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                                        Why I Love My Scentsy Candle Business

       By Lisa Murdock
       Dated: Oct 07, 2010

       Scentsy is a direct sales party plan business that was founded in 2004 and is based in Boise, Idaho.

       Scentsy is a direct sales party plan business that was founded in 2004 and is based in Boise, Idaho. They
       feature many different products including electric candle warmers, electric plug INS, scentsy candles bars,
       room sprays, car fresheners, hand sanitizing foam, and scented stuffed animals. I feel that this candle
       business opportunity is second to none because it is the perfect marriage of directing selling and a product
       line that is simple, affordable, and consumable. This combination sets the stage for someone to own their
       own business and have the sky be the limit.

        Why is direct sales such a great opportunity? Direct sales offers may benefits that the corporate world
       doesn’t. First of all, you are your own boss. You set your own hours to work, govern your goals, and work
       as hard as you wish. Also your start up cost is usually very low with direct sales. With Scentsy it is only
       $99 to buy the Scentsy Starter Kit and become a consultant. What other business can you start for $99? I
       once looked at starting a printing and shipping business and my initial investment would have been
       $60,000. I would have maybe started to break even in 5 years where I would actually start making an
       income. Am I glad I found Scentsy instead! Another benefit of direct sales is you can build a team! When
       you build a team you are able to earn team bonuses and sales bonuses for yourself with the Scentsy
       Compensation Plan. You can earn up to 9% team bonus and a 9% sales bonus off your personal sales as
       you move up in rank with Scentsy. Statistics show the 6% of American women earn over $100,000 per year
       and 80% of them are in direct sales! Wow, what a great opportunity direct sales presents to someone who is
       willing to work hard! Direct sales also give you a chance to earn residual income. As you build a team and
       that team grows, your paycheck will grow. With time and effort, your business can blossom into much
       more then you would have ever dreamed possible.

        What makes Scentsy products so wonderful? Well you really have to smell them to know why! You often
       hear Scentsy consultants say our products sell themselves. But it is true! You plug in the Scentsy warmer,
       put in a cube of wax and everyone wants one. The product line is so simple and customer friendly also.
       Everyone knows how to put in a light bulb! All you do is put in the bulb, plug it in, choose your favorite
       scent and within minutes your house starts to smell wonderful. Scentsy electric warmers also solve a
       problem. Everyone wants their home to smell nice but they don’t want the danger of flamed candles. I
       believe the danger of traditional candles is why Scentsy has grown consistently 300% a year since they
       started as a company. With Scentsy you have no flame, no soot, no smoke and no danger, just wonderful
       scent. Nothing goes into the air except the scent because the wax is warmed, not burned. Once you have
       Scentsy you will never light another candle unless the electricity goes out!

        Having your own candle business also gives you freedom. You can work on your schedule and around
       your family’s needs. If you need to take your kids somewhere, you can. You are never tied to a time clock
       to punch in and out. When you offer the Scentsy business opportunity to others you are giving them a
       chance to have the same freedom. You are giving them a chance to be their own boss, set their own hours,
       and sell a wonderful product people are looking for. And they can do all of this for just $99!

        This is such a great time to get started with Scentsy. Scentsy is still a very young company with enormous
       growth potential. They are in the United States and just opened Canada in the fall of 2009 but are planning
       to expand to even more countries. With growth and expansion come opportunities for your personal
       business to also grow and expand.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 When I found Scentsy, I found my home. I had been looking for a business for myself and I am so grateful
I found this company. I love being my own boss and knowing that if I work hard now, my future is very
bright. I know my candle business will continue to grow and expand as Scentsy grows and expands. I love
being part of this fabulous company. If you love candles, want to earn extra income, and want to be your
own boss, Scentsy could also be the right company for you. To learn more about this unique opportunity
please check my website at


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