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IFTA UPDATE June 2009 Issue

VIEWS: 1,930 PAGES: 17

In the June 2009 issue of the IFTA UPDATE, is mentioned in the President's Report to Colleagues. Along with some housekeeping and announcements, the President's Report to Colleagues discusses the current swing cycle up of interest in Technical Analysis (TA) and the role of new-age internet media in fueling the interest in TA. and in particular,'s flagship show "Chart Attack" is featured in this discussion on Page 2: "The world of TA appears to be experiencing another swing cycle up, which will bring not only renewed and increased interest in both mature and emerging markets, but also a leap in new developments. Along with traditional publishing, this will be supported by methods of new media methods such as digg, Twitter, You- Tube, or internet broadcasters like FINZ.TV, where technicians now film, write, publish and produce to dis- seminate their knowledge and insight to a worldwide audience. Are these innovations of organized sharing of information, TA instruc- tion, discussion and market cover- age valuable instruction or simply entertainment? Is the running Twitter commentary chatter and noise, or can we glean information and learn? Is the Chart Attack Channel on FINZ.TV with its on-going and fast-paced com- mentary and discussions by market technicians, simply entertainment? Or is it a preview to the future of TA-based coverage of the markets? Will new and groundbreaking technical indicators emerge out of this?"

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