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					                                                                                                Vol. 46, No. 3 November 2009

BEA Cox Scholarship Helps Scholars                                                           Kind Donors Make

                    E                                                                           Raffle Possible
                            ach spring the BEA Karen Cox

                            Scholarship Committee meets to                                      he BEA Karen Cox Scholarship Raffle
                            select at least three scholarship                                   would not be possible and definitely
                     recipients from scholarship applications                                   would not be as fun without the prizes
                     received. The scholarship recipients are                  from these generous donors. They have donated $3500
acknowledged at the May Representative Council meeting and             in prizes! Make sure you thank them when you see them and
will receive their monetary award the following January.               patronize their businesses. To see a complete list of the donated
    The amount of the scholarship award varies from year to year.      prizes go to
There are several factors that affect the amount.
    BEA policies govern how the scholarship funds are handled.          First Interstate Bank              Holiday Inn Grand Montana
The fund is set up as a quasi-endowment, maintained separately          Al Hilden: Montana Coffee          Hilton Garden Inn
from Association funds and earmarked specifically to be used for        Traders                            Jeff Greenfield
scholarship awards and necessary maintenance.                           Diane Bertrand: - Allura Designs   Jennifer Moore: Private
    The scholarship funds are invested and the principal is to          Alpine High                        Quarters
remain intact to generate income for scholarship awards in              Altana Federal Credit Union        Jim Soft & Associates
perpetuity. Each year up to 90% of the annual interest accrued          Bench Elementary Staff             Joan Sleeth
                                                                        Blanco Cosmetology School          John Reichelt: Park Place Salon
from the scholarship fund can be expended. The other 10% and
                                                                        Copper Colander                    Karen Tanner
any donations or fundraising income (the raffle proceeds, for           Costco                             Linda Lemire, Licensed Masseuse
example) are added to the principal to grow the fund and its            Cricket Clothing Co.               Mustard Seed
interest generating capability. Obviously, prevailing interest rates    Crystal Burgess: Scentsy           Perkins
have an enormous impact on the amount that can be awarded to            Darell Tunnicliff                  Phil Cox: Prudential Realty
scholarship recipients as well as the number of recipients selected     Dennis Cox                         Poets
that year.                                                              EBMS                               Red Robin
    Past raffles have added over $12,600 to the scholarship             Enzo’s                             Sandra Greenfield
fund. This year’s raffle has raised $2700 so far. Raffle tickets        Eva Burgess: Scentsy               Sue Rydquist: Simply Wine
are on sale until December 7. They can be purchased from your           Frame Hut                          Tara Reiners: Pure Romance
                                                                        Gainan’s                           The Soup Place
Building Representatives or at the BEA office for $1 each or six
                                                                        Granary                            Tiny’s Tavern
tickets for $5. The drawing for the third week will be on Monday,
                                                                        Herberger’s                        Wells Fargo
November 30 and the fourth week and Grand Prize drawings will
be on Monday, December 7.

                                                                       Severson elected MEA-MFT Vice Prez
         Raffle Winners
                      Week #1 Winners
                                                                       A    t the November 2009 MEA-MFT Board
                                                                            of Directors meeting, the Board elected
                                                                       Missoula Education Association President
    First Place:      Linda Fuson, Newman                              Dave Severson to fill the vacant vice president
    Second Place:     Nicole Redmond, Bitterroot                       position.
    Third Place:      Kelli Delaney, Poly Drive                            The position was vacated when former
    Fourth Place:     Todd Bertsch, Eagle Cliffs                       Vice President Larry Nielsen resigned to join
                                                                       the MEA-MFT staff. Severson is filling the
                      Week #2 Winners                                  mid-term vacancy. The MEA-MFT constitution
    First Place:      Deb Wippert, Poly Drive                          specifically directs the MEA-MFT Board of Directors to elect a
    Second Place:     Mimi Schneider                                   successor to fill out the term.
                                                                           The Vice President position will be up for election by the
    Third Place:      Ron Kimmet, Hardin
                                                                       delegates of the MEA-MFT Representative Assembly, March 26-27,
    Fourth Place:     Kathy Kelker                                     2010, in Billings.
November 2009

Thanks Jack!                                                      Message                                          Jeff Greenfield

            uring the Monday, November 16, School Board meeting, Superintendent Jack Copps                         BEA President
            announced his intention to resign at the end of the 2009-2010 school year. During Jack’s
            tenure, labor relations have been excellent. Jack has always been willing to listen to our views, share his views and
            reach compromise whenever an issue has arisen. He has been a great spokesman for the District within the community
and a great advocate for the District in the legislature. This is Jack’s fourth year at School District and he will certainly be missed in the

   The School Board has contacted the Montana School Boards Association to help conduct a search for a new Superintendent and
they hope to begin the selection and interview process in the next several months. I do expect that BEA will have a representative on
the search committee when it is formed by the School Board.

