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FINANCIALLY                                                                                                           January 2011

Smart talk about money matters.
In This Edition:                      Pay 2 Bills, Earn $10
n   Pay 2 Bills, Earn $10             Let us teach you a trick or two about the convenience and
n   iQ Credit Union’s                 time-saving benefits of iQ Credit Union’s FREE online
    Annual Meeting                    banking and bill pay!
n   Scholarship Applications
                                      Here are a few tricks about FREE online banking and bill pay:
    Available Now                     • Access account information anytime, anywhere
n   iQ CU has Money to Loan           • Transfer funds and pay your bills with just a few clicks
n   TurboTax®                         • Never pay a late fee with our payment guarantee
n   Tax Information
                                      PLUS, if you register now for iQ Credit Union’s FREE online bill pay, we’ll give you $10 when
n   Focus on Our Volunteers           you pay your first 2 bills online!*
n   Holiday Closings                  Once you’ve registered for online bill pay and paid your first 2 bills online, click the
                                      Redeem Reward button to request your $10 award. It’s that easy.

iQ Credit Union’s                     *Visit for more details.
70th Annual Meeting
When:     Wednesday, March 30         iQ Credit Union has Money to Loan!
Where: Hudson’s Bay                   Whether you’re looking to drive home a new car, tap into your home equity and remodel, or
       High School                    refinance any non-iQ loan for a lower rate, iQ Credit Union has money to loan.

Appetizers will be served at 6:00     Auto Loans
p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.      If you’re a would-be car buyer with decent credit and                                              a
                                                                                                          Move an auto loan. Car
This is your chance to learn about    down payment, the world is your showroom. Deals are                 payment too high? Refinance
fiscal year 2010 and upcoming         everywhere. Rates are low. And iQ Credit Union has money            your auto loan with us and enjoy
plans for 2011, then vote for this    to loan. To put you in the driver’s seat, we offer rates that       our low rates.
year’s Board of Directors.            will rev your engine — and personalized service to match.
                                      Whether you apply online, in person, over the phone or at a         Move your credit cards. Losing
See you there!                        participating dealer, you’ll always drive home a smart deal.        too much cash from your cards?
                                      Apply today.                                                        Transfer your credit card balances
                                                                                                          to an iQ VISA Platinum and enjoy
Scholarship Applications              Home Equity Loans                                                   cash back on every purchase —
Available Now                         If you’re a homeowner with good credit and equity in
                                                                                                          with no balance transfer fee.
                                      your home, turn that equity to cash with Smart Equity from          Move a home equity loan.
A variety of scholarships are         iQ Credit Union. Smart Equity combines the security of a            Monthly payment breaking the
available to area students            fixed-rate loan with the flexibility of a line of credit. You can   budget? Turn your high-interest
and educators. For complete           use any or all of your approved amount as a line of credit or as    home equity loan into an iQ
details and applications, visit       a fixed-rate loan — with up to three separate fixed-rate loans      Smart Equity account and enjoy or stop by any iQ        from your approved amount. Rates are low. Terms are flexible.       our great low rates.
branch. Completed applications        And iQ Credit Union has money to loan. Apply today.
must be postmarked or delivered
in person to a branch no later than   Transfer Loans from Other Financial Institutions
Saturday, March 12 (sorry, no         Times are tight, especially on your wallet. If high-interest loans are eating up too much of your
deadline exceptions).                 budget, we can help. Move an existing auto loan, credit card or home equity loan from any
                                      other financial institution to iQ Credit Union and save.
Good luck!
                                      iQ Credit Union has money to loan! To apply, visit, call the Member Service
                                                           Center at (360) 695-3441 or stop by any branch.
                                       Do Your Taxes Right and Get Your Biggest Refund Possible
NEWS&NOTES                             with TurboTax.®
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                                       No matter where life may take you, TurboTax® makes it easy to do your taxes right and get
Focus on Our Volunteers                your maximum tax refund guaranteed. What’s best, as a valued iQ Credit Union member you
Banks are owned by stockholders,
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who are only in business to make
                              with TurboTax® and get your refund in as few as 8 days.
a profit. Credit Unions, are owned
by the members (account holders).
                                       With TurboTax it’s easy to do your taxes right:
Any profits are returned to the
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account holders in the form of lower
                                        Biggest Refund Guaranteed
loan rates, higher rates on savings,
                                       • 100% Accurate Calculations
lower fees and additional products
                                       • Double checks your return so you get all the
and services. As account holders,
                                        deductions and credits you deserve
or members of your Credit Union,
you elect volunteers to serve as iQ
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Credit Union Board of Directors.
                                       FREE Today – you don’t pay unless you are satisfied with the results.
These volunteers determine iQ Credit
Union’s direction and make important
decisions about our future.
                                       Tax Information
Thank You, Dedicated
iQ Credit Union Volunteer
Board of Directors!                                                      What is a 1099 INT?                   assessed. Otherwise your refund will be
Jim Sork, Chairman                                                       The statement you receive from        returned to the sender as “invalid account”.
                                                                         payers of interest income, from the
                                       H E L P F U L I N F OR M AT ION

Scott Bieber, Vice Chairman                                                                                    This 9-digit account format is required for
Sharon Eastman, Secretary                                                CU or other savings institutions,     posting of all direct deposits, automatic
Doug Lehrman, Treasurer                                                  that summarizes your interest         withdrawals and loan payments.
Bill Hogan, Director                                                     income for the year. This form is
Ed Maxwell, Director                                                     also used to report other tax items   What you need to know to set up
Evie Grendahl, Director                                                  related to your interest income,      these postings:
Steve Porter, Director                                                   such as early withdrawal penalties,   iQ Credit Union
Don Kitterman, Director                                                  federal tax withheld and foreign      PO Box 1739, Vancouver, WA 98668
                                                                         tax paid.                             (360) 695-3441
If members have compliments,
comments, concerns or complaints                                         Direct Deposit your tax refund        Routing number: 323383378
they want to share with the Board                                        (routing & transit number)            Deposit into checking:
of Directors, they can be contacted                                      It is important to use the correct    Use the 9-digit account number from the
by writing to PO Box 1739,                                               nine-digit account number on your     bottom of your check.
Vancouver, WA, 98668 or e-mail                                           tax return paperwork to ensure        Deposit into savings:                                                      that your refund is credited to the   Your account number needs to be
                                                                         correct account. If the account       converted into a 9-digit number.
                                                                         number is not formatted correctly,    Visit our website for information on
                                                                         we may be able to hand post your      how to convert your savings account
                                                                         return. However, there will be a      number.
                                                                         $25.00 tax refund research fee        onlineforms/directdeposit.asp

                                             Not sure what numbers to use? Visit http://www.iqcu.
                                             com/infodesk/onlineforms/directdeposit.asp or call the
                                             Member Service Center at (360) 695-3441.

Holiday Closing                              Get your refund in as fast as 10 days when you e-file,
                                             about a month faster than mail. Direct deposit gives you
We will be closed Monday, January
                                             quick access to your money. Simple interview questions
17, in observation of Martin Luther
                                             and step-by-step help make returns easy to complete.
King, Jr. Day.
                                             100% guaranteed calculations and deduction checks assure accuracy and maximize your refund.
                                             Relax knowing your tax data is protected. IRS e-filing guarantees delivery of your return.

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