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									xCBL Tag Standards (Goods Receipt Notice) v.1.1
General Items to Note In Regard to Quadrem's xCBL Tag Standards:



xCBL Tag Standards (Goods Receipt Notice) v.1.1
General Items to Note In Regard to Quadrem's xCBL Tag Standards:
           The purpose of this document is to define the field limits and tags belonging to a subset of xCBL 3.0's XML tags
           contained within the GoodsReceiptNotice document, which must be communicated within the framework of an
           xCBL 3.0 Invoice document. In addition to defining overall field limits, the document also notes various tags that
           are considered Mandatory (Mandatory by xCBL30, tags marked "M" will be reserver for those tag required solely
           to be in compliance with the official xCBL 3.0 Schema) and Required (Required by Quadrem Marketplace, tags
           not mandatory by xCBL 3,0 Schema but necessary for the successful operation of Quadrem
           applications(SupplyCentre, Business Warehouse (Billing), Q-Hub/Messaging Platform) will be designated with a
           "R". Tags marked as Optional, Highly Suggested (Tags marked "H" that while Optional, are Highly
           Recommended by Quadrem in order to Optimize funcitionality with all Quadrem applications to produce minimum
           successful results "Best Practice" and for Current or Future interoperability with multiple Trading Partners and
           This document supplements the framework of rules that are defined within the Quadrem Standards for Goods
           Receipt Notice documentation (Quadrem Standards for Goods Receipt Notice v1.0.doc). In general, the
           process documentation tends to be high-level, and relates to allowed processes and choreographies. The tag
           documentation tends to be more specific and describes the usage of individual tags in terms of how they should
           be employed and whether or not they are required, optional, or not allowed.
           This document does not seek to comprehensively list all of the tags in the Invoice document. Rather, tags that are
           commonly used or that have special requirements or field limits are documented. For a complete listing of tags for
           an xCBL 3.0 document, as well as its attributes, please refer to
           UTF-8 is the current Quadrem encoding standard.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
           Tag requirements (e.g. Mandatory vs. Optional) are defined at the content tag carrying level. As demonstrated in
           the sample below, all the overall requirement for higher-level structural tags that do not carry content are not
           marked. However these high-level structural tags must still be included as per xCBL 3.0's schema rules. There
           are a handful of cases where extremely large structures may be marked at a non-content tag level but this is
           generally only done if the structure contains several hundred rows of documentation that are more easily
           presented in a collapsed format.
                                                             Overall Description
xCBL 3.0 Position
      Invoice (Goods Receipt Notice)
                                                             Quadrem Overall Requirement

Field Name                                        xCBL3.0    M=Mandato Short Description         Overall Field DataType
                                                  Schema     ry by                               Limit
                                                  Mandator   Schema
                                                  y          R=Required
MIME Envelope                                                      M    Mandatory if using MIME
Invoice Name Space                                                 M    Mandatory By Marketplace

Invoice                                                          M
   InvoiceHeader                                    1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceNumber                                1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceIssueDate                             1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceReferences                            0..n         R       Required By Quadrem
       InvoicePurpose                               1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceType                                  1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceCurrency                              0..1         O
       PaymentCurrency                              0..1         O
       TaxAccountingCurrency                        0..1         O
       InvoiceLanguage                              1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       InvoiceTaxReference                          0..1
       InvoiceMedium                                0..1
       AllowOrChargeTreatment                       0..1
       InvoiceDates                                 0..1
       InvoiceParty                                 1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       ListOfTransportRouting                       0..1
       InvoiceTermsOfDelivery                       0..1         H
       InvoicePaymentInstructions                   0..1
       InvoiceAllowancesOrCharges                   0..1
       InvoiceHeaderNote                            0..1         O
       ListOfStructuredNote                         0..1
       InvoiceHeaderAttachments                     0..1
   InvoiceDetail                                    1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
       ListOfInvoiceItemDetail                      1..1         M
          InvoiceItemDetail                         1..n         M
             InvoiceBaseItemDetail                  1..1         M
             InvoicePricingDetail                   1..1         M
                ListOfPrice                         1..1         M
                   Price                            1..n         M
                      UnitPrice                     1..1         M
                          UnitPriceValue            1..1         M       Mandatory By xCBL3.0
                          Currency                  0..1
                             CurrencyCoded          1..1         O
                          UnitOfMeasurement         0..1
                             UOMCoded               1..1         O
                             UOMCodedOther          0..1                 Mandatory if UOM coded            255
                      PriceBasisQuantity            0..1
                             QuantityValue          1..1
                                MinimumValue        1..1                                          numeric(13, 28, 10)
                                MaximumValue        1..1                                          numeric(13, 28, 10)
                                UOMCoded            1..1                                                     5
                                UOMCodedOther       0..1                 Mandatory if UOM coded            255
       ValidityDates                    0..1
           StartDate                    1..1                                   Datetime         Datetime
           EndDate                      1..1                                   Datetime         Datetime
       PriceQuantityRange               0..1
              QuantityValue             1..1
                  MinimumValue          1..1                                   numeric(13, 28, 10)
                  MaximumValue          1..1                                   numeric(13, 28, 10)
                  UOMCoded              1..1
                  UOMCodedOther         0..1       Mandatory if UOM coded                 255
Tax                                     0..n
    TaxFunctionQualifierCoded           1..1       Mandatory if                            50
    TaxFunctionQualifierCodedOther 0..1                                                   255
    TaxCategoryCoded                    1..1       Mandatory if                           550
    TaxCategoryCodedOther               0..1                                              255
    ReasonTaxExemptCoded                                                                   50
    ReasonTaxExemptCodedOther                                                             255
    TaxTypeCoded                        1..1       Mandatory if Tax tag used               50
              AgencyCoded               1..1       Mandatory if                         255
              AgencyCodedOther          0..1       Mandatory if                         255
              AgencyDescription         0..1                                           4000
           Ident                        1..1                                               70
    TaxPercent                          0..1                                 numeric(13, 28, 10)
    TaxPaymentMethodCoded                      O                             N/A
    TaxPaymentMethodCodedOther                 O                             N/A
    TaxableAmount                       0..1                                 numeric(13, 28, 10)
    TaxableAmountInTaxAccountingCurrency                                     N/A
    TaxAmount                           1..1       Mandatory if Tax tag used numeric(13, 28, 10)
    TaxAmountInTaxAccountingCurrency                                         N/A
           LocationQualifierCoded                                                               string
           LocationQualifierCodedOther             Mandatory if                           255
           Choice                       1..1
           LocationIdentifier           1..1
                      AgencyCoded       1..1                                                    string
                      AgencyCodedOther ..1         Mandatory if                           255
                  Ident                 1..1                                   N/A
              LocationDescription       0..1
           ExternalAddressID            1..1
           NameAddress                  1..1
              ExternalAddressID         0..1                                   N/A              string
              Name1                     1..1                                               35
              Name2                     0..1                                            35
              Name3                     0..1                                            35
                     AgencyCoded                                                             string
                     AgencyCodedOther                                            N/A         string
                     AgencyDescription                                           N/A         string
                     CodeListIdentifierCoded                                                 string
                     CodeListIdentifierCodedOther                                N/A         string
                  Ident                                                                      string
              POBox                                                              N/A         string
              Street                    0..1                                     N/A
              HouseNumber               0..1                                     N/A         string
              StreetSupplement1         0..1                                     N/A
              StreetSupplement2         0..1                                     N/A
              Building                  0..1                                     N/A         string
              Floor                     0..1                                     N/A         string
              RoomNumber                0..1                                     N/A         string
              InhouseMail               0..1                                     N/A         string
              Department                0..1                                     N/A         string
              PostalCode                0..1                                            10
              City                      0..1                                            35
              County                    0..1                                     N/A
              Region                    0..1
                  RegionCoded           1..1                                            15
                  RegionCodedOther 0..1               Mandatory if RegionCoded         255
              District                                                           N/A         string
                  CountryCoded          1..1                                            50
                  CountryCodedOther 0..1              Mandatory if                     255
                  TimezoneCoded         1..1                                            50
                  TimezoneCodedOther0..1              Mandatory if                     255
ItemAllowancesOrCharges                           O
        IndicatorCoded                            O   Mandatory if
        MethodOfHandlingCoded                     O   Mandatory if
           ServiceCoded                           O   Mandatory if
        TypeOfAllowanceOrCharge                   O   Mandatory if
        Tax                                       O   Mandatory if
TotalValue                              0..1
        MonetaryAmount                  1..1      O
        Currency                        0..1
           CurrencyCoded                1..1      O   Mandatory if Currency is
InvoiceCurrencyTotalValue               1..1      M
    MonetaryValue                       1..1      M
        MonetaryAmount                  1..1      M   Mandatory By xCBL3.0
        Currency                        0..1
           CurrencyCoded                1..1      H   Highly Recommended By
               ActualPaymentStatus                  0..1
                   ActualPaymentStatusCoded         0..1   O
           LineItemDates                        0..1
                   ReceiptDateTime              0..1       O
           DeliveryDetail                           0..1
           LineItemNote                             0..1   O
           ListOfStructuredNote                     0..1
           LineItemAttachments                      0..1
    ListOfPackageDetail                         0..1
InvoiceSummary                                      0..1   H
    NumberOfLines                                  0..1    O
    InvoiceTotals                                   0..1   H
    ListOfTaxSummary                                0..1
       TaxSummary                                   1..n
               TaxFunctionQualifierCoded            1..1   O
               TaxFunctionQualifierCodedOther       0..1
               TaxCategoryCoded                     1..1   O
               TaxCategoryCodedOther                0..1   O
               TaxTypeCoded                         1..1   O
               TaxTypeCodedOther                    0..1
                      Agency                        1..1
                          AgencyCoded               1..1       Mandatory if            255
                          AgencyCodedOther          0..1       Mandatory if            255
                          AgencyDescription                                           4000
                      Ident                         1..1                                70
               TaxPercent                           0..1   O
               TaxPaymentMethodCoded                       O                  N/A
               TaxPaymentMethodCodedOther                  O                  N/A
               TaxableAmount                        0..1                      numeric(13, 28, 10)
               TaxableAmountInTaxAccountingCurrency                           N/A
               TaxAmount                            1..1   O
               TaxAmountInTaxAccountingCurrency                               N/A
               TaxLocation                          0..1
                      LocationQualifierCoded                                                 string
                      LocationQualifierCodedOther              Mandatory if            255
                      Choice                        1..1
                      LocationIdentifier            1..1
                          LocID                     1..1
                              Agency                1..1
                                 AgencyCoded        1..1                                     string
                                 AgencyCodedOther 0..1         Mandatory if            255
                              Ident                 1..1                      N/A
                          LocationDescription       0..1
                      ExternalAddressID             1..1                      N/A            string
                      NameAddress                   1..1
                          Name1                     1..1                                35
                          Name2                     0..1                                35
                          Name3                     0..1                                35
                                   AgencyCoded                                                               string
                                   AgencyCodedOther                                              N/A         string
                                   AgencyDescription                                             N/A         string
                                   CodeListIdentifierCoded                                                   string
                                   CodeListIdentifierCodedOther                                  N/A         string
                               Ident                                                                         string
                            POBox                                                                N/A         string
                            Street                      0..1                                     N/A
                            HouseNumber                 0..1                                     N/A         string
                            StreetSupplement1           0..1                                     N/A
                            StreetSupplement2           0..1                                     N/A
                            Building                    0..1                                     N/A         string
                            Floor                       0..1                                     N/A         string
                            RoomNumber                  0..1                                     N/A         string
                            InhouseMail                 0..1                                     N/A         string
                            Department                  0..1                                     N/A         string
                            PostalCode                  0..1                                            10
                            City                        0..1                                            35
                            County                      0..1                                     N/A
                            Region                      0..1
                               RegionCoded              1..1                                            15
                               RegionCodedOther         0..1          Mandatory if RegionCoded         255
                            District                                                             N/A         string
                               CountryCoded             1..1                                            50
                               CountryCodedOther        0..1          Mandatory if                     255
                               TimezoneCoded            1..1                                            50
                               TimezoneCodedOther 0..1                Mandatory if                     255
                     LocationQualifierCoded             0..1                                                 string
                     LocationQualifierCodedOther        0..1          Mandatory if                     255
                     LocationIdentifier                 1..1
                        LocID                           1..1
                            Agency                      1..1
                               AgencyCoded              1..1                                                 string
                               AgencyCodedOther         0..1          Mandatory if                     255
                            Ident                       1..1                                     N/A
                        LocationDescription             0..1
        InvoicePaymentStatus                            0..1
        ListOfActualPayment                             0..1
        SummaryNote                                     0..1      O
              Quadrem Explanation/Reasons                                                     SupplyCentre
                                                               Q-Hub & Interoperability Requirement

Code (If      Description               Value Expected or     Q-Hub        Short            SC Overall     Description
Applicable)                             Sample Tag Content in Overall      Description      Requirements
                                        String format.        Requirements                  M=Mandatory by
                                                              M=Mandatory                   Schema
                                                              by Schema                     R=Required by

              The GRN comprises
              Contains the header
              Holds the unique
              Holds a time stamp     20001202T15:56:00-                                            M
              Contains external
              Defines the purpose of
              Identifies the type of
              Identifies the default

              Identifies the language

              Is the method of

              Contains pertinent
              Contains information
              Contains information

              Contains any free         Header Note                                                O         As per standard

              Contains the line item

              Unit Price                                 100                                       M

CurrencyCodeThese currency codes USD

UOMCoded      This code identifies      EA


UOMCoded      This code identifies      EA
              Datetime Format:
              Datetime Format:


TaxFunctionQualifierCoded        Tax

TaxCategoryCoded                 StandardRate


TaxTypeCoded                     SalesAndUseTax











              (The total value is


CurrencyCodeThese currency codes USD

              Is used to

              Line Item Value               1200    M   (The invoice

CurrencyCodeNote: "Other" is        USD             O   (For Invoices that
              Detail Receipt Date      20001212T15:56:00   O   We are not

              Line Item Notes                              O   As per standard

              Contains the summary
              Number of Line Items                         O
              Contains a number of

              Used to list the taxes                           Used to list the












                         GRN Summary Note
                                                                                                                       Quadrem's Information Centr

GUI Field     DB Support   GUI       GUI           Data Input UI Value   Data   Table     DB Field DB          DB      BW Overall
Name          S=Data       Field     Controls      Type       From       Type &           Name & field         Field   Requiremen
              Stored       User      Type(Editab   D=Default             Length           UI Control Size      Decim   ts
              Blank=Data   Input     le or Read-   C=Copied                               Name                 als     M=Mandator
              not Stored   Require   Only on       U=UserInpu                                                          y by Schema

GRN Issue         S                  RO                                                  IssueDate

Header Note       S                                                                      InvoiceHeaderNote

Unit Price        S                  E                                          Details                   21
                                                                                          ItemUnitPricePrice       6

                  S                  DDL

                  S                  DDL













            S   E                           21       6


Line Item           Details                  6

Currency            Details   ItemTotalValueCurrencyCode

Line Item            S        Details   ItemNote

Number of            S   RO            NumberOfItems

Tax Category
Tax Category Other
Tax Type
S   O   E
Quadrem's Information Centre                          xCBL Schema                                   xPath   Internal comments

            Description/     BW Info-   Data Type &   Description           Code (If       xCBL 3.0 xPath   Comments
            Characteristic   Object     Length                              Applicable)    DataType

                                                      The Invoice

                                                      is the unique
                                                      A combination
                                                      contains external
                                                      is used to
                                                      identifies the type
                                                      identifies the
                                                      identifies the

                                                      identifies the

                                                      is used to hold a












AgencyCode     string

AgencyCode      string













AgencyCode    string

AgencyCode      string










AgencyCode     string
ContractTypeCoded PurposeCoded                              OrderTypeCoded
                                           RequestedResponseCode                        CurrencyCoded           LanguageCoded
Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code
DiagnosisRelatedGroup ancellation          DebitAdvice                             AFA Message           aa acknowledgement information at the bu
                                                                 AcknowledgementMessage -- Afghani providing - Afar
PerDiem                Replace                                 AcknowledgementOfOrder - -Document/message -acknowledging an undertaking to fulfill
                                           AcknowledgeHoldStatus                 DZD Algerian Dinar ab Abkhazian
VariablePerDiem        Confirmation                          AClaimForPartsAndOrLabourCharges -Franc af for parts and/or labor charges incurred .
                                           AcknowledgementWhenError             ADF - Andorran A claim - Afrikaans
Flat                   Duplicate                              AdviceOfAnAmendmentOfADocumentaryCredit - - Amharic an amendment of a documen
                                           AcknowledgeNoDetailOrChange                             am
                                                                               ADP - Andorran Peseta Advice of
Capitated              Original                               AdviceOfCollection - Document that is joined to the transport or sent by separate means
                                           AcknowledgeOnlyChanges                   ARP - Argentine Peso ar - Arabic
Percent                Change                                 AdviceOfDistributionOfDocuments - Document/message in which the party responsible f
                                           AcknowledgeProductReplenishment          ARS - Argentine Peso as - Assamese
NegotiatedGrowingEquityMortgage                               AdvisingItemsToBeBookedToAFinancialAccount -- Aymara
                                           AcknowledgeWithDetailAndChange                             ay
                                                                                 ARA - Argentinian Austral A document and/or message advising
AnticipatedContract                                           Agreement          AMD - Armenian Dramaz - Azerbaijani
                                           AcknowledgeWithDetailNoChange- Agreement
FederalHousingAuthorityAdjustableRateMortgage                                       AWF - Aruban Florin ba Bashkir
                                                                 AgreementToPay - Document/message in which -the debtor expresses the intention to pa
                                           AdviceWithoutDetails AirWaybill - Document/message made out by be on behalf of the shipper which evidence
FederalHousingAuthorityVeteransAffairsFixedRateMortgage                               AUD - Australian Dollaror - Byelorussian
ConventionalSecondMortgages                Authentication                              ATS on Ground) Critical  bg
                                                                 AOGCritical - AOG (Aircraft - Austrian Schilling - Bulgarian
ConventionalFixedRateMortgages                                 AOGService - AOG (Aircraft Azerbaijanian Manat
                                                                                   AZM                   bh
                                           CreditAdviceAndAcknowledgementForDirectDebit -on Ground) Service - Bihari
FederalHousingAuthorityVeteransAffairsGraduatedPaymentMortgage                     BSD - Bahamian Dollar- - Bislama
                                                              ApplicationAcknowledgementAndErrorReport biA message used by an application to ack
NegotiatedConventionalGraduatedPaymentOrStepRateMortgage                         BHD - Bahraini - A message to inform a message issuer that a p
                                                            ApplicationErrorAndAcknowledgementDinar bn - Bengali; Bangla
ConventionalAdjustableRateMortgage                             ApplicationErrorMessage - Message indicating that a message was rejected due to error
                                           DebitAdviceForEachTransaction                                  bo
                                                                                    BDT - Bangladeshi Taka - Tibetan
CostPlusIncentiveFee                                          ApplicationForBankersDraft - Barbados Dollarbr - Bretonto his bank to issue a banker's d
                                           DebitAdviceMessageAcknowledgement       BBD Application by a customer
CostSharing                                                   ApplicationForBankersGuarantee - Document/message whereby a customer requests hi
                                                                                   BYB - Belarussian Ruble - Catalan
                                           DebitAdviceMessageAcknowledgementForEachTransaction          ca
CostPlus                                                                            BEF - Belgian Franc Document to
                                           DebitAdviceRequestedApplicationForDesignationOfBerthingPlaces - co - Corsican apply for designation of berth
Cost                                                         ApplicationForDocumentaryCredit - Message with Czech
                                           MessageAcknowledgement                BZD - Belize Dollar   cs - application for opening of a document
CostPlusAwardFee                                             ApplicationForExchangeAllocation - Document/message whereby an importer/buyer requ
                                           NoAcknowledgementNeeded                                     cy
                                                                                  BMD - Bermudian Dollar - Welsh
CostPlusFixedFee                           RequestAuthority                          BTN - Bhutanese Ngultrum Danish
                                                                                                             da -
                                                                 ApplicationForGoodsControlCertificate - Document/message submitted to a competent b
Distributor                                ResponseExpected                            BOB - Boliviano       de - German
                                                                 ApplicationForInspectionCertificate - Document/message submitted to a competent body
ExclusiveAgency                                                                       BAK - Bosnia and Herzegovena Convertible Mark
                                                                                                              dz - Bhutani
                                                                 ApplicationForPhytosanitaryCertificate - Document/message submitted to a competent b
ExclusiveRight                                                                          BWP - Botswana Pula el - Greek
                                                                 ApplicationForShiftingFromTheDesignatedPlaceInPort - Document to apply for shifting fr
FirmorActualContract                                                                 BRL - Brazilian Real en English
                                                                 ApplicationForUsageOfBerthOrMooringFacilities - Document to apply for usage of berth
FixedPriceIncentiveFirmTargetWithPerformanceIncentive                                 BND - Brunei Dollar eo - Esperanto
                                                                 ApplicationForVesselsEnteringIntoPortAreaInNight-Time - Document to apply for vessel'
FixedPriceIncentiveFirmTargetWithoutPerformanceIncentive                              BGL - Bulgarian Lev es - Spanish
                                                                 ApprovedUnpricedBillOfQuantity - Document/message providing an approved detailed q
FixedPriceRedetermination                                                               BIF - Burundi Franc et - Estonian
                                                                 ArrivalInformation - Message reporting the arrival details of goods or cargo.
FixedPricewithEscalation                                                               KHR - Cambodian carrier Basque
                                                                 ArrivalNoticeGoods - Notification from the Rieleu -to the consignee in writing by telephone
FixedPriceIncentiveSuccessiveTargetWithPerformanceIncentive                          CAD Canadian Against Persian
                                                                 AssortmentAgainstBlanket - -AssortmentDollarfa -Blanket
                                                                                      CVE - Cape Verde Escudo
                                                                                                          fi - Finnish
FixedPriceIncentiveSuccessiveTargetWithoutPerformanceIncentive AtaCarnet - International Customs document (Admission Temporaire / Temporary Admis
FixedPriceAwardFee                                                                    KYD - Cayman Is. Dollar- Fiji
                                                                 AuthorizationToPlanAndShipOrders - Document or message that authorizes receiver to
FixedPriceIncentive                                                                   XOF - CFA Franc Document or message that authorizes receiver
                                                                                                          fo -
                                                                 AuthorizationToPlanAndSuggestOrders - BCEAO Faroese
FixedPriceLevelofEffort                                                                XAF - CFA Franc BEAC
                                                                 AuthorityToProceed - Authority to Proceed fr - French
NoCost                                                           Bailment - Bailment    XPF - CFP Franc         fy - Frisian
FlatAmount                                                                             CLP - Chilean Peso ga - Irish
                                                                 BailmentContract - A document authorizing the bailing of goods.
RetroactiveFixedPriceRedetermination                                                   Confirmation Unidades de Scots Gaelic
                                                                                                             gd Formento
                                                                 BalanceConfirmation - CLF - Chileanof a balance -at an entry date.
FirmFixedPrice                                                                          CNY - favor of Yuan partyGalician
                                                                                                                gl - either
                                                                 BankersDraft - Draft drawn in Chinese a third Renminbi by one bank on another bank o
FixedPricewithEconomicPriceAdjustment                                                COP - Colombian in which a bank
                                                                 BankersGuarantee - Document/message Peso - Guaraniundertakes to pay out a limited
Labor                                                                                 KMF - Comoran Franc gu - Gujarati
                                                                 BankingStatus - A banking status document and/or message.
LevelofEffort                                                                      CRC Costa Rican Colon - Hausa
                                                                 BankToBankFundsTransfer - The message is habank to bank funds transfer.
LaborHours                                                                            HRK - Croatian Kuna he - Hebrew
                                                                 BasicAgreement - A document indicating an agreement containing basic terms and cond
OtherContractType                                                                    CUP - Cuban Peso      hi - Hindi
                                                                 BasicOrderingAgreement - Basic Ordering Agreement
ProspectReservation                                              Bidding - Bidding      CYP - Cyprus Pound hr - Croatian
SamePercentageasFilmRentalEarned                                                         CZK
                                                                 BillandHold - Bill and Hold - Czech Koruna hu - Hungarian
TimeandMaterials                                                                      DKK - Danish issued hy - Armenian
                                                                 BillOfExchange - Document/messageKrone and signed in conformity with the applicabl
                                                                                        DEM - Deutsche Mark which evidences
                                                                 BillOfLading - Negotiable document/message ia - Interlingua a contract of carriage by
                                                                                       BAD - Dinar               issued by a transport company.
                                                                 BillOfLadingCopy - A copy of the bill of lading id - Indonesian
                                                                                         DJF - Djibouti Franc       lading issued
                                                                 BillOfLadingOriginal - The original of the bill ofie - Interlingue by a transport company. Wh
                                                                                      DOP - Dominican Peso Inupiak
                                                                 BlanketOrder - Usage of document/message for-general order purposes with later split in
                     XCD - East Blanket Order/Estimated
BlanketOrderEstimatedQuantities -Caribbean is - Icelandic Quantities (Not firm Comm
                    ECS Blanket Sucre it Italian
BlanketPurchaseAgreement--Ecuador Purchase- Agreement
                      Document/message issued by a carrier to confirm that space has
BookingConfirmation - EGP - Egyptian Poundiu - Inuktitut
                    SVC - El Salvador Colon a supplier
BookingRequest - Document/message issuedja - Japanese to a carrier requesting space
                    ERN - Eritrea Nakfa   transport listing
Bordereau - Document/message used in roadjw - Javanese the cargo carried on a roa
                    EEK - Estonia
BudgetaryQuote - Budgetary Quote Kroon ka - Georgian
                     ETB - Ethiopian Birr kk - Kazakh
BuyAmericaCertificateOfCompliance - A document certifying that more than 50 percent o
Buying - Buying          EUR - Euro               kl - Greenlandic
                      Instructions for Currency Unit (E.C.U.)
                                            km delivery of goods.
CallingForwardNotice -XEU - Europeanrelease or - Cambodian
                      FKP - Falkland Islands kn - Kannada
CallOffDelivery - Document/message to provide split quantities and delivery dates referri
                     FJD - Fiji Dollar     split quantities and delivery dates referring
CallOffOrder - Document/message to provide ko - Korean
                   ZAL - Financial Rand ks - Kashmiri
CampaignPriceSalesCatalogue - A price/sales catalogue containing special prices which
                   FIM - Finnish Markka ku - be delivered by a carrier.
CargoAcceptanceOrder - Order to accept cargo toKurdish
                   FRF - - An analysis ky Kirghiz
CargoAnalysisVoyageReport French Franc of the- cargo for a voyage.
                      GMD - Gambian Dalasia - Latin
CargoDeclarationArrival - Generic term sometimes referred to as Freight declaration app
                    GEL Generic term ln - Lingala
CargoDeclarationDeparture - Georgian Lari sometimes referred to as Freight declaration
                        of goods comprising lo Laothian
CargoManifest - ListingGHC - Ghanaian Cedithe -cargo carried in a means of transport or
                  GIP Gibraltar Pound lt - times and
CargoMovementEventLog --A document detailingLithuanian dates of events pertaining to
                  XAU - Gold          lv - Latvian; Lettish
CargoMovementVoyageSummary - A consolidated voyage summary which contains the
                      GRD - Greek Drachmamg - Malagasy
CargoReleaseNotification - Message/document sent by the cargo handler indicating that
                    GTQ - Guatemalan QuetzalMaori
                                             mi -
CargoStatus - Message identifying the status of cargo.
                    GNF - Guinea Franc mk - Macedonian
CargoVesselDischargeOrder - Order that the containers or cargo specified are to be disc
                   GWP - Guinea-Bissau ml cargo containers or groups of container
CargoVesselLoadingOrder - Order that specified - Malayalam
                    GYD Document/message giving instructions regarding local tra
CartageOrderLocalTransport- -Guyanan Dollar mn - Mongolian
                     HTG - - A financial statement for a cash
CashPoolFinancialStatement Haitian Gourde mo - Moldavian pool.
                      HNL - Honduran Lempira - issued
CasingSanitaryCertificate - Document or message Marathi by the competent authority in t
                       Order              ms
CatalogOrder - CatalogHKD - Hong Kong Dollar - Malay
                       by means of which themt - Maltese
Certificate - Document HUF - Hungarian Forintdocumentary credit applicant specifies the
                        Certificate providing my - Burmese
CertificateOfAnalysis - ISK - Iceland Krona the values of an analysis.
                      INR - Indian certifying na - conformity to predefined definitions.
CertificateOfConformity - CertificateRupee    the Nauru
                        IDR - Indonesian identifying goods
CertificateOfOrigin - Document/messageRupiah - Nepali in which the authority or body
                       IRA - Iranian Airline Rate - Dutch
ApplicationForCertificateOfOrigin - Document/message submitted to a competent body b
                      IRR - Iranian Rial      certificate of origin for goods qualifying for
CertificateOfOriginFormGsp - Specific form ofno - Norwegian
                        IQD - Iraqi Dinar         quality of goods services etc.
CertificateOfQuality - Certificate certifying the oc - Occitan
                        Certificate certifying the quantity ofOromo services etc.
CertificateOfQuantity - IEP - Irish Punt         om - (Afan) goods
                        Official certificate stating - Oriya
CertificateOfRegistry - ILS - Israeli New Shekel the vessel's registry.
                      ITL - Italian Lira   pa - Punjabi
CertificateOfSealingOfExportMeatLockers - Document / message issued by the authority
                     JMD Jamaican Dollarpl - Polish
CertifiedCostAndPriceData -- A document indicating cost and price data whose accuracy
                      JPY - Japanese Yen ps - as to the accuracy of inspection and t
CertifiedInspectionAndTestResults - A certificationPashto, Pushto
                    JOD - to Contract
ChangeToContract - Change Jordanian Dinar pt - Portuguese
                  KZT Change to Purchase Order
ChangeToPurchaseOrder - - Kazakhstan Tenge - Quechua
                   KES - Kenyan Schillingrm - Rhaeto-Romance
ChangeToRelease - Change to Release
                   KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar rn - Kirundi
Chargeback - Document/message issued by a factor to a seller or to another factor to in
                   AOR - Kwanza rail organization to indicate freight charges or add
                                          ro -
ChargesNote - Document used by the ReajustadoRomanian
                         KGS Document Som - Russian
CivilLiabilityForOilCertificate -- Kyrgyzstanideclaring a ship owner's liability for oil propellin
CloseOut - Close Out LAK - Lao Kip                rw - Kinyarwanda
                    LVL - Latvian Lats    sa of a period
ClosingStatementOfAnAccount - Last statement - Sanskrit containing the interest calcu
                    Request a change to an - Sindhi
CodeChangeRequest -LBP - Lebanese Pound existing code.
                    ALL - Lek           sg - message
Co-InsuranceCedingBordereau - The document orSangho contains a bordereau descr
                      LSL - Lesotho Loti  sh - a factor to indicate the movements of
CollateralAccount - Document message issued bySerbo-Croatian
                      LRD - Liberian whereby - bank is instructed (or requested) to han
CollectionOrder - Document/message Dollar si a Singhalese
                    LYD - Libyan Dinar  sk - Slovak
CollectionPaymentAdvice - Document/message whereby a bank advises that a collection
                     LTL - Lithuanian Document identifying
CombinedCertificateOfValueAndOrigin -Litas sl - Slovenian goods in which the issuing
                     LUF - Luxembourg Franc - Samoan
CombinedTransportBillOfLadingMultimodalBillOfLading - Document which evidences a m
                   MOP - Macau Pataca sn - Shona
CombinedTransportDocumentGeneric - Negotiable or non-negotiable document evidenc
                   MKD - Macedonian Denar- Somali
CommercialAccountSummaryResponse - A document providing a response to a previou
                     MGF - Malagasy Francsq Albanian
CommercialDispute - Document/message issued- by a party (usually the buyer) to indica
                     MWK - Malawi Kwachasr - Serbian
CommercialInvoice - Document/message claiming payment for goods or services suppli
                   MYR - Malaysian Ringgit Siswati
CommercialInvoiceWhichIncludesAPackingList - -Commercial transaction (invoice) will in
                    MVR - Maldive Rufiyaast Sesotho
CommissionNote - Document/message in which-a seller specifies the amount of commis
                   MTL - Maltese Lira  su - a change
CompositeDataElementChangeRequest - RequestSundaneseto an existing composite da
                   MRO - Mauritanian Ouguiya
                                         a - Swedish
CompositeDataElementRequest - Requestingsv new composite data element.
                      MUR                   sw
Confirmation - Confirmation - Mauritius Rupee - Swahili
                     MXN - Mexican Nuevo ta - Tamil
ConsignmentInvoice - Commercial invoice that covers a transaction other than one invol
                    MDL - deliver goods te stock with
ConsignmentOrder - Order to Moldovan Leu into - Telugu agreement on payment when
                   MNT Message covers information
ConsignmentStatusReport - - Mongolian Tugrik - Tajik about the consignment status.
                  MAD Moroccan Dirham - indicate that the message being trans
ConsignmentUnpackReport - A document code toThai
                     MZM - Mozambique - Credit
                                        ti - Tigrinya
ConsolidatedCreditNoteGoodsAndServices Metical note for goods and services that cov
                      BOV - MVDol           tk - Turkmen
ConsolidatedInvoice - Commercial invoice that covers multiple transactions involving mo
                      MMK - Myanmar Kyat tl - Tagalog
ConsularInvoice - Document/message to be prepared by an exporter in his country and p
                     NAD - Namibian Dollartn - Setswana
ContainerDischargeList - Message/document itemizing containers to be discharged from
                     NPR Nepalese Rupee Tonga
ContainerList - Document or-message issued to -party identifying the containers for whic
                     ANG - Netherlands Antillean Guilder
                                          tr - Turkish
ContainerManifestUnitPackingList - Document/message specifying the contents of partic
                      AWG - Netherlands Antillean Guilder
                                              ts Tsonga
ContainerOffHireNotice - Notice to return leased -containers.
                     NLG - Netherlands goods Tatar
                                             tt -
ContainerStrippingOrder - Order to unload Guilderfrom a container.
                       - Order to Kwanza tw goods
ContainerStuffingOrderAON - Newstuff specified - Twi or consignments in a container.
                     TWD - New Taiwan Dollar
Contract - Document/message evidencing an ug - Uigur between the seller and the buy
                      ZRN - New Zaire       uk - Ukrainian
ContractAwardNotification - Contract Award Notification
                       NZD - New Zealand Dollar Urdu
                                           ur -
ContractBillOfQuantities - Document/message providing a formal specification identifying
                    NIO - Nicaraguan provide - Uzbek
                                            uz Oro
ContractFundsStatusReport - A report to Cordobathe status of funds applicable to the co
                      NGN - Nigerian Naira vi - Vietnamese
ContractSecurityClassificationSpecification - A document that indicates the specification
                    KPW - North Korean Won- Volapuk
ControlDocumentT5 - Control document (export declaration) used particularly in case of
                    NOK - Norwegian Krone o - public
ConveyanceDeclarationArrival - Declaration to the Wolof authority upon arrival of the con
                    PKR - Pakistan Rupeexh - Xhosa
ConveyanceDeclarationCombined - Combined declaration of arrival and departure to the
                    PAB - Panamanian BalboaYiddish
                                           yi -
ConveyanceDeclarationDeparture - Declaration to the public authority upon departure of
                    PGK - Papua New Guinea Kina
                                           - - Yoruba
CorporateSuperannuationContributionsAdviceyoDocument/message providing contributio
                    PYG - Paraguay Guarani - Zhuang
CorporateSuperannuationMemberMaintenanceMessage - Member maintenance messag
                     PEN - Peruvian that includes revised
CorrectedInvoice - Commercial invoice Nuevo zh - Chinese information differing from an
                    document indicating a summary
CostDataSummary - A PHP - Philippine Peso zu - Zulu of cost data.
                   PLN Polish New Zloty
CostPerformanceReport - A-report to convey cost performance data for a project or cont
                   PLZ - Polish Zloty
CostPerformanceReportFormat1 - A report identifying the cost performance on a contrac
                   PTE - Portuguese Escudo
CostPerformanceReportFormat2 - A report identifying the cost performance on a contrac
                   GBP - Pound report identifying the cost performance on a contrac
CostPerformanceReportFormat3 - A Sterling
                   QAR - Qatari report
CostPerformanceReportFormat4 - A Rial identifying the cost performance on a contrac
                   OMR - Rial A report
CostPerformanceReportFormat5 - Omani identifying the cost performance on a contrac
                    ROL - Romanian Leu
CostScheduleStatusReport - A report providing the status of the cost and schedule appli
                    RUR - Russian Ruble
CoverNote - Document/message issued by an insurer (insurance broker agent etc.) to no
                     RWF - Rwanda Franc
CreditAdvice - Document/message sent by an account servicing institution to one of its a
                    WST - Samoan Tala
CreditCover - Document/message issued either by a factor to give a credit cover on a bu
                     STD - Sao Tome and Principe Dobra
CreditNote - Document/message for providing credit information to the relevant party.
                     SAR A credit note
CreditNoteForPriceVariation--Saudi Riyal which is issued against a price variation invo
                     SBL - Seborga Luigino
CreditNoteRelatedToFinancialAdjustments - Document message for providing credit info
                    SCR - Seychelles Rupee
CreditNoteRelatedToGoodsOrServices - Document message used to provide credit infor
                      SLL - Sierra Leone Leone
CrewListDeclaration - Declaration regarding crew members aboard the conveyance.
                      SGD - Singapore Customs regarding the personal effects of crew
CrewsEffectsDeclaration - Declaration toDollar
                   SKK - Slovak Koruna
CrossDockingDespatchAdvice - Document by means of which the supplier or consignor
                     SIT - Slovenian Tolar
CrossDockingOrder - An order requesting the supply of products which will be de-consol
                    SBD A document or Dollar
CrossDockingServicesOrder- -Solomon Islandsmessage to order cross docking services.
                     SOS - Somali Shilling
CurrentAccount - Document/message issued by a factor to indicate the money movemen
                  ZAR - South African Rand
CustomerPaymentOrder - The message contains customer payment order(s).
                   KRW - South Korean Won
CustomsClearanceNotice - Notification of customs clearance of cargo or items of transp
                  ESP - Spanish Peseta
CustomsCrewAndConveyance - Document/message contains information regarding the
                    LKR - Sri - Document/message which according to Article 106 of
CustomsDeclarationPostParcels Lanka Rupee
                    SHP - St. Helena Pound
CustomsDeclarationForCargoExamination - Declaration provided to customs for cargo e
                    SDA - Sudan Airline Rate
CustomsDeclarationForCargoExaminationAlternate - Alternate declaration provided to cu
                    SDD - Sudanese Dinar
CustomsDeclarationWithCommercialAndItemDetail - CUSDEC transmission that include
                    SDP - Sudanese Pound
CustomsDeclarationWithoutCommercialDetail - CUSDEC transmission that does not inc
                    SRG - Surinam - CUSDEC transmission that does not include da
CustomsDeclarationWithoutItemDetail Guilder
                      Document/message whereby a Customs authority releases good
CustomsDeliveryNote -SZL - Swaziland Lilangeni
                  SEK - Swedish Notice
CustomsDocumentsExpirationNotice - Krona specifying expiration of Customs documen
                   CHF - Swiss Franc
CustomsImmediateReleaseDeclaration - Document/message issued by an importer noti
                     SYP - Syrian Pound
CustomsInvoice - Document/message required by the Customs in an importing country i
                    TJR - Tajik Ruble
CustomsManifest - Message/document identifying a customs manifest. The document it
                 TZS - Tanzanian Shilling
CustomsSummaryDeclarationWithCommercialDetailAlternate - Alternate Customs decla
                 THB - Thai Baht
CustomsSummaryDeclarationWithoutCommercialDetailAlternate - Alternate Customs de
                      TPE - certification that
DamageCertification - OfficialTimor Escudo damages to the goods to be transported h
                   TOP - - Document/message issued by a consignor in accordance
DangerousGoodsDeclaration Tongan Pa'anga
                     Listing of all details of dangerous
DangerousGoodsList - TTD - Trinidad and Tobago Dollar goods carried.
                      TND - Tunisian Dinar
DebitAdvice - Advice on a debit.
                     TRL - Turkish Lira
DebitNote - Document/message for providing debit information to the relevant party.
                    TMM - Turkmen Manat
DebitNoteRelatedToFinancialAdjustments - Document/message for providing debit inform
                    USD - U.S. Dollar
DebitNoteRelatedToGoodsOrServices - Debit information related to a transaction for goo
                       AED - UAE Dirham
DeclarationOfOrigin - Appropriate statement as to the origin of the goods made in conne
                     UGX - Uganda Shilling
DeclarationRegardingTheInwardAndOutwardMovementOfVessel - Document to declare
                       A credit note sent to the
DelcredereCreditNote -UAH - Ukrainian Hryvnia party paying on behalf of a number of bu
                      invoice sent to the party paying for
DelcredereInvoice - AnECV - Unidad de Valor Constante a number of buyers.
                      UYU - Uruguayan Peso
DeliveryForecast - A message which enables the transmission of delivery or product fore
                        USN - US Dollar (Next day)
DeliveryInstructions - Document/message issued by a buyer giving instructions regarding
                      UZS Uzbekistan Sum
DeliveryJustInTime - Usage -of DELJIT-message.
                      VUV - Vanuatu Vatu
DeliveryNote - Paper document attached to a consignment informing the receiving party
                      Notification in writing sent
DeliveryNoticeGoods - VEB - Venezuelan Bolivar by the carrier to the sender to inform hi
                      VND Document/message
DeliveryNoticeRailTransport -- Vietnamese Dong created by the consignor or by the de
                     YER - Yemeni Rial
DeliveryOrder - Document/message issued by a party entitled to authorize the release of
                     YUN - Yugoslavian New Dinar
DeliveryRelease - Document/message issued by a buyer releasing the dispatch of goods
                     ZMK Zambian Kwacha
DeliverySchedule - Usage of- DELFOR-message.
                    ZWD Zimbabwe providing a response to a previously transmitte
DeliveryScheduleResponse -- A message Dollar
DeliveryVerificationCertificate - Document/message whereby an official authority (Custom
DeratDocument - Document certifying that a ship is free of rats valid to a specified date.
DespatchAdvice - Document/message by means of which the seller or consignor informs
DespatchNotePostParcels - Document/message which according to Article 106 of the "A
DespatchNoteModelT - European community transit declaration.
DespatchNoteModelT1 - Transit declaration for goods circulating under internal commun
DespatchNoteModelT2 - Ascertainment that the declared goods were originally produced
DespatchNoteModelT2L - Ascertainment that the declared goods were originally produce
DespatchOrder - Document/message issued by a supplier initiating the dispatch of good
DirectPaymentValuation - Document/message addressed for instance by a general cont
DirectPaymentValuationRequest - Request to establish a direct payment valuation.
DirectShip - Direct Ship
DocumentaryCredit - Document/message in which a bank states that it has issued a doc
DocumentaryCreditAcceptanceAdvice - Document/message whereby a bank advises ac
DocumentaryCreditAmendment - Document/message whereby a bank notifies a benefic
DocumentaryCreditAmendmentInformation - Documentary credit amendment informatio
DocumentaryCreditAmendmentNotification - Document/message whereby a bank advise
DocumentaryCreditApplication - Document/message whereby a bank is requested to iss
DocumentaryCreditCollectionInstruction - Instruction for the collection of the documentar
DocumentaryCreditIssuanceInformation - Provides information on documentary credit iss
DocumentaryCreditLetterOfIndemnity - Document/message in which a beneficiary of a d
DocumentaryCreditNegotiationAdvice - Document/message whereby a bank advises neg
DocumentaryCreditNotification - Document/message issued by an advising bank in orde
DocumentaryCreditPaymentAdvice - Document/message whereby a bank advises paym
DocumentaryCreditTransferAdvice - Document/message whereby a bank advises that (p
DocumentResponseCustoms - Document response message to permit the transfer of da
DocumentsPresentationForm - Document/message whereby a draft or similar instrumen
DraftBillOfQuantity - Document/message providing a draft bill of quantity issued in an un
Drawing - The document or message is a drawing.
DrivingLicenceInternational - An official document giving a native of one country permiss
DrivingLicenceNational - An official document giving permission to drive a car in a given
Dropship - Dropship
EcCarnet - EC customs transit document issued by EC customs authorities for transit an
EdiAssociatedObjectAdministrationMessage - A message giving additional information a
EmbargoPermit - Document/message giving the permission to export specified goods.
EmergencyOrder - Emergency Order
EmptyContainerBill - Bill of lading indicating an empty container.
EmptyContainerDispositionOrder - Order to make available empty containers.
EndUseAuthorization - Description to be provided.
Enquiry - Document/message issued by a party interested in the purchase of goods spec
ErrorResponseCustoms - Error response message to permit the transfer of data from Cu
EscortOfficialRecognition - Document/message which gives right to the owner to exert a
EstimatedPricedBillOfQuantity - An estimate based upon a detailed quantity based spec
Eur1CertificateOfOrigin - Customs certificate used in preferential goods interchanges be
ExceptionalOrder - An order which falls outside the framework of an agreement.
ExchangeControlDeclarationImport - Document/message completed by an importer/buye
ExchangeControlDeclarationExport - Document/message completed by an exporter/selle
ExciseCertificate - Certificate asserting that the goods have been submitted to the excise
ExportLicence - Permit issued by a government authority permitting exportation of a spe
ApplicationForExportLicence - Application for a permit issued by a government authority
ExtendedCreditAdvice - Document/message sent by an account servicing institution to o
ExtendedPaymentOrder - Document/message containing information needed to initiate t
Extra-CommunityTradeStatisticalDeclaration - Document/message in which a declarant
FabricateAndHold - Fabricate and Hold
FactoredCreditNote - Credit note related to assigned invoice(s).
FactoredInvoice - Invoice assigned to a third party for collection.
FederalLabelApproval - A pre-approved document relating to federal label approval requ
FinalPaymentRequestBasedOnCompletionOfWork - The final payment request of a serie
FinancialStatementOfAccount - Statement giving the status of a financial account.
ForeignExchangePermit - Document/message issued by the competent body authorizing
FormulaFunds - Formula Funds
ForwardersAdviceToExporter - Document/message issued by a freight forwarder informi
ForwardersAdviceToImportAgent - Document/message issued by a freight forwarder in a
ForwardersBillOfLading - Non-negotiable document issued by a freight forwarder evidenc
ForwardersCertificateOfReceipt - Non-negotiable document issued by a forwarder to cer
ForwardersCertificateOfTransport - Negotiable document/message issued by a forwarde
ForwardersInvoice - Invoice issued by a freight forwarder specifying services rendered a
ForwardersWarehouseReceipt - Document/message issued by a forwarder acting as Wa
ForwardingInstructions - Document/message issued to a freight forwarder giving instruct
FreePass - A document giving free access to a service.
FreightInvoice - Document/message issued by a transport operation specifying freight co
FreightManifest - Document/message containing the same information as a cargo manif
FumigationCertificate - Certificate attesting that fumigation has been performed.
GatePass - Document/message authorizing goods specified therein to be brought out of
GeneralCargoSummaryManifestReport - A document code to indicate that the message
GeneralResponseCustoms - General response message to permit the transfer of data fr
GoodsControlCertificate - Document/message issued by a competent body evidencing th
GoodsDeclarationForCustomsTransit - Document/message by which the sender declare
GoodsDeclarationForExportation - Document/message by which goods are declared for
GoodsDeclarationForHomeUse - Document/message by which goods are declared for im
GoodsDeclarationForImportation - Document/message by which goods are declared for
GoodsReceipt - Document/message issued by a port warehouse/shed or terminal opera
GoodsReceiptCarriage - Document/message issued by a carrier or a carrier's agent ackn
GovernmentContract - Description to be provided.
Grant - A document indicating the granting of funds.
HandlingOrder - Document/message issued by a cargo handling organization (port admi
HireInvoice - Document/message for invoicing the hiring of human resources or renting g
HireOrder - Document/message for hiring human resources or renting goods or equipme
HorsemeatSanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the competent authority
HouseBillOfLading - The bill of lading issued not by the carrier but by the freight forwarde
HouseWaybill - The document made out by an agent/consolidator which evidences the c
IdentityCard - Official document to identify a person.
ImpendingArrival - Notification of impending arrival details for vessel.
ImplementationGuideline - A document specifying the criterion and format for exchangin
ImportLicence - Document/message issued by the competent body in accordance with im
ApplicationForImportLicence - Document/message in which an interested party applies t
IndefiniteDeliveryDefiniteQuantity - Indefinite Delivery Definite Quantity
IndefiniteDeliveryDefiniteQuantityContract - A document indicating a contract calling for i
IndefiniteDeliveryIndefiniteQuantity - Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
IndefiniteDeliveryIndefiniteQuantityContract - A document indicating a contract calling fo
IndustrySuperannuationContributionsAdvice - Document/message providing contribution
IndustrySuperannuationMemberMaintenanceMessage - Member maintenance message
InedibleSanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the competent authority in
InformationCopy - Information Copy
InlandWaterwayBillOfLading - Negotiable transport document made out to a named pers
Inquiry - This is a request for information.
InspectionCertificate - Document/message issued by a competent body evidencing that
InspectionReport - A message informing a party of the results of an inspection.
InspectionRequest - A message requesting a party to inspect items.
InstructionsForBankTransfer - Document/message containing instructions from a custom
InstructionToCollect - A message instructing a party to collect goods.
InsuranceCertificate - Document/message issued to the insured certifying that insurance
InsuranceDeclarationSheetBordereau - A document/message used when an insured rep
InsurancePolicy - Document/message issued by the insurer evidencing an agreement to
InsurersInvoice - Document/message issued by an insurer specifying the cost of an insu
InterimApplicationForPayment - Document/message containing a provisional assessmen
InternalTransportOrder - Document/message giving instructions about the transport of go
IntrastatDeclaration - Document/message in which a declarant provides information abou
InventoryAdjustmentStatusReport - A message detailing statuses related to the adjustme
InventoryMovementAdvice - Advice of inventory movements.
InventoryReport - A message specifying information relating to held inventories.
InventoryStatusAdvice - Advice of stock on hand.
InvoicingDataSheet - Document/message issued within an enterprise containing data ab
ItemsBookedToAFinancialAccountReport - A message reporting items which have been
JobLot - Job Lot
KanbanSchedule - Message to describe a Kanban schedule.
Lease - Lease
LeaseBlanketAgreement - Lease (Blanket Agreement)
LeaseInvoice - Usage of INVOIC-message for goods in leasing contracts.
LeaseOrder - Document/message for goods in leasing contracts.
LegalStatementOfAnAccount - A statement of an account containing the booked items a
LetterContract - Letter Contract
LetterOfIndemnityForNon-SurrenderOfBillOfLading - Document/message issued by a co
LetterOfIntent - Document/message by means of which a buyer informs a seller that the
LifeInsurancePayrollDeductionsAdvice - Payroll deductions advice used in the life insura
ListingStatementOfAnAccount - A statement from the account servicing financial instituti
LoadlineDocument - Document specifying the limit of a ship's legal submersion under va
Loan - Loan
LowValuePaymentOrder - The message contains low value payment order(s) only.
MakeOrBuyPlan - A document indicating a plan that identifies which items will be made
ManufacturingInstructions - Document/message issued within an enterprise to initiate the
ManufacturingSpecification - A document indicating the specification of how an item is to
MaritimeDeclarationOfHealth - Document certifying the health condition on board a vess
MasterAirWaybill - Document/message made out by or on behalf of the agent/consolidat
MasterBillOfLading - A bill of lading issued by the master of a vessel (in actuality the own
MaterialInspectionAndReceivingReport - A report that is both an inspection report for ma
MateSReceipt - Document/message issued by a ship's officer to acknowledge that a spe
MeansOfTransportAdvice - Message reporting the means of transport used to carry good
MeansOfTransportationAvailabilityInformation - Information giving the various availabilitie
MeansOfTransportationScheduleInformation - Information giving the various schedules o
MeatAndMeatBy-ProductsSanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the com
MeatFoodProductsSanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the competent
MessageInDevelopmentRequest - Requesting a Message in Development (MiD).
MeteredServicesInvoice - Document/message claiming payment for the supply of metere
MillCertificate - Certificate certifying a specific quality of agricultural products.
ModificationOfExistingMessage - Requesting a change to an existing message.
MovementCertificateATr1 - Specific form of transit declaration issued by the exporter (m
MultidropOrder - One purchase order that contains the orders of two or more vendors an
MultimodalCombinedTransportDocumentGeneric - A transport document used when mo
MultimodalTransportDocumentGeneric - Document/message which evidences a multimo
MultiplePaymentOrder - Document/message containing a payment order to debit one or
NameProductPlate - Plates on goods identifying and describing an article.
NewCodeRequest - Requesting a new code.
NewMessageRequest - Request for a new message (NMR).
NewOrder - New Order
NewProductIntroduction - New Product Introduction
NewStoreOpening - New Store Opening
Non-NegotiableMaritimeTransportDocumentGeneric - Non-negotiable document which e
Non-Pre-AuthorisedDirectDebit - The message contains non-pre-authorized direct debit(
Non-Pre-AuthorisedDirectDebitRequest - The message contains non-pre-authorized dire
NotForSale - Not for Sale
NoticeOfCircumstancesPreventingDeliveryGoods - Request made by the carrier to the s
NoticeOfCircumstancesPreventingTransportGoods - Request made by the carrier to the
NotificationOfEmergencyShiftingFromTheDesignatedPlaceInPort - Document to notify sh
NotificationOfUsageOfBerthOrMooringFacilities - Document to notify usage of berth or m
OfferQuotation - Document/message which with a view to concluding a contract sets out
OpticalCharacterReadingPayment - Payment effected by an Optical Character Reading
Order - Document/message by means of which a buyer initiates a transaction with a sell
OrderStatusEnquiry - A message enquiring the status of previously sent orders.
OrderStatusReport - A message reporting the status of previously sent orders.
PackageResponseCustoms - Package response message to permit the transfer of data
PackingInstructions - Document/message within an enterprise giving instructions on how
PackingList - Document/message specifying the distribution of goods in individual packa
PartyInformation - Document/message providing basic data concerning a party.
PassengerList - Declaration to Customs regarding passengers aboard the conveyance; e
Passport - An official document giving permission to travel in foreign countries.
PaymentBond - A document that guarantees the payment of monies.
PaymentOrder - Document/message containing information needed to initiate the payme
PaymentOrPerformanceBond - A document indicating a bond that guarantees the payme
PaymentRequestForCompletedUnits - A request for payment for completed units.
PaymentValuation - Document/message establishing the financial elements of a situatio
PaymentValuationForUnscheduledItems - A payment valuation for unscheduled items.
PerformanceBond - A document that guarantees performance.
PharmaceuticalSanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the competent aut
PhytosanitaryCertificate - Document/message issued by the competent body in the expo
PickUpNotice - Notice specifying the pick-up of released cargo or containers from a certa
PortChargesDocuments - Documents/messages specifying services rendered storage a
PostReceipt - Document/message which evidences the transport of goods by post (e.g.
PoultrySanitaryCertificate - Document or message issued by the competent authority in t
PreadviceOfACredit - Preadvice indicating a credit to happen in the future.
PreAuthorizedDirectDebit - The message contains pre-authorized direct debit(s).
PreAuthorizedDirectDebitRequest - The message contains pre-authorized direct debit re
PreferenceCertificateOfOrigin - Description to be provided.
PreliminaryCreditAssessment - Document/message issued either by a factor to indicate
PreliminarySalesReport - Preliminary sales report sent before all the information is availa
PrepaymentInvoice - An invoice to pay amounts for goods and services in advance; thes
PreviousCustomsDocumentMessage - Indication of the previous Customs document/me
PriceSalesCatalogueResponse - A document providing a response to a previously sent p
PricedAlternateTenderBillOfQuantity - A priced tender based upon an alternate specifica
PricedTenderBoq - Document/message providing a detailed quantity based specification
PriceNegotiationResult - A document providing the result of price negotiations.
PriceVariationInvoice - An invoice which requests payment for the difference in price bet
ProcessDataReport - Reports on events during production process.
ProductDataMessage - A message to submit master data a set of data that is rarely cha
ProductPerformanceReport - Report specifying the performance values of products.
ProductSpecificationReport - Report providing specification values of products.
ProformaInvoice - Document/message serving as a preliminary invoice containing - on th
ProgressiveDischargeReport - Document or message progressively issued by the contai
ProjectMasterPlan - A high level all encompassing master plan to complete a project.
ProjectMasterSchedule - A high level all encompassing master schedule of activities to c
ProjectPlan - A plan for project work to be completed.
ProjectPlanningAvailableResources - Available resources for project planning purposes.
ProjectPlanningCalendar - Work calendar information for project planning purposes.
ProjectProductionPlan - A project plan for the production of goods.
ProjectRecoveryPlan - A project plan for recovery after a delay or problem resolution.
ProjectSchedule - A schedule of project activities to be completed.
PromissoryNote - Document/message issued and signed in conformity with the applicab
Promotion - Promotion
ProvisionalPaymentValuation - Document/message establishing a provisional payment v
PurchaseOrder - Document/message issued within an enterprise to initiate the purchase
PurchaseOrderChangeRequest - Change to an purchase order already sent.
PurchaseOrderResponse - Response to an purchase order already received.
PurchasingSpecification - A document indicating a specification used to purchase an item
QualityDataMessage - Usage of QALITY-message.
QuantityValuation - Document/message providing a confirmed assessment by quantity o
QuantityValuationRequest - Document/message providing an initial assessment by quan
Query - Request information based on defined criteria.
QuotaPriorAllocationCertificate - Document/message issued by the competent body for p
RailConsignmentNoteGenericTerm - Transport document constituting a contract for the c
ReadyForDespatchAdvice - Document/message issued by a supplier informing a buyer t
Reassignment - Document/message issued by a factor to a seller or to another factor to
ReceiptCustoms - Receipt for Customs duty/tax/fee paid.
RechargingDocument - Fictitious transport document regarding a previous transport ena
RecordUpdateService - Record Update Service
RegionalAppellationCertificate - Certificate drawn up in accordance with the rules laid do
RegistrationChange - Code specifying the modification of previously submitted registratio
RegistrationDocument - An official document providing registration details.
RegistrationRenewal - Code specifying the continued validity of previously submitted reg
RejectedDirectDebit - The message contains rejected direct debit(s).
RelatedDocument - Description to be provided.
ReleaseAgainstAssortment - Release Against Assortment
ReleaseOrDeliveryOrder - Release or Delivery Order
RemittanceAdvice - Document/message advising of the remittance of payment.
RenewalOrder - Renewal Order
Rental - Rental
Reorder - Reorder
RepairAndReturn - Repair and Return
RepairOrder - Document/message to order repair of goods.
ReportOfTransactionsForInformationOnly - A message reporting transactions for informa
ReportOfTransactionsWhichNeedFurtherInformationFromTheReceiver - A message repo
RequestForAnAmendmentOfADocumentaryCredit - Request for an amendment of a doc
RequestForDeliveryInstructions - Document/message issued by a supplier requesting in
RequestForFinancialCancellation - The message is a request for financial cancellation.
RequestForPayment - Document/message issued by a creditor to a debtor to request pa
RequestForQuote - Document/message requesting a quote on specified goods or servic
RequestForStatisticalData - Request for one or more items or data sets of statistical data
RequestForTransfer - Document/message is a request for transfer.
Requirements - Requirements
RequirementsContract - A document indicating a requirements contract that authorizes t
Re-SendingConsignmentNote - Rail consignment note prepared by the consignor for the
ResponseToAnAmendmentOfADocumentaryCredit - Response to an amendment of a d
ResponseToATradeStatisticsMessage - Document/message in which the competent nat
ResponseToPreviousBankingStatusMessage - A response to a previously sent banking
ResponseToQuery - Self-explanatory.
ResponseToRegistration - Code specifying a response to an occurrence of a registration
Restow - Message/document identifying containers that have been unloaded and then re
ResumeWorkOrder - Resume Work Order
RetailerPrecommitment - Retailer Pre-commitment
ReversalOfCredit - Reversal of credit accounting entry by bank.
ReversalOfDebit - Reversal of debit accounting entry by bank.
RoadConsignmentNote - Transport document/message which evidences a contract betw
RoadList-Smgs - Accounting document one copy of which is drawn up for each consignm
RushOrder - Document/message for urgent ordering.
SafetyAndHazardDataSheet - Document or message to supply advice on a dangerous o
SafetyOfEquipmentCertificate - Document certifying the safety of a ship's equipment to a
SafetyOfRadioCertificate - Document certifying the safety of a ship's radio facilities to a s
SafetyOfShipCertificate - Document certifying a ship's safety to a specified date.
SampleOrder - Document/message to order samples.
SanitaryCertificate - Document/message issued by the competent authority in the export
SeasonTicket - A document giving access to a service for a determined period of time.
SeaWaybill - Non-negotiable document which evidences a contract for the carriage of go
SegmentChangeRequest - Requesting a change to an existing segment.
SegmentRequest - Request a new segment.
SelfBilledCreditNote - A document which indicates that the customer is claiming credit in
Self-BilledInvoice - An invoice the invoicee is producing instead of the seller.
SequencedDeliverySchedule - Message to describe a sequence of product delivery.
ServiceDirectoryDefinition - Document/message defining the contents of a service direct
SettlementOfALetterOfCredit - Settlement of a letter of credit.
ShippedOrder - Shipped Order
ShippersLetterOfInstructionsAir - Document/message issued by a consignor in which he
ShippingInstructions - Document/message advising details of cargo and exporter's requi
ShippingNote - Document/message provided by the shipper or his agent to the carrier m
ShipsStoresDeclaration - Declaration to Customs regarding the contents of the ship's sto
SimpleDataElementChangeRequest - Request a change to an existing simple data elem
SimpleDataElementRequest - Requesting a new simple data element.
SingleAdministrativeDocument - A set of documents replacing the various (national) form
SparePartsOrder - Document/message to order spare parts.
SpecialOrder - Special Order
SpotOrder - Document/message ordering the remainder of a production's batch.
StandAloneOrder - Stand-alone Order
StandingOrder - An order to supply fixed quantities of products at fixed regular intervals.
StatementOfAccountMessage - Usage of STATAC-message.
StatisticalAndOtherAdministrativeInternalDocuments - Documents/messages issued with
StatisticalData - Transmission of one or more items of data or data sets.
StatisticalDefinitions - Transmission of one or more statistical definitions.
StatisticalDocumentExport - Document/message in which an exporter provides informati
StatisticalDocumentImport - Description to be provided.
StatusInformation - Information regarding the status of a related message.
StatusReport - Message covers information about the status.
StopWork - Stop Work
StoresRequisition - Document/message issued within an enterprise ordering the taking o
SubcontractorPlan - A document indicating a plan that identifies the manufacturer's subc
SubstituteAirWaybill - A temporary air waybill which contains only limited information bec
SummarySalesReport - Sales report containing summaries for several earlier sent sales
SupplementaryDocumentForApplicationForCargoOperationOfDangerousGoods - Supple
SupplementaryDocumentForApplicationForTransportOfDangerousGoods - Supplementa
SupplyOrServiceOrder - Supply or Service Order
SwapOrder - Document/message informing buyer or seller of the replacement of goods p
TankerBillOfLading - Document which evidences a transport of liquid bulk cargo.
TaskOrder - A document indicating an order that tasks a contractor to perform a specifie
TaxCalculationConfirmationResponseCustoms - Tax calculation/confirmation response m
TaxDeclarationGeneral - Document/message containing a general tax declaration.
TaxDeclarationValueAddedTax - Document/message in which an importer states the per
TaxDemand - Document/message containing the demand of tax.
TaxInvoice - An invoice for tax purposes.
TaxNotification - Used to specify that the message is a tax notification.
Termination - Termination
TestReport - Report providing the results of a test session.
ThroughBillOfLading - Bill of lading which evidences a contract of carriage from one plac
TifForm - International Customs transit document by which the sender declares goods fo
TimeMaterials - Time and Materials
TirCarnet - International Customs document (International Transit by Road) issued by a
TollConversionOrder - Toll Conversion Order
TrackingNumberAssignmentReport - Report of assigned tracking numbers.
TradeData - Document/message is for trade data.
TransportCargoReleaseOrder - Order to release cargo or items of transport equipment to
TransportDepartureReport - Report of the departure of a means of transport from a partic
TransportDischargeInstruction - Instruction to unload specified cargo containers or trans
TransportDischargeReport - Report on cargo containers or transport equipment unloade
TransportEmergencyCard - Official document specifying for a given dangerous goods ite
TransportEmptyEquipmentAdvice - Advice that an item or items of empty transport equip
TransportEquipmentAcceptanceOrder - Order to accept items of transport equipment wh
TransportEquipmentDamageReport - Report of damaged items of transport equipment th
TransportEquipmentDeliveryNotice - Notification regarding the delivery of transport equip
TransportEquipmentDirectInterchangeReport - Report on the movement of containers or
TransportEquipmentEmptyReleaseInstruction - Instruction to release an item of empty tr
TransportEquipmentImpendingArrivalAdvice - Advice that containers or other items of tra
TransportEquipmentMaintenanceAndRepairNotice - Report of transport equipment which
TransportEquipmentMaintenanceAndRepairWorkAuthorization - Authorization to have tra
TransportEquipmentMaintenanceAndRepairWorkEstimateAdvice - Advice providing estim
TransportEquipmentMaintenanceAndRepairWorkEstimateOrder - Order to draw up an e
TransportEquipmentMovementInstruction - Instruction to perform one or more different m
TransportEquipmentMovementReport - Report on one or more different movements of tr
TransportEquipmentOffHireReport - Report on the movement of containers or other item
TransportEquipmentOffHireRequest - Request to terminate the lease on an item of trans
TransportEquipmentOnHireOrder - Order to release empty items of transport equipment
TransportEquipmentOnHireReport - Report on the movement of containers or other item
TransportEquipmentOnHireRequest - Request for transport equipment to be made availa
TransportEquipmentPackingInstruction - Instruction to pack cargo into a container or oth
TransportEquipmentPickUpAvailabilityConfirmation - Confirmation that an item of transp
TransportEquipmentPickUpAvailabilityRequest - Request for confirmation that an item of
TransportEquipmentPickUpReport - Report that an item of transport equipment has been
TransportEquipmentShiftReport - Report on the movement of containers or other items o
TransportEquipmentSpecialServiceInstruction - Instruction to perform a specified service
TransportEquipmentStatusChangeReport - Report on one or more changes of status ass
TransportEquipmentStockReport - Report on the number of items of transport equipmen
TransportEquipmentSurveyOrder - Order to perform a survey on specified items of trans
TransportEquipmentSurveyOrderResponse - Response to an order to conduct a survey
TransportEquipmentSurveyReport - Survey report of specified items of transport equipm
TransportEquipmentUnpackingInstruction - Instruction to unpack specified cargo from sp
TransportEquipmentUnpackingReport - Report on the completion of unpacking specified
TransportLoadingInstruction - Instruction to load cargo containers or transport equipmen
TransportLoadingReport - Report on completion of loading cargo containers or other tran
TransportMovementGateInReport - Report on the inward movement of cargo containers
TransportMovementGateOutReport - Report on the outward movement of cargo containe
TransportStatusReport - A message to report the transport status and/or change in the tr
TransportStatusRequest - A message to request a transport status report (e.g. through t
TransshipmentDespatchAdvice - Document by means of which the supplier or consignor
TransshipmentOrder - An order requesting the supply of products packed according to th
TreatmentNilOutturn - No shortage surplus or damaged outturn resulting from container
TreatmentPersonalEffect - Cargo consists of personal effects.
TreatmentTimber - Cargo consists of timber.
TreatmentTimeUpUnderbond - Movement type indicator: goods are moved under custom
TreatmentUnderbondBySea - Movement type indicator: goods are to move by sea under
UnderbondApproval - A message/document issuing Customs approval to move cargo fro
UnderbondRequest - A Message/document requesting to move cargo from one Customs
UnitDown - Unit Down
UnitedNationsStandardMessageRequest - Requesting a United Nations Standard Messa
UnitExchange - Unit Exchange
UniversalMultipurposeTransportDocument - Document/message evidencing a contract o
UnpricedBillOfQuantity - Document/message providing a detailed quantity based specific
UnshipPermit - A message or document issuing permission to unship cargo.
UrgentServiceRequest - Urgent Service Request
UserDirectoryDefinition - Document/message defining the contents of a user directory se
VaccinationCertificate - Official document proving immunization against certain diseases
ValidatedPricedTender - A validated priced tender.
ValueDeclaration - Document/message in which a declarant (importer) states the invoice
VesselUnpackReport - A document code to indicate that the message being transmitted
VeterinaryCertificate - Document/message issued by the competent authority in the expo
WageDetermination - A document indicating a determination of the wages to be paid.
WarehouseWarrant - Negotiable receipt document issued by a Warehouse Keeper to a p
WarrantyOrder - Warranty Order
Waybill - Non-negotiable document evidencing the contract for the transport of cargo.
WeightCertificate - Certificate certifying the weight of goods.
WeightList - Document/message specifying the weight of goods.
WineCertificate - Certificate attesting to the quality origin or appellation of wine.
WoolHealthCertificate - Certificate attesting that wool is free from specified risks to huma
WrittenInstructionsInConformanceWithAdrArticleNumber10385 - Written instructions rela
AgencyCoded           RegionCoded           CountryCoded           TimeZoneCoded                          OrderInvoiceMediumTypeCoded
Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code                              Other
                                                                                             Other - Custom Code - Custom Code
                   AUACT - Aust Capital Terr- UNITED ARAB 12.00 - 12.00
AAMVA - American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators EMIRATES                                         - Department/person in charge of acceptin
                                                                                             AcceptingContact Circuitswitching - A process that, on dema
                  AUNSW - New South Wales- ABCD-TheMicrocomputerIndustryAssociation
ABCD-TheMicrocomputerIndustryAssociation AF - AFGHANISTAN 11.45 - 11.45                      AcceptingOfficial SITA - Communications number assigned
                   AUNT - of Government Industrial Hygienists 11.30 - 11.30
ACGIH - American ConferenceNorthern Territory - ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA                                          ARINC - Communications for accounting
                                                                                             AccountingContact - The contact responsiblenumber assigne
                  AUQLD - Queensland AI - ANGUILLA          11.15
ACORD - Agency Company Organization for Research and Development - 11.15                                    Courier - A communication channel identify
                                                                                             AccountsPayableContact - Department/person responsible fo
                       AUSA - South Australia - ALBANIA
AdvertisingIndustry - Advertising Industry  AL                     11.00 - 11.00                             CableAddress
                                                                                             AccountsReceivableContact - Department/person responsibl
                     AUTAS Tasmania AM - ARMENIA                 10.45 10.45                AdditionalInsuranceInformationContact
                                                                                                              EDITransmission - Number identifying the
AECMA - A code to identify the-Association Europeenne des Constructeurs- de Materiel Aeropsatial (European Assocation of Aerospace Products Manufactu
                     AUVIC - Victoria       AN               10.30 - 10.30
AIHA - American Industrial Hygiene Association - NETHERLANDS ANTILLES                                         ElectronicMail
                                                                                             AdministrativeContractingOfficer - Exchange of mail by electr
                      AUWA - Western Australia ANGOLA
                                            AO                    10.15
AirTransportAssociationOfAmerica - Air Transport-Association of America - 10.15              Administrator     Extension - Telephone extension.
Alabama               BRAC - Acre           AQ - ANTARCTICA        10.00 - 10.00             Advisor           FileTransferAccessMethod - According to
Alaska                BRAL - Alagoas        AR - ARGENTINA         09.45 - 09.45                              TeleFax - Device used for transmitting and
                      Aluminum AssociationAS - AMERICAN SAMOA - 09.30
AluminumAssociation -BRAM - Amazon                         09.30                                             GEISMailbox - agent which acts on behal
                                                                                             Agent - Department/person of theGeneral Electric Information
                   BRAP - Amapa           AT - AUSTRIA        09.15 - 09.15
AmericanApparelManufacturersAssociation - American Apparel Manufacturers Association                            Alternate department or
                                                                                             AlternateContact -IBMInformationExchangeperson to contact
                    BRBA - Bahia            American Furniture 09.00 - 09.00
AmericanFurnitureManufacturersAssociation -AU - AUSTRALIA Manufacturers Association          Applicant         InternalMail - Internal mail address/numbe
                    BRCE - - American Iron and ARUBA
AmericanIronAndSteelInstitute Ceara      AW - Steel Institute      08.45 - 08.45                            Mail
                                                                                             AppointmentScheduler - Postal service document delivery.
                    BRDF - - American Land Title Association
AmericanLandTitleAssociation Brasilia   AZ - AZERBAIJAN            08.30 - 08.30             Appraiser         PostBoxNo
                   BRES Espirito San BA Association         08.15 - 08.15
AmericanMedicalAssociation - American Medical - BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA                           Attention-ToParty PacketSwitching - The process of routing a
                     BRGO - Goias          BB -
AmericanPaperInstitute - American Paper Institute BARBADOS         08.00 - 08.00             Attorney          SWIFT - Communications address assigne
                    BRMA - Maranhao        BD - Institute
AmericanPetroleumInstitute - American Petroleum BANGLADESH 07.45 - 07.45                                       Telephone Voice/data contact with regar
                                                                                             AuditingContact - Department- or person totransmission by te
                 BRMG - Minas Gerais BE - BELGIUM          07.30 - 07.30               AuthorizedFinancialContact - Text transmission via telegrap
APWAAndOCSI - American Public Works Association (APWA) One Call Systems International (OCSI)            Telegraph
                    BRMS - Mato Grosso American Society for 07.15 - 07.15
AmericanSocietyForAutomationInPharmacy - BF - BURKINA FASOAutomation in Pharmacy                              Telex
                                                                                             AuthorizedNegotiator - Transmission of text/data via telex.
                    BRMT - Mato Grosso BG - BULGARIA              07.00 - 07.00
AmericanTextileManufacturersInstitute - American Textile Manufacturers Institute                             TeleMail
                                                                                             AuthorizedRepresentative - Transmission of text/data via tel
                    BRPA - - American Trucking Associations
AmericanTruckingAssociations Para       BH - BAHRAIN               06.45 - 06.45                              TeleText - Transmission of text/data via te
                    BRPB - Paraiba      BI - BURUNDI          06.30 - 06.30
ANSIAccreditedStandardsCommittee - ANSI Accredited Standards Committee, X12                                  TWX - Communication service involving Te
                                                                                             AutomatedClearinghouseContact - Code specifying a person
Arizona               BRPE - Pernambuco BJ - BENIN                 06.15 - 06.15                              X.400 - person for bank.
                                                                                             BankingContact - Contact CCITT Message handling system.
Arkansas              BRPI - Piaui          BM - BERMUDA           06.00 - 06.00             BillInquiryContact NotRequired
                    BRPR - Parana         BN - BRUNEI DARUSSALAM 05.45
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers            05.45 -                           BoardStaff
                   BRRJ - Rio Assigned BO - BOLIVIA             05.30 - 05.30
AssignedByBuyerOrBuyersAgent - de Janeiroby buyer or buyer's agent                           Broker
                     BRRN - Rio Grande carrier.
AssignedByCarrier - Codes assigned by thedoBR - BRAZIL             05.15 - 05.15             BrokerContact
                      - Assigned by distributor - BAHAMAS
AssignedByDistributor BRRO - Rondonia        BS                    05.00 - 05.00             BusinessUnitManager
                    BRRR - Roraima       BT - BHUTAN
AssignedByManufacturer - Assigned by manufacturer                  04.45 - 04.45             BuyerNameorDepartment
                    BRRS - Rio Grande doBU Place              MYANMAR)
AssignedByMarketPlace - Assigned by Market Sul- BURMA (See MM04.30 - 04.30                   CADAndCAMSpecialist
                    BRSC - Santa CatarinaBW - BOTSWANA            04.15
AssignedByNationalTradeAgency - The code list is from a national agency.- 04.15              Carrier - (3126) Party undertaking or arranging transport of g
                  BRSE - - Assigned by BY - BELARUS
AssignedByOwnerOfOperation Sergipe                            04.00 04.00
                                       owner of operation (e.g. used- in construction).      CaseManager
                     BRSP - Sao Paulo    BZ BELIZE             03.45 - 03.45               CertificationContact - Code specifying a contact with knowled
AssignedByPartyOriginatingTheMessage - Codes- assigned by the party originating the message.
                    BRTO - Tocantins       CA - CANADA             03.30 - 03.30
AssignedBySellerOrSellersAgent - Assigned by seller or seller's agent                        Certifier
                    CAAB - - Codes     CC COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS
AssignedByTransportCompanyAlberta assigned -by a transport company. - 03.15                  ChairmanOfTheBoard
                    CABC Testing Columbia - CD                 03.00 - REPUBLIC OF
ASTM - American Society for - British and MaterialsCONGO, DEMOCRATIC 03.00                   ChangedBy - Person who made the change.
                      CAMB -
AT - Austrian Federal Railways Manitoba                       02.45 - 02.45
                                            CF - CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC                    ChangeOrderApprover
                   CANB - New Brunswick - CONGO
                                       CG                      be provided.
AT-GeldausgabeautomatenServiceGesellschaftMBH - Description to02.30 - 02.30                  ChiefExecutiveOfficer
                     Austrian Customs
AT-AustrianCustoms - CANF - Newfoundland CH - SWITZERLAND 02.15 - 02.15                      ChiefFinancialOfficer
                     CANS -
AT-AustrianPTT - Austrian PTTNova Scotia    CI - COTE D'IVOIRE 02.00 - 02.00                 ChiefInformationOfficer
                    CANT - Northwest Territory - Austrian bankers association.
                                         CK -
AT-VerbandOesterreichischerBankenUndBankiers COOK ISLANDS 01.45 - 01.45                      ChiefOperatingOfficer
                     Chamber of Shipping: National organization for the maritime industry in Australia
AU-ACOS - Australian CAON - Ontario       CL - CHILE              01.30 - 01.30               CityWorksAuthorityContact - Department/person to contact fo
                     CAPE - Prince EdwardCM - CAMEROON
AU-ADA - Australian Dental Association   Island                    01.15 - 01.15             Claimant
                     CAQC - Quebec           CN - CHINA
AU-AIHW - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare               01.00 - 01.00             ClaimApprover
                     CASK - SaskatchewanCO - COLOMBIA
AU-APCA - Australian Payments Clearing Association                 00.45 - 00.45             ClaimRecipient
                     CAYT - Yukon Inspection - COSTA
AU-AQIS - Australian Quarantine and Territory Service RICA         00.30 - 00.30             ClaimsContact - Department/person to contact for matters re
                   GBAM Armagh              CS - Service.   00.15 - 00.15
AU-AustrianCustomsService - -Australian Customs FORMER CZECHOSLOVAKIA                        ClearinghouseContact
                     GBAR - Ards
AU-DOH - Australian Department of Health    CU - CUBA              00.00 - 00.00             ClerkOfCourt
                      GBAT - Antrim
AU-HIC - Health Insurance Commission        CV - CAPE VERDE        -00.15 - -00.15           Co-Borrower
                      GBBA - Ballymena       CX                  -00.30
AU-LIFA - Life Insurance Federation of Australia. - CHRISTMAS ISLANDS - -00.30                 Co-Investigator
                    GBBB - Centre for     CY - CYPRUS
AU-NCCH - AustralianNational Blackburn Classification in Health     -00.45 - -00.45            Collector
                     Australia - Maintains CZ lists which are accepted by -01.00
AU-ROA - Railways of GBBE - Bedfordshirecode - CZECH REPUBLIC                                CollegeOfEducationAdmissionsOffice
                                                                  -01.00 - Australian government railways.
                    GBBF - Bracknell Forest                   -01.15 - -01.15
AU-SAA - Standards Association of Australia. DE - GERMANY, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF                 ComplianceOfficer
                      GBBH - Brighton and Hove
AU-Tradegate - Electronic Commerce Australia - DJIBOUTI             -01.30 - -01.30            ComponentEngineer
                   GBBK - Berkshire
AWS - American Welding Society               DK - DENMARK           -01.45 - -01.45            ComputerSystemsContact
                    Spinners Association DM - DOMINICA
AYSA - AmericanYarn GBBL - Belfast                                  -02.00 - -02.00            ConcurrentEmployerContact
                      GBBM Bournemouth DO - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC- -02.15
BE - Belgian National Railway -Company                   -02.15                                ConfirmedWith - Person with whom the contents of the purch
                    GBBN - - Belgian     DZ ALGERIA
BE-BelgianBankersAssociation BanbridgeBankers- Association          -02.30 - -02.30            Consignee - (3132) Party to which goods are consigned.
                    GBBO Borders
BE-BelgianCustoms - Belgian -Customs         EC - ECUADOR           -02.45 - -02.45            Consignor - (3336) Party which, by contract with a carrier, co
                     GBBP VAT numbers.EE - ESTONIA
BE-BelgianMinistryOfFinance -- Blackpool                            -03.00 - -03.00            ContainerManager
                     GBBR - Research
Bellcore - Bell CommunicationsBristol        EG - EGYPT             -03.15 - -03.15            ContractContact - Department/person to contact for matters
                      GBBS                EH - WESTERN SAHARA - -03.30
BG - Bulgaria State Railway - BathNthEstSomerset           -03.30                              CoordinationContact - Department/person to contact for matt
                       GBBU - Buckinghamshire container industry's international organization responsible for the issuance of container-related codes.
BIC - Bureau International des Containeurs - The - ERITREA        -03.45 - -03.45              Coordinator
                    GBBY - Ballymoney ES - SPAIN              -04.00 - -04.00
BookIndustrySystemsAdvisoryCommittee - Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee                CorporatePurchasingAgent
                   GBCA - Cambridgeshire
BR-BancoCentralDoBrazil - Self-explanatory. ET - ETHIOPIA           -04.15 - -04.15            CostAndScheduleCoordinator
                 GBCE - Central      venture between BRMA (Brokers and Reinsurance Markets Association) / RAA (Reinsurance Association of Am
BR-MAAndRAAAndLIMNETAndRINET - JointFI - FINLAND        -04.30 - -04.30          CustomerContactGrantingAppointment
                   GBCG - Craigavon
CA-CPA - CA-Canadian Payment AssociationFJ - FIJI                   -04.45 - -04.45            CustomerEngineer
                      GBCH Cheshire         FK - FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS)
CA-CSIO - Centre for Study of- Insurance Operations in Canada -05.00 - -05.00                  CustomerMaintenanceManager
California            GBCI - Coleraine                          MICRONESIA
                                             FM - FED STATES OF-05.15 - -05.15                 CustomerRelations - Individual responsible for customer rela
                      GBCK - Cookstown FO - FAEROE ISLANDS
CaliforniaLandTitleAssociation - California Land Title Association -05.30 - -05.30             DangerousGoodsContact - Department/person to be contact
                     GBCL Canadian Freight -Classification
CanadianFreightClassification- -Clwyd FR FRANCE                     -05.45 - -05.45            DeliveryContact - Department/person responsible for delivery
                     - Carbide Manufacturers - GABON
CarbideManufacturers GBCO - Cornwall       GA                       -06.00 - -06.00            DeliveryInstructionsContact
                 GBCR - Carrickfergus GB - Canada, Customs
                                                         -06.15 - -06.15
CA-RevenueCanadaCustomsAndExcise - RevenueUNITED KINGDOMand Excise                             DentalSchoolAdmissionsOffice
                     GBCS - Castlereagh
CAS - Chemical Abstract Services             GD - GRENADA           -06.30 - -06.30            DepartmentOrEmployeeToExecuteExportProcedures
                   GBCU - Cumbria
CA-SCC - CA-Standards Council of Canada GE - GEORGIA                -06.45 - -06.45            DepartmentOrEmployeeToExecuteImportProcedures
                   GBCV Council
CCC - Customs Co-operation - Cleveland                        -07.00 - -07.00
                                             GF - FRENCH GUIANA                                DepartmentOrPersonResponsibleForProcessingPurchaseOr
                     GBDB - Derbyshire GH
CEC - Commission of the European Communities- GHANA                 -07.15 - -07.15            DesignEngineer
                  GBDF Dumfries a. Galloway
                                         GI - GIBRALTAR       -07.30
CECDGXIIID5 - (Commission -of the European Communities), DG/XIII-D-5 - -07.30                  Development
                  GBDG - Dungannon GL GREENLAND
CECDGXXI01 - (Computerization within Customs-area).                 -07.45 - -07.45            Director
                   GBDL - Darlington
CECDGXXIB1 - Description to be provided.     GM - GAMBIA            -08.00 - -08.00            DirectoryAdvertisingContact
                    GBDN - Down             GN GUINEA            -08.15 - -08.15
CECDGXXXIV - Statistical Office of the European-Communities: e.g.Geomenclature                 DivisionDirector
                     GBDO - Federations de l'Industrie Chimique --08.30 - -08.30 chemical industry
CEFIC - Conseil Europeen des Dorset      GP - GUADELOUPE EDI project for                    DivisionManager
CH - Swiss Federal Railways - Durham                          -08.45
                                             GQ - EQUATORIAL GUINEA - -08.45                   EDICoordinator
                     GBDV - Devon          Indirect taxation -09.00 - -09.00
CH-AdministrationFederaleDesContributions -GR - GREECE (e.g. turn-over/sales taxes)            EducationCoordinator - Person in charge of coordination of e
                    GBDY - Dyfed          GS - SGEORGIA and SSANDWICH ISLANDS
                                                                -09.15 - -09.15              ElectricitySupplyContact - Department/person to contact for m
CH-AssociationSuisseCodeDesArticles - Association suisse code des articles, Swiss article numbering association
                      suisse East Riding GT - carburants et    -09.30 - -09.30             ElectronicDataInterchangeCoordinator - Code specifying a pe
CH-Carbura - Centrale GBER -pour l'importation de GUATEMALA combustibles liquides (Oil products)
                    GBES - Essex        GU GUAM
CH-CentraleSuissePourLImportationDuCharbon - -Coal                  -09.45 - -09.45            ElectronicSubmissionRecipient
                    GBFI - Fife          (incl. ISO alpha 2 country
                                                               -10.00 - -10.00
CH-DirectionGeneraleDesDouanes - CustomsGW - GUINEA-BISSAU code)                               EmergencyContact
                    GBFM - Fermanagh GY - GUYANA                  -10.15 - -10.15
CH-DivisionDesImportationsEtExportations - Import and export licences, OFAEE                   EmergencyContact-Consignee
                    - Entreprise des PTT H
CH-EntrepriseDesPTT GBGL - Gloucestershire K - HONG KONG            -10.30 - -10.30            EmergencyContact-MilitaryTrafficManagementCommand
                     GBGM - Greater Manchester
                                        HN - HONDURAS          -10.45 - -10.45
CH-MinistryOfTaxationCentralCustomsAndTaxAdministration - Danish Customs administration EmergencyContact-Shipper
                     GBGR - Grampian     HR - CROATIA          -11.00 - -11.00
CH-OfficeFiduciaireDesImportateursDeDenreesAlimentaires - Foodstuff                            EmergencyDangerousGoodsContact - Party who is to be con
                     GBGS - Sth. Gloucestershire
                                           HT - HAITI             -11.15 - -11.15
CH-SwissSecuritiesClearingCorporation - Swiss Securities Clearing Corporation                  EmployerContact
CH-TelekursAG - Telekur AG - Gwent           HU - HUNGARY           -11.30 - -11.30            Engineer
                     GBGY - Exchange
CIDX - Chemical Industry Data Gwynedd        ID - INDONESIA         -11.45 - -11.45            EngineeringContact - Department/person to contact for matte
                      GBHA - Hampshire     IE - IRELAND
CIECA - Collision Industry ElectronicCommerce Association           -12.00 - -12.00            EnteredBy - Name of an individual who made the entry.
                  GBHI - Highland      IL - ISRAEL
CodeAssignedByTheOrganizationThatIsTheUltimateDestinationOfTheTransactionSet                   Estimator
                   GBHL - Halton         IN INDIA                                        EveningProgramsOffice
CO-DIAN - The Colombian customs organization- (Direccion de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales)
Colorado              GBHR - Hartlepool      IO - INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY                       ExecutiveOfficer
                 GBHT - Hertfordshire IQ - IRAQ
CommanderRomeAirDevelopmentCenter - Commander-Rome Air Development Center                      ExecutiveVice-President
                    GBHW - Hereford and IR - IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF
                                            Worcs.                                          transport equipment repair providers
ConcordEDIGroup - An organisation of international transport equipment leasing companies andExpeditor - The contact for expediting.responsible for promoti
Connecticut             GBIW - Isle of Wight IS - ICELAND                                      FinancialAidOffice
                  GBKE - - SAD         IT - ITALY
ConventionsOnSADAndTransit Kent = Single Administrative Document.                              ForeclosingLenderAdministrativeContact
                   GBKH - Kingston-upon-Hull that assigns identification numbers for the copper and brass fabricators industry
                                          JM -
CopperAndBrassFabricatorsCouncil - OrganizationJAMAICA                                     ForwarderContact
                    GBLA Lancashire      JO - JORDAN                                        FunctionalManager
CO-SBDC - Superintendencia- Bancaria De Colombia-The organization which assigns identification numbers to financial institutions conducting business in C
                    GBLC - Leicester City JP -
CountyDesignatorCode - County Designator Code JAPAN                                            GasSupplyContact - Department/person to contact for matter
                      GBLD - Londonderry KE - KENYA
CSI - Construction Specification Institute                                                     GeneralContact
                     GBLE - Leicestershire KG KYRGYZSTAN
CSIExtended - Construction Specification Institute- (CSI) Extended                             GoodsReceivingContact - Department/person responsible fo
                    Uniform Security Identification Procedures
CUSIP - Committee onGBLI - Lincolnshire  KH - CAMBODIA                                         GraduateAdmissionsOffice
CZ - Tchechian State Railway- Limavady        KI - KIRIBATI                                    GraduateBusinessOffice
DE - German Railway GBLO - Greater London M - COMOROS                                          GraduateEngineeringOffice
                   GBLR Larne              KN - ST
DE-ARE - A German code for-subsidiary unit number. KITTS-NEVIS                                 GraduateFineArtsOffice
                    GBLS Lisburn          KP - KOREA, DEM PEOPLE'S REP
DE-BDI - Bundesverband der -Deutschen Industrie e.V.: German industry association              GuidanceCounselor
                     GBLT - Lothian          fuer KOREA, REPUBLIC OF                            HazardousMaterialContact
DE-BIA - Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut KR -Arbeitssicherheit: German institute of the workmen's compensation board- Department/person responsible
                   GBLU - Luton          KW - KUWAIT
DE-BRD - Gesetzgeber der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - German legislature                       HeadOfUnitForInformationDissemination - Head of unit to co
                     GBMA - Magherafelt KY - CAYMAN ISLANDS
DE-DIN - Deutsches Institut fuer Normung: German standardization institute                     HeadOfUnitForInformationProduction - Head of unit to contac
                   GBMG AG- GlamorganZ - KAZAKHSTAN
DE-DTAG - Deutsch Telekom - MidGerman telecommunication services agency.                       HeadOfUnitOrComputerDataProcessing - Head of unit to con
                     body - Middlesbrough LA - LAO PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REP
DE-EDIBAU - National GBMI responsible for the German codification in the construction area.    HealthMaintenanceOrganizationContact
                    GBMK - Milton KeynesLB - LEBANON
DefenseLogisticsAgency - Defense Logistics Agency                                              HumanResources
                   GBMO Moyle           LC - SAINT LUCIA                                InformationContact - Department/person to contact for quest
DE-GDV - Gesamtverband der- Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (German Insurance Association)
                  GBMY - - German      LI - LIECHTENSTEIN
DE-GermanBankersAssociationMerseysidebanker's association                                      InsuranceContact - Department/person to contact for matters
                   German Customs    LK
DE-GermanCustoms - GBNA - Newtownabbey - SRI LANKA                                             InsuredParty
                    GBNB - Newbury        LR - LIBERIA                                    InsurerContact
DE-GMBH - Centrale fuer Coorganisation - German representation of European Article Numbering (EAN) International
Delaware                                    LS
                        GBNC - Nottingham City - LESOTHO                                       Interviewer
                     - Department Down LT
DepartmentOfAirForce GBND - North Of Air Force- LITHUANIA                                      Investigator
                    GBNE - NthEast Lincolnshire
DepartmentOfArmy - Department Of Army    LU - LUXEMBOURG                                       InvestmentContact - Department/person to contact for matte
                    - Department of Defense
DepartmentOfDefense GBNH - Northamptonshire- LATVIA                                            IssuingOfficer
                    GBNK - Norfolk     LY - LYBIAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA
DepartmentOfHealthAndHumanServices - Department of Health and Human Services                   JointWorkAgent
                   GBNL - North Lincolnshire
                                         - Department of
DepartmentOfHousingAndUrbanDevelopmentMA - MOROCCOHousing and Urban DevelopmentLaboratoryContact - Department/person to contact for labora
                     GBNM - Newry and MC -
DepartmentOfLabor - Department of Labor Mourne MONACO                                          LandregistryContact - Department/person to contact for matt
                    - Department of the Navy
DepartmentOfTheNavyGBNS - North Somerset - MOLDOVA                                             LawFirm
                   GBNT - Germany.     MG
DE-SiemensAG - Siemens AG,Nottinghamshire - MADAGASCAR                                         LawSchoolAdmissionsOffice
                    Automobilindustrie E.V. - MARSHALL ISLANDS
                                         MH                                              LegalAuditingContact - Department or person to contact with
DE-VDA - Verband derGBNU - Northumberland - The national organisation representing Germany in ODETTE
                    GBOM - Omagh         MK
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service - FRMR YUGOSLAV REP OF MACEDONIA Licensee
                       GBOR - Orkney
DIN - Deutsches Institutfur Normung           ML - MALI                                        LocalPurchasingAgent
                    GBOX - Oxfordshire MM - MYANMAR (FORMER BURMA)
DirectionGeneraleDesDouanesEtDroitsIndirects - French Customs                                  MaintenanceContact - Department/person to contact for matt
DistrictOfColumbia      GBPB - Peterborough MN - MONGOLIA                                      Manager
DK - Danish State Railways - Poole            MO - MACAU                                       Manufacturing
                   GBPM - Portsmouth MP - NORTHERN MARIANAS
DK-EAN - Denmark based European Article Numbering (EAN) Association                            ManufacturingPlantContact
                    GBPO - Powys
DK-MHA - Danish Ministry of Home Affairs      MQ - MARTINIQUE                                  MarketingDepartment
                    GBPY - Plymouth
DK-NBH - Danish National Board of Health      MR - MAURITANIA                                  MarketingDirector
                     GBRD Redcar and Cleveland
DK-PBS - Pengainstitutternes -Betalings Service - MONTSERRAT                                   MaterialControlContact - Department/person responsible for
                     GBRE - Reading       MT - MALTA
DunAndBradstreet - Dun and Bradstreet Corporation                                              MaterialDispositionContact - Department/person responsible
                       GBRM - Rochester up.MUMedway
EAN - International Article Numbering Association- MAURITIUS                                   MaterialHandlingContact
                       GBRU Rutland           MV - MALDIVES
Edibuild - EDI organization for-companies in the construction industry                         MaterialSafetyDataSheetContact
                      GBSC Strathclyde MW MALAWI                                                  the use
EdielNordicForum - A code to -identify Ediel Nordic -forum, which is an organization standardizingMayor of EDI between the participants in the Nordic power
                     GBSD - Southend      forum for companies with interests in computing, electronics, and telecommunications.
EDIFICE - Standardized electronic commerceMX - MEXICO                                      MedicalAdmissionsOffice
                   GBSE - East Sussex MY interchange                                       MedicalContact
EDITEUR - European book sector electronic data - MALAYSIAgroup - Code identifying the pan European user group for the book industry as an organization
                      group for the Glamorgan - MOZAMBIQUE
EDITEX - Europe - EDIGBSG - Southtextile and clothing industry.                                MessageRecipientContact
                   GBSH - Shropshire       NA
EEG7 - European Expert Group 7 for Insurance. - NAMIBIA                                        MessageSenderContact
                       GBSK - Suffolk
EIDX - Electronics Industry Data Exchange     NC - NEW CALEDONIA                               MultipleListingServiceStaff
                           GBSL - Shetland
ElectricUtilities - Electric Utilities        NE - NIGER                                       MultipleListingServiceVendor
                      GBSN - - Electronic Industries Association
ElectronicIndustriesAssociationStockton-on-Tees - NORFOLK ISLAND                               NationalAgent
                     GBSO - Somerset         Agency
EPA - United States Environmental ProtectionNG - NIGERIA                                       NewBusinessProcessing
                      GBSP -
ES - Spanish National Railway Southampton NI - NICARAGUA                                       NewDevelopmentsContact - Department/person to contact fo
                    GBSR - Strabane      NL
ESDX - Environment and Safety Data Exchange - NETHERLANDS                                      NotaryPublic
                    GBST - Staffordshire NO - NORWAY
ES-ODETT - The national organisation representing Spain in ODETTE                              NotificationContact
                    Spanish Customs
ES-SpanishCustoms - GBSU - Slough            NP - NEPAL                                        NumericalControlEngineer
                    GBSW - West Sussex NR - NAURU                                                OfficeManager - An individual responsible for managing the d
EU-EDIFICAS - EDI for financial, informational, cost, accounting, auditing and social areas - Europe
                    GBSY - Surrey        NU - NIUE
EU-ETIS - European Telecommunications Informatics Services                                     OfficeStaff
                  GBTA - Tayside          NZ - NEW ZEALAND
EU-ROFER - European steel organisation - EDI project for the European steel industry           Operations
                     Supplier Linkage Council
FASLINC - Fabric and GBTD - Thamesdown OM - OMAN                                               OrderContact - An individual to contact for questions regardin
                   GBTH - Thurrock
FCC - Federal Communications Commission PA - PANAMA                                            OrderDepartment
                       GBTO - Torbay
FCI - Factors Chain International            PE - PERU                                         OrderingOfficer
                    GBTW - Tyne          PF
FDA - Food and Drug Administration and Wear - FRENCH POLYNESIA                                 OtherAdult
                     GBWA - Warwickshire
FederalGovernment - Federal Government PG - PAPUA NEW GUINEA                                   Owner
                   GBWD Federal and Maidenhead
                                          PH PHILIPPINES
FederalHighwayAdministration--Windsor Highway-Administration                                   OwnerRepresentative
                        GBWG - West Glamorgan - PAKISTAN
FI - Finish State Railway                 PK                                                   Packager
                       GBWI - Wiltshire       PL - POLAND
FI-ATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association                            ParentorGuardian
                      GBWL - Western
FI-FinnishCustoms - Finnish Customs Isles PM - ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON                          ParticipatingLaboratoryContact
                       GBWM - West Midlands - PITCAIRN
FI-TB - Finnish tax board                 PN                                                   Partner
                    GBWO - Wokingham PR - PUERTO RICO
FI-TheFinnishBankersAssociation - Finnish Bankers Association                                  Patient
Florida               GBWR - Wrekin          PT - PORTUGAL                                     PayeeContact
                      GBWT - Warrington
FR - French National Railway Company         PW - PALAU                                        PayersClaimOffice
                    Generales de
FR-AGF - Assurances GBYK - York France PY - PARAGUAY                                           PerformanceEvaluationCommittee
                     GBYN - North Yorkshireinsurance code lists on behalf of the French insurance community - Department/person to contact for matters
FR-ArvA - Value added network administeringQA - QATAR                                        PersonnelContact
                    Bank - France        RE
FR-BanqueDeFrance - GBYSof South Yorkshire - REUNION                                           Physician
                    GBYW - West Yorkshire - ROMANIA
FR-CFONB - National body responsible for the French codification in banking activity           PlaceOfCollectionContact
                   ITAG - Agriento       RU - RUSSIAN FEDERATION
FR-CNAMTS - Caisse Nationale de l'Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salaries                  PlaceOfDeliveryContact
                       la Comptabilite Publique-The French public accounting office
FR-DCP - Direction de ITAL - Alessandria      RW - RWANDA                                      PlantManager
                     ITAN Ancona
FR-DGI - Direction Generale -des Impots      SA - SAUDI ARABIA                                 PlantOrEquipmentContact - Department/person to contact fo
                      financial, informational, cost, accounting, auditing and social areas - France
FR-EDIFCAS - EDI for ITAO - Aosta             SB - SOLOMON ISLANDS                                PlatformMaintenanceManager
                   ITAP - Ascoli Piceno SC - SEYCHELLES                                    PortEngineer
FR-EDIFRANCE - French association responsible for coordination and promotion of EDI application in France.
                  French Aquila        SD - SUDAN
FR-EDITRANSPORT -ITAQ - Lassociation developing EDI in transport logistics.                    PreawardSurveyManager
                   ITAR - l'Amelioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile - The national organisation representing France in ODETTE
FR-GALIA - Groupement pourArezzo          SE - SWEDEN                                        PreferredProviderOrganizationContact
                    organization        SG - EDI and Barcoding application in the retail sector.
FR-GENCOD - French ITAT - Asti responsible forSINGAPORE                                   Preparer
                      ITAV de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
FR-INSEE - Institut National - Avellino      SH - ST HELENA                                    President
                    ITBA - Bari
FR-RC - Federal Reserve Routing Code         SI - SLOVENIA                                     PriceAdministration
GB - British Railways ITBG - Bergamo         SJ - SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN                       PrimaryContact
                     ITBI - Biella
GB-ABI - The Association of British Insurers SK - SLOVAKIA                                     PrimaryControlPoint
                    ITBL - Belluno          SL -
GB-ABTA - Association of British Travel Agencies SIERRA LEONE                                  PrimaryTaxpayer
                    ITBN - Benevento      SM - SAN
GB-ArticleNumberAssociationLimited - EAN bar-coding. MARINO                                    PrincipalStudyContactorAuthor
                    ITBO - Bologna       SN - SENEGAL
GB-AssociationForPaymentClearingServices - Association for payment clearing services           ProbationorLegalOfficer
GB-BACSLimited        ITBR - Brindisi        SO - SOMALIA                                      ProcessEngineer
                ITBS - Brescia      SR - SURINAME
GB-CHAPSAndTownClearingCompanyLimited - Chaps and Town Clearing Company Limited                Processor
                  ITBZ - of fleet vehicle hiring SAOleasing AND PRINCIPE UK.
GB-FLEETNET - Association Bolzano          ST - and TOME companies in the                      ProductionRepresentative
GB-HMCustomsAndExcise - Cagliari             SV - EL SALVADOR                                  ProductManagementContact - Department/person to contact
                   ITCB - Campobasso SY - SYRIAN ODETTE
GB-ODETTE - The national organisation representing UK inARAB REPUBLIC                          ProgramDirector
                     - The Caserta
GB-TheClearingHouse ITCE -Clearing House SZ - SWAZILAND                                        ProgramManager
Georgia               ITCH - Chieti          TC - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS                     ProjectDirector
                   ITCL - Caltanisetta   TD - CHAD
GraphicsCommunicationsAssociation - Graphics Communications Association                        ProjectManagementContact - Department/person to contact
                    ITCN - Cuneo
GRE - Reference Group of Experts             TF - FRENCH SOUTHERN TERRITORIES                  ProjectManager
                   ITCO - Como
GR-GreekCustoms - Greek Customs              TG - TOGO                                         PrototypeCoordinator - Description to be provided.
                     ITCR - Cremona
GSA - General Services Administration        TH - THAILAND                                     Provider
                      ITCS - Number
GTIN - Global Trade Identifier Cosenza       TJ - TAJIKISTAN                                   PublicRelationsContact - Department/person to contact for m
Hawaii                 ITCT - Catania         TM - TURKMENISTAN                                   PurchaseServiceProvider
                    ITCZ - Catanzaro        TN TUNISIA
HealthCareFinancingAdministration - Health Care- Financing Administration                         PurchasingContact - Department/person responsible for issu
                    ITEN - Enna            TO - TONGA
HealthInsuranceAssociationOfAmerica - Health Insurance Association of America                     PurchasingContractingOfficer
                 ITFE - Ferrara      TP
HK-HongKongCustoms - Hong Kong Customs - EAST TIMOR                                               QualityAssuranceContact - Quality assurance contact within
                     ITFG -
HU - Hungarian State RailwayFoggia            TR - TURKEY                                         QualityCoordinatorContact - Quality coordinator contact withi
                     ITFI - Florence       TT - Services AND
IAPSO - United Nations Inter-Agency ProcurementTRINIDADOffice TOBAGO                              QualityInspector
                       ITFO - Forli         TV - TUVALU
IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer                                                QualityManager
                         Transport Association TW - TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA
IATA - International AirITFR - Frosinone                                                          QuantitySurveyorContact - Department/person to contact for
                       ITGE - Genova           TZ
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization - TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF                   QuotingParty
                       ITGO - Commerce
ICC - International Chamber ofGorizia         UA - UKRAINE                                        RateSupervisorOrClerk
                       ITGR - Shipping
ICS - International Chamber ofGrosseto        UG - UGANDA                                         RealEstatePropertyKeyHolder
Idaho                  ITIM - Imperia         UM - US MINOR OUTLYING ISLANDS                      RealEstatePropertyOccupant
                       ITIS -
IE - Irish Transport CompanyIsernia           US - UNITED STATES                                  RebateOrChargebackContact
                   ITKR - Crotone     UY
IE-RevenueCommissionersCustomsAEProject - URUGUAY                                                 ReceivingContact
                       ITLC - Lecco
IL-IsraelCustoms - Israel Customs             UZ - UZBEKISTAN                                     ReceivingDockContact - The receiving dock contact within an
Illinois               ITLE - Lecce           VA - VATICAN CITY STATE (HOLY SEE)                  Registrar
                       ITLI - Livorno
IMO - International Maritime Organization.    VC - ST VINCENT AND GRENADINES                      RentalCompanyAdministrativeContact
Indiana                ITLO - Lodi            VE - VENEZUELA                                      ReportAuthorizer
                       ITLT - Latina         VG - VIRGING ISLANDS, BRITISH                        ReportPreparer
InterContainerInterFrigo - European railway associated organisation involved in the transport of containers by rail
                       ITLU - Lucca         VI - UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS                   Requestor
InternationalAssociationOfCorporationAdministrators - International Association of Corporation Administrators
                       ITMC - Macerata       VN - VIET NAM                                   of Industrial
InternationalAssociationOfIndustrialAccidentBoardsAndCommissions - International Association Respondent Accident Boards and Commissions
                      ITME - Messina          VU VANUATU
InternationalStandardsOrganization - International- Standards Organization                        ResponsiblePerson
Iowa                   ITMI - Milan           WF - WALLIS AND FUTUNA ISLANDS                      ResponsiblePersonForComputerDataProcessing - Responsib
                         ITMN - Mantova
IP - Institute of Petroleum                   WS - SAMOA                                          ResponsiblePersonforInformationDissemination - Responsib
                     ITMO - Modena        YE - YEMEN
IronAndSteelStandardsCommitteeISM - Iron and Steel Standards CommitteeI SM                        ResponsiblePersonForInformationProduction - Responsible p
                      ITMS Customs
IS-IcelandCustoms - Iceland - Massa Carrara YT - MAYOTTE                                          ReviewAndRepricingContact
                       ITMT - Matera          YU -
ISO - International Organization for StandardizationYUGOSLAVIA (FED REP OF)                       SalesAdministration - Name of the sales administration conta
                      ITNA - Naples         Office
InsuranceServicesOffice - Insurance ServicesZA - SOUTH AFRICA                                     SalesRepresentativeOrDepartment - The sales representativ
IT - Italian State Railways - Novara          ZM - ZAMBIA                                         ScheduleContact - Name of the scheduling contact within a c
                    ITNU - Nuoro               association
IT-AssociazioneBancariaItaliana - Italian bankZW - ZIMBABWE                                       SchoolClerk
                        ITOR - Oristano
IT-ItalianCustoms - Italian Customs                                                               SchoolOfTheologyAdmissionsOffice
                     ITPA - Palermo
IT-ODETTE - The national organisation representing Italy in ODETTE                                SchoolOfVeterinaryMedicineAdmissionsOffice
                      ITPC - Piacenza
IT-SocieataInterbancariaPerLAutomazione                                                           SchoolPrincipal
                   ITPD - Padova
JapaneseStandardsAssociation - Japanese Standards Association                                     SecondaryTaxpayer
                    ITPE - Pescara
JP-JapanCustoms - Japan Customs                                                                   Secretary
                   ITPG Perugia
JP-MOT - Japanese Ministry -of Transport.                                                         ServiceContact - Department/person to be contacted in servi
                   ITPI - Safety Agency.
JP-MSA - Japanese MaritimePisa                                                                    ServiceManager
                  ITPN - Automated                                                  ServiceOrderWriter
JP-NACCS - NACCS (Nippon Pordenone Cargo Clearance System Operation Organization Center - Operations organization of the automated cargo clearan
Kansas                 ITPO - Prato                                                               ServiceOrganization
Kentucky               ITPR - Parma                                                               ServiceTeam
                      ITPS - Pesaro
LeasingIndustry - Leasing Industry                                                                ServiceTechnician
                      ITPT - Pistoia
LifeAndAnnuityIndustryCommittee - Life and Annuity Industry Committee                             ShipperContact
                       ITPV - Pavia                                                                  matters still pending
LI-LiechtensteinAuthority - Identification of relevant responsible agency for e.g. banking financial ShippingContact - The shipping department contact within an
                     ITPZ - register
LloydsRegisterOfShipping - A Potenza of ocean going vessels maintained by Lloyd's of London. SocialServicesWorker
Louisiana              ITRA - Ravenna                                                             SoftwareHouseContact - Department or person to contact wi
                     ITRC - Reggio Calabria
LU - Luxembourg National Railway Company                                                          SpecialProgramContact
                  ITRE - Reggio Emilia
LU-LuxembourgCustoms - Luxembourg Customs                                                         Spouse
Maine                  ITRG - Ragusa                                                              Staff
                   ITRI - Rieti
ManufacturingCompany - Manufacturing Company                                                      Student
Maryland               ITRM - Rome                                                                StudentinAbsentia
Massachusetts          ITRN - Rimini                                                              StudySubmitterContact
                     ITRO - Rovigo
MaterialSafetyDataSheetProvider - MaterialSafetyDataSheet(MSDS)Provider                           SubmittingContact
Michigan                ITRV - Rovigo                                                            Supervisor
                        ITSA - Salerno
MilitaryStandard - Military Standard                                                             SupplierContact - Department/person to be contacted at the
Minnesota               ITSI - Siena                                                             SystemsAdministrator
Mississippi             ITSO - Sondrio                                                           TechnicalContact - Department/person to contact for matters
Missouri                ITSP - La Spezia                                                         TechnicalDepartment
Montana                 ITSR - Siracusa                                                          TechnicalDocumentationRecipient - Department/person to re
                   ITSS - Sassari
MortgageBankersAssociationOfAmerica - Mortgage Bankers Association of America                    TechnicalMarketingRepresentative
                   ITSV - Savona                                                          TechnicalWriter
MY-DagangNet - Malaysia, Dagang.Net is a national clearing house which provide EDI/VAN service for customs, transport, retail and financial and other indu
                    ITTA - Taranto                                                           to charge with promoting economic - Department/person to
MY-MalaysiaCentralBank - Malaysia Central Bank is a regulatory body set up by the governmentTelecommunicationsNetworkContactmonetary and credit con
                   ITTE - Teramo
MY-MalaysiaCustomsAndExcise - Malaysia Royal Customs and Excise.                                 TelephoneAnsweringServiceContact
                     ITTN Trento
NACE - National Association- Of Corrosion Engineers                                              Tenant
                     ITTO Turin
NAGS - National Auto Glass -Specification                                                        TenderDeveloper
                     ITTP - Trapani
NationalAlcoholBeverageControlAssociation - National Alcohol Beverage Control Association        TestContact - Department/person responsible for testing con
                     ITTR - Terni                                                         Third-PartyAdministratorContact - Third Party Administrator C
NationalAssociationOfBusinessAndEducationalRadio - National Association of Business and Educational Radio
                    ITTS - Trieste
NationalBusinessFormsAssociation - National Business Forms Association                           TownPlanningContact - Department/person to contact for ma
                      ITTV - - National
NationalCenterforStateCourts Treviso Center for State Courts                                     TrafficAdministrator - The traffic administrator contact within
                     ITUD - Udine
NationalCottonCouncilOfAmerica - National Cotton Council Of America                              TrafficAuthorityContact - Department/person to contact for m
                    ITVA - Varese
NationalCouncilOnCompensationInsurance - National Council on Compensation Insurance              Transmitter
                     ITVC - Vercelli
NationalRetailMerchantsAssociation - National Retail Merchants Association                       TransportContact - Department/person in charge of transport
                    ITVE - Venice
NationalWholesaleDruggistsAssociation - National Wholesale Druggists Association                 TransportInfrastructureAuthority - Department/person to cont
                     ITVI - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as an authorizing agency for code lists.
NATO - A code to identify theVicenza                                                        Treasurer
                       ITVR - Verona
NaturalGasUtilities - Natural Gas Utilities                                                      UltimateConsignee - Final recipient of the consignment.
                      Information Center
NCIC - National Crime ITVT - Viterbo                                                             UltimateReceiver
Nebraska                ITVV - Vibo Valentia                                                     UndergraduateAdmissionsOffice
                     USAK - Alaska
NEMA - National Electric Manufacturers Association                                               Underwriter
Nevada                  USAL - Alabama                                                           UnionPresident
NewHampshire            USAR - Arkansas                                                          VicePresident
NewJersey               USAS - American Samoa                                                    WaiverContact - Code specifying a party knowledgeable abo
NewMexico               USAZ - Arizona                                                           Warehouse - The warehouse contact within an organization.
                    USCA - California
NewspaperAssociationOfAmerica - Newspaper Association of America                                 WaterSupplyContact - Department/person to contact for mat
NewYork                 USCO - Colorado                                                          Witness
                      USCT - Connecticut
NFPA - National Fire Protection Agency                                                           WorkBrokerMaintenanceManager
                      USDC - District of
NICB - National Insurance Crime Bureau Columbia                                                  WorkshopContact - Department/person to contact for matters
                       USDE - Delaware
NIOSH - National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health                                     WorksManagementContact - Department/person to contact f
                      USFL - Florida
NL - Foundation Uniform Transport Code is the EDI organization for shippers, carriers, and other logistics service providers in the Netherlands.
                      Netherlands Railways
NetherlandsRailways - USGA - Georgia
                    USGU - Guam
NL-BEANETBV             USHI - Hawaii
                     based Iowa
NL-EAN - Netherlands USIA - European Article Numbering Association (EAN)
                      USID - Idaho
NL-InterpayCards - Interpay Cards
                       USIL Giraal
NL-InterpayGiraal - Interpay - Illinois
                    USIN - Indiana
NL-NetherlandsCustoms - NetherlandsCustoms
                    USKS - Kansas
NL-ODETTE - The national organisation representing Netherlands in ODETTE
                     USKY - Kentucky
NorweigianStateRailway - Norwegian State Railway
                      USLA - Louisiana
NO - Enhetsregisteret ved Bronnoysundregisterne - The co-ordinating register for companies and business units of companies at the Bronnoysund register ce
NO-NORPRO               USMA - Massachusetts
                   USMD - Maryland
NO-NorwegianBankersAssociation - Norweigian Bankers Association
                  USME - Maine
NO-NorwegianCustoms - Norwegian Customs
                    USMI - Michigan
NO-NorwegianInterbankResearchOrganization - Norweigian Interbank Research Organization
                    USMN - Minnesota
NorthAmerica-TelecommunicationsIndustryForum - Trade association representing telecommunications service providers, equipment manufacturers, supplie
NorthCarolina           USMO - Missouri
NorthDakota             USMP - Northern Mariana Isl
                      USMS - Mississippi
NTP - National Toxicology Program
                  USMT - Montana
NZ-NewZealandCustoms - New Zealand Customs
                    USNC - North Carolina
ODETTE - Organization for Data Exchange through Tele-Transmission in Europe (European automotive industry project).
                   USND - North Dakota
OfficeOfManagementAndBudget - Office of Management and Budget
                   USNE - Nebraska
OfficeOfWorkersCompensationPrograms - Office of Workers Compensation Programs
OfficeProducts - OfficeUSNH - New Hampshire
Ohio                   USNJ - New Jersey
Oklahoma               USNM - New Mexico
                       USNV - Nevada
OpticalIndustry - Optical Industry
Oregon                 USNY - New York
                     USOH - Ohio
OSHA - United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Pennsylvania           USOK - Oklahoma
                      USOR - Oregon
PennsylvaniaCourts - Pennsylvania Courts
                       USPA - Pennsylvania
PL - Polish State Railway
                     USPR - Puerto Rico
PT - Portuguese Railways
                     USRI Rhode Island
PT-CB - Banco de Portugal - -Portuguese Central Bank
                   USSC - South Customs
PT-PortugueseCustoms - PortugueseCarolina
                    USSD - South Dakota
PT-SIBS - Poruguese Sociedade Interbancaria de Servicos - Portuguese automated clearing house
                      USTN - - Real Estate
RealEstateInformationIndustry Tennessee Information Industry
RhodeIsland            USTX - Texas
                     USUT - Utah
RINET - Reinsurance and Insurance Network
RO - Rumanian State Railway- Virginia
                    USVI - Virgin Islands
RU-BIC - Russian Bank Identification Code
                      USVT - Telecommunications - Russian company representing the users of the Global Financial Telecommunication Network (GFTN)
RU-SFT - Society for Financial Vermont
                      USWA - Washington
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
                   USWI - Wisconsin
SA-SaudiArabiaCustoms - Saudi Arabia Customs
SE - Swedish State Railway - West Virginia
                    USWY - Wyoming
SE-CentralBank - Swedish central bank.
SE-ODETTE - The national organisation representing Scandinavian countries in ODETTE
SE-SvenskaBankfoereningen - Swedish bankers association.
SE-SwedishCustoms - Swedish Customs
ShippersAssociation - Code assigned by a shipper's association
SISAC - Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee
SK - Slovakian State Railways
StateAgencyAssigned - State Agency Assigned
StudentLoanGuarantor - Student Loan Guarantor
SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c.
TALC - Textile Apparel Linkage Council
TelecommunicationsIndustry - Telecommunications Industry
TemporaryHelpIndustry - Temporary Help Industry
TexasLandTitleAssociation - Texas Land Title Association
TextileDistributorsAssociationInc - Textile Distributors Association, Inc.
TDCC-EDIA - Transportation Data Coordinating Committee:Electronic Data Interchange Association
TW-ChineseTaipeiCustoms - Chinese Taipei Customs - Customs authorities of Chinese Taipei responsible for collecting import duties and preventing smugg
TW-Trade-van - Trade-van is an EDI/VAN service centre for customs, transport, and insurance in national and international trade.
UCS - Uniform Code Council
UIC - International Union of Railways
UN - United Nations
UNECE - United Nations - Economic Commission for Europe
UNCTAD - UNCTAD (United Nations - Conference on Trade And Development)
UnitedStatesCourts - United States Courts
UnitedStatesMarineCorps - United States Marine Corps
UnitedStatesNuclearRegulatoryCommission - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
UPU - Universal Postal Union
US-AA - Aluminum Association
US-AAR - Association of American Railroads
US-ABA - American Bankers Association
US-AIAG - US-Automotive Industry Action Group
US-AirTransportAssociationOfAmerica - U.S.-based trade association representing the major North American scheduled airlines
US-AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
US-AmericanPetroleumInstitute - US-based trade association representing oil and natural gas producers, shippers, refineries, marketers, etc
US-ANSIASCX12 - American National Standards Institute ASC X12.
US-API - American Paper Institute
US-ASTM - American Society of Testing and Materials
US-ATF - A code representing the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Department of Treasury (ATF)
US-BATF - United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) Note: This code value will be removed effective with directory D.01A
US-BXA - A code representing the United States Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) under the Department of Commerce (DOC)
US-CHIPS - United States Clearing House Interbank Payment Systems
US-CIDX - Chemical Industry Data Exchange
US-CM - Carbide Manufacturers
US-COPAS - Council of Petroleum Accounting Society
US-DAndB - Dun and Bradstreet Corporation
US-DCI - US-Distribution Codes, INC.
US-DEA - US-Drug Enforcement Agency
US-DHHS - United States Department of Health and Human Services
US-DISA - Data Interchange Standards Association
US-DISCUS - United States Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS)
US-DLMSO - The Defense Logistics Management Standards Office.
US-DOA - Department of Agriculture, United States federal agency.
US-DOD - The US Department of Defense.
US-DODAAC - Department Of Defense Active Agency Code
US-DOL - To identify the United States department of labour.
US-DOT - United States Department of Transportation.
US-DSAA - A code representing the United States Defense Security Assistance Agency (DSAA) under the Department of Defense (DOD)
US-EIA - Electronic Industry Association
US-FCC - Federal Communications Commission
US-FDA - Food and Drug Administration
US-FIPS - US-Federal Information Publishing Standard
US-FMC - US-Federal Maritime Commission
US-FWS - Fish and Wildlife Service
US-GSA - The US General Services Administration.
US-HBICC - Code identifying the United States Health Industry Business Communication Council
US-HI - United States health industry
US-HL7 - United States, electronic data interchange standards-making organization, Health Level 7
US-ISA - Codes assigned by the Information Systems Agreement (ISA) for use by its members.
US-MARAD - A code representing the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) under the Department of Tranportation (DOT)
US-NABCA - United States National Alcohol Beverage Control Assocation (NABCA)
US-NAIC - National Association of Insurance Commissioners
USNationalCenterForHealthStatisticsCommissionOfProfessionalAndHospitalActivities - U.S. National Center for Health Statistics Commission of Professiona
US-NationalMotorFreightClassificationAssociation - The organisation in the USA which is responsible for code maintencance in the trucking industry
                     US-NationalRetailFederation - The National Retail Federation is the trade assocation for the general merchandise retailing industry. In addition to providing su
                     US-NCCMA - Account Analysis Codes
                     US-NIST - The US National Institute of Standards and Technology.
                     US-NRC - A code representing the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
                     US-NWDA - National Wholesale Druggist Association
                     US-ODTC - A code representing the United States Office of Defense Trade Controls (ODTC) under the Department of State
                     US-OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control
                     US-OMB - Office of Management and Budget
                     US-StandardCarrierAlphaCode - Organisation maintaining the SCAC lists and transportation operating in North America
                     US-TDCC - United States Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
                     US-UCC - Uniform Code Council
                     US-UN-SPSC - United Nations Standard Products and Services Classification Association
                     US-UOP - United States Universal Oil Products
                     US-USCensusBureau - The Bureau of the Census of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.
                     US-USCustomsService - U.S. Customs Service
                     US-USPS - United States Postal Service (USPS)
                     US-VA - The Department of Veterans Affairs.
                     US-VICS - Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standards
                     US-WSSA - United States based Wine and Spirits Shippers Association
                     UtilityIndustryGroup - Utility Industry Group
                     VICS - Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standard (VICS) EDI
                     WHMIS - Canadian Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
 in accordance with the rules laid down by an authority or approved body certifying that the goods described therein qualify for a designation specific to the given region (e.g. c
on of previously submitted registration information.
ng registration details.
d validity of previously submitted registration information.
d direct debit(s).