   Even with all of the efforts Mr. Copps has made in the community and business sector, we still need to make a concerted effort
when it comes to the passage of a mill levy. It is my expectation that the School Board will vote to place an Elementary Levy,
Elementary Technology Levy and a High School Technology Levy on the ballot this spring.

                          Without these levies, it is certain there will be significant changes in staffing and programs in both the
                       Elementary District and the High School District. Without these levies, it is possible that our Elementary
                       School configuration may no longer be what the Board calls neighborhood schools. The District could be forced
                       to move to a more economical structure to maximize our teachers and facilities. It is certainly possible the Board
                       could look to reduce or cut middle school activities and possibly high school activities again.

                            It is very important that everyone associated with the schools promote and work to pass the levies. As soon
                        as the Board decides to place the levies on the ballot, we will need volunteers to identify positive voters, make
                        phone calls and talk with neighbors and members of your churches and other organizations. We should be telling
                        everyone what a good job the District does in educating the youth of Billings. Let them know the negative
impacts that could result with the failure of a levy. Let them know that school property taxes have actually decreased in Billings every
year for the past five or more years and the passage of the levy will spread the tax burden to all new construction in the area. This
means that school taxes would likely decrease again, even when the levy passes. Even more important is to get everyone who works
for the School District to vote for the levies.

                             Election of School Board Members

             hile both of the topics I have discussed are very important to our jobs and education in Billings, we cannot forget about the
             election of School Board members. School Board members are elected by trustee districts in Billings. An individual who
             is interested in running for the School Board must reside within the trustee district to be eligible. There will be four School
Board members up for election this spring. Board members whose terms will expire are: Board Chair Malcolm Goodrich representing
trustee district #7, Peter Gesuale representing trustee district #5, Mary Jo Fox representing trustee district #3 and Joyce Weber
representing trustee district #2. To view a map of the Trustee Districts, go to, click “District” then “School
Board” and “Trustee Districts/Boundaries” or simply use the following link,

   At this point, Mr. Goodrich has indicated that he will not run for another term on the Board. While talking with Mrs. Fox, she
seems to be interested in running for another term but I cannot say one way or the other for sure. I have no information about Mr.
Gesuale or Mrs. Weber’s intentions.

   If you know of individuals that you feel would make good school board members, please send their names and addresses to me at, or 510 N. 29th, Billings, 59101. It is never too early to begin discussions with a potential school board
November 2009                                                                                                                           Page 3

                                                                                Regional Training Workshops

                                                     BARB FETTIG                       EA-MFT will present regional training workshops for
                                                          BEA 2ND                      members throughout the state to replace the annual Summer
                                                                                       Leadership Conference. The training will be held in
                                                         PRESIDENT           Billings at the Hilton Garden Inn on February 26 and 27.
                                                                                 Registration check-in will start at 4 p.m. through 7 p.m. on Friday
                                                                             evening on February 26. An hour long orientation will be held from
                                                                             5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and a dinner will be served from 7 to 8 p.m.
                                                                                 The training is free, informative, and
Tour of University of Montana New School of Education. . .
                                                                             renewal units are available. Several
          UM’s School of Education                                           sectionals will be presented on Saturday,
                                                                             February 27 after breakfast and the

