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Fall/Winter 2010

                                            What A Real Life Looks Like

  Leanne Young
  Pearl McLeod
  Gabriella Szakadathy
  Groundbreakers: herstory
  Who were the women who
  settled the land you live on?
  The Grand Finale                                    Edge?
                                   Living on the Contribute
  Harvest Pies,                   How Female Hormones
  Pecan Peach and Raspberry          to Anxiety and Panic Attacks 
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in this issue
LETTER TO MY FRIENDS                                              06
THE AVID READER                                                   08
WHITE HOT TRUTH                                                   10
THE HOLISTIC APPROACH                                             12
GROUNDBREAKERS: herstory                                          14
PEARL MARIE MCLEOD                                                18
LEANNE YOUNG                                                      20
GABRIELLA SZAKADATHY                                              24
ANXIETY + PANIC + HORMONES                                        28
THE GRAND FINALE                                                  32
LITTLE INSPIRATIONS                                               34

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       REAL                                                                          letter to my friends
     heart                                                          “When we stop opposing reality, action becomes
                                                                       simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.” ~ Byron Katie

          fter nine months, Real Woman            angry stupor frought with ‘If onlys...’ I didn`t un-   bling. The only things I control in my life are
          Magazine welcomes its devoted           derstand. How could something that felt so             my thoughts and my actions.
          readers back with the first ever        right - so meant to be - not work out the way             The ability to trust in a higher good is the
 online issue of the magazine.                    I wanted? Where did I go wrong?                        greatest peacekeeper. Trust is tricky and I
    I`m not going to lie about it. I spent sev-       Looking back over my life and the lessons          tend to forget my life lessons. But, through this
 eral months pissed off about the loss of the     I’ve learned, I can recall three specific mo-          experience, I’ve been reminded: When I fight
 printed magazine. I loved it. I loved mak-       ments where I was faced with the messy col-            with the facts, I am miserable. And when I trust
 ing it. And delivering it. I loved meeting so    lapse of something I wanted. (Two were at-             that the Universe conspires for my goodness
 many wonderful people. However, between          tempts to make bad relationships work and              (even when it doesn’t seem that way), I feel
 steep paper and print costs and the turn in      one was the magazine.) All three endings               peace.
 the economy, I simply could not continue to      resulted with emotional breakdown.
 print it at a financial loss.                        In each circumstance, I had made a deci-                    peaceful = fearless
    I spent the first six months of 2010 in an    sion and acted intently upon it, forcing with
                                                                                                            It took me nine months to make peace

                                                  all my might to bring my plan to fruition.
                                                      And in each of those times, no matter how          with the loss of the paper magazine. I
                                                  I focused and forced, how I planned and                guess that must have been the gestation
                                                  pushed, or how much I wanted it - it seemed            period for the rebirth of Real Woman
                                                  that what I wanted was not meant to be.                Online Magazine.
                                                      And, in each occasion, I exhausted myself             I’m moving forward with the goals of re-
                                                  physically, financially and emotionally in an          maining open to the truth, listening to my in-
                                                  attempt to make my plan work. (Interestingly           tuition, trusting in a divine plan.
                                                  enough, I grew spiritually from each.)                    I will make choices, live responsibly and
                                                      In spite of the frustration and disappoint-        be accountable, but I will also remember
                                                  ment I felt in moments of desperation, it was          that life sometimes works in spite of my best
 Send me your thoughts:
                                                  only when I became willing to release the              laid plans. After all, just because it was my
                                                  illusion of my control that I was able to move         plan, doesn’t mean it was the plan.
 Visit us online:                                 through my grief, and ultimately, come out                                Wishing you love, laughter &                        better for it. Admitting that I am powerless to                               30 minutes all to yourself.                   control someone or something else is hum-                                           Enjoy the issue, Kim
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  It is the goal of Real Woman Magazine to lead, encourage and support females of all ages by strengthening self-esteem, and by
recognizing and honouring their natural contributions as leaders of a healthy and functional society.