 the remittance of payment.

ge reporting transactions for information only.
FromTheReceiver - A message reporting transactions which need further information from the receiver.
Request for an amendment of a documentary credit.
e issued by a supplier requesting instructions from the buyer regarding the details of the delivery of goods ordered.
a request for financial cancellation.
y a creditor to a debtor to request payment of one or more invoices past due.
a quote on specified goods or services.
e items or data sets of statistical data.
 uirements contract that authorizes the filling of all purchase requirements during a specified contract period.
 te prepared by the consignor for the facilitation of an eventual return to the origin of the goods.
 Response to an amendment of a documentary credit.
message in which the competent national authorities provide a declarant with an acceptance or a rejection about a received declaration for European statistical purposes.
 ponse to a previously sent banking status message.

se to an occurrence of a registration message.
hat have been unloaded and then reloaded onto the same means of transport.

age which evidences a contract between a carrier and a sender for the carriage of goods by road (generic term). Remark: For international road traffic this document must con
which is drawn up for each consignment note; it accompanies the consignment over the whole route and is a rail transport document

e to supply advice on a dangerous or hazardous material to industrial customers so as to enable them to take measures to protect their employees and the environment from
 the safety of a ship's equipment to a specified date.
 afety of a ship's radio facilities to a specified date.
 s safety to a specified date.

he competent authority in the exporting country evidencing that alimentary and animal products including dead animals are fit for human consumption and giving details when
ce for a determined period of time.
nces a contract for the carriage of goods by sea and the taking over of the goods by the carrier and by which the carrier undertakes to deliver the goods to the consignee nam
an existing segment.

hat the customer is claiming credit in a self billing environment.
ing instead of the seller.
a sequence of product delivery.
ning the contents of a service directory set or parts thereof.

e issued by a consignor in which he gives details of a consignment of goods that enables an airline or its agent to prepare an air waybill.
details of cargo and exporter's requirements for its physical movement.
shipper or his agent to the carrier multimodal transport operator terminal or other receiving authority giving information about export consignments offered for transport and pr
garding the contents of the ship's stores (equivalent to IMO FAL 3) i.e. goods intended for consumption by passengers/crew on board vessels aircraft or trains whether or not
ange to an existing simple data element.
 ple data element.
 replacing the various (national) forms for Customs declaration within the EC implemented on 01-01-1988.

nder of a production's batch.

 f products at fixed regular intervals.

 - Documents/messages issued within an enterprise for the for the purpose of collection of production and other internal statistics and for other administration purposes.
of data or data sets.
statistical definitions.
which an exporter provides information about exported goods required by the body responsible for the collection of international trade statistics.

of a related message.
n an enterprise ordering the taking out of stock of goods.
at identifies the manufacturer's subcontracting strategy for a specific contract.
contains only limited information because of the absence of the original.
maries for several earlier sent sales reports.
erationOfDangerousGoods - Supplementary document to apply for cargo operation of dangerous goods.
tOfDangerousGoods - Supplementary document to apply for transport of dangerous goods.

 seller of the replacement of goods previously ordered.
 ansport of liquid bulk cargo.
ks a contractor to perform a specified function.
 calculation/confirmation response message to permit the transfer of data from Customs to the transmitter of the previous message.
ning a general tax declaration.
e in which an importer states the pertinent information required by the competent body for assessment of value-added tax.

 a tax notification.

 a contract of carriage from one place to another in separate stages of which at least one stage is a sea transit and by which the issuing carrier accepts responsibility for the c
 which the sender declares goods for carriage by rail in accordance with the provisions of the 1952 International Convention to facilitate the crossing of frontiers for goods car

tional Transit by Road) issued by a guaranteeing association approved by the Customs authorities under the cover of which goods are carried in most cases under Customs s

ned tracking numbers.

go or items of transport equipment to a specified party.
of a means of transport from a particular facility.
 specified cargo containers or transport equipment from a means of transport.
 ers or transport equipment unloaded from a particular means of transport.
ying for a given dangerous goods item information such as nature of hazard protective devices actions to be taken in case of accident spillage or fire and first aid to be given.
em or items of empty transport equipment are available for return.
ept items of transport equipment which are to be delivered by an inland carrier (rail road or barge) to a specified facility.
aged items of transport equipment that have been returned.
arding the delivery of transport equipment.
rt on the movement of containers or other items of transport equipment being exchanged establishing relevant rental periods.
uction to release an item of empty transport equipment to a specified party or parties.
e that containers or other items of transport equipment may be expected to be delivered to a certain location.
Report of transport equipment which has been repaired or has had maintenance performed.
 horization - Authorization to have transport equipment repaired or to have maintenance performed.
 imateAdvice - Advice providing estimates of transport equipment maintenance and repair costs.
 imateOrder - Order to draw up an estimate of the costs of maintenance or repair of transport equipment.
 n to perform one or more different movements of transport equipment.
ne or more different movements of transport equipment.
 ovement of containers or other items of transport equipment to record physical movement activity and establish the end of a rental period.
minate the lease on an item of transport equipment at a specified time.
empty items of transport equipment for on-hire to a lessee and authorizing collection by or on behalf of a specified party.
 ovement of containers or other items of transport equipment to record physical movement activity and establish the beginning of a rental period.
ansport equipment to be made available for hire.
 o pack cargo into a container or other item of transport equipment.
 Confirmation that an item of transport equipment is available for collection.
quest for confirmation that an item of transport equipment will be available for collection.
em of transport equipment has been collected.
ement of containers or other items of transport within a facility.
uction to perform a specified service or services on an item or items of transport equipment.
n one or more changes of status associated with an item or items of transport equipment.
mber of items of transport equipment stored at one or more locations.
a survey on specified items of transport equipment.
nse to an order to conduct a survey of transport equipment.
 specified items of transport equipment.
on to unpack specified cargo from specified containers or other items of transport equipment.
e completion of unpacking specified containers or other items of transport equipment.
go containers or transport equipment onto a means of transport.
oading cargo containers or other transport equipment onto a means of transport.
ward movement of cargo containers or other items of transport equipment which have been delivered to a facility by an inland carrier.
outward movement of cargo containers or other items of transport equipment (either full or empty) which have been picked up by an inland carrier.
nsport status and/or change in the transport status (i.e. event) between agreed parties.
ansport status report (e.g. through the International multimodal status report message IFSTA).
ns of which the supplier or consignor informs the buyer consignee or the distribution center about the dispatch of goods for transshipment.
y of products packed according to the final delivery point which will be moved across a dock in a distribution center without further handling.
ged outturn resulting from container vessel unpacking.

ator: goods are moved under customs control for warehousing due to being time-up.
 or: goods are to move by sea under customs control to a customs office where formalities will be completed.
Customs approval to move cargo from one Customs control point to another.
ng to move cargo from one Customs control point to another.

ng a United Nations Standard Message (UNSM).

 nt/message evidencing a contract of carriage covering the movement of goods by any mode of transport or combination of modes for national as well as international transpo
ng a detailed quantity based specification issued in an unpriced form to invite tender prices.
mission to unship cargo.

 g the contents of a user directory set or parts thereof.
munization against certain diseases.

eclarant (importer) states the invoice or other price (e.g. selling price price of identical goods) and specifies costs for freight insurance and packing etc. terms of delivery and p
that the message being transmitted identifies all short and surplus cargoes off-loaded from a vessel at a specified discharging port.
y the competent authority in the exporting country evidencing that live animals or birds are not infested or infected with disease and giving details regarding their provenance a
mination of the wages to be paid.
 sued by a Warehouse Keeper to a person placing goods in a warehouse and conferring title to the goods stored.

ontract for the transport of cargo.