O     ctober’s end ushered in the opportunity to tour University of
      Montana’s new School of Education. The Phyllis J. Washington
Education Center has everything you’d expect to prepare college students
                                                                             general session.
                                                                                 New & Emerging Leaders Academy:
for 21st century teaching, and a few things you wouldn’t.                       All day session limited to 20 participants. It will show how to be a
    The 27,000 square foot addition to the College of Education and             more effective leader and help strengthen your local association.
Human Sciences building not only melds new with old, but also brings            Treasurers’ Training:
the outdoors inside with rows of large glassed windows. Dubbed “the             The ins and outs of dues, membership records, and tracking the
tree-house,” an upper story classroom features views of the surrounding         local’s money.
mountains and trees. Classrooms are spacious, and the furniture is              Member Rights, Grievances, & Conflict Resolution:
all on wheels so that it may be easily moved and reconfigured as                The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of these topics.
needed for cooperative and collaborative learning. Equipped with the            Collective Bargaining Law – Rules of the Road:
latest technology, classrooms have multiple projection and recording            Montana bargaining rights and, time permitting, individualized
capabilities and interactive surfaces.                                          budget and contract analysis.
    A holistic and user-friendly approach is reflected in the purpose and       Effective Communication & Organizing Strategies:
function of the building itself. The School of Education houses not only        The key to any local union success: engaging and organizing
college students and professors, but a Learning and Belonging Preschool.        members. This session will explore communication strategies to
A comfortable, friendly commons area is found on each floor and imparts         help your local’s effectiveness.
a desire for students to feel “at home” using the facility. Large, wall         Budget & Contract Analysis:
mounted, flat screen TVs are set up so that students can easily hook            This one will help de-mystify these subjects.
up their laptops or iPods and present to peers. A 3D globe is featured
on the ground floor and uses software that can project anything from             Lunch will be provided for participants with a Q&A session with
constellations to the spread of global religions. On this floor, a coffee    MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver. The regional training will conclude
shop is available to students.                                               at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.
    All of which brings me to a conversation recently held in an ER&D            MEA-MFT will reimburse mileage and hotel costs for
class: How can we make our schools more welcoming to students,               participants traveling from outside of Billings. Registration forms
parents, teachers, and the community at large? UM’s School of Education      are available through a link on the BEA web site, www.beabillings.
would be a great place to start the dialogue.                                org. Registration deadline is February 14, 2010, but space is limited.
                                                                             Register early!

               Nominations sought                                                     November
            for 2010 PAEMST awards                                                       BEA
                                                                                   Meeting Highlights
T   his year nominations for science or math teachers in grades K-6
    with five or more years of professional teaching experience will be
accepted. Do you know an exceptional teacher who qualifies who might         BEA Board of Directors
appreciate some special recognition and would like to receive a $10,000
award from the National Science Foundation, along with an expenses-              BEA Karen Cox Scholarship Raffle update was given.
paid trip to DC? Nominate that teacher now. It’s easy and only takes a
few minutes and it’s all done on-line at                  Board members informed of a January PAC drive.
    The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science
                                                                                 Pacific Regional Leadership Conference is in Reno, Nevada, March
Teaching (PAEMST) are the nation’s highest honors for teachers of
mathematics and science. These awards recognize outstanding K-12                 19-21.
teachers for their contributions in the classroom and to their profession.   BEA Representative Council
     Since 1983, more than 4,000 teachers have been recognized for their
contributions to mathematics and science education. If you know great            BEA Karen Cox Scholarship Raffle week #1 winners were
teachers, nominate them to join this prestigious network of professionals.        announced.
    Your nominee will be contacted and asked to put together a formal
                                                                                 MEA-MFT Regional Training February 26 -27 was announced.
application. Remember, regardless of whether the teacher pursues the
award, it is always a nice recognition in and of itself to be nominated!         Sick Leave Donations are needed for Loren Brum.
    The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2010, but nominate early.
Nominated teachers who decide to pursue the award will need time to              School Calendars have been adopted by the School Board and will be
thoroughly prepare their application by May 3, 2010.                              posted on the District website.
 November 2009                                                                                                                                        Page 4

 Know Your Master Agreement                                                                     December - January
                                                                                                  BEA Calendar
         s I am sure most everyone knows, our Master Agreement
         calls for stipends to be paid to individuals who have earned
                                                                                      Nov. 25-27     Thanksgiving Break,
         advanced degrees. An individual with a Master Degree will
                                                                                                     No School
receive an additional $1250 this year and $1500 for 2010-2011,
                                                                                      Nov. 30        Last week for Raffle Sales/Week #3
and those with a Ph. D. or Ed. D. will receive an additional $2000                                   Raffle Drawing
each year. In addition, those who have earned National Board                          Dec. 5-6       MEA-MFT Committee Weekend
Certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching                    Dec. 7         Week #4 Raffle Drawing & Grand Prize Drawing
Standards (NBPTS) will receive a stipend of $2000 each year of the                    Dec. 9         BEA Board of Directors
certification.                                                                        Dec.15         Representative Council Meeting
           Last year, our Master Agreement also called for a $2000                    Dec. 21        School Board Meeting
stipend for specialists who have national certification through a                     Feb. 26 & 27   MEA-MFT Regional Training in Billings
different entity and who are not eligible for certification through
NBPTS. To receive this stipend, individuals must present information
to a District committee to show the rigor of the National certification
they have earned. criteria for this stipend may be found in Appendix
E of the Master Agreement. Clarifications to deadlines and scoring
were made after the first year of the program. The clarifications are to
be implemented this school year and are listed below.

