; Newsletter in Publisher Dec 2010
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Newsletter in Publisher Dec 2010


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									                                                                                            Vol. 1, No. 2
                                                                                         December 2010
                           KAIROS OUTSIDE

  Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Chapter of Kairos Outside

     Greetings From the KO NoVA
            Council Chair                                          We want to wish a big     Happy Birth-
                                                                   day   and congratula-
I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward                  tions to all our KO
               to cookies….                                        NoVA     sisters   and
                                                                   brothers     who   are
                  We had a great turn out for the Kai-             celebrating their spe-
                  ros Outside NoVA Reunion on Novem-               cial days in the month
                  ber 6th at St. John’s United Methodist           of December.
                  Church in Springfield. About 30 guests,
                  team, and family members attended                Janet Holmes 3rd
                  the Reunion. There was plenty of food            Bernice Piasare 23rd
                  and lots of singing, praying, and shar-
                                                                   Laura Lewis 23rd
                  ing.    I think everyone had a great
time. We missed all those who were unable to attend and            Nicky Medina 31st
hope we will see you at future events. It was a wonderful
                                                                   If you have a birthday this month and we
way to wind up our first KO NoVA Retreat Weekend.
                                                                   missed you, please accept our apologies.
                                                                   Email Jackie White at VAKairosOut-
The next event is the Christmas Cookie Exchange on                 side@hotmail.com and she will make sure
December 11th from 1-3 PM at St. John's United Methodist           you are added for next year.
Church. We have several ladies signed up for the Cookie
Exchange and I am looking forward to a good turn out. If
you didn't sign up come anyway and bring your sweet
tooth and a plate of cookies to share.
Lou Ann Bennett is conducting a fund raiser through her
Sentsy Candle business where she will donate 15% of the
                                                                           Advisory Council
proceeds to KO NoVA. She will be taking orders now
through January 31, 2011.                                        Chair – Barbara Teats
                                                                 Treasurer -- Sonia Spangenburg
To beat the winter chill and show off your cooking skills,       Financial Secretary – Linda Smith
join us for the Chili Tasting and Silent Auction fundraiser to   Secretary – Jackie White
be held on February 5, 2011, at Cameron UMC. Let Jackie          Supplies – Linda Smith
White know if you have a basket or an item you would like
                                                                 Data Base – Jackie White
to donate for the Silent Auction and let Lou Ann Bennett
know if you can make chili or help in any other way with
                                                                 State Representative - Lou Ann Ben-
food and supplies.                                               nett
                                                                 Music – Kathy Henry
I hope you are thinking of the next weekend. I know Fran         Liaison to Facility – Mary Lotito
is looking for team applications and guest registration          Agape – Sylvia Porter
forms. If you can help with any of our upcoming events,          Fund Raising - Barbara Teats
please contact me at VAKairosOutside@hotmail.com. You            Sponsorship – Barbara Teats
can       also    visit     our     Web     page      at
                                                                 Outreach—Fran Carfaro & Linda Smith
www.KairosOutsideNoVA.org to find information on upcom-
ing events and obtain team applications and guest regis-         Housing – Fran Carfaro
tration forms.                                                   Spiritual Director – Joann Smith

I pray that everyone will have a Wonderful Christmas and
a very Happy New Year.                                                 Kairos Outside of NoVA
                                                                            P.O. Box 652
Grace and Peace,
                                                                       Centreville, VA 20122
Barbara Teats                                                       VAKairosOutside@hotmail.com

                      UPCOMING EVENTS

                           Holiday Cookie Exchange
                           December 11th
 Please join us for a time of holiday cheer as we celebrate the season
 with friends and family. There will be lots of Door Prizes, and re-
 freshments. Please bring 5 dozen of one type of your favorite home
 baked holiday cookie for the exchange. Place 3 to 6 cookies in a seal-
 able sandwich bag for sharing. You will go home with a variety of cookies without the
 hassle of baking all of them yourself. These make perfect holiday gifts, party items,
 or use them for yourself and family. So come and get your holiday off with lots of
 fun and excitement.

