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									Currency Cash Flow Machine Review

“I don’t expect you to believe these admittedly outrageous returns – so I’m publicly publishing
the whole world to see.”

From the Desk of Michael Maffei

Napa Valley, CA

      Yes, this is 100% legal.
      Yes, I’m front-running, or executing my trades in front of the currency trades place by
       Citigroup, BOA, UBS and other big banks. I’ll show you how in a few minutes.
      And yes, I can prove – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the strategy I’m about to share
       with you let me …
      Turn $10,000 into $110,000 in 30 days…
      Turn $50,000 into $750,000 before commissions…
      and $682,286 of cold, hard, spendable cash after commissions in just 12 short
       months.These are NOT hypothetical results…. These are NOT B.S. back-tested or silly
       simulated trades…

These are my real results from live trading with real money.

Yes, I have the audited broker statements and the live trading account to prove it too. I’m
opening those up publicly today so you can see the numbers for yourself because I expect you to
be skeptical.

Follow the Link Below To Read More, watch Video and download broker statements:

=> Currency Cash Flow Machine Review

I’m throwing out some sizable numbers so let me back those up.
       I want you to see how real these profits are. You can download and examine my 2010
        broker statements at the PDF link below this video.
       I want you to check out the account summary at the end of my broker statements where…
       You can see I only deposited a total of $49,975.
       You can see I paid $68,666.40 in commissions.
       You can see my profit/loss from trading after commissions was $682,286.26 – that’s my
        actual profit.
       So before commissions that $49,975 became $750,952.66

==> Video coming soon….


       You can see I averaged $56,857 a MONTH in profits in 2010 from my initial $50,000
        deposit. That’s more than most doctors or lawyers make in a year.
       You can also see I made over $100,000 in a single day on May 6th when the now
        infamous “Flash crash” hit – an event that sent most traders into a financial tailspin – but
        when you’re front-running banks volatility is your best friend.
       You can also see plenty of trades where I was making $10,000… $12,000… up to
        $17,000 in as little as 6 minutes to a few hours.

And, if you’re a risk-averse, safety-conscious trader like I am then pay special attention to my
withdrawal figures.

       You can see here I was pulling money out of this account left and right – I pulled out
        $539,725 during 2010.
       After pulling out $539k I still had $142,561 in the account. Remember this is all from a
        single $50,000 deposit.

You can actually use this front-running strategy starting with as a little as $500 to a $1,000. And
then you could build that up to where it’s potentially PAYING you a bigger paycheck than most
people make working full-time.

But that’s beside the point. The point is I never actually left more than about $150,000 in the
trading account at any given time.

I’ll explain the method behind my madness as
I get farther into explaining what I’m doing.
But part of the reason I pulled over $539,000 out of this account is that I’m just very
conservative when it comes to money management.

And the other reason I was pulling money out of this account is because, even with these
admittedly outrageous returns, this is NOT my #1 trading strategy.

In fact, it doesn’t break into my top three performers. That’s the only reason I’m willing to open
this particular strategy to the public, but I’ll get to that in a second.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse but I know these returns are so far out of the realm of reality for
most traders that I want to go ahead and show you my actual trading account.

Follow the Link Below To Read More, watch Video and download broker statements:

=> Currency Cash Flow Machine Review

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