rigin or appellation of wine.
l is free from specified risks to human or animal health.
mber10385 - Written instructions relating to dangerous goods and defined in the European Agreement of Dangerous Transport by Road known as ADR (Accord europeen rela
                                    PaymentTermCoded TermsOfDeliveryFunctionCoded
                 ContactNumberTypeCoded                                                       PaymentMeanCoded ReferenceTypeCoded
                    Other - Custom Code - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code Other - Custom Code  Other - Custom                            Code
                                      10DaysAfterEndOfMonth - Payment due ten days after- end of a calendar to be charged to an - Bill drawn by the creditor on the debtor
                                                                                Account The charges are month.
                      TelephoneNumber - Telephone Number PriceCondition - Description to be provided. AcceptedBillOfExchangeaccount.
                                                          DespatchCondition - outstanding credits The the customer under other the supplier shall deliver: Extent of one
                                                                                AdvanceCollect - by amount
                                                                                                       ACHDemandCashConcentrationOrDisbursementCredit - A credit
                                      AdjustmentPayment - Payment adjusted for Condition requestedor debits. of freight or which charge on a shipment advanced by freig
                      FaxNumber - Fax Number                                                                                       AcceptableSourceDUNSNumb
                                                         PriceandDespatchCondition - Description Costs provided. paid in advance.
                                                                               AdvancePrepaid - to be have been
                                      AdvancedPayment - Payment in advance of due date.
                      EmailAddress - Email Address                                                     ACHDemandCashConcentrationOrDisbursementDebit - A debit tr
                      MobileNumber - Mobile Number                                                     ACHDemandCashConcentrationOrDisbursementPlusCredit is cr
                                                                                                                                   An indication that will take care A -
                                                                                Indicates that the customer will pick up the goods at the supplier. Hethe consignee-of th
                                                         CollectedByCustomer -CashOnDeliveryServiceChargePaidByConsignee -AcceptableSourceSupplierIDre
                                                           TransportCondition - Specifies
                                                                                 CashOnDeliveryServiceChargePaidByConsignor - AccessCode - Access Coderes
                                                                                                         ACHDemandCashConcentrationOrDisbursementPlusDebit A de
                                                                                                                                   An place under the responsibility
                                      AvailableByAcceptance - Payment on acceptance. the conditions under which the transport takesindication that the consignor-is of t
                      TelexNumber - Telex Number
                                                           DeliveryCondition - Specifies the conditions under which the goods must be delivered to the-consignee.
                                                                                 Collect - A shipment ACHDemandCorporateTradeExchangeCredit A
                                      AvailableByDeferredPayment - Payment made at deferred date. on which freight charges will be paid by consignee. credit transactio
                      PagerNumber - Pager Number                                                                                   AccessorialRailDiversionRefer
                                                                              CollectFreightCreditedToPaymentCustomer - The freight is collect but has been - Acce
                                    AvailableByNegotiation - Payment made by negotiation.
                      HomePage - Home Page                                                                                  AccessorialStatusCode paid by
                                                                                                    ACHDemandCorporateTradeExchangeDebit - A debit transaction
                                                                              CollectOnDelivery     ACHDemandCorporateTradePaymentCredit - A credit transaction
                      WWW - WWW AvailableByNegotiationByNamedBank - Payment made by negotiation with a specified financial institution.
                                                                                                                            AccidentReferenceNumber - R
                      FTP - ftp                                                                         with any bank.          AccountCategory - transaction m
                                                                                 CustomerPick-UpOrBackhaul - Buyer's private carriage picks up the goodsAccount Ca
                                        AvailableByNegotiationWithAnyBank - Payment made by negotiationACHDemandCorporateTradePaymentDebit - A debitas a return lo
                                                                                  DefinedByBuyerAndSeller -
                                                                                                        ACHDemandCredit - A credit transaction
                                        AvailableByNegotiationWithAnyBankin - Payment made by negotiation with any bank in a specified location. made through the ACH
                     URLOther - URL Other                                                                                           AccountingCode - Accounting
                                                                                  sight.                ACHDemandCreditReversal - buyer at to reverse Responsibility
                                        AvailableBySightPayment - Payment made atFobPortOfCall - Title and control of goods pass to theA request port of call. a credit transa
Mailbox - General Electric Information Service                                                                                      AccountingEquipmentLocation
 ormationExchange                                                                  HalfPrepaid                                     transaction made through the ACH sy
                                        BankTransfer - The payment terms require the use of bank transfer. ACHDemandDebit - A debitAccountingFileReference - Re
                                                                                                             ACHDemandDebitReversal -has been provided for an ACH debit t
                                                                                                                                      A request to reverse information -
 lMail - Internal mail address/number. Basic - Payment conditions normally applied. InformationCopy-NoPaymentDue - Transaction setAccountingPeriodReference on
Postal service document delivery.                                                                            ACHPreArrangedPaymentAndDeposit - A consumer credit Acco
                                                                                     call for the use of basic commission terms.   AccountManagersCode - for th
                                       BasicCommissionTerms - The payment termsInsuranceCostsPaidByConsignee - An indication that the consignee is responsibletransa
                                        BasicDiscountOffered                                              ACHSavingsCashConcentrationOrDisbursementCredit - A for the
                                                                                      InsuranceCostsPaidByConsignor - An indication that the consignor is responsible credit t
                                                                                                                                      AccountNumber - Identification
                                        transferring data by means of terms require the so of billconsignment
                                                                                     Mixed The channel is occupied only during the transmission; upon completion debit tra
                                                                                                           ACHSavingsCashConcentrationOrDisbursementDebit - A of the t
 Switching - The process of routing and BillOfExchange - The paymentaddressed packetsuse- that a of partially collect and partially prepaid.
                                        BillToBill                                   NonRevenue
T - Communications address assigned by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c.                                AccountPartysReference - Ref
                                                                                                           ACHSavingsCashConcentrationOrDisbursementPlusCredit - A cr
 one - Voice/data transmission by telephone.                                       NotSpecified -                                    AccountPayableNumber - A deb
                                                                                                        ACHSavingsCashConcentrationOrDisbursementPlusDebit - Refe
                                                                                   are made in - Transport charges will be paid by the buyer.
 aph - Text transmission via telegraph. Cash - The payment terms are that payments PaidByBuyercash.     ACHSavingsCorporateTradeExchangeCredit - A credit transaction
  Transmission of text/data via telex.  CashAccount                                                     ACHSavingsCorporateTradeExchangeDebit - A debit transaction
                                                                                   PaidBySupplierOrSeller - Transport charges will be paid by the supplier.
                                                                                    require cash payment ACHSavingsCorporateTradePaymentCredit - A credit transaction
                                                                                                           before document transfer. AccountsReceivableNumber -
                                          CashAgainstDocuments - The payment termsPayableElsewhere - Place of payment not known at the begin of conveyance.
ail - Transmission of text/data via telemail.
                                                                                    PerContract            ACHSavingsCorporateTradePaymentDebit - A debit transaction m
                                          CashByStateLaw - The payment terms are dictated by state law requiring payment of cash.
 xt - Transmission of text/data via teletext.                                                                                        AccountsReceivableOpenItem
                                       CashDiscountTermsApply - The payment terms are that a discount is applicable if payment credit are chargesmade through the ACH s
                                                                                   Pickup - Customer media. Teletypewriter machines transaction at used to point.
                                                                                                           ACHSavingsCredit - A of is made in cash.
  Communication service involving Teletypewriter machines connected by wire or electronic transmission is responsible for the paymentpickup the devicesshipping send and re
 - CCITT Message handling system.      CashonAdvance                               PrepaidAndSummaryBill                               - A request to reverse an Account
                                                                                                           ACHSavingsCreditReversalAccountSuffixCode - ACH credit S
                                                                                   PrepaidButChargedToCustomer - shipping charges have beenmadein advance of shipm
                                                                                                         ACHSavingsDebit services. transaction paid through the ACH sy
                                        CashonArrival - The payment terms require payment by cash on arrival of the goods or - A debit AcknowledgementOfOrderNum
                                                                                  PrepaidByProcessor ACHSavingsDebitReversal - A request to reverse an ACH debit tr
                                        CashOnDelivery - The payment terms are cash is due on delivery of merchandise.       ActionAuthorizationNumber - A
                                                                                 involve a vendor Seller for payment by payment to carrier for freight charges prior to
                                                                                                      AutomatedClearingHouseCredit - A credit transaction made throu
                                        CashPerVendorRequest - The payment termsPrepaid-BySeller -requestof goods makes cash. AdditionalReferenceNumber -s
                                                                                                        AutomatedClearingHouseDebit - A debit transaction made throug
                                        CashWithOrder - The payment terms require the payment in cash with placement of the order. AddOnSystemNumber - Add-O
                                                                                    PrepaidOnly - Payment in advancePayment by means of a card issued to delivery or othe
                                                                                                            BankCard - of freight and/or other charges prior by a bank of shi
                                        CertifiedCheck - The payment terms require the use of a certified cheque.                      AddresseeReference - Descrip
                                                                                  ReturnContainerFreightFree -payment. no freight charge for returning the container.
                                                                                                          effect There is
                                        ChargeCard - The payment terms permit the use of a charge card to Bankcheque-IssuedByABankingOrSimilarEstablishment
                                                                                ReturnContainerFreightPaidByCustomer The freight
                                                                                                      may not be
                                        CompletePayment - Payment must be made for complete value and BankDraft paid in- instalments.for returning the container is paid b
                                                                                   ReturnContainerFreightPaidBySupplier - The consumed. draft returning the the funds.
                                                                                                            when they are sold of a banker's
                                                                                                                                       AdjustmentControlNumber - is
                                        Consignment - The payment terms are that the goods will be paid forBankersDraft - Issueor freight charge for in payment of container A
dertaking or arranging transport of goods between named points.
                                                                                   Rule11Shipment          BillDrawnByCreditorOnThirdPartyAndAcceptedAndEndorsedByAB
                                        ContractBasis - The payment terms are based on a contract with a vendor.                       AdjustmentMemoChargeBack
                                                                                     ServiceFreight-NoCharge - The consignment is AdministratorsReferenceNumb
                                                                                                            BillDrawnByTheCreditorAndEndorsedByAnotherBank - Descriptio
 de specifying a contact with knowledge CostPlus - The payment terms permit reimbursement of costs plus other authorised changes. shipped on a service basis and there is n
                                        of a certification action.
                                                                                     the monitoring A thirdBillDrawnByTheCreditorOnABank orDescription to be provided.
                                                                                                              by the grantor.           buyer - seller, is identified as respon
                                        CreditControlled - The payment terms involve ThirdPartyPay -of credit party, someone other than AdversaryCase - Adversary Ca
                                                                                   WeightCondition - seasonal dating.
                                                                                                        BillDrawnByTheCreditorOnABankAndEndorsedByAThirdParty - D
                                        DatingGiven - The payment terms in which suppliers may extendDescription to be provided. AdvertiserNumber - Advertiser
o made the change.                      DeferredOrInstallment                                               BillDrawnByTheCreditorOnAThirdParty - Description to be provide
                                                                                                                                    AdviceOfCollectionNumber - [1
                                        DepositRequired - The payment terms require a deposit be provided.BillDrawnByTheCreditorOnTheDebtor
                                        Discount                                                            BillingAccount              AdvisingBanksReference - Re
                                        DiscountNotApplicable                                               BookEntryCredit - A credit transaction, initiated from the buyer's a
                                                                                                      BookEntryDebit - debit transaction initiated from the seller's acc
                                        DiscountWithAdvancePayment - The payment terms include a discount when paymentAis made in advance.
                                                                                                                                AFE - Authorization For Expen
                                        DiscountWithPromptPay - The payment terms include a discount when payment is made within a time frame designated as prompt pa
                                                                                                                                 AffectedSubsystemCode - Affe
                                                                                                      Ccd - liability before document of transfer.
                                        DocumentsAgainstAcceptance - The payment terms require acceptance ofNacha Cash Concentration Or Disbursement-Funds Transa
act - Department/person to contact for matters regarding city works.                                                              AffiliationNumber - Affiliation N
                                                                                                      CcdPlus - Nacha Cash Concentration/Disbursement- Funds Tran
                                        DocumentsAgainstPayment - The payment terms require payment before document transfer. AgencyAssignedEmployeeID -
                                        Elective - Payment terms to be chosen by buyer (from options separately advised)              AgencyAssignedNumber - Age
                                        EndOfMonth                                                          CertifiedCheque           AgencyCaseNumber - Agency
ment/person to contact for matters regarding claims.                                                        Cheque                    AgencyClaimNumber - Agency
                                        FastPay                                                                                       Amounts which two partners owe to e
                                                                                                            ClearingBetweenPartners - AgencyClauseNumber - A num
                                        FixedDate                                                           CompensationByBalance AIDAR - Agency for Internation
                                        FixedDateLatePaymentPenaltyApplies                                  Credit                    AgencyHierarchicalLevel - Age
                                         FixedFee - The payment term requires a fixed fee payment.              CreditAccount                  AgencyLocationCode - Agency
                                         InstallmentPaymentsAreDueAnnually                                      CreditCard                     AgencysStudentNumber - Age
                                          InstallmentPaymentsAreDueMonthly                                       CreditTransfer                AgentClaimNumber - Agent Cl
                                          InstallmentPaymentsAreDueQuarterly                                     Ctp - (NachaCorporateTradePayment-TransactionPlusRemittance
                                                                                                                                               AgentContractNumber - Agent
                                          InstallmentPaymentsAreDueSemiAnnually                                  Ctx - NachaCorporateTradeExchange-TransactionPlusRemittance
                                                                                                                                               AgentNumber - Agent Number
                                          Instant - Payment is due on receipt of invoice.                        Debited                       AgentsBankReference - Refer
                                          InterCompanyAccount - The payment terms involve the use of an inter-company account.                 AgentsReference - Reference
                                          IrrevocableLetterOfCredit - and agreed (e.g. by telephone) prior to the sending of this message.
                                                                                                                 irrevocable letter of credit.
 with whom the contents of the purchase order has been discussedThe payment terms require the use of an DeductionFromFilmRental AgentsShipmentNumber - Age
   to which goods are consigned.          LatePayment - Payment after due date.                                                                to be, or - Aerospace Ground E
                                                                                                                 DirectDebit - The amount isAGERDhas been, directly debited to
                                                                                    are included in the by him. Synonym:
                                          LeaseAgreement - The payment termshas them conveyed lease agreement. shipper/sender. AgreementNumber - A numbe
  which, by contract with a carrier, consigns or sends goods with the carrier, or
                                          LetterOfCredit - The payment terms require the use of a letter of credit.                            AgreementToPayNumber
                                                                                                                 ElectronicPaymentSystem AirCargoTransferManifest - Air
                                          LetterOfCreditAtSight - The payment terms require the presentation of a letter of credit.
 ment/person to contact for matters regarding contracts.
epartment/person to contact for mattersLiquidationtechnical coordination of works.
                                           regarding                                                             FreeFormatGiro - Ordering customer tells the ordering bank to us
                                                                                                                                               AirDimensionCode - Air Dimen
                                          LumpSum - The payment term requires a lump sum payment.                FreightPaymentBank            AirHandlingCode - Air Handling
                                          Mixed - Different payment terms negotiated under a documentary credit. Graduated                     AirlinesFlightIdentificationNum
                                          NetMonthFollowingInvoice                                               Hold - Indicates that the bank should hold the payment for collect
                                                                                                                                               AirlineTicketNumber - Airline T
                                          NoCharge                                                               Home-BankingDebitTransfer - A debit transfer initiated through ho
                                                                                                                                               AirWaybillNumber - Reference
                                          NonStandard - Terms of payment differ from the normal terms.           InCash                        AllotmentIdentification - Refere
                                          NotYetDefined                                                          IncomeContingent              AllowanceRecipientIdentificatio
 vidual responsible for customer relations.                                                                      IncomeSensitive               AlterationNumber - Alteration N
                                          PartialAdvance The payment terms require a partial payment in material.InKindPayment
 t - Department/person to be contacted for details about -the transportation of dangerous goods/hazardousadvance of completion.                AlternateClauseNumber - Alter
 ment/person responsible for delivery. PaymentByInstalment                                                       InstrumentNotDefined          AmbulatoryPatientGroupNumb
                                                                                                                 InterBankDebitTransfer - A AmendedUniformCommercialC
                                                                                                                                               (as transfer
                                          PaymentByinstalmentsAccordingToProgressAA - Payment by instalments according to progressdebitagreed) via interbank means.
                                          PaymentByInstalmentsAccordingToProgressTBA - Payment by instalments according to progress (to be agreed) Amendment
                                                                                                                                               Amendment -
ToExecuteExportProcedures                 PaymentDueUponReceiptOfInvoice                                         LetterOfCredit                AmendmentFiling - Amendmen
ToExecuteImportProcedures                 PaymentOrderThroughBank                                                Level-SumConstant             AmericanBankersAssociationT
                                           - Identification of the department or person responsible terms are specified purchase orders. invoice.
                                                                                                                 LocalCheque - Indicates AmericanGasAssociationEqua
sponsibleForProcessingPurchaseOrder PaymentTermsDefinedInConsolidatedInvoice - Paymentfor the processing of in a consolidatedthat the cheque is given local to the recip
                                          PaymentUponCompletion - The payment terms require payment upon completion.                           AmericanOsteopathicAssociat
                                          PenaltyTerms - Penalty terms.                                          MoneyOrder                    AmericanPetroleumInstituteDe
                                          Prepayment                                                                                            - Indicates that the payment should b
                                          PreviouslyAgreedUpon                                                   NotTransferableBankersDraft - Issue a bankers draft not endorsa
                                          ProgressPayment                                                        NotTransferableLocalCheque - Issue a cheque not endorsable in
                                                                                                                                               AnesthesiaLicenseNumber - A
                                          PromissoryNotes                                                        PayByCheck                    AnimalSpecies - Animal Speci
                                          PromptPaymentAct                                                       PaymentByPostGiro             AnimalStrain - Animal Strain
Person in charge of coordination of education. - Occurring in the next month after present.                      PaymentToBankAccount AntiDumpingCaseNumber - Re
                                          SecuredAccount - The payment                                           PetroleumClearinghouseBank
 - Department/person to contact for matters regarding electricity supply. terms call for the use of a secured account.                         APE - Activate Principale Exce
                                          SellByNote - The the coordination of matters related to the exchangePreviouslyCharged
                                                                                                                  of definite sum electronic ApplicableCoefficientIdentificat
                                                                                                                                               data interchange definite
geCoordinator - Code specifying a person responsible for payment terms involve a debtor who promises to pay ainformation in of money on demand or at aformat. time in the
                                          SellerToAdviseBuyer - Seller will advise buyer of payment terms by separate transaction.             ApplicableInstructionsOrStand
                                          SpecialProximo                                                         PrivateNettingPayByCheck ApplicantsBankReference - Re
                                          SupplierFloorPlan - The payment terms involve payment for merchandise owned as a third party.        ApplicantsReference - Referen
  ryTrafficManagementCommand                                                                                     PromissoryNoteSignedByABank
                                          TenorPaymentTerms - Payment to be made according to bilaterally agreed conditions between buyer and seller.
                                                                                                                                               ApplicationNumber - Applicatio
                                          TermsNotApplicable                                                     PromissoryNoteSignedByABankAndEndorsedByAnotherBank
                                          TradeAcceptance A trade acceptance                                     PromissoryNoteSignedByAThirdParty
oodsContact - Party who is to be contacted to intervene in -case of emergency. is a written acknowledgement of the sale of goods and promise to pay at a definite date and pl
                                          Ultimo - Payment is due the end of the current or specified month. PromissoryNoteSignedByAThirdPartyAndEndorsedByABank
                                                                                                                                               AppointmentNumber - Appoint
                                                                                                                 United States funds.
                                          UnitedStatesFundsRequired - The payment terms require the use of PromissoryNoteSignedByTheDebtor     AppraiserLicense - Appraiser L
 partment/person to contact for matters regarding engineering.                                                   PromissoryNoteSignedByTheDebtorAndEndorsedByAThirdParty
                                                                                                                                               AppropriationNumber - The nu
 individual who made the entry.                                                                                                                ApprovalCode - of exchange.
                                          UsanceBill - The payment terms are based on the time allowed by commercial usage for the payment of foreign bills Approval Code
                                                                                                                 ReferencedHome-BankingCreditTransfer - A referenced credit tra
                                                                                                                                               Area - Area
                                                                                                                 ReferenceGiro - Ordering customer tells the bank to use the paym
                                                                                                                                               ArrivalCode - Arrival Code
                                                                                                                 RelatedDetailAccount          ArticleNumber
                                                                                                                 RequestedMethodForPaymentWasNotUsed - If the requested me
                                                                                                                                               AssemblyLineFeedLocation - A
                                                                                                                 SpecialAccount                AssemblyNumber - Assembly
                                                                                                SummaryAccount             AssessmentNumber - Assessm
 istrativeContact                                                                               TravelersCheck             AssignedByTransactionSetSen
                                                                                                                           AssignedContractNumber - ser
                                                                                                UrgentGiro - Ordering customer tells the bank to use the bank As
                                                                                                Waived                     AssignedSequenceNumber - A
artment/person to contact for matters regarding gas supply.                                     WireTransfer               AssignmentNumber - Assignm
- Department/person responsible for receiving the goods at the place of delivery.                                          AssociatedCaseControlNumbe
                                                                                                                           AssociatedInvoices - Associate
                                                                                                                           AssociatedPolicyNumber - Ass
ct - Department/person responsible for hazardous material control.                                                         AssociatedProductNumber - A
 nDissemination - Head of unit to contact for matters regarding dissemination of information.                              AssociatedPropertyNumber - A
 nProduction - Head of unit to contact for matters regarding the production information.                                   AssociatedPurchaseOrders - A
DataProcessing - Head of unit to contact for matters regarding computer data processing.                                   AssociationOfAmericanRailroa
                                                                                                                           AssumingCompany - Descripti
                                                                                                                           AtaCarnetNumber - Reference
partment/person to contact for questions regarding transactions.                                                           AtomicSafetyandLicensingBoa
 rtment/person to contact for matters regarding insurance.                                                                 AttachedTo - Attached To
                                                                                                                           AttachmentCode - Attachment
                                                                                                                           Attorney - Attorney
 artment/person to contact for matters regarding investments.                                                              AuthorizationNumber - A numb
artment/person to contact for laboratory matters.                                                                          AutoLossItemNumber - Auto L
 partment/person to contact for matters regarding land registry.                                                           ACHReturnOrNotificationOfCh
                                                                                                                           ACHEntryDescription - Automa
                                                                                                                           ACHStandardEntryClass - Aut
 epartment or person to contact with regard to legal auditing.                                                             ACHTraceNumber - Automate
                                                                                                                           AxleRatio - Axle Ratio
epartment/person to contact for matters regarding maintenance                                                              BackoutProcedureCode - Back
                                                                                                                           BadgeNumber - Badge Numbe
                                                                                                                           BankersAcceptance - Referen
 Department/person responsible for the controlling/inspection of goods.                                                    BankReference - Cross referen
 ct - Department/person responsible for the disposition/scheduling of goods.                                               BankruptcyProcedureNumber
                                                                                                                           BankTelegraphicNumber - Ban
                                                                                                                           BankToBankInformation - Ban
                                                                                                                           BarCodedSerialNumber - Bar-
                                                                                                                           BargePermitNumber - Barge P
                                                                                                                           BatchNumberOrLotNumber - R
                                                                                                                           BatchSequenceNumber - Batc
                                                                                                           BeamAssemblyCode - Beam A
ct - Department/person to contact for matters regarding new developments (e.g. construction).              BeginMileMarker - Begin Mile M
idual responsible for managing the day to day activities of an office.                                     BeginningMeterReadingEstima
                                                                                                           BeginningSerialNumber - Begi
                                                                                                           BeneficiarysBankReference - R
dual to contact for questions regarding this order.                                                        BeneficiarysReference - Refer
                                                                                                           BidNumber - Number assigned
                                                                                                           BillAndHoldInvoiceNumber - B
                                                                                                           BillingAccount - Billing Accoun
                                                                                                           BillingCenterIdentification - Bill
                                                                                                           BillingType - Billing Type
                                                                                                           BillOfLadingNumber - Referen
                                                                                                           BillOfQuantitiesNumber - Refe
                                                                                                           BinaryObjectIdentifier - Binary
                                                                                                           BinLocationNumber - Bin Loca
                                                                                                           BlanketOrderNumber - Refere
                                                                                                           BlendedWithBatchNumber - B
artment/person to contact for matters regarding personnel (human resources).                               BlendedWithNumber - The bat
                                                                                                           Block - Block
                                                                                                           BlueCrossProviderNumber - B
                                                                                                           BlueShieldProviderNumber - B
ct - Department/person to contact for matters regarding plant/equipment contact.                           BookingReferenceNumber - [1
                                                                                                           BookNumber - A number assig
                                                                                                           BordereauNumber - Reference
                                                                                                           BranchIdentifier - Branch Ident
                                                                                                           BrokerIdentification - Broker Id
                                                                                                           BrokerOrSalesOfficeNumber -
                                                                                                           BrokerReference1 - Descriptio
                                                                                                           BrokerReference2 - Descriptio
                                                                                                           BrokersOrderNumber - Broker
                                                                                                           BrokerReferenceNumber - Bro
                                                                                                           BudgetChapter - A reference t
                                                                                                           BureauSigningOR - OriginalFD
                                                                                                           BureauSigningSR - Statement
                                                                                                           BusinessActivity - Business Ac
 tact - Department/person to contact for questions regarding this order.                                   BusinessTaxNumber - Busines
                                                                                                           BuyerIdentification - Buyer Iden
                                                                                                           BuyersApprovalMark - Buyer's
                                                                                                           BuyersCatalogueNumber - Ide
act - Department/person to contact for matters regarding project management on behalf of the contractor.   BuyersContractNumber - Refe
                                                                                                           BuyersCreditMemo - Buyer's C
escription to be provided.                                                                                 BuyersDebitMemo - Buyer's D
                                                                                                           BuyersDebtorNumber - Refere
 Department/person to contact for matters regarding public relations.                                      BuyersItemNumber - Referenc
                                                                                                           BuyersOrderNumber - [1022] R
 artment/person responsible for issuing this purchase order.                                               BuyersShipmentMarkNumber
                                                                                                           CadFileLayerConvention - Ref
t - Quality assurance contact within an organization.                                                      Calendar - A calendar referenc
ct - Quality coordinator contact within an organization.                                                   CalendarNumber - Calendar N
                                                                                                           CallSign - Call Sign
 - Department/person to contact for matters regarding quantity surveying.                                  CanadianExciseEntryNumber
                                                                                                           CanceledRevisionNumber - Ca
The receiving dock contact within an organization.                                                         CardAccountReportingIdentifie
                                                                                                           CardAccountReportingLevel -
                                                                                                           CardAccountStatusCode - Car
                                                                                                           CardAccountTypeCode - Card
                                                                                                           CardBillingTypeCode - Card B
                                                                                                           CardIssuerTransactionCode -
                                                                                                           CargoControlNumber - Refere
omputerDataProcessing - Responsible person to contact for matters regarding computer data processing.      CargoManifestNumber - Refer
ormationDissemination - Responsible person to contact for matters regarding information dissemination      CarnetNumber - Carnet Numb
formationProduction - Responsible person to contact for matters regarding the production of information.   CarrierAssignedCode - Carrier
me of the sales administration contact within a corporation.                                               CarrierAssignedPackageIdenti
epartment - The sales representative or department contact within an organization.                         CarrierAssignedReferenceNum
e of the scheduling contact within a corporation.                                                          CarrierAssignedShipperNumbe
cineAdmissionsOffice                                                                                       CarriersReferenceNumber - R
                                                                                                           CaseNumber - Number assign
                                                                                                           CasualtyReportNumber - Casu
ment/person to be contacted in service matters.                                                            CasualtyReportSerialNumber -
                                                                                                           Catalog - Catalog
                                                                                                           CatalogueSequenceNumber -
                                                                                                           CategoryOfWorkReference - A
                                                                                                           CedentsClaimNumber - To ide
                                                                                                           CedingCompany - Company s
hipping department contact within an organization.                                                         CeilingFormulaReferenceNum
                                                                                                           CensusAutomatedFilesID - Ce
 Department or person to contact with regard to software house.                                            CensusBlockGroup - Census B
                                                                                                           CensusStateCode - Census S
                                                                                                           CensusTract - Census Tract
                                                                                                           CensusTractSuffix - Census T
                                                                                                           CertificateNumber - Certificate
                                                                                                       CertificateOfConformity - Certi
ment/person to be contacted at the supplier.                                                           CertificateofIncorporationNumb
                                                                                                       CertificateofTransportation - C
rtment/person to contact for matters regarding technical issues.                                       Certification - Certification
                                                                                                       CertifiedMailNumber - Certified
Recipient - Department/person to receive technical documentation.                                      CRNA - Certified Registered N
workContact - Department/person to contact for matters regarding telecommunications network.           CHAMPUSIdentificationNumbe
                                                                                                       ChangeDocumentNumber - Ch
                                                                                                       ChangeNumber - Change Num
                                                                                                       ChangeOrderAuthority - Chang
nt/person responsible for testing contact.                                                             ChangeVerificationProcedureC
Contact - Third Party Administrator Contact                                                            ChargeCardAccountNumber -
Department/person to contact for matters regarding town planning.                                      ChargeCardNumber - Charge
e traffic administrator contact within an organization.                                                ChargeNoteReferenceNumber
Department/person to contact for matters regarding traffic.                                            ChargeNumber - Charge Num
                                                                                                       CharterNumber - Charter Num
rtment/person in charge of transportation.                                                             CheckingNumber - Number as
uthority - Department/person to contact for matters regarding transport infrastructure.                CheckListNumber - Check List
                                                                                                       CheckNumber - Check Numbe
al recipient of the consignment.                                                                       ChemicalAbstractServiceRegis
                                                                                                       ChequeNumber - Unique num
                                                                                                       CircuitNumber - Circuit Numbe
                                                                                                       Circular - Circular
                                                                                                       CircularPublicationNumber - A
                                                                                                       Citation - Citation
pecifying a party knowledgeable about a waiver.                                                        CitationOfOpinion - Citation of
ouse contact within an organization.                                                                   CitationOfStatute - Citation of S
epartment/person to contact for matters regarding water supply.                                        CitizenshipDocumentNumber -
                                                                                                       CivilActionNumber - Civil Actio
                                                                                                       CivilLiabilitiesofOilCertificate -
artment/person to contact for matters regarding the workshop.                                          ClaimAdministratorClaimNumb
act - Department/person to contact for matters regarding management of works on behalf of the owner.   ClaimantNumber - Claimant N
                                                                                                       ClaimantsClaimNumber - Claim
                                                                                                       ClaimNumber - Claim Number
                                                                                                       ClaimOfficeNumber - Claim Of
                                                                                                       ClassCode - Class Code
                                                                                                       ClassOfContractCode - Class
                                                                                                       ClauseNumber - Clause Numb
                                                                                                       ClearingReference - Reference
                                                                                                       ClearTextClause - Clear Text C
                                                                                                       ClientCompanyCode - Client C
                                                                                                       ClientNumber - Client Number
                                                                                                       ClientReportingCategory - Clie
                                                                                                       ClinicNumber - Clinic Number
                                                                                                       CoalAuthorityNumber - Coal A
                                                                                                       CodeOfFederalRegulations - C
                                         CoilNumber - Coil Number
                                         ColdRollNumber - Number attr
                                         CollectingBanksReference - R
                                         CollectorIdentification - Collect
                                         CollocationIndicator - Collocati
                                         CombinedShipment - Combine
                                         CommercialDriversLicense - C
                                         CommercialInvoiceNumber - C
                                         CommitmentNumber - Commi
                                         CompanyIssuedEquipmentId -
                                         CRO - Company's Registry Of
                                         ComparableProperty - Compa
                                         CompetentAuthority - Compete
                                         Complaint - Complaint
                                         ComplaintCode - Complaint Co
                                         ComplianceCodeNumber - Nu
                                         Component - Component
                                         CongressionalDistrict - Congre
                                         ConnectingCarrier - Connectin
                                         ConsigneeReferenceNumber -
                                         ConsigneesFurtherOrder - Ref
                                         ConsigneesInvoiceNumber - T
                                         ConsigneesOrderNumber - Co
                                         ConsigneesReleaseNumber -
                                         ConsignmentClassificationID -
                                         ConsignorsFurtherOrder - Refe
mport duties and preventing smuggling.   ConsolidatedInvoiceNumber -
                                         ConstraintNotation - Identifies
                                         ConsumerIdentifier - Consume
                                                               ContainerPrefix - The first part
                                                               ContainerSequenceNumber - C
                                                               ContinuationFiling - Continuati
                                                               ContinuousMoveNumber - Con
ries, marketers, etc                                           ContinuousTransferNumber - C
                                                               ContractAddendumNumber - [
                                                               ContractAuditorIDNumber - Co
                                                               ContractCoopNumber - Contra
ve with directory D.01A                                        ContractHolderClaimNumber -
                                                               ContractLineItemNumber - Co
                                                               ContractNumber - Reference n
                                                               ContractOptionNumber - Contr
                                                               ContractorRequestReference -
                                                               ContractReference - Contract
                                                               ContractRiderNumber - Contra
                                                               CooperationContractNumber -
                                                               CornboreCertificationNumber -
                                                               CorrectedBatchNumber - Corr
                                                               CorrectedContractNumber - C
                                                               CorrectionNumber - Correction
                                                               CostAccount - A cost control a
 Defense (DOD)                                                 CostAllocationReference - Cos
                                                               CostaRicanJudicialNumber - A
                                                               CostCentre - A number identify
                                                               CostElement - Cost Element
                                                               CountyCode - County Code
                                                               CountyLegislativeDistrict - Cou
                                                               CouponDistributionMethod - C
                                                               CouponRedemptionNumber -
                                                               CoverageCode - Coverage Co
                                                               CreditCard - Credit Card
                                                               CreditMemoNumber - Referen
                                                               CreditNoteNumber - Reference
                                                               Creditor - Creditor
tatistics Commission of Professional and Hospital Activities   CreditorDebitAdjustmentNumb
nce in the trucking industry                                   CreditorsReferenceNumber - R
g industry. In addition to providing support and education services, they also maintain and publish standard colour and size codes for   CreditRatingAgencysReferenc
                                                                                                                                         CreditReferenceNumber - The
                                                                                                                                         CreditReportNumber - Credit R
                                                                                                                                         CreditRepositoryCode - Credit
                                                                                                                                         CriticalApplication - Critical Ap
                                                                                                                                         CriticalityDesignator - Criticality
                                                                                                                                         CropYear - Crop Year
                                                                                                                                         CrossListedCourseNumber - C
                                                                                                                                         CrossReferenceNumber - Cro
                                                                                                                                         CS54KeyTrainIndicatorCode -
                                                                                                                                         CurrentCertificateNumber - Cu
                                                                                                                                         CurrentInvoiceNumber - Refer
                                                                                                                                         CurrentRevisionNumber - Curr
                                                                                                                                         CustomerCatalogNumber - Cu
                                                                                                                                         CustomerOrderNumber - Cust
                                                                                                                                         CustomerReferenceNumber -
                                                                                                                                         CustomersPartNumber - Custo
                                                                                                                                         CustomersReleaseNumber - C
on specific to the given region (e.g. champagne port wine Parm                                                                           CustomsBarCodeNumber - Cu
                                                                                                                                         CustomsDeclarationNumber -
                                                                                                                                         CustomsGuaranteeNumber - R
                                                                                                                                         CustomsItemNumber - Numbe
                                                                                                                                         CustomsReleaseCode - A cod
                                                                                                                                         CustomsTariffNumber - [7282]
                                                                                                                                         CutNumber - Cut Number
                                                                                                                                         DataAuthenticationNumber - D
                                                                                                                                         DataQualityRejectReason - Da
                                                                                                                                         DataReliabilityCode - Data Rel
                                                                                                                                         DataSource - Data Source
                                                                                                                                         DataStructureTag - The tag as
                                                                             DealerIdentification - Dealer Id
                                                                             DealerNumber - Dealer Numbe
                                                                             DealerOrderNumber - Dealer O
                                                                             Dealerpurchaseordernumber -
                                                                             DealerTypeIdentification - Dea
 European statistical purposes.                                              DebitAccountNumber - Refere
                                                                             DebitNoteNumber - Reference
                                                                             DebitReferenceNumber - The
                                                                             Debtor - Debtor
                                                                             DebtorsAccount - Debtor's Acc
                                                                             DebtorsReferenceNumber - Re
                                                                             DeclarantsReferenceNumber -
                                                                             DefectCodeNumber - Defect C
 road traffic this document must contain at least the particulars prescri    DefenseFederalAcquisitionReg
                                                                             DefermentApprovalNumber - N
mployees and the environment from any potential harmful effects from these   DeferredPaymentReference -
                                                                             DeliveryNoteNumber - Referen
                                                                             DeliveryNumber - Reference n
                                                                             DeliveryOrderNumber - Refere
                                                                             DeliveryQuoteNumber - Delive
onsumption and giving details when relevant of controls undertaken.          DeliveryReference - Delivery R
                                                                             DeliveryRegion - Delivery Regi
ver the goods to the consignee named in the document.                        DeliveryScheduleNumber - Re
                                                                             DeliveryTicketNumber - Delive
                                                                             DeliveryTrailerManifest - Delive
                                                                             DeliveryVerificationCertificate -
                                                                             DenialReasonIdentifier - Denia
                                                                             DensityOrderNumber - Density
                                                                             DentistLicenseNumber - Denti
                                                                             Department - Section of an org
gnments offered for transport and providing for the necessary rece           DepartmentNumber - Number
sels aircraft or trains whether or not sold or landed; goods necessary       DepartmentofAgricultureAcqui
                                                                             DDTSCN - Department of Defe
                                                                             HHSAR - Department of Healt
                                                                             HUDAR - Department of Hous
other administration purposes.                                               DepartmentofJusticeAcquisitio
                                                                         DependentsInformation - Depe
                                                                         DepositAccountNumber - Depo
                                                                         DepositNumber - Deposit Num
                                                                         DepositorNumber - Depositor N
                                                                         DepositSequenceNumber - De
                                                                         DeratCertificate - Derat Certific
                                                                         DescriptionOfChangeCode - D
                                                                         DespatchAdviceNumber - Refe
                                                                         DespatchNoteNumber - [1128]
                                                                         DirectDebitReference - Refere
arrier accepts responsibility for the carriage as set forth in           DirectoryNumber - Directory N
e crossing of frontiers for goods carried by rail (TIF Conventi          DirectPaymentValuationNumb
rried in most cases under Customs seal in road vehicles and/or contain   DisabilityInsuranceAccountNum
                                                                         DispensationReference - A ref
                                                                         DisputeNumber - Reference nu
                                                                         DistributionCenterNumber - Di
                                                                         DistributionList - Distribution Li
lage or fire and first aid to be given.                                  DistributionStatementCode - D
                                                                         DistributOrInvoiceNumber - Re
                                                                         DistributorsAccountNumber - D
                                                                         DistrictNumber - District Numb
                                                                         DiversionAuthorityNumber - Di
                                                                         DivisionIdentifier - Division Ide
                                                                         DocketNumber - Docket Numb
                                                                         DockNumber - Dock Number
                                                                         DockReceiptNumber - Numbe
                                                                         DocumentaryCreditNumber - [
                                                                         DocumentIdentificationCode -
                                                                         DocumentNumber - [1004] Re
                                                                         DocumentVolumeNumber - Th
                                                                               DomesticFlightNumber - Airline
                                                                               DomicileBranchNumber - Dom
                                                                               DominionOfCanadaCode - Do
                                                                               DraftNumber - Draft Number
                                                                               DrainholeNumber - Drainhole N
                                                                               DraweesReference - Referenc
                                                                               DrawingListNumber - Referenc
                                                                               DrawingNumber - Reference n
                                                                               DrawingRevisionNumber - Dra
                                                                               DrawingType - Drawing Type
                                                                               DriversLicense - Driver's Licen
                                                                               DrugFormularyNumber - Drug
                                                                               DuplicateBillNumber - Duplicat
                                                                               DuplicateWaybillinRoute - Dup
                                                                               DuplicateWaybillNotInRoute - D
                                                                               DutyMemoNumber - Referenc
                                                                               DyeLotNumber - Dye Lot Num
                                                                               ECCN - Export Control Comm
onal as well as international transport under any applicable international     ElectionDistrict - Election Distr
                                                                               Electronicdevicepinnumber - E
                                                                               Elevation - Elevation
                                                                               EmbargoNumber - Number as
 packing etc. terms of delivery and payment any relationship w                 EmbargoPermitNumber - Refe
                                                                               EmergencyOrderNumber - Em
details regarding their provenance and of vaccinations and other               EmissionDesignator - Emission
                                                                               EmploymentVisa - Employmen
                                                                               EmptyContainerBillNumber - R
nown as ADR (Accord europeen relatif au transport international des merchand   EmptyRepositioningNumber - E
                                                                               EndingJobSequenceNumber -
                                                                               EndingKanbanSerialNumber -
                                                                               EndingMeterReadingActual - M
EndingPackageNumber - Endi
EndingSerialNumber - Ending
EndItem - End Item
EndItemNumber - A number s
EndMileMarker - End Mile Mar
EndorsementNumber - Endors
EndUseAuthorizationNumber -
EndUseNumber - End Use Nu
EngineeringChangeOrder - En
EngineeringChangeProposal -
EngineeringDataList - Enginee
EnquiryNumber - Reference nu
EquipmentInitial - Equipment In
EquipmentNumber - Number a
EquipmentSequenceNumber -
ErrorIdentificationCode - Error
EscrowFileNumber - Escrow F
EstimateNumber - Estimate Nu
EstimateSequenceNumber - E
EtermsReference - Identifies a
Eur1CertificateNumber - Refer
EventReferenceNumber - A nu
ExhibitDistributionList - Exhibit
ExhibitIdentifier - Exhibit Identi
ExportDeclaration - Number as
ExportersReferenceNumber -
ExportEstablishmentNumber -
ExportLicenceNumber - [1208]
ExportPermitNumber - Referen
ExportReferenceNumber - Ref
FacilityCertificationNumber - F
FacilityIDNumber - Facility ID N
Failuremechanismnumber - Fa
FamilyMemberIdentification - F
FamilyUnitNumber - Family Un
FHLMCD - Federal Home Loa
CHUMS - Federal Housing Ad
FederalRegulation - Federal R
FederalWireTransfer - FEDWI
FeeScheduleIdentifier - Fee Sc
Field - Field
FileConversionJournal - Refere
FileIdentificationNumber - A nu
FileIdentifier - File Identifier
FileLineIdentifier - Number ass
FilerCodeIssuedByCustoms - F
FileTransferFormNumber - File
FileTransferProtocolLocator - F
FileVersionNumber - Number g
FilmNumber - Film Number
FinalSequenceNumber - Final
FinalWorkCandidateNumber -
FinancialClassificationCode - F
FinancialDetailCode - Financia
FinancialPhaseReference - A r
FinderNumber - Finder Numbe
FineLineClassification - Fine L
FinishLotNumber - Finish Lot N
FirstTransferNumber - First Tr
FiscalCode - Fiscal Code
FiscalNumber - Tax payer's nu
FleetReferenceNumber - Fleet
FloodDataIdentifier - Flood Da
FloodZone - Flood Zone
FloorNumber - Floor Number
FloorPlanApprovalNumber - Fl
FlowReferenceNumber - Numb
FolderNumber - Folder Numbe
ForeclosingStatus - Foreclosin
ForeclosureAccountNumber -
ForeignExchange - Exchange
ForeignMilitarySalesNumber -
ForeignTradeZone - Foreign T
ForestryPermitNumber - Fores
FormalStatementReference - A
Formation - Formation
FormationIdentifier - Formation
FormNumber - Form Number
ForwardingOrderNumber - Ref
Frame - Frame
FreeZoneIdentifier - Identifier t
FreightBillNumber - Reference
FreightForwarderNumber - An
FunctionalCategory - Function
FunctionalWorkGroup - A refe
FundCodeNumber - Reference
FundIdentificationNumber - Fu
FundsAuthorization - Funds Au
GasCustodianIdentification - G
GaugeTicketNumber - Gauge
GeneralAgencyNumber - Gene
GeneralDeclarationNumber - N
GeneralLedgerAccount - Gene
GeneralOrderNumber - Custom
GeographicIndex - Geographic
GeographicKey - Geographic K
GeographicNumber - Geograp
GeographicScore - Geographi
GoodsDeclarationNumber - Re
GoverningClassCode - Govern
GovernmentBillOfLading - Bill
GovernmentContractNumber -
GovernmentPriorityNumber - G
GrainBlockNumber - Grain Blo
GravitySourceMeterNumber - G
GreenCard - Green Card
GroupAccounting - Description
GroupNumber - Group Numbe
GroupOrPolicyNumber - Group
GrowthFactorReference - Grow
GuarantorLoanNumber - Guar
GuarantorUse - Guarantor Use
HarmonisedSystemNumber - N
HarmonizedCodeSystem - Har
HasteningNumber - A number
HealthCertificateNumber - Hea
HealthIndustryNumber - Health
HeatCode - Heat Code
HighOrWideFileNumber - High
HorizontalCoordinate - Horizon
Horsepower - Horsepower
HotRollNumber - Number attrib
HouseBillOfLadingNumber - R
HouseWaybillNumber - Refere
IataCargoAgentCodeNumber -
ICD9CM - ICD-9-CM (Internati
IdentityCardNumber - Identity C
ImageIdentifier - Image Identifi
ImporterReferenceNumber - R
ImportLicenceNumber - [1106]
ImportPermitNumber - Referen
ImputationAccount - An accou
InBondNumber - Customs ass
InboundToParty - Inbound-to P
Incident - Incident
IncorporatedLegalReference -
InitialDealerClaimNumber - Ini
InitialFailureClaim - Initial Failu
InitialTroubleIndication - Initial
InquiryRequestNumber - Inquir
InspectionReportNumber - Ins
InstitutionLoanNumber - Institu
InstitutionNumber - Institution N
InsuranceCertificateNumber -
InsuranceLicenseNumber - Ins
InsurancePolicyNumber - Insu
InsuredLocationIdentifier - Insu
InsuredParcelPostNumber - In
InsuredsLoanNumber - Insured
IntegratedMasterPlan - Integra
IntegratedMasterSchedule - In
InterchangeNumberNew - Num
InterchangeNumberOld - Num
IntermediaryBroker - Descriptio
InternalControlNumber - Intern
InternalCustomerNumber - Nu
InternalDataProcessNumber -
InternalOrderNumber - Numbe
InternalVendorNumber - Numb
InternationalFlightNumber - Air
InterviewerID - Interviewer ID
IntraPlantRouting - Intra Plant
Investor - Investor
InvestorLoanNumber - Investo
InvoiceIdentification - Invoice I
InvoiceNumber - [1334] Refere
InvoiceNumberSuffix - A numb
IronChargeNumber - Number a
ISFMD - Institute of security an
IssueNumber - Issue Number
IssuerNumber - Issuer Numbe
IssuingBanksReference - Refe
ItemNumber - Item Number
JobOrProjectNumber - Job (Pr
JobOrderNumber - Job Order
JobSequenceNumber - Job Se
JointlyAdministeredCase - Join
Judge - Judge
JudgmentNumber - Judgment
JudicialDistrict - Judicial Distric
JudicialNumber - Judicial Num
LaboratoryNumber - Laborator
LaborOperationNumber - Labo
LaneNumber - Lane Number
LastTransferNumber - Last Tra
LatitudeExpressedinSeconds -
LeadCase - Lead Case
LeaseContractReference - Ref
LeaseNumber - Lease Numbe
LeaseRiderNumber - Lease Ri
LeaseScheduleNumber - Leas
LeaseScheduleNumberPrior -
LenderAccountNumber - Lend
LenderCaseNumber - Lender C
LenderEntityNumber - Lender
LenderUse - Lender Use
LesseeBillCodeNumber - Less
LesseeIdentification - Lessee I
LetterofCreditDraftNumber - Le
LetterOfCreditNumber - Refere
LetterofCreditNumber - Letter
LettersorNotes - Letters or Not
LevyingOfficerIdentification - L
LicensePlateNumber - License
LifeInsurancePolicyNumber - L
LineItemControlNumber - Line
LineItemIdentifier - Line Item Id
LineItemReferenceNumber - (1
LineofBusiness - Line of Busin
LineOfCreditCategory - Line of
LinkSequenceNumber - Link S
ListBillNumber - List Bill Numb
ListOfMaterials - List of Materia
LoadingAuthorizationNumber -
LoadLineCertificate - Load Line
LoadPlanningNumber - Load P
LoanAcquisitionNumber - Loan
LoanFeatureCode - Loan Feat
LoanNumber - Loan Number
LoanProspectorKeyNumber - L
LoanRequestNumber - Loan R
LoanType - Loan Type
LocalJurisdiction - Local Jurisd
LocalMediaIdentifier - Local Me
LocalSchoolCourseNumber - L
LocationNumber - Location Nu
LocationonProductCode - Loca
LocationWithinEquipment - Lo
Lockbox - Type of cash manag
Log - Log
LossOrEventNumber - To refe
LossReportNumber - Loss Rep
LotNumber - Lot Number
MagazineCode - Magazine Co
Mailbox - Mailbox
MailingReferenceNumber - Ide
MailSlot - Mail Slot
MaintenanceAvailabilityType -
MaintenanceRequestNumber -
MajorForceProgramNumber -
MajorSystemAffectedCode - M
ManifestKeyNumber - Manifes
ManufacturerNumber - Manufa
ManufacturersPartNumber - R
ManufacturingOrderNumber -
MapNumber - Map Number
MapReference - Map Referenc
MaritimeDeclarationofHealth -
MarketArea - Market Area
MarkingOrLabelReference - R
MasterAccountNumber - Maste
MasterAirWaybillNumber - Ref
MasterBillOfLadingNumber - R
MasterContract - Master Contr
MasterLabelNumber - Identifie
MasterPolicyNumber - Master
MasterPropertyNumber - Mast
MasterReferenceNumber - Ma
MaterialStorageLocation - Mat
MaturedCertificateOfDeposit -
MedicaidProviderNumber - Me
MedicalAssistanceCategory - M
MedicareProviderNumber - Me
MedicareVersionCode - Medic
MemberIdentificationNumber -
MemberNumber - Reference n
MerchandiseTypeCode - Merc
MerchantCategoryCode - Merc
MessageAddressorID - Messa
MessageBatchNumber - A num
MeterNumber - Meter Number
MeterProvingReportNumber -
MeterTicketNumber - Meter Ti
MeterUnitNumber - Number id
MICRNumber - MICR Number
MicrofilmNumber - Microfilm N
MigrantNumber - Migrant Num
Milestone - Milestone
MilitaryCallNumber - Military C
MilitaryID - Military ID
MilitarySpecificationNumber - M
MilitaryStandardNumber - Milit
MillinginTransit - Milling in Tran
MillOrderNumber - Mill Order N
Model - A reference used to id
ModelNumber - Model Numbe
Modelyearnumber - Model yea
MORNETPlusCaseNumber - M
MortgageeLoanNumber - Mort
MortgageNumber - Mortgage N
MotorFuelCertificateNumber -
MotorVehicleIDNumber - Moto
MultifamilyProjectNumber - Mu
MultipleListingNumber - Multip
MultipleListingServiceArea - M
MultiplePOOfAnInvoice - Multip
MultipleZoneOrderNumber - M
NACE - Nomenclature Activity
NAF - Norme Activite Francais
NamedBanksReference - Refe
NationalStockNumber - Nation
NewDrugApplicationNumber -
NewPartNumber - New Part N
NIT - NumeroDeIdentificacionT
NominationNumber - Referenc
NonSpouseTie - Non-Spouse
NOTICOL - Notification For Co
ObjectIdentifier - Object Identif
OccupationCode - Occupation
OceanBillofLading - Ocean Bill
OceanContainerNumber - Oce
OceanManifest - Ocean Manife
OffenderTracking - Offender T
OffenseTracking - Offense Tra
OfferGroup - Offer Group
OfferNumber - Reference num
OfficeNumber - Office Number
OfficerLicenseNumber - Office
OfficeSymbol - Office Symbol
OldAccountNumber - Old Acco
OldMeterNumber - Old Meter N
OldPartNumber - Old Part Num
OperationNumber - Operation
OperatorLeaseNumber - Oper
OptionPolicyNumber - Option P
OrderOrParagraphNumber - O
OrderNumber - Order Number
PurchaseOrderNumber - [1022
VendorOrderNumber - Referen
OriginalCertificateNumber - Nu
OriginalFiling - Original Filing
OriginalFilingNumber - A numb
OriginalInvoiceNumber - Origin
OriginalPurchaseOrder - Refer
OriginalReferenceNumber - Or
OriginalSubmitterLogNumber -
OriginalVoucherNumber - Orig
OriginatingCase - Originating C
OriginatingCompanyIdentifier -
OriginHouse - Origin House
OutboundFromParty - Outboun
OutletNumber - Outlet Number
OutofServiceNumber - Out of S
PackAndHoldInvoiceNumber -
PackageNumber - (7070) Refe
PackagingGroupNumber - Pac
PackagingUnitIdentification - Id
PackerNumber - Packer Numb
Packet - Packet
PackingGroupCode - Packing
PackingListNumber - (1014) R
PackingPlantNumber - Numbe
PageNumber - The number of
Paragraph - A reference indica
ParagraphNumber - Paragraph
ParamedicalIDNumber - Param
ParentFile - Identifies the pare
PartCausingRepairNumber - P
PartConsignmentNumber - [13
PartialPaymentNumber - Partia
ParticipatingArea - Participatin
PartInterchangeability - Part In
PartNumber - Part Number
PartySequenceNumber - Refe
Passport - Passport
PassportNumber - Number ass
PatentNumber - Patent Numbe
PatentType - Patent Type
PatientAccountNumber - Patie
PatronNumber - A number ass
PayeeIdentification - Payee Ide
PayeeLoanNumber - Payee Lo
PayeesReferenceNumber - Re
PayerCategory - Payer Catego
PayerIdentificationNumber - Pa
PayersReferenceNumber - Re
PayGrade - Pay Grade
PaymentCategory - Payment C
PaymentLocation - Payment L
PaymentPlanReference - A nu
PaymentReference - Referenc
PaymentValuationNumber - Re
PayorsClaimNumber - Payor's
PayrollAccountNumber - Payro
PayrollNumber - Reference nu
PcsCatastrophe - Description t
PendingCase - Pending Case
PensionContract - Pension Co
PeriodicityCode - Periodicity C
PermitNumber - Permit Numbe
PersonalIdentityCardNumber -
PersonalIDNumber - Personal
PetroleumPoolCode - Petroleu
PhoneCalls - Phone Calls
PickupReferenceNumber - Pic
PictureNumber - Picture Numb
PictureOfActualProduct - Refe
PictureOfAGenericProduct - R
PierNumber - Pier Number
Piggyback - Piggyback
PilotLicenseNumber - Pilot Lice
PipelineNumber - Number to id
PlanningPackage - A reference
PlanNumber - Plan Number
PlantNumber - Plant Number
PlateNumber - Plate Number
PlatformIdentificationNumber -
PlotFile - Reference number in
PlugNumber - Plug Number
PolicyFormNumber - Number a
PolicyLinkNumber - Policy Link
PolicyNumber - Number assign
PolicyType - Policy Type
Pollutant - Pollutant
PoolContractCode - Pool Cont
PoolNumber - Pool Number
PoolSuffix - Pool Suffix
PositionCode - Position Code
PostEntryReference - Referen
PreAwardSurvey - Pre-Award S
PrecinctNumber - Precinct Num
PredecessorAccount - Predece
PreferredCallSign - Preferred C
PremiumAuditTypeIdentifier - P
PremiumRateTable - Identifies
PreparersVerificationNumber -
PresentingBanksReference - R
PressFormIdentifier - Press Fo
PressIdentifier - Press Identifie
PreviousBillofLadingNumber -
PreviousContractNumber - Pre
PreviousCourseNumber - Prev
PreviousDistributorNumber - P
PreviousDriversLicense - Prev
PreviousInvoiceNumber - Refe
PreviousMemberNumber - Ref
PreviousPolicyNumber - Previo
PreviousReportNumber - Prev
PreviousSequence - Previous
PreviousTaxControlNumber - A
PreviousTicketNumber - Previo
PriceAreaNumber - Price Area
PriceListNumber - Reference n
PriceQuoteNumber - Referenc
PrimaryReference - Descriptio
PrincipalReferenceNumber - D
PrincipalsBankReference - Re
PrincipalsReference - Referen
PriorAuthorizationNumber - Pr
PriorCase - Prior Case
PriorCertificateNumber - Prior
PriorContractNumber - Prior C
PriorHealthIndustryNumber - P
PriorIdentifierNumber - Prior Id
PriorIncorrectBatchNumber - P
PriorityRating - Priority Rating
PriorLoanNumber - Prior Loan
PriorPhoneNumber - Prior Pho
PriorPolicyNumber - The numb
PriorPostalZipCode - Prior Pos
PriorPurchaseOrderNumber -
Priorpurchaseordernumber - P
PriorTaxIdentificationNumber -
Proceeding - Proceeding
ProcessHandlingCode - Proce
ProcessingArea - Processing A
ProcessingPlantNumber - Num
ProcessorsInvoiceNumber - Pr
ProcurementBudgetNumber -
ProcurementRequestNumber -
ProcuringAgency - Procuring A
ProductGroup - Product Group
ProductionCode - Number ass
ProductLineNumber - Product
ProductNumber - Product Num
ProductReservationNumber - N
ProductType - Product Type
ProfileNumber - Reference num
ProformaInvoiceNumber - [108
ProgramIdentificationNumber -
ProgressPaymentNumber - Pr
ProjectCode - Project Code
ProjectNumber - Reference nu
ProjectParagraphNumber - Pro
ProjectPropertyNumber - Proje
ProjectSpecificationNumber - R
PromotionOrDealNumber - Pro
PropertyComponentLocation -
PropertyControlNumber - Prop
PropertyLossItemNumber - Pro
ProposalNumber - Proposal N
ProposalParagraphNumber - P
ProposedContractNumber - Pr
ProposedSequenceNumber - P
ProtocolNumber - Protocol Nu
ProtractionNumber - Protractio
ProviderClaimNumber - Provid
ProviderCommercialNumber -
ProviderControlNumber - Prov
ProviderOrderTicketNumber -
ProviderSiteNumber - Provider
ProviderUPINNumber - Provid
ProvincialTaxIdentification - Pr
PublicationIssueNumber - A nu
PublicDeedNumber - Public De
PurchaseDescription - Purchas
PurchaseOptionAgreement - P
PurchaseOrderNumberSuffix -
PurchaseRequisitionNumber -
QualifiedMaterialsList - Qualifie
QualifiedProductsList - Qualifie
QualityClause - Quality Clause
QualityReportNumber - Quality
QuantityValuationNumber - Re
QuarterQuarterSpotNumber - Q
QuestionNumber - Question N
QuotaNumber - Reference num
QuoteOrShoppingCartID - Add
RackTypeNumber - Rack Type
RailOrRoadRoutingCode - Inte
RailRoutingCode - Rail Routing
RailwayWagonNumber - (8320
RangeNumber - Range Numbe
RateCardNumber - Rate Card
RateCodeNumber - Number a
RateConferenceIDCode - Rate
RateNoteNumber - Reference
RatingPeriod - Rating Period
ReasonForChange - Reason f
ReasonNotLowestCostCode -
RebateNumber - Rebate Numb
RecallNumber - Recall Numbe
ReceiptNumber - Receipt Num
ReceivedNumber - [1150] Num
ReceiverAssignedDropZone -
ReceiverClaimNumber - Recei
ReceiverIDQualifier - Receiver
ReceivingAdviceNumber - A re
ReceivingCompanyIdentifier -
ReceivingNumber - Receiving
RecordingNumber - Recording
ReelNumber - Reel Number
ReferencedBy - Referenced By
ReferenceDrawingNumber - R
ReferenceVersionNumber - Re
ReferralNumber - Referral Num
RefinerIdentification - Refiner I
Region - Region
RegionalAccountNumber - Reg
RegisteredCapitalReference -
RegisteredMailNumber - Regis
RegistrationNumber - Registra
RegistroInformacionFiscal - Re
RegulationPrimaryNumber - R
RegulatoryGuidelineIdentifier -
ReinsuranceReference - Reins
ReinsurersClaimNumber - To
ReissueCessionNumber - Reis
RejectionNumber - Rejection N
RelatedCase - Related Case
RelatedDocumentNumber - Re
RelatedVendorOrderNumber -
RelativePriority - Relative Prior
ReleaseNumber - Reference n
RemittingBanksReference - Re
RemovalNumber - Removal N
RentalAccountNumber - Renta
RentalAgreementNumber - Re
RentPayorIdentification - Rent
RepairActionNumber - Repair
RepairCategoryNumber - Repa
RepairDataRequestNumber - A
RepairEstimateNumber - A nu
RepairOrderNumber - Repair O
RepairPartNumber - Repair Pa
RepeatLocation - Repeat Loca
RepetitiveBookingNumber - Re
RepetitivePatternCode - Repet
RepetitiveWaybillCode - Repet
ReplacementClaimNumber - R
ReplacingPartNumber - New p
ReporterIdentification - Report
ReportingFormNumber - Refer
ReportNumber - Reference to
Representation - Representatio
RequestForQuoteNumber - Re
RequestNumber - The referen
ReservationNumber - Reserva
RestrictedAvailabilityNumber -
ResubmissionNumber - Resub
ResubmissionReasonCode - R
Resubmitnumber - Resubmit n
ReturnsNoticeNumber - A refe
RevenueSource - Revenue So
Review - Review
ReviewerFileNumber - Review
ReviewPeriodNumber - Review
RevisionNumber - Revision Nu
RIF - RegistroInformacionFisca
RigNumber - Rig Number
RouteNumber - Route Number
RouteOrderNumberDomestic -
RouteOrderNumberExport - Ro
RoutingInstructionNumber - Ro
RUC - RegistroUnicoDeContrib
RuleSection - Rule Section
RunNumber - Run Number
SafekeepingAccountNumber -
SafetyEquipmentCertificate - S
SafetyofRadioCertificate - Safe
SafetyofShipCertificate - Safet
SalesOrTerritoryCode - Sales/
SalesAllowanceNumber - Sale
SalesDepartmentNumber - De
SalesForecastNumber - A refe
SalesOfficeNumber - Descripti
SalesPersonNumber - Identific
SalesProgramNumber - Sales
SalesRegionNumber - Sales R
SalesReportNumber - A refere
SalesResponsibility - Sales Re
SampleNumber - Sample Num
Savings - Savings
SBA - Statistic Bundes Amt Ide
ScaleNumber - Scale Number
ScanLine - Scan Line
ScheduleReferenceNumber - S
SchemeOrPlanNumber - Refe
SchoolLoanNumber - School L
SchoolUse - School Use
SealNumber - [9308] Identifica
SealOffNumber - Seal Off Num
SealOnNumber - Seal On Num
SearchKey - Search Key
SecondaryPolicyNumber - Sec
SecondaryProviderNumber - S
SectionNumber - Section Num
SecurityInstrumentNumber - S
SecurityType - Security Type
SelfInsurerOrganizationType -
SellerLoanNumber - Seller Loa
SellersCatalogueNumber - Ide
SellersCreditMemo - Seller's C
SellersDebitMemo - Seller's De
SellersInvoiceNumber - Seller'
SellersReferenceNumber - Re
SellersSaleNumber - Seller's S
SellingArrangement - Selling A
SenderDefinedClause - Sende
SendersClauseNumber - The n
SequenceNumber - Sequence
SerialNumber - Serial Number
ServiceAuthorizationNumber -
ServiceBulletinNumber - Servic
ServiceBureau - Service Burea
ServiceChangeNumber - Serv
ServiceChargeNumber - Servi
ServiceContractNumber - Serv
ServiceEstimateNumber - Serv
ServiceOrderNumber - Service
ServicePerformedCode - Serv
Servicer - Servicer
ServiceRequestNumber - Serv
ServicerLoanNumber - Service
Session - Session
SetNumber - Set Number
Sheet - Sheet
ShelfLifeIndicator - Shelf Life I
ShipFrom - Ship From
ShipmentDestinationCode - Sh
ShipmentOriginCode - Shipme
ShipmentReferenceNumber - R
ShipperCarOrderNumber - Shi
ShippersBondNumber - Shippe
ShippersHazardousNumber - S
ShippersOrder - Shipper's Ord
ShippingLabelSerialNumber - S
ShippingNoteNumber - Refere
ShippingUnitIdentification - Ide
ShippingZone - Shipping Zone
ShowIdentification - Show Iden
SIC - Standard Industry Classi
SID - Shipper's Identifying Num
SignalCode - Signal Code
SignalCodeNumber - Referenc
SIRENNumber - SIREN Numb
SIRETNumber - SIRET Numb
SituationNumber - Common re
SlaughterPlantNumber - Numb
SocialInsuranceNumber - Soci
SocialSecurityNumber - An ide
SoftwareApplicationNumber - S
Solicitation - Solicitation
SortAndSegregate - Sort and S
SpacingUnitOrderNumber - Sp
SpecialApproval - Special App
SpecialClause - Special Claus
SpecialInstructionsNumber - A
SpecialProcessingCode - Spec
SpecialQuoteNumber - Specia
SpecialtyLicenseNumber - Spe
SpecificationClassNumber - Sp
SpecificationNumber - Numbe
SpecificationRevision - Specifi
SpecimenIdentifier - Specimen
SplitBookingNumber - Split Bo
SplitShipmentNumber - Split S
SponsorsReferenceNumber - S
SpouseTie - Spouse Tie
StackTrainIdentification - Stack
Standard - Standard
StandardCarrierAlphaCode - S
StandardClause - Standard Cla
StandardPointLocationCode -
StandardsCodeNumber - Num
StandardsNumber - Number to
StandardsVersionNumber - Th
StartingPackageNumber - Star
StateAssemblyDistrict - State A
StateCharterNumber - State C
StateLegislativeDistrict - State
StateLicenseNumber - State L
StatementNumber - Descriptio
StatementOfWork - A referenc
StateSenateDistrict - State Sen
StatewideCourseNumber - Sta
StationReferenceNumber - Inte
Status - Status
StatusReportNumber - The ref
StockCertificateNumber - Stoc
StockExchangeCode - Stock E
StockNumber - Stock Number
StopSequenceNumber - Stop
StorageInformationCode - Stor
StoreNumber - Store Number
Study - Study
SubassemblyNumber - Subass
SubcontractLineItemNumber -
SubcontractNumber - Subcont
SubdayNumber - Subday Num
SubdivisionIdentifier - Subdivis
SubexhibitLineItemNumber - S
SubFile - Identifies the sub file
SubhouseBillOfLading - Subho
SublineofInsurance - Subline o
SubmissionNumber - Submiss
SubscriberNumber - Subscribe
Subservicer - Subservicer
SubServicerLoanNumber - Su
SubstituteAirWaybillNumber -
SubstitutePartNumber - Substi
SubSubhouseBillOfLading - Su
SuccessorAccount - Successo
Suffix - A reference to specify
SupplementalClaimNumber - S
SupplementNumber - Supplem
Supplier - Supplier
SupplierReplacement - Supplie
SuppliersControlNumber - Ref
SupportingDocumentNumber -
SuretyBondNumber - Surety B
SuspensionIdentifier - Suspens
SwapOrderNumber - Number
SWIFT - Society for Worldwide
SWIFTConfirmationNumber -
SystemNumber - System Num
Tag - Tag
TankNumber - Tank Number
TariffNumber - Tariff Number
TariffPageNumber - Tariff Pag
TariffRuleNumber - Tariff Rule
TariffSectionNumber - Tariff S
TariffSuffixNumber - Tariff Suf
TariffSupplementNumber - Tar
TaskOrder - Task Order
TaxAgencyNumber - Tax Agen
TaxExchangeCode - Tax Exch
TaxExemptNumber - Tax Exem
TaxFiling - Tax Filing
TaxFormCode - Tax Form Cod
TaxLicenseExemption - Tax Li
TaxLienJurisdiction - Tax Lien
TaxRegistrationNumber - The
TaxScheduleCode - Tax Sche
TaxShelterNumber - Tax Shelt
TaxWorksheet - Tax Workshe
TCN - TransportationControlN
TeamAssignmentNumber - Te
TechnicalDocumentNumber -
TechnicalOrderNumber - A ref
TechnicalPhaseReference - A
TechnicalRegulation - Referen
TelexMessageNumber - Refer
TemplateSequenceNumber - T
Tenor - Tenor
Term - Term
TerminalCode - Terminal Code
TerminalOperatorNumber - Te
TerminationFiling - Termination
TesterIdentification - Tester Ide
TestReportNumber - Referenc
TestSpecificationNumber - Tes
TheaterScreenNumber - Thea
ThirdBanksReference - Refere
ThirdPartyOriginatorNumber -
ThirdPartyReferenceNumber -
ThroughBillOfLadingNumber -
TicketNumber - Ticket Numbe
TimeFailure - Time Failure
TirCarnetNumber - Reference
TIRNumber - TIR Number
TitleDocumentSchedule - Title
TitlePolicyNumber - Title Policy
TitleReference - Title Referenc
TitleXIXIdentifierNumber - Title
TotalCycleNumber - Total Cyc
TotalOrderCycleNumber - Tota
TownshipNumber - Township N
ToxicologyID - Toxicology ID
TracerActionRequestNumber -
TrackingNumber - Tracking Nu
Tract - Tract
TraderAccountNumber - Numb
TrailerTypeQualifier - Trailer T
TrailerUseAgreements - Traile
TrainingFlightNumber - Non-re
TransactionCategoryOrType -
TransferNumber - An extra nu
TransitGuaranteeNumber - Re
TransponderNumber - Transpo
TransportationAccountCode -
TransportDocumentNumber -
TransportRoute - A predefined
TravelManifest - Travel Manife
TreatyIdentifier - Treaty Identif
TrialLocationCode - Trial Loca
Tripleback - Tripleback
TruckersBillOfLading - A cargo
Trustee - Trustee
TSRBusinessIdentifier - Tokyo
TypeOfComment - Type of Co
TypeOfEscrowNumber - Type
TypeOfLawSuit - Type of Law
TypeOfScienceCode - Type of
UltimateConsignee - Ultimate C
UNDG - United Nations Dange
UniformResourceLocator - Uni
UnionNumber - Union Number
UniqueConsignmentIdentifier -
UniqueMarketReference - Des
UnitNumber - Unit Number
UnitPropertyNumber - Unit Pro
UnitReliefNumber - Unit Relief
UnitReportPeriod - Unit Report
UnitReportPeriodID - Unit Rep
UnitTrain - Unit Train
UpperSerialNumberOfRange -
USCFR - A reference indicatin
USCS - UsCustomsService(Us
USDOEAndNCES - United Sta
USDOTBondSuretyCode - A b
UserID - User ID
UserIdentification - User Identi
USFCCImportCondition - A nu
VatRegistrationNumber - Uniq
VehicleBusinessUseQualifier -
VehicleLicenceNumber - Numb
VehicleSizeClassQualifier - Ve
VendorAbbreviationCode - Ven
VendorContractNumber - Num
VendorIDNumber - Vendor ID
VendorOrderNumberSuffix - V
VendorProductNumber - Numb
VendorsPreviousJobNumber -
VendorTerms - Vendor Terms
VerificationSourceCode - Verif
Version - Version
VersionCodeLocal - Version C
VersionCodeNational - Version
VerticalCoordinate - Vertical C
Vessel - Vessel
VesselAgentNumber - Vessel
VesselIdentification - (8123) R
VesselName - Vessel Name
VeteransAffairsCaseNumber -
VIN - VehicleIdentificationNum
VisaType - Visa Type
VolumeNumber - Volume Num
VoucherNumber - Reference n
VoyageNumber - [8228] Refere
WageDetermination - Wage D
Waiver - Waiver
Ward - Ward
WarehouseEntryNumber - Ent
WarehouseReceiptNumber - W
Warrant - Warrant
WarrantyCoverageCode - War
WarrantyRegistrationNumber -
WaybillNumber - Reference nu
WeaponSystemNumber - Wea
WeightAgreementNumber - De
WellClassificationCode - Well
WellNumber - A number assig
WithdrawalAccountNumber - W
WithdrawalRecord - Withdrawa
WoolIdentificationNumber - Sh
WoolTaxReferenceNumber - R
WorkBreakdownStructure - A s
WorkCenter - Work Center
WorkingShiftNumber - (Workin
WorkOrderNumber - Work Ord
WorkPackage - A reference fo
WorkShift - A work shift refere
WorksiteNumber - Worksite N
WorkTaskChargeNumber - A r
WorkTeam - A reference to ide
YardPosition - Yard Position
Zone - Zone
             LineItemTypeCoded ProductIdentifierQualifierCoded                                                 TaxCategoryCoded
                                     Other -             Other              Other               Other
                  Item - Standard Line Item Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code    Other
                                     - Other line items referencing this line item from their parent Additional - fields are components of this it
                                                         1 - ActualPounds CostMarkupMultiplier-OriginalCost Product Identification Assigned b
                                                                                                IndividualDutyTaxOrFeeCustomsItem - Individua
                  ComponentGroup AdditionalProductIdentificationAssignedByTheManufacturer -item number Cost Markup Multiplier - Origina
                  Other - Custom Code                    4 - SmallSpray     CostMarkupMultiplier-RetailCost - Cost Markup Multiplier - Retail Co
                                                                                                TotalOfAllDutiesTaxesAndFeesCustomsItem - To
                                     AdvertisingPackageIdentificationCode - Advertising Package IdentificationDirectPayID
                                     Age - Age           5 - Lift
cceptableSourcePurchaserID - Acceptable Source Purchaser ID                                     TotalOfEachDutyTaxOrFeeTypeCustomsDeclara
                                                                            DiscountMultiplier - Discount Multiplier
                                     AggregationCode - Aggregation
                                                         8 - ID             CostMarkupMultiplier-WholesaleCost - Cost Markup Multiplier - Wh
cceptableSourceSupplierID - Acceptable Source SupplierHeatLot Code (Used to Consolidate Part Families)DisabledVeteran
ccessCode - Access Code                                  10 - Group         PercentSolutionMultiplier - Percent Association Proprietary Duty ass
                                                                                                CustomsDuty - Duties laid down in
                                                                                                                   DutyPaidBySupplier - Rights t
                                     AirTransportationAssociationProprietaryRightsCode - Air Transportation Solution Multiplier the CustomsC
                                     AllocationMethodologyIdentificationCode - Allocation Methodology Identification Code
                                                         11 - Outfit        SellingMultiplier - Fee - Multiplier ExemptForExport
ccessorialRailDiversionReferenceNumber - Accessorial Rail Diversion Reference Number SellingCharge for services rendered.
                                      Status Code        13 - Ration
ccessorialStatusCode - AccessorialAlternateISBN - Alternate ISBN                                                   levied by an authority.
                                                                                                Tax - Contribution ExemptForResale - A tax cate
                                     AmericanDentalAssociationCodes - American Dental Association Codes ExemptfromCountyPropertyTa
ccidentReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned toShot14 - an accident.                      TaxRelatedInformation - Description to be provid
                                                         15 - Stick
ccountCategory - Account CategoryAmericanTruckingAssociationsAssembly - American Trucking Associations Assembly    ExemptfromLocalPropertyTax
                                                         16 - 115KilogramDrum
ccountingCode - Accounting Code AmericanTruckingAssociationsPart - American Trucking Associations PartExemptfromSchoolPropertyTa
                                     AmericanTruckingAssociationsSystem - American Trucking Associations System
                                                         17 - 100PoundDrum
ccountingEquipmentLocationNumber - Accounting (Equipment) Location Number                                          ExemptfromStatePropertyTax
                                     Anniversary - Anniversary
ccountingFileReference - Reference of an accounting 18 - 55GallonDrum                                              ExemptFromTax
                                     ApplicationCompletionMethod - Application Completion Method
                                                         19 -
ccountingPeriodReference - Accounting Period Reference TankTruck                                                   ExemptGoodsandServicesTax
                                     ApplicationState 20 - 20FootContainer
ccountManagersCode - Account Managers Code - Application State                                                     ExemptLetterOnFile
                                     AppraisalProductType 40FootContainer
ccountNumber - Identification number of an account. 21 - - Appraisal Product Type                                  ExemptLocalService
                                     AppraisalService - 22 - DeciliterPerGram
                                                         Appraisal party's
ccountPartysBankReference - Reference number of the accountService bank.                                           ExemptNotForResale
                                     ARNICPartNumber - - GramsperCubicCentimeter
ccountPartysReference - Reference of the account party.ARINC Part Number                                           Exempt-PerStateLaw
                                     number assigned 24 - TheoreticalPound
                                                         by                                                        ExemptProvincialSalesTax
ccountPayableNumber - Reference Assembly - Assemblyaccounts payable department to the account of a specific creditor.
                                     AssemblyLotNumber Assembly account servicing
                                                         number of the Lot Number
ccountServicingBanksReferenceNumber - Reference 25 - GramsperSquareCentimeterbank.                                 ExemptSaleToUSGovernment
                                     AssetCategory - Asset ActualTon
                                                         26 - Category
ccountsReceivableCustomerAccount - Accounts Receivable Customer Account                                            ExemptTollService
                                     AssetNumber - Asset - by accounts receivable department to the account of a specific debtor.
ccountsReceivableNumber - Reference number assignedNumber27 TheoreticalTon                                         FreeExportItemTaxNotCharge
                                     AssetType - Asset 28 - Item
ccountsReceivableOpenItem - Accounts Receivable Open KilogramsPerSquareMeter                                       HigherRate
                                     AssortabilityCode -29 - PoundPerThousandSquareFeet
                                                          Assortability Code
ccountsReceivableStatementNumber - Accounts Receivable Statement Number                                            Homestead
                                     AuthorCode - Author Code
ccountSuffixCode - Account Suffix Code                   30 - HorsePowerDayPerAirDryMetricTon                      LaborTaxableMaterialExempt
                                     AuthorizedPartsListNumber - Authorized Parts List his acknowledgement of an order. - Tax rate is lower t
                                                         31 - CatchWeight
cknowledgementOfOrderNumber - [1018] Reference number assigned by the seller to Number                             LowerRate
                                     AutomaticTransmissionSerialNumber - Automatic Transmission Serial Number
                                                         32 - KilogramPerAirDryMetricTon
ctionAuthorizationNumber - A reference number authorizing an action.                                               MaterialTaxableLaborExempt
                                     AuxiliaryTransmissionSerialNumber - Auxiliary Transmission
                                                         33 KilopascalSquareMetersPerGram
dditionalReferenceNumber - Reference number provided-in addition to another given reference. Serial Number         MixedTaxRate
                                     AuxillaryTransmission- -KilopascalsPerMillimeter
ddOnSystemNumber - Add-On System Number                  34 Transmission, Auxiliary                                Non-Homestead
                                      be provided.       35
ddresseeReference - Description toAxleRatio - Axle Ratio- MillilitersPerSquareCentimeterSecond                     No-NotTaxExempt
                                     AxleSerialNumber 36 - CubicFeetPerMinutePerSquareFoot
                                                         - Axle Serial Number
djustedRepricedClaimReferenceNumber - Adjusted Repriced Claim Reference Number                                     NotExemptForResale
                                     Backing Adjusted Repriced Line Item Reference Number
djustedRepricedLineItemReferenceNumber - Backing 37 - OuncePerSquareFoot                                           NotExemptNotForResale
                                     BaleNumber - Bale - OuncesPerSquareFootPer0.01Inch
djustmentControlNumber - Adjustment Control NumberNumber 38                                                        NotTaxable
                                     Bar-CodedSerialNumber - Bar-Coded Serial
                                                         40 - Back)
djustmentMemoChargeBack - Adjustment Memo (Charge MilliliterPerSecond Number                                       OpenSpace
                                     BatchNumber - Batch-Number
                                                         41 MilliliterPerMinute
dministratorsReferenceNumber - Administrator's Reference Number                                                    OtherPropertyTaxExemption
dversaryCase - Adversary Case                            43 SuperBulkBag
                                     BeamNumber - Beam- Number                                                     Over65
dvertiserNumber - Advertiser Number                      ID
                                     BenefitID - Benefit 44 - 500KilogramBulkBag                                   RecurringExempt
                                     BeverageCommonCodeCollection attached Code
                                                         45 - - Beverage Common                                    (CIM 75).
dviceOfCollectionNumber - [1030] Number of the Advice of300KilogramBulkBagto the Rail Consignment Note ServicesOutsideScopeOfTax
                                     BillboardsCommercial -FiftyLbBulkBag
                                                         46 - Billboards advising bank
dviseThroughBanksReference - Financial institution through which theCommercial is to advise the documentary credit.StandardRate
                                     BillCreditCode - Bill Credit Code
                                                         47 - 50PoundBag
dvisingBanksReference - Reference number of the advising bank.                                                     TotallyExempt
                                     BillSubgroupCode 48 - Subgroup Code Number (AERNO)
                                                         - Equipment Reference
eronauticalEquipmentReferenceNumber - Aeronautical BillBulkCarLoad                                                 Transferred - VAT not to be pa
                                     BindingCode         50 - Code
FE - Authorization For Expense (Afe) Number - Binding ActualKilograms                                              UsageExempt
                                     BrandOrLabel - 51 - ActualTonnes
ffectedSubsystemCode - Affected Subsystem CodeBrand/Label                                                          ValueAddedTaxDueFromAPre
                                                         53 - TheoreticalKilograms
ffiliationNumber - Affiliation NumberBrokerPriceOpinionService - Broker Price Opinion Service                      ValueAddedTaxNotNowDueFo
                                     BusBodySerialNumber TheoreticalTonne
                                                         54 - -
gencyAssignedEmployeeID - Agency Assigned Employee IDBus Body Serial Number                                        WorkingFarm
gencyAssignedNumber - Agency Assigned Number 56 - Sitas - Buyer Ground Shade Identifier                            Yes-TaxExempt
gencyCaseNumber - Agency Case Number                     57 - - Buyer's Catalog Number
                                     BuyersCatalogNumber Mesh                                                      ZeroRatedGoods
                                      Number             58 NetKilogram
gencyClaimNumber - Agency ClaimBuyersColor - Buyers -Color
                                     BuyersEndProductNumber Buyer's End agency.
                                                         59 - PartsPerMillion
gencyClauseNumber - A number indicating a clause applicable-to a particularProduct Number
                                                         60 Regulation (AIDAR)
IDAR - Agency for International Development Acquisition - PercentWeight - Buyer's Engineering Change Level Number
                                     BuyersInternalProductGroupCode - Product group code used within a buyer's internal systems.
gencyHierarchicalLevel - Agency Hierarchical Level 61 - PartsPerBillion
                                     BuyersItemNumber - Buyer's Item Number
gencyLocationCode - Agency Location Code                 62 - PercentPer1000Hours
                                     BuyersPartNumber - -is the number assigned by an agency other than the institution sending the record.
                                                         63 FailureRateInTime
gencysStudentNumber - Agency's Student Number. ThisBuyer's Part Number
gentClaimNumber - Agent Claim Number                     64 - -
                                     BuyersSizeCode - 66 - Oersted Code
gentContractNumber - Agent Contract Number               Buyer's Size
gentNumber - Agent Number                                69 TestSpecificScale
                                     BuyersStyleNumber - -Buyer's Style Number
                                     BuyersSublineItemNumber - Buyer's
                                                         71 - VoltAmperePerPound
gentsBankReference - Reference number issued by the agent's bank. Subline Item Number
                                     CAGECode - Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code
gentsReference - Reference number of the agent.          72 - WattPerPound
                                     CandidateOil - Candidate Oil
gentsShipmentNumber - Agent's Shipment Number 73 - AmpereTumPerCentimeter
                                     Carry-OverPartNumberNumber: Identifies the equipment required to conduct maintenance.
                                                         74 - - Carry-over
GERD - Aerospace Ground Equipment Requirement Data MilliPascals Part Number
                                     Case - Case         76 - Gauss
greementNumber - A number specifying an agreement between parties.
greementToPayNumber                                      77 - Mil
                                     CatalogNumber - Catalog Number
                                     Channel - Channel
irCargoTransferManifest - Air Cargo Transfer Manifest78 - Kilogauss
irDimensionCode - Air Dimension Code                     80 Chassis Serial Number
                                     ChassisSerialNumber- -PoundsPerSquareInchAbsolute
                                                         81 - Henry
irHandlingCode - Air Handling CodeChemicalAbstractServiceRegistryNumber - Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number
                                     Classification - Classification
                                                          of a commercial flight by carrier
irlinesFlightIdentificationNumber - (8110) Identification84 - KilopoundPerSquareInch code and number as assigned by the airline (IATA).
                                     ClassOfContractCode- -FootPounds
irlineTicketNumber - Airline Ticket Number               85 Class of Contract Code
                                     CLEICode - Old Common Language Equipment
                                                         86 - Joules
irWaybillNumber - Reference number assigned to an air waybill, see: 1001 = 740 Identifier (CLEI) Code
                                     CognizanceSymbol - - PoundPerCubicFoot
                                                         87 capacity on Symbol
llotmentIdentification - Reference assigned to guarantied Cognizance one or more specific flights on specific date(s) to third parties as agents
                                     ColdRollNumber - 89 - Poise
                                                         Number assigned to a cold roll.
llowanceRecipientIdentification - Allowance Recipient Identification
lterationNumber - Alteration Number olor - Color         90 - SayboldUniversalSecond
                                     CombinedNCCMAOrBankServiceCode - Combined NCCMA/Bank Service Code
lternateClauseNumber - Alternate Clause Number           91 - Stokes
                                     CommissionIdentifier - CaloriePerCubicCentimeter
                                                         92 Commission Identifier
mbulatoryPatientGroupNumber - Ambulatory Patient Group (APG) Number
                                     CommissionYear -93 - CaloriePerGram
                                                          Commission Commercial Code Filing Number
mendedUniformCommercialCodeFilingNumber - Amended Uniform Year
mendment - Amendment                                     94 - CurlUnit
                                     CommitteeForUniformSecurityIdentificationProcedureNumber - Committee for Uniform Security Identifica
mendmentFiling - Amendment Filing                        95 - TwentyThousandGallon-USTankcar
                                     CommodityGrouping - Code for a group of articles with common characteristics (e.g. used for statistical p
                                     CommodityName - Commodity Name Assoc. (ABA) Transit/Routing Number (Including Check Digit, 9 D
                                                           American Bankers
mericanBankersAssociationTransitOrRoutingNumber -96 - TenThousandGallon-USTankcar
                                     CommonLanguageEquipmentIdentifier - Common Language Equipment Identifier (CLEI)
                                                         97 10KilogramDrum
mericanGasAssociationEquationNumber - American Gas-Association Equation Number
                                     Company-OwnedUnitTrainNumber - Company-Owned Unit Certification Number
                                                         98 - 15KilogramDrum
mericanOsteopathicAssociationCertificationNumber - American Osteopathic Association (AOA)Train Number
                                     CompanyPartNumber Company
                                                         Petroleum Institute Number
mericanPetroleumInstituteDeductionCode - American 1A --CarMile Part(API) Deduction Code
                                     CompatibleCutNumber - Compatible
                                                         Institute (API)
mericanPetroleumInstituteWell - American Petroleum 1B - CarCountWellCut Number
                                     CompensationAllocationCode - Compensation Allocation Code
                                                         1C - analysis or test operation.
nalysisNumberOrTestNumber - Number given to a specific LocomotiveCount
                                     CompensationTypeCode - Compensation Type Code
nesthesiaLicenseNumber - Anaesthesia License Number - CabooseCount
nimalSpecies - Animal Species                            1E - EmptyCar
                                     CompletionNumber - Completion Number
nimalStrain - Animal Strain                              1F - TrainMile
                                     ConceptCode - Concept Code
                                     ConfigurationItemIdentifier - Configuration
                                                         1G - administration pertaining to a past
ntiDumpingCaseNumber - Reference issued by a CustomsFuelUsage-GallonsItem Identifier or current investigation of goods "dumped" at
                                     ConnectorType - Connector code
                                                         1H - CabooseMile
PE - Activate Principale Excercee Identifier: The French industryType for the main activity of a company.
                                     Continuation - Continuation (ID Number Spans Multiple is applicable.
                                                         1I - FixedRate
pplicableCoefficientIdentificationNumber - The identification number of the coefficient whichProduct ID Data Elements)
                                     ContractActivityCode - TonMile Activity Code
                                                         1J Contract
pplicableInstructionsOrStandards - Instructions or standards applicable for the whole message or a message line item. These instructions or
                                     ContractBreakdown - - LocomotiveMile
                                                         1K To specify as
pplicantsBankReference - Reference number of the applicant's bank. an item, the contract breakdown.
                                     ContractChangeAuthorizationType - Contract Change Authorization Type
pplicantsReference - Reference number of the applicant. - TotalCarCount
pplicationNumber - Application Number                    Contract Number
                                     ContractNumber - 1M - TotalCarMile
pplicationReferenceNumber                                1X - QuarterMile
                                     ContractorEstablishmentCode - Contractor Establishment Code
                                     ContractTransferReasonCode - Contract Number
                                                         2A - RadiansPerSecond
pplicationTransactionReferenceNumber - Application Transaction Reference Transfer Reason Code
ppointmentNumber - Appointment Number                     Contribution Year
                                     ContributionYear - 2B - RadianPerSecondSquared
ppraiserLicense - Appraiser License                      2C - Roentgen
                                     ControlNumber - To specify the control number.
                                     CountryFromWhichProcured - a specific purpose (appropriation).
                                                          funding for Country
ppropriationNumber - The number identifying a type of2F - VoltsPerMeter from which Procured
pprovalCode - Approval Code                              2G Country of Origin Code
                                     CountryOfOriginCode - Volts-AlternatingCurrent
                                                         2H - Volts-DirectCurrent
                                     CouponFamilyCode - Coupon Family Code
rrivalCode - Arrival Code                                2I - BritishThermalUnitPerHour
                                     CouponNumber - A number identifying a coupon.
rticleNumber                                             2J - CubicCentimetersPerSecond
                                     CoverageRiskType - Coverage Risk Type
                                     CoverageType - Coverage Type
                                                         2K -
ssemblyLineFeedLocation - Assembly Line Feed Location CubicFeetPerHour
ssemblyNumber - Assembly Number                          2L - CubicFeetPerMinute
                                     CurrentProceduralTerminologyCodes - Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
ssessmentNumber - Assessment Number                     2M - CentimetersPerSecond
                                   CustomerCompanyRegistryNumber - Customer Company Registry Number
                                   CustomerOrderNumber set sender Order Number
                                                        2N - - Customer
ssignedByTransactionSetSender - Assigned by transactionDecibel
                                    Contract Number 2P - Kilobyte
ssignedContractNumber - AssignedCustomerProvidedEquipment - Customer Provided Equipment
                                   CustomsArticleNumber - Code defined
ssignedSequenceNumber - Assigned Sequence Number - Kilobecquerel by Customs authorities to an article or a group of articles for Cust
ssignmentNumber - Assignment Number                     2R - Kilocurie
                                   CutNumber - Cut Number
                                   DataCategory - A 2U - specifying
ssignmentRecordingNumber - Assignment Recordingcode Megagrama category of data.
                                   DepartmentOfDefenseIdentificationCode - Department of Defense Identification Code (DoDIC)
                                                        2V MegagramPerHour
ssociatedCaseControlNumber - Associated Case Control -Number
                                   DepositItemNumber - Deposit Item Number
ssociatedInvoices - Associated Invoices                 2W - Bin
                                   DesignNumber - Design Number
                                                        2X - MetersPerMinute
ssociatedNumberForJoinedUnitNotResubdivided - Associated Number For Joined Unit not re-subdivided
                                   DeviceFamily - Device Milliroentgen
                                                        - Associated
ssociatedNumberForLimitedCommonElementParking 2Y - Family Number For Limited Common Element Parking
                                   DeviceType - Device Type Parking
                                                        2Z - Unit
ssociatedNumberForUnitParking - Associated Number ForMillivolt
                                   DiagnosisCodePointer Megajoule
ssociatedPolicyNumber - Associated Policy Number 3B - - Diagnosis Code Pointer
                                   DieNumber Number - Manmonth
ssociatedProductNumber - Associated Product - Die Number3C
                                   DiscontinuedPartNumber - Discontinued Part Number
ssociatedPropertyNumber - Associated Property Number - PoundPerPoundOfProduct
                                   DiscountGrouping 3F  - Discount Grouping
ssociatedPurchaseOrders - Associated Purchase Orders - KilogramsPerLiterOfProduct
                                   Distributor - Distributor PoundPerPieceOfProduct
ssociationOfAmericanRailroadsRailwayAccountingRules -- Association of American Railroads (AAR) Railway Accounting Rules
                                   DividendUse          3H - Use
ssumingCompany - Description to be provided. - DividendKilogramsPerKilogramOfProduct
                                   DocumentIdentificationCode - Document Identification
                                                        3I - carnet.
taCarnetNumber - Reference number assigned to an ATAKilogramsPerPieceOfProduct Code
                                   Drawing - Reference - Bobbin Licensing Board Panel (ASLBP)
                                                         Safety and
tomicSafetyandLicensingBoardPanelNumber - Atomic4A number identifying a drawing of an article.Number
ttachedTo - Attached To                                 4B - Cap
                                   DrawingRevisionNumber - Reference number indicating that a change or revision has been applied to a
                                                        4C - Centistokes
ttachmentCode - Attachment Code DrugUPCConsumerPackageCode1-4-6-1 - Drug U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-4-6-1)
ttorney - Attorney                                      4E - 20-Pack
                                   DrugUPCShippingContainerCode1-2-4-6-1 - Drug U.P.C. Shipping Container Code (1-2-4-6-1)
                                   DunAndBradstreetStandardProductAndServiceCode - Dun And Bradstreet Standard Product and Service
                                                        4G - Microliter
uthorisationForRepairReference - Reference of the authorisation for repair.
                                   DyeLotNumber - issued Number
                                                        4H - Micrometer
uthorityIssuedEquipmentIdentification - Identification Dye Lotby an authority, e.g. government, airport authority.
                                   EAN2-5-5-1 - European authorization.
                                                        4I MetersPerSecond
uthorizationNumber - A number which uniquely identifies-an Article Number (EAN) (2-5-5-1)
                                   EAN-99In-StoreCouponCode - EAN-99 In-store Coupon Code an authority. This number contains an ap
                                                        - regulations Reference number allocated by
uthorizationNumberForExceptionToDangerousGoods 4J - MetersPerSecondPerSecond
                                   EditionCode - Edition Code
                                                        4K - Milliamperes
uthorizationToMeetCompetitionNumber - A number assigned by a requestor to an offer incoming following request for quote.
                                   EndItemNumber - 4Lnumber specifying an end item.
utoLossItemNumber - Auto Loss Item Number               A - Megabyte
                                   End-ItemDescription - - MilligramPerHour
                                                        4M End-Item (ACH) Return/Notification of Change (NOC) Code
CHReturnOrNotificationOfChangeCode - Automated Clearinghouse Description
                                   EngineDisplacementIdentification - Engine Displacement Identification
                                                        4N - Megabecquerel
CHEntryDescription - Automated Clearing House (ACH) Entry Description
                                   EngineeringChangeLevel - Engineering Class
                                                        4O - Microfarad
CHStandardEntryClass - Automated Clearing House (ACH) Standard Entry Change Level
                                   EngineeringDataList - -A Number
                                                        4P code specifying the
CHTraceNumber - Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) TraceNewtonsPerMeter product's engineering data list.
                                   EngineSerialNumber OunceInch
                                                         Underwriting Reference Number
utomatedUnderwritingReferenceNumber - Automated 4Q--Engine Serial Number
xleRatio - Axle Ratio                                   4R - OunceFoot
                                   EquipmentCodePerCOPASStandard - Equipment Code per COPAS standard
                                   EquipmentHierarchicalSequenceIdentifier - Equipment Hierarchical Sequence Identifier
ackoutProcedureCode - Backout Procedure Code            4T - Picofarad
adgeNumber - Badge Number                               4U - PoundPerHour
                                   EquipmentIdentificationNumber - Equipment Identification Number
                                   EquipmentLocation Equipment Location
alanceDueReferenceNumber - Balance-due Reference -Number4W - TonPerHour
                                   EquipmentType - Equipment Type
                                                        4X KiloliterPerHour
ankAssignedBankersReferenceNumber - Bank Assigned -Bankers Reference Number
                                   EventType Event5A - BarrelsPerMinute
ankAssignedSecurityIdentifier - Bank Assigned-Security Identifier
                                   ExchangedPartOrAssemblyOrProduct Exchanged Part, Assembly or Product
                                                        5B - Batch
ankersAcceptance - Reference number for banker's acceptance issued by-the accepting financial institution.
                                   Exhibit financial institution.
                                                        5C - Gallon-US-PerThousand
ankReference - Cross reference issued by - A code indicating that the product is identified by an exhibit number.
                                   ExhibitIdentifier a bankruptcy procedure.
                                                        5E - MmscfPerDay
ankruptcyProcedureNumber - A number identifying - Exhibit Identifier
                                   ExhibitLineItemNumber - Exhibit Lineallocated
                                                        reference number Item Number
anksCommonTransactionReferenceNumber - Bank's 5F - PoundsPerThousand by the bank to different underlying individual transactions.
                                   ExpendableContainerIdentification - Expendable Container to one specific transaction.
                                                        reference number allocated by the bank Identification
anksIndividualTransactionReferenceNumber - Bank's 5G - Pump
                                   ExpenseIdentifier Expense
ankTelegraphicNumber - Bank Telegraphic Number -5H - StageIdentifier
                                   FAAServiceBulletinNumber - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Service Bulletin Number
ankToBankInformation - Bank to Bank Information         5I - StandardCubicFoot
arCodedLabelSerialNumber                                5J HydraulicHorsePower
                                   FabricPiecesPerRoll -- Fabric Pieces Per Roll
                                    Serial Number 5K - CountPerMinute
arCodedSerialNumber - Bar-CodedFailedSubassemblyModelNumber - Failed Subassembly Model Number
                                   FailedSubassemblySerialNumber - Failed Subassembly Serial Number
argePermitNumber - Barge Permit Number                  5P - SeismicLevel
                                   FannieMaeAffordableLendingProductCode - Fannie Mae Affordable Lending Product Code
                                                        5Q - SeismicLine
asicContractLineItemNumber - Basic Contract Line Item Number
                                   FannieMaeProjectCondominiumClassificationCode Fannie Mae Project Condominium under similar co
                                                        A1 - 15DegreesCCalorie
atchNumberOrLotNumber - Reference number assigned by manufacturer to a series of-similar products or goods produced Classification Co
                                   Feature - Feature A10 - AmpereSquareMetrePerJouleSecond
atchSequenceNumber - Batch Sequence Number
eamAssemblyCode - Beam Assembly Code                        A11 - Angstrom
                                       FederalSupplyClassification - A code to specify a product's Federal supply classification.
                                                            A12 - - Fifth Wheel Serial Number
eginMileMarker - Begin Mile MarkerFifthWheelSerialNumberAstronomicalUnit
                                       FinalTestLotNumber Final Test Lot Number
                                                            A13 - Attojoule
eginningJobSequenceNumber - The number designating- the beginning of the job sequence.
                                       FinancialPhase - To specify as
                                                            A14 - Barn
eginningKanbanSerialNumber - Beginning Kanban Serial Number an item, the financial phase.
                                       FinishLotNumber -A15 - BarnPerElectronVolt
                                                             Finish of Number
eginningMeterReadingActual - Meter reading at the beginningLot an invoicing period.
                                       FinishNumber - the beginning
                                                            A16 - BarnPerSteradianElectronVolt
eginningMeterReadingEstimated - Meter reading at Finish Numberof an invoicing period where an actual reading is not available.
                                       FinishOrHandStandardReference - Finish/Hand Standard Reference
eginningSerialNumber - Beginning Serial Number              A17 - BarnPerSterdian
                                       FirePump - of the beneficiary's bank.
eneficiarysBankReference - Reference numberPump,A18 - BecquerelPerKilogram
                                       FirstPriorIdentifier - First Prior Identifier
eneficiarysReference - Reference of the beneficiary. A19 - BecquerelPerMetreCubed
                                       FormerPublisher to his bid.
                                                            Former Publisher
idNumber - Number assigned by a submitter of a bid - A2 - AmperePerCentimetre
                                       FormNumber - Form Number
                                                            A20 - BritishThermalUnitPerSecondSquareFoot
ilateralCarServiceAgreements - Bilateral Car Service Agreements
                                       FreddieMacAffordableLendingProductCode - Freddie Mac
illAndHoldInvoiceNumber - Bill and Hold Invoice Number - BritishThermalUnitPerSecondFootAffordable Lending Product Code
illingAccount - Billing Account                             A23 - BritishThermalUnitPerHourSquareFoot
                                       FreddieMacProjectCondominiumClassificationCode - Freddie Mac Project Condominium Classification C
                                       FrontAxle-Rear - A24 Axle, Rear
illingCenterIdentification - Billing Center Identification Front - CandelaPerSquareMetre
illingType - Billing Type                                   A25 - ChevalVapeur
                                       FrontAxleDrivenSerialNumber - Front Axle Driven Serial Number
                                       FrontAxleNonDrivenSerialNumber - Front 705
                                                            bill - lading, see: 1001
illOfLadingNumber - Reference number assigned to a A26of CoulombMetre Axle Non Driven Serial Number
                                        Material Revision A27 Front Axle Serial Number
illofMaterialRevisionNumber - Bill ofFrontAxleSerialNumber- -CoulombMetreSquaredPerVolt
                                       FuelTankSerialNumber- -CoulombPerCubicCentimetre
                                                            A28 of quantities.
illOfQuantitiesNumber - Reference number assigned to a bill Fuel Tank Serial Number
inaryObjectIdentifier - Binary ObjectFund - Fund            A29 - CoulombPerCubicMetre
inLocationNumber - Bin Location Number                      A3 - AmperePerMillimetre
                                       FundAbbreviation - Fund Abbreviation
                                       FundManager Fund Manager
                                                            the - CoulombPerCubicMillimetre
lanketOrderNumber - Reference number assigned- by A30order issuer to a blanket order.
                                        With Batch Number    Fund Sub-Advisor
lendedWithBatchNumber - BlendedFundSub-Advisor -A31 - CoulombPerKilogramSecond
                                       FundType - Fund Type  product is blended with.
lendedWithNumber - The batch/lot/package number aA32 - CoulombPerMole
                                                            A33 - CoulombPerSquareCentimetre
                                       GASFLOWInvoicePostingCode - GAS*FLOW Invoice Posting Code
                                       GASFLOWProductorServiceChargeCode - GAS*FLOW Product or Service Charge Code
lueCrossProviderNumber - Blue Cross Provider Number - CoulombPerSquareMetre
                                       Gathering - GatheringA35
lueShieldProviderNumber - Blue Shield Provider Number - CoulombPerSquareMillimetre
                                       GearRatio - Gear Ratio Bonded Carrier Internal Revenue Service Identification Number
ondedCarrierInternalRevenueServiceIdentificationNumber - CubicCentimetrePerMole
                                       GeneralSpecificationNumber - General Specification when cargo space is reserved prior to loading.
                                                            A37 - CubicDecimetrePerMole
ookingReferenceNumber - [1016] Reference number assigned by the carrier or his agentNumber
                                        identify a book. A38 - CubicMetrePerCoulomb
ookNumber - A number assigned toGenericNameDescription - Generic Name Description
                                       GliderKit - Glider Kit - CubicMetrePerKilogram
ordereauNumber - Reference number assigned to a bordereau, see: 1001 = 787
ranchIdentifier - Branch Identifier GradeCode - Grade Code  A4 - AmperePerSquareCentimetre
                                       GradeName - Grade Name
rokerIdentification - Broker Identification                 A40 - CubicMetrePerMole
                                       GrainDirection - NumberAmperePerSquareMetre
                                                            A41 -
rokerOrSalesOfficeNumber - Broker or Sales Office Grain Direction
                                       GraphicsIndustryBarCode - Graphics Industry Bar Code (GIBC)
rokerReference1 - Description to be provided.               A42 - CuriePerKilogram
                                       GroundShadeStandardReference - Ground Shade Standard Reference
rokerReference2 - Description to be provided.               A43 - DeadweightTonnage
                                       GroupID -            A44
rokersOrderNumber - Broker's Order Number Group ID - Decalitre
                                       GroupQualifierCode - - Decametre
rokerReferenceNumber - Broker's Reference NumberA45Group Qualifier Code
                                       GTIN Global Trade Identification
udgetChapter - A reference to the chapter- in a budget.A47 - Decitex Number
                                       HarmonisedSystem - Labor and Statistics
ureauofLaborandStatisticsScheduleIdentifier - Bureau A48 - DegreeRankin Schedule Identifier
                                       HCPCS                A49 - Denier
ureauSigningOR - OriginalFDOReference - Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) Codes
ureauSigningSR - StatementReference                         A5 - assigned to the heat
                                       HeatNumber - Number AmpereSquareMetre (also known as the iron charge) for the production of steel p
                                                            A50 - DynSecondPerCubicCentimetre
usinessActivity - Business Activity HIBC-HealthIndustryBarCode - Article identifier used within health sector to indicate data used conforms
                                       HIBCSupplierLabelingStandardPrimaryDataMessage - HIBC (Health Care Industry Bar Code) Supplier L
usinessIdentificationNumber - Business Identification NumberA51 - DyneSecondPerCentimetre
                                        Number              A52 - DyneSecondPerCentimetreToTheFifth
usinessTaxNumber - Business Tax HIECProductOrServiceCode - Home Infusion EDI Coalition (HIEC) Product/Service Code
                                       HotRollNumber - Number assigned to a hot roll.
uyerIdentification - Buyer Identification                   A53 - ElectronVolt
                                       ICD-9-CM-Procedure - -International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) - Proced
uyersApprovalMark - Buyer's Approval Mark                   A54 ElectronvoltPerMetre
                                       IgnitionKeyNumber - Ignition Key a buyer.
                                                            maintained by Number
uyersCatalogueNumber - Identification of a catalogue A55 - ElectronvoltSquareMetre
                                       Imprint-TrademarkCodeOfSubsidiary - Imprint (Trademark Code of Subsidiary)
                                                            A56 - ElectronvoltSquareMetrePerKilogram
uyersContractNumber - Reference number assigned by buyer to a contract.
uyersCreditMemo - Buyer's Credit Memo                       A57 - - The
                                       IndustryCommodityCodeErg codes given to certain commodities by an industry.
uyersDebitMemo - Buyer's Debit Memo                         A58 Information Media
                                       InformationMediaType - ErgPerCentimetre Type
                                       Ingredient - Ingredient
                                                            a debtor.
uyersDebtorNumber - Reference number assigned to A6 - AmperePerSquareMetreKelvinSquared
                                       InsurancePlanDescriptionCharacteristics - Insurance Plan Description Characteristics
                                                            A60 - ErgPerCubicCentimetre
uyersItemNumber - Reference number assigned by the buyer to an item.
                                   InsurersFundCodeA61 - the buyer to
                                                       - Insurer's Fund Code
uyersOrderNumber - [1022] Reference number assigned by ErgPerGram an order.
                                   InterchangeabilityCode Interchangeability Code
uyersShipmentMarkNumber - Buyer's Shipment Mark A62 -- ErgPerGramSecond
                                    number identifying a Interior Color Number
                                                      A63 - ErgPerSecond
adFileLayerConvention - ReferenceInteriorColorNumber -layer convention for a file in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) environment.
                                   InternalNumber - Internal Number
alendar - A calendar reference number.                A64 - ErgPerSecondSquareCentimetre
                                                      A65 - ErgPerSquareCentimetreSecond
alendarNumber - Calendar NumberInternationalArticleNumberingAssociation - Number assigned to a manufacturer's product according to th
allOffOrderNumber                                     A66 - ErgSquareCentimetre
                                   ICD-9-CM-Diagnosis - International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) - Diagnos
allSign - Call Sign                                   A67 - ErgSquareCentimetrePerGram
                                   InternationalHarmonizedCommodityCode - International Harmonized Commodity Code
                                   InternationalStandardBookNumber Canadian Customs.
                                                       assigned by the
anadianExciseEntryNumber - An excise entry numberA68 - Exajoule - International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
                                   InvestmentFundType - FaradPerMetre Type
                                                      A69 Investment Fund
anadianFinancialInstitutionBranchAndInstitutionNumber - -Canadian Financial Institution Branch and Institution Number
                                   IRSQualificationCode -- AmperePerSquareMillimetre
                                                      A7 IRS Qualification Code
anadianGoodsAndServicesorQuebecSalesTaxReferenceNumber - Canadian Goods and Services or Quebec Sales Tax Reference Number
                                   ISBN -             A70 - Femtojoule
anadianProvinceOperatingAuthorityNumber - Canadian Province Operating Authority Number
                                   ISSN - International Standard Serial
                                                      A71 - Femtometre
anadianSocialInsuranceNumber - Canadian Social Insurance Number Number (ISSN)
                                    - Canadian Wheat Board Permit Number Code
                                                      A73 Item Management
                                   ItemTypeNumber - Item Type Number
anceledRevisionNumber - Canceled Revision NumberA74 - FootPound-ForcePerSecond
                                   JobNumber - Job Number
                                                      A75 - FreightTon
ardAccountReportingIdentifier - Card Account Reporting Identifier
                                   JobSequenceNumber - Gallon
ardAccountReportingLevel - Card Account Reporting Level- Job Sequence Number
                                   JointLifeType - Joint Life Type
ardAccountStatusCode - Card Account Status Code A77 - GaussianCgsUnitOfDisplacement
                                   JurisdictionSpecificProcedureAndSupplyCodes - Jurisdiction Specific Procedure and Supply Codes
ardAccountTypeCode - Card Account Type Code           A78 - GaussianCgsUnitOfElecticCurrent
                                   KanbanPlanNumber - Kanban Plan Number
ardBillingTypeCode - Card Billing Type Code           A79 - GaussianCgsUnitOfElectricCharge
                                   LaboratorySampleIdentification - Laboratory Sample Identification
                                                      A8 -
ardIssuerTransactionCode - Card Issuer Transaction CodeAmpereSecond
                                   LaboratoryTestConditionCode the cargo acceptance order.Code
                                                      assigned to - Laboratory Test Condition
argoAcceptanceOrderReferenceNumber - Reference A80 - GaussianCgsUnitOfElectricFieldStrength
                                   LaborGroup Labor Group carrier and consignment from initial entry into a country until release of the ca
                                                      A81 - a
argoControlNumber - Reference used to identify-and controlGaussianCgsUnitOfElectricPolarization
                                   LeaseNumber - toA82 - GaussianCgsUnitOfElectricPotential
                                                       a cargo manifest, see: 1001 785
argoManifestNumber - Reference number assignedLease Number
arnetNumber - Carnet Number                           A83 - - Library of Congress Code
                                   LibraryOfCongressCode GaussianCgsUnitOfMagnetization
                                   LifeOrAnnuityProductCode - Life/Annuity Product Code
arrierAssignedCode - Carrier Assigned Code            A84 - GigacoulombPerCubicMetre
                                   Carrier-assigned Consignee Number
                                                      A85 - Gigaelectronvolt
arrierAssignedConsigneeNumber - LifeOrAnnuityServiceFeatures - Life/Annuity Service Features
                                   LiftGateSerialNumber --Lift Package Identification Number
                                                      A86 Gigahertz
arrierAssignedPackageIdentificationNumber - Carrier AssignedGate Serial Number
                                   LineOfAuthority - Line of Gigaohm
                                                      A87 - Authority
arrierAssignedReferenceNumber - Carrier Assigned Reference Number
                                   LineOfBusiness - Line Number
                                                      A88 - Business
arrierAssignedShipperNumber - Carrier-assigned Shipper ofGigaohmMetre
                                   LoadSequence - Load Sequence
                                                      A89 - Gigapascal
arriersAgentReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned by the carriers agent to a transaction.
                                   LocallyAssignedControlNumber - Locally Assigned Control Number
                                                      A9 - Rate
arriersCustomsBondNumber - Carrier's Customs Bond Number
                                   LocalStockNumber A local number assigned to
                                                      A90 Gigawatt
arriersReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned- by-carrier to a consignment. an item of stock.
                                   LocationCode - LocationGrade
aseNumber - Number assigned to a case.                A91 - Code
                                   LOINCCodes Logical - GramPerCubicMetreNames and Codes (LOINC) Codes
                                                      A93 Observation Identifier
aseOfNeedPartysReference - Reference number -of the case of need party.
                                   LotNumber -
asualtyReportNumber - Casualty Report NumberLot NumberA94 - GramPerMole
                                   LotPricingUnitNumber -- Lot
                                                      A95 Gray
asualtyReportSerialNumber - Casualty Report Serial Number Pricing Unit Number
atalog - Catalog                                      Machine Number
                                   MachineNumber - A96 - GrayPerSecond
                                   MaintenanceIndexPageReferenceNumber catalogue according to a standard Number
                                                       identifies an item
atalogueSequenceNumber - A number which uniquelyA97 - Hectopascalwithin -aMaintenance Index Page Referencenumbering system.
atastropheNumber                                      A98 - HenryPerMetre
                                   MajorProductOrMaterialOrMachineType - Major Product/Material/Machine Type
                                                      AA - Ball
ategoryOfWorkReference - A reference identifying a category of work. - Manual Transmission Serial Number
                                   Manufacturer - Manufacturer
                                                      AB BulkPack
edentsClaimNumber - To identify the number assigned to-the claim by the ceding company.
                                                      ACR -
edingCompany - Company selling obligations to a third party.Acre- The number given to an article by its manufacturer.
                                   ManufacturersPartNumber Manufacturer's Part Number
                                                      AD - Byte
eilingFormulaReferenceNumber - The reference number which- identifies a formula for determining a ceiling.
                                   MarketProgramCode AmperePerMetre
ensusAutomatedFilesID - Census Automated Files ID AE -- Market Program Code
                                   MaterialCode - Code defining the material's type, surface, geometric form plus various classifying charac
ensusBlockGroup - Census Block Group                  AH - AdditionalMinutes
ensusStateCode - Census State Code                    AI Material Control Code
                                   MaterialControlCode - AverageMinutesPerCall
ensusTract - Census Tract                             AJ - Cop
                                   MaterialDischargeNumber - Material Discharge Number
                                   MeasurementTypeCode - Measurement Type Code
ensusTractSuffix - Census Tract Suffix                AK - Fathom
                                   MedicalInformationBureauAuthorization - Medical Information Bureau (MIB) Authorization
                                                      AL assigned by
entralSecretariatLogNumber - The reference log number - AccessLinethe central secretariat for the Data Maintenance Request (DMR).
                                   MedicalStopLossCoverageCodes The reference Loss Coverage Codes
                                                      AM - Ampoule
entralSecretariatLogNumberChildDataMaintenance - Request (DMR) - Medical Stop log number assigned by the central secretariat for the c
                                   MedicalStopLossLevelCodes - Medical reference log number
                                                       Request (DMR) The
entralSecretariatLogNumberParentDataMaintenance -AMH - AmpereHour Stop Loss Level Codesassigned by the central secretariat for the
                                   MedicalStopLossProductLineCodes - Medical Stop Loss Product Line Codes
ertificateNumber - Certificate Number                 AMP - Ampere
                                          MedicationCode - Medication Code definitions.
                                                               AN - to predefined
ertificateOfConformity - Certificate certifying the conformity MinutesOrMessages
                                          MEMAProductTypeCode - Motor
                                                               ANN - Number
ertificateofIncorporationNumber - Certificate of Incorporation Years Equipment Manufacturing Association (MEMA) Product Type Code
                                          MethodOfDeliveryCode - Method of Delivery
ertificateofTransportation - Certificate of Transportation - AluminiumPoundOnlyCode
ertification - Certification                                   APZ A number
                                          MilestoneEventNumber--TroyOunceto identify a milestone event.
ertifiedMailNumber - Certified Mail Number                     AQ - Anti-HemophilicFactorUnits
                                          MilitaryStandard - Military Standard
                                          MILSPECNumber AR - Suppository
                                                                - Provider Identification Number
RNA - Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA) Military Specification (MILSPEC) Number
                                          ModelNumber - Model Number
hamberOfCommerceNumber - Chamber of Commerce Number            ARE - Are
                                          MortgageCreditDataOrderType - by
                                                               AS - number Mortgage company/organization
hamberOfCommerceRegistrationNumber - The registrationAssortment which aCredit Data Order Typeis known to the Chamber of Commerc
                                          MortgageInsuranceProductCodeOrNumber - Mortgage Insurance Product Code or Number
HAMPUSIdentificationNumber - CHAMPUS Identification Number     ASM - AlcoholicStrengthByMass
                                          MortgageProductCode -- Mortgage Product Code
hangeDocumentNumber - Change Document Number                   ASU AlcoholicStrengthByVolume
                                                               AT - Atmosphere
hangeNumber - Change Number MortgageUnderwritingType - Mortgage Underwriting Type
                                          MotorVehicleIdNumber - Motor Vehicle ID Number
hangeOrderAuthority - Change Order Authority                   ATM StandardAtmosphere
                                          Change Verification Procedure Code
                                                               ATT - TechnicalAtmosphere
hangeVerificationProcedureCode - MotorVehicle-LineDesignator - Motor Vehicle-Line Designator
                                          MovementTypeCode --Movement
                                                               AU OcularInsertSystem
hargeCardAccountNumber - Number to identify charge card account. Type Code
hargeCardNumber - Charge Card Number                             - A Capsule
                                          NationalDrugCodeAV -code specifying the national drug classification.
                                          NationalDrugCode4-4-2Format A code identifying the product in national and format 4- 4-2.
                                                               AW - PowderFilledVial
hargeNoteReferenceNumber - [1070] Indication in pre-printed form -that a Charges note has been established drug is attached to the Rail Co
                                                               AX - Twenty
hargeNumber - Charge Number NationalDrugCode5-3-2Format - A code identifying the product in national drug format 5- 3-2.
                                                               AY - Assembly
harterNumber - Charter Number NationalDrugCode5-4-1Format - A code identifying the product in national drug format 5- 4-1.
                                           by checking partyAZ one specific code action.
                                                                 to - BritishThermalUnitPerPound
heckingNumber - Number assignedNationalDrugCode5-4-2Format - Acheck identifying the product in national drug format 5- 4-2.
heckListNumber - Check List Number                             B0 - BritishThermalUnitsPerCubicFoot
                                          NationalHealthRelatedItemCode - National Health Related Item Code
heckNumber - Check Number                                      B1 - BarrelsPerDay
                                          NationalHealthRelatedItemCodeIn4-6Format - National Health Related Item Code in 4-6 Format
                                          NationalHealthRelatedItemCodeIn5-5Format - National Health Related Item Code in 5-5 Format
                                                               B11 - JoulePerKilogramKelvin
hemicalAbstractServiceRegistryNumber - Chemical Abstract Service Registry Number
                                          NationalProductGroupCode -
                                                               B12 - JoulePerMetre
hequeNumber - Unique number assigned to one specific cheque.National product group code. Administered by a national agency.
ircuitNumber - Circuit Number                                  B13 - JoulePerSquareMetre
                                          NationalRetailFederationColorCode - National Retail Federation Color Code
ircular - Circular                                             B14 - JoulePerMetreToTheFourthPower
                                          NationalRetailFederationSizeCode - National Retail Federation Size Code
                                          NationalStockNumber publication.
                                                               B15 JoulePerMole
ircularPublicationNumber - A number specifying a circular -- National Stock Number
itation - Citation                                             B16 - JoulePerMoleKelvin
                                          NDC - National Drug Code (NDC)
                                          N                    B18 - JouleSecond
itationOfOpinion - Citation of Opinion ewMicrocode - New Microcode
                                                               B2 - Bunk
itationOfStatute - Citation of StatuteNewReplacementPartOrAssemblyDefective - New Replacement Part or Assembly Defective
                                          NextHigherAssemblyNumber - A number specifying the next higher assembly or component into which th
itizenshipDocumentNumber - Citizenship Document Number         B20 - JouleSquareMetrePerKilogram
ivilActionNumber - Civil Action Number                         B21 - KelvinPerWatt
                                          NextHigherUsedAssembly - Next Higher Used Assembly
                                          NonforfeitureOption - Nonforfeiture
                                                               B22 -
ivilLiabilitiesofOilCertificate - Civil Liabilities of Oil Certificate KiloampereOption
                                          Non-ResaleableItemExcludingDepositNumber - Non-resaleable item (excluding deposit) number
                                                               Claim Number
laimAdministratorClaimNumber - Claim Administrator B23 - KiloamperePerSquareMetre
                                                               B24 - KiloamperePerMetre
laimantNumber - Claimant NumberNSN-NorthAtlanticTreatyOrganizationStockNumber - Number assigned under the NATO (North Atlantic T
                                          Claim Number           - National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) UB82 Codes
laimantsClaimNumber - Claimant's NUBCUB82CodesB25 - KilobecquerelPerKilogram
laimNumber - Claim Number                                        - National Uniform
                                          NUBCUB92CodesB26 - Kilocoulomb Billing Committee (NUBC) UB92 Codes
laimOfficeNumber - Claim Office Number                         B27 - KilocoulombPerCubicMetre
                                          NumberOfPositionsOnMachine - Number of Positions on Machine
lassCode - Class Code                                          B28 - KilocoulombPerSquareMetre
                                          ObligationAuthorityNumber - Obligation Authority Number
                                          ObsoletePartNumber - - Kiloelectronvolt
lassOfContractCode - Class of Contract Code                    B29 Obsolete Part Number
lauseNumber - Clause Number                                    B3 - BattingPound
                                          OfferNumber - Offer Number
                                          OldMicrocode - Old Microcode
                                                               B31 Clearing House Interbank
learingHouseInterbankPaymentsSystemSequenceNumber--KilogramMetrePerSecond Payments System (CHIPS) Sequence Number
                                          OldUPCOrEANCaseCode - Old U.P.C./EAN Case Payment System (CHIPS) Participant Number (3 or 4
                                                               B32 Clearing House Interbank
learingHouseInterbankPaymentSystemParticipantNumber - KilogramMetreSquared Code
                                          OldUPCOrEANConsumerPackageCode - Old U.P.C./EAN System (CHIPS) User Identification (6 digits)
                                                               B33 Clearing House Interbank Payment
learingHouseInterbankPaymentSystemUserIdentification - - KilogramMetreSquaredPerSecondConsumer Package Code
                                          OldUPCOrEANModuleCodeB34 - KilogramPerCubicDecimetre
learingReference - Reference allocated by a clearing procedure.- Old U.P.C./EAN Module Code
                                                               B35 - KilogramPerLitre
learTextClause - Clear Text ClauseOldUPCOrEANMultipackCode - Old U.P.C./EAN Multipack Code
lientCompanyCode - Client Company Code                         B36 - ThermochemicalCaloriePerGram
                                          OperatorAssignedPropertyIdentification - Operator Assigned Property Identification
lientNumber - Client Number                                    B37 - Kilogram-Force
                                          Opposite-HandPartNumber - Opposite-Hand Part Number
                                          OpticalCableCode - Optical Cable Code
lientReportingCategory - Client Reporting Category B38 - Kilogram-ForceMetre
                                          OpticalIndustryProductCode - Optical Industry Product Code Number
                                                               B39 - Laboratory Improvement Amendment
linicalLaboratoryImprovementAmendmentNumber - Clinical Kilogram-ForceMetrePerSecond
linicNumber - Clinic Number                                    B4 - Barrel
                                          OriginalEquipmentNumber - Original Equipment Number
oalAuthorityNumber - Coal Authority Number                     B40 - Kilogram-ForcePerSquareMetre
                                          OutsideProductionOperationSheetNumber - Outside Production Operation Sheet Number
                                           Federal Regulations - KilojoulePerKelvin
odeOfFederalRegulations - Code ofPackageTypeCode - Package Type Code
oilNumber - Coil Number                                      - Packaging Drawing
                                       PackagingDrawingB42 - KilojoulePerKilogram
                                       to a cold roll coil. B43 - KilojoulePerKilogramKelvin
oldRollNumber - Number attributed PackagingSpecificationNumber - Packaging Specification Number
                                       PackNumber - Number-assigned
                                                            B44 KilojoulePerMole
ollectingBanksReference - Reference number of the collecting bank. to a pack containing a stack of items put together (e.g. cold roll sheets
                                       PartDrawing - PartB45 - Kilomole
ollectorIdentification - Collector Identification            Drawing
                                       PartNumber - A number KilomolePerCubicMetre
ollocationIndicator - Collocation Indicator                 B46 - indicating the part.
ombinedShipment - Combined Shipment                         B47 Part Number Description
                                       PartNumberDescription- -Kilonewton
                                       PartReferenceNumber - KilonewtonMetre
                                                            B48 - Part Reference Number
ommercialOrPrivatePassengerVehicleQualifier - Commercial/Private Passenger Vehicle Qualifier
                                       PatternNumber - PatternKiloohm
                                                            B49 - number
ommercialAccountSummaryReferenceNumber - A referenceNumber identifying a commercial account summary.
                                       PASCCEC-GoodsAndServicesTaxForwarded - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Capital Expen
                                                            B5 - Billet
ommercialandGovernmentEntityCode - Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code
                                       PASCCEC-GoodsAndServicesTaxNotApplicable - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Capital Ex
ommercialDriversLicense - Commercial Driver's License - KiloohmMetre
                                       PASC-NonTubularCode - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Non-Tubular Code
ommercialInvoiceNumber - Commercial Invoice Number - Kilopond
                                       PASCOMC-GoodsAndServicesTaxForwarded - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Operating an
ommercialRegistrationNumber - Commercial Registration NumberB52 - Kilosecond
                                       PASCOMC-GoodsAndServicesTaxNotApplicable - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Operating
                                                            B53 - Kilosiemens
ommercialVehicleSafetyAssuranceNumber - Commercial Vehicle Safety Assurance Number
ommitmentNumber - Commitment Number                         B54 - KilosiemensPerMetre
                                       PetroleumAccountantsSocietyOfCanadaTubularCode - Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Tubul
                                       Phase - Phase        B55 - KilovoltPerMetre
ommitteeOnUniformSecurityIdentificationProceduresNumber - Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Number
ommodityNumber                                              B56 - KiloweberPerMetre
                                       PiecesInRoll - Pieces in Roll
                                       Common Access Reference Number
                                                            B57 Piggyback
ommonAccessReferenceNumber - PiggybackCommercial - LightYear Commercial
                                       PipelineTransactionCode - Pipeline Transaction Code
                                                            B58 - LitrePerMole
ommonTransactionReferenceNumber - Reference number applicable to different underlying individual transactions.
                                       PlanCode - Plan Code - LumenHour
ompanyAndPlaceRegistrationNumber - Company registration and place as legally required.
                                       Description to be provided.
                                                            B6 - Bun
ompanyAndSyndicateReference1 - PlantEquipmentNumber - Plant Equipment Number
                                       Description to be provided.
ompanyAndSyndicateReference2 - Ply - Ply                    B60 - LumenPerSquareMetre
                                       PolicyForm - Policy Form
                                                            B61 - LumenPerWatt
ompanyIssuedEquipmentId - Owner/operator, non-government issued equipment reference number.
                                       Position - Position B62 - LumenSecond
RO - Company's Registry Office (CRO) Number
omparableProperty - Comparable Property                     B63 Preferred
                                       PreferredManufacturer -- LuxHour Manufacturer
                                       PreferredNationalStockNumber - Preferred National Reference Number
                                                            B64 - LuxSecond
omparablePropertyPendingSaleReferenceNumber - Comparable Property Pending SaleStock Number
                                       PreferredPartNumber --Preferred Part Number
                                                            B65 Maxwell
omparablePropertySaleReferenceNumber - Comparable Property Sale Reference Number
                                       PremiumRateTypeB66 - MegaamperePerSquareMetre
                                                             - Premium Rate Type
omparablePropertyVerificationSource - Comparable Property Verification Source
ompetentAuthority - Competent Authority                     B67 - Use
                                       PremiumUse - Premium MegabecquerelPerKilogram
omplaint - Complaint                                        B69 - MegacoulombPerCubicMetre
                                       PreviousCarrier - Previous Carrier
                                                            B7 - Cycle
omplaintCode - Complaint Code PreviousSampleIdentification - Previous Sample Identification
                                       PriceLookUpNumber - -a payment request for completed allowing a quick electronic retrieval of price info
                                                            B70 MegacoulombPerSquareMetre
ompletedUnitsPaymentRequestReference - A reference toIdentification number on a product units.
                                       PrimeContractorPartNumber - Prime Contractor Part Number
                                                            B71 - Megaelectronvolt
omplianceCodeNumber - Number assigned to indicate regulatory compliance.
omponent - Component                                        B72 - MegagramPerCubicMetre
                                       PrintColorStandardReference - Print Color Standard Reference
                                       PrintOrDrawing number Meganewton
                                                            B73 - Drawing
onditionOfPurchaseDocumentNumber - Reference - Print oridentifying the conditions of purchase relevant to a purchase.
                                       ProcessNumber - Process Number
                                                             identifying the conditions
onditionOfSaleDocumentNumber - Reference numberB74 - MeganewtonMetre of sale relevant to a sale.
                                                            B75 - Megaohm
ondominiumIdentificationNumber - Condominium Identification Number - Reference number identifying a product or service.
                                       ProductChangeNoticeNumber - Product Change Notice Number
ongressionalDistrict - Congressional District               B76 - MegaohmMetre
onnectingCarrier - Connecting Carrier                       - Product Date Code (A code
                                       ProductDateCode B77 - MegasiemensPerMetre indicating the period during which a product was manufa
                                       ProductIdAttributeCode- -Megavolt
onsigneeReferenceNumber - Consignee Reference Number Product ID Attribute Code
                                       ProductTypeCode - Product Type Code departure of the means of transport.
                                                            by the consignee after
onsigneesFurtherOrder - Reference of an order given B79 - MegavoltPerMetre
                                       ProductVersionNumberJoulePerCubicMetre by manufacturer or seller to identify the release of a product.
                                                            B8 - Number assigned
onsigneesInvoiceNumber - The invoice number assigned-by a consignee.
                                       ProgramCode - Program Code
onsigneesOrderNumber - Consignee's Order NumberB81 - ReciprocalMetreSquaredReciprocalSecond
                                       ProgramDescriptionIdentifier - Program Description
onsigneesReleaseNumber - Consignee's Release Number- MetreToTheFourthPower Identifier
                                       ProgramLevel - Program Level by the
                                                            B84 assigned
onsigneesShipmentReferenceNumber - [1362] Reference - Microampere consignee to a shipment.
                                       PromotionalVariantNumber -
                                                            B85 -
onsignmentClassificationID - Consignment Classification ID Microbar
                                       of an order given by the Microcoulomb
                                                            B86 - consignor Property and Casualty Service transport.
onsignorsFurtherOrder - ReferencePropertyAndCasualtyServiceCode -after departure of the means of Code
                                       PublicationNumber - assigned by a consignor to a particular shipment for his own purposes or for those
                                                            B87 - MicrocoulombPerCubicMetre
onsignorsReferenceNumber - [1140] Reference number Publication Number
                                       PublisherCode - Publisher Code
                                                            B88 - MicrocoulombPerSquareMetre
onsolidatedInvoiceNumber - Invoice number into which other invoices are consolidated.
                                       PurchaseOrderNumber- -MicrofaradPerMetre
onsolidationShipmentNumber - Consolidation Shipment Number  B89 Purchase Order Number
                                       PurchasersItemCode - Batt
onsolidatorsReceiptNumber - Consolidator's Receipt Number   B9 Purchaser's Item Code
                                                            B90 - Microhenry
onstraintNotation - Identifies a reference to a constraint notation. - Purchaser's Order Line Number
onsumerIdentifier - Consumer Identifier                     B91 - MicrohenryPerMetre
                                       PurposeOfInsurance - Purpose of Insurance
                                       RackNumber - Rack Number
                                                           B92 - Micronewton
onsumptionDataRequestNumber - A number which identifies a request for consumption data.
                                       RadiatorSerialNumber MicronewtonMetreReceipt
                                                           Equipment Interchange
ontainerOrEquipmentReceiptNumber - Number of the B93 - Radiator Serial Number issued for full or empty equipment received.
                                       Railroad-OwnedUnitTrainNumber - Railroad-Owned
                                                           B94 - Microohm
ontainerOrPackagingSpecificationNumber - Container/Packaging Specification Number Unit Train Number
                                       RandomWeightAggregationCode - Random Weight Aggregation order.
                                                           B95 - MicroohmMetre
ontainerDispositionOrderReferenceNumber - Reference assigned to the empty container disposition Code
                                       RateDetailCard - Rate assigned by
                                                           B96 - Micropascal
ontainerOperatorsReferenceNumber - Reference number Detail Card the party operating or controlling the transport container to a transact
                                       RealEstatePropertyInformationService - Real
                                                           B97 - Microradian
ontainerorEquipmentReceiptNumber - Container or Equipment Receipt Number Estate Property Information Service
                                       unique identification of - Rear Axle,formed by an alpha code identifying the owner of the container.
                                                           B98 container Extended Tag
ontainerPrefix - The first part of the RearAxleExtendedTag -aMicrosecond
ontainerSequenceNumber - Container Sequence Number - Microsiemens - Rear Axle Front Rear Driven Serial Number
                                       RearAxleMiddle - Rear -assigned by
                                                           BAR Bar
ontainerWorkOrderReferenceNumber - Reference numberAxle, Middle the principal to the work order for a (set of) container(s).
ontinuationFiling - Continuation Filing                    Rear Axle, Pusher
                                       RearAxlePusher - BB - BaseBox
                                       RearAxleRearDrivenSerialNumber - Rear Axle Rear Driven Serial Number
                                                           BD - Board
ontinuationUniformCommercialCodeFilingNumber - Continuation Uniform Commercial Code Filing Number
                                       RearAxleRearNonDrivenSerialNumber - Rear Axle Rear Non Driven Serial Number
ontinuousMoveNumber - Continuous Move Number BE - Bundle
                                       RearAxleSerialNumber Rear Axle
ontinuousTransferNumber - Continuous Transfer Number -- BoardFoot Serial Number
                                       RearAxleTag - Rear Axle, Tag
ontractAddendumNumber - [1318] Reference number BG - Bag by the issuer to a Contract Addendum.
                                       Auditor ID Number   BH Brush
ontractAuditorIDNumber - Contract ReclamationProcess --Reclamation Process
                                       RecordKeepingOrModelYear - Record Keeping a Model Year
                                                           BHP - specific breakdown
ontractBreakdownReference - A reference which identifies a BrakeHorsePower of orcontract.
                                       ReeferSerialNumber - - Billion-Eur Number
ontractCoopNumber - Contract Co-op Number                  BIL Reefer Serial
                                       ReelNumber - Reel Number
ontractHolderClaimNumber - Contract Holder Claim Number    BJ - Bucket
                                       ReelType - Reel Type
ontractLineItemNumber - Contract Line Item Number BK - Basket
                                       ReferenceOil Reference Oil
                                                           BL - Bale
ontractNumber - Reference number of a contract -concluded between parties.
                                       RefinedProductCode - A DryBarrel-US the product refinement designation.
ontractOptionNumber - Contract Option Number               BLD - code specifying
                                       RelatedModelNumber -- Related Model Number
                                                           BLL Barrel-USPetroleumEtc
ontractorDataRequirementsList - Contractor Data Requirements List (CDRL)
                                       RelatedModelTypeBOCode (CEC)
                                                            - - Bottle
ontractorEstablishmentCode - Contractor Establishment Related Model Type
                                       RelatedPolicyIdentification - Related contractor.
                                                           BP - 100BoardFeet
ontractorRequestReference - Reference identifying a request made by aPolicy Identification
                                       RelativeValueUnits - Relative Value for a
                                                           BQL - Becquerel
ontractPartyReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned to a party Units particular contract.
ontractReference - Contract Reference                      BT - Bolt
                                       ReleaseNumber - Release Number
                                       ReligiousRetailNon-BookItem - with contract number)
                                                           BTU - BritishThermalUnit
ontractRiderNumber - Contract Rider Number (Used in conjunctionReligious Retail Non-book Item
                                       RepairFromProductCode - Repair From to a certain journey or departure of a means of transport (gener
                                                           BU - Bushel
onveyanceReferenceNumber - [8028] Unique reference given by the carrier Product Code
                                       RepairInductionIdentifier - Repair Induction Identifier
                                                           BUA - Bushel-US
ooperationContractNumber - Number issued by a party concerned given to a contract on cooperation of two or more parties.
                                       RepairTagNumberBUI - Bushel-UK
                                                            - Repair
ornboreCertificationNumber - Cornbore Certification Number Tag Number
                                       ReplacedPartNumber -- Replaced Part Number
orrectedBatchNumber - Corrected Batch Number               BW BaseWeight
                                       ReplacementNationalStockNumber - Replacement National Stock Number
orrectedContractNumber - Corrected Contract Number - Box   BX
                                       ReplacementProductNumber - Replacement Product Number
                                                           BZ - Number
orrectedSocialSecurityNumber - Corrected Social Security MillionBTUs
orrectionNumber - Correction Number                        C0 - Call
                                       ReplacementSubassemblyModelNumber - Replacement Subassembly Model Number
                                        reference.         C1 - CompositeProductPounds-TotalWeight
ostAccount - A cost control accountReplacementSubassemblySerialNumber - Replacement Subassembly Serial Number
                                       ResourceNumber C10 - Millifarad
ostAllocationReference - Cost Allocation Reference - A number to identify a resource.
                                       RetailPLU - by thePrice Milligal to a business in
ostaRicanJudicialNumber - A number assigned Retail C11 - Look Up Number (PLU) Costa Rica.
                                       ReturnableContainerNumber - Returnable Container Number
ostCentre - A number identifying a cost centre.            C12 - MilligramPerMetre
ostElement - Cost Element                                  C13 - Milligray
                                       ReturnCode - Return Code
                                       - County Business Number
                                                           Registration Number
ountyBusinessRegistrationNumber RollNumber - Roll C14 - Millihenry
ountyCode - County Code                                    C15 Millijoule
                                       RollSequenceNumber -- Roll Sequence Number
                                       RSKNumber - Plumbing and heating.
ountyLegislativeDistrict - County Legislative District C16 - MillimetrePerSecond
                                       Distribution - RunC17 - MillimetreSquaredPerSecond
ouponDistributionMethod - Coupon RunNumberMethod           Number
                                       SalesPresentationID - - Millimole
ouponRedemptionNumber - Coupon Redemption NumberSales Presentation ID
overageCode - Coverage Code                                C19 - MolePerKilogram
                                       SampleNumber - Number assigned to a sample.
reditCard - Credit Card                                    C2 - Carset
                                       SchematicDiagramReferenceNumber - Schematic Diagram Reference Number
                                       SeatSerialNumberC20 - Millinewton
                                                           - Seat Serial Number
reditCounselingIdentificationNumber - Credit Counseling Identification Number
                                       SecondaryPly by issuer- to Ply
                                                           C22 MillinewtonPerMetre
reditMemoNumber - Reference number assigned - Secondary a credit memo.
                                       SecondPriorIdentifier - -note.
                                                           C23 MilliohmMetre
reditNoteNumber - Reference number assigned to a credit Second Prior Identifier
reditor - Creditor                                         C24 - MillipascalSecond
                                       SectionPrintNumber - Section Print Number
                                       SellersDateCode -C25 - Number
                                                           Seller's Date Code
reditorDebitAdjustmentNumber - Credit or Debit Adjustment Milliradian
                                       SellersLotNumber party Millisecond
                                                           - Seller's Lot Number
reditorsReferenceNumber - Reference number of the C26 - to whom a debt is owed.
                                        SerialItemAndContributionIdentifier - Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (Defined in ANSI 239.56)
                                                           C27 Millisiemens
reditRatingAgencysReferenceNumber - Reference number- assigned by a credit rating agency to a debtor.
                                        SerialNumber Serial Number
                                                           C28 instruction.
reditReferenceNumber - The reference number of- a credit - Millisievert
                                        Number             C29 Millitesla
reditReportNumber - Credit Report SeriesIdentifier - Series- Identifier
                                        ServiceCodePerCOPASStandard - Service code per COPAS standard
reditRepositoryCode - Credit Repository Code               C3 - MicrovoltPerMetre
                                        ServiceControlIdentification - Service Control Identification
riticalApplication - Critical Application                  C30 - MillivoltPerMetre
                                        ServiceFeatureID - Service Feature ID
riticalityDesignator - Criticality Designator              C31 - Milliwatt
ropYear - Crop Year                                          Service Rendered
                                        ServiceRendered -C32 - MilliwattPerSquareMetre
                                        ServiceRequestedC33 - Service Requested
rossListedCourseNumber - Cross-listed Course Number - Milliweber
                                        SetNumber - Set C34 - Mole
rossReferenceNumber - Cross Reference Number Number
                                        Key Train Indicator CodeMolePerCubicDecimetre
                                                           C35 -
S54KeyTrainIndicatorCode - CS54 SettlementOrPayoutOption - Settlement/Payout Option
                                         CS54 Key Train Indicator Group Action Code
                                                           C36 Shelf-Life Name
S54KeyTrainIndicatorGroupName -Shelf-LifeActionCode - - MolePerCubicMetre
                                        Shelf-LifeCode - Shelf-Life Code
urrentCertificateNumber - Current Certificate Number C38 - MolePerLitre
                                        ShiftWorked - Shift Worked
                                                           C39 - Nanoampere
urrentInvoiceNumber - Reference number identifying the current invoice.
                                        SideUpOrSideDown - Carload
                                                           C4 Side Up/Side Down
urrentorLatestCourseNumber - Current or Latest Course- Number
                                        - Current - Skill Code - Nanocoulomb
urrentProceduralTerminologyCode SkillCodeProcedural Terminology Code
                                        SKU - Number       C41 - Nanofarad
urrentRevisionNumber - Current Revision Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
                                        SlabNumber - Number assigned to a slab, which is produced in a particular production step.
ustomerCatalogNumber - Customer Catalog Number C42 - NanofaradPerMetre
                                        SleeperBoxKeyNumber- -Nanohenry Key Sequence Number
                                                           C43 Sleeper Box
ustomerMaintenancePeriodSequenceNumber - Customer Maintenance PeriodNumber
                                        SleeperBoxSerialNumber Sleeper Box Serial Number
                                                           C44 - NanohenryPerMetre
ustomerMaterialSpecificationNumber - Number for a material -specification given by customer.
                                        SNOMED - Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
ustomerOrderNumber - Customer Order Number                 C45 - Nanometre
                                        SoftwareRevisionNumbera-process specificationto indicate acustomer. software.
                                                           C46 -
ustomerProcessSpecificationNumber - Retrieval number forNanoohmMetre A number assigned defined by revision of
                                        SourceOfDepositCode - Source of Deposit transaction.
                                                           C47 the customer
ustomerReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned byNanosecond to a Code
                                        SourceOfLeadCode - Source of Lead
                                                           C48 payment information
ustomerReferenceNumberAssignedToPreviousBalanceOf - Nanotesla Code Identification number of the previous balance of payments
                                        SpecialMaterialIdentificationCode - A number allocated the special material code.
                                                           C49 - Nanowatt
ustomersCommonTransactionReferenceNumber - Customer's reference number to identify by the customer to different underlying individual
                                        SSCC-18AndApplicationIdentifier - SSCC-18 and Application Identifier
                                                           C5 - Cost
ustomersIndividualTransactionReferenceNumber - Customer's reference number allocated by the customer to one specific transaction.
                                         Part Number       C50 - Neper
ustomersPartNumber - Customer's StandardGroupOfProducts-MixedAssortment -
                                        StandardIndustrialClassificationCode - Standard Industrial Classification Code
                                                            specification defined by
ustomerSpecificationNumber - Retrieval number for a C51 - NeperPerSecond customer.
                                        StateLabelCode - A code which specifies the codification of the state's labelling requirements.
ustomersReleaseNumber - Customer's Release Number - Picometre
                                        StateSampleIdentification - State unique unit for
                                                            customer to a Sample Identification
ustomersUnitInventoryNumber - Number assigned by C53 - NewtonMetreSecond inventory purposes.
                                        StockNumber - Stock Tracking
                                                           C54 - NewtonMetreSquaredKilogramSquared
ustomerTrackingNumberForLoanedMaterials - Customer Number Number For Loaned Materials
                                         Bar Code Number
ustomsBarCodeNumber - CustomsStyleNumber - Style Number    C55 - NewtonPerSquareMetre
                                        SublineItemNumber - Subline Item
                                                           C56 - NewtonPerSquareMillimetre
ustomsBrokerReferenceNumber - Customs Broker Reference NumberNumber
                                        SubmissionNumber Customs pertaining to
                                                           C57 - NewtonSecond
ustomsDecisionRequestNumber - Reference issued by - Submission Number a pending tariff classification decision requested by an import
                                         Number, assignedC58 - NewtonSecondPerMetre
                                                             or accepted by Subsistence Identification Number
ustomsDeclarationNumber - [1426] SubsistenceIdentificationNumber - Customs, to identify a Goods declaration.
                                        SubstituteProductNumber - Substitute Product Number
ustomsDrawbackEntryNumber - Customs Drawback Entry -Number C59 Octave
                                        SubtopicLevel - Subtopic Level
                                                           C6 - Cell
ustomsGuaranteeNumber - Reference assigned to a Customs guarantee.
                                        SupersededPartNumber - License Number
                                                            Broker Superseded Part
ustomshouseBrokerLicenseNumber - Customshouse C60 - OhmCentimetre Number
                                        SupersededPurchaseOrderNumber to an item.
                                                           C61 - OhmMetre
ustomsItemNumber - Number (1496 in CST) assigned by the declarant - Superseded Purchase Order Number
                                        SupplierBrandCode - byOne, Brand Code
                                                           C62 - Customs to a preference inquiry.
ustomsPreferenceInquiryNumber - The number assignedSupplier Piece, Unit
                                        SupplierCompanyRegistryNumber - presented to gain Registry Number
                                                           C63 Parsec
ustomsReleaseCode - A code associated to a requirement-that must beSupplier Company the release of goods by Customs.
                                        number of the goods in- - Number assigned tariff nomenclature system of classification
                                                           C64 PascalPerKelvin
ustomsTariffNumber - [7282] Code SuppliersArticleNumber accordance with theto an article by the supplier of that article. in use where the
                                        SuppliersSupplierArticleNumber Article number referring to under catalogue of supplier's supplier.
                                                           C65 PascalSecond
ustomsTranshipmentNumber - Approval number issued by-Customs- for cargo to be transhipped a salesCustoms control.
                                        Reference by - Surface- Finish
                                                           C66 PascalSecondPerCubicMetre
ustomsValuationDecisionNumber - SurfaceFinish an importing party to a previous decision made by a Customs administration regarding the
utNumber - Cut Number                                      C67 - PascalSecondPerMetre
                                        SyntheticLube - Lube, Synthetic
                                        SystemIdentifier - allocated by an authority in order to control the dangerous goods on board of a specific
                                                           C68 - Petajoule
angerousGoodsSecurityNumber - Reference number System Identifier
                                        TACTCommodityCode - The Air by an authority as Commodity Code
                                                           C69 allocated
angerousGoodsTransportLicenceNumber - Licence numberPhon Cargo Tariff (TACT) to the permission of carrying dangerous goods by a
                                        TaxCode - Tax Code C7
ataAuthenticationNumber - Data Authentication Number - Centipoise
                                        TechnicalManualNumber - Technical
                                                           (DID) Picoampere
ataItemDescriptionReference - Data Item Description C70 - Reference Manual Number
                                        TechnicalOrderNumber Technical Order Number
ataQualityRejectReason - Data Quality Reject ReasonC71 - -Picocoulomb
                                        Code               C72 - PicofaradPerMetre
ataReliabilityCode - Data Reliability TechnicalPhase - To specify as an item, the technical phase.
ataSource - Data Source                                    C73 - Picohenry
                                        TelecommunicationsCircuitId - Telecommunications Circuit ID
                                         to a data structure.
                                                           C75 - Picowatt
ataStructureTag - The tag assignedTelecommunicationsIndustryServiceCode - Telecommunications Industry Service Code
                                      TelecomServiceType - - PicowattPerSquareMetre
ealerIdentification - Dealer Identification               C76 Telecom Service Type
ealerNumber - Dealer Number                               C77 - PoundGage
                                      TelephoneIndustryManufacturerCode - Telephone Industry Manufacturer Code
ealerOrderNumber - Dealer Order Number                    C78 - Pound-Force
                                      TestedMaterialIdentificationNumber - Tested Material Identification Number
                                      Tex - Tex
ealerpurchaseordernumber - Dealer purchase order number   C8 - MillicoulombPerKilogram
                                      ThirdPriorIdentifierC80 - Rad Identifier
ealerTypeIdentification - Dealer Type Identification        - Third Prior
                                                           issuer to a debit account.
ebitAccountNumber - Reference number assigned by C81 - Radian- Time Compliant Technical Order
                                      TitleCode - by issuer - RadianMeterSquaredPerMole
ebitNoteNumber - Reference number assignedTitle Codeto a debit note.
                                      TopicLevel TopicC83 - RadianMetreSquaredPerKilogram
ebitReferenceNumber - The reference number -of a debit instruction.
ebtor - Debtor                                            Trade In Identifier
                                      TradeInIdentifier - C84 - RadianPerMetre
                                                          C85 - ReciprocalAngstrom
ebtorsAccount - Debtor's Account TransferCaseSerialNumber - Transfer Case Serial Number
                                      TransmissionSerialNumber - Transmission Serial Number
                                                          C86 - ReciprocalCubicMetre
ebtorsReferenceNumber - Reference number of the party who owes an amount of money.
                                       Reference to the party whose posted bond orto form article
                                                          C87 - - Additional number security is being declared in order to accept responsibility f
eclarantsCustomsIdentityNumber - TransportGroupNumber ReciprocalCubicMetrePerSecond groups for packing and/or transportation purp
                                      TreasuryManagementAssociation Treasury or a message by the declarant for identification purposes.
                                                          C88 - ReciprocalElectronVoltPerCubicMetre
eclarantsReferenceNumber - Unique reference number assigned to a -document Management Association
efectCodeNumber - Defect Code Number                      C89 - ReciprocalHenry
                                      TreasuryManagementAssociationServiceCode - Treasury Management Association Service Code
                                      TreasuryManagementAssociationServiceCodeAndBankServiceCode - Treasury Management Associatio
                                                          C9 - CoilGroup
efenseFederalAcquisitionRegulations - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR)
                                      TreatmentCodes - C90 - indicating a priority rating assigned to allocate resources for defense purchases
                                                            Treatment Codes
efensePrioritiesAllocationSystemPriorityRating - A referenceReciprocalJoulePerCubicMetre
                                      TruckBodySerialNumber toTruck Body Serial Number
                                                          C91 - - a party to approve deferment of payment of tax or duties.
efermentApprovalNumber - Number assigned by authorities ReciprocalKelvinOrKelvinToThePower
                                       Reference or indication-of the
                                                          C92 ReciprocalMetre
eferredPaymentReference - [1168] TypeSelvage - Type Selvage deferred payment of duty/tax.
                                      UCCOrEAN-128CouponExtendedCode - UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Extended Code
                                                          C93 - ReciprocalSquareMetre
eliveryNoteNumber - Reference number assigned by the issuer to a delivery note.
                                       by which a haulier/carrier will announce himself at the container customer depot when delivering equipm
                                                          C94 - ReciprocalMinute
eliveryNumber - Reference numberUltimateCustomersArticleNumber - Number assigned by ultimateterminal or to identify relevant article.
                                      UNCCS - United Nations Common Coding
                                                            issuer to a delivery order.
eliveryOrderNumber - Reference number assigned byC95 - ReciprocalMole System (UNCCS)
                                      UnderwritingMethodOfDirectWriter - Underwriting Method of Direct Writer
eliveryQuoteNumber - Delivery Quote Number                C96 - ReciprocalPascalOrPascalToThePowerMinusOne
eliveryReference - Delivery Reference                     C97 - ReciprocalSecond
                                      UniformStockSymbolSystemCodeNumber - Uniform Stock Symbol System Code Number
eliveryRegion - Delivery Region                           C98 - ReciprocalSecondPerCubicMetre
                                      UniversalProductNumber - Universal Product Number
                                      UNNumberDangerousGoods - a delivery schedule.
                                                          C99 - ReciprocalSecondPerMetreSquared
eliveryScheduleNumber - Reference number assigned by buyer to United Nations (UN) Number (Dangerous Goods)
                                      UPC - Number assigned to a manufacturer's product by the Product Code Council.
eliveryTicketNumber - Delivery Ticket Number              CA - Can
                                      UPCOrEAN            CCT - CarryingCapacityInMetricTon
eliveryTrailerManifest - Delivery Trailer Manifest - Shipping container code (1-2-5-5-1) A 14-digit code that uniquely identifies the manufacture
                                      UPCCaseCodeNumber1-1-5-5 - U.P.C. Case Code Number (1-1-5-5)
                                                          CD - Carat
eliveryVerificationCertificate - Formal identification of delivery verification certificate which is a formal document from Customs etc. confirmin
                                      UPCConsumerPackageCode1-5-5 - U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5)
enialReasonIdentifier - Denial Reason Identifier          CDL - Candela
                                       Number             CE - Centigrade
ensityOrderNumber - Density OrderUPCConsumerPackageCode1-5-5-1 - U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)
                                      UPCCouponCode1-5-5-1 - U.P.C.
                                                          CEL DegreeCelsius
entalInsuranceAccountNumber - Dental Insurance Account- Number Coupon Code (1-5-5-1)
                                                          CEN - Hundred
entalInsurancePolicyNumber - Dental Insurance Policy Number - U.P.C./EAN Case Code (2-5-5)
                                      UPCOrEANConsumerPackageCode2-5-5 - U.P.C./EAN Consumer Package Code (2-5-5)
entistLicenseNumber - Dentist License Number              CG - Card
                                      UPCOrEANCouponCode2-5-5 - U.P.C./EAN Coupon Code (2-5-5)
epartment - Section of an organisation.                   CGM - Centigram
                                      UPCOrEANModuleCode2-5-5 - U.P.C./EAN Module Code (2-5-5)
                                                          CH -
epartmentOrAgencyNumber - Department/Agency NumberContainer
                                      UPCOrEANMultipackCode - organization.
                                                          CJ - Cone
epartmentNumber - Number assigned to a department within an U.P.C./EAN Multipack Code
                                      UPCOrEANShippingContainerCode1-2-5-5-1 - U.P.C./EAN Shipping Container Code (1-2-5-5-1)
                                                          CK - of Agriculture Acquisition Regulation (AGAR)
epartmentofAgricultureAcquisitionRegulation - Department Connector
                                      UPCShippingContainerCode1-2-5-5 - U.P.C. Shipping Container Code (1-2-5-5)
                                                          CKG of Commerce Acquisition
epartmentofCommerceAcquisitionRegulation - Department - CoulombPerKilogram Regulation (CAR)
                                      UPCSuffix - A Department conjunction with 250 Requirement Code
                                                          CL - Coil
epartmentOfDefenseForm250RequirementCode -suffix used inof Defense Form a higher level UPC (Universal product code) to define packi
                                      UPCSuffix-DefinesPackingVariations - U.P.C. Suffix (Defines Packing Variations)
                                                          CLF - HundredLeave
epartmentOfDefenseIdentificationCode - Department of Defense Identification Code (DoDIC)
                                      User-DefinedShippingContainerIdentifier - User-Defined
                                                          CLT - Centiliter
DTSCN - Department of Defense Transportation Service Code Number (Household Goods) Shipping Container Identifier
                                      UVMRPMLines - Universal Vendor Marking,
                                                          CMK - Education Acquisition Regulation (EDAR)
epartmentofEducationAcquisitionRegulation - Department of SquareCentimeter Long Code (UVM; R,P,M Lines)
                                      UVMULine - Universal Vendor Marking, Short Code (DEAR)
                                                          CMQ - CubicCentimeter
epartmentofEnergyAcquisitionRegulation - Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation(UVM; U Line)
                                      VariableMeasureProductCode - A code assigned
                                                          CMT - Centimeter
HSAR - Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR) to identify a variable measure item.
                                      VaryItemProductNumber 100-Pack Product Number
                                                          CNP - - Vary Item
UDAR - Department of Housing and Urban Development Acquisition Regulation (HUDAR)
                                      VehicleMaintenanceReportingStandards Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
                                                          CNT - Cental-UK
epartmentofInteriorAcquisitionRegulation - Department of Interior Acquisition-Regulation (DIAR)
                                                          CO Justice Acquisition Regulation (JAR)
epartmentofJusticeAcquisitionRegulation - Department of - Carboy - Vendor Alphanumeric Size Code
                                      VendorColor - Vendor ColorAcquisition Regulation (DOLAR)
                                                           of Labor
epartmentofLaborAcquisitionRegulation - Department COU - Coulomb
                                      VendorGroundShadeIdentifier - Vendor Ground Shade Identifier
                                                          CQ - Cartridge
epartmentofStateAcquisitionRegulation - Department of State Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR)
                                      VendorItemNumber - Reference number assigned by a Acquisition/Procurement product/service/article.
                                                          CR - Crate
epartmentoftheTreasuryAcquisitionOrProcurementRegulation - Department of the Treasuryvendor/seller identifying a Regulation (TAPR)
                                      VendorsCatalogNumber - Vendor's (Seller's) Acquisition Regulation (TAR)
                                                          CS - Case
epartmentofTransportationAcquisitionRegulation - Department of Transportation Catalog Number
                                      VendorsItemNumber Carton
                                                           a bond assigned by the department of
epartmentOfTransportationBondNumber - Number of CT -- Vendor's (Seller's) Item Number transportation.
                                        VendorsPartNumber - Vendor's (Seller's) Hazardous
                                                           CTM MetricCarat
epartmentofTransportationHazardousNumber - Department- of TransportationPart NumberNumber
                                        VendorsBasicUnitNumber - Vendor's Basic Unit Acquisition Regulations (VAAR)
                                                           CU - Cup
epartmentofVeteransAffairsAcquisitionRegulations - Department of Veterans AffairsNumber
                                        VendorsEngineeringChangeLevelNumber - Vendor's Engineering Change Level Number
                                                           CUR - Curie
epartmentWhereInjuryOccurredIdentification - Department Where Injury Occurred Identification
                                        VendorsOrderNumber Vendor's Order Number
eparturefromSpecificationClassCode - Departure fromCV --Cover Class Code
                                        Departure from Specification Vendor's
                                                           CWA - HundredPounds-CWT/HundredWeight-US
eparturefromSpecificationNumber -VendorSpecificationNumber - Number Specification Number
                                        VendorsStyleNumber - - HundredWeight-UK
                                                           Specification Style Number
eparturefromSpecificationTypeCode - Departure from CWI Vendor'sType Code
                                        VendorsSupplementalItemNumber - Vendor's Supplemental Item Number
ependentsInformation - Dependents Information              CY - Cylinder
                                        Vintage - Vintage CZ - Combo
epositAccountNumber - Deposit Account Number
epositNumber - Deposit Number VolumeSet - Volume Set       D1 - ReciprocalSecondPerSteradian
epositorNumber - Depositor Number                          D10 - SiemensPerMetre
                                        VolumeTypeIdentificationCode - Volume Type Identification Code
                                        VolumeUsageIdentificationCode - Volume Usage Identification Code
                                                           D12 - SiemensSquareMetrePerMole
epositoryTrustCompanyIdentification - Depository Trust Company Identification
                                        WaferLotIdentifier - Wafer Lot Identifier
epositSequenceNumber - Deposit Sequence Number D13 - Sievert
                                                           D14 - ThousandLinearYards
eratCertificate - Derat Certificate WellNumber - Well Number
                                        WheelChairLiftSerialNumber - Wheel Chair Lift Serial Number
escriptionOfChangeCode - Description of Change Code - SquareCentimetrePerErg
                                        number assigned D17 - SquareCentimetrePerSteradianErg
                                                           by Cut
espatchAdviceNumber - ReferenceWoolenCut - Woolen issuing party to a despatch advice.
                                        WoolenRun - Woolen Run
                                                           D18 - MetreKelvin
espatchNotePostParcelsNumber - (1128) Reference number assigned to a despatch note (post parcels), see: 1001 = 750.
                                        WorkTaskNumberD19 - SquareMetreKelvinPerWatt
                                                            - A by the to identify a work task.
espatchNoteNumber - [1128] Reference number assignednumberseller to a Despatch Note.
                                        WorkUnitNumber - Work Unit Number
                                                           D2 - of Shipment Harmonized-Based Code
estinationofShipmentHarmonizedBasedCode - Destination ReciprocalSecondPerSteradianMetreSquared
                                        WorldCode - World Code
                                                           D20 - SquareMetrePerJoule
iagnosisRelatedGroupNumber - Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Number
                                        YarnCount-English - Yarn Count English
                                                           D21 - SquareMetrePerKilogram
irectDebitReference - Reference number assigned to the direct debit-operation.
                                                           D22 - Count - Metric
irectoryNumber - Directory NumberYarnCount-Metric - Yarn SquareMetrePerMole
                                        YarnCountWorsted - Yarn Count Worsted
                                                           D23 - PenGrams-Protein
irectPaymentValuationNumber - Reference number assigned to a direct payment valuation.
                                                           D24 - assigned to a direct payment valuation request.
irectPaymentValuationRequestNumber - Reference numberSquareMetrePerSteradian
                                                           D25 - SquareMetrePerSteradianJoule
isabilityInsuranceAccountNumber - Disability Insurance Account Number
                                                           D26 - Number
isabilityInsurancePolicyNumber - Disability Insurance Policy SquareMetrePerVoltSecond
                                                           D27 - Steradian
iscounterRegistrationNumber - Discounter Registration Number
                                                           to an Syphon
ispensationReference - A reference number assigned D28 - official exemption from a law or obligation.
                                                           D29 - Terahertz
isposalTurnInDocumentNumber - Disposal Turn-In Document Number
isputeNumber - Reference number to a dispute notice. 30 - Terajoule
istributionCenterNumber - Distribution Center NumberD31 - Terawatt
istributionList - Distribution List                        D33 - Tesla
istributionStatementCode - Distribution Statement Code - Tex
                                                            Order Number
istributorAssignedOrderNumber - Distributor AssignedD35 - ThermochemicalCalorie
                                                           D37 - Transaction Number
istributorAssignedTransactionNumber - Distributor AssignedThermochemicalCaloriePerGramKelvin
                                                           D38 - ThermochemicalCaloriePerSecondCentimetreKelvin
istributOrInvoiceNumber - Reference number assigned by issuer to a distributor invoice.
istributorsAccountIdentification - Distributor's Account D39 - ThermochemicalCaloriePerSecondSquareCentimetreKelvin
istributorsAccountNumber - Distributor's Account Number - ThousandLitre
                                                           D41 - TonnePerCubicMetre
istributorsRepresentativeIdentification - Distributor's Representative Identification
istributorsSplitAgentNumber - Distributor's Split Agent D42 - TropicalYear
istrictNumber - District Number                            D43 - UnifiedAtomicMassUnit
iversionAuthorityNumber - Diversion Authority Number 44 - Var
ivisionIdentifier - Division Identifier                    D45 - VoltSquaredPerKelvinSquared
ocketNumber - Docket Number                                D46 - Volt-Ampere
ockNumber - Dock Number                                    D47 - VoltPerCentimetre
                                                           D48 - when cargo is
ockReceiptNumber - Number of the cargo receipt submittedVoltPerKelvin delivered to a marine terminal.
                                                           D49 - MillivoltPerKelvin
ocumentaryCreditAmendmentNumber - Number of the amendment of the documentary credit.
                                                           assigned by issuing bank to a Documentary credit.
ocumentaryCreditNumber - [1172] Reference number D5 - KilogramPerSquareCentimeter
                                                           D50 - VoltPerMetre
ocumentaryPaymentReference - Reference of the documentary payment.
ocumentationAffectedNumber - Documentation Affected Number D51 - VoltPerMillimetre
ocumentIdentificationCode - Document Identification Code- WattPerKelvin
                                                           D53 - WattPerMetreKelvin
ocumentNumber - [1004] Reference number assigned to the document by the issuer.
ocumentVolumeNumber - The number of a documentD54 - WattPerSquareMetre
                                                      D55 - WattPerSquareMetreKelvin
omesticFlightNumber - Airline flight number assigned to a flight originating and terminating within the same country.
                                                      the - WattPerSquareMetreKelvinToTheFourthPower
omesticInventoryManagementCode - Code to identify D56management of domestic inventory.
omicileBranchNumber - Domicile Branch Number          D57 - WattPerSteradian
ominionOfCanadaCode - Dominion of Canada Code D58 - WattPerSteradianSquareMetre
                                                      D59 WeberPerMetre
ownstreamShipperContractNumber - Downstream Shipper-Contract Number
raftNumber - Draft Number                             D6 - RontgenPerSecond
rainholeNumber - Drainhole Number                     D60 - WeberPerMillimetre
raweesReference - Reference number of the drawee. D63 - Book
                                                      D64 - list.
rawingListNumber - Reference number identifying a drawingBlock
                                                      D65 - Round
rawingNumber - Reference number identifying a specific product drawing.
rawingRevisionNumber - Drawing Revision Number D66 - Cassette
rawingType - Drawing Type                             D67 - DollarPerHour
riversLicense - Driver's License                      D69 - InchToTheFourthPower
                                                      D7 - Administration Number
rugEnforcementAdministrationNumber - Drug EnforcementSandwich
                                                      D70 - InternationalTableCalorie
rugEnforcementAdministrationOrderBlankNumber - Drug Enforcement Administration Order Blank Number
rugFormularyNumber - Drug Formulary Number            D71 - InternationalTableCaloriePerSecondCentimetreKelvin
                                                      D72 - InternationalTableCaloriePerSecondSquareCentimetreKelvin
unAndBradstreetCanadas8DigitStandardIndustrial - Classification (SIC) code Dun and Bradstreet Canada's 8 digit Standard Industrial Class
                                                      D73 - (SIC) code Dun and
unAndBradstreetUS8DigitStandardIndustrial - Classification JouleSquareMetre Bradstreet United States' 8 digit Standard Industrial Classif
                                                      D74 - KilogramPerMole
UNSNumberwithFourCharacterSuffix - D-U-N-S+4, D-U-N-S Number with Four Character Suffix
                                                      D75 - Bradstreet
UNSNumberDunAndBradstreet - D-U-N-S Number Dun andInternationalTableCaloriePerGram
uplicateBillNumber - Duplicate Bill Number            D76 - InternationalTableCaloriePerGramKelvin
uplicateWaybillinRoute - Duplicate Waybill in Route D77 - Megacoulomb
                                                      D79 -
uplicateWaybillNotInRoute - Duplicate Waybill Not in Route Beam
                                                      D8 - DraizeScore
utyFreeProductsReceiptAuthorisationNumber - Authorisation number allocated for the receipt of duty free products.
                                                      D80 - Microwatt
utyFreeProductsSecurityNumber - A security number allocated for duty free products.
                                                      D81 - to a duty
utyMemoNumber - Reference number assigned by customsMicroteslamemo.
yeLotNumber - Dye Lot Number                          D82 - Microvolt
                                                       number to relevant item
CCN - Export Control Commodity Number Reference:D83 - MillinewtonMetre within Commodity Control List covering actual products chang
                                                      D85 - MicrowattPerSquareMetre
ducationalInstitutionIdentificationNumber - Educational Institution Identification Number
lectionDistrict - Election District                   D86 - Millicoulomb
                                                      D87 - MillimolePerKilogram
lectronicDataInterchangeAgreementNumber - Electronic Data Interchange Agreement Number
lectronicdevicepinnumber - Electronic device pin number - MillicoulombPerCubicMetre
                                                      D89 - MillicoulombPerSquareMetre
lectronicFundsTransferIDNumber - Electronic Funds Transfer ID Number
                                                      D9 DynePerSquareCentemeter
lectronicPaymentReferenceNumber - Electronic Payment -Reference Number
levation - Elevation                                  D90 - CubicMeters-Net
                                                      D91 - Rem
mbargoNumber - Number assigned to specific goods or a family of goods in a classification of embargo measures.
                                                      D92 - Band
mbargoPermitNumber - Reference number assigned by issuer to an embargo permit.
mergencyOrderNumber - Emergency Order Number D93 - SecondPerCubicMetre
missionDesignator - Emission Designator               D94 - SecondPerRadianCubicMetre
                                                      D95 - JoulePerGram
mployeeOrNonEmployeeClassificationQualifier - Employee/Non-Employee Classification Qualifier
                                                      D96 - PoundGross
mployeeIdentificationNumber - Employee Identification Number
                                                      D97 PalletPerUnitLoad
mployeeTaxFilingStatusCode - Employee Tax Filing Status- Code
                                                      D98 MassPound
mployerIdentificationNumberOfServiceBureau - Reference -number assigned by a service/processing bureau to an employer.
                                                      authority to identify an employer.
mployersIdentificationNumber - Number issued by an D99 - Sleeve
                                                      DAA - Number
mployersSocialSecurityNumber - Employer's Social Security Decare
mploymentVisa - Employment Visa                       DAD - TenDay
                                                      DAY an empty container bill, see: 1001 = 708.
mptyContainerBillNumber - Reference number assigned to - Day
mptyRepositioningNumber - Empty Repositioning Number- DryPound
ndingJobSequenceNumber - Description to be provided. - Disk
ndingKanbanSerialNumber - Ending Kanban Serial Number DD - Degree
                                                      DE - Deal
ndingMeterReadingActual - Meter reading at the end of an invoicing period.
                                                      DEC an invoicing period where an actual reading is not available.
ndingMeterReadingEstimated - Meter reading at the end of - Decade
ndingPackageNumber - Ending Package Number              DF - Dram
ndingSerialNumber - Ending Serial Number                DG - Decigram
ndItem - End Item                                       DH - Miles
                                                        DI - Dispenser
ndItemNumber - A number specifying the end item applicable to a subordinate item.
ndMileMarker - End Mile Marker                          DJ - Decagram
ndorsementNumber - Endorsement Number                   DLT - Deciliter
                                                        DMK - SquareDecimeter
ndUseAuthorizationNumber - Reference issued by a Customs administration authorizing a preferential rate of duty if a product is used for a s
ndUseNumber - End Use Number                            DMQ - CubicDecimeter
                                                        DMT - Decimeter
ndUsersPurchaseOrderNumber - End User's Purchase Order Number
ngineeringChangeOrder - Engineering Change Order DN - DeciNewton-Meter
                                                        DO -
ngineeringChangeProposal - Engineering Change ProposalDollars
ngineeringDataList - Engineering Data List              DPC - DozenPiece
                                                        DPR Number
ngineeringSpecificationNumber - Engineering Specification - DozenPair
nquiryNumber - Reference number assigned to an enquiry. - DisplacementTonnage
                                                        DQ - DataRecord
ntryPointAssessmentLogNumber - The reference log number assigned by an entry point assessment group for the DMR.
                                                        DR - log number assigned by an entry point assessment group for a child Data Mainte
ntryPointAssessmentLogNumberChildDmr - The reference Drum
                                                        DRA - log number
ntryPointAssessmentLogNumberParentDmr - The reference Dram-US assigned by an entry point assessment group for the parent Data M
nvironmentalProtectionAgencyAcquisitionRegulation - DRI - Dram-UKProtection Agency Acquisition Regulation (EPAAR)
                                                         - Environmental
nvironmentalProtectionAgencyTestTypePurposeCodeDRL - DozenRoll Protection Agency (EPA) Test Type Purpose Code
                                                        DRM - Drachm-UK
nvironmentalProtectionAgencyTransporterIdentificationNumber - Environmental Protection Agency Transporter Identification Number
quipmentInitial - Equipment Initial                     DS - Display
                                                        DT DryTon
quipmentNumber - Number assigned by the manufacturer- to specific equipment.
                                                        DTN - Decitonne
quipmentOwnerReferenceNumber - Reference number issued by the owner of the equipment.
                                                        DU - Dyne
quipmentSequenceNumber - A temporary reference number identifying a particular piece of equipment within a series of pieces of equipmen
                                                        DWT a specific equipment transportation charge.
quipmentTransportChargeNumber - Reference assigned to - PennyWeight
                                                        DX - DynesPerCentimeter
quivalentCourseNumberatRequestingInstitution - Equivalent Course Number at Requesting Institution
rrorIdentificationCode - Error Identification Code      DY - DirectoryBook
scrowFileNumber - Escrow File Number                    DZN - Dozen
stimateNumber - Estimate Number                         DZP - DozenPack
                                                        E2 - Belt
stimateOrderReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned by the ordering party of the estimate order.
stimateSequenceNumber - Estimate Sequence Number - Trailer
                                                        E4 - GrossKilogram
termsReference - Identifies a reference to the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) ETERMS(tm) repository of electronic commerce tr
                                                        E5 - MetricLongTon
ur1CertificateNumber - Reference number assigned to a Eur 1 certificate.
ventReferenceNumber - A number identifying an event. - English
                                                        EA - transport.
xcessTransportationNumber - Number assigned to excess Each
xhibitDistributionList - Exhibit Distribution List      EB - ElectronicMailBox
xhibitIdentifier - Exhibit Identifier                   EC - EachPerMonth
                                                        EP ElevenPack
xpansiononEffectofChangeNumber - Expansion on Effect -of Change Number
                                                        EQ - EquivalentGallon
xportClearanceInstructionReferenceNumber - Reference number of the clearance instructions given by the consignor through different mean
                                                        EV Envelope
xportDeclaration - Number assigned by the exporter to his- export declaration number submitted to an authority.
                                                        EX - goods.
xportersReferenceNumber - Reference to a party exportingFeet
                                                        EZ - FeetAndDecimal
xportEstablishmentNumber - Number to identify export establishment.
                                                        F1 - by issuing authority to an Export Licence.
xportLicenceNumber - [1208] Reference number assigned ThousandCubicFeetPerDay
                                                        F9 - FibersPerCubicCentimeterOfAir
xportPermitNumber - Reference number assigned by issuing authority to an export permit for products.
                                                        FAH - DegreeFahrenheit
xportReferenceNumber - Reference number given to an export shipment.
                                                        FAR - Farad
xtendedOrExhibitLineItemNumber - Extended (or Exhibit) Line Item Number (ELIN)
acilityCertificationNumber - Facility Certification Number - Field
acilityIDNumber - Facility ID Number                    FC - 1000CubicFeet
                                                        FD - MillionParticlePerCubicFoot
acilityMeasurementPointNumber - Facility Measurement Point Number
                                                        FE - TrackFoot
acilityNetworkIdentificationNumber - Facility Network Identification Number
ailureAnalysisReportNumber - Failure Analysis ReportFF - HundredCubicMeters
ailuremechanismnumber - Failure mechanism numberFG - TransdermalPatch
amilyMemberIdentification - Family Member Identification - Micromolar
amilyUnitNumber - Family Unit Number                    FL - FlakeTon
                                                        FM - MillionCubicFeet
annieMaeSellerServicerNumber - Fannie Mae Seller Servicer Number
                                                        FO - FluidOunce
ederalAcquisitionRegulations - Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
                                                        FOT - Bureau of Investigation Individual Identification
ederalBureauOfInvestigationIndividualIdentification - Federal Foot
                                                        FP - PoundPerSquareFoot
ederalCommunicationsCommissionConditionCode - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Condition Code
                                                          Communications Commission (FCC) Identifier
ederalCommunicationsCommissionIdentifier - FederalFR - FootPerMinute
                                                        FS - - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Trade/Brand Identifier
                                                        FTK - SquareFoot
ederalEnergyRegulatoryCommissionCertificateOfPublicConvenience - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Certificate of Public Conveni
                                                        FTQ - CubicFeet
HLMCD - Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Default/Foreclosure Specialist Number
                                                        FZ - FluidOunce-Imperial
ederalHomeLoanMortgageCorporationLoanNumber - Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Loan Number
                                                        G2 - USGallonsPerMinute
ederalHousingAdministrationCaseNumber - Federal Housing Administration Case Number
                                                        G3 - ImperialGallonsPerMinute
 HUMS - Federal Housing Administration Computerized Homes Underwriting Management System (CHUMS) Identification Number
                                                        G5 - Gill-Imperial
ederalHousingAdministrationOriginatorIdentification - Federal Housing Administration Originator Identification
                                                         Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
ederalInformationResourcesManagementRegulation - G7 - MicroficheSheet
                                                        GB - Gallon-US-PerDay
ederalMaritimeCommissionForwardersNumber - Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Forwarders Number
                                                        GBQ Gigabecquerel
ederalMaritimeCommissionTariffNumber - Federal Maritime-Commission (FMC) Tariff Number
                                                        GC GramPer100Gram
ederalNationalMortgageAssociationLoanNumber - Federal- National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Loan Number
ederalRegulation - Federal Regulation                   GD - GrossBarrel
                                                        GE - PoundPerGallon-US
ederalSupplyClassificationCode - Federal Supply Classification Code
                                                        GF GramsPer100Centimeters
ederalSupplyScheduleItemNumber - A number specifying -an item listed in a federal supply schedule.
                                                        GFI - GramOfFissileIsotope
ederalSupplyScheduleNumber - Federal Supply Schedule Number
                                                        GG - GreatGross-DozenGross
ederalTaxpayersIdentificationNumber - Federal Taxpayer's Identification Number
ederalWireTransfer - FEDWIRE (Federal Wire Transfer) - GreatGross
EDWIREConfirmationNumber - FEDWIRE Confirmation Number  GH - HalfGallon
eeScheduleIdentifier - Fee Schedule Identifier          GI - ImperialGallons
                                                        GIA - Gill-US
                                                        GII - Gill-UK
ileConversionJournal - Reference number identifying a journal recording details about conversion operations between file formats.
                                                        GJ - GramsPerMilliliter
ileIdentificationNumber - A number assigned to identify a file.
ileIdentifier - File Identifier                         GK - GramsPerKilogram
                                                        GL - GramsPerLiter
ileLineIdentifier - Number assigned by the file issuer or sender to identify a specific line.
                                                        GLD - DryGallon-US
ilerCodeIssuedbyBureauOfCensus - Filer Code Issued by Bureau of Census
                                                        GLI -
ilerCodeIssuedByCustoms - Filer Code Issued by Customs Gallon-UK
ileTransferFormNumber - File Transfer Form Number GLL - Gallon-US
                                                        GM - GramsPerSquareMeter
ileTransferProtocolLocator - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Locator
                                                        GN - GrossGallon
ileVersionNumber - Number given to a version of an identified file.
ilmNumber - Film Number                                 GO - MilligramsPerSquareMeter
inalSequenceNumber - Final Sequence Number              GP - MilligramsPerCubicMeter
                                                        GQ -
inalWorkCandidateNumber - Final Work Candidate NumberMicrogramPerCubicMeter
inancialClassificationCode - Financial Classification Code - Gram
inancialDetailCode - Financial Detail Code              GRN - Grain
                                                        GRO - Gross
inancialManagementReference - A financial management reference.
                                                          a specific financial phase.
inancialPhaseReference - A reference which identifiesGRT - GrossRegisterTon
                                                        GT - GrossTon
inancialSettlementPartysReferenceNumber - Reference number of the party who is responsible for the financial settlement.
                                                        GV - of the financial transaction.
inancialTransactionReferenceNumber - Reference number Gigajoule
inderNumber - Finder Number                             GW - GallonsPerThousandCubicFeet
ineLineClassification - Fine Line Classification        GWH - GigawattHour
inishLotNumber - Finish Lot Number                      GY - GrossYard
irstTransferNumber - First Transfer Number              GZ - GageSystem
iscalCode - Fiscal Code                                 H1 - HalfPage-Electronic
                                                         to - HalfLiter
iscalNumber - Tax payer's number. Number assigned H2individual persons as well as to corporates by a public institution; this number is diff
leetReferenceNumber - Fleet Reference Number            HA - Hank
                                                            HAR - Hectare
lexibleSpendingAccountInsuranceAccountNumber - Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Account Number
                                                            HBA - Hectobar
lexibleSpendingAccountInsurancePolicyNumber - Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Policy Number
loodDataIdentifier - Flood Data Identifier                  HBX - HundredBoxes
loodZone - Flood Zone                                       HC - HundredCount
loorNumber - Floor Number                                   HD - HalfDozen
loorPlanApprovalNumber - Floor Plan Approval Number - HundredthOfACarat
                                                            HF - HundredFeet
lowReferenceNumber - Number given to a usual sender which has regular expeditions of the same goods, to the same destination, defining
olderNumber - Folder Number                                 HGM - Hectogram
                                                            HH - HundredCubicFeet
oodAndDrugAdministrationAccessionNumber - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Accession Number
                                                            HI HundredSheet
oodAndDrugAdministrationProductCode - Food and Drug- Administration (FDA) Product Code
                                                            HIU - HundredInternationalUnit
oodAndDrugAdministrationProductType - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Product Type
oreclosingStatus - Foreclosing Status                       HJ - Horsepower
                                                            HK -
oreclosureAccountNumber - Foreclosure Account Number HundredKilogram
                                                            HL - HundredFeet-Linear
oreignExchange - Exchange of two currencies at an agreed rate.
                                                             identifying a foreign exchange contract.
oreignExchangeContractNumber - Reference number HLT - Hectoliter
                                                            HM - MilesPerHour
oreignMilitarySalesCaseNumber - Foreign Military Sales Case Number
                                                            HMQ - MillionCubicMetre
oreignMilitarySalesNoticeNumber - Foreign Military Sales Notice Number
                                                            HMT - foreign military.
oreignMilitarySalesNumber - A number specifying a sale to a Hectometer
oreignTradeZone - Foreign Trade Zone                        HN - MillimetersOfMercury
orestryPermitNumber - Forestry Permit Number                HO - HundredTroyOunce
ormalStatementReference - A reference to a formal statement.HP - MillimeterOfWater
ormation - Formation                                        HPA - HectolitreOfPureAlcohol
ormationIdentifier - Formation Identifier                   HS - HundredSquareFeet
ormNumber - Form Number                                     HT - HalfHour
                                                            HTZ - Hertz
orPickupLimitedFreightTariffNumber - For Pickup Limited Freight Tariff Number
                                                            HUR - Hours
orwardersOrAgentsReferenceNumber - Forwarder's/Agent's Reference Number
                                                              to - HundredWeight-Short
orwardingOrderNumber - Reference number assignedHV the forwarding order by the ordering customer.
rame - Frame                                                HW - HundredWeight-Long
ranchiseTaxAccountNumber - Franchise Tax Account HY - HundredYard
                                                            Servicer Number
reddieMacSellerServicerNumber - Freddie Mac Seller IA - InchPound
                                                              State where any goods introduced are
reeZoneIdentifier - Identifier to specify the territory of aIB - InchesPerSecond-VibrationVelocity generally regarded, insofar as import duties an
                                                            IC - party to a freight
reightBillNumber - Reference number assigned by issuing CountPerInch bill.
                                                            IE - Person
reightForwarderNumber - An identification code of a Freight Forwarder.
                                                            IF - InchesOfWater
reightForwardersReferenceNumber - [1460] Reference number assigned to the consignment by the freight forwarder.
reightPayorReferenceNumber - Freight Payor Reference Number II - Column-Inches
                                                            IL InchesPerMinute
ullTimeOrPartTimeEmployeeClassificationQualifier - Full-Time/Part Time Employee Classification Qualifier
unctionalCategory - Functional Category                     IM - Impression
                                                            INH - Inch
unctionalWorkGroup - A reference to identify a functional group performing work.
                                                            INK - SquareInch
undCodeNumber - Reference number to identify appropriation and branch chargeable for item.
undIdentificationNumber - Fund Identification Number INQ - CubicInch
undManagersReferenceNumber - Fund Manager's Reference NumberIP - InsurancePolicy
undsAuthorization - Funds Authorization                     IT - CountsPerCentimeter
                                                            IU - InchPerSecond-LinearSpeed
 asAnalysisSourceMeterNumber - Gas Analysis Source Meter Number
 asCustodianIdentification - Gas Custodian Identification - InchPerSecondSquared-Acceleration
 augeTicketNumber - Gauge Ticket Number                     IW - InchesPerSecondPerSecond-VibrationAcceleration
 eneralAgencyNumber - General Agency Number                 J2 - JoulePerKilogram
                                                            JB Jumbo
 eneralCargoConsignmentReferenceNumber - Reference -number identifying a particular general cargo (non-containerised or break bulk) con
                                                              of incoming goods
 eneralDeclarationNumber - Number of the declarationJE - JoulePerKelvin out of a vessel.
 eneralLedgerAccount - General Ledger Account               JG - Jug
                                                            JK - MegajoulePerKilogram
 eneralOrderNumber - Customs number assigned to imported merchandise that has been left unclaimed and subsequently moved to a Custo
                                                            JM - MegajoulePerCubicMeter
 eneralPurposeMessageReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying a general purpose message.
                                                            JO - Joint
 eneralServicesAdministrationRegulations - General Services Administration Regulations (GSAR)
                                                       JOU - Zone
eographicDestinationZoneNumber - Geographic Destination Joule Number
eographicIndex - Geographic Index                      JR - Jar
eographicKey - Geographic Key                          K1 - KilowattDemand
eographicNumber - Geographic Number                    K2 - KilovoltAmpereReactiveDemand
eographicScore - Geographic Score                      K3 - KilovoltAmpereReactiveHour
                                                       K5 - National Mortgage Association) Pool Package Number
innieMaePoolPackageNumber - Ginnie Mae (Government KilovoltAmpere-Reactive
                                                       K6 - Kiloliter
oodsAndServicesTaxIdentificationNumber - An identification number assigned to an organization collecting Goods and Services Taxes (GST
                                                       Service Tax
oodsandServiceTaxRegistrationNumber - Goods and KA - Cake Registration Number
                                                       KB Kilocharacter
oodsDeclarationNumber - Reference number assigned to-a goods declaration.
overningClassCode - Governing Class Code               KBA - Kilobar
                                                       KD - KilogramsDecimal
overnmentAccountingClassReferenceNumber - Government Accounting Class Reference Number (ACRN)
overnmentAdvanceProgress - Government Advance Progress KEL - Kelvin
                                                       KF - Kilopacket
overnmentAgencyReferenceNumber - Coded reference number that pertains to the business of a government agency.
                                                       KG - Keg
overnmentBillOfLading - Bill of lading as defined by the government.
                                                       KGM - Kilogram
overnmentBillofLadingOfficeCode - Government Bill of Lading Office Code
                                                       KGS - KilogramPerSecond
overnmentContractNumber - Number assigned to a specific government/public contract.
overnmentPriorityNumber - Government Priority Number - Kilohertz
                                                       - A KilogramsPerMillimeterWidth
overnmentQualityAssuranceAndControlLevelNumber KI - number which identifies the level of quality assurance and control required by the g
                                                       KJ -
overnmentReferenceNumber - Description to be provided. Kilosegment
                                                       KJO - Kilojoule
overnmentRegistrationNumber - Government Registration Number
                                                       KK - 100Kilograms
overnmentTransportationRequest - Government Transportation Request
rainBlockNumber - Grain Block Number                   KL - KilogramsPerMeter
rainOrderReferenceNumber - Grain Order Reference KMH - KilometersPerHour
ravitySourceMeterNumber - Gravity Source Meter Number - SquareKilometre
reenCard - Green Card                                  KMQ - KilogramsPerCubicMeter
roupAccounting - Description to be provided.           KNI - KilogramOfNitrogen
roupNumber - Group Number                              KNS - KilogramNamedSubstance
roupOrPolicyNumber - Group or Policy Number            KNT - Knot
                                                       KO - MillequivalenceCausticPotashPerGramOfProduct
roupWorkCandidateSequenceNumber - Group Work Candidate Sequence Number
rowthFactorReference - Growth Factor Reference         KPA - Kilopascal
uarantorLoanNumber - Guarantor Loan Number             KPH - KilogramOfPotassiumHydroxideOrCausticPotash
uarantorUse - Guarantor Use                            KPO - KilogramOfPotassiumOxide
                                                       KPP - KilogramOfPhosphorusPentoxideOrPhosphoricAnhydride
armonisedSystemNumber - Number specifying the goods classification under the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System o
armonizedCodeSystem - Harmonized Code System (Canada)  KR - Kiloroentgen
                                                       a request to hasten an action.
asteningNumber - A number which uniquely identifies KS - 1000PoundsPerSquareInch
                                                       KSD - KilogramOfSubstance90%Dry
azardousCertificationNumber - Hazardous Certification Number
azardousExemptionNumber - Hazardous Exemption Number   KSH - KilogramOfSodiumHydroxideOrCausticSoda
                                                       KT - Kit
azardousWasteManifestDocumentNumber - Hazardous Waste Manifest Document Number
                                                       KMT - Kilometre
ealthCareFinancingAdministrationNationalPayerIdentificationNumber - Health Care Financing Administration National Payer Identification Nu
                                                       KTN Health Care Financing Administration National Provider Identifier
ealthCareFinancingAdministrationNationalProviderIdentifier- -Kilotonne
                                                       KUR - KilogramOfUranium
ealthcareManpowerShortageAreaFacilityIdentificationNumber - Healthcare Manpower Shortage Area (HMSA) Facility Identification Number
ealthCertificateNumber - Health Certificate Number KVA - Kilovolt-Ampere
                                                       KVR - Kilovar
IBCCLabelerIdentificationCode - Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) Labeler Identification Code (LIC)
ealthIndustryNumber - Health Industry Number (HIN) KVT - Kilovolt
                                                       KW - Number
ealthInsuranceAccountNumber - Health Insurance Account KilogramsPerMillimeter
                                                       KWH - KilowattHour
ealthInsuranceClaimNumber - Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number
                                                       KWT - Kilowatt
ealthInsurancePolicyNumber - Health Insurance Policy Number
                                                       KX - MillilitersPerKilogram
ealthInsuranceRatingAccountNumber - Health Insurance Rating Account Number
                                                       L2 - Suffix Code
ealthInsuranceRatingSuffixCode - Health Insurance RatingLitersPerMinute
                                                       LA - PoundPerCubicInch
ealthMaintenanceOrganizationReferenceNumber - Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Reference Number
                                                       Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Authorization Number
ealthMaintenanceOrganizationAuthorizationNumber - LBR - Pound
                                                       LBT - TroyPound
ealthMaintenanceOrganizationCodeNumber - Health Maintenance Organization Code Number
 eatCode - Heat Code                                     LC - LinearCentimeter
 ighOrWideFileNumber - High/Wide File Number             LD - LitersPerDay UN/ECE - Litre Per Day
                                                           Authorization Number
 ighFabricationAuthorizationNumber - High FabricationLE - Lite
                                                         LEF - Leaf
 ighRawMaterialAuthorizationNumber - High Raw Material Authorization Number
                                                         LF - LinearFoot
 omeMortgageDisclosureActCensusTract - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Census Tract
                                                         LG - LongTon
 omeMortgageDisclosureActBlockNumberArea - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Block Number Area
                                                         LH - Disclosure
 omeMortgageDisclosureActCountyCode - Home Mortgage LabourHourAct (HMDA) County Code
                                                         LI LinearInch
 omeMortgageDisclosureActMetropolitanStatisticalArea - -Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
                                                         LJ LargeSpray
 omeMortgageDisclosureActStateCode - Home Mortgage-Disclosure Act (HMDA) State Code
 orizontalCoordinate - Horizontal Coordinate             LK - Link
 orsepower - Horsepower                                  LM - LinearMeter
 otRollNumber - Number attributed to a hot roll coil. LN - Length
                                                         LO - Lot
 ouseBillOfLadingNumber - Reference number assigned to a house bill of lading, see: 1001 = 714.
                                                          a house waybill, see:
 ouseWaybillNumber - Reference number assigned to LP - LiquidPounds 1001 = 703
                                                          IATA LitreOfPureAlcohol
ataCargoAgentCassAddressNumber - Code issued by LPA - to identify agent locations for CASS billing purposes.
                                                         LR - each
ataCargoAgentCodeNumber - Code issued by IATA identifyLayer IATA Cargo Agent whose name is entered on the Cargo Agency List.
                                                         LS - LumpSum
CD9CM - ICD-9-CM (International Classification of Diseases)
                                                         LTN - Ton-UKOrLongton-US
dentificationCardSerialNumber - Identification Card Serial Number
dentityCardNumber - Identity Card Number                 LTR - Liter
mageIdentifier - Image Identifier                        LUM - Lumen
mmediateExportationNoForInBondMovement                   LUX - Lux
mmediateTransportationNoForInBondMovement                LX - LinearYardsPerPound
                                                         LY - of an implementation.
mplementationVersionNumber - Identifies a version numberLinearYard
                                                         M0 - MagneticTape
mportClearanceInstructionReferenceNumber - Reference number of the import clearance instructions given by the consignor/consignee throu
                                                         M1 - the importer to identify a particular shipment for his own purposes.
mporterReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned byMilligramsPerLiter
                                                         M2 - Millimeter-Actual
mportersReferenceNumberToLetterOfCredit - Importer's Reference Number to Letter of Credit
                                                         M4 - MonetaryValue
mportLicenceNumber - [1106] Reference number assigned by the issuing authority to an Import Licence.
                                                         M5 - Microcurie
mportPermitNumber - Reference number assigned by the issuing authority to an import permit for goods.
                                                         M7 - posted.
mputationAccount - An account to which an amount is to be MicroInch
                                                         M9 MillionBritishThermalUnitsPerOneThousandCubicFeet
nBondNumber - Customs assigned number that is used to -control the movement of imported cargo prior to its formal Customs clearing.
                                                         MA - MachinePerUnit
nboundToOrOutboundFromParty - Inbound-to or Outbound-from Party
nboundToParty - Inbound-to Party                         MAL - MegaLitre
ncident - Incident                                       MAM - Megametre
                                                         MAW - Megawatt
ncorporatedLegalReference - Identifies a legal reference which is deemed incorporated by reference.
                                                         MB - applying to one specific transaction.
ndividualTransactionReferenceNumber - Reference number Millimeter-Nominal
nitialDealerClaimNumber - Initial Dealer Claim NumberMBE - ThousandStandardBrickEquivalent
nitialFailureClaim - Initial Failure Claim               MBF - ThousandBoardFeet
                                                         MBR - Millibar
nitialSampleInspectionReportNumber - Inspection report number given to the initial sample inspection.
nitialTroubleIndication - Initial Trouble Indication     MC - Microgram
                                                         MCU - Millicurie
nlandTransportOrderNumber - Reference number assigned by the principal to the transport order for inland carriage.
nquiryRequestNumber - Inquiry Request Number             MD - AirDryMetricTon
                                                         MF - MilligramPerSquareFootPerSide
nspectionandSurveySequenceNumber - Inspection and Survey Sequence Number
nspectionReportNumber - Inspection Report Number MGM - Milligram
                                                         MH - Microns
nspectorIdentificationNumber - Inspector Identification Number
                                                         MHZ - Megahertz
nstituteOfSecurityAndFutureMarketDevelopmentSerialNumber - Institute of Security and Future Market Development (ISFMD) Serial Number
nstitutionLoanNumber - Institution Loan Number           MI - Metric
                                                         MIK - SquareMile
nstitutionNoteHolderIdentification - Institution Note Holder Identification
nstitutionNumber - Institution Number                    MIL - Thousand
nsuranceCertificateNumber - Insurance Certificate Number - Minute
nsuranceCertificateReferenceNumber                       MIO - Million
nsuranceContractReferenceNumber                          MIU - MillionInternationalUnit
nsuranceLicenseNumber - Insurance License Number MK - MilligramsPerSquareInch
nsurancePolicyNumber - Insurance Policy Number         MLD - BillionsOfDollars
nsuredLocationIdentifier - Insured Location Identifier MLT - Milliliter
nsuredParcelPostNumber - Insured Parcel Post Number    MMK - SquareMillimeter
nsuredsLoanNumber - Insured's Loan Number              MMQ - CubicMillimetre
                                                       MMT - Millimeter
nsurerAssignedReferenceNumber - A unique reference number assigned by the insurer.
                                                       MON - Months
nsurorPoolIdentificationNumber - Insuror Pool Identification Number
                                                       MPA Megapascal
ntegratedLogisticSupportCrossReferenceNumber - Provides-the identification of the reference which allows cross referencing of items betwe
ntegratedMasterPlan - Integrated Master Plan (IMP) MQ - 1000Meters
                                                       MQH -
ntegratedMasterSchedule - Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) CubicMeterPerHour
                                                       MQS - CubicMetrePerSecond
nterchangeAgreementNumber - Interchange Agreement Number
                                                       MSK - MetrePerSecondSquared
nterchangeNumberNew - Number assigned by the interchange sender to identify one specific interchange. This number points to the actual in
                                                       MT - Mat
nterchangeNumberOld - Number assigned by the interchange sender to identify one specific interchange. This number points to the previous
                                                       MTK - SquareMeter
nterchangeTrainIdentification - Interchange Train Identification
                                                       MTQ - CubicMeter
ntergovernmentalMaritimeOrganizationNumber - Intergovernmental Maritime Organization (IMO) Number
                                                       MTR - Meter
nterimFundingOrganizationLoanNumber - Interim Funding Organization Loan Number
ntermediaryBroker - Description to be provided.        MTS - MetrePerSecond
nternalControlNumber - Internal Control Number         MV - NumberOfMults
                                                       MVA - Megavolt-Ampere
nternalCustomerNumber - Number assigned by a seller, supplier etc. to identify a customer within his enterprise.
                                                       MW - MetricTonKilograms
nternalDataProcessNumber - A number identifying an internal data process.
                                                       MWH - MegawattHourOr1000KwH
nternalOrderNumber - Number assigned to an order for internal handling/follow up.
                                                        Order Item
nternalPurchaseOrderItemNumber - Internal Purchase MX - Mixed Number
                                                       MY Order Release Number
nternalPurchaseOrderReleaseNumber - Internal Purchase - Millimeter-Average
                                                       MZ - Millimeter-Minimum
nternalVendorNumber - Number identifying the company-internal vending department/unit.
                                                       N1 - PenCalories
nternationalAssessmentLogNumber - The reference log number assigned to a Data Maintenance Request (DMR) changed in international as
                                                       N2 - NumberOfLines
nternationalAssessmentLogNumberChildDataMaintenance - Request (DMR) The reference log number assigned to a Data Maintenance Req
                                                       N3 - PrintPoint
nternationalAssessmentLogNumberParentDataMaintenance - Request (DMR) The reference log number assigned to a Data Maintenance Re
                                                       NA - a flight originating and
nternationalFlightNumber - Airline flight number assigned to MilligramPerKilogram terminating across national borders.
                                                       NAR - Fuel Tax Agreement Account Number
nternationalFuelTaxAgreementAccountNumber - InternationalNumberOfArticles
                                                       NB - Barge
nternationalRegistrationPlanAccountNumber - International Registration Plan Account Number
                                                       NBB - NumberOfBobbins
nternationalRegistrationPlanStickerNumber - International Registration Plan Sticker Number
                                                       NC - Car
nternationalStandardIndustrialClassificationDominionOfCanadaCode - International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) Dominion of Can
                                                       NCL - NumberOfCells
nternationalStandardIndustryClassificationCode - International Standard Industry Classification Code (ISIC)
                                                       ND - Commerce
nterstateCommerceCommissionAccountNumber - InterstateNetBarrel Commission (ICC) Account Number
nterviewerID - Interviewer ID                          NE - NetLiters
ntraPlantRouting - Intra Plant Routing                 NEW - Newton
                                                       NF - Messages
nventoryReportReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying an inventory report.
                                                       NG - NetGallons
nvestigatorialNewDrugNumber - Investigatorial New Drug Number
                                                       NH - MessageHour
nvestmentReferenceNumber - A reference to a specific investment.
nvestor - Investor                                     NI - NetImperialGallon
                                                       NIU - NumberOfInternationalUnits
nvestorAssignedIdentificationNumber - Investor Assigned Identification Number
nvestorLoanNumber - Investor Loan Number               NJ - NumberOfScreens
nvestorNoteHolderIdentification - Investor Note Holder NL - Load
nvoiceIdentification - Invoice Identification          NMI - NauticalMile
                                                         the seller to a Commercial Invoice.
nvoiceNumber - [1334] Reference number assigned byNMP - NumberOfPacks
                                                       NN - Train
nvoiceNumberSuffix - A number added at the end of an invoice number.
                                                       NPL NumberOfParcels
nvoicingDataSheetReferenceNumber - A reference number -identifying an invoicing data sheet.
                                                       NPR NumberOfPairs
 onChargeNumber - Number attributed to the iron charge for- the production of steel products.
                                                       NPT NumberOfParts
SFMD - Institute of security and future market development:-serial number A number used to identify a public but not publicly traded company
 sueNumber - Issue Number                              NQ - Mho
 suerNumber - Issuer Number                            NR - Micromho
                                                       NRL - NumberOfRolls
 suingBanksReference - Reference number of the issuing bank.
 emNumber - Item Number                                NT - NetTon
obOrProjectNumber - Job (Project) Number                    NTT - NetRegisterTon
obOrderNumber - Job Order Number                            NU - Newton-Meter
obSequenceNumber - Job Sequence Number                      NV - Vehicle
                                                            NX Number
ointCreditSpecificationNumber - Joint Credit Specification - PartsPerThousand
ointlyAdministeredCase - Jointly Administered Case NY - PoundPerAirDryMetricTon
                                                            OA - Panel
ointVentureReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned to a joint venture agreement.
udge - Judge                                                OHM - Ohm
udgmentNumber - Judgment Number                             ON - OuncePerSquareYard
udicialDistrict - Judicial District                         ONZ - Ounce
udicialNumber - Judicial Number                             OP - TwoPack
                                                            OT - OvertimeHours
urisdictionalCommunityNameIdentifier - Jurisdictional Community Name Identifier
                                                            OZ - OunceAv
urisdictionalCommunityNumber - Jurisdictional Community Number
aboratoryNumber - Laboratory Number                         OZA - FluidOunce-US
                                                            OZI - FluidOunce-UK
aboratoryRegistrationNumber - Reference number is the official registration number of the laboratory.
aborOperationNumber - Labor Operation Number                P0 - Page-Electronic
                                                            P1 - Percent
abororAffiliationIdentification - Labor or Affiliation Identification
aneNumber - Lane Number                                     P2 - PoundPerFoot
astTransferNumber - Last Transfer Number                    P3 - ThreePack
                                                            P4 - FourPack
atitudeExpressedinDegreesMinutesandSeconds - Latitude Expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
atitudeExpressedinSeconds - Latitude Expressed in Seconds   P5 - FivePack
eadCase - Lead Case                                         P6 - SixPack
                                                            P7 - SevenPack
easeAgreementAmendmentNumberMaster - Lease Agreement Amendment Number - Master
                                                            P8 contract.
easeContractReference - Reference number of the lease - EightPack
easeNumber - Lease Number                                   P9 - NinePack
easeRiderNumber - Lease Rider Number                        PA - Packet
easeScheduleNumber - Lease Schedule Number                  PAL - Pascal
easeScheduleNumberBlanket - Lease Schedule Number - Blanket PB - PairInch
easeScheduleNumberPrior - Lease Schedule NumberPD - Pad      - Prior
                                                             Number - Replacement
easeScheduleNumberReplacement - Lease Schedule PE - PoundEquivalent
enderAccountNumber - Lender Account Number                  PF - Pallet-Lift
enderCaseNumber - Lender Case Number                        PG - Plate
enderEntityNumber - Lender Entity Number                    PGL - ProofGallon
enderUse - Lender Use                                       PI - Pitch
esseeBillCodeNumber - Lessee Bill Code Number               PK - Package
esseeIdentification - Lessee Identification                 PL - Pail
etterofCreditDraftNumber - Letter of Credit Draft Number - PoundPercentage
                                                            PN - PoundNet
etterOfCreditNumber - Reference number identifying the letter of credit document.
etterofCreditNumber - Letter of Credit Number               PO - PoundPerInchOfLength
ettersorNotes - Letters or Notes                            PQ - PagePerInch
evyingOfficerIdentification - Levying Officer Identification - Pair
censePlateNumber - License Plate Number                     PS - PoundsPerSquareInch
                                                            PT Pint-US
feInsuranceBillingAccountNumber - Life Insurance Billing -Account Number
                                                            PTD - DryPint-US
feInsuranceBillingSuffixCode - Life Insurance Billing Suffix Code
feInsurancePolicyNumber - Life Insurance Policy Number - Pint-UK
                                                            PTL - Identification
mitedPartnershipIdentificationNumber - Limited Partnership LiquidPint-USNumber
neItemControlNumber - Line Item Control Number PU - Tray
neItemIdentifier - Line Item Identifier (Seller's)          PV - HalfPint
                                                             identifying a particular line in
neItemReferenceNumber - (1156) Reference number PW - PoundPerInchOfWidth a document.
neofBusiness - Line of Business                             PY - PeckDry-US
neOfCreditCategory - Line of Credit Category                PZ - PeckDry-UK
nkSequenceNumber - Link Sequence Number                     Q1 - Quarter-Time
stBillNumber - List Bill Number                             Q2 - PintUSDry
 stOfMaterials - List of Materials                     Q3 - Meal
 oydsClaimsOfficeReference                             Q4 - Fifty
                                                       Q5 - the loading
 oadingAuthorizationNumber - [4092] A number assigned to Twenty-Fiveauthorization granted by the forwarding station when the consignmen
 oadLineCertificate - Load Line Certificate            Q6 - Thirty-Six
 oadPlanningNumber - Load Planning Number              Q7 - Twenty-Four
 oanAcquisitionNumber - Loan Acquisition Number        QA - Page-Facsimile
 oanFeatureCode - Loan Feature Code                    QAN - Quarter-OfAYear
 oanNumber - Loan Number                               QB - Page-Hardcopy
 oanProspectorKeyNumber - Loan Prospector Key Number- QuarterDozen
 oanRequestNumber - Loan Request Number                QH - QuarterHours
 oanType - Loan Type                                   QK - QuarterKilogram
 ocalJurisdiction - Local Jurisdiction                 QR - Quire
                                                       QS - Quart
 ocallyAssignedControlNumber - Locally Assigned Control Number
 ocalMediaIdentifier - Local Media Identifier          QT - Quart-US
 ocalSchoolCourseNumber - Local School Course Number - DryQuart-US
                                                       QTI - Quart-UK
 ocalSchoolDistrictCourseNumber - Local School District Course Number
                                                       QTL - LiquidQuart-US
 ocalStudentIdentificationNumber - Local Student Identification Number
                                                       QTR - Quarter-UK
 ocationExceptionOrderNumber - Location Exception Order Number
 ocationNumber - Location Number                       R1 - Pica
 ocationonProductCode - Location on Product Code R4 - Calorie
                                                       R5 - ThousandsOfDollars
 ocationSpecificServicesReferenceNumber - Location-specific Services Reference Number
 ocationWithinEquipment - Location Within Equipment R6 - MillionsOfDollars
                                                         financial institutions to provide for collection of customers 'receivables'.
 ockbox - Type of cash management system offered byR9 - ThousandCubicMeters
                                                       RA - Rack
                                                       RD - Rod
 ogicalObservationIdentifierNamesandCodes - Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC)
                                                       RG - Ring
 ogisticsSupportDocumentationTypeCode - Logistics Support Documentation Type Code
                                                       RH - RunningOrOperatingHours
 ongitudeExpressedInDegreesMinutesandSeconds - Longitude expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
                                                       RK - RollMetricMeasure
 ongitudeExpressedinSeconds - Longitude Expressed in Seconds
                                                        Policy Number
 ongTermDisabilityPolicyNumber - Long-term DisabilityRL - Reel
                                                       RM - Ream
 ossOrEventNumber - To reference to the unique number that is assigned to each major loss hitting the reinsurance industry.
 ossReportNumber - Loss Report Number                  RN - ReamMetricMeasure
 otNumber - Lot Number                                 RO - Roll
                                                       a range.
 owerArticleNumberOfRange - Lower article number in RP - PoundPerReam
MagazineCode - Magazine Code                           RPM - RevolutionsPerMinute
Mailbox - Mailbox                                      RPS - RevolutionsPerSecond
                                                       RS - the importer to receive certain customs correspondence in lieu of its being maile
MailingReferenceNumber - Identifies the party designated byReset
MailSlot - Mail Slot                                   RT - RevenueTonMile
                                                       RU -
MaintenanceAvailabilityType - Maintenance Availability Type Run
MaintenanceRequestNumber - Maintenance Request Number  S3 - FootSquaredPerSecond
                                                       S4 - to Major Force Program (US).
MajorForceProgramNumber - Reference number according SquareMetersPerSecond
MajorSystemAffectedCode - Major System Affected Code - SixtyFourthsOfAnInch
                                                       S6 - Line Number
MakegoodCommercialLineNumber - Makegood CommercialSession
                                                       S7 - StorageUnits
MammographyCertificationNumber - Mammography Certification Number
                                                       S8 - StandardAdvertisingUnit
ManagedCareOrganizationCode - Managed Care Organization Code
                                                       SA Sack
ManagedCareOrganizationIdentificationNumber - Managed- Care Organization Identification Number
ManifestKeyNumber - Manifest Key Number                SAN - HalfYearOr6Months
                                                        to allow the
ManualProcessingAuthorityNumber - Number allocated SCO - Scoremanual processing of an entity.
                                                       SCR - Scruple
ManufacturerDefinedRepairRatesReference - Reference assigned by a manufacturer to their repair rates.
ManufacturerNumber - Manufacturer Number               SD - SolidPound
                                                       SE - Section
ManufacturersMaterialSafetyDataSheetNumber - Manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet Number
                                                       SEC the manufacturer to his product or part.
ManufacturersPartNumber - Reference number assigned by - Second
                                                       SET - Set
ManufacturingDirectiveNumber - Manufacturing Directive Number
                                                         SG Segment
ManufacturingOperationNumber - Manufacturing Operation-Number
                                                         SHT - manufacturer
ManufacturingOrderNumber - Reference number assigned by ShippingTon for a given production quantity of products.
MapNumber - Map Number                                   SIE - Siemens
MapReference - Map Reference                             SK - SplitTanktruck
                                                         SL - Slipsheet
MaritimeDeclarationofHealth - Maritime Declaration of Health
MarketArea - Market Area                                 SMI - StatuteMile
                                                         SN - information
MarkingOrLabelReference - Reference where marking/label SquareRod derives from.
MasterAccountNumber - Master Account Number              SO - Spool
                                                          to - master air waybill, see: 1001 = 741.
MasterAirWaybillNumber - Reference number assignedSP a ShelfPackage
                                                         SQ - a master
MasterBillOfLadingNumber - Reference number assigned to Square bill of lading, see: 1001 = 704.
MasterContract - Master Contract                         SR - Strip
                                                         SS SheetMetricMeasure
MasterLabelNumber - Identifies the master label number of-any package type.
                                                         SST - ShortStandard-7200Matches
MasterLeaseAgreementNumber - Master Lease Agreement Number
MasterPolicyNumber - Master Policy Number                ST - Sheet
MasterPropertyNumber - Master Property Number            STI - Stone-UK
MasterReferenceNumber - Master Reference (Link) Number- NetTon-2000Lb
                                                         SV - A number indicating a master solicitation containing procedures, terms and cond
MasterSolicitationProceduresTermsAndConditionsNumber - Skid
                                                         SW - Skein
MaterialChangeNoticeNumber - Material Change Notice Number
MaterialStorageLocation - Material Storage Location SX - Shipment
                                                         T0 - TelecommunicationLineInService
MaturedCertificateOfDeposit - Reference number for certificate of deposit allocated by issuing financial institution.
                                                         T1 - ThousandPoundGross
MeatProcessingEstablishmentRegistrationNumber - Registration number allocated to a registered meat packing establishment by the local qu
MedicaidProviderNumber - Medicaid Provider Number T2 - ThousandthsOfAnInch
                                                         T3 - Identification Number
MedicaidRecipientIdentificationNumber - Medicaid RecipientThousandPiece
MedicalAssistanceCategory - Medical Assistance Category- ThousandBag
                                                         T5 - ThousandCasing
MedicalRecordIdentificationNumber - Medical Record Identification Number
MedicareProviderNumber - Medicare Provider Number T6 - ThousandGallons
MedicareVersionCode - Medicare Version Code              T7 - ThousandImpression
MemberIdentificationNumber - Member Identification NumberT8 - ThousandLinearInch
                                                         T9 ThousandKilowattHours
MemberNumber - Reference number assigned to a person-as a member of a group of persons or a service scheme.
MerchandiseTypeCode - Merchandise Type Code              TA - TenthCubicFoot
MerchantCategoryCode - Merchant Category Code (MCC) - KiloampereHourOrThousandAmpereHour
MessageAddressorID - Message Address or ID               TC - Truckload
                                                         TD - Therm
MessageBatchNumber - A number identifying a batch of messages.
                                                         TE - Tote
MessageDesignGroupNumber - Reference number for a message design group.
MessageRecipient                                         TF - TenSquareYard
MessageSender                                            TI - ThousandSquareInch
MeterNumber - Meter Number                               TJ - ThousandSquareCentimeters
                                                         TK -
MeterProvingReportNumber - Meter Proving Report NumberTank-Rectangular
                                                         TL - ThousandFeet-Linear
MeterReadingAtTheBeginningOfTheDelivery - Meter reading at the beginning of the delivery.
                                                         TM - ThousandFeet-Board
MeterReadingAtTheEndOfDelivery - Meter reading at the end of the delivery.
MeterTicketNumber - Meter Ticket Number                  TN - Tin
MeterUnitNumber - Number identifying a unique meter unit. - MetricTon
MICRNumber - MICR Number                                 TP - TenPack
MicrofilmNumber - Microfilm Number                       TPR - TenPair
                                                         TQ - ThousandFeet
MigrantNumber - Migrant Number, This number is assigned by the national Migrant Records Transfer System
Milestone - Milestone                                    TQD - ThousandCubicMetrePerDay
MilitaryCallNumber - Military Call Number                TR - TenSquareFeet
MilitaryID - Military ID                                 TRL - Trillion-EUR
                                                         TS - Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) Number
MilitaryInterdepartmentalPurchaseRequestNumber - Military ThousandSquareFeet
                                                         TSD - TonneOfSubstance90%Dry
MilitaryOrdnanceSecurityRiskNumber - Military Ordnance Security Risk Number
                                                         TSH - TonOfSteamPerHour
MilitaryRankOrCivilianPayGradeNumber - Military Rank/Civilian Pay Grade Number
                                                         TT - ThousandLinearMeters
MilitarySpecificationNumber - Military Specification (MILSPEC) Number
                                                         TU - Tube
MilitaryStandardNumber - Military Standard (MIL-STD) Number
MillinginTransit - Milling in Transit                    TV - ThousandKilogram
MillOrderNumber - Mill Order Number                      TW - ThousandSheets
                                                         TY - Tank-Cylindrical
MinimumRoyaltyPayorIdentification - Minimum Royalty Payor Identification
                                                         U1 - for components which are subject to legal restrictions and must be approved by
MinisterialCertificateOfHomologation - Certificate of approvalTreatment
Model - A reference used to identify a model.            U2 - Tablet
ModelNumber - Model Number                               U3 - Ten
Modelyearnumber - Model year number                      U5 - TwoHundredFifty
MORNETPlusCaseNumber - MORNETPlus Case Number - Torr     UA
                                                         UB - TelecommunicationLineInServiceAverage
MORNETPlusInstitutionNumber - MORNETPlus Institution Number
                                                         UC - TelecommunicationPort
MORNETPlusUserIdentification - MORNETPlus User Identification
                                                         UD - TenthMinute
MortgageBackedSecurityLoanNumber - Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) Loan Number
                                                         UE - TenthHour
MortgageBackedSecurityPoolNumber - Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) Pool Number
                                                         UF - - Mortgage Electronic Registration System
MortgageElectronicRegistrationSystemOrganizationIdentifierUsagePerTelecommunicationLineAverage Organization Identifier
MortgageeLoanNumber - Mortgagee Loan Number              UH - TenThousandYard
MortgageIdentificationNumber - Mortgage Identification UL - Unitless
                                                         UM MillionUnits
MortgageInsuranceCompanyNumber - Mortgage Insurance -Company Number
                                                         VA - VoltAmperePerKilogram
MortgageInsuranceIndicatorNumber - Mortgage Insurance Indicator Number
MortgageNumber - Mortgage Number                         VC - FiveHundred
                                                         VI - Vial
MotorCarrierIdentificationNumber - Motor Carrier Identification Number
                                                         VLT -
MotorFuelCertificateNumber - Motor Fuel Certificate Number Volt
MotorVehicleIDNumber - Motor Vehicle ID Number           VQ - Bulk
MultifamilyProjectNumber - Multifamily Project Number VS - Visit
MultipleListingNumber - Multiple Listing Number          VT - Voltage
MultipleListingServiceArea - Multiple Listing Service Area - WetKilo
                                                         W4 - TwoWeek
MultipleListingServiceBookType - Multiple Listing Service Book Type
                                                          Service Map X Coordinate
MultipleListingServiceMapXCoordinate - Multiple ListingWA - WattPerKilogram
                                                          Service Map Y
MultipleListingServiceMapYCoordinate - Multiple ListingWB - WetPoundCoordinate
MultipleListingServiceSubArea - Multiple Listing ServiceWCD - Cord
MultiplePOOfAnInvoice - Multiple P.O.s of an Invoice WE - WetTon
MultipleZoneOrderNumber - Multiple Zone Order Number     WEB - Weber
                                                         WEE - Week
MunicipalityAssignedBusinessRegistryNumber - Municipality Assigned Business Registry Number
                                                         WG - WineGallon
 ACE - Nomenclature Activity Classification Economy: identifier A European industry classification code used to identify the activity of a comp
                                                         WH Wheel
 AF - Norme Activite Francaise Identifier: A French industry-classification code assigned by the French government to identify the activity of a
 amedBanksReference - Reference number of the named bank.WHR - WattHour
                                                         WI - WeightPerSquareInch
 ationalAeronauticsandSpaceAdministrationFARSupplement - National Aeronautics and Space Administration FAR Supplement (NFS)
                                                         WM WorkingMonth
 ationalAssociationOfBoardsOfPharmacyNumber - National-Association of Boards of Pharmacy Number
                                                         WR - Wrap
 ationalAssociationOfInsuranceCommissionersCode - National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Code
                                                         WSD - Standard
 ationalBusinessIdentificationNumber - National Business Identification Number
                                                         WTT - Watt
 ationalCriminalInformationCenterOriginatingAgencyIdentification - National Criminal Information Center Originating Agency Identification
                                                         WW MillilitersOfWater
 ationalFloodInsuranceProgramCommunityName - National -Flood Insurance Program Community Name
                                                         X1 - Chains-LandSurvey
 ationalFloodInsuranceProgramCommunityNumber - National Flood Insurance Program Community Number
                                                         YDK - SquareYard
 ationalFloodInsuranceProgramCounty - National Flood Insurance Program County
                                                         Flood CubicYard
 ationalFloodInsuranceProgramMapNumber - NationalYDQ - Insurance Program Map Number
                                                         YL - 100LinealYards
 ationalFloodInsuranceProgramState - National Flood Insurance Program State
                                                         YRD - Yard
 ationalGovernmentBusinessIdentificationNumber - A business identification number which is assigned by a national government.
                                                         YT Registry System Level 1
 ationalPropertyRegistrySystemLevel1 - National Property - TenYard
                                                         Z1 LiftVan
 ationalPropertyRegistrySystemLevel2 - National Property -Registry System Level 2
                                                         Z2 Chest
 ationalPropertyRegistrySystemLevel3 - National Property -Registry System Level 3
 ationalStockNumber - National Stock Number              Z3 - Cask
                                                         Z4 - Category
 aturalGasPolicyActCategoryCode - Natural Gas Policy Act HogsheadCode
 ewDrugApplicationNumber - New Drug Application Number   Z5 - Lug
                                                      Z6 ConferencePoints
ewHealthInsuranceClaimNumber - New Health Insurance- Claim (HIC) Number
ewPartNumber - New Part Number                        Z8 - NewspageAgateLine
                                                      ZP - Page
extRentalAgreementNumber - Number to identify the next rental agreement.
extRentalAgreementReasonNumber - Number to identify the reason for the next rental agreement.
extShipmentIdentificationNumberContinuousMove - Next Shipment Identification Number - Continuous Move
IT - NumeroDeIdentificacionTributaria: A number assigned by the government to a business in some Latin American countries.
ominationNumber - Reference number assigned by a shipper to a request/ commitment-to-ship on a pipeline system.
onAmericanIdentificationNumber - Non-American Identification Number
onConformanceReportNumber - Nonconformance Report Number
onNegotiableMaritimeTransportDocumentNumber - Reference number assigned to a sea waybill, see: 1001 = 712
onOriginatingThirdPartyNumber - Non-originating Third Party Number
onPickupLimitedTariffNumber - Non pickup Limited Tariff Number
onProvisionalPatentApplicationNumber - Nonprovisional Patent Application Number
onSpouseTie - Non-Spouse Tie
oOT5AuthorityZeroMileageRate - No OT5 Authority-zero Mileage Rate
orthAmericanDatumStandard - North American Datum Standard (NADS)
orthAmericanFreeTradeAgreementComplianceNumber - North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Compliance Number
orthAmericanHazardousClassificationNumber - North American Hazardous Classification Number
orthAmericanHazardousGoodsClassificationNumber - Reference to materials designated as hazardous for purposes of transportation in Nor
orthAmericanIndustrialClassificationSystemCode - North American Industrial Classification System Code
OTICOL - Notification For Collection Number: A reference assigned by a consignor to a notification document which indicates the availability
umberOfTemporaryImportationDocument - Number assigned by customs to identify consignment in transit.
umerodeCeduladeIdentidadNumber - Numero de Cedula de Identidad (CIN) Number
umerodeIdentificacionTributaria - Numero de Identificacion Tributaria (NIT)
bjectIdentifier - Object Identifier
ccupationalSafetyandHealthAdministrationClaimNumber - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Claim Number
ccupationClassificationCode - Occupation Classification Code
ccupationCode - Occupation Code
ceanBillofLading - Ocean Bill of Lading
ceanContainerNumber - Ocean Container Number
ceanManifest - Ocean Manifest
ffenderTracking - Offender Tracking
ffenseTracking - Offense Tracking
fferGroup - Offer Group
fferNumber - Reference number assigned by issuing party to an offer.
fficeNumber - Office Number
fficerLicenseNumber - Officer License Number
fficeSymbol - Office Symbol
ldAccountNumber - Old Account Number
ldMeterNumber - Old Meter Number
ldPartNumber - Old Part Number
neCallAgencyTicketNumber - One Call Agency Ticket Number
nlineProcurementandAccountingControlTransaction - On-line Procurement and Accounting Control (OPAC) Transaction
penandPrepaidStationListNumber - Open and Prepaid Station List Number
perationNumber - Operation Number
peratorAssignedUnitNumber - Operator Assigned Unit Number
peratorIdentificationNumber - Operator Identification Number
peratorLeaseNumber - Operator Lease Number
ptionPolicyNumber - Option Policy Number
rderOrParagraphNumber - Order/Paragraph Number
rderingCustomerConsignmentReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned to the consignment by the ordering customer.
rderingCustomersSecondReferenceNumber - Ordering customer's second reference number.
rderNumber - Order Number
urchaseOrderNumber - [1022] Reference number assigned by the buyer to an order.
endorOrderNumber - Reference number assigned by supplier to a buyer's purchase order.
rganizationBreakdownStructure - Organization Breakdown Structure
riginalCertificateNumber - Number giving reference to an original certificate number.
riginalFdoTransactionReference - Description to be provided.
riginalFiling - Original Filing
riginalFilingNumber - A number assigned to the original filing.
riginalInvoiceNumber - Original Invoice Number
riginalPurchaseOrder - Reference to the order previously sent.
riginalReferenceNumber - Original Reference Number
riginalReturnRequestReferenceNumber - Original Return Request Reference Number
riginalShippersBillOfLadingNumber - Original Shipper's Bill of Lading Number
riginalSubmitterChildDataMaintenanceRequestLog - number A Data Maintenance Request (DMR) original submitter's reference log number
riginalSubmitterLogNumber - A control number assigned by the original submitter.
riginalSubmitterParentDataMaintenanceRequest - log number A Data Maintenance Request (DMR) original submitter's reference log numbe
riginalUniformCommercialCodeFilingNumber - Original Uniform Commercial Code Filing Number
riginalVoucherNumber - Original Voucher Number
riginatingCase - Originating Case
riginatingCompanyIdentifier - Originating Company Identifier
riginatingDepositoryFinancialInstitutionIdentifier - Originating Depository Financial Institution Identifier
riginHouse - Origin House
riginOfShipmentHarmonizedBasedCode - Origin of Shipment Harmonized-Based Code
T5AuthorityConditionOrRestrictiononCarHireRate - OT5 Authority-Condition or Restriction on Car Hire Rate
therUnlistedTypeOfReferenceNumber - Other Unlisted Type of Reference Number
utboundFromParty - Outbound-from Party
uterContinentalShelfAreaCode - Outer Continental Shelf Area Code
uterContinentalShelfBlockNumber - Outer Continental Shelf Block Number
uterpackagingUnitIdentification - (7070) Identifying marks on packing units contained within an outermost shipping unit.
utletNumber - Outlet Number
utofServiceNumber - Out of Service Number
wningBureauIdentificationNumber - Owning Bureau Identification Number
ackAndHoldInvoiceNumber - Pack and Hold Invoice Number
ackageNumber - (7070) Reference number identifying a package or carton within a consignment.
ackagingGroupNumber - Packaging Group Number
ackagingSpecificationNumber - Reference number of documentation specifying the technical detail of packaging requirements.
ackagingUnitIdentification - Identifying marks on packing units.
ackerNumber - Packer Number
acket - Packet
ackingGroupCode - Packing Group Code
ackingListNumber - (1014) Reference number assigned to a packing list, see: 1001 = 271.
ackingPlantNumber - Number to identify packing establishment.
ageNumber - The number of a page.
aragraph - A reference indicating a paragraph cited as the source of information.
aragraphNumber - Paragraph Number
aramedicalIDNumber - Paramedical ID Number
arentFile - Identifies the parent file in a structure of related files.
artCausingRepairNumber - Part Causing Repair Number
artConsignmentNumber - [1310] Reference to a specific consignment forming part of a contract allowing part deliveries.
artialPaymentNumber - Partial Payment Number
articipatingArea - Participating Area
artInterchangeability - Part Interchangeability
artNumber - Part Number
artReferenceIndicatorInADrawing - To designate the number which provides a cross reference between parts contained in a drawing and a p
artyInformationMessageReference - Reference identifying a party information message.
artySequenceNumber - Reference identifying a party sequence number.
assport - Passport
assportNumber - Number assigned to a passport.
atentCooperationTreatyApplicationNumber - Patent Cooperation Treaty Application Number
atentNumber - Patent Number
atentType - Patent Type
atientAccountNumber - Patient Account Number
atronNumber - A number assigned by the government to a business in some Latin American countries. Note that "Patron" is a Spanish word
ayeeIdentification - Payee Identification
ayeeLoanNumber - Payee Loan Number
ayeesFinancialInstitutionAccountNumber - Receiving company account number (ACH transfer), check, draft or wire.
ayeesFinancialInstitutionTransitRoutingNo - RDFI Transit routing number (ACH transfer).
ayeesReferenceNumber - Reference number of the party to be paid.
ayerAssignedResubmissionReferenceNumber - Payer Assigned Resubmission Reference Number
ayerCategory - Payer Category
ayerIdentificationNumber - Payer Identification Number
ayersFinancialInstitutionAccountNumber - Originated company account number (ACH transfer), check, draft or wire.
ayersFinancialInstitutionTransitRoutingNo - Arch transfers ODFI (ACH transfer).
ayersReferenceNumber - Reference number of the party who pays.
ayGrade - Pay Grade
aymentCategory - Payment Category
aymentHistoryReferenceNumber - Payment History Reference Number
aymentInAdvanceRequestReference - A reference to a request for payment in advance.
aymentInstalmentReferenceNumber - A reference number given to a payment instalment to identify a specific instance of payment of a debt
aymentLocation - Payment Location
aymentPlanReference - A number which uniquely identifies a payment plan.
aymentReference - Reference number assigned to a payment.
aymentValuationNumber - Reference number assigned to a payment valuation.
ayorsClaimNumber - Payor's Claim Number
ayrollAccountNumber - Payroll Account Number
ayrollNumber - Reference number assigned to the payroll of an organisation.
csCatastrophe - Description to be provided.
eerReviewOrganizationApprovalNumber - Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approval Number
endingCase - Pending Case
ensionContract - Pension Contract
eriodicityCode - Periodicity Code
ermitNumber - Permit Number
ersonalIdentificationNumber - Personal Identification Number (PIN)
ersonalIdentityCardNumber - An identity card number assigned to a person.
ersonalIDNumber - Personal ID Number
etroleumPoolCode - Petroleum Pool Code
harmacyPrescriptionNumber - Pharmacy Prescription Number
honeCalls - Phone Calls
hysicalInventoryRecountReferenceNumber - A reference to a re-count of physically held inventory.
ickupReferenceNumber - Pickup Reference Number
ictureNumber - Picture Number
ictureOfActualProduct - Reference identifying the picture of an actual product.
ictureOfAGenericProduct - Reference identifying a picture of a generic product.
ierNumber - Pier Number
iggyback - Piggyback
ilotLicenseNumber - Pilot License Number
ipelineNumber - Number to identify a pipeline.
lanNetworkIdentificationNumber - Plan Network Identification Number
lanningPackage - A reference for a planning package of work.
lanNumber - Plan Number
lantNumber - Plant Number
lateNumber - Plate Number
latformIdentificationNumber - Platform Identification Number
lotFile - Reference number indicating that the file is a plot file.
lugNumber - Plug Number
olicyFormNumber - Number assigned to a policy form.
olicyLinkNumber - Policy Link Number
olicyNumber - Number assigned to a policy.
olicyType - Policy Type
ollutant - Pollutant
oolContractCode - Pool Contract Code
oolNumber - Pool Number
oolSuffix - Pool Suffix
ositionCode - Position Code
ostEntryReference - Reference to a message related to a post-entry.
reAwardSurvey - Pre-Award Survey
recinctNumber - Precinct Number
redecessorAccount - Predecessor Account
redeterminationofBenefitsIdentificationNumber - Predetermination of Benefits Identification Number
referredCallSign - Preferred Call Sign
referredProviderOrganizationAuthorizationNumber - Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Authorization Number
referredProviderOrganizationNumber - Preferred Provider Organization Number
referredProviderOrganizationSiteNumber - Preferred Provider Organization Site Number
reliminaryWorkCandidateNumber - Preliminary Work Candidate Number
remarketApplicationNumber - Premarket Application Number
remarketNotificationNumber - Premarket Notification Number
remiumAuditPriorityIdentifier - Premium Audit Priority Identifier
remiumAuditPurposeIdentifier - Premium Audit Purpose Identifier
remiumAuditTypeIdentifier - Premium Audit Type Identifier
remiumRateTable - Identifies the premium rate table.
reparersVerificationNumber - Preparer's Verification Number
resentingBanksReference - Reference number of the presenting bank.
ressFormIdentifier - Press Form Identifier
ressIdentifier - Press Identifier
reviousBillofLadingNumber - Previous Bill of Lading Number
reviousCargoControlNumber - Where a consignment is deconsolidated and/or transferred to the control of another carrier or freight forwarde
reviousClaimHistoryIdentifier - Previous Claim History Identifier
reviousContractNumber - Previous Contract Number
reviousCourseNumber - Previous Course Number
reviousCreditOrDebitAdjustmentNumber - Previous Credit/Debit Adjustment Number
reviousCreditAdviceReferenceNumber - Reference number of the previous "Credit advice" message.
reviousCustomerReferenceNumber - Previous customer reference number
reviousDeliveryInstructionNumber - The identification of a previous delivery instruction.
reviousDeliveryScheduleNumber - A reference number identifying a previous delivery schedule.
reviousDistributorNumber - Previous Distributor Number
reviousDriversLicense - Previous Driver's License
reviousDrugEnforcementAdministrationNumber - Previous Drug Enforcement Administration Number
reviousHighestScheduleNumber - Number of the latest schedule of a previous period (ODETTE DELINS).
reviousInvoiceNumber - Reference number identifying a previously issued invoice.
reviouslyReportedSocialSecurityNumber - Previously Reported Social Security Number
reviousMemberNumber - Reference number previously assigned to a member.
reviousPolicyNumber - Previous Policy Number
reviousRentalAgreementNumber - Number to identify the previous rental agreement number.
reviousReportNumber - Previous Report Number
reviousRequestForMeteredReadingReferenceNumber - Number to identify a previous request for a recording or reading of a measuring dev
reviousSchemeOrPlanNumber - Reference number previously assigned to a service scheme or plan.
reviousSequence - Previous Sequence
reviousShipmentIdentificationNumberContinuousMove - Previous Shipment Identification Number - Continuous Move
reviousTaxControlNumber - A reference number identifying a previous tax control number.
reviousTicketNumber - Previous Ticket Number
riceOrSalesCatalogueResponseReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying a response to a price/sales catalogue.
riceAreaNumber - Price Area Number
riceListChangeorIssueNumber - Price List Change or Issue Number
riceListNumber - Reference number assigned to a price list.
riceQuoteNumber - Reference number assigned by the seller to a quote.
riceVariationFormulaReferenceNumber - The reference number which identifies a price variation formula.
rimaryReference - Description to be provided.
rimeContractorContractNumber - Reference number assigned by the client to the contract of the prime contractor.
rincipalReferenceNumber - Description to be provided.
rincipalsBankReference - Reference number of the principal's bank.
rincipalsReference - Reference number of the principal.
riorAuthorizationNumber - Prior Authorization Number
riorCase - Prior Case
riorCertificateNumber - Prior Certificate Number
riorContractNumber - Prior Contract Number
riorDataUniversalNumberSystemNumber - A previously assigned Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number.
riorHealthIndustryNumber - Prior Health Industry Number
riorIdentifierNumber - Prior Identifier Number
riorIncorrectBatchNumber - Prior Incorrect Batch Number
riorIncorrectSocialSecurityNumber - Prior Incorrect Social Security Number
riorityRating - Priority Rating
riorLoanNumber - Prior Loan Number
riorPhoneNumber - Prior Phone Number
riorPolicyNumber - The number of the prior policy.
riorPostalZipCode - Prior Postal Zip Code
riorPurchaseOrderNumber - Reference number of a purchase order previously sent to the supplier.
riorpurchaseordernumber - Prior purchase order number
riorTaxIdentificationNumber - Prior Tax Identification Number (TIN)
riorTradingPartnerIdentificationNumber - Code specifying an identification number previously assigned to a trading partner.
riorUniversalProviderIdentificationNumber - Prior Universal Provider Identification Number (UPIN)
roceeding - Proceeding
rocessHandlingCode - Process Handling Code
rocessingArea - Processing Area
rocessingPlantNumber - Number to identify processing plant.
rocessorIdentificationNumber - Processor Identification Number
rocessorsInvoiceNumber - Processor's Invoice Number
rocurementBudgetNumber - A number which uniquely identifies a procurement budget against which commitments or invoices can be alloca
rocurementRequestNumber - Procurement Request Number
rocuringAgency - Procuring Agency
roductChangeAuthorityNumber - Number which authorises a change in form, fit or function of a product.
roductChangeInformationNumber - Product change information number
roductChangeNoticeNumber - Product Change Notice Number
roductGroup - Product Group
roductionCode - Number assigned by the manufacturer to a specified article or batch to identify the manufacturing date etc. for subsequent r
roductLicensingAgreementNumber - Product Licensing Agreement Number
roductLineNumber - Product Line Number
roductNumber - Product Number
roductPeriodForWhichLaborCostsAreFirm - Product Period for which Labor Costs are Firm
roductReservationNumber - Number assigned by seller to identify reservation of specified products.
roductSourcingAgreementNumber - Reference number assigned to a product sourcing agreement.
roductSpecificationDocumentNumber - Product Specification Document Number
roductType - Product Type
rofileNumber - Reference number allocated to a discrete set of criteria.
roformaInvoiceNumber - [1088] Reference number assigned by the seller to a Proforma Invoice.
rogramIdentificationNumber - Program Identification Number
rogressPaymentNumber - Progress Payment Number
rojectCode - Project Code
rojectNumber - Reference number assigned to a project.
rojectParagraphNumber - Project Paragraph Number
rojectPropertyNumber - Project Property Number
rojectSpecificationNumber - Reference number identifying a project specification.
romotionOrDealNumber - Promotion/Deal Number
roofOfDeliveryReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying a proof of delivery which is generated by the goods recipient.
ropertyComponentLocation - Property Component Location
ropertyControlNumber - Property Control Number
ropertyLossItemNumber - Property Loss Item Number
roposalNumber - Proposal Number
roposalParagraphNumber - Proposal Paragraph Number
roposedContractNumber - Proposed Contract Number
roposedGroupWorkCandidateSequenceNumber - Proposed Group Work Candidate Sequence Number
roposedSequenceNumber - Proposed Sequence Number
roposedWorkCandidateSequenceNumber - Proposed Work Candidate Sequence Number
rotocolNumber - Protocol Number
rotractionNumber - Protraction Number
roviderClaimNumber - Provider Claim Number
roviderCommercialNumber - Provider Commercial Number
roviderControlNumber - Provider Control Number
roviderOrderTicketNumber - Provider Order Ticket Number
roviderPlanNetworkIdentificationNumber - Provider Plan Network Identification Number
roviderSiteNumber - Provider Site Number
roviderUPINNumber - Provider UPIN Number
rovincialCanadianSalesTaxExemptionNumber - Provincial (Canadian) Sales Tax Exemption Number
rovincialTaxIdentification - Provincial Tax Identification
rovisionalPatentApplicationNumber - Provisional Patent Application Number
ublicationIssueNumber - A number assigned to identify a publication issue.
ublicDeedNumber - Public Deed Number
ublicFilingRegistrationNumber - A number assigned at the time of registration of a public filing.
ublicUtilitiesCommissionCertificateOfPublicConvenience - Public Utilities Commission Certificate of Public Convenience
urchaseDescription - Purchase Description
urchaseOptionAgreement - Purchase Option Agreement
urchaseOrderChangeNumber - Reference number assigned by a buyer for a revision of a purchase order.
urchaseOrderLineItemIdentifierBuyer - Purchase Order Line Item Identifier (Buyer)
urchaseOrderNumberIncludedinOnOrderPosition - Purchase Order Number Included in On-Order Position
urchaseOrderNumberOfOrderReceivedSinceLastReportingDate - Purchase Order Number of Order Received Since Last Reporting Date
urchaseOrderNumberOfShipmentReceivedSinceLastReportingDate - Purchase Order Number of Shipment Received Since Last Reporting
urchaseOrderNumberSuffix - A number added at the end of a purchase order number.
urchaseOrderResponseNumber - Reference number assigned by the seller to an order response.
urchaseOrderRevisionNumber - Purchase Order Revision Number
urchaseRequisitionNumber - Purchase Requisition Number
urchasersRequestReference - Reference identifying a request made by the purchaser.
urchasingActivityClauseNumber - A number indicating a clause applicable to a purchasing activity.
ualifiedMaterialsList - Qualified Materials List
ualifiedProductsList - Qualified Products List
ualityClause - Quality Clause
ualityDispositionAreaIdentifier - Quality Disposition Area Identifier
ualityInspectionAreaIdentifier - Quality Inspection Area Identifier
ualityReportNumber - Quality Report Number
ualityReviewMaterialCribIdentifier - Quality Review Material Crib Identifier
uantityValuationNumber - Reference number assigned to a quantity valuation.
uantityValuationRequestNumber - Reference number assigned to a quantity valuation request.
uarantineOrTreatmentStatusReferenceNumber - Coded quarantine/treatment status of a container and its cargo and packing materials, gen
uarterQuarterSectionNumber - Quarter Quarter Section Number
uarterQuarterSpotNumber - Quarter Quarter Spot Number
uestionNumber - Question Number
uotaNumber - Reference number allocated by a government authority to identify a quota.
uoteOrShoppingCartID - Added per PO requirement
ackTypeNumber - Rack Type Number
ailOrRoadRoutingCode - International Western and Eastern European route code used in all rail organizations and specified in the internatio
ailroadCommissionOilNumber - Railroad Commission Oil Number
ailroadCommissionRecordNumber - Railroad Commission Record Number
ailRoutingCode - Rail Routing Code
ailwayConsignmentNoteNumber - Reference number assigned to a rail consignment note, see: 1001 = 720.
ailwayWagonNumber - (8320) Registered identification initials and numbers of railway wagon. Synonym: Rail car number.
angeNumber - Range Number
ateCardNumber - Rate Card Number
ateCodeNumber - Number assigned by a buyer to rate a product.
ateConferenceIDCode - Rate Conference ID Code
ateNoteNumber - Reference assigned to a specific rate.
atingPeriod - Rating Period
awmaterialSupplierDunAndBradstreetNumber - Raw material supplier Dun and Bradstreet number
ealEstateOwnedPropertyIdentifier - Real Estate Owned Property Identifier
easonForChange - Reason for Change
easonNotLowestCostCode - Reason Not Lowest Cost Code
ebateNumber - Rebate Number
ecallNumber - Recall Number
eceiptNumber - Receipt Number
eceivedNumber - [1150] Number assigned to a rail consignment upon its arrival at its destination station (CIM 84).
eceiverAssignedDropZone - Receiver Assigned Drop Zone
eceiverClaimNumber - Receiver Claim Number
eceiverIdentificationNumber - Receiver Identification Number
eceiverIDQualifier - Receiver ID Qualifier
eceiversFileReferenceNumber - File reference number assigned by the receiver.
eceiverSubIdentificationNumber - Receiver Sub-identification Number
eceivingAdviceNumber - A reference number to a receiving advice.
eceivingBanksAuthorizationNumber - Authorization number of the receiving bank.
eceivingCompanyIdentifier - Receiving Company Identifier
eceivingDepositoryFinancialInstitutionIdentifier - Receiving Depository Financial Institution Identifier
eceivingNumber - Receiving Number
eceivingPartysMemberIdentification - Identification used by the receiving party for a member of a service scheme or group of persons.
econciliationReportSectionIdentificationCode - Reconciliation Report Section Identification Code
ecordingNumber - Recording Number
educedEarningWeekIdentifier - Reduced Earning Week Identifier
eelNumber - Reel Number
eferencedBy - Referenced By
eferencedPatternIdentification - Referenced Pattern Identification
eferenceDrawingNumber - Reference Drawing Number
eferenceNumberAssignedByThirdParty - Reference number assigned by a third party.
eferenceNumberOfARequestForMeteredReading - Number to identify a request for a recording or reading of a measuring device to be taken
eferenceNumberQuotedOnStatement - Reference number quoted on the statement sent to the beneficiary for information purposes.
eferenceNumberToPreviousMessage - Reference number assigned to the message which was previously issued (e.g. in the case of a canc
eferenceVersionNumber - Reference Version Number
eferralNumber - Referral Number
eferredProductForChemicalAnalysis - A product number identifying the product which is used for chemical analysis considered valid for a gr
eferredProductForMechanicalAnalysis - A product number identifying the product which is used for mechanical analysis considered valid for
efinerIdentification - Refiner Identification
egion - Region
egionalAccountNumber - Regional Account Number
egiristoFederalDeContribuyentes - A federal tax identification number assigned by the Mexican tax authority.
egiristoFederaldeContribuyentes - Regiristo Federal de Contribuyentes (Mexican Federal Tax ID Number)
egisteredCapitalReference - Registered capital reference of a company.
egisteredContractorActivityType - Reference number identifying the type of registered contractor activity.
egisteredMailNumber - Registered Mail Number
egistrationNumber - Registration Number
egistrationNumberOfPreviousCustomsDeclaration - Registration number of the Customs declaration lodged for the previous Customs proce
egistroInformacionFiscal - Registro Informacion Fiscal (RIF)
egistroNacionaldeContribuyente - Registro Nacional de Contribuyente (RNC)
egistroUnicodeContribuyente - Registro Unico de Contribuyente (RUC)
egulationPrimaryNumber - Regulation Primary Number
egulationSecondaryNumber - Regulation Secondary Number
egulatoryGuidelineIdentifier - Regulatory Guideline Identifier
einsuranceReference - Reinsurance Reference
einsurersClaimNumber - To identify the number assigned to the claim by the reinsurer.
eissueCessionNumber - Reissue Cession Number
ejectionNumber - Rejection Number
elatedCase - Related Case
elatedContractLineItemNumber - Related Contract Line Item Number
elatedDocumentNumber - Reference number identifying a related document.
elatedNonconformanceNumber - Related Nonconformance Number
elatedObjectIdentificationNumber - Related Object Identification Number
elatedTransactionReferenceNumber - Related Transaction Reference Number
elatedVendorOrderNumber - Related Vendor Order Number
elativePriority - Relative Priority
eleaseInvoiceNumberForPriorBillAndHold - Release invoice number for prior bill and hold
eleaseNumber - Reference number assigned to identify a release of a set of rules, conventions, conditions, etc.
emittingBanksReference - Reference number of the remitting bank.
emovalNumber - Removal Number
entalAccountNumber - Rental Account Number
entalAgreementNumber - Rental Agreement Number
entPayorIdentification - Rent Payor Identification
epairActionNumber - Repair Action Number
epairCategoryNumber - Repair Category Number
epairDataRequestNumber - A number which uniquely identifies a request for data about repairs.
epairEstimateNumber - A number identifying a repair estimate.
epairOrderNumber - Repair Order Number
epairPartNumber - Repair Part Number
epeatLocation - Repeat Location
epetitiveBookingNumber - Repetitive Booking Number
epetitiveCargoShipmentNumber - Repetitive Cargo Shipment Number
epetitivePatternCode - Repetitive Pattern Code
epetitiveWaybillCode - Repetitive Waybill Code (Origin Carrier, Standard Point Location Code, etc)
eplacementAssemblyModelNumber - Replacement Assembly Model Number
eplacementAssemblySerialNumber - Replacement Assembly Serial Number
eplacementClaimNumber - Replacement Claim Number
eplacementCustomerReferenceNumber - Replacement Customer Reference Number
eplacementDrugEnforcementAdministrationNumber - Replacement Drug Enforcement Administration Number
eplacingPartNumber - New part number which replaces the existing part number.
eplenishmentPurchaseOrderNumber - Purchase order number specified by the buyer for the assignment to vendor's replenishment orders in
eplenishmentPurchaseOrderRangeEndNumber - Ending number of a range of purchase order numbers assigned by the buyer to vendor's re
eplenishmentPurchaseOrderRangeStartNumber - Starting number of a range of purchase order numbers assigned by the buyer to vendor's
eporterIdentification - Reporter Identification
eportingFormNumber - Reference number assigned to the reporting form.
eportNumber - Reference to a report to Customs by a carrier at the point of entry, encompassing both conveyance and consignment informa
epresentation - Representation
epresentativeIdentificationNumber - Representative Identification Number
epricedClaimReferenceNumber - Repriced Claim Reference Number
epricedLineItemReferenceNumber - Repriced Line Item Reference Number
equestforQuotationReference - Request for Quotation Reference
equestForQuoteNumber - Reference number assigned by the requestor to a request for quote.
equestNumber - The reference number of a request.
eservationNumber - Reservation Number
eserveAssemblyLineFeedLocation - Reserve Assembly Line Feed Location
esourceScreeningReference - Resource Screening Reference
esourceUtilizationGroupNumber - Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Number
esponsetoaRequestforQuotationReference - Response to a Request for Quotation Reference
estrictedAvailabilityAuthorization - Restricted Availability Authorization
estrictedAvailabilityNumber - Restricted Availability Number
esubmissionNumber - Resubmission Number
esubmissionReasonCode - Resubmission Reason Code
esubmitnumber - Resubmit number
etailMerchantsCertificationNumber - Retail Merchant's Certification Number
etirementPlanAccountNumber - Retirement Plan Account Number
etirementPlanPolicyNumber - Retirement Plan Policy Number
eturnableContainerReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying a returnable container.
eturnableContainerSerialNumber - Returnable Container Serial Number
eturnedGoodsAuthorizationNumber - Returned Goods Authorization Number
eturnGoodsBillOfLadingNumber - Return Goods Bill of Lading Number
eturnMaterialAuthorizationNumber - Return Material Authorization Number
eturnsNoticeNumber - A reference number to a returns notice.
evenueSource - Revenue Source
eview - Review
eviewerFileNumber - Reviewer File Number
eviewPeriodNumber - Review Period Number
evisionNumber - Revision Number
IF - RegistroInformacionFiscal Number: A number assigned by the government to a business in some Latin American countries.
igNumber - Rig Number
oadConsignmentNoteNumber - Reference number assigned to a road consignment note, see: 1001 = 730.
outeNumber - Route Number
outeOrderNumberDomestic - Route Order Number-Domestic
outeOrderNumberEmergency - Route Order Number-Emergency
outeOrderNumberExport - Route Order Number-Export
outingInstructionNumber - Routing Instruction Number
UC - RegistroUnicoDeContribuyente Number: A number assigned by the government to a business in some Latin American countries.
uleSection - Rule Section
unNumber - Run Number
afekeepingAccountNumber - Safekeeping Account Number
afetyEquipmentCertificate - Safety Equipment Certificate
afetyofRadioCertificate - Safety of Radio Certificate
afetyofShipCertificate - Safety of Ship Certificate
alesOrTerritoryCode - Sales/Territory Code
alesAllowanceNumber - Sales Allowance Number
alesDepartmentNumber - Description to be provided.
alesForecastNumber - A reference number identifying a sales forecast.
alesOfficeNumber - Description to be provided.
alesPersonNumber - Identification number of a sales person.
alesProgramNumber - Sales Program Number
alesRegionNumber - Sales Region Number
alesReportNumber - A reference number identifying a sales report.
alesRepresentativeOrderNumber - Sales Representative Order Number
alesResponsibility - Sales Responsibility
ampleNumber - Sample Number
avings - Savings
BA - Statistic Bundes Amt Identifier: A German industry classification code issued by Statistic Bundes Amt (SBA) to identify the activity of a c
caleNumber - Scale Number
canLine - Scan Line
cheduleReferenceNumber - Schedule Reference Number
chemeOrPlanNumber - Reference number assigned to a service scheme or plan.
choolLoanNumber - School Loan Number
choolUse - School Use
ealNumber - [9308] Identification number on Customs or other seals affixed to containers or other transport units.
ealOffNumber - Seal Off Number
ealOnNumber - Seal On Number
earchKey - Search Key
econdaryCoverageCertificateNumber - Secondary Coverage Certificate Number
econdaryCoverageCompanyNumber - Secondary Coverage Company Number
econdaryEmployeeIdentificationNumber - Secondary Employee Identification Number
econdaryHealthInsuranceIdentificationNumber - Secondary Health Insurance Identification Number
econdaryPolicyNumber - Secondary Policy Number
econdaryProviderNumber - Secondary Provider Number
econdarySuffixCodeIndicator - Secondary Suffix Code Indicator
econdBeneficiarysReference - Reference of the second beneficiary.
ecretariadeComerciayFamentaIndustrialNumber - Secretaria de Comercia y Famenta Industrial (SECOFI) Number
ecretaryofStateAssignedIdentificationNumber - Secretary of State Assigned Identification Number
ectionNumber - Section Number
ectionOfTheNationalHousingActCode - Section of the National Housing Act Code
ecurityInstrumentNumber - Security Instrument Number
ecurityType - Security Type
elfInsuranceIdentificationNumber - Self Insurance Identification Number
elfInsurerAuthorizationTypeCode - Self Insurer Authorization Type Code
elfInsurerOrganizationType - Self Insurer Organization Type
ellerLoanNumber - Seller Loan Number
ellersCatalogueNumber - Identification number assigned to a seller's catalogue.
ellersCreditMemo - Seller's Credit Memo
ellersDebitMemo - Seller's Debit Memo
ellersInvoiceNumber - Seller's Invoice Number
ellersReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned to a transaction by the seller.
ellersSaleNumber - Seller's Sale Number
ellingArrangement - Selling Arrangement
enderDefinedClause - Sender Defined Clause
endersClauseNumber - The number that identifies the sender's clause.
endersFileReferenceNumber - File reference number assigned by the sender.
endersReferenceToTheOriginalMessage - The reference provided by the sender of the original message.
endingBankReferenceNumber - Reference number of the sending bank.
endingCompanyAuditNumberAutomatedClearinghouseTransfers - Sending Company Audit Number (Automated Clearinghouse Transfers)
equenceNumber - Sequence Number
erialNumber - Serial Number
erviceAuthorizationNumber - Service Authorization Number
erviceBulletinNumber - Service Bulletin Number
erviceBureau - Service Bureau
erviceChangeNumber - Service Change Number
erviceChargeNumber - Service Charge Number
erviceContractNumber - Service Contract (Coverage) Number
erviceEstimateNumber - Service Estimate Number
erviceGroupIdentificationNumber - Identification used for a group of services.
erviceInterruptTrackingNumber - Service Interrupt Tracking Number
erviceOrderNumber - Service Order Number
ervicePerformedCode - Service Performed Code
ervicer - Servicer
erviceRequestNumber - Service Request Number
ervicerLoanNumber - Servicer Loan Number
ession - Session
etNumber - Set Number