   Real Woman aims to remain positive and unaffected by the media hype of popular culture and celebrity gossip. We publish articles
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                                     Advertisers and contributors assume responsibility
                                                for accuracy of statements.
   Editorial Note: The information presented in this magazine is opinion only and should never be construed as medical, personal or profes-
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                                                                                                the avidthe mind what
                                                                                                  “Reading is to
                                                                                                         exercise is to the body.”
                                                                                                                        ~ Anonymous

                            Committed: A Skeptic Makes                                                    I Shall Not Hate:
                            Peace with Marriage                                                           A Gaza Doctor’s Journey
                            Elizabeth Gilbert                                    Izzeldin Abuelaish

     The ending of Elizabeth Gilbert’s    back into the country. This situ-       Among the poignant words writ-         both sides of the border and
     best-selling memoir Eat, Pray,       ation leaves Liz “sentenced” to         ten in I Shall Not Hate, Izzeldin      as a humanitarian advocating
     Love saw her sailing off into the    marry and forces her to face her        Abuelaish writes, “In one horrify-     for improved public health and
     sunset with Felipe, a Brazilian-     fears about what marriage really        ing year, my family and I faced        education for women. But it was
     born man with Australian citizen-    means. She examines marital is-         tragedies that mountains can-          his response to the loss of his
     ship who was in Bali when they       sues like compatibility, infatua-       not bear. But, as a believer, as       children that captured atten-
     met. The real life couple de-        tion, fidelity, family tradition, so-   a Muslim with deep faith, I fully      tion around the world. Instead
     cided (as a result of painful di-    cial expectations, divorce risks        believe what is from God is for        of seeking revenge or sinking
     vorces) to commit to each other      and humbling responsibilities. As       good and what is bad is man-           into hatred, he calls for people
     for life, agreeing that they would   the ever sassy Blog of the Book-        made can be prevented or               of the Middle East to start talk-
     never legally marry. All was well    slut ( )         changed.” Following the death          ing to each other. “I know that
     and good in their life together.     says in her review of Commit-           of his wife, Dr. Abuelaish lost        what I have lost, what was taken
     The couple travelled globally        ted, Gilbert’s “politics and past       three daughters and a niece            from me, will never come back.
     together conducting business         certainly inform her search, but        when their home was shelled by         But as a physician and a Muslim
     as usual until the United States     she’s much more open about the          an Israeli tank in Gaza. “How,” he     of deep faith, I need to move
     government (in the form of bor-      fuzziness of it all, making Commit-     asks, “when you have seen their        forward to the light, motivated
     der police) intervened, giving       ted one of the wisest and most          bodies literally torn apart, oblit-    by the spirits of those I lost. I
     the couple an ultimatum (true        sensitive explorations of mar-          erated, do you not hate?” The          need to bring them justice… I
     story) - be married or be apart,     riage -- or really, relationships in    Gaza Doctor spent most of his          will keep moving but I need you
     as Felipe would not be allowed       general -- I’ve read.”                  life crossing the lines that divide    to join me in this long journey.”
                                                                                  the region, treating patients on
                       Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven                                                Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
                       Stages of Power and Healing                                                     Susan Jeffers, Ph.d
                       Caroline Myss, Ph. D                                     

Caroline Myss was on her way         subtly enters the energy field of        Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup         and why and the five surprising
to becoming a renowned jour-         our body and manifests itself            for the Soul fame recommends          truths about fear, how to let go
nalist until she discovered that     within our physiological func-           this book in every one of his         of the victim mentality and how
she had the ability to scan and      tions. Providing astonishing pa-         seminars. Now over 20 years           to expand your ‘comfort’ zone.
read the energy and overall          tient examples from her practice         old, Feel the Fear has become         Jeffers says, “It is often impossible
health of people, and was able       as a healer, Caroline shares her         an internationally acclaimed          to figure out what the actual
to diagnose illness, disease and     gift by helping people to reach          best-selling classic, guiding mil-    causes of negative patterns
energy blocks with ridiculous ac-    a symbolic view of their illness         lions throughout the world with       are, and even if we did know,
curacy. Adding to her educa-         so that they may try to relate it        easy-to-grasp techniques and          the knowing doesn’t necessarily
tion, Caroline studied Theology      to what’s happening in their life.       concepts used for getting theirs      change it…. It doesn’t matter.
and merged her abilities with an     Most remarkably, Caroline aligns         fears in perspective and moving       What matters is that you begin
ongoing exploration of how our       the powerful symbolism of three          forward with their lives. Chapters    now to develop trust in yourself,
physical health and healing is       significant religious and spiritual      include fun and simple titles like:   until you reach the point where
influenced by our psychological      fundamentals – the seven sacra-          Can’t You Make it Go Away?,           you will be able to say: What-
and spiritual health. She com-       ments of Christianity, the seven         From Pain to Power and Choos-         ever happens to me, given any
pares the body to a ‘living histo-   chakras of eastern medicine the          ing Love and Trust. Readers will      situation, I can handle it!”
ry book’ that has recorded ev-       Kabbalah’s Tree of Life - to pro-        learn what they are afraid of,
ery experience, relationship and     vide an astounding commonal-