 If you have questions, please contact Jackie White at VAKairosOutside@hotmail.com

 Date: December 11th, 2010                      Location:     St John’s United Methodist
                                                    5312 Backlick Road
 Time: 1 PM—3 PM                                    Springfield, VA 22151

                         Kairos Winter and Summer
All are invited to attend any of the Kairos Conferences scheduled for 2011. There will be speakers
and numerous workshops to attend and learn what the future is for Kairos and Kairos Outside. For
more information and fees, see the Kairos website at: www.kairosprisonministry.org. Look under
the tab “Conferences”.

       2011 Winter Conference
       Board and International Council Meetings
       February 10~12, 2011
       Orlando, Florida

       2011 Summer Conference
       July 26~31, 2011
       Rivier College


                         December 2010 — January 2011

If you like candles....You will LOVE Scentsy.

Our very own Lou Ann Bennett is a consultant for Scentsy Candle Products. For the next two months
Lou Ann will be taking orders on products with 15% of the proceeds going to support KO NoVA.

                 This is a great way to get some of your holiday shopping done. Items ordered will
                 be sent directly to your home so you won’t need to worry about picking them up.
                 You can have a great unique gift for a very small price! Each bar of wax last 60-80
                 hours (much more economical than a standard wicked candle) and makes your
                 whole home smell amazing. It is the wickless candle that everyone is raving about.

To order go online at www.LouBennett.scentsy.us to browse the entire catalog with FREE Shipping-
Ask me how! You can also email Lou Ann at scentsbyLou@live.com or call her for a FREE brochure
at 703-801-2453. Maybe you would like to host a book party and earn free products or join
Scentsy and enjoy your own work from home business!

Lou Ann will be taking orders until January 31st.

                                          February 2011

              Chili Lunch. — We are in the initial planning of having a Chili Lunch with
Silent Auction in February. The cost will be $5 for Adults and $2 for children under age 12 with all
proceeds going to support KO NoVA. Tickets will be sold in advance by KO Council Members or at the
door. Be sure to invite all your family and friends as this will be lots of fun. We need volunteers to
help make chili, corn bread, and desserts, provide drinks, paper products, items for the silent auction,
and to work at the event.

Silent Auction. — Along with the Chili Lunch we will have a Silent Auction to help raise funds. Some of
the items to be auctioned include: Pet Baskets; Garden Lover’s Basket; Household Tools; Time Share at
Massanutten, VA; Income and Corporate Tax Return Services; Wine Lover Basket; and many more.

Date: February 5, 2011                                 Time: 12 Noon — 3:30 PM

Location: Cameron United Methodist Church, 3130 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310

If you are interested in helping with this event by making chili, donating for the silent auction or if you can as-
sist in various other ways during the event, please contact Jackie White at VAKairosOutside@hotmail.com

By Vicki Lamb.