helfLifeIndicator - Shelf Life Indicator
hipFrom - Ship From
hipmentDestinationCode - Shipment Destination Code
hipmentOriginCode - Shipment Origin Code
hipmentReferenceNumber - Reference number assigned to a shipment.
hipNoticeOrManifestNumber - Ship Notice/Manifest Number
hipownersAuthorizationNumber - Reference number assigned by the shipowner as an authorization number to transport certain goods (such
hipperCarOrderNumber - Shipper Car Order Number
hippersBondNumber - Shippers Bond Number
hippersHazardousNumber - Shipper's Hazardous Number
hippersOrder - Shipper's Order (Invoice Number)
hippingLabelSerialNumber - Shipping Label Serial Number
hippingNoteNumber - Reference number assigned to a shipping note, see: 1001 = 630
hippingUnitIdentification - Identifying marks on the outermost unit that is used to transport merchandise.
hippingZone - Shipping Zone
hortTermDisabilityPolicyNumber - Short-term Disability Policy Number
howIdentification - Show Identification
IC - Standard Industry Classification Number: A number specifying a standard industry classification.
ID - Shipper's Identifying Number for Shipment (SID)
ignalCode - Signal Code
ignalCodeNumber - Reference number to identify a signal.
IRENNumber - SIREN Number
IRETNumber - SIRET Number
iteSpecificProceduresTermsAndConditions - Site Specific Procedures, Terms, and Conditions
ituationNumber - Common reference number given to documents concerning a determined period of works.
laughterPlantNumber - Number to identify slaughter plant.
ocialInsuranceNumber - Social Insurance Number
ocialSecurityNumber - An identification number assigned to an individual by the social security administration.
ocietyofPropertyInformationCompilersandAnalysts - Society of Property Information Compilers and Analysts
oftwareApplicationNumber - Software Application Number
olicitation - Solicitation
ortAndSegregate - Sort and Segregate
ourceDocumentInternalReference - Reference number assigned to a source document for internal usage.
pacingUnitOrderNumber - Spacing Unit Order Number
pecialApproval - Special Approval
pecialBudgetAccountNumber - The number of a special budget account.
pecialChargeOrAllowanceCode - Special Charge or Allowance Code
pecialClause - Special Clause
pecialGovernmentAccountingClassificationReferenceNumber - Special Government Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)
pecialInstructionsNumber - A number indicating a citation used for special instructions.
pecialMoveReferenceNumber - Special Move Reference Number
pecialPackagingInstructionNumber - Special Packaging Instruction Number
pecialPaymentReferenceNumber - Special Payment Reference Number
pecialProcessingCode - Special Processing Code
pecialQuoteNumber - Special Quote Number
pecialtyLicenseNumber - Specialty License Number
pecificationClassNumber - Specification Class Number
pecificationNumber - Number assigned by the issuer to his specification.
pecificationRevision - Specification Revision
pecimenIdentifier - Specimen Identifier
plitBookingNumber - Split Booking Number
plitPremiumAuditChangeIdentifier - Split Premium Audit Change Identifier
plitShipmentNumber - Split Shipment Number
ponsorsReferenceNumber - Sponsor's Reference Number
pouseTie - Spouse Tie
tackTrainIdentification - Stack Train Identification
tandard - Standard
tandardCarrierAlphaCode - Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
tandardClause - Standard Clause
tandardIndustryClassificationCode - Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code
tandardNumberOfInspectionDocument - Code identifying the standard number of the inspection document supplied.
tandardPointLocationCode - Standard Point Location Code (SPLC)
tandardsCodeNumber - Number to identify a specific parameter within a standardization description (e.g. M5 for screws or DIN A4 for paper
tandardsNumber - Number to identify a standardization description (e.g. ISO 9375).
tandardsVersionNumber - The version number assigned to a standard.
tandardTransportationCommodityCodeBridgeNumber - Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) Bridge Number
tandardTransportationCommodityCodeReplacementCode - Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) Replacement Code
tartingPackageNumber - Starting Package Number
tateAssemblyDistrict - State Assembly District
tateCharterNumber - State Charter Number
tateControlledSubstanceLicenseNumber - State Controlled Substance License Number
tateCriminalHistoryRepositoryIndividualIdentification - State Criminal History Repository Individual Identification
tateDepartmentI20FormNumber - State Department I-20 Form Number
tateDepartmentIAP66FormNumber - State Department IAP-66 Form Number
tateHazardousWasteEntityIdentifier - State Hazardous Waste Entity Identifier
tateIndustrialAccidentProviderNumber - State Industrial Accident Provider Number
tateLegislativeDistrict - State Legislative District
tateLicenseIdentificationNumber - State License Identification Number
tateLicenseNumber - State License Number
tatementNumber - Description to be provided.
tatementOfWork - A reference number for a statement of work.
tateNonResidentViolatorCompact - State Non-Resident Violator Compact
tateorProvinceAssignedBusinessRegistryNumber - State or Province Assigned Business Registry Number
tateOrProvinceAssignedEntityIdentification - Reference number of an entity assigned by a state or province.
tateSalesTaxIdentificationNumber - State Sales Tax Identification Number
tateSenateDistrict - State Senate District
tateStudentIdentificationNumber - State Student Identification Number
tateTaxIdentificationNumber - State Tax Identification Number
tatewideCourseNumber - Statewide Course Number
tationReferenceNumber - International UIC code assigned to every European rail station (CIM convention).
tatus - Status
tatusReportNumber - The reference number for a status report.
tockCertificateNumber - Stock Certificate Number
tockExchangeCode - Stock Exchange Code
tockExchangeCompanyIdentifier - A reference assigned by the stock exchange to a company.
tockNumber - Stock Number
topSequenceNumber - Stop Sequence Number
torageInformationCode - Storage Information Code
toreNumber - Store Number