                                                                                              Live fearlessly.
thought, suggesting that every-      ity to spirituality in relation to the
thing we experience in our lives     human condition.
             hot                                      white hot truth
                                                          Danielle Laporte

     your permission slip from the universe
       I’ve got the Goddess of Permission
     on speed dial and she was thrilled to
     oblige with this sweeping list of acts of
     self expression and liberation. We can
     draw on it whenever we need. Come
     back often. Build on it. The Permission
     Goddess sends kisses and high-fives.
       you have permission to
         : not finish reading books that you’re
     not really enjoying. Don’t force it, close it.
         : walk out of movies that suck (and hey,
     if you leave in the first twenty minutes, you
     can get your money back.)
         : let it go to voicemail (especially
     during dinner, or snuggling, or watching
     So You Think You Can Dance?)
         : give birthday gifts anytime of the
     year (which means you can be late or
     early and you can give yourself time to find
     just the right gift.)
         : talk shit about WalMart (even if they
     do have the economic power of a small
         : cut the obligations cords that are
     driven by guilt.***
         : pursue your own agenda.
    : own next to nothing, live on a mattress,      : say no to “free” stuff, like swag bags        India (a friend of mine did just that, no
read and write and make love all day with         at fancy events and novelty erasers and           regrets.)
no other responsibilities***                      pom-pom pens from the bank. (Because the             : walk away.
    : return crappy products to their crappy      only thing in life that’s free is love.)             : fall in love.
manufacturers (because you can vote with            you have permission to                             : eat dessert first.
your dollars.)                                       : fail, and fail again.                          you have permission to:
    : leave your current business model so           : to succeed, wildly, more than your           not ever feel the need for permission.***
you can go do something bigger than               neighbours, more than your folks, more than
you***                                            you thought was possible.                            PS... The Goddess of Compassion,
    : tell your kids when you think that some        : be rich and “spiritual”                         Quan Yin, also emailed me. She and
thing an authority figure told them is bullshit      : be broke AND generous                        The G’ of Permish are a rad’ team when they
(you need to be in solidarity with your              : leave work early, get some ice cream,        ride together. Quan Yin just wanted me to
child, not the so-called grown ups.)              and sit in the hot tub at the gym***              make sure she gets repp’ed in the mix: quit
    : quit your job, even if you just started        : charge what you’re worth***                  responsibly, say Fuck off with compas-
two weeks ago, or just got a raise, or are           : focus more on creating your soul job         sion in your heart, liberate with love,
seemingly indispensable.                          and less on finding a ho’ job.***                 and cut clean when you need to use
    : get yourself off even, if you have a           : sleep! sleep in, nap, sleep.                 your sword. And when you can, do what
partner.                                             : earn a living knitting for charity.***       you say you’re going to do, or announce
    : have some secrets.                             : relax. To let go of the growing to-do list   when you can’t with deftness and care.
    : cut out the elements of your business       in your head. To release the need to get it          And then Ms. Permissive emailed me
that you don’t totally LOVE. The parts            “just right.”***                                  to say she gives you permission to what-
that 90% of the time make you say, “WHY              : to dance.                                    ever, however, because ultimately, it’s all
am I doing this? I don’t WANT to do this.”***        : go bra-less or underwear free.               progress. I asked the Deities to take their
    : give away/recycle/get rid of stuff,            : give it all to charity.                      debate off-line. Your liberation isn’t their
stuff, stuff sentimental stuff that special          : check your email whenever the hell           business anyway.
people gave you (your home is for you,            you want.                                            *** = permission requests. visit this post
not them); stuff that doesn’t make you feel          : start now, without the degree, without       at and click on
good even, if you spent a lot of money on         the funding, without knowing exactly where        the asterisks to see who has been granted
it; stuff that has intense memories attached      you’re going.                                     extra-special permission.
to it; stuff!                                        : sell your house to afford a big trip to
                                                                                                     Danielle Laporte
Say no to “free” stuff , like swag bags at
fancy events and novelty erasers and                                                                Recommended White Hot Truth blog posts
pom-pom pens from the bank.                                                                         relating to this article:
                                                                                                     : THE secret to success. this is IT. for reals.
Because the only thing in life that’s free is love.                                                  : a lil’ invocation goes a long way
       natural                                                          the holistic approach
                                                                          Motherwort as a Herbal Essential
                                               imagined Chinese         is found in every traditional       the stem, soft leaves reach
                                               herb gardens with        form herbal medicine. Tradi-        out. They are dark grey/green
                                               old stone walls and      tions that are faith based be-      and shaped like hands, fingers
                                               women         wearing    lieve that God left a mark on       spread. Nibble a leaf and a
                                               wide, flat hats and      every medicinal herb to guide       bitter taste will linger on the
                                               in the distance I        humans to its use. Others be-       tongue. Motherwort’s small,
                                               could hear a lute.       lieve that the Doctrine is a        non-descript pink flowers
                                                 I turned the page of   devise used by budding herb-        are sweet. Bees hover about
                                               the catalogue to find    alists to remember the uses         them, thirsting for their nec-
                                               motherwort (Leonu-       of herbs. For example, the          tar.
                                               rus cardiaca) seeds      blueberry’s high flavonoids            This description of the
                                               for sale. It does not    content nourishes the eyes          plant informs quite clearly
                                               require much imagi-      improving sight. Look care-         of its medicinal uses. Moth-
                                               nation on my part        fully at the blueberry. Where       erwort above all is medicine
                                               to dream up moth-        the berry once attached to the      for the anxious heart. It is
                                               erwort. Motherwort       stem, it resembles an eye, in       specific for soothing the over
                                               has command of one       an abstract manner. The Doc-        wrought heart of caregivers.
                                               corner of my garden.     trine of Signatures is not for      When anxiety grabs hold of
                                               And every spring I       literalists.                        the heart, it creates a flurry of
                                               know it will try to
                                               take over.               Motherwort above all is medicine
                                                                        for the anxious heart. It is specific
       O    ver my morning cof-                  If I could only have
            fee late last winter, I   fifteen plants, motherwort        for soothing the over wrought
     flipped through seed cata-       would be one of them. Moth-       heart of caregivers.
     logues, dreaming of spring.      erwort is one of my teaching        In the garden, motherwort         activity as supermom tries to
     I considered growing some        herbs. I use it to demonstrate    grows tall, stately. The stem       take care of too much. Or it
     exotic herbs, something          the Doctrine of Signatures.       has four flat sides; it is strong   stops one from acting at all,
     from China perhaps. I            The Doctrine of Signatures        and sturdy, yet flexible. From      stuck in worry, the caregiver