     Several years ago, a member of our congregation gave a slide presentation on Kairos that in-
cluded letters from participants telling how their weekend with Jesus and the Kairos team was
changing their lives inside prison. I thought, “What a wonderful thing it to bring love and joy to peo-
ple in a situation that must sometimes seem devoid of both.”
     Only years later, on my own Emmaus weekend, did I fully understand just how life-changing the
experience of God’s unconditional love can be, especially when it’s delivered by His Holy Spirit
through hundreds of helpers—those who are there in the flesh and the many others who support His
work through round-the-clock prayers and gifts of agape.
     Last spring, I learned that a women’s team was being formed for Kairos Outside (KO), a Kairos
ministry new to northern Virginia. Unlike the “Inside” weekends, this one would be for women who
had loved ones incarcerated. This was very appealing to me. I believe that women have historically
supported each other through life’s biggest crises. If the crisis happens to be a loved one incarcer-
ated, finding friends who understand the emotional complexities and day-to-day challenges of this
particular situation would likely be difficult. On a KO weekend, guests would meet other women who
understood their situation completely and find mutual support that ideally would continue after the
     The team formation for KO depends on prayer, worship, and Fully Relying on God [F.R.O.G.] to
ensure that the weekend happens according to His plans. God puts the team together, calls the
guests to participate, and, as we pray for and learn more about each other, infuses the whole enter-
prise with His loving spirit.
     The weeks of team-building for KO NOVA #1 went by almost too quickly, and at last we were all
on our way to the hills of Maryland in the glorious early autumn sunshine. After the toting of bags
upstairs and down, unpacking, greetings, preparation of meeting spaces, and lunch, we eagerly
awaited the arrival of our guests.
     Our cook team was AWESOME! These folks were working behind the scenes from the very first
team meeting to make sure that our bodies were nourished along with our spirits. They were much
more visible, however, on the actual weekend. After finding spaces to store the mountains of cookies
and snacks contributed by the Kairos community, they set up the dining room, whipped up a “little”
lunch for the team, consisting of homemade soups, salads, sandwich fixings, and desserts, and then
did it all over again a few hours later for our guests. A big surprise was the comedic talent this group
had been nurturing! Their skits, funny songs, poems, and other entertainment during the weekend
definitely contributed to its joyful ambiance.
     At last, we got to meet our guests! They were beautiful, amazing, and inspirational. They ranged
in age from 20s to mid 80s. In some cases family members attended together. As a table leader, I
was blessed with an opportunity to watch the same bonding experience the team had experienced
unfold before my eyes as the guests drew closer to each other. Their common life experience took
precedence over differences in age, careers, and languages. Furthermore, these strong women were
already finding ways to transcend many of their challenges and comfortably shared these with each
other. Our hope for the weekend—the development of a support network for the first group of KO
NOVA guests—was becoming a reality.
     The women grew progressively closer, the team was blessed by the guests, the guests were
blessed by the KO NoVA and Maryland Kairos communities, and we were all blessed by the moun-
tains of agape that grew hour by hour in the community room. I think the weekend was especially
fun for us rookie team members, because a lot of the little surprises prepared for the guests
throughout the weekend surprised and delighted us, too.
     Because KO NoVA community is still very new, increasing our group of potential team members
is important as we prepare for the next two weekends. If you have been a guest on a Kairos week-
end, and would like to contribute your hands, feet, voice, and experience to a special weekend for
other women with loved ones who are incarcerated, please sign up to team or sponsor a guest… Go
to www.KairosOutsideNoVA.org for a team application and instructions.
     Teaming on KO NoVA #1 was a blessing to me. I know it will be a blessing for you as well. I
highly recommend it.

                    2011 KO NoVA Weekends
KO #2
Leader: Fran Carfaro
Theme: “Beauty for Ashes” - Isaiah 61
Logo: See next page
Date: June 3-5, 2011
Location: Meadowkirk Retreat Center
             38012 Delta Farm Lane
             Middleburg, VA 20117

   Team Applications and Guest Reservation Forms are
   now being accepted for KO#2. These forms can be obtained from the KO NoVA Web Page at
KO #3
Leader: Mary Lotito
Theme/Date/Location —TBD

                         We Need Your Help!
2011 Council Members. The NoVA Advisory Council is still putting together its members for
           2011. If you have an interest in being a part of this wonderful ministry, please
              contact Barbara Teats at

              Fundraising Hostesses. KO NoVA is in need of Hostesses for fund raising
              campaigns. If you have an idea or suggestion for raising financial support or
would like to help with an upcoming event, please contact Barbara Teats at VAKairosOut-

Supporters. Do you know of a church or other organization that might be willing to help
support KO NoVA? If you do, please let Fran Carfaro or Linda Smith know as
they are always willing to make presentations with a PowerPoint and Video to
educate and spread awareness about KO. We always need guests, prayers, and
financial support to keep this wonderful ministry alive. These organizations and
churches might also be willing to provide supplies, color logos and make place-
mats for the weekend.

Team Members/Guest Reservations. Do you feel God calling you to serve as a team
member on an upcoming Weekend? Do you know of a potential Guest? We have two Week-
ends in 2011 and we need team members and guests, so please pray about it and see if God
is putting the name of someone on your heart. If you are a former guest, think how wonder-
ful it would be to give back a little of what you received on your retreat weekend. Contact
Fran Carfaro or Mary Lotito if you are interested in serving on a future team or know of a po-
tential guest. Please mail your team application & guest registration forms to the Centreville
P.O. Box.

                                                  To unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter, please email
                                                  Jackie White at VAKairosOutside@hotmail.com.


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