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No garage, tent, trailer, basement, or similar fixed or moveable structure shall be used as a dwelling
except under the following conditions:

A.     A tent, travel trailer, motor home or similar enclosure may be occupied for periods up to
       thirty (30) days only within an approved and licensed campground or other overnight
       camping facility.

B.     The owner of property in an AG, SE, SF-l, SF-2, R-l or R-2 district may obtain approval
       from the Building Inspector for placement of one (1) mobile home on the property for not
       more than one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of issuance of a building permit,
       during the actual construction on the property of the owner's single family dwelling. The
       temporary dwelling shall be connected to an approved water supply and sewage disposal

C.     After a building permit and zoning compliance permit have been issued for the construction
       of a principal building in 0, C-l, C-2, C-3, M-l, M-2, and RO districts, a temporary zoning
       compliance permit may be issued for the placement and use of a mobile home on the
       construction site of the principal building, subject to the following requirements:

       1.      The permit period shall not exceed one hundred twenty (120) days and shall specify
               the exact location of the mobile home. The temporary permit may be renewed for
               successive 120 day periods provided the total shall not exceed three hundred sixty-
               five (365) days.

       2.      The mobile home shall be located not closer than ten (10) feet to any lot line.

       3.      If the mobile home is or will be on the lot for more than fifteen (15) days, it shall be
               connected to waste disposal and water supply systems.

       4.      The permit shall identify the persons intended to occupy the mobile home; occupancy
               by any person not so identified is prohibited.

       5.      These provisions are intended to facilitate the management and security of premises
               under construction. If an administrative official finds, on the basis of information
               furnished to him, that these purposes will not be reasonably carried out by the
               intended use, he shall deny the permit; in which case, the applicant may apply to the
               Board of Appeals for relief from the decision of the administrative official.

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