lays awake at night fretting.               when the heart was broken. This is a
   A simplistic, but effective definition   holistic point of view or mind/body
of anxiety is: the loss of one’s centre.    medicine. Motherwort is a perfect ex-
Recall, motherwort’s tall, sturdy but       ample of mind/body medicine. It eases
flexible stem. Perhaps the stately stem     both emotional turmoil of the heart
which rises in up through the center        and physical pain of the uterus.
of many leaves, shaped like hands,             Motherwort’s bitter taste is part of
is a metaphor for a steady centre, the      its medicine. The bitter flavour on the
heart. Motherwort calms hearts. It          tongue activates the vagus (in Eng-
brings a pause to the day and peaceful      lish the wandering) nerve. This nerve
sleep to the night. Motherwort helps        departs the brain, meanders into the
one re-centre.                              heart and finally comes to rest in the
                                                    abdomen. During its travels the
Motherwort is the perfect                           vagus nerve relaxes the heart
example of mind/body                                and turns on the flow of diges-
medicine. It eases                                  tive juices from the liver, stom-
emotional turmoil                                   ach and pancreas. It primes the
and physical pain.                                  body’s ability to digest and ab-
   In herbal medicine motherwort            sorb food. Frequently, anxiety mani-
is added to formulas to relieve high        fests as digestive disturbances, such
blood pressure associated with anxi-        as irritable bowel syndrome. This is
ety. Or it is used to settle heart palpa-   because anxiety shuts down the flow
tions caused by anxiety attacks, and/       of digestive juices. Motherwort with
or menopause. The soft, hand shaped         its ability to stimulate the vagus nerve
leaves reflect the ability of a calm        through its bitter taste is a perfect an-
heart to act with care and gentleness       tidote to anxiety manifesting as diges-
which is absent when a heart is anx-        tive challenges.
ious.                                          Finally, there are Motherwort’s
   Motherwort soothes a mother’s wor-       sweet flowers, a direct contrast to its
ry. It is indispensible in easing uterine   bitter leaves. I like to think that it is
cramps. Many doctors and healers            the bitter moments that nourish a deep
who work with women’s gynaecologi-          appreciation for the sweetness of life.
cal challenges such as endometriosis,
fibroids and infertility intuitively feel   Written by Abrah Arneson
that illnesses associated with uterus
and ovaries reflect back to a time
     The Women of