ubassemblyNumber - Subassembly Number
ubcontractLineItemNumber - Subcontract Line Item Number
ubcontractNumber - Subcontract Number
ubcontractorDataRequirements - Subcontractor Data Requirements (SDRL)
ubdayNumber - Subday Number
ubdivisionIdentifier - Subdivision Identifier
ubexhibitLineItemNumber - Subexhibit Line Item Number
ubFile - Identifies the sub file in a structure of related files.
ubhouseBillOfLading - Subhouse Bill of Lading
ubjectPropertyNonSaleReferenceNumber - Subject Property Non-Sale Reference Number
ubjectPropertyReferenceNumber - Subject Property Reference Number
ubjectPropertyVerificationSource - Subject Property Verification Source
ublineofInsurance - Subline of Insurance
ubmissionNumber - Submission Number
ubmitterIdentificationNumber - Submitter Identification Number
ubscriberAuthorizationNumber - Subscriber Authorization Number
ubscriberNumber - Subscriber Number
ubservicer - Subservicer
ubServicerLoanNumber - Sub-Servicer Loan Number
ubsistenceIdentificationNumber - Subsistence Identification Number
ubstantivelyConsolidatedCase - Substantively Consolidated Case
ubstituteAirWaybillNumber - Reference number assigned to a substitute air waybill, see: 1001 = 743.
ubstituteManufacturersPartNumber - Substitute Manufacturer's Part Number
ubstituteNationalStockNumber - Substitute National Stock Number
ubstitutePartNumber - Substitute Part Number
ubSubhouseBillOfLading - Sub-subhouse Bill of Lading
uccessorAccount - Successor Account
uffix - A reference to specify a suffix added to the end of a basic identifier.
uperintendenciadeInversionesExtranjerasNumber - Superintendencia de Inversiones Extranjeras (SIEX) Number
upervisoryAppraiserCertificationNumber - Supervisory Appraiser Certification Number
upplementalAccountNumber - Supplemental Account Number
upplementalAgreementAuthority - Supplemental Agreement Authority
upplementalClaimNumber - Supplemental Claim Number
upplementNumber - Supplement Number
upplier - Supplier
upplierReplacement - Supplier (Replacement)
upplierDocumentIdentificationNumber - Supplier Document Identification Number
uppliersControlNumber - Reference to a file regarding a control of the supplier carried out on departure of the goods.
uppliersCreditClaimReferenceNumber - A reference number identifying a supplier's credit claim.
upportingDocumentNumber - Supporting Document Number
uretyBondNumber - Surety Bond Number
uspensionIdentifier - Suspension Identifier
wapOrderNumber - Number assigned by the seller to a swap order (see definition of DE 1001, code 229).
WIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T.) Identification (8 or 11 Characters)
WIFTMT100 - SWIFT (MT 100)
WIFTMT202 - SWIFT (MT 202)
WIFTConfirmationNumber - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) Confirmation Number
ymbolNumberForMilestoneOrLOBReports - Symbol Number (for Milestone or LOB reports)
ystematizedNomenclatureofHumanandVeterinaryMedicine - Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
ystemeInformatiquePourLeRepertoireDesEntreprises - (SIREN) number An identification number known as a SIREN assigned to a business
ystemeInformatiquePourLeRepertoireDesEtablissements - (SIRET) number An identification number known as a SIRET assigned to a busin
ystemNumber - System Number