                      Clarification of scoring                                          Save on Hundreds of Products
                   for Specialist’s resubmission                                               s a NEA member, you can receive
                                                                                               substantial savings along with special
     Resubmitting applications. Any specialist resubmitting an                                 promotions using the VIPLINK™
application for Alternative National Certification Review shall submit                Program from Whirlpool Corporation. Save
entries for those sections for which an average score of less than 3.3 was
                                                                                      on popular consumer brands from Whirlpool
received. Applicants may, at their discretion, submit entries for sections
                                                                                      Corporation. Choose from hundreds of popular
which earned 3.3 and above.
                                                                                      consumer products for your home from recognized
      During the first week of September each year, a workshop                        brands such as KitchenAid®, Maytag®, Amana®,
will be offered for specialists who are seeking the Alternative National              Whirlpool®, Gladiator®, GarageWorks and more.
Certification stipend. The workshop will include a description of the                     Save on appliances, accessories and other
process and an explanation of the expected data/evidence for each of the 10           products from the most popular brand names in the
criteria.                                                                             appliance industry. You and your immediate family
                                                                                                      can purchase up to 12 products every year.
      Materials for Alternative National Certification Review shall                                      To check out the products and the savings for NEA
be submitted by the applicants by the second Monday in January each year.                             members complete an easy on-line registration form
Materials submitted shall be reviewed by the appointed committee by the                               on the NEA Member Benefit web site, https://www.
last Friday in April each year. Notification to each applicant shall be given, to receive your NEA Group Code.
as quickly after review as possible.                                                       Then enter “Whirlpool” in the search box and click on the link
                                                                                      that appears for Whirlpool Corporation VIPLINK Program. On that
      Applicants are successful in their review if: 1) a majority of                  web site “Create an Account”, enter your NEA Group Code, fill in
readers award a total score of 33 or above, or 2) the average total score is          the blanks, click “Submit” and start shopping and saving!
33 or above.                                                                              If you have any questions, or would like to place an order by
                                                                                      phone, please have your NEA Group Code and call Whirlpool
      Beginning January, 2010, final scores will be reviewed in
                                                                                      VIPLINK customer service at 1-866-808-9274, Monday - Friday from
the following manner. Scores given by each reader to an individual shall
                                                                                      8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (ET)
be used for each of the 10 criteria to obtain average scores. (For example,
criteria one scores of 3.0, 3.5, 3.0, 4.0, 3.0, give an average of 3.3) The
sum of the average criteria scores is the average total score. Individual
reader scores are expected to fall within a value of 1 as compared to the
average score for each criteria. One point is 25% of the total possible
score. In the event scores do not fall within a value of 1 as compared to the
                                                                                                Billings Education Association
average, the outlier score/s shall be dropped to calculate the final average.            BEA President        Jeff Greenfield              BEA Office
Examples are as follows:                                                                 1st Vice-President   Kate McAuliffe            510 N. 29th St.
   A. Scores of 3.0, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 3.5, give an average score of 3.2. The score of      2nd Vice-President   Barb Fettig              Billings MT 59101
   2.0 is an outlier and would be eliminated, giving a final average score of 3.5.       Secretary            Joan Sleeth               1-406-248-9812
   B. Scores of 4.0, 2.0, 3.0, 2.5, 3.0, give an average score of 2.9. The score
   of 4.0 is an outlier and would be eliminated, giving a final average score of
                                                                                        OFFICIAL PUBLICATION:                   News & Views Editors
   C. Scores of 3.0, 3.0, 3.0, 4.0, 2.0, give an average score of 3.0. All of the          BEA News & Views                         Marilynn Sexton
                                                                                       website:                 Shauna Reichelt
   scores are within one of the average giving no outlier and the final average
   score remains 3.0.

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