                       The Women of Aspenland is a Virtual Exhibit that explores the history
                    of women’s within an area of Alberta known as the Parkland Region, or
                    “Aspenland” is a word used to describe central Alberta and refers to the
                    trembling aspen or poplar tree, the dominant tree of the region.
     history                                               groundbreakers: herstory
                                                       The Contributions of Central Alberta Women
   Socrates. Galileo. Moses.        a great many women who had             Halla Budvarson was a              tality throughout her years. Her
Edison. Franklin. Einstein. Lin-    a hand in breaking the wild of      mother of ten, and an early Ice-      ‘lífsglađi’ (gladness for life) was
coln. We are aware of their         our country, who brought a          landic pioneer who emigrated          admirable and those who loved
roles in history. They’ve each      civilizing and stabilizing na-      to central Alberta in 1905.           her remember her as happiest
left a tremendous legacy for        ture to it, and who stood by as        She’d had a tough life, do-        when surrounded by people,
the generations hereafter.          caregivers, midwives, house-        ing chores on a mixed farm and        serving coffee and the best
But we, as women, didn’t just       wives, teachers, nurses, farm       keeping her family fed, clothed       food she had.
happen to be lounging about         women and business women.           and content. Her husband, Jón,             When Mary Eleanor Chaffin
in the Garden of Eden, we’ve            The Women of Aspenland          was permanently disabled short-       stepped off the train in Red Deer
had equal role in the devel-        Virtual Exhibit began in 1995       ly after they arrived from Iceland.   in 1904, she thought she was in
opment of the world from the        as a research project initiated     He’d fallen and broke his arm, so     paradise. She’d left her family in
get-go. “Official” history has      by eleven members of the Cen-       Halla took on many of his duties.     Kansas when she and husband
most often ignored the contri-      tral Alberta Regional Museums       One child, born prematurely, suf-     Arthur acquired a homestead in
butions of women.                   Network. The aim was to docu-       fered from a chronic skin con-        Alberta. They raised seven chil-
   The Women of Aspenland           ment and recognize, through im-     dition which required special         dren and built a fine farm.
website says, ‘the Swedish          ages and stories, the significant   care and attention and another             Aside from farm duties, Mary
have a concept called ‘home         contributions of local women        daughter died at three years.         became a midwife. She was an
blindness.’ When we are too         like:                                  Despite challenge and trau-        excellent horsewoman and rode
close to those things around                                            ma, she remained a ray of hope,       to the expectant mother’s home
us, we do not appreciate them                                           caring for her own family and         with a bag of baby garments
fully.’ This applies to the roles                                       many neighbours. She couldn’t         tied to the saddle.
and impact that women have                                              allow anyone to leave her home             While mining coal along the
had on community, both histori-                                         hungry or empty-handed.               river in 1930, Arthur broke his
cally and present day.                                                     Her children teased her about      pelvis and leg. Mary cared for
   Females have a place in                                              ‘weighing less than a sack of         him until he entered a nursing
history books where they as-                                            flour,’ but Halla was a woman of      home and died in 1946. She left
sumed predominantly ‘male’                                              faith, hope and love. She had         the farm and worked as a moth-
roles, such as politicians and                                          a wonderful sense of humour           er’s helper and housekeeper in
policy makers. Yet there were                                           and offered oustanding hospi-         Calgary.
                                             Halla Budvarson
         Mary moved to Vancouver         picted in watercolour drawings        she drew the line there.             a much loved member of our
     Island to live with her oldest      and preserved by pressing. In            Born in 1875 Ontario, Amy         Public Health Nursing Staff and
     son. There she remarried, but       1905, Barbara and her hus-            