ankNumber - Tank Number
ariffNumber - Tariff Number
ariffPageNumber - Tariff Page Number
ariffRuleNumber - Tariff Rule Number
ariffSectionNumber - Tariff Section Number
ariffSuffixNumber - Tariff Suffix Number
ariffSupplementNumber - Tariff Supplement Number
askOrder - Task Order
axAgencyNumber - Tax Agency Number (MERS [Mortgage Electronic Registration System] Federal Information Processing Standards [FIPS
axExchangeCode - Tax Exchange Code
axExemptionLicenceNumber - Number assigned by the tax authorities to a party indicating its tax exemption authorization. This number cou
axExemptNumber - Tax Exempt Number
axFiling - Tax Filing
axFormCode - Tax Form Code
axingAuthorityIdentificationNumber - Taxing Authority Identification Number
axLicenseExemption - Tax License Exemption
axLienJurisdiction - Tax Lien Jurisdiction
axRegistrationNumber - The registration number by which a company/organization is identified with the tax administration.
axScheduleCode - Tax Schedule Code
axShelterNumber - Tax Shelter Number
axWorksheet - Tax Worksheet
CN - TransportationControlNumber: A number assigned for transportation purposes.
eamAssignmentNumber - Team number assigned to a group that is responsible for working a particular transaction.
echnicalDocumentationType - Technical Documentation Type
echnicalDocumentNumber - A number specifying a technical document.
echnicalInformationPackage - Technical Information Package
echnicalOrderNumber - A reference to an order that specifies a technical change.
echnicalPhaseReference - A reference which identifies a specific technical phase.
echnicalRegulation - Reference number identifying a technical regulation.
elecommunicationCircuitSupplementalID - Telecommunication Circuit Supplemental ID
elexMessageNumber - Reference number identifying a telex message.
emplateSequenceNumber - Template Sequence Number

erminalCode - Terminal Code
erminalOperatorNumber - Terminal Operator Number
erminalReleaseOrderNumber - Terminal Release Order Number
erminationFiling - Termination Filing
esterIdentification - Tester Identification
estReportNumber - Reference number identifying a test report document relevant to the product.
estSpecificationNumber - Test Specification Number
extElementIdentifierDeletionReference - The reference used within a given TEI (Text Element Identifier) which is to be deleted.
heaterScreenNumber - Theater Screen Number
hirdBanksReferenceNumber - Reference number of the third bank.
hirdBanksReference - Reference assigned by a third bank.
hirdPartyAdministratorClaimNumber - Third-Party Administrator Claim Number
hirdPartyNoteHolderIdentification - Third Party Note Holder Identification
hirdPartyOrganizationAuthorizationNumber - Third-party Organization (TPO) Authorization Number
hirdPartyOriginatorNumber - Third Party Originator Number
hirdPartyPurchaseOrderItemNumber - Third Party Purchase Order Item Number
hirdPartyPurchaseOrderNumber - Third Party Purchase Order Number
hirdPartyPurchaseOrderReleaseNumber - Third Party Purchase Order Release Number
hirdPartyReferenceNumber - Third Party Reference Number
hroughBillOfLadingNumber - Reference number assigned to a through bill of lading, see: 1001 = 761.
icketNumber - Ticket Number
imeFailure - Time Failure
irCarnetNumber - Reference number assigned to a TIR carnet.
IRNumber - TIR Number
itleCompanyCodeBookReference - Title Company Code Book Reference
itleDocumentSchedule - Title Document Schedule
itlePolicyNumber - Title Policy Number
itleReference - Title Reference
itleXIXIdentifierNumber - Title XIX Identifier Number
okyoShokoResearchBusinessIdentifier - Tokyo Shoko Research Business Identifier
ollBillingTelephoneReferenceNumber - Toll Billing Telephone Reference Number
otalCycleNumber - Total Cycle Number
otalOrderCycleNumber - Total Order Cycle Number
ownshipNumber - Township Number
oxicologyID - Toxicology ID
racerActionRequestNumber - Tracer Action Request Number
rackingNumber - Tracking Number

raderAccountNumber - Number assigned by a Customs authority which uniquely identifies a trader (i.e. importer, exporter or declarant) for C
radingPartnerIdentificationNumber - Code specifying an identification assigned to an entity with whom one conducts trade.
railerTypeQualifier - Trailer Type Qualifier
railerUseAgreements - Trailer Use Agreements
rainingFlightNumber - Non-revenue producing airline flight for training purposes.
ransactionCategoryOrType - Transaction Category or Type
ransactionReferenceNumber - Reference applied to a transaction between two or more parties over a defined life cycle; e.g. number applied
ransferNumber - An extra number assigned to goods or a container which functions as a reference number or as an authorization number to
ransitGuaranteeNumber - Reference number to identify the guarantee or security provided for Customs transit operation (CCC).
ransponderNumber - Transponder Number
ransportationAccountCode - Transportation Account Code (TAC)
ransportationAccountNumber - An account number to be charged or credited for transportation.
ransportationControlNumber - Transportation Control Number (TCN)
ransportationPriorityNumber - Transportation Priority Number
ransportContractReferenceNumber - Reference number of a transport contract.
ransportCostsReferenceNumber - Reference number of the transport costs.
ransportDocumentNumber - [1188] Reference assigned by the carrier or his agent to the transport document.
ransportEquipmentReturnReference - Reference known at the address to return equipment to.
ransportEquipmentStrippingOrder - Reference number assigned to the order to strip goods from transport equipment.
ransportEquipmentStuffingOrder - Reference number assigned to the order to stuff goods in transport equipment.
ransportEquipmentSurveyReference - Reference number assigned by the ordering party to the transport equipment survey order.
ransportEquipmentSurveyReferenceNumber - Reference number known at the address where the transport equipment will be or has been s
ransportEquipmentSurveyReportNumber - Reference number used by a party to identify its transport equipment survey report.
ransportRoute - A predefined and identified sequence of points where goods are collected, agreed between partners, e.g. the party in charge
ransportSectionReferenceNumber - A number identifying a transport section.
ravelManifest - Travel Manifest (ACI or OTR)
reatyIdentifier - Treaty Identifier
rialLocationCode - Trial Location Code
ripleback - Tripleback
ruckersBillOfLading - A cargo list/description issued by a motor carrier of freight.
rustee - Trustee
SRBusinessIdentifier - Tokyo Shoko Research Business Identifier: A number assigned to a business by TSR.
ypeOfComment - Type of Comment
ypeOfEscrowNumber - Type of Escrow Number
ypeOfHouseholdGoodsCode - Type of Household Goods Code
ypeOfLawSuit - Type of Law Suit
ypeOfOutstandingJudgment - Type of Outstanding Judgment
ypeOfScienceCode - Type of Science Code
.S.DefenseFederalAcquisitionRegulationSupplement - A reference indicating a citation from the U.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation
.S.DepartmentOfVeteransAffairsAcquisitionRegulation - A reference indicating a citation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Acqui
.S.GovernmentTransportationControlNumber - U.S. Government Transportation Control Number
ltimateConsignee - Ultimate Consignee
ltimateCustomersOrderNumber - The originator's order number as forwarded in a sequence of parties involved.
ltimateCustomersReferenceNumber - The originator's reference number as forwarded in a sequence of parties involved.
nacceptableSourceDUNSNumber - Unacceptable Source DUNS Number
nacceptableSourcePurchaserID - Unacceptable Source Purchaser ID
nacceptableSourceSupplierID - Unacceptable Source Supplier ID
nderwriterIdentificationNumber - Underwriter Identification Number
nderwritingAlertReferenceCode - Underwriting Alert Reference Code
NDG - United Nations Dangerous Goods Number: [7124] Unique serial number assigned within the United Nations to substances and article
nemploymentInsuranceNumber - Unemployment Insurance Number
niformCommercialCodeFilingCollateralNumber - Uniform Commercial Code Filing Collateral Number
niformResourceLocator - Uniform Resource Locator
nionNumber - Union Number
niqueClaimsReferenceNumberOfTheSender - Description to be provided.
niqueConsignmentIdentifier - Unique Consignment Identifier
niqueConsignmentReferenceNumber - (1202) Unique reference of a consignment (UCRN) used for identification purposes in documents an
niqueCurracReferenceNumberOfTheSender - Description to be provided.
niqueMarketReference - Description to be provided.
niqueReinacReferenceNumberOfTheSender - Description to be provided.
niqueSupplierIdentificationNumber - Unique Supplier Identification Number (USIN)
nitedNationsHazardousClassificationNumber - United Nations Hazardous Classification Number
nitedStatesGovernmentVisaNumber - United States Government Visa Number
nitedStatesStandardMetropolitanStatisticalAreaCode - United States Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Code
nitLoadDeviceIdentificationNumber - [8260] Marks (letters and/or numbers) which identify a unit load device e.g. freight container.
nitNumber - Unit Number
nitPropertyNumber - Unit Property Number
nitReliefNumber - Unit Relief Number
nitReportPeriod - Unit Report Period
nitReportPeriodID - Unit Report Period ID
nitTrain - Unit Train
niversalRailroadRevenueWaybillIdentifiedNumber - Universal Railroad Revenue Waybill Identified Number (URRWIN)
niversalTransverseMercatorEast - Universal Transverse Mercator - East
niversalTransverseMercatorNorth - Universal Transverse Mercator - North
niversalTransverseMercatorZone - Universal Transverse Mercator - Zone
npaidInstallmentReferenceNumber - Unpaid Installment Reference Number
pperSerialNumberOfRange - Upper serial number in a range for declaration of incoming goods.
pstreamShipperContractNumber - Upstream Shipper Contract Number
SCFR - A reference indicating a citation from the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).
SCS - UsCustomsService(Uscs)EntryCode: An entry number assigned by the United States (US) customs service.
SCustomsServiceAntiDumpingDutyCaseNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Anti-dumping Duty Case Number
SCustomsServiceBindingRulingNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Binding Ruling Number
SCustomsServiceCommercialDescription - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Commercial Description
 SCustomsServiceCountervailingDutyCaseNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Countervailing Duty Case Number
 SCustomsServiceEntryNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Entry Number
 SCustomsServiceEntryTypeCode - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Entry Type Code
 SCustomsServicePreApprovalRulingNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Pre-approval Ruling Number
 SCustomsServicePreClassificationRulingNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Pre-classification Ruling Number
 SCustomsServiceStatementNumber - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Statement Number
 SDOEAndNCES - United States Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Course Number
 SDOTBondSuretyCode - A bond surety code assigned by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).
 serID - User ID
 serIdentification - User Identification
 SFCCImportCondition - A number known as the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) import condition number applyin
 SFederalAcquisitionRegulation - A reference indicating a citation from the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation.
 SFederalInformationResourcesManagementRegulation - A reference indicating a citation from U.S. Federal Information Resources Manage
 SFoodAndDrugAdministrationEstablishmentIndicator - An establishment indicator assigned by the United States Food and Drug Administrat
 SGeneralServicesAdministrationRegulation - A reference indicating a citation from U.S. General Services Administration Regulation.
 SGovernmentAgencyNumber - Description to be provided.
 alueAddedTaxRegistrationNumber - Value-Added Tax Registration Number (Europe)
 atRegistrationNumber - Unique number assigned by the relevant tax authority to identify a party for use in relation to Value Added Tax (VAT)
 ehicleBusinessUseQualifier - Vehicle Business Use Qualifier
 ehicleLicenceNumber - Number of the licence issued for a vehicle by an agency of government.
 ehicleRadiusofOperationQualifier - Vehicle Radius of Operation Qualifier
 ehicleRelatedServicesReferenceNumber - Vehicle-related Services Reference Number
 ehicleSizeClassQualifier - Vehicle Size Class Qualifier
 endorAbbreviationCode - Vendor Abbreviation Code
 endorChangeIdentificationCode - Vendor Change Identification Code
 endorChangeProcedureCode - Vendor Change Procedure Code
 endorContractNumber - Number assigned by the vendor to a contract.
 endorIDNumber - Vendor ID Number
 endorOrderNumberSuffix - Vendor Order Number Suffix
 endorProductNumber - Number assigned by vendor to another manufacturer's product.
 endorsPreviousJobNumber - Vendor's Previous Job Number
 endorTerms - Vendor Terms
 erificationSourceCode - Verification Source Code
 ersion - Version
 ersionCodeLocal - Version Code - Local
 ersionCodeNational - Version Code - National
 erticalCoordinate - Vertical Coordinate
 essel - Vessel
 esselAgentNumber - Vessel Agent Number
 esselIdentification - (8123) Reference identifying a vessel (UN/ECE Recommendation No 10).
 esselName - Vessel Name
 eteransAdministrationOriginatorIdentification - Veterans Administration Originator Identification
 eteransAffairsCaseNumber - Veterans Affairs Case Number
 IN - VehicleIdentificationNumber: The identification number which uniquely distinguishes one vehicle from another through the lifespan of the
 isaType - Visa Type
 olumeNumber - Volume Number
 olumePurchaseAgreementNumber - Volume Purchase Agreement Number
 oucherNumber - Reference number identifying a voucher.
 oyageNumber - [8228] Reference number assigned by the carrier or his agent to the voyage of the vessel.
WageDetermination - Wage Determination
Waiver - Waiver
WarehouseEntryNumber - Entry number under which imported merchandise was placed in a Customs bonded warehouse.
WarehousePickTicketNumber - Warehouse Pick Ticket Number
WarehouseReceiptNumber - Warehouse Receipt Number
WarehouseStorageLocationNumber - Warehouse storage location number
Warrant - Warrant
WarrantyCoverageCode - Warranty Coverage Code
WarrantyRegistrationNumber - Warranty Registration Number
WaybillNumber - Reference number assigned to a waybill, see: 1001 = 700.
WeaponSystemNumber - Weapon System Number
WeightAgreementNumber - Description to be provided.
WellClassificationCode - Well Classification Code
WellNumber - A number assigned to a shaft sunk into the ground.
WithdrawalAccountNumber - Withdrawal Account Number
WithdrawalRecord - Withdrawal Record
WoolIdentificationNumber - Shipping Identification Mark (SIM) allocated to a wool consignment by a shipping company.
WoolTaxReferenceNumber - Reference or indication of the payment of wool tax.
WorkBreakdownStructure - A structure reference that identifies the breakdown of work for a project.
WorkCandidateSequenceNumber - Work Candidate Sequence Number
WorkCenter - Work Center
WorkingShiftNumber - (Working) Shift Number
WorkItemQuantityDetermination - A reference assigned to a work item quantity determination.
WorkOrderNumber - Work Order Number
WorkPackage - A reference for a detailed package of work.
WorkShift - A work shift reference number.
WorksiteNumber - Worksite Number
WorkTaskChargeNumber - A reference assigned to a specific work task charge.
WorkTeam - A reference to identify a team performing work.
 ardPosition - Yard Position
             ReasonTaxExemptCoded                                   LocationQualifierCoded
                                                   TaxPaymentMethodCoded                PackageTypeCoded SpecialHandlingCoded
                                     Other              Other                Other
                Other - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code      Other             SpeedRestrictedTo15MilesPer
                Exempt-ForExport911CityTax                                                       Aerosol           SpeedRestrictedTo25MilesPer
                                                        Normal - Default JurisdictionToReceiveCreditForUniformCommercialCodeFiling
                Yes-TaxExempt 911CountyTax                                   TransmittingUtility Aluminum          SpeedRestrictedTo35MilesPer
                                                        DirectPay - The buyer collects the tax due as specified on the Invoice and pays it to th
                No-NotTaxExempt911ExciseTax                                  Consignor           AmmoPack           it to the tax authority
                                                        SelfAssess - The buyer calculates the tax due and paysSpeedRestrictedTo45MilesPer
                Exempt-ForResale     911StateTax                             CensusScheduleDAmpoule                NoFacialHair - the supplier
                                                        PayVendor - The buyer pays the tax due as specified on the Invoice to No Facial Hair
                NotExemptOrForResale 911Tax                                                      Ampoule-Non-Protected
                                                                             UniformCommercialCodeFilingOfficeCarIsAirBrakeControlled - Car
                Exempt-NotForResale  AccommodationsTax                       CurrentAddress Ampoule-Protected      CustomerRequiredPackingList
                NotExemptNotForResaleAdValoremTax                                                A
                                                                             CensusBlockGroup sSpecifiedByTheDOT   CustomerRequiredPRONumbe
                DirectPayId                                                  rebate given to      seller in        CustomerRequiredAppointmen
                                     AgriculturalExportRebate - Monetary HomeAddress theAtomizer certain circumstances when agricultural
                                     Agriculturallevy                        HomeBaseAddress     where there       LoadOnTopOfResidue - Load
                Exempt-SaleToUSGovernment - Levy imposed on agricultural products Attachment is a difference between the selling p
                Exempt-PerStateLaw   AlcoholicBeverageTax                    CensusTract         Bag               DisposeOfResidue - Dispose o
                LaborTaxableMaterialExempt                                   CensusScheduleKBale                   Attachment-AutoKeys - Attach
                MaterialTaxableLaborExempt                                   LocalAddress        Bale-Compressed AttachmentToMoveWithCar - A
                NotTaxable                                                   MailingAddress       been dumped in an import market Annual Volum
                                     Anti-DumpingDuty - Duty applied to goods ruled to haveBale-Non-Compressed     AnnualVolume - at a price low
                Disabled             Assessment                              OfficeAddress                         Attachments-AdvanceOnlyWa
                                                                             PermanentAddress permit to do business.
                ExemptTollServiceBusinessLicenseFee - Government assessed charge for alloon-Protected ClearinghouseBalance - Cleari
                Exempt-GoodsAndServicesTax                                   Birthplace          Banding           BlowableLoad - Blowable Load
                Exempt-ProvincialSalesTax                                                        Bar
                                                                             WorldwideGeographicLocationCode IfBadOrderedNotifyShipper - If
                Homestead            CityRentalTax                           NearestCrossStreet  Barge             BillShipperForWeighCharge - B
                Agriculture          CitySalesTax                            SecondaryCrossStreetBarrel            ContainerConsolidatorLoad - C
                WorkingFarm          CityTax                                 Range                                 Attachment-CustomersDocum
                OpenSpace                                                    Section
                                     CoffeeTax - A tax levied specifically on coffee products.Basket               ClearedForExport - Cleared fo
                ExemptLocalService   CoinOperatedDeviceTax                   QuarterSection Beam                   ContainerFactoryLoad - Conta
                                                                             to a specified commodity,
                                                                                                 BeerCrate         Carrier - Carrier
                DisabledVeteran CommoditySpecificTax - Tax related MarkerIdentifierLocation e.g. illuminants, salts.
                Non-Homestead CorporateIncomeTax                             Route               Belting           CustomsInspection - Customs
                Over65                                                       RouteSubdivision Bin                   subsidies granted to those - A
                                     CountervailingDuty - A duty on imported goods applied for compensate forAttachment-CottonManifest go
                ExemptFromSchoolPropertyTax                                  GridLocation        BingChest         NoMarshallingRequiredForHaz
                ExemptFromLocalPropertyTax                                   Page                Board             CircusRampOnlyTOFCVan - C
                RecurringExempt CountyTax                                    MarkerType                            BillConsigneeForWeighCharge
                                     CustomsDuty                             Latitude-LongitudeSource
                                                                                                 Bobbin            TopLoadOnly - Top leaving the
                ExemptFromCountyPropertyTax - Duties laid down in the Customs tariff, to which goods are liable on entering or Load Only
                TotallyExempt        DefaultLaborTax                         MapSource           Bolt              CertificationThatThisShipment
                UsageExempt          EmploymentTax                           MapReference        Bottle            Dangerous - Dangerous
                                     EnergyTax -                             GridSource
                ExemptFromStatePropertyTax General fee or tax for the use of energy. Bottlecrate-Bottlerack        Demurrage - Demurrage
                OtherPropertyTaxExemption                                    Aliquot                               Domestic -
                Exempt-LetterOnFile                                          Block               Bottle-Non-Protected-Cylindrical
                                     EnvironmentalTax - Tax assessed for funding or assuring environmental protection or clean-up.
                                     EquipmentTax                            District                              DropYard - Drop Yard
ecurringExempt                       EstateTax                                                                     DeliveryOnlyOnSurrenderOfW
                                                                             DrainholeNumber Bottle-ProtectedCylindrical
ervicesOutsideScopeOfTax                                                     CityBlock           Box               valorem levy Dead in Tow
                                     ExciseDuty - Customs or fiscal authorities code to identify a specific or ad DeadInTow - on a specific com
                                                                              federal government BoxWithInnerContainer
                                                                                                                   DoNotUncouple - Do
                                     FederalExciseTax - Tax levied by theFootageCallDirectionon the manufacture of specific items. Not Unco
otallyExempt                         FederalIncomeTaxWithholding             LocationDirection Bracing             Equipment - Equipment
                                     FederalTax                              relevant tax authority.
ransferred - VAT not to be paid to the issuer of the invoice but directly to OuterContinentalLeaseLocation         DestinationWeightsApply - Des
sageExempt                           FederalValueAddedTaxOnGoods             Lot                 Bulk              ExcessiveDimensions - Exces
                                     FederalValueAddedTaxOnServices MapQuadrangle Bulk-Gas-At1031MbarAnd15DegC     ElectronicEquipmentTransfer
alueAddedTaxDueFromAPreviousInvoice - A code to indicate that the Value Added Tax (VAT) amount of a previous invoice is to be paid. -
                                     FeeInLieu                               PrincipalMeridian Bulk-LiquefiedGas-AtAbnormalTemperatureOrPr
                                                                                                                   EnvironmentalControlLimits E
alueAddedTaxNotNowDueForPayment - A code to indicate that the Value Added Tax (VAT) amount which is due on the current invoice is -to
                                     FICAMedicareTax                                             Bulk-Liquid
                                                                             OuterContinentalShelfArea             Expedite - Expedite
es-TaxExempt                         FICASocialSecurityTax                                       Bulk-Solid-FineParticles-Powders
                                                                             OuterContinentalShelfBlock            ReturnEmptyViaReverseRoute
eroRatedGoods                        FICATax                                                     Bulk-Solid-GranularParticles-Grains
                                                                             OfficialProtractionDiagram            DamagesIncurredIfShipmentF
                                     FranchiseTax                                                Bulk-Solid-LargeParticles-Nodules - Excessive
                                                                             QuarterQuarterQuarterSection          ExcessiveWeight
                                     Free                                                        Bunch
                                                                             QuarterQuarterSection                 ExplosiveFlammableGas - Exp
                                     FuelLUSTTax                             SectionType         Bundle            FaceA-EndToHeadOfTrain - F
                                     FuelSpillTax                            Abstract            Burlap            FaceB-EndToHeadOfTrain - F
FuelSuperFundTax                     Labor                Butt              MovingUnderForFurtheranceIn
GamingTax                            League               Cabinet           FullService - Full Service
GeneralConstructionTax - General tax for construction. Cage                 FlammableGas - Flammable G
GiftTax                              Tier                 CanCase           Flammable - Flammable
                                     Tract                Can-Cylindrical FlammablePoisonGas - produ
GoodsAndServicesTax - Tax levied on the final consumption of goods and services throughout theFlamm
GrossReceiptsTax                                          Canister
                                     UniversalTransverseMercatorQuadrant    Fragile-HandleWithCare - Frag
HandicapTax                          CourseDirection Can-Rectangular NontransitFlatShipment - Nont
HazardousWasteTax                    Area                 Canvas            GrainInspection - Grain Inspec
HighwayUseTax                        SendersLocationCode  Carboy            HeadEndCar - Head End Car
IlluminantsTax - Tax of illuminants. ReceiversLocationCode                  Household - Household
ImportTax - Tax assessed on imports. Office               Carboy-Protected EndorsedAsHazardousMateria
IndividualIncomeTax                                       CarLoad-Rail
                                     AnnualStatementsMailingAddress HoldForOrders - Hold for Orde
IndividualTax                        CityandState         Carrier           HeatedPriorToLoading - Heate
InheritanceTax                       AllPoints            Carton            HomeForRepair - Home for Re
InternationalFuelTaxAgreementTax ArmedServicesLocationDesignation Heat - Heat
LaborByTradeTax                      Branch               Cask              HighValueLoad - High Value L
LeakyUndergroundStorageTankTaxFederal                     Cheeses
                                     BusinessEconomicAreaRegionCode HighWideLoad - High Wide Lo
LeakyUndergroundStorageTankTaxState                       ChemicallyHardenedFibre
                                     GovernmentBillofLadingOfficeCode In-Bond - In-bond
LicenseTax                           PlaceOfBusiness Chest                  Ice - Ice
                                     GeopoliticalNameCode Churn
LightDuesPayable - Fee levied on a vessel to pay for port navigation lights.ShipmentToBeInspectedAtDes
                                     CountryOfOrigin Cloth
LocalConstructionTax - Local tax for construction.                          InterofficeMove - Interoffice Mo
                                     ConfirmationMailingAddress by
                                                           or services        borough country Import Shipm
LocalSalesTax - Assessment charges on sale of goods ClothOrFabric city,ImportShipment - or other taxin
LocalTax                             Country              ClothTop          RailIncentiveRate - Rail Incent
LustTax - Tax imposed for clean-up of leaky underground storage tanks. SurveillanceService - Surveilla
MaterialTax                                               Coffin
                                     CorrespondenceMailingAddress           JunctionSettlementAccount - J
MetropolitanTransitTax               City                 Coil              LandBridgeImportOrExport - L
MinimumTax                           NationalRateBasisCollapsibleTube CarTripLeasedToConsignee -
                                                          Compressed        LoadingDevices - Loading Dev
MiscellaneousCashDeposit - Duty paid and held on deposit, by Customs, during an investigation period p
MiscellaneousStateTax                InTankCar            Cones             LoadedToFullVisibleCapacity -
                                     CanadianSPLC Conex                     LessThanContainerConsolidat
MonetaryCompensatoryAmount - Levy on Common Agricultural Policy (European Union) goods used to c
MotorFuelTax                         CountyOrParish Container               ProtectLowestThroughRate - P
MunicipalTax                                              Container-CommercialHighwayLift
                                     DistributionCenterNumber               LessThanContainerFactoryLoa
OccupationalTax                      Destination-Shipping Container-Engine LocalServiceOnly - Local Serv
                                     DeliveryLocation                       LessThanFullCarload -
OtherTaxes - Unspecified, miscellaneous tax charges. Container-Mac-Iso-Lt.Wgt8X8X20FootAir Less T
                                     DistrictOffice                         PersonInChargeOfCar - Perso
PaperConsortiumTax-Italy - Description to be provided. Container-Multi-Walled-SecuredToWarehousePa
PersonalPropertyTax                  Department                             ClearedForBorderCrossing - C
PetroleumTax                         DistrictOfResidence                    MultiplePickup - Multiple Picku
PostThresholdTax                     DomicileTypeCode     Core              MechanicalRefrigeration - Mec
PreferenceDuty                       EventLocation                          NotifyConsigneeBeforeDeliver
PreThresholdTax                      EmployerLocation CorrugatedOrSolidDoNotDivert - Do Not Divert
                                     Factory              Cover              bond during an investigation p
ProvisionalcountervailingDutyBond - Countervailing duty paid by posting a NoSpecialEntrainmentRequire
                                      Countervailing duty paid
                                                          Cradle            DoNotHump - Do Not subsidiz
ProvisionalCountervailingDutyCash - FreightEqualizationPoint in cash prior to a formal finding of Hump
                                                          Crate             NewEquipmentFirstTransborde
ProvisionalDutyBond - Anti-dumping duty paid by posting a bond during an investigation period prior to a
                                                          Creel             DoNotPool - Do Not Pool
ProvisionalDutyCash - Anti-dumping duty paid in cash prior to a formal finding of dumping by Customs.
PublicHealthAndEducationTax                               Cup               NotifyShipperBeforeReconsign
RealPropertyTax                                           Cylinder
                                     FreightStationAccountingCode           DoNotTransferContents - Do N
SalesAndUseTax                       ForeignTradeZoneDemijohn-Non-Protected InCaseOfFireDoNotUseWater
SchoolTax                                                 Demijohn-Protected
                                     FreeAlongsideVessel-FreeOnBoardPoint   NotForExport - Not for Export
SecondaryPercentageTax                                    Double-LengthRack
                                     FreightStationGeographicLocation CommodityLoadedLessThanO
SeveranceTax                                              Double-LengthSkid Overweight - Overweight
                                     IssueLocation        Double-LengthToteBin
                                                                            PerishableInBoxCar Perishab
ShiftedSocialSecurities - Social securities share of the invoice amount to be paid directly to the -social sec
                                       the invoice amount to be paid directly
ShiftedWageTax - Wage tax share ofMilitaryStandardMovementProcedures to the tax collector(s office).
SolidWasteTax                        Postal               Double-WallPaperPoisonousGas - Poisonous Ga
                                      for construction. Drum
SpecialConstructionTax - Special taxInStore                                  IcedPriorToLoading - Iced Prio
StadiumTax                           IntermediateFOBPoint DryBulk            ProductProtectionService - Pro
                                     PortOfEmbarkationmay be fixed or graduated bank receipts.
StampDuty-ImpostadiBollo - Tax required in Italy, whichDuffelbag             Attachment-PrepaidWaybill - A
StateandLocalSalesTax                                     EdgeProtection ReturnAuthorization - Return A
StateAndLocalTax                     LocalOffice          EggCrating         RenderBillForCharges - Rende
StateAndProvincialTax                Mill                 Envelope           RailroadControlledPrivateEqui
StateExciseTax                                            Fiberboard
                                     MetropolitanSamplingAreaRegionCode      RadioactiveMaterial - Radioact
StateorProvincialFuelTax             MexicanPostalCode    FiberboardMetal RushOrder - Rush Order
                                     CityOrStateFromPointsFibre              state or provincial level,
StateOrProvincialSalesTax - All applicable sale taxes by authorities at the RearRider - Rear Rider below
StateorProvincialTaxOnGoods                               Fibre-Paperboard InspectHourlyIfCarStopped - In
StateorProvincialTaxOnServices                            Filmpack
                                     OtherUnlistedFreeOnBoardPoint           RecordForTransit - Record for
StateRentalTax                                            Firkin
                                     OpenandPrepayStationListCode            ShipperLoadOrCarrierCount -
StateTaxonSpecificLabor                                   Flask
                                     OtherUnlistedAcceptancePoint            ShoveToRestAndCover - Shov
SuperfundTax                         Origin-ShippingPoint Flo-Bin            SubjectToSpecialDetentionRul
                                       in addition to existing duties
SurTax - A tax or duty applied on andOnVessel-FreeOnBoardPointand taxes.     Attachment-ShippersExportDo
                                      deferred from
SuspendedDuty - Duty suspended orPortofArrival payment.   Footlocker         ShiftableLoad - Shiftable Load
                                     PortofDischarge ForwardReel
TelecommunicationsDeviceForTheDeafServiceExciseTax                           ShipToCrossDockOrPool - Shi
TelecommunicationsTax                PolicyMailingAddress Frame              RequiresShelfCouplers - Requ
ThresholdTax                         ParentsAddress FramedCrate              Attachment-ShippersManifest
TobaccoTax - A tax levied on tobacco products.            FruitCrate         Attachment-ShippersPackingIn
                                     PriorBusiness        GasBottle
TonnageTaxes - Tax levied based on the vessel's net tonnage.                 SpeedRestricted - Speed Rest
Total                                Plant                Girder             StackTrain - Stack Train
TourismTax                                                Girders-InBundleOrBunchOrTruss
                                     PrincipalServicingOffice                StretchWrap - Stretch Wrap
TransitTax                           PoolPoint            Glass              CarsTemporarilyArticulated - C
                                     3DigitUSZIP          a corporation.
TurnOverTax - Tax levied on the total sales/turnover of Half-StandardRack    TrailerConsolidatorLoad - Trail
UnemploymentTax                      4DigitUSZIP                             TrailerFactoryLoad - Trailer Fa
UseTax                               5DigitUSZIP          Hamper             TurnCar - Turn Car
UtilityUsersTax                                           HeadsOfBeef
                                     3DigitCanadianPostalCode                TransitShipment - Transit Ship
                                                          Hogshead           TeamTrackDelivery - Team fo
ValuationDeposit - Duty paid and held on deposit, by Customs, during an investigation period prior to aTr
                                     RateAreaCode         applied to the     TimeVolumeRatesOnly - the p
ValueAddedTax - A tax on domestic or imported goods HopperTruck value added at each stage in Time
WellService                          InRailCar                               UnloadAtBumperCircusRamp
WithholdingTax                                            Ingot
                                     RegionalEducationServiceAgency Unitized - Unitized
WorkersCompensationTax               RegionCode                              UnloadFromLeftSideOfCar - U
                                     Region               InInnerContainers UnloadAsPlacarded - Unload a
                                     Rural                Insulated          UnprotectedPerishable - Unpro
                                     StandardCarrierAlphaCode                UnloadFromRightSideOfCar -
                                     RouteAdministrativeMessageTo            ShipperCertifiesGrossWeightU
                                     Secondary            IronOrSteel        VerificationWeigh - Verification
                                     Suburban             Jar                VentilationInstructions - Ventila
                                                          Jerrican-Cylindrical ide-BodyPickupTruckApplies
                                     CityOrStateAndPointsWithin              W
                                     SchoolDistrict                          WaivedInspection-SetDirect - W
                                     Summer               Jug                WeighEmpty - Weigh Empty
                                     Storage              Jumbo              Attachments-HighWideNotice
                                     SchoolCampusCode     Jutebag            WaiveInspection - Waive Inspe
                                     US-SPLC              Keg                ManifestMustAccompanyWayb
                                     StoreNumber          Kit                WeighToCheckForOverload -
                                     StateOrProvince KnockdownRack WasteWater - Waste Water
                                     School               KnockdownToteBin   Export - Export
                                     InStorageTank        Lead               CrossTown - Cross Town
                                     SwitchingDistrict Lifts                 AdvancedFee - Advanced Fee
                                     Tank                 LiftVan            CertificateOfOrigin - Certificate
TranscontinentalFreightBureau          FuelSurchargeAuthorized - Fu
TerminalCargoLocation                  Offshore-AlaskaOrHawaiiServ
Terminal            LiquidBulk         OversizedPremium - Oversize
Township            Log                PreparationOfAirWaybill-Origin
Temporary                              PreparationOfCanadianCustom
RailTerritory       Loose              PreparationOfExportEntry - Pre
TaxingDistrict      Lug                PreparationOfInsuranceCertific
UnitedNationsLocationCode              PreparationOfU.S.ExportDocu
Urban               MatchBox           SaturdayDelivery - Saturday D
BusinessUnit        Metal              SaturdayPick-Up - Saturday Pi
Vacation            MetalCans          SecuritySignatureService - Sec
Village             MilkCrate          WrittenProofOfDelivery - Writte
VesselStowageLocation                  Aggregate1000 - Aggregate 10
Wharf               Mixed              Aggregate3000 - Aggregate 30
Warehouse           MixedContainerTypesAggregate5000 - Aggregate 50
Winter              MoistureResistant AttendantsAccompanying - Att
ZoneCode            MoldedPlastic      AdvanceLoading - Advance Lo
OverseasAndPointLocation               AirCraftFurnishedAndNotUsed
                                       AggregateTenderDiscount - Ag
FinalPortOfDischarge - Final Port of Discharge (Operational)
                                       ArmedGuardService - Armed G
CollectChargeLocation - Collect Charge Location (Operational)
                    MultiplyBag        AdditionalInjectionOrBlendingS
CustomsOfficeOfManifestOrigin - Customs Office of Manifest Origin
                    Multi-RollPack      - Customs Office of Manifest
CustomsOfficeOfManifestDestinationPortChanges - Port Changes
                    MultiwallSack      UseOfAlternateTerminal - Use
ActivityLocation - Activity Location (Operational)
                    Nest               A.M.DeliveryRequirement
OriginRailIntermodalTerminal - Origin Rail Intermodal Terminal - A.M
                    Net                AnchoringAndUnanchoring - A
DestinationRailIntermodalTerminal - Destination Rail Intermodal Te
                    Noil               AdditionalCopyOfShippingPap
FirstOptionalPortOfDischarge - First Optional Port of Discharge
                                       ApplianceServicing of Dischar
SecondOptionalPortOfDischarge - Second Optional Port - Appliance
PlaceOfAcceptance - Place of Acceptance (Operational)
                    OnOwnWheel         RailArmedGuardService
ReconsolidationPoint - Reconsolidation Point (Operational) - Rail
                    OtherThanGlass AirRideTractorService -
De-ConsolidationPoint - De-Consolidation Point (Operational)Air Rid
                    Port of Discharge (Operational)
PortOfDischarge - OtherThanMetalOrPlasticTubesOrGlass- Air Ride
                    Package            AssemblyServiceRequested -
PlaceOfDelivery - Place of Delivery (Contractual)
                     Freight Payable At (Contractual) - Auxiliary Ser
FreightPayableAt -Packed-NotOtherwiseSpecified
                    of Entry
PortOfEntry - Port Packet (Operational)BypassConsolidationPoint - By
PortOfExit - Port of Exit (Operational)BulkyArticle - Bulky Article
                    Pallet             BlockingAndBracing - Blocking
InterimPoint - Interim Point (Operational)
                    AluminumPallet BlindShipment - Blind Shipmen
BillOfLadingPortOfLoading - Bill of Lading Port of Loading (Contract
                    MetalPallet        Lading Port of Discharge - Bol
BillOfLadingPortOfDischarge - Bill of BolsterLoadDoNotSwitch (Con
                    StandardPallet     BoxingService-DryBulk - Boxin
PortOfLoading - Port of Loading (Operational)
Destination - Destination (Operational)BunkerSurchargeAuthorized -
                    WoodPallet         BunkerAdjustment-20FootCon
FinalDestination - Final Destination (Operational)
                    SlipSheetPallet BunkerAdjustment-40FootCon
Origin - Origin (Operational)
                    DOTPallet          BunkerAdjustment - Bunker Ad
DispatchingPool - Dispatching Pool (Operational)
                    Pallet-2Way        CurrencyAdjustment-20FootCo
BillOfLadingOriginOfGoods - Bill of Lading Origin of Goods (Contrac
                    Pallet-4Way        CurrencyAdjustment-40FootCo
PlaceOfReceipt - Place of Receipt (Contractual)
ReturnPool - Return Pool (Operational) RoeeCarOrPick-UpTruck - RO
                    Paper-Vci          ConvertCommercialBillOfLadin
TransshipmentPort - Transshipment Port (Contractual)
                    Parcel             Certification - (Operational)
PrepaidChargeLocation - Prepaid Charge Location Certification
                    Partitioning       CarrierCaboose - Carrier Cabo
BillOfLadingReleaseOffice - Bill of Lading Release Office (Operation
                    Pieces             CorrosionAdditiveService -
ThirdOptionalPortOfDischarge - Third Optional Port of DischargeCo
RelayPort - Relay Port (Operational) CustomsFees-ContainerLevel
                    Pipeline           CustomsFees-LiftLevel - Custo
PipeRack           CarrierGuardCarService - Carr
Pirns              CargoTaxes - Cargo Taxes
Pitcher            ChainAndBinders - Chain and
Plank              CommercialInvoicePreparation
                   ConstantSurveillance - Consta
Plastic            Cleaning - Cleaning
                   ClassRatesApplied - Class Ra
Plastic-Regrind Comb.RatesOverDetroit - Com
                   ConsolidationAndLineHaul - C
                   Consolidation - Consolidation
Plastic-Virgin     ContractRatesApply - Contract
Plate              ConsigneeUnload - Consignee
Plates-InBundleOrBunchOrTruss - Courier Ove
Platform           CopilotService - Copilot Servic
PolyethyleneLinedCustomsPapersMailed - Custo
Polystyrene        ContainerLease - Container Le
Pot                CourierSameDay - Courier Sam
Pouch              GovernmentCaboose - Govern
                   ControlledAtmosphere - Contro
PrivateVehicle     ContainerMounting - Container
Pulpboard          CircuitousRouting - Circuitous
QuarterOfBeef      CurrencyAdjustment-BreakBul
Rack               DoubleWideSeparateAndReas
Rail-Semiconductor DeliveryOfFuelFromBargeToP
Rednet             DodConstantSurveillanceServi
Reel               DualDriverWithNationalAgency
Reinforcement      DualDriverProtectiveService -
ReverseReel        DirectDelivery - Direct Delivery
Ring               DrayageAtPortOfDebarkationR
Rod                DeliveryService - Delivery Serv
Roll               DetentionOfConveyingEquipm
Rubber             DrayageAtPortOfEmbarkationR
RubberAndFabric KeepFromFreezingPercentDiff
Sachet             410DromedaryWithMechanica
Sack               410Dromedary - 410 Dromeda
Sea-Chest          DistributionServiceRequested
Seavan             DeliveryOfFuelFromRailTankC
SeparatorOrDivider NotifyShipperImmediatelyIfShi
ShallowCrate       DoNotCoupleToOtherDiaphrag
Sheet              DoNotFreeze - Do Not Freeze
Sheetmetal         DoNotCoupleToTankCars - Do
                   Documentation-Special - Docu
Shook              ContainerDiversion - Containe
ShrinkWrap         DeliveryOfFuelFromPipelineTo
Shrinkwrapped DrayageAtPortOfDebarkation -
SideOfBeef         DrayageAtPortOfEmbarkation
SkeletonCase       DeliveryOfFuelFromPipelineTo
Skid               DetentionWithPowerUnits30M
                  Drop-OffDelivery - Drop-Off De
Sleeve            DrummingService - Drumming
Slipsheet         DoNotCoupleToDoubleShelfCo
Special           DromedaryWithMechanicalRes
SpecialJumbo      DromedaryServiceRequested
SpinCylinders     DoorSideVanning - Door Side
Spindle           LaborAssociatedWithDetention
Spool             DeliveryOfFuelFromTankTruck
StainlessSteel    DetentionVehicle - Detention V
Standard          DetentionWithPowerUnits60M
Steel-VinylCoated ExtraAxles - Extra Axles
StretchWrap       EscortOrCourierService - Esco
Suitcase          EmptyRailcarOrderedButNotU
Tank              EquipmentHoseAtDestination -
TankCar           EquipmentHoseAtOrigin - Equ
Tank-Cylindrical ExclusiveUse - Exclusive Use
Tank-Rectangular ExtraLights - Extra Lights
TankTruck         EmergencyService - Emergen
Tea-Chest         EmptyMovement - Empty Mov
Tierce            Endorsement - Endorsement
Tin               EmptyReturn - Empty Return
ToteBin           SatisfactoryServiceStandards
Tray              ExcessiveValuationAuthorized
TrayPack          ExclusiveUseOfVehicle - Exclu
TripleWallCorrugatedBoard - Extra Driver
Truck             ExtraLengthSurcharge - Extra
TrunkAndChest ExportPreparation - Export Pre
                  ExpeditedRatesApplied - Expe
Truss             ExpeditedService - Expedited
Tub               ExtraLabor - Extra Labor
Tube              ExclusiveUseOfVehicleDamag
Tube-Collapsible ExpandRemoveAndInstall - Ex
                  RoadwayEasyRatesApplied - R
                  BargeFreightAllKindsService -
Tun               Firearms - Firearms
Unit              FurnishingChassis - Furnishing
Vacuum-Packed FuelFiltersFurnishedByShippe
VanPack           FlatrackSurcharge - Flatrack S
Vat               ForProcessingInTransit - For P
Vehicles          ForStorageInTransit - For Stor
Vial              FiltrationService - Filtration Se
WheeledCarrier GarmentSurcharge - Garment
Wickerbottle      Government-OwnedContainer
WireMesh          GovernmentGuardCar - Gover
WireOrCord        GreaterSecurityService - Grea
Wood              HoldAtLocation - Hold at Locat
Wrapped           Handling - Handling
HeatInTransit - Heat in Transit
Heat-Special - Heat - Special
HeatWithSteam - Heat With St
24HourAvailability - 24 Hour Av
Hose - Hose
SpecialHose - Special Hose
HighCubeTrailerRates - High C
HeaterOrRefrigeration - Heate
HitchInstallation - Hitch Installa
HazardousCargoOnDeck - Ha
IdlerCar - Idler Car
InsideDelivery - Inside Delivery
IcingInhibitorService - Icing Inh
Impactographs - Impactograph
IntermodalShipmentService - I
Intra-PlantMove - Intra-Plant M
InsidePickup - Inside Pickup
InterlineTransferService - Inter
Just-In-TimeJit - Just-In-Time
JointLineException - Joint Line
KeepMaterialDry - Keep Mater
LaborDisturbance - Labor Dist
Layover - Layover
LightBarService - Light Bar Se
LowBoyTrailerOrFlatBed - Low
LessThanContainer - Less Tha
LinehaulService - Linehaul Ser
LiabilityOfCarrier - Liability of C
LinehaulPercentDifferential - L
LessThanTruckload - Less Tha
LayoverService - Layover Serv
ModifiedAtmosphere - Modified
Escort - Escort
EscortServicesTelephone - Es
Insulated - Insulated
MotorSurveillanceService - Mo
Other - Other
Refrigerated - Refrigerated
SpecialMotorSurveillance - Sp
DoNotHumpOrHumpInto - Do
NoPlacardsRequired - No Plac
NoseSideVanning - Nose Side
StowAwayFromHeat - Stow Aw
BlockStowage - Block Stowage
CargoAboard - Cargo Aboard
OverHeightContainer - Over H
CompletingShipment - Comple
StowWithDoorsFacingInward -
ExemptCommodity - Exempt C
InFrontOfHouseStowage - In F
Fumigation - Fumigation
Harmless - Harmless
OilFieldService - Oil Field Serv
UseNoHooks - Use No Hooks
NotRestrictedCargo - Not Rest
OnDeckStowage - On Deck St
Perishable - Perishable
PartialShipment - Partial Shipm
StowBelowDeck - Stow Below
StowBetweenDecks - Stow Be
TemperatureControl - Temper
OnTopIn-HatchStowage - On T
OnTopOn-DeckStowage - On
TotalShipment - Total Shipmen
BelowWaterLineStowage - Bel
Overflow - Overflow
OverWidthContainer - Over W
OneWayRatesApplied - One W
PumpingEquipment - Pumping
SpecialPermits - Special Perm
ProtectFromHeat - Protect Fro
PerHourRatesApplied - Per Ho
PierTime - Pier Time
PalletsOrSkidsOrPlatforms - P
P.M.DeliveryRequirement - P.M
PerMileRatesApply - Per Mile R
PianoOrOrganCarry - Piano/O
PositioningAtOrigin - Positionin
Prelodge - Prelodge
StuffingCharge - Stuffing Char
ProtectiveSecurityService - Pro
Pickup - Pickup
PickupAndDelivery - Pickup an
PackAndUnpack - Pack and U
PUPTrailerRatesApply - PUP T
PriorityService - Priority Servic
Reconsignment - Reconsignm
Redelivery - Redelivery
RailheadHandling - Railhead H
RoadrailerService - Roadrailer
Respotting - Respotting
ResidentialDelivery - Residenti
ReeferMaintenance - Reefer M
RelocationOfVehicle - Relocati
ReturnOfEmptyContainer - Re
ReturnMovementOfPallet - Re
RailSurveillance - Rail Surveilla
RoundTripService - Round Trip
Reshipment - Reshipment
RestrictedSpeeds - Restricted
Reservations - Reservations
ReweightRequested - Reweigh
SaturdayPickupOrDelivery - Sa
SpecialContainers - Special Co
SplitDelivery - Split Delivery
SpecialDromedaryService - Sp
SpecialEquipmentCharge - Sp
StairsElevatorExcessCarry - S
ServiceChargeApplies - Servic
SecurityEscortVehicleService -
SpecialTrainMovement - Spec
SingleShipment - Single Shipm
ShipperLoad - Shipper Load
SkirtingAndUnskirting - Skirting
ShipperLoadAndCount - Shipp
SmallPackage - Small Packag
SatelliteSurveillanceService - S
Stop-Off - Stop-off
SpecialPermit - Special Permit
SpreaderService - Spreader S
SpotForStorage-NoShipment -
SplitPickup - Split Pickup
Storage - Storage
SurveyingRoutes - Surveying R
Stop-OffAtDestination - Stop-o
Stowage - Stowage
Stop-OffAtOrigination - Stop-o
SignatureAndTallyRecord - Sig
SpotForUnloadingFromAEnd -
SupervisorRequested - Superv
StorageOfVehicles - Storage o
TerminalHandlingCharges - Te
TenderingOfMultipleVehicles -
TrailerOnFlatCar - Trailer on F
ThirdPartyService - Third Party
TractorOnly - Tractor Only
TruckRatesApplicable - Truck
TrailerPreparation-Special - Tr
Termination - Termination
TransferProduct - Transfer Pro
TireRepairAndReplace - Tire R
TradeShow - Trade Show
TractorAndTrailer - Tractor and
TankSurveillanceService - Tan
Unpacking - Unpacking
UnloadingOrReloading - Unloa
VacuumService - Vacuum Ser
RoeeVanTypeTruck - ROEE V
VanCleaning - Van Cleaning
VehiclesInoperable - Vehicles
VehiclesInTruckaway - Vehicle
Wharfage-Breakbulk - Wharfa
Wharfage-Container - Wharfag
WaterfrontDelivery - Waterfron
Wharfage - Wharfage
WarRiskCrewBonus - War Ris
WarRiskInsurance - War Risk
WaitingTimeAuthorized - Waiti
WeightVerification - Weight Ve
erican countries.

