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Time Flies                                May the Mayfly        Brooklyn Botanic Garden    Michael Silverstone
Wonder of the World                       Lois                  Pull Together Prod.             Brian Gillespie
The Three Sisters                         Masha                 The Assembly                       Jess Chayes
The Talking Show                          Chorus                PS 122                            Lucy Sexton
Ghost Light                               Natalie               59e59                               Jose Zayas
The Confidence Man                        Woman/Mother          Woodshed Collective         Stephen Brackett
Quixote                                   Edith                 Stillpoint Prod.             Lear DeBessonet
Dawn (Thomas Bradshaw)                    Laura                 The Flea                          Jim Simpson
12 Ophelias (Caridad Svitch)              Gertrude              McCarren Park Pool            Teddy Bergman
Room for Cream (2 Headed Calf)            Ellie                 La Mama                        Brooke O’Harra
Wasps (Ken Urban)                         Bedazzler             HERE (Target Margin)                Jose Zayas
Kurbisgeist (Sibyl Kempson)               Horse Priestess       Dixon Place                     Jessica Brater
St. Joan of the Stockyards                Mrs. Luckerniddle     PS 122                       Lear DeBessonet
Crime or Emergency (Sibyl Kempson)        Lacey                 Dixon Place, PS122             Sibyl Kempson
Purity (Thomas Bradshaw)                  Michelle              PS 122                       Yehuda Duenyas
I [Heart] Kant                            Linda                 The Committee               Dylan McCullough
A Man’s Best Friend (Jeffrey M. Jones)    Betty Brown           Walkerspace                  Katherine Owens
Tsunami                                   Interviewer           Shufu/Tonic                      Madelyn Kent
The Female Terrorist Project              Amelia                The Committee                 Laramie Dennis
Mrs. Farnsworth (A.R. Gurney) (starring   Amy Needleman         The Flea &                        Jim Simpson
Sigourney Weaver and John Lithgow)                              Long Wharf 2
3 Americanisms (Mac Wellman)              Woman                 Chashama                      Laramie Dennis
Kawaisoo: The Pity of Things (Jason       Ellie                 92nd St. Y@ Makor             Laramie Dennis
Iraqi Interview                           Interviewer           Shufu/Tonic                      Madelyn Kent
Cleveland (Mac Wellman)                   Joan                  The Flea                          Jim Simpson
The Mother (Witkiewicz)                   Dorothy               Columbia Univ.                  Hyungjung Lee
Julius Caesar                             Portia                GMT Productions                Gail Deschamps
Baal (Brecht)                             Landlady              The Flea                          Jim Simpson
Two Serious Ladies (Jane Bowles)          Christina Goering     Columbia Univ.               Ken Russ Schmoll
Benten Kozo (OBIE Award winner)           Daihachi              The Flea                          Jim Simpson
Cleveland (Mac Wellman)                   Joan                  The Flea                       Laramie Dennis
Dirty Little Secrets (Jeffrey M. Jones)   Debbie                The Flea                      Page Burkholder
Possibilities (Howard Barker)             Woman                 Walkerspace                      Linsey Firman
Return of the Chocolate-Smeared           Veal Calf             The Flea           Karen Finley & Jim Simpson
Cellophane (Mac Wellman)                  Mad Potato #4         The Flea                         Jim Simpson
The Revenger’s Tragedy                    Castiza               Expanded Arts                   David Levine
You Can’t Write a Love Story              Lover                 HERE                          Laramie Dennis
7 : The House of the 7 Gables             Mrs. Maule            Tiny Mythic/HERE                   Tim Maner
The Skin of / Our Town                    Street Person         Stella Adler                  Ruth Maleczech
Titus Andronicus                          Tamora                Stella Adler                      James Tripp

Street Therapy                            Business Woman                                           Jason Rice
Location, Location, Laceration            Kate (real estate agt.)         The Lactose Project  Russell Dreher
Copyright (independent)                   The Assistant                   Weinstein         Mariano Weinstein

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Stella Adler Conservatory)