specifics
on exactly what you’ll need.
If you are in Rosie’s Party/ airplane scene- Party people- you may wear
your wedding outfit. If you want something different, you may provide
it. Airplane passengers- you may use any previous outfit but consider
adding a jacket or coat as you are traveling. We do have some for you to
use if you need help. You may also select from the mall outfits
suggested above.
Leads- I’ll be in touch with what you need to provide. For the most part,
your costumes will be taken care of for you but you may need to fill in
in places.
Impersonators- We’ll work out your specifics soon.
Shoes- Dancers- I like taupe character shoes for your actual dance
numbers. Jazz shoes/ flats are fine. If you have a specific shoe you’d like
to wear and are unsure about it, show me so we can discuss if it works.
Actual 80’s shoes can be difficult to walk in and are noisy on stage.
I know I have missed some of you and many of you will have specific
questions. If you are unsure of what you personally need, please email
me as soon as possible and I’ll help you.

By March 2, I need to see your costumes for approval. I have
already approved a few via photos. This is fine; you may email photos to
me as well-; you also may bring in your costumes to
show me. Check with me to be sure I’ll be at rehearsal if you are
planning in doing this before March 2. We will not chase you down. If
you are not prepared, you will be cut from the scene. We are not
Check out these websites: (A number of members for the production
staff actually wore this stuff… sadly-)'S+Style+And+80'S+Fashion's_Mens_Fashion

I am happy to help you find items in our costume closet if
you need something. I have many floor length dresses that
would work for wedding guests, some fancy “club” style
dresses and some other 80’s wear I was able to locate at
Goodwill. If you need help, please let me know as soon as
possible and I will happily go through the closets with you. I
am certain we can find you something that works. You may
email me at and I’ll get back to you as
soon as possible with a time we can meet. I am at East on
ACE days but I am happy to come other times to help you
Thanks for your cooperation,
Mrs. Klinger

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