mpliance Number

poses of transportation in North American commerce.

which indicates the availability of goods for collection.

HA) Claim Number

ering customer.
mitter's reference log number for a child DMR.

bmitter's reference log number for the parent DMR.

g requirements.
ontained in a drawing and a parts catalogue.

at "Patron" is a Spanish word, it is not a person who gives financial or other support.

nstance of payment of a debt which can be paid at specified intervals.
her carrier or freight forwarder (e.g. housebill, abstract) this references the previous (e.g. master) cargo control number.
r reading of a measuring device.
ents or invoices can be allocated.

ng date etc. for subsequent reference.

goods recipient.
Since Last Reporting Date
ceived Since Last Reporting Date

o and packing materials, generated by a shipping company based upon declarations presented by a shipper.

and specified in the international tariffs (rail tariffs) known by the customers.
me or group of persons.

measuring device to be taken.
nformation purposes.
ed (e.g. in the case of a cancellation, the primary reference of the message to be cancelled will be quoted in this element).

 ysis considered valid for a group of products.
 analysis considered valid for a group of products.

 the previous Customs procedure.
ndor's replenishment orders in a vendor managed inventory program.
 ed by the buyer to vendor's replenishment orders.
gned by the buyer to vendor's replenishment orders.

nce and consignment information.
merican countries.

 tin American countries.

A) to identify the activity of a company.
d Clearinghouse Transfers)
transport certain goods (such as hazardous goods, cool or reefer goods).

Reference Number (ACRN)
r screws or DIN A4 for paper).

Replacement Code
nary Medicine (SNOMED)
 IREN assigned to a business in France.
  a SIRET assigned to a business location in France.
n Processing Standards [FIPS] Based Number)

thorization. This number could relate to a specified business type, a specified local area or a class of products.

s to be deleted.
r, exporter or declarant) for Customs purposes.

 fe cycle; e.g. number applied by importer or broker to obtain release from Customs, may then used to control declaration through final accou
as an authorization number to get the goods or container released from a certain party.
operation (CCC).

ment survey order.
uipment will be or has been surveyed.
t survey report.
tners, e.g. the party in charge of organizing the transport and the parties where goods will be collected. The same collecting points may be in
Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.
ment of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation.

 ons to substances and articles contained in a list of the dangerous goods most commonly carried.

on purposes in documents and messages exchanged between parties in international trade. See also: Unique Identifier Code (UNIC) in UN/E

 . freight container.
urse Number

port condition number applying to certain types of regulated communications equipment.

ormation Resources Management Regulation.
s Food and Drug Administration.
nistration Regulation.

on to Value Added Tax (VAT).

her through the lifespan of the vehicle.
             OrderInvoiceMediumTypeCoded                          ResponseTypeCodedItemDetailResponseTypeCoded
                                                 OrderResponseDocTypeCoded                            ChangeTypeCoded
                 Other - Custom Code                   Other                               Other              Other
                                                                        Other - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code
                                                       OrderResponse two or more data terminal equipmentAddAdditionalItems
                 Circuitswitching - A process that, on demand, connects Accepted                               and permits the exclusive use
                                                                                                              Aeronautiques (SITA).
                 SITA - Communications number assigned by Societe Internationale de Telecommunications ChangeInDetailSection
                 ARINC - Communications number assigned by Aeronautical Radio Inc. AcknowledgeHoldStatus      ChangeInHeadingSection
                                                                        A                  AcknowledgeNoDetailOrChange
                 Courier - A communication channel identifying a courier. cceptedWithAmendmentInDetailSection ChangeOfDates
                 CableAddress                                                              AcknowledgeOnlyChanges
                                                                        AcceptedWithAmendmentInHeadingSection ChangeOfDateTerms
                 EDITransmission - Number identifying the service and service user.                           ChangesToItemLevelAllowanc
                 ElectronicMail - Exchange of mail by electronic means. AcceptedWithoutAmendment              ChangesToLineItems
                 Extension - Telephone extension.                                          AcknowledgeWithDetailAndChange
                                                                        AcceptedWithoutReserves               ChangesToTotalLevelAllowanc
                 FileTransferAccessMethod - According to ISO.                              AcknowledgeWithDetailNoChange
                                                                        AcceptedWithReserves                  CorrectionOfError
                                                                         fixed graphic material (as printing) LineItemsNumbersChanged
                 TeleFax - Device used for transmitting and reproducing AcknowledgeNoDetailOrChange by means of signals over telepho
                 GEISMailbox - General Electric Information Service                        AdditionalSubOrdinateStructureWillFollow
                                                                        AcknowledgeWithDetailAndChange PreviousPaymentDecisionRev
                 IBMInformationExchange                                                    AdditionalSubOrdinateStructureWillNotFollow
                                                                        AcknowledgeWithDetailNoChange PriceChange
                 InternalMail - Internal mail address/number.           AdviceWithDetailsAgreed               QuantityDecrease
                 Mail - Postal service document delivery.                                  AlreadyDelivered QuantityIncrease
                 PostBoxNo                                              Agreed             ApprovedAsAmended  ReplaceAllDates
                                                                        AlreadyDelivered ApprovedAsSubmitted  ReplaceAllValues
                 PacketSwitching - The process of routing and transferring data by means of addressed packets so that a channel is occupi
                                                                         for Worldwide Interbank
                                                                                           Audited            ReplaceHeadingSectionOnly
                 SWIFT - Communications address assigned by SocietyApprovedAsAmended Financial Telecommunications s.c.
                 Telephone - Voice/data transmission by telephone.      ApprovedAsSubmitted                   ReplaceItemDetailAndSumma
                 Telegraph - Text transmission via telegraph.           AuctionHeld                           ReplaceModeOfShipment
                 Telex - Transmission of text/data via telex.           AuthorityDeclined Cancelled           Reschedule
                 TeleMail - Transmission of text/data via telemail.     AuthorityToDeductChangeOfDates ReversalForCancellation
                 TeleText - Transmission of text/data via teletext.                        ChangeOfDateTerms
                                                                        BuyerClaimsAgainstInvoice             ReversalOfACredit
                                                                        machines connected ChangesToItemLevelAllowanceAndCharges
                 TWX - Communication service involving Teletypewriter ChargeBackToSeller by wire or electronic transmission media. Tele
                 X.400 - CCITT Message handling system.                 Checked            ChangesToLineItems SellerInitiatedChange
                 NotRequired                                                               ChangeToConfirmationOfRevisedAnnouncement
                                                                        ConditionallyAccepted                 TermsChangedForNewTerms
                                                                         for Hazardous
oMarshallingRequiredForHazardousMaterials - No Marshalling RequiredCountersued Materials   ChangeToOriginalConfirmationOfOriginaAnnoun
ircusRampOnlyTOFCVan - Circus Ramp Only TOFC Van                                           ChargeBackToSeller
illConsigneeForWeighCharges - Bill Consignee for Weigh Charges                             Checked
opLoadOnly - Top Load Only                                              FinalResponse ConcurrentItemNoChange
ertificationThatThisShipmentIsForRecyclingAsDefinedInApplicableTariffsContainingSuchProvisions - Certification that this Shipment is for R
angerous - Dangerous                                                    GroupedDebitAdvicesCorrectionOfError
emurrage - Demurrage                                                                       CreditAdviceStatementLine
omestic - Domestic                                                      InterimResponse DebitAdviceStatementLine
                                                                        LegalActionPursued Diversion or
hipperAuthorizationRequiredForDiversionOrConsignment - Shipper Authorization Required FinalResponse Consignment
ropYard - Drop Yard                                                     MeetingHeld        ForUnitPriceQuantityRescheduleChangeMultiple
eliveryOnlyOnSurrenderOfWrittenOrder - Delivery Only on Surrender of Written Order         InterimResponse
eadInTow - Dead in Tow                                                                     ItemAccepted
oNotUncouple - Do Not Uncouple                                          NotChecked         ItemAcceptedAndReleasedForShipment
quipment - Equipment                                                    NotInProcess       ItemAcceptedAndShipped
estinationWeightsApply - Destination Weights Apply                      NotProcessed       ItemAcceptedChangesMade
xcessiveDimensions - Excessive Dimensions                                                  ItemAcceptedDateRescheduled
lectronicEquipmentTransfer - Electronic Equipment Transfer                                 ItemAccepted-OrderForwardedToAlternateSuppl
nvironmentalControlLimits - Environmental Control Limits                PaymentDenied ItemAcceptedPartialShipmentBalanceBackordere
xpedite - Expedite                                                      Pending            ItemAcceptedPriceChanged
eturnEmptyViaReverseRoute - Return Empty Via Reverse Route                                 ItemAcceptedPricePending
amagesIncurredIfShipmentFailsToMeetVesselLoading - Damages Incurred if Shipment Fails to Meet Vessel Loading
xcessiveWeight - Excessive Weight                                       PendingIncomplete  ItemAcceptedScheduleDatePending
xplosiveFlammableGas - Explosive Flammable Gas                          Rejected           ItemAcceptedSubstitutionMade
aceA-EndToHeadOfTrain - Face "A-end" to Head of Train                   RejectedDuplicateItemBackordered
aceB-EndToHeadOfTrain - Face "B-end" to Head of Train                   RejectedNoDetail ItemChangeRejected
                                                                     RejectedNotAsAgreed ItemDeleted
MovingUnderForFurtheranceInstructionsAndMayBeDelivered - Moving Under "For Furtherance Instructions" and May Be Delivered
 ullService - Full Service                                                               ItemNotAcceptedByTheSeller
 lammableGas - Flammable Gas                                                             ItemOnHold
 lammable - Flammable                                                                    ItemOnHoldIncompleteDescription
 lammablePoisonGas - Flammable Poison Gas                            RejectItemChangeItemOnHoldWaiverRequired
 ragile-HandleWithCare - Fragile - Handle with Care                  RejectWithDetail ItemRejected
  ontransitFlatShipment - Nontransit Flat Shipment                                       ItemRejectedContractItemNotAvailable
  rainInspection - Grain Inspection                                  ResultDisputed ItemRejectedInvalidItemProductNumber
  eadEndCar - Head End Car                                           ResultOpposed ItemRejectedInvalidUnitOfIssue
  ousehold - Household                                               ResultSetAside ItemRejectedNotAContractItem
 ndorsedAsHazardousMaterial - Endorsed as Hazardous Material         SellerRejectsDisputeItemRejectedReorderItemAsADropShipment
  oldForOrders - Hold for Orders                                                         ItemRejectedReorderItemAsAJustInTimeOrder
  eatedPriorToLoading - Heated Prior to Loading                      Settlement          ItemRejectedReorderItemAsASurgeOrder
  omeForRepair - Home for Repair                                                         ItemRjectedReorderItemAsAnExtendedDeliveryO
  ighValueLoad - High Value Load                                     UnderInvestigationNew
  ighWideLoad - High Wide Load                                                           NoAcknowledgementNeeded
n-Bond - In-bond                                                                         NotAmended
 hipmentToBeInspectedAtDestinationAndDispositionInstructionsWillBeFurnished - Shipment to be Inspected at Destination and Disposition In
nterofficeMove - Interoffice Move                                                        NotPaidPredeterminationPricingOnly
mportShipment - Import Shipment                                                          NotProcessed
  ailIncentiveRate - Rail Incentive Rate                                                 OnAppeal
 urveillanceService - Surveillance Service                                               PaymentDenied
 unctionSettlementAccount - Junction Settlement Account                                  Pending
 andBridgeImportOrExport - Land Bridge Import/Export                                     PendingIncomplete
  arTripLeasedToConsignee - Car Trip Leased to Consignee                                 PendingWaitingAdditionalMaterial
 oadingDevices - Loading Devices                                                         PendingWaitingReview
 oadedToFullVisibleCapacity - Loaded to Full Visible Capacity                            PriceChange
 essThanContainerConsolidatorLoad - Less Than Container Consolidator Load                Proposed
 rotectLowestThroughRate - Protect Lowest Through Rate                                   QuantityDecrease
 essThanContainerFactoryLoad - Less Than Container Factory Load                          QuantityIncrease
 ocalServiceOnly - Local Service Only                                                    Reaudited
 essThanFullCarload - Less Than Full Carload                                             Redetermined
 ersonInChargeOfCar - Person in Charge of Car                                            ReferredItemAccepted
  learedForBorderCrossing - Cleared for Border Crossing                                  ReferredItemRejected
MultiplePickup - Multiple Pickup                                                         RejectedDuplicate
MechanicalRefrigeration - Mechanical Refrigeration                                       RejectedNoDetail
  otifyConsigneeBeforeDelivery - Notify Consignee Before Delivery                        RejectedNotAsAgreed
  oNotDivert - Do Not Divert                                                             RejectedSubmittedWithCorrections
  oSpecialEntrainmentRequired - No Special Entrainment Required                          RejectedViolatesIndustryPractices
  oNotHump - Do Not Hump                                                                 RejectedWithCounterOffer
  ewEquipmentFirstTransborderMovement - New Equipment First Transborder Movement RejectWithDetail
  oNotPool - Do Not Pool                                                                 RejectWithExceptionDetailOnly
  otifyShipperBeforeReconsignment - Notify Shipper Before Reconsignment                  ReplaceAllDates
  oNotTransferContents - Do Not Transfer Contents                                        ReplaceAllValues
nCaseOfFireDoNotUseWater - In Case of Fire Do Not Use Water                              Replaced
  otForExport - Not for Export                                                           ReplacementItem
  ommodityLoadedLessThanOrEqualToTheCarOrdered - Commodity Loaded Less Than or Equal To the Car Ordered
  verweight - Overweight                                                                 ReplaceModeOfShipment
 erishableInBoxCar - Perishable in Box Car                                               Repriced
 rivatelyControlledPrivateEquipmentSubjectToDemurrage - Privately Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
 oisonousGas - Poisonous Gas                                                           Reschedule-QuantityChange
  edPriorToLoading - Iced Prior to Loading                                             SellerRejectsDispute
 roductProtectionService - Product Protection Service                                  SellerWillIssueACreditNote
 ttachment-PrepaidWaybill - Attachment - Prepaid Waybill                               Settlement
 eturnAuthorization - Return Authorization                                             TermsChangedForNewTerms
 enderBillForCharges - Render Bill for Charges                                         TransactionNotImpacted
 ailroadControlledPrivateEquipmentSubjectToDemurrage - Railroad Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
 adioactiveMaterial - Radioactive Material                                             UnitPrice-QuantityChange
 ushOrder - Rush Order                                                                 UnitPrice-RescheduleChange
 earRider - Rear Rider
nspectHourlyIfCarStopped - Inspect Hourly if Car Stopped
 ecordForTransit - Record for Transit
 hipperLoadOrCarrierCount - Shipper Load/Carrier Count
 hoveToRestAndCover - Shove to Rest and Cover
 ubjectToSpecialDetentionRulesOrCharges - Subject to Special Detention Rules/Charges
 ttachment-ShippersExportDocument - Attachment - Shippers Export Document
 hiftableLoad - Shiftable Load
 hipToCrossDockOrPool - Ship to Cross Dock or Pool
 equiresShelfCouplers - Requires Shelf Couplers
 ttachment-ShippersManifest - Attachment - Shippers Manifest
 ttachment-ShippersPackingInstructions - Attachment - Shippers Packing Instructions
 peedRestricted - Speed Restricted
 tackTrain - Stack Train
 tretchWrap - Stretch Wrap
 arsTemporarilyArticulated - Cars Temporarily Articulated
 railerConsolidatorLoad - Trailer Consolidator Load
 railerFactoryLoad - Trailer Factory Load
 urnCar - Turn Car
 ransitShipment - Transit Shipment
 eamTrackDelivery - Team Track Delivery
 imeVolumeRatesOnly - Time Volume Rates Only
 nloadAtBumperCircusRamp - Unload at Bumper Circus Ramp
 nitized - Unitized
 nloadFromLeftSideOfCar - Unload from Left Side of Car
 nloadAsPlacarded - Unload as Placarded
 nprotectedPerishable - Unprotected Perishable
 nloadFromRightSideOfCar - Unload from Right Side of Car
 hipperCertifiesGrossWeightUnder240000Pounds - Shipper Certifies Gross Weight under 240000 pounds
 erificationWeigh - Verification Weigh
 entilationInstructions - Ventilation Instructions
Wide-BodyPickupTruckAppliesToFinishedVehicleLoading - Wide-Body Pickup Truck Applies to Finished Vehicle Loading
WaivedInspection-SetDirect - Waived Inspection - Set Direct
WeighEmpty - Weigh Empty
 ttachments-HighWideNotice - Attachments - High Wide Notice
WaiveInspection - Waive Inspection
ManifestMustAccompanyWaybill - Manifest Must Accompany Waybill
WeighToCheckForOverload - Weigh to Check for Overload
WasteWater - Waste Water
 xport - Export
 rossTown - Cross Town
 dvancedFee - Advanced Fee
 ertificateOfOrigin - Certificate of Origin
 uelSurchargeAuthorized - Fuel Surcharge Authorized
  ffshore-AlaskaOrHawaiiService - Offshore - Alaska/Hawaii Service
  versizedPremium - Oversized Premium
 reparationOfAirWaybill-Origin - Preparation of Air Waybill - Origin
 reparationOfCanadianCustomsInvoice - Preparation of Canadian Customs Invoice
 reparationOfExportEntry - Preparation of Export Entry
 reparationOfInsuranceCertificate - Preparation of Insurance Certificate
 reparationOfU.S.ExportDocumentation - Preparation of U.S. Export Documentation
 aturdayDelivery - Saturday Delivery
 aturdayPick-Up - Saturday Pick-Up
 ecuritySignatureService - Security Signature Service
WrittenProofOfDelivery - Written Proof of Delivery
 ggregate1000 - Aggregate 1000
 ggregate3000 - Aggregate 3000
 ggregate5000 - Aggregate 5000
 ttendantsAccompanying - Attendants Accompanying
 dvanceLoading - Advance Loading
 irCraftFurnishedAndNotUsed - Air Craft Furnished and Not Used
 ggregateTenderDiscount - Aggregate Tender Discount
 rmedGuardService - Armed Guard Service
 dditionalInjectionOrBlendingService - Additional Injection/Blending Service
 ortChanges - Port Changes
 seOfAlternateTerminal - Use of Alternate Terminal
 .M.DeliveryRequirement - A.M. Delivery Requirement
 nchoringAndUnanchoring - Anchoring and Unanchoring
 dditionalCopyOfShippingPapersForProofOfDelivery - Additional Copy of Shipping Papers for Proof of Delivery
 pplianceServicing - Appliance Servicing
 irConditioningDisconnectAndConnect - Air Conditioning Disconnect and Connect
 ailArmedGuardService - Rail Armed Guard Service
 irRideTractorService - Air Ride Tractor Service
 irRideTruckService - Air Ride Truck Service
 ssemblyServiceRequested - Assembly Service Requested
 uxiliaryService - Auxiliary Service
 ypassConsolidationPoint - Bypass Consolidation Point
 ulkyArticle - Bulky Article
 lockingAndBracing - Blocking and Bracing
 lindShipment - Blind Shipment
 olsterLoadDoNotSwitch - Bolster Load Do Not Switch
 oxingService-DryBulk - Boxing Service - Dry Bulk
 unkerSurchargeAuthorized - Bunker Surcharge Authorized
 unkerAdjustment-20FootContainer - Bunker Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
 unkerAdjustment-40FootContainer - Bunker Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
 unkerAdjustment - Bunker Adjustment
 urrencyAdjustment-20FootContainer - Currency Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
 urrencyAdjustment-40FootContainer - Currency Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
 oeeCarOrPick-UpTruck - ROEE Car or Pick-up Truck
 onvertCommercialBillOfLadingBolToGovernmentBol - Convert Commercial Bill of Lading BOL to Government BOL
 ertification - Certification
 arrierCaboose - Carrier Caboose
 orrosionAdditiveService - Corrosion Additive Service
 ustomsFees-ContainerLevel - Customs Fees - Container Level
 ustomsFees-LiftLevel - Customs Fees - Lift Level
arrierGuardCarService - Carrier Guard Car Service
eturnCarrierGuardCarService - Return Carrier Guard Car Service
argoTaxes - Cargo Taxes
hainAndBinders - Chain and Binders
ommercialInvoicePreparation - Commercial Invoice Preparation
onstantSurveillance - Constant Surveillance
leaning - Cleaning
lassRatesApplied - Class Rates Applied
omb.RatesOverDetroit - Comb. Rates over Detroit
onsolidationAndLineHaul - Consolidation and Line Haul
onsolidation - Consolidation
ontractRatesApply - Contract Rates Apply
ertificationThatTheNewsprintWindingCoresBeingReturnedEmptyWereReceivedFilledByRailFreightService - Certification That the Newsprint
onsigneeUnload - Consignee Unload
ourierOvernight - Courier Overnight
opilotService - Copilot Service
ustomsPapersMailed - Customs Papers Mailed
ontainerLease - Container Lease
ourierSameDay - Courier Same Day
overnmentCaboose - Government Caboose
ontrolledAtmosphere - Controlled Atmosphere
ontainerMounting - Container Mounting
ircuitousRouting - Circuitous Routing
urrencyAdjustment-BreakBulk - Currency Adjustment - Break Bulk
oubleWideSeparateAndReassemble - Double Wide Separate and Reassemble
eliveryOfFuelFromBargeToPipeline - Delivery of Fuel From Barge to Pipeline
odConstantSurveillanceService - DOD Constant Surveillance Service
ualDriverWithNationalAgencyCheck - Dual Driver with National Agency Check
ualDriverProtectiveService - Dual Driver Protective Service
irectDelivery - Direct Delivery
rayageAtPortOfDebarkationRateZone - Drayage at Port of Debarkation Rate Zone
eliveryService - Delivery Service
etentionOfConveyingEquipmentAndThePowerUnit - Detention of Conveying Equipment and the Power Unit
etentionOfConveyingEquipmentExcludingThePowerUnit - Detention of Conveying Equipment Excluding the Power Unit
rayageAtPortOfEmbarkationRateZone - Drayage at Port of Embarkation Rate Zone
eepFromFreezingPercentDifferential - Keep From Freezing Percent Differential
10DromedaryWithMechanicalRestrainingDevices - 410 Dromedary with Mechanical Restraining Devices
10Dromedary - 410 Dromedary
istributionServiceRequested - Distribution Service Requested
eliveryOfFuelFromRailTankCarToPipeline - Delivery of Fuel From Rail Tank Car to Pipeline
otifyShipperImmediatelyIfShipmentIsDelayedEnRoute - Notify Shipper Immediately if Shipment is Delayed en Route
oNotCoupleToOtherDiaphragmedCars - Do Not Couple to Other Diaphragmed Cars
oNotFreeze - Do Not Freeze
oNotCoupleToTankCars - Do Not Couple to Tank Cars
ocumentation-Special - Documentation - Special
ontainerDiversion - Container Diversion
eliveryOfFuelFromPipelineToBarge - Delivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Barge
rayageAtPortOfDebarkation - Drayage at Port of Debarkation
rayageAtPortOfEmbarkation - Drayage at Port of Embarkation
eliveryOfFuelFromPipelineToRailTankCar - Delivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Rail Tank Car
eliveryOfFuelFromPipelineToTankTruckOrTrailer - Delivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Tank Truck or Trailer
etentionWithPowerUnits30MinutePeriods - Detention With Power Units 30 minute periods
 rop-OffDelivery - Drop-Off Delivery
 rummingService - Drumming Service
 oNotCoupleToDoubleShelfCouples - Do Not Couple to Double Shelf Couples
 romedaryWithMechanicalRestrainingDevices - Dromedary with Mechanical Restraining Devices
 romedaryServiceRequested - Dromedary Service Requested
 oorSideVanning - Door Side Vanning
aborAssociatedWithDetentionOfConveyingEquipment - Labor Associated with Detention of Conveying Equipment
 eliveryOfFuelFromTankTruckOrTrailerToPipeline - Delivery of Fuel From Tank Truck or Trailer to Pipeline
 etentionVehicle - Detention Vehicle
 etentionWithPowerUnits60MinutePeriods - Detention With Power Units 60 minute periods
xtraAxles - Extra Axles
scortOrCourierService - Escort/Courier Service
mptyRailcarOrderedButNotUsed - Empty Railcar Ordered But Not Used
quipmentHoseAtDestination - Equipment Hose at Destination
quipmentHoseAtOrigin - Equipment Hose at Origin
xclusiveUse - Exclusive Use
xtraLights - Extra Lights
mergencyService - Emergency Service
mptyMovement - Empty Movement
ndorsement - Endorsement
mptyReturn - Empty Return
atisfactoryServiceStandards - Satisfactory Service Standards
xcessiveValuationAuthorized - Excessive Valuation Authorized
xclusiveUseOfVehicle - Exclusive Use of Vehicle
xtraDriver - Extra Driver
xtraLengthSurcharge - Extra Length Surcharge
xportPreparation - Export Preparation
xpeditedRatesApplied - Expedited Rates Applied
xpeditedService - Expedited Service
xtraLabor - Extra Labor
xclusiveUseOfVehicleDamaged - Exclusive Use of Vehicle Damaged
xpandRemoveAndInstall - Expand Remove and Install
 oadwayEasyRatesApplied - Roadway Easy Rates Applied
argeFreightAllKindsService - Barge Freight All Kinds Service
irearms - Firearms
urnishingChassis - Furnishing Chassis
uelFiltersFurnishedByCarrier - Fuel Filters Furnished by Carrier
uelFiltersFurnishedByShipper - Fuel Filters Furnished by Shipper
latrackSurcharge - Flatrack Surcharge
orProcessingInTransit - For Processing in Transit
cceptedByCarrierAtOwnerSRiskOfFreezing - Accepted by Carrier at Owners Risk of Freezing
orStorageInTransit - For Storage in Transit
iltrationService - Filtration Service
 armentSurcharge - Garment Surcharge
 overnment-OwnedContainers - Government-Owned Containers
 overnmentGuardCar - Government Guard Car
 reaterSecurityService - Greater Security Service
 oldAtLocation - Hold at Location
 andling - Handling
 andBrakesAtEachEndMustBeReleased - Hand Brakes at Each End Must Be Released
hipmentHoldoverForHolidays - Shipment Holdover for Holidays
hipmentHoldoverForWeekends - Shipment Holdover for Weekends
 eatInTransit - Heat in Transit
 eat-Special - Heat - Special
 eatWithSteam - Heat With Steam
 ccessibleHazardousMaterial - Accessible Hazardous Material
naccessibleHazardousMaterial - Inaccessible Hazardous Material
 undayOrHolidayPickupOrDelivery - Sunday or Holiday Pickup or Delivery
4HourAvailability - 24 Hour Availability

 pecialHose - Special Hose
 ighCubeTrailerRates - High Cube Trailer Rates
 eaterOrRefrigeration - Heater or Refrigeration
 itchInstallation - Hitch Installation
 azardousMaterialsSurcharge - Hazardous Materials Surcharge
 azardousCargoOnDeck - Hazardous Cargo On Deck
dlerCar - Idler Car
nsideDelivery - Inside Delivery
 ingInhibitorService - Icing Inhibitor Service
mpactographs - Impactographs
ntermodalShipmentService - Intermodal Shipment Service
ntra-PlantMove - Intra-Plant Move
nsidePickup - Inside Pickup
nterlineTransferService - Interline Transfer Service
 ust-In-TimeJit - Just-In-Time JIT
 ointLineException - Joint Line Exception
 ertificationThatTheContainersBeingReturnedEmptyWereReceivedFilledByRailFreightService - Certification that the Containers Being Return
 eepMaterialDry - Keep Material Dry
 aborDisturbance - Labor Disturbance
 ayover - Layover
 pplyAUCCOrEANSerialShippingContainerLabelToTheShippingContainers - Apply a Uniform Code Council/International Article Numbering A
 ghtBarService - Light Bar Service
 owBoyTrailerOrFlatBed - Low Boy Trailer/Flat Bed
 andCurrencyAdjustmentFactor-20FootContainer - Land Currency Adjustment Factor - 20 Foot Container
 andCurrencyAdjustment-40FootContainer - Land Currency Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
 ercentDifferential-LessThanContainer - Percent Differential - Less Than Container
 essThanContainer - Less Than Container
 nehaulFromPortOfDebarkation - Linehaul from Port of Debarkation
 nehaulService - Linehaul Service
 abilityOfCarrier - Liability of Carrier
 nerTermsAtPortOfDebarkation - Liner Terms at Port of Debarkation
 nerTermsAtPortOfEmbarkation - Liner Terms at Port of Embarkation
 nehaulPercentDifferential - Linehaul Percent Differential
 nehaulToPortOfEmbarkation - Linehaul To Port of Embarkation
 essThanTruckload - Less Than Truckload
 ayoverService - Layover Service
ModifiedAtmosphere - Modified Atmosphere
 scortServiceWithOvernightSubsistence - Escort Service with Overnight Subsistence
 scort - Escort
 scortServicesTelephone - Escort Services Telephone
nsulated - Insulated
MotorSurveillanceService - Motor Surveillance Service

 efrigerated - Refrigerated
MilitaryTrafficExpeditingService - Military Traffic Expediting Service
 pecialMotorSurveillance - Special Motor Surveillance
 oNotHumpOrHumpInto - Do not Hump or Hump into
 oNotUseHelperLocomotiveToPush - Do Not Use Helper Locomotive to Push
 oPlacardsRequired - No Placards Required
 oseSideVanning - Nose Side Vanning
 towAwayFromHeat - Stow Away from Heat
 lockStowage - Block Stowage
 argoAboard - Cargo Aboard
 arrierLoadAndConsigneeUnload - Carrier Load and Consignee Unload
  verHeightContainer - Over Height Container
 ompletingShipment - Completing Shipment
 eliveryVerificationNotRequired - Delivery Verification Not Required
 towWithDoorsFacingInward - Stow with Doors Facing Inward
 xemptCommodity - Exempt Commodity
nFrontOfHouseStowage - In Front of House Stowage
 umigation - Fumigation
 armless - Harmless
  ilFieldService - Oil Field Service
 seNoHooks - Use No Hooks
 otRestrictedCargo - Not Restricted Cargo
 argoOnBoardCertificationRequired - Cargo on Board Certification Required
  nDeckStowage - On Deck Stowage
 arrierLoadAndCarrierUnload - Carrier Load and Carrier Unload
 erishable - Perishable
 artialShipment - Partial Shipment
 towBelowDeck - Stow Below Deck
 towBetweenDecks - Stow Between Decks
 emperatureControl - Temperature Control
 imeOfDeliveryAndSignatureRequired - Time of Delivery and Signature Required
  nTopIn-HatchStowage - On Top In-hatch Stowage
  nTopOn-DeckStowage - On Top On-deck Stowage
 otalShipment - Total Shipment
 nderContainerOn-DeckStowage - Under Container On-deck Stowage
 elowWaterLineStowage - Below Water Line Stowage
  verflow - Overflow
  verWidthContainer - Over Width Container
  neWayRatesApplied - One Way Rates Applied
 umpingEquipment - Pumping Equipment
 ickupOfShipmentsOnSaturdaySundayAndOrHolidaysRequiringAbsoluteNextDayDelivery - Pickup of Shipments on Saturday Sunday and/or
 ickupAndDeliveryFromStorageInTransit - Pickup and Delivery From Storage in Transit
 ickupAndDeliveryBeyondServiceArea - Pickup and Delivery Beyond Service Area
 pecialPermits - Special Permits
 rotectFromHeat - Protect From Heat
 erHourRatesApplied - Per Hour Rates Applied
 ierTime - Pier Time
 alletsOrSkidsOrPlatforms - Pallets/Skids/Platforms
 .M.DeliveryRequirement - P.M. Delivery Requirement
 erMileRatesApply - Per Mile Rates Apply
 ickupOfShipmentsRequiringSameDayDeliveryService - Pickup of Shipments Requiring Same Day Delivery Service
 ickupOfShipmentsRequiringSameDayDeliveryServiceAndOrDeliveryAtASpecifiedTime - Pickup of Shipments Requiring Same Day Delivery
 ianoOrOrganCarry - Piano/Organ Carry
 ositioningAtOrigin - Positioning at Origin
 ickupAndDeliveryServiceForPerishables - Pickup and Delivery Service for Perishables
 relodge - Prelodge
 tuffingCharge - Stuffing Charge
 rotectiveServiceSecurityWithArmedGuards - Protective Service Security with Armed Guards
 rotectiveSecurityService - Protective Security Service
 rotectiveTarpForSecurityPurposes - Protective Tarp For Security Purposes
 ickup - Pickup
 ickupAndDelivery - Pickup and Delivery
 ackAndUnpack - Pack and Unpack
 UPTrailerRatesApply - PUP Trailer Rates Apply
 ondedPrivatelyOwnedVehicle - Bonded Privately Owned Vehicle
 etentionOfPrivatelyOwnedVehicle - Detention of Privately Owned Vehicle
noperablePrivatelyOwnedVehicle - Inoperable Privately Owned Vehicle
oadingOrUnloadingOfPrivatelyOwnedVehicle - Loading/Unloading of Privately Owned Vehicle
 rivateOwnedVehicleProcessing - Private Owned Vehicle Processing
 top-OffsForPrivatelyOwnedVehicleShipment - Stop-offs for Privately Owned Vehicle Shipment
 rivatelyOwnedVehicleInTruckawayService - Privately Owned Vehicle in Truckaway Service
 riorityService - Priority Service
 econsignment - Reconsignment
 edelivery - Redelivery
 ailheadHandling - Railhead Handling
 oadrailerService - Roadrailer Service
 espotting - Respotting
 esidentialDelivery - Residential Delivery
 eeferMaintenance - Reefer Maintenance
 eleasedValueChargeInExcessOfCarrierMaximumLiability - Released Value Charge in Excess of Carrier Maximum Liability
 elocationOfVehicle - Relocation of Vehicle
 eturnOfEmptyContainer - Return of Empty Container
 eturnMovementOfPallet - Return Movement of Pallet
 ailSurveillance - Rail Surveillance
 eeferCargoPercentDifferential - Reefer Cargo Percent Differential
 oundTripService - Round Trip Service
 eshipment - Reshipment
 estrictedSpeeds - Restricted Speeds
 eservations - Reservations
 eweightRequested - Reweight Requested
 hipmentHoldoverOnWeekends - Shipment Holdover on Weekends
 aturdayPickupOrDelivery - Saturday Pickup or Delivery
 pecialContainers - Special Containers
 hipperLoadAndConsigneeUnload - Shipper Load and Consignee Unload
 plitDelivery - Split Delivery
 pecialDromedaryService - Special Dromedary Service
 pecialEquipmentCharge - Special Equipment Charge
 hipperExportDeclarationRequired - Shipper Export Declaration Required
 tairsElevatorExcessCarry - Stairs Elevator Excess Carry
 erviceChargeApplies - Service Charge Applies
 ecurityEscortVehicleService - Security Escort Vehicle Service
 ingleFactorOriginationOrDestination - Single Factor Origination/Destination
 ingleFactorOriginationOrPortOfDebarkation - Single Factor Origination/Port of Debarkation
 ingleFactorPortOfEmbarkationOrDestination - Single Factor Port of Embarkation/Destination
 pecialTrainMovement - Special Train Movement
 ingleShipment - Single Shipment
 hipmentHoldoverOnHolidays - Shipment Holdover on Holidays
 hipperLoad - Shipper Load
 hipmentHoldoverOnWeekdays - Shipment Holdover on Weekdays
 kirtingAndUnskirting - Skirting and Unskirting
 hipperLoadAndCount - Shipper Load and Count
 mallPackage - Small Package
 ransmitAShipNoticeOrManifestTransactionSet - Transmit a Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set
 atelliteSurveillanceService - Satellite Surveillance Service
 hipmentFromNon-TempStorage - Shipment from Non-Temp Storage
 top-Off - Stop-off
 hipperLoadAndCarrierUnload - Shipper Load and Carrier Unload
 pecialPermit - Special Permit
 preaderService - Spreader Service
 potForStorage-NoShipment - Spot for Storage - No Shipment
 plitPickup - Split Pickup
 torage - Storage
 urveyingRoutes - Surveying Routes
 trippingSortingAndConsolidation - Stripping Sorting And Consolidation
 ubstituteServiceNotToBeUsed - Substitute Service Not to be Used
 oleLashingEquipmentPleSurcharge - Pole Lashing Equipment PLE Surcharge
 onductivityOrAnti-StaticAdditive - Conductivity/Anti-static Additive
 top-OffAtDestination - Stop-off at Destination
 towage - Stowage
 top-OffAtOrigination - Stop-off at Origination
 ignatureAndTallyRecord - Signature and Tally Record
 potForUnloadingFromAEnd - Spot for Unloading from A End
 potForUnloadingFromBBrakeEnd - Spot for Unloading from B Brake End
 upervisorRequested - Supervisor Requested
 torageOfVehicles - Storage of Vehicles
 ruckload-DoubleOperator-CommonCarrier - Truckload-Double Operator-Common Carrier
 ruckload-DoubleOperator-PaddedVan - Truckload-Double Operator-Padded Van
 erminalHandlingCharges - Terminal Handling Charges
 enderedAsTruckloadTruckloadServiceRequested - Tendered as Truckload Truckload Service Requested
Multi-TankSurveillanceService - Multi-Tank Surveillance Service
 enderingOfMultipleVehicles - Tendering of Multiple Vehicles
 railerOnFlatCar - Trailer on Flat Car
 hirdPartyService - Third Party Service
 ractorOnly - Tractor Only
 ruckRatesApplicable - Truck Rates Applicable
 railerPreparation-Special - Trailer Preparation - Special
 ermination - Termination
 ransferProduct - Transfer Product
 ireRepairAndReplace - Tire Repair and Replace
 radeShow - Trade Show
 ractorAndTrailer - Tractor and Trailer
 ruckload-SingleOperator-CommonCarrier - Truckload-Single Operator-Common Carrier
 ruckload-SingleOperator-PaddedVan - Truckload-Single Operator-Padded Van
 ankSurveillanceService - Tank Surveillance Service
 nderCarriageFurnishedByCarrier - Under Carriage Furnished By Carrier
 npacking - Unpacking
 nloadingOrReloading - Unloading or Reloading
 tilitiesDisconnectAndConnect - Utilities Disconnect and Connect
 acuumService - Vacuum Service
 oeeVanTypeTruck - ROEE Van Type Truck
 anCleaning - Van Cleaning
 ehiclesFurnishedButNotUsed - Vehicles Furnished But Not Used
 ehiclesInoperable - Vehicles Inoperable
 top-OffDeliveryOfPersonalVehicles - Stop-off Delivery of Personal Vehicles
 ehiclesInTruckaway - Vehicles in Truckaway
Wharfage-Breakbulk - Wharfage - Breakbulk
Wharfage-Container - Wharfage - Container
WaterfrontDelivery - Waterfront Delivery
Wharfage - Wharfage
WarRiskCrewBonus - War Risk Crew Bonus
WarRiskInsurance - War Risk Insurance
WaitingTimeAuthorized - Waiting Time Authorized
WeightVerification - Weight Verification
eclaration through final accounting

me collecting points may be inclu
dentifier Code (UNIC) in UN/ECE Recommendatio
ItemDetailChangeCoded                                 PaymentReasonCoded
                                    OrderInvoiceMediumTypeCoded        RequestQuotePurposeCoded
                     Accept - Accept Other - Custom Code - Custom Code
   Other - Custom Code                                      Other              Original - Original
                     Decline - Decline Circuitswitching - A process that, onThe business - Cancellationspecify payment terms
   AbideOutcomeOfNegotiations                                                  Cancellation function is to
                                                            PaymentTerms - demand, connects two or more data terminal equ
                     A                  SITA - Communications number assigned by Societe Internationale is medical service
   AddAdditionalItems lternateBid - AlternateBid                               Replace - Replace
                                                            MedicalServices - The reason for the transaction de Telecommunic
                     BestAndFinal - BestAndFinal
                                        ARINC               MultipleTypesOfService - by Aeronautical Radio Inc.
                                                                               Confirmation - Confirmation
   AdditionalSubOrdinateStructureWillFollow - Communications number assigned The reason for the transaction is for multip
                     BidWithoutException - BidWithoutException
                                        Courier -           NotOtherwiseSpecified - The- Duplicate
                                                                               Duplicate courier.
   AdditionalSubOrdinateStructureWillNotFollow A communication channel identifying areason for the transaction is for types
   Audited                              CableAddress        VisionCare - The reason Custom Code
                     RequestForTimeExtension - RequestForTimeExtensionOther -for the transaction is vision care services.
                     DeclinedToQuote - DeclinedToQuoteHomeHealthCare - The service for the transaction is for home healt
   BuyerClaimsAgainstInvoice            EDITransmission - Number identifying the reason and service user.
                     UnableToQuote - UnableToQuote Exchange of mail Theelectronic means.
   BuyerHasDeductedAmount               ElectronicMail - HospitalCare - by reason for the transaction is for hospital care se
                                        Extension - Telephone extension.
   CallOffDelivery AcceptWithChanges - AcceptWithChanges    IntermediateCareFacility - The reason for the transaction is for inter
   Cancelled         Other - CustomCode                     Long-TermCareFacility ISO.
                                        FileTransferAccessMethod - According to - The reason for the transaction is for long-te
   ChangeOfDates                                            ConvalescentCareFacility - The reason for the transaction is for con
                                        TeleFax - Device used for transmitting and reproducing fixed graphic material (as prin
   ChangeOfDateTerms                                        AnesthesiaService - The Service
                                        GEISMailbox - General Electric Information reason for the transaction is for health care
   ChangesToItemLevelAllowanceOrCharges                     DentalServices - The reason for the transaction is for dental service
   ChangesToLineItems                                       DurableMedicalEquipment
                                        InternalMail - Internal mail address/number. - The reason for the transaction is the us
   ChangesToTerms                                           BusinessExpenses -
                                        Mail - Postal service document delivery.The reason for the transaction is business exp
   ChargeBackToSeller                   PostBoxNo           AdvancePayment - The reason for payment is advance payment.
   Closed                                                   The process of routing and transferring data by means of addressed
                                        PacketSwitching - AgriculturalTransfer - Support payment to farmer.
   ClosedAfterReopening                                     Alimony - Payment on alimony.
                                        SWIFT - Communications address assigned by Society for Worldwide Interbank Finan
   ConditionallyPaid                                        ChildBenefit - Payment made to
                                        Telephone - Voice/data transmission by telephone. assist to parent/guardian to mainta
   CorrectionOfError                                        Unemployment-Disability-Benefit - Payment to person unemployed/
                                        Telegraph - Text transmission via telegraph.
   EquipmentProvisionallyRepaired                           Bonus - The reason the
                                        Telex - Transmission of text/data via telex. transaction is bonus.
                                        TeleMail - Transmission of text/data via telemail.
   ForUnitPriceQuantityRescheduleChangeMultiple             CashManagementTransfer - Reason for the transaction is cash man
   ItemDeleted                                              CapitalBuildingFringeFortune
                                        TeleText - Transmission of text/data via teletext.- Capital building for retirement.
   ItemNumberChanged                                        CommodityTransfer - Teletypewriter machines connected
                                        TWX - Communication service involving Reason for payment is commodity. by wire o
   New                                                      CommercialCreditPayment - Reason for payment is commercial cre
                                        X.400 - CCITT Message handling system.
   NoAction                             NotRequired         CommissionPayment - Payment of commission.
   NoDelivery                                               Costs - Reason for payments is costs.
   NotPaidPredeterminationPricingOnly                       CopyrightPayment - Reason for payment is copyright.
   OnAppeal                                                 DividendPayment - Reason for payment is dividend.
   PreviousPaymentDecisionReversed                          ForeignExchange - Reason for transaction is foreign exchange.
   PriceChanged                                             PurchasingAndSellingOfGoods - Purchasing and selling of goods.
   Proposed                                                 GovernmentPayment - Payment to or from a government departme
   ProposedAmendment                                        InstalmentOrHire-PurchaseAgreement - Reason for transaction is in
   QuantityDecrease                                         InsurancePremium - Reason for transaction is insurance premium.
   QuantityIncrease                                         InterestPayment - Payment of interest.
   Reaudited                                                LicenceFeesPayment - Payment of licence fees.
   Redetermined                                             Loan - Transfer of loan to borrower.
   ReferredIemRejected                                      LoanRepayment - Repayment of loan to lender.
   ReferredItemAccepted                                     Netting - Reason for transaction is netting.
   Reopened                                                 PensionPayment - Payment of pension.
   ReplaceAllDates                                          Refunding - Payment of refund.
   ReplaceAllValues                                         Rent - Reason for transaction is rent.
   Replaced                                                 RoyaltiesPayment - Payment of royalties.
   ReplacementItem                                          SalaryPayment - Reason for payment is salary.
   ReplacementItemWithModifications                         PurchasingAndSellingOfServices - Purchasing and selling of service
   ReplaceModeOfShipment                                    Securities - Reason for transaction is securities.
   Reschedule                                               SocialSecurityBenefit - Payment made by government to support ind
   Reschedule-QuantityChange                                Subscription - Reason for transaction is subscription.
   Reviewed                                                 TaxPayment - Payment of tax.
   Schedule                                                 ValueAddedTaxPayment - Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT).




rtification That the Newsprint Winding Cores Being Returned Empty Were Received Filled by Rail Freight Service
the Containers Being Returned Empty Were Received Filled by Rail Freight Service

national Article Numbering Association UCC/EAN Serial Shipping Container Label to the Shipping Containers
 on Saturday Sunday and/or Holidays Requiring Absolute Next Day Delivery

Requiring Same Day Delivery Service and/or Delivery at a Specified Time
TransportModeCoded                  TransportDirectionCoded
                  TransportMeansCoded                                     L                IndicatorCoded
                        Other              Other               Other
   Other - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom Code - Custom code                   Buyer -            Other - Custom Code
   Air                                     BuyerToSeller
                        20FtILContainer-ClosedTop                                  Seller             About - To payment of as all
                                                               Ex-Works - Title and risk pass to buyer includingbe construedall tran
   AirCharter                              SellerToBuyer
                        20FtILContainer-OpenTop                                                       Adjustment
                                                               Free-Carrier - Title and risk pass to buyer including transportation a
   AirExpress                              SubcontractorToSeller
                        40FtILContainer-OpenTop                                                       Allowance
                                                               FreeAlongsideShip - Title and risk pass to buyer including payment
   AirFreight                              SellerToDropShipDesignatedLocation - Free On BoardAllowanceLineItems - Allowanc
                        40FtILContainer-ClosedTop              FreeOnBoard - FOB                       and risk pass to buyer includin
   AirFrieghtForwarder                     SellerToFreightForwarder                                   AllowanceMessage Allowanc
                        Aircraft - A machine capable of flight.CostAndFreight - CFR - Cost and Freight -- Title, risk and- insurance
   AirTaxi                                 SellerToSubcontractor
                        AirFreight-BreakBulk                                                          AllowancePerCallOf
                                                               Cost-InsuranceAndFreight - CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight -- Tit
   AirTransport         AirRideVan                             CarriagePaidTo - Title, risk from the main cost pass mother when
                                           MotherVesselToLighter - Cargo is transferred and insurance carriage orto buyer vesse
                        Barge - A           of boat used to transport material over water. Title andCharge to to a main carriag
                                                               Carriage-InsurancePaidTo                risk pass
   ArmedForcesCourierServicecategoryLighterToMotherVessel - Cargo is transferred -from the lighter vessel buyer when delive
   Backhaul                                                    DeliveredAtFrontier - Title, risk and ChargeLineItems - Charge is r
                        BargeChemicalTanker - A barge equipped to transport liquid chemicals. responsibility for import clearanc
   Barge                BargeOpen                                                                     ChargeMessage - Charge and
                                                               DeliveredEx-Ship - Title, risk, responsibility for vessel dischargeis re
   BestWay-ShippersOption                                                                             ChargePerCallOf
                                                               DeliveredEx-Quay - Title and risk pass to buyer when delivered on b
   BookPostal           BilevelRailcarFullyOpen                                                       ChargeRequest
                                                               DeliveredDutyUnpaid - Seller fulfills his obligation when goods have
   Bus                  BilevelRailcarScreened-NoRoof                                                 Exact - Indicates that this is the
                                                               DeliveredDutyPaid - Title and risk pass to buyer when seller delivers
   CabOrTaxi            BilevelRailcarScreened-WithRoof                                               LineItemAllowance - Allowance
   CommonIrregularCarrier                                                                             LineItemCharge - Charge is re
   Consolidation        Boxcar                                                                        Maximum - Highest possible v
   ContainerizedOcean   BoxcarCushionUnderFrameOF                                                     Minus-Amount - The lesser va
   ContractCarrier Boxcar-DamageFreeEquipped                                                          Minus-Percentage - The lesse
   ConventionalOcean oxcar-Insulated                                                                  NoAllowance
   CustomerPickup Boxcar-InteriorBulkheads                                                            NoAllowanceOrCharge - No in
                        Bulktruck - A truck suitable for transporting bulk goods.
   CustomerPickupOrCustomersExpense                                                                   NoCharge
   Driveaway                                                                                          Plus-Amount - or bulk goods.
                        BulkTruckAndBulkTrailer - A combined truck and a trailer both capable of carrying liquidsThe greater val
                                                                                                      Plus-Percentage - The greater
   DriveawayService BulkTruckAndExtendableGondolaTrailer - A combined truck capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods an
                        BulkTruckAndExtendableTrailer - A combined truck capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods and an exte
   EuropeanOrPacificDistributionSystem                                                                PlusOrMinusOrAmount - The g
                                                                                                      PlusOrMinus-Percentage - The
   ExpeditedTruck BulkTruckAndGondolaTrailer - A combined truck capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods and a gondola
                        BulkTruckAndTankTrailer - to installations for continuous transport such or pipelines, and a tank trailer.
   FixedTransportInstallation - This code applies A combined truck capable of carrying liquids as bulk goodsropeways and elec
   Flyaway                                                                                            Service
                        BulkTruckAndTrailerWithOpeningFloor - A combined truck capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods and
   GeographicReceiving - To specify that the means of transportation is a bus.                        TotalOther - The total for items
   GeographicShipping - Car.
                        CarCarrier - Vessel for only in complete cars and/or their knock-down parts.
   InlandWaterTransport - This code is used carryingsuch cases where the application of waterborne transport is reported sepa
   InlandWaterway CargoAndPassengerVessel - Vessel for carrying cargo and passengers.
   Intermodal-Piggyback CarWithCaravan - A caravan towed by a car.
   LessThanTrailerLoad  CementVessel - Vessel for carrying cement in bulk.
   Logair               Chassis
   Mail - (Active mode of transport unknown) This code is provided for practical reasons, despite the fact that mail is not a gen
                        - Provision is made for separate reporting of inland water transport under code 8, assuming that appropr
   MilitaryOfficialMail ClosedVan
                        CoalVessel - Vessel for carrying coal.
   ModeUnknown - This code can be used when the mode is not known or when information on it is not available at the time o
   Motor                CoasterChemicalTanker - A coaster vessel equipped to transport liquid chemicals.
   Motor-BulkCarrier Coil-CarCovered
   Motor-CommonCarrier  CoilCarOpen
   Motor-Flatbed        Container
   Motor-PackageCarrier Container-Aluminum
   Motor-Van            Container-Bulk
   MutimodalTransport   Container-ClosedTop-LengthUnspecified
   Ocean                Container-HeatedOrInsulatedOrVentilated
ParcelPost        Container-InsulatedOrVentilated
Pipeline          Container-LowSideOpenTop
PooledAir         ContainerOnlyVessel - Vessel for carrying containers only.
PooledPiggyback Container-Open-Sided
PooledRail        Container-OpenTop-LengthUnspecified
PooledTruck       Container-Platform
PoolToPool        ContainerrestingonaChassis
PrivateCarrier    ContainerShip - Vessel capable of carrying containers and other cargo.
PrivateVessel     Container-Tank
Quicktrans        Container-TankChemicals
Rail              Container-TankFoodGrade-Liquid
RailTransport     Container-TankGas
Roadrailer        Container-Upgraded
RoadTransport Container-Vented
SeaOrAir          ContainerwithBagHangers
ShipperAgent      ContainerwithFloorSecuringRings
StackTrain        ContainerWithSmoothSides
Steamship         ContainerWithWavyOrRippleSides
SupplierTruck     ControlledTemperatureTrailer
TowawayService ControlUnit
Vessel            CoveredBarge
                  CrudeOilTanker - Vessel for carrying crude oil.
                  CustomerDeterminedDeansOfTransport - The type of means of transport is to be determined by the cust
                  CustomerRailTanker - A customer-owned rail wagon equipped to transport liquids.
                  DeepSeaChemicalTanker - An ocean-going vessel equipped to transport liquid chemicals
                  ExceptionalTransport - Transport for which common characteristics are not applicable (e.g. big transform
                  Ferry - A means of transport for carrying passengers and/or vehicles on a regular basis.
                  FishingVessel - Vessel used in the catching of fish.
                  FreezerTruck - A truck equipped to maintain freezing temperatures.
                  FreezerTruckAndIsothermicTrailer - A combined freezer truck and isothermic trailer.
                  FreezerTruckAndRefrigeratedTrailer - A combined freezer truck and refrigerated trailer.
                  FreezerTruckAndTrailer - A combined truck and trailer equipped to maintain freezing temperatures.
                  FreezerVan - A small rigid covered vehicle for conveying frozen goods.
FurnitureTruck - A truck used explicitly for the conveyance of furniture.
GasTanker - A vessel equipped to transport gas.
GeneralCargoVessel - Vessel for carrying general cargo.
Graincarrier - Vessel for carrying grain.
GravelVessel - Vessel for carrying gravel.
HydrantCart - Vehicle used at large airports with installed distribution systems to make into-plane deliveri
IsothermicTruck - A truck equipped to maintain controlled temperatures.
IsothermicTruckAndFreezerTrailer - heavy machinery.
IsothermicTruckAndIsothermicTrailer - A truck and a trailer equipped to maintain controlled temperatures
Isothermictruckandrefrigeratedtrailer - A combined isothermic truck and refrigerated trailer.
IsothermicVan - A small rigid covered vehicle for conveying temperature controlled goods.
LiquefiedNaturalGasCarrier - Vessel for carrying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).
LiquefiedPetroleumGasCarrier - Vessel for carrying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
OceanVessel - An ocean-going vessel that is not a ship.
OilProductsTanker - A vessel for carrying products derived from crude oil.
OreCarrier - Vessel for carrying ore in bulk.
PassengerVessel - Vessel for carrying passengers.
PatrolVessel - A vessel to patrol port or coastal area.
Pipeline - A line of pipes for conveying water, gas, oil, etc.
RailBulkCar - A rail wagon equipped to transport bulk cargo.
RailExpress - Description to be provided.
RailTanker - A rail wagon equipped to transport liquids.
RefrigeratedTruck - A truck equipped to maintain refrigerated temperatures.
RefrigeratedTruckAndFreezerTrailer - A combined refrigerated truck and freezer trailer.
RefrigeratedTruckAndIsothermicTrailer - A combined refrigerated truck and isothermic trailer.
RefrigeratedTruckAndTrailer - A combined truck and trailer equipped to maintain refrigerated temperatur
RefrigeratedVan - A small rigid covered vehicle for conveying refrigerated goods.
RemovalTruckAndTrailer - A combined truck and trailer capable of carrying household effects.
RigidTruckWithTank - A rigid truck fitted with a tank capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods.
RigidTruckWithTankAndBulkTrailer - A combined rigid truck with tank and a trailer capable of carrying liq
RigidTruckWithTankAndTankTrailer - A combined rigid truck with tank and tank trailer.
RoadRailer - Used for shipments that travel by multimodal rail or highway trailer (roadrailer).
RoadSiloTanker - Description to be provided.
RoadTanker - An over-the-road tank trucker or trailer.
RollOn-RollOffVessel - A vessel capable of carrying roll on - roll off cargo.
SellerDeterminedMeansOfTransport - The type of means of transport is to be determined by the seller.
Ship - A large vessel navigating deep water.
ShipTanker - A large vessel equipped to transport liquids.
SteelProductsVessel - Vessel for carrying steel products.
Tautliner25TonneWith90CubicMeterTrailer - A truck with non-ridged sides, 25 tonne capacity combined w
TautlinerTruck - A truck with non-ridged sides.
TautlinerTruckAndExtendableGondolaTrailer - A combined tautliner truck and extendable gondola trailer.
TautlinerTruckAndExtendableTrailer - A combined tautliner truck and extendable trailer.
TautlinerTruckAndGondolaTrailer - A combined tautliner truck and gondola trailer. A gondola trailer is a s
TautlinerTruckAndRemovalTrailer - A combined tautliner truck and trailer capable of carrying household
TautlinerTruckAndTrailerWithOpeningFloor - A combined tautliner truck and trailer with opening floor.
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoof - A truck with non-ridged sides and removable roof.
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoofAndExtendableGondolaTrailer - A combined tautliner truck with remo
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoofAndExtendableTrailer - A combined tautliner truck with removable roo
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoofAndGondolaTrailer - A combined tautliner truck with removable roof a
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoofAndRemovalTrailer - A combined tautliner truck with a removable roo
TautlinerTruckWithRemovableRoofandTrailerWithOpeningFloor - A combined tautliner truck with remova
Taxi - A means of transport identification code indicating a taxi.
TimberOrLogCarrier - Vessel for carrying timber or logs.
Tip-UpArticulatedTruck - An articulated truck capable of tipping up in order to deliver its load.
Tip-Uptruck - A truck capable of tipping up in order to deliver its load.
Tip-UpTruckAndExtendableGondolaTrailer - A combined tip-up truck with extendable gondola trailer. An
Tip-UpTruckAndGondolaTrailer - A combined tip-up truck and gondola trailer. A gondola trailer is a split l
Tip-UpTruckAndTrailerWithOpeningFloor - A combined tip-up truck and trailer with opening floor.
TrainingVessel - A vessel for learning maritime skills.
TrainWith20OrMoreWagons - A train with 20 or more wagons used to carry goods.
TrainWithMoreThanOneAndLessThan20Wagons - A train with more than one and less than 20 wagons u
TrainWithOneWagon - A train with a single wagon used to carry goods.
Truck - An automotive vehicle for hauling goods.
TruckAndTrailerWithOpeningFloor - A combined truck and a trailer with an opening floor.
TruckOrTrailerWithTilt - A truck and trailer combination with a tilting capability.
TruckWithOpeningFloor - A truck with an opening floor mechanism which is used to discharge the cargo
TruckWithOpeningFloorAndExtendableGondolaTrailer - A combined truck with opening floor and extenda
TruckWithOpeningFloorAndExtendableTrailer - A combined truck with opening floor and extendable traile
TruckWithOpeningFloorAndGondolaTrailer - A combined truck with opening floor and gondola trailer. A g
TugandOrPushboat - A vessel to push and/or pull other vessels.
Woodchipcarrier - Vessel for carrying wood chips.
WorkVessel - A vessel engaged in "port and harbour work", which means construction, improvement, ma
                 Other - Custom Code - Custom Code
                 BillBack             About - To be construed as allowing a difference not exceeding 10 % more or 10 % less than the amoun
                 OffInvoice           AbsoluteMinimumCharge - Absolute Minimum Charge
                 VendorCheckToCustomerAccessCharge-Federal - Access Charge - Federal
                 CreditCustomerAccountAccessCharges - Access Charges
                                      AccessCharge-State - Access Charge - State
                                      AccountNumberCorrectionCharge - Account Number Correction Charge
                 Optional             AcidBattery - Acid (Battery)
                                      AcknowledgmentofDeliveryFeeAOD - Acknowledgment of Delivery Fee (AOD)
                                      ActivationOfCarnet - Activation of Carnet
                                      AdditionalCommercialInvoices - Additional Commercial Invoices
                 ChargeDeniedByVendor AdditionalCopiesOfFreightBill - Additional Copies of Freight Bill
                 CancelAllowance AdditionalMaterial - Additional Material
                 ProvideAmount AdditionalTariffClassifications - Additional Tariff Classifications
                 InformationOnly AddOn-Destination - Add on - Destination
                 Non-PayableTax AddOn-Origin - Add on - Origin
                 AccrualFund          AddressCorrection - Address Correction
                 FlatFund             AddToMakeMarketValue - Add to Make Market Value
                 CashInAdvance Adjustment
                                      AdjustmentForMaximumChargesBilling - Adjustment for Maximum Charges Billing
                 Collect              AdjustmentForMinimumAverageTimeRequirementBilling - Adjustment for Minimum Average Time Requi
                 Prepaid              Adjustments - Adjustments
                                      Administrative - Administrative
lus-Amount - The greater value expressed in amount.
                                      expressed - percentage.
lus-Percentage - The greater value AdValorem in Ad Valorem
                                      AdvanceChargesHandling amount.
lusOrMinusOrAmount - The greater/lesser value expressed in - Advance Charges Handling
                                      AdvanceDestinationAmount Advance Destination Amount
lusOrMinus-Percentage - The greater/lesser value expressed in -percentage.
                                      AdvanceDestinationFee - Advance Destination Fee
                                      AdvanceFee - Advance Fee
                                      than those primarily reported upon in the Charge
otalOther - The total for items other AdvanceLadingCharge - Advance Lading message.
                                      AdvanceOriginAmount - Advance Origin Amount
                                      AdvanceOriginFee - Advance Origin Fee
                                      Advances - Advances
                                      AdvertisingAllowance - Advertising Allowance
                                      Affidavit - Affidavit
                                      AgentDisbursement-Destination - Agent Disbursement - Destination
                                      AgentDisbursement-Origin - Agent Disbursement - Origin
                                      AircraftOnGround - Aircraft On Ground (AOG)
                                      AirExportCertificate - Air Export Certificate
                                      AirExpressCharge - Air Express Charge
                                      AirlineOpeningFee - Airline Opening Fee
                                      AirportTerminalHandlingCharge - Airport Terminal Handling Charge
                                      AirTransportationCharge - Air Transportation Charge
                                      AlcoholicBeverageReportCharge - Alcoholic Beverage Report Charge
                                      AlleghenyCountyPADeliveryCharge - Allegheny County, PA Delivery Charge
                                      AllowanceLineItems - Allowance is related to all line items in a message as a default allowance. It may b
                                      AllowanceMessage - Allowance is related to the entire message.
                                      AllowanceAdvance - Allowance Advance
                                      AllowanceForConsignmentMerchandise - Allowance for Consignment Merchandise
                                      AllowanceNon-Performance - Allowance Non-performance
                                     Alterations - "Alterations"
                                     AmendingExportDocumentation - Amending Export Documentation
                                     AnnealHeatSteelorGlassTreatment - Anneal/Heat (Steel or Glass Treatment)
                                     AnodizingCharge - Anodizing Charge
                                     Anti-dumpingDuty - Anti-dumping Duty
                                     AppointmentNotification - Appointment (Notification)
                                     ArbitraryInAdditionToThroughRatesandCharges - Arbitrary (In Addition to Through Rates and Charges)
                                     ArtWork - Art Work
                                     Assembly - Assembly
                                     AssistAmount - Assist Amount
                                     AttachmentsToBillOfLadingCharge - Attachments to Bill of Lading Charge
                                     BadDebt - Bad Debt
                                     BankingDrafts - Banking Drafts
                                     BargeFreightAllKindsService - Barge Freight All Kinds Service
                                     BaseCharge - Base Charge
                                     BasicReorderAllowance - Basic Reorder Allowance
                                     BeamingCharge - Beaming Charge
                                     BeddingFeedingDisinfecting - Bedding/Feeding/Disinfecting
                                     BeefFee - Beef Fee
                                     BeyondCharge - Beyond Charge
                                     BeyondFreightCharges - Beyond Freight Charges
                                     BillAndHold - Bill and Hold
                                     BilledDemand - Billed Demand
                                     BillOfLadingAttendancy - Bill of Lading Attendancy
 to be determined by the customer. BillOfLadingCharge - Bill of Lading Charge
                                     BlackLungTax - Black Lung Tax
                                     BlockingAndBracingCharge - Blocking and Bracing Charge
 uid chemicals                       BlowerCharge - Blower Charge
                                     BobtailCharges - Bobtail Charges
                                     BondAmount - Bond Amount
                                     BondCharge - Bond Charge
                                     BopSheet - Bop Sheet
                                     BordeauxArbitraries - Bordeaux Arbitraries
 applicable (e.g. big transformers requiring special wagons, special tackles, special routing etc.).
                                     Both-Flat - Both-Flat
                                     BreakbulkServices - Breakbulk Services
                                     BreakBulkSurfaceCharge - Break Bulk Surface Charge
                                     BridgeToll - Bridge Toll
                                     BrokenLot - Broken Lot
                                     BrokenPackageCharge - Broken Package Charge
                                     Brokerage - Brokerage
                                     BrokerageOrDuty - Brokerage or Duty
                                     BunkerAdjustment - Bunker Adjustment
                                     BunkerAdjustment-20FootContainer - Bunker Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
                                     BunkerAdjustment-40FootContainer - Bunker Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
                                     BunkerSurcharge - Bunker Surcharge
                                     BurdenOverheadOrAllowanceForIndirectCosts - Burden, Overhead, or Allowance for Indirect Costs
                                     Burning - Burning
                                     BuyerHandCarry - Buyer Hand Carry
                                     BuyersCarAllowance - Buyers Car Allowance
n freezing temperatures.             CablePressurization - Cable Pressurization
                                     CablesSendingOf - Cables (sending of)
                                     CallTag - Call Tag
                                     CampArbitrary - Camp Arbitrary
                                     CanadaGreatLakesAdditionals - Canada Great Lakes Additionals
                                     CanadianCQCustomsClearance - Canadian C.Q.Customs Clearance
                                     CanadianCurrencyExchange - Canadian Currency Exchange
                                     CanadianImportTerminationFee - Canadian Import Termination Fee
                                     CanadianReconsignmentFee - Canadian Reconsignment Fee
                                     CanadianRemanifestFee - Canadian Remanifest Fee
                                     CancellationCharge - Cancellation Charge
                                     CancelledOrderHeavyDutyFlatcar - Cancelled Order, Heavy Duty Flatcar
                                     Capping - Capping
                                     CaptureAdditionalData - Capture Additional Data
                                     CargoTaxes - Cargo Taxes
                                     CarLoading - Car Loading
                                     CarRental - Car Rental
                                     Carrier - Carrier
                                     CarrierCreditAllowance - Carrier Credit Allowance
                                     CarrierDebitAllowance other types of Allowance
ms to make into-plane deliveries of fuel; distinguished from - Carrier Debit fuelling vehicles.
                                     CarrierNotificationCharge - Carrier Notification Charge
                                     Cartage - Cartage
                                     CartageCharge - Cartage Charge
 ntain controlled temperatures.      CatalogingServices - Cataloging Services
 igerated trailer.                   CentralBuy - Central Buy
ntrolled goods.                      CentsOff - Cents Off
                                     CertificateOfConformance - Certificate of Conformance
                                     CertificateOfOrigin - Certificate of Origin
                                     CertificateOfRegistration - Certificate of Registration
                                     Certification - Certification
                                     ChainAndBinders - Chain and Binders
                                     ChamberOfCommerceServiceCharge - Chamber of Commerce Service Charge
                                     ChangeOfAirbill-ServiceFee - Change of Airbill - Service Fee
                                     ChargeLineItems - Charge is related to all line items in a message as a default charge. It may be overrid
                                     ChargeMessage - Charge is related to the entire message.
                                     ChargesForwardAdvanceCharge - Charges Forward/Advance Charge
                                     CharterServices - Charter Services
                                     ChassisTransfer - Chassis Transfer
                                     ChemicalMillingCharge - Chemical Milling Charge
                                     ChicagoLoopCharge - Chicago Loop Charge
                                     CigaretteStamping - Cigarette Stamping
                                     CityDelivery - City Delivery
                                     CityMaintenanceFee - City maintenance fee
                                     CityPick-up - City Pick-up
                                     CityTerminalCharge - City Terminal Charge
                                     CleaningCharge - Cleaning Charge
                                     ClosingSealing - Closing and Sealing
                                     CoatingDipRustproofEDP - Coating (Dip, Rustproof, EDP)
                                     CODAmount - COD Amount
                                     CODCharges - COD Charges
  isothermic trailer.                CollectOnDeliveryAlterationCharge - Collect on Delivery Alteration Charge
 ntain refrigerated temperatures.    CollectOnDeliveryDeletionCharge - Collect on Delivery Deletion Charge
                                          CollectSurcharge - Collect Surcharge
                                          Co-manufacturingDiscount - Co-manufacturing Discount
  household effects.                      Combination - Combination
 ids or bulk goods.                       CombinationPerformanceAndNon-performance - Combination Performance and Non-performance
                                          CombineAllSameDayShipment - Combine All Same Day Shipment
   trailer capable of carrying liquids or bulk goods.
                                          CommissionAmount - Commission Amount
ailer (roadrailer).                       CommunicationsCharges - Communications Charges
                                          CompetitiveAllowance - Competitive Allowance
                                          CompetitiveCarAllowance - Competitive Car Allowance
                                          CompetitivePrice - Competitive Price
                                          CompressorCharge - Compressor Charge
be determined by the seller.              ConcessionCredit - Concession Credit
                                          ConcessionMoney - Concession Money
                                          CongestionSurcharge - Congestion Surcharge
                                          ConnectCharge - Connect Charge
                                          ConservationResearchFee - Conservation research fee
                                          ConsigneeUnload - Consignee Unload
                                          Consolidation - Consolidation
                                          ConstantSurveillanceService - Constant Surveillance Service
                                          ConstantSurveillanceService-Armed - Constant Surveillance Service - Armed
                                          ConsularizationFee - Consularization Fee
25 tonne capacity combined with a 90 cubic meter trailer with removable roof
                                          ConsularLegalizationService - Consular Legalization Service
                                          ConsultingService - Consulting Service
nd extendable gondola trailer. An extendable gondola trailer is a trailer fitted with a rear axle which can be extended to cater for variable leng
                                          ConsumerServiceProviderCharge - Consumer Service Provider Charge
                                          ContainerAllowance - Container Allowance
 trailer. A gondola trailer is a split level trailer suitable for the transport of heavy machinery.
apable of carrying household effects. ontainerDeposits - Container Deposits
d trailer with opening floor.             ContainerDestuffing - Container Destuffing
                                          ContainerDiscount - Container Discount
                                          ContainerDiversion Container Diversion
 ined tautliner truck with removable roof and extendable -gondola trailer. An extendable gondola trailer is a trailer fitted with a rear axle which c
                                          ContainerLease -
 liner truck with removable roof and extendable trailer. Container Lease
                                          ContainerLeasing - Container Leasing
er truck with removable roof and gondola trailer. A gondola trailer is a split level trailer suitable for the transport of heavy machinery.
                                          ContainerLossDamage - Container Loss/Damage
 er truck with a removable roof and a trailer capable of carrying household effects.
 ed tautliner truck with removable roof and trailer with opening floor. - Container Service Charge UK/EUR
                                          ContainerServiceChargeUSACanada - Container Service Charge USA/Canada
                                          ContainerStuffing - Container Stuffing
                                          ContainerTrailerAllowance - Container/Trailer Allowance
  o deliver its load.                     ContinuousMileage - Continuous Mileage
                                          ContractAllowance - Contract Allowance
                                          ContractEscalation Contract fitted with
xtendable gondola trailer. An extendable gondola trailer-is a trailer Escalation a rear axle which can be extended to cater for variable length an
                                          ContractServiceCharge - Contract Service Charge
er. A gondola trailer is a split level trailer suitable for the transport of heavy machinery.
 ler with opening floor.                  ControlledAtmosphere - Controlled Atmosphere
                                          Converting - Converting
                                          Co-opCredit - Co-op Credit
                                          CooperativeAdvertisingMerchandisingAllowancePerformance - Cooperative Advertising/Merchandising A
                                          Copying - Copying
                                          CopyOfBillOfLadingCharge - Copy of Bill of Lading Charge
                                          CopyOfDeliveryReceiptCharge - Copy of Delivery Receipt Charge
                                          CoreCharge - Core Charge
                                          CostRecoveryAdjustment - Cost recovery/adjustment
                                          CostRecoveryFactor - Cost Recovery Factor
                                          CottonFee - Cotton Fee
                                          CountAndRecount - Count and Recount
                                     CountervailingDuty - Countervailing Duty
                                     CouponReimbursement - Coupon Reimbursement
                                     Crafting - Crafting
                                     Crating - Crating
                                     Credit - Credit
                                     CurrencyAdjustment - Currency Adjustment
ne and less than 20 wagons used to carry goods.
                                     CurrencyAdjustment-20FootContainer - Currency Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
                                     CurrencyAdjustment-40FootContainer - Currency Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
                                     CurrencyAdjustment-BreakBulk - Currency Adjustment - Break Bulk
                                     CurrencyAdjustmentFactor - Currency Adjustment Factor
                                     CurrencyDiscount - Currency Discount
                                     CustomerAccountIdentification - Customer Account Identification
                                     CustomerEquipmentAllowance - Customer Equipment Allowance
opening floor.                       CustomsBrokerFee - Customs Broker Fee
                                     CustomsCharge - Customs Charge
                                     CustomsDuty - Customs Duty
                                     CustomsEntry - Customs Entry
                                     CustomsExam - Customs Exam
                                     CustomsFees-ContainerLevel - Customs Fees - Container Level
  used to discharge the cargo.       CustomsFees-LiftLevel - Customs Fees - Lift Level
                                     CustomsFormalities - Customs Formalities
with opening floor and extendable gondola trailer. An extendable gondola trailer is a trailer fitted with a rear axle which can be extended to ca
 ing floor and extendable trailer.   CustomsInvoice - Customs Invoice
                                     CustomsInvoice-AdditionalPage - Customs Invoice - of heavy machinery.
g floor and gondola trailer. A gondola trailer is a split level trailer suitable for the transport Additional Page
                                     CustomsPenalty - Customs Penalty
                                     Cut - Cut
                                     CutAndParallel - Cut and Parallel
                                     CuttingCharge - Cutting Charge
                                     DamagedMerchandise - Damaged Merchandise
                                     DamageToCarrierEquipment - Damage to Carrier Equipment
                                     DamageToCarrierVessel - Damage to Carrier Vessel
                                     DamageToGovernmentEquipment - Damage to Government Equipment
                                     DataDrawingCharge - Data/Drawing Charge
                                     DeadheadMileageCharge - Deadhead Mileage Charge
                                     DeafAndDisabledSurcharge - Deaf and facilities. Dredger,
onstruction, improvement, maintenance or rehabilitation of port and harbourDisabled Surchargefloating crane, sand carrier with grab bucket a
                                     DeclaredValueForCarriage - Declared Value for Carriage
                                     DeclaredValueForCustoms - Declared Value for Customs
                                     DeclaredValueForInsurance - Declared Value for Insurance
                                     DeductToMakeMarketValue - Deduct to Make Market Value
                                     DefectiveAllowance - Defective Allowance
                                     DeficitFreight - Deficit Freight
                                     De-Installation - De-Installation
                                     DelayFurnishingDestinationWeights - Delay Furnishing Destination Weights
                                     Delivery - Delivery
                                     DeliverySurcharge - Delivery Surcharge
                                     DemandCharge - Demand charge
                                     Demurrage - Demurrage
                                     Demurrage-AverageAgreement - Demurrage - Average Agreement
                                     Demurrage-Special - Demurrage - Special
                                     Deposit - Deposit
                                     DepositCharges - Deposit Charges
                                     DepositInLieuOfOrder - Deposit in Lieu of Order
                                     Deramping - Deramping
DerrickCharge - Derrick Charge
DesignatedSupplierInspection - Designated Supplier Inspection
DestinationCharge - Destination Charge
DetentionLoading - Detention Loading
DetentionOfPowerUnits - Detention of Power Units
DetentionOfTrailers - Detention of Trailers
Detention-SpecialTypeFlatCar - Detention - Special Type Flat Car
DetentionUnloading - Detention Unloading
DeterminedFreight - Determined Freight
DevelopmentCharge - Development Charge
DieServiceCharge - Die Service Charge
DirectProductHandling - Direct Product Handling (DPC)
Disbursement - Disbursement
DisconnectCharge - Disconnect Charge
Discount - Discount
Discount-DropBoxConvenienceCtr - Discount - Drop Box/Convenience Ctr.
Discount-Incentive - Discount - Incentive
Discount-MultipleShipment - Discount - Multiple Shipment
Discount-ServiceOptionDelivery - Discount - Service Option (Delivery)
Discount-ServiceOptionPickup - Discount - Service Option (Pickup)
Discount-Special - Discount - Special
DisplayAllowance - Display Allowance
DistributionFee - Distribution Fee
DistributionService - Distribution Service
DistributorDiscountAllowance - Distributor Discount/Allowance
DiversionAndReconsignment - Diversion and Reconsignment
DiversionCharge - Diversion Charge
DiversionToAirCharge - Diversion to Air Charge
Dockage-BoatDetention - Dockage - Boat Detention
DocumentationCharge - Documentation Charge
DocumentHandling - Document Handling
Door-To-Door - Door-to-Door
DowelPinCharge - Dowel Pin Charge
DrayagAtPortOfDebarkation - Drayage at Port of Debarkation
Drayage - Drayage
DrayageatPortOfDebarkationRateZone - Drayage at Port of Debarkation (Rate Zone)
DrayageAtPortOfEmbarkation - Drayage at Port of Embarkation
DrayageatPortOfEmbarkationRateZone - Drayage at Port of Embarkation (Rate Zone)
DrayageLineHaul - Drayage/Line Haul
DriverAssistedUnloading - Driver Assisted Unloading
DriversWages - Driver's Wages
DropDock - Drop Dock
DropYard - Drop Yard
DrumCost - Drum Cost
DrumDeposit - Drum Deposit
DrumUpCharge - Drum Up Charge
DryerCharge - Dryer Charge
DryIce - Dry Ice
Dunnage - Dunnage
DutyCharge - Duty Charge
DutyDrawback - Duty Drawback
EarlyBuyAllowance - Early Buy Allowance
EarlyPaymentAllowance - Early Payment Allowance
EarlyShipAllowance - Early Ship Allowance
EmergencyPortCharge - Emergency Port Charge
EmergencyService - Emergency Service
EmergencySurcharge - Emergency Surcharge
EmptyWeighingCharge - Empty Weighing Charge
Enclosure - Enclosure
EndorsementFee - Endorsement Fee
Energycharge - Energy charge
EnergySurchargeFuelAdjustmentFactor - Energy Surcharge (Fuel Adjustment Factor)
EngineeringCharge - Engineering Charge
EngineeringSupplies - Engineering Supplies
Engraving - Engraving
EnteredValue - Entered Value
EnvironmentalProtectionService - Environmental Protection Service
EquipmentManufacturerRestorationAudit - Equipment Manufacturer Restoration Audit
Escalation - Escalation
EscortService - Escort Service
Escrow - Escrow
Eur1PresentationFee - Eur1 Presentation Fee
EuropeanPortCharges - European Port Charges
Exact - Indicates that this is the exact amount.
ExcessiveValueCharge - Excessive Value Charge
ExcessMileageCharge - Excess Mileage Charge
ExcessPeriods - Excess Periods
ExcessValueFee - Excess Value Fee
ExcessWeight - Excess Weight
ExchangeAccessCredit - Exchange Access Credit
ExclusiveUse - Exclusive Use
ExclusiveUseOfEquipment - Exclusive Use Of Equipment
ExhibitionDeliveryCharge - Exhibition Delivery Charge
ExhibitionPickupCharge - Exhibition Pickup Charge
ExpandedService - Expanded Service
ExpeditedOneDayConsularService - Expedited One Day Consular Service
ExpeditedServiceCharge - Expedited Service Charge
ExpeditedShipments - Expedited Shipments
ExpeditingFee - Expediting Fee
ExpeditingPremium - Expediting Premium
ExportCustomsClearance - Export Customs Clearance
ExportDeclarations-Automated - Export Declarations - Automated
ExportDeclarations-USShippers - Export Declarations - U.S. Shippers
ExportImportCharge - Export/Import Charge
ExportLicenseApplication - Export License Application
ExportShippingCharge - Export Shipping Charge
ExtraCopiesandMailings - Extra Copies and Mailings
ExtraLaborHelperService - Extra Labor (Helper Service)
ExtraLength - Extra Length
ExtraLengthSurcharge - Extra Length Surcharge
ExtraService-Counter-To-Counter - Extra Service - Counter-to-Counter
FabricationCharge - Fabrication Charge
FacsimileCharges - Facsimile Charges
FacsimileCharges-AdditionalPages - Facsimile Charges - Additional Pages
FailedLampPanelCharge - Failed Lamp Panel Charge
FaxPre-alert - Fax Pre-alert
FederalTransferSurcharge - Federal Transfer Surcharge
Fee - Fee
FinanceCharge - Finance Charge
FirstArticleCharge - First Article Charge
FirstFlightOut - First Flight Out
FlatrackSurcharge - Flatrack Surcharge
FlatRate - Flat Rate
FloorStockProtection - Floor Stock Protection
FoodAndLodging - Food and Lodging
ForeignCustomsDuty - Foreign Customs Duty
ForeignMilitarySalesRental - Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Rental
ForeignMilitarySalesSpecialCharge - Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Special Charge
ForeignOfficeAdvance - Foreign Office Advance
ForwardCoupons - Forward Coupons
ForwardingAgentCommission - Forwarding Agent Commission
ForwardingCharge - Forwarding Charge
FranchiseFee - Franchise fee
FreeDomicileShipmentProcessing - Free Domicile Shipment Processing
FreeGoods - Free Goods
Freight - Freight
FreightBasedOnDollarMinimum - Freight Based on Dollar Minimum
FreightChargesToBorder - Freight Charges to Border
FreightChargesToDestination - Freight Charges to Destination
FreightEqualization - Freight Equalization
FreightInternational - Freight, International
FreightInternationalNon-USDollars - Freight, International, Non-U.S. Dollars
FreightInternationalUSDollars - Freight, International, U.S. Dollars
FreightPassthrough - Freight Passthrough
FreightSurcharge - Freight Surcharge
FreshnessLeakerAllowance - Freshness/Leaker Allowance
FuelCharge - Fuel Charge
FuelSurcharge - Fuel Surcharge
FullService - Full Service
FullTruckloadAllowance - Full Truckload Allowance
Fumigation - Fumigation
GarmentDistrict - Garment District
GarmentSurcharge - Garment Surcharge
GasPressure - Gas Pressure
GatewayFee - Gateway Fee
Glaze - Glaze
GoldFactor - Gold Factor
GoodsAndServicesCharge - Goods and Services Charge
GoodsAndServicesCreditAllowance - Goods and Services Credit Allowance
GoodsAndServicesTaxCharge - Goods and Services Tax Charge
GovernmentInspection - Government Inspection
GovernmentWarehouseFee-Destination - Government Warehouse Fee - Destination
GovernmentWarehouseFee-Origin - Government Warehouse Fee - Origin
GrainDoors - Grain Doors
GrainFlowCharge - Grain Flow Charge
Gratuity - Gratuity
Grinding - Grinding
GrossReceiptsSurcharge - Gross Receipts Surcharge
GroupageDiscount - Groupage Discount
GroupedItems - Grouped Items
GuaranteedInspectionTechnicalService - Guaranteed Inspection Technical Service
GulfPortDeliveryCharge - Gulf Port Delivery Charge
Handling - Handling
HandlingChargesOnDistributionFreightForwardedBeyond - Handling Charges on Distribution Freight Forw
HandlingFreightAtPositionsNotImmediatelyAdjacentToVehicleCharge - Handling Freight At Positions Not
HarborMaintenanceFee - Harbor Maintenance Fee
HarborMaintenanceReport - Harbor Maintenance Report
HaulingAndHoisting - Hauling and Hoisting
HaulingAndHoistingToBeDirectBilled - Hauling and Hoisting to be Direct Billed
HazardousCargoCharge - Hazardous Cargo Charge
HazardousCargoOnDeck - Hazardous Cargo on Deck
HazardousMaterialsHandlingFee-Domestic - Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - Domestic
HazardousMaterialsHandlingFee-International - Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - International
HazardousStorage - Hazardous Storage
HeatInTransitCharges - Heat in Transit Charges
HeatTreatCharge - Heat Treat Charge
HeavyDutyFlatCarCharge - Heavy Duty Flat Car Charge
HeavyLift - Heavy Lift
HighSecurityRedIn-bondSealCharge - High Security Red In-bond Seal Charge
HighwayInterchange - Highway Interchange
HointinsAndHauling - Hointins and Hauling
HoldingCharge - Holding Charge
HomeLineFreightCharge - Home Line Freight Charge
HoneyFee - Honey Fee
Hook-upcharge - Hook-up charge
HoseCharge - Hose Charge
HoseChargeSpecial - Hose Charge Special
HouseholdGoodsPick-upOrDelivery - Household Goods Pick-up or Delivery
IATAAirbillPreparation - IATA Airbill Preparation
Identification - Identification
ImportServiceFee - Import Service Fee
ImproperDocumentation - Improper Documentation
InboundFreightCharges - Inbound Freight Charges
IncomeFreightManufacturingToShippingPoint - Income Freight (Manufacturing to Shipping Point)
IncorrectBillingAccountCharge - Incorrect Billing Account Charge
IndustryPriceAllowance - Industry Price Allowance
InitialLicenseFee - Initial License Fee
InlandTransportation - Inland Transportation
InsideCableConnectors - Inside Cable Connectors
InsideDelivery - Inside Delivery
InsidePick-up - Inside Pick-up
InspectAtDestination - Inspect at Destination
InspectAtOrigin - Inspect at Origin
Inspection - Inspection
Installation - Installation
InstallationAndTraining - Installation and Training
InstallationWarranty - Installation and Warranty
InsulatedTankCharge - Insulated Tank Charge
Insurance - Insurance
InsuranceFee - Insurance Fee
InsurancePlacementCostCharge - Insurance Placement Cost Charge
InsurancePremium - Insurance Premium
InsuranceProvidedByLessee - Insurance Provided by Lessee
InsuranceProvidedByLessor - Insurance Provided by Lessor
InsuranceSurcharge - Insurance Surcharge
InterdivisionProfit - Interdivision Profit
InterestAmount - Interest Amount
InterestOnRefund - Interest on refund
InterestOnSecurityDeposit - Interest on Security Deposit
InterimUsePermittedAtSpecialRate - Interim Use Permitted at Special Rate
InternationalAirTransportAssociationCommission - International Air Transport Association (IATA) Commi
InternationalAirTransportAssociationMarkup - International Air Transport Association (IATA) Markup
InternationalCourier - International Courier
InternationalDoor-to-DoorHandlingFee - International Door-to-Door Handling Fee
InterplantCharge - Interplant Charge
InterstateHighwayToll - Interstate/Highway Toll
InTransitPriceProtection - In Transit Price Protection
Intra-plantCharge - Intra-plant Charge
InvoiceAdditionalAmount - Invoice Additional Amount
InvoiceAdjustment - Invoice Adjustment
InvoiceAt-CostAmount - Invoice At-Cost Amount
InvoiceDeliveryTermsAmount - Invoice Delivery Terms Amount
InvoiceNo-ChargeAmount - Invoice No-Charge Amount
InvoiceServices - Invoice Services
InvoiceWithGoods - Invoice with Goods
IrishArbitraries - Irish Arbitraries
IslandDeliveryCharge - Island Delivery Charge
IslandPick-UpCharge - Island Pick-Up Charge
ItalianReleaseCharge - Italian Release Charge
ItemPercentage - Item Percentage
Item-Unit - Item-Unit
KeepFromFreezingPercentDifferential - Keep From Freezing Percent Differential
Koshering - Koshering
LabelAllowance - Label Allowance
Labeling - Labeling
LaborCharges - Labor Charges
LaborCostOfRemoval - Labor Cost of Removal
LaborModify - Labor, Modify
LaborNoTroubleFound - Labor, No Trouble Found
LaborOvertime - Labor, Overtime
LaborPremiumOvertime - Labor, Premium Overtime
LaborRepairAndReturnOrders - Labor (Repair and Return Orders)
LaborService - Labor Service
LaborStraight-time - Labor, Straight-time
LaborTestAndCalibrate - Labor, Test and Calibrate
LadingAdjustmentCharge - Lading Adjustment Charge
LandCurrencyAdjustmentFactor-20FootContainer - Land Currency Adjustment Factor - 20 Foot Containe
LandCurrencyAdjustmentFactor-40FootContainer - Land Currency Adjustment Factor - 40 Foot Containe
Lashing - Lashing
LateOrderCharge - Late Order Charge
LatePaymentCharge - Late Payment Charge
LayoutDesign - Layout/Design
LayoverCharges - Layover Charges
LeadFactor - Lead Factor
LeakingUndergroundStorageTax - Leaking Underground Storage Tax (LUST)
LeaseShortfallConsideration - Lease Shortfall Consideration
LessThanContainer - Less Than Container
LessThanTruckloadCharge - Less Than Truckload (LTL) Charge
LetterOfCreditProcessing - Letter of Credit Processing
LicenseAndTitle - License and Title
LifelineSurcharge - Lifeline Surcharge
LiftGateTruckOrForkliftServiceAtPick-upDelivery - Lift Gate (Truck) or Forklift Service at Pick-up/Delivery
LimeFee - Lime Fee
LineItemAllowance - Allowance is related to a line item. It can override a default allowance.
LineItemCharge - Charge is related to a line item. It can override a default charge.
LinehaulFromPortOfDebarkation - Linehaul from Port of Debarkation
LinehaulPercentDifferential - Linehaul Percent Differential
LinehaulToPortOfEmbarkation - Linehaul to Port of Embarkation
LinerTermsAtPortOfDebarkation - Liner Terms at Port of Debarkation
LinerTermsAtPortOfEmbarkation - Liner Terms at Port of Embarkation
LiquidatedDamages - Liquidated Damages
LiquidationAnti-DumpingDuty - Liquidation Anti-Dumping Duty
LiquidationCountervailingDuty - Liquidation Countervailing Duty
LiquidationTaxAmount - Liquidation Tax Amount
LiquidationTotalDueUSCustomsService - Liquidation Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
LiquidationTotalFees - Liquidation Total Fees
Loading - Loading
LoadingLaborCharges - Loading (Labor Charges)
LoadWeighingCharge - Load Weighing Charge
LoanFee - Loan Fee
LocalDeliveryDrayage - Local Delivery/Drayage
LocomotiveDelayedInSwitchingService - Locomotive Delayed in Switching Service
LocomotiveUnderOwnPower - Locomotive Under Own Power
LotCharge - Lot Charge
LotteryChargeBack - Lottery Charge Back
LotteryCrossRedeemed - Lottery Cross Redeemed
Low-TierLotteryCashingBonus - Low-Tier Lottery Cashing Bonus
Low-TierLotteryWinners - Low-Tier Lottery Winners
LumpSum - Lump Sum
MachiningCharge - Machining Charge
MailFee - Mail Fee
Mailing-PostageCost - Mailing - Postage Cost
Mailing-ServiceFee - Mailing - Service Fee
MailInvoice - Mail Invoice
MailInvoiceToEachLocation - Mail Invoice to Each Location
ManifestCharge - Manifest Charge
Manufacturing - Manufacturing
MarketDevelopmentFunds - Market Development Funds
MarkingOrTaggingCharge - Marking or Tagging Charge
MarriageRule - Marriage Rule
Maximum - Highest possible value; maximum; not exceeding; up to.
MemoReturnableContainer - Memo Returnable Container
MerchandiseProcessingFee - Merchandise Processing Fee
MessageCharge - Message Charge
MessageRateAdjustment - Message Rate Adjustment
MessengerService - Messenger Service
MetalsSurcharge - Metals Surcharge
MeterCharge - Meter Charge
Mid-TierLotteryCashingBonus - Mid-Tier Lottery Cashing Bonus
Mid-TierLotteryWinners - Mid-Tier Lottery Winners
MileageFeeForRepairAndReturn - Mileage Fee (For Repair and Return)
MileageOrTravel - Mileage or Travel
Minus-Amount - The lesser value expressed in amount.
Minus-Percentage - The lesser value expressed in percentage.
ModifiedAtmosphere - Modified Atmosphere
MonthlyRental - Monthly Rental
MountDemount - Mount/Demount
Mounting - Mounting
MunicipalSurcharge - Municipal Surcharge
MushroomFee - Mushroom Fee
NewDiscount - New Discount
NewDistributionAllowance - New Distribution Allowance
NewItemAllowance - New Item Allowance
NewStoreAllowance - New Store Allowance
NewStoreDiscount - New Store Discount
NewWarehouse - New Warehouse
NewWarehouseDiscount - New Warehouse Discount
NewYorkDeliveryCharge - New York Delivery Charge
NewYorkPick-upCharge - New York Pick-up Charge
NHDWharfage - N.H.D. Wharfage
NoAllowanceOrCharge - No increases or reduction in price (list or stated) are included.
Non-DutiableCharges - Non-Dutiable Charges
NonGeneratedFreight - Non Generated Freight
Non-returnableContainers - Non-returnable Containers
NoReturnCreditAllowance - No Return Credit Allowance
NormalPumpCharge - Normal Pump Charge
NotarizedAffidavit - Notarized Affidavit
NotifyConsignee - Notify Consignee
NotifyConsigneeBeforeDelivery - Notify Consignee Before Delivery
NozzleCharge - Nozzle Charge
OceanCharges-Hazardous - Ocean Charges - Hazardous
OceanFreight - Ocean Freight
OfficeSupplies - Office Supplies
Offshore-AlaskaHawaii - Offshore - Alaska/Hawaii
OnCarriage - On Carriage
OnDeckBreakBulkDifferential - On Deck Break Bulk Differential
One-DayService - One - Day Service
OneTimeEngineeringCharge - One Time Engineering Charge
One-TimeLicenseFee - One-Time License Fee
One-Time-OnlyCharge - One-Time-Only Charge
OnetimeTooling - Onetime Tooling
OnHandService - On Hand Service
OperatorCredit - Operator Credit
OptionalCharge - Optional Charge
OptionalSoftwareSupportForOperationalSupportSystems - Optional Software Support for Operational Su
OptionalSoftwareSupportForSwitchingSystems - Optional Software Support for Switching Systems
OptionChargeColorFabricOfficeFurniture - Option Charge (Color Fabric Office Furniture)
Order-Flat - Order-Flat
OrderNotifyCharge - Order Notify Charge
OtherAccessorialServiceCharge - Other Accessorial Service Charge
OtherAdvances - Other Advances
OtherExportCharges - Other Export Charges
OtherGovernmentAgencyDeclaration - Other Government Agency Declaration
OtherGovernmentAgencyExam - Other Government Agency Exam
OtherImportCharge - Other Import Charge
OtherMiscellaneousEarningOrAdditive - Other Miscellaneous Earning or Additive
OtherSeeRelatedDescription - Other (See related description)
OutOfRouteMiles - Out of Route Miles
OutOfZonePick-upOrDelivery - Out of Zone Pick-up or Delivery
OutsideCableConnectors - Outside Cable Connectors
OverDimension - Over Dimension
OverHeightContainer - Over Height Container
OverrunCharge - Overrun Charge
OversizedPremium - Oversized Premium
OvertimeLoading - Overtime Loading
OverWidthContainer - Over Width Container
Packaging - Packaging
PackagingService - Packaging Service
PackingCratingAndHandlingCharge - Packing, Crating, and Handling Charge
PackingCratingHandlingAndTransportationCharge - Packing, Crating, Handling, and Transportation Cha
PackInvoiceWithShipment - Pack Invoice with Shipment
PaintingPrimerOrFinish - Painting (Primer or Finish)
Pallet - Pallet
PalletExchangeCharge - Pallet Exchange Charge
Palletizing - Palletizing
Paralleling - Paralleling
ParishCountySalesTaxOnly - Parish/County Sales Tax (only)
PassingShippersExportEntry - Passing Shippers Export Entry
Payment - Payment
PayrollAdditivesOvertimeLabor - Payroll Additives, Overtime Labor
PayrollAdditivesStraightTimeLabor - Payroll Additives, Straight Time Labor
PayrollTaxes - Payroll Taxes
PecanFee - Pecan Fee
PenaltyCharge - Penalty Charge
PercentDifferential-LessThanContainer - Percent Differential - Less Than Container
PercentOfProduct - Percent of Product
PercentOfShipmentValueThatIsReturnable - Percent of Shipment Value that is Returnable
PercentOfShippedQuantityThatIsReturnable - Percent of Shipped Quantity that is Returnable
PerformanceAllowance - Performance Allowance
PerformanceAward - Performance Award
PerItemCharge - Per Item Charge
PermitCharge - Permit Charge
PermitsBondsEscortAttendant - Permits Bonds Escort Attendant
PerOrderCharge - Per Order Charge
PerPoundCharge - Per Pound Charge
PersonalPropertyMember - Personal Property, Member
PersonalPropertySpouse - Personal Property, Spouse
PhosphatizingSteelTreatment - Phosphatizing (Steel Treatment)
PickleAndOil - Pickle and Oil
PickUp - Pick/Up
Pick-upAndDelivery - Pick-up and Delivery
Pickup-OutOfArea - Pickup - Out of Area
PickupSurcharge - Pickup Surcharge
PierChargesOtherThanWharfage - Pier Charges Other Than Wharfage
PierCharges-Wharfage - Pier Charges - Wharfage
PierPick-upAndOrDelivery - Pier Pick-up and/or Delivery
PierUnloading - Pier Unloading
PilotInspection - Pilot Inspection
PlacementAndOrRemovalCharge - Placement and/or Removal Charge
Plating - Plating
Plus-Amount - The greater value expressed in amount.
Plus-Percentage - The greater value expressed in percentage.
PlusOrMinus-Amount - The greater/lesser value expressed in amount.
PlusOrMinus-Percentage - The greater/lesser value expressed in percentage.
PoleLashingEquipmentSurcharge - Pole Lashing Equipment (PLE) Surcharge
PoleWood-ServiceCharge - Pole, Wood-service Charge
PorkFee - Pork Fee
PortChanges - Port Changes
PortHandlingAndUnloading - Port Handling and Unloading
PositioningAtOrigin - Positioning at Origin
Postage - Postage
PostDamagedHandling - Post Damaged Handling (PDC)
PotatoFee - Potato Fee
PowerFactorAdjustment - Power Factor Adjustment
Pre-carriage - Pre-carriage
Pre-carriageExcess - Pre-carriage Excess
PreciousMetalContent - Precious Metal Content
PreloadingCharge - Preloading Charge
PrelodgeCharge - Prelodge Charge
PremiseUse - Premise Use
PremiumCharge - Premium Charge
PremiumTransportation - Premium Transportation
PrepaidUsageAllowance - Prepaid Usage Allowance
Preparation - Preparation
PreparationAndDelivery - Preparation and Delivery
PreparationOfAirWaybill-Origin - Preparation of Air Waybill - Origin
PreparationOfCanadianCustomsInvoice - Preparation of Canadian Customs Invoice
PreparationOfCommercialInvoice - Preparation of Commercial Invoice
PreparationOfExportEntry - Preparation of Export Entry
PreparationOfInsuranceCertificate - Preparation of Insurance Certificate
PreparationOfUSExportDocumentation - Preparation of U.S. Export Documentation
Pre-PositionedInventoryService - Pre-Positioned Inventory Service
PreviousBilling - Previous Billing
PriceAdjustmentPercent - Price Adjustment Percent (PCT)
PriceAndMarketingAllowance - Price and Marketing Allowance
PriceDeviation - Price Deviation
PriorBalance - Prior Balance
PriorBillingAmount - Prior Billing Amount
PriorDeliveryOfBillCharge - Prior Delivery Of Bill Charge
PriorityService - Priority Service
PriorMonthCredit - Prior Month Credit
PrivateOwnedVehicleProcessing - Private Owned Vehicle Processing
Processing - Processing
ProcessingCharge - Processing Charge
ProcessInTransitPrivilege - Process in Transit Privilege
ProcurementCharge - Procurement Charge
ProfessionalFees - Professional Fees
ProformaInvoice - Proforma Invoice
ProgressPaymentRequirement - Progress Payment Requirement
PromotionalAllowance - Promotional Allowance
PromotionalDiscount - Promotional Discount
ProofComposition - Proof and Composition
ProofOfDelivery - Proof of Delivery
ProtectiveServiceCharge - Protective Service Charge
ProtectiveService-Cold - Protective Service - Cold
ProtectiveService-Heat - Protective Service - Heat
ProvideHouseholdIdentifier - Provide Household Identifier
ProvideNameAndAddress - Provide Name and Address
PullingEyes - Pulling Eyes
PumpAirCharge - Pump Air Charge
PumpCharge - Pump Charge
PurchaseOption - Purchase Option
QuantityDiscount - Quantity Discount
QuantitySurcharge - Quantity Surcharge
RailheadHandling - Railhead Handling
Ramping - Ramping
RateCode - Rate Code
RateReductionBond - Rate Reduction Bond
Rebate - Rebate
Re-BillCharge - Re-Bill Charge
RebilledDrayage-Destination - Rebilled Drayage - Destination
RebilledDrayage-Origin - Rebilled Drayage - Origin
Receiving - Receiving
RecipientAddressCorrection - Recipient Address Correction
ReclamationCenterHandlingChute - Reclamation Center Handling (Chute)
ReclamationFederal - Reclamation, Federal
ReclamationSharedResponsibility - Reclamation Shared Responsibility (SRS)
ReclamationState - Reclamation, State
Reconciliation - Reconciliation
Reconnectcharge - Reconnect charge
ReconsignConsigneeCharge - Reconsign Consignee Charge
ReconsignDeliveryCharge - Reconsign Delivery Charge
ReconsignmentCharge - Reconsignment Charge
RecooperingAtOwnersOrShippersExpense - Recoopering (at Owner's or Shipper's Expense)
RecordFiling - Record/Filing
Recovery - Recovery
RecoveryFee - Recovery Fee
RecratingRecoopering-Destination - Recrating/Recoopering - Destination
RecratingRecoopering-Origin - Recrating/Recoopering - Origin
RecurringHardwareMaintenanceCharge - Recurring Hardware Maintenance Charge
RecurringLicenseFee - Recurring License Fee
RecurringSoftwareMaintenanceCharge - Recurring Software Maintenance Charge
Redelivery - Redelivery
RedistributionAllowance - Redistribution Allowance
ReductionPrepalletizedCargo - Reduction Prepalletized Cargo
ReeferCargoPercentDifferential - Reefer Cargo Percent Differential
ReeferMaintenance - Reefer Maintenance
Reel - Reel
ReelCable - Reel Cable
ReelDeposit - Reel Deposit
Refrigeration - Refrigeration
RefrigerationMechanicalDetention - Refrigeration/Mechanical Detention
Refund - Refund
RefurbishingCharge - Refurbishing Charge
Regain - Regain
RegistrationOfExportForReentry - Registration of Export for Reentry
RegistrationOfExportShipments - Registration of Export Shipments
RegulatoryFee - Regulatory Fee
RegulatoryRequiredRefund - Regulatory required refund
ReliabilityCharge - Reliability Charge
RelinquishmentCharge - Relinquishment Charge
ReliquidationAnti-DumpingDuty - Reliquidation Anti-Dumping Duty
ReliquidationCountervailingDuty - Reliquidation Countervailing Duty
ReliquidationTaxAmount - Reliquidation Tax Amount
ReliquidationTotalDueUSCustomsService - Reliquidation Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
ReliquidationTotalFees - Reliquidation Total Fees
RentalCharge - Rental Charge
RentalDeduction - Rental Deduction
RentsAndLeases - Rents and Leases
RepackCharge - Repack Charge
Repair - Repair
RepairAtBuyersExpenseCharge - Repair at Buyers Expense Charge
RepairAtCustomerExpenseCharge - Repair at Customer Expense Charge
RepairAtGovernmentExpenseCharge - Repair at Government Expense Charge
Repickup - Repickup
RequestViaCanada - Request Via Canada
ResearchDevelopmentFee - Research and Development Fee
ResellersDiscount - Resellers Discount
ResidentialDelivery - Residential Delivery
ResidentialPick-up - Residential Pick-up
Respotting - Respotting
RestockingCharge - Restocking Charge
RestrictedArticleFee - Restricted Article Fee
Retainer - Retainer
ReturnableContainer - Returnable Container
ReturnCargoCharge - Return Cargo Charge
ReturnedLoad - Returned Load
Rework - Rework
RidingAttendantCharge - Riding Attendant Charge
RockyMountainBureau583Item1100ArbitraryCharge - Rocky Mountain Bureau 583 Item 1100 Arbitrary C
RollOutAdjustment - Roll Out Adjustment
RollRebate - Roll Rebate
Royalties - Royalties
Salvage - Salvage
Same-DayService - Same - Day Service
SaturdayDelivery - Saturday Delivery
SaturdayPick-Up - Saturday Pick-Up
SaturdayPick-upOrDeliveryCharge - Saturday Pick-up or Delivery Charge
ScaleCharge - Scale Charge
ScaleChargeUnloading - Scale Charge Unloading
ScrapAllowance - Scrap Allowance
SecuritySignatureService - Security Signature Service
SegregatingSorting - Segregating (Sorting)
SelectCharge - Select Charge
SelfUnloader - Self Unloader
SellerHandCarry - Seller Hand Carry
ServiceAssistanceProgramSurcharge - Service Assistance Program Surcharge
ServiceCharge - Service Charge
ServiceChargeWithCashDiscount - Service Charge (with Cash Discount)
ServiceUpgrade - Service Upgrade
Set-up - Set-up
Shearing - Shearing
SheepFee - Sheep Fee
ShipperLoad - Shipper Load
ShipperLoadAndCount - Shipper Load and Count
ShipperLoadCarrierCount - Shipper Load Carrier Count
ShipperLoadConsigneeUnload - Shipper Load Consignee Unload
Shipping - Shipping
ShippingAndHandling - Shipping and Handling
ShipsidePickup - Shipside Pickup
ShipToStockQualityAudit - Ship to Stock Quality Audit
Shotblasting - Shotblasting
ShrinkageAllowance - Shrinkage Allowance
ShrinkAllowance - Shrink Allowance
Shrink-WrapCharge - Shrink-Wrap Charge
SingleFactorOriginationDestination - Single Factor Origination/Destination
SingleFactorOriginationPortOfDebarkation - Single Factor Origination/Port of Debarkation
SingleFactorPortOfEmbarkationDestination - Single Factor Port of Embarkation/Destination
SingleInvoiceAllowance - Single Invoice Allowance
SinglePick-up - Single Pick-up
SingleShipmentFee - Single Shipment Fee
Sleeving - Sleeving
SlipSheetRail - Slip Sheet, Rail
SlipSheetTruck - Slip Sheet, Truck
SlipSheetUnloadingAllowance - Slip Sheet Unloading Allowance
SlottingAllowance - Slotting Allowance
SmallOrderCharge - Small Order Charge
SoftwareSupportService - Software Support Service
SourceInspection - Source Inspection
SpecialAllowance - Special Allowance
SpecialBuy - Special Buy
SpecialCircusTrains - Special Circus Trains
SpecialCredit - Special Credit
SpecialDelivery - Special Delivery
SpecialDetentionCharge - Special Detention Charge
SpecialEquipmentCharge - Special Equipment Charge
SpecialFinishCharge - Special Finish Charge
SpecialFreightSupplements - Special Freight Supplements
SpecialHandling - Special Handling
SpecialMileageMovements - Special Mileage Movements
SpecialPackaging - Special Packaging
SpecialPermits - Special Permits
SpecialPickup - Special Pickup
SpecialPumpCharge - Special Pump Charge
SpecialSealCharge - Special Seal Charge
SpecialServices - Special Services
SpecialTestEquipmentCharge - Special Test Equipment Charge
SpecialToolingCharge - Special Tooling Charge
SpecialToolingreworkcharge - Special Tooling rework charge
SpecialTrainMovement - Special Train Movement
SpecialUse - Special Use
SpecialVehicleRent - Special Vehicle Rent
SpecificationReview - Specification Review
SpecificDuty - Specific Duty
SplitDelivery - Split Delivery
SplitPick-up - Split Pick-up
SplitPick-UpAtPierCharge - Split Pick-Up at Pier Charge
SpoolCharge - Spool Charge
SpottingOfTrailer - Spotting of Trailer
SpreaderCharge - Spreader Charge
StampFee - Stamp Fee
Stamping - Stamping
StandbyCharge - Standby Charge
StateMetropolitanTransitAuthoritySurcharge - State/Metropolitan Transit Authority Surcharge
StateMotorFuel - State Motor Fuel
StateSalesCharge - State Sales Charge
StateSurcharge - State Surcharge
SteamingCharge - Steaming Charge
StencilingCharge - Stenciling Charge
Stopcharge - Stopcharge
Stop-offAtDestination - Stop-off at Destination
Stop-offAtOrigination - Stop-off at Origination
Stop-offAtPierCharge - Stop-off at Pier Charge
Stop-offCharge - Stop-off Charge
StoppingInTransit - Stopping in Transit
Storage - Storage
StorageInTransit - Storage in Transit
StraighteningCharge - Straightening Charge
Strapping - Strapping
StreetLampsCharge - Street lamps charge
StrippingSortingAndConsolidation - Stripping, Sorting, and Consolidation
Stuffing - Stuffing
StuffingCharge - Stuffing Charge
SubjectToCooperativeAdvertisingAllowance - Subject to Cooperative Advertising Allowance
SubjectToTaxOnResale - Subject To Tax On Resale
SufferanceWarehouseChargeExportOrImport - Sufferance Warehouse Charge (Export or Import)
SugarFee - Sugar Fee
SumOfAddsAndDeductsToMakeMarketValue - Sum of Adds and Deducts to Make Market Value
SundayOrHolidayPick-upOrDelivery - Sunday or Holiday Pick-up or Delivery
SuperBagCharge - Super Bag Charge
SupervisorCharge - Supervisor Charge
SupplementalDuty - Supplemental Duty
SupplementalItems - Supplemental Items
Surcharge - Surcharge
SuretyBond - Surety Bond
Swell - Swell
SwitchCharge - Switch Charge
SwitchingCharge - Switching Charge
TankCarAllowance - Tank Car Allowance
TankRental - Tank Rental
Tarping - Tarping
Tax - Tax
Tax-AirportTaxDestination - Tax - Airport Tax, Destination
Tax-AirportTaxOrigin - Tax - Airport Tax, Origin
Tax-BeverageTax - Tax - Beverage Tax
Tax-CitySalesTaxOnly - Tax - City Sales Tax (Only)
TaxCredit - Tax Credit
Tax-ExciseTax-Destination - Tax - Excise Tax - Destination
Tax-ExciseTax-Origin - Tax - Excise Tax - Origin
Tax-FederalExciseTax - Tax - Federal Excise Tax, FET
Tax-FederalExciseTaxOnTires - Tax - Federal Excise Tax, FET, on Tires
Tax-Governmental - Tax - Governmental
Tax-HandlingChargeTax - Tax - Handling Charge Tax
TaxLiability-Amortized - Tax Liability - Amortized
TaxLiability-OneTime - Tax Liability - One Time
Tax-LocalSalesTax - Tax - Local Sales Tax
Tax-LocalTax - Tax - Local Tax
Tax-MetropolitanTransitTax - Tax - Metropolitan Transit Tax
TaxOnMiscellaneousCharges - Tax on Miscellaneous Charges
TaxOnTransportation - Tax on Transportation
Tax-RegulatoryTax - Tax - Regulatory Tax
Tax-SalesandUse - Tax - Sales and Use
Tax-SalesTaxStateAndLocal - Tax - Sales Tax (State and Local)
Tax-StateHazardousSubstance - Tax - State Hazardous Substance
Tax-StateTax - Tax - State Tax
Tax-SuperFundExciseTax - Tax - Super Fund Excise Tax
Tax-UseTax - Tax - Use Tax
Tax-ValueAddedTax - Tax - Value Added Tax (VAT)
TeaFee - Tea Fee
TechnologyExchange - Technology Exchange
TelegramChargeback - Telegram Chargeback
TelephoneCharge - Telephone Charge
Telephone-Destination - Telephone - Destination
Telephone-Origin - Telephone - Origin
TemperatureProtection - Temperature Protection
TemporaryAllowance - Temporary Allowance
TemporaryVoluntaryAllowance - Temporary Voluntary Allowance
TenderedAsTruckload - Tendered as Truckload
TerminalCharge - Terminal Charge
TerminalDifferential - Terminal Differential
TerminalHandlingCharges - Terminal Handling Charges
TerminalServiceFee - Terminal Service Fee
TermsAllowance - Terms Allowance
Testing - Testing
TestingServicesCharge - Testing Services Charge
TestQualificationCharge - Test/Qualification Charge
ThirdPartyAllowance - Third Party Allowance
ThirdPartyPallets - Third Party Pallets
ThroughputAllowance - Throughput Allowance
ThroughputContainerCharge - Throughput Container Charge
ThruwayCharge - Thruway Charge
TicketingService - Ticketing Service
TobaccoProductsReportCharge - Tobacco Products Report Charge
TOFCServiceCharge - TOFC Service Charge
ToolCharge - Tool Charge
Tooling - Tooling
ToolingReworkCharge - Tooling Rework Charge
ToolsForPrinting - Tools for Printing
TotalOther - The total for items other than those primarily reported upon in the message.
TotalAssessorialCharges - Total Assessorial Charges
TotalDueUSCustomsService - Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
TotalFees - Total Fees
TotalInvoiceAmount - Total Invoice Amount
TotalInvoiceAmountNon-USDollars - Total Invoice Amount, Non-U.S. Dollars
TotalInvoiceAmountUSDollars - Total Invoice Amount, U.S. Dollars
TotalMaterialInvoiceAmount - Total Material Invoice Amount
TracingInboundViaOtherCarriers - Tracing Inbound Via Other Carriers
TracingServiceFee - Tracing Service Fee
TrackStorage - Track Storage
TradeDiscount - Trade Discount
TradeIn - Trade In
TrailerRentalCharge - Trailer Rental Charge
TransferCharge - Transfer Charge
TransferOfLadingCharge - Transfer of Lading Charge
TransferredCharges - Transferred Charges
Transit - Transit
TransmissionCharge - Transmission Charge
TransportationAndSetup - Transportation And Setup
TransportationChargeMinimumRate - Transportation Charge (Minimum Rate)
TransportationDirectBilling - Transportation Direct Billing
TransportationThirdPartyBilling - Transportation Third Party Billing
TransportationVendorProvided - Transportation Vendor Provided
TrimmingCharge - Trimming Charge
TruckDetention - Truck Detention
TruckloadDiscount - Truckload Discount
TurningCharge - Turning Charge
Two-DayService - Two - Day Service
TwoDoorPickUp - Two Door Pick Up
UnabsorbedSwitching - Unabsorbed Switching
Unitized - Unitized
Unloading - Unloading
UnloadingLaborCharges - Unloading (Labor Charges)
UnloadingReloadingCharge - Unloading/Reloading Charge
UnsaleableMerchandiseAllowance - Unsaleable Merchandise Allowance
UnscheduledFee - Unscheduled Fee
UpCharge - Up Charge
UsagePlanDetailCharge - Usage Plan Detail Charge
USCustomsServiceFlatAssistAmount - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Flat Assist Amount
USCustomsServiceMaximumAssistAmount - U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Maximum Assist Amount
USDAInspectedStampingCertification - USDA Inspected, Stamping Certification
UseChargeToolingPersonnel - Use Charge Tooling/Personnel
Use-SpecialTypeFlatCar - Use - Special Type Flat Car
USVehicles - U.S. Vehicles
ValuationFee - Valuation Fee
VanCleaning - Van Cleaning
VehicleOrderedButNotUsed - Vehicle Ordered but Not Used
VehiclePrepChargeCourtesyDelivery - Vehicle Prep Charge (Courtesy Delivery)
VehicleRoadCharge - Vehicle Road Charge
VendorFreight - Vendor Freight
VentingInstructions - Venting Instructions
VirginIslandTransferCharge - Virgin Island Transfer Charge
VolumeDiscount - Volume Discount
VoluntaryContributionCharge - Voluntary Contribution Charge
WaitingTime - Waiting Time
Warehouse - Warehouse
Warehousing - Warehousing
Warranties - Warranties
WarRiskCrewInsurance - War Risk Crew Insurance
WarRiskInsurance - War Risk Insurance
WarRiskSurcharge - War Risk Surcharge
WastedFutileTrip - Wasted/Futile Trip
WatermelonFee - Watermelon Fee
WaybillAndInvoiceDistribution - Waybill and Invoice Distribution
WeatherProtection - Weather Protection
WeightVerificationCharge - Weight Verification Charge
Wharfage-Breakbulk - Wharfage - Breakbulk
WharfageCharge - Wharfage Charge
Wharfage-Container - Wharfage - Container
WharfageHandling - Wharfage and Handling
WideAreaTelephoneServiceUsageCredit - Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) Usage Credit
WillCallCharge - Will Call Charge
WrittenProofOfDelivery - Written Proof of Delivery
X-rayCharge - X-ray Charge
or 10 % less than the amount which it refers.

inimum Average Time Requirement Billing

a default allowance. It may be overridden per line item.
hrough Rates and Charges)

wance for Indirect Costs
ault charge. It may be overridden per line item.
e and Non-performance

 Advertising/Merchandising Allowance (Performance)
es on Distribution Freight Forwarded Beyond
dling Freight At Positions Not Immediately Adjacent To Vehicle Charge

 Fee - Domestic
ing Fee - International

ing to Shipping Point)
rt Association (IATA) Commission
sociation (IATA) Markup

ent Factor - 20 Foot Container
ent Factor - 40 Foot Container
ft Service at Pick-up/Delivery

ault allowance.

ms Service (USCS)
e Support for Operational Support Systems
 for Switching Systems
ce Furniture)

ling, and Transportation Charge

t is Returnable
hat is Returnable
hipper's Expense)
ustoms Service (USCS)
au 583 Item 1100 Arbitrary Charge

of Debarkation
thority Surcharge
tising Allowance

rge (Export or Import)

o Make Market Value
he message.
Assist Amount
) Maximum Assist Amount

WATS) Usage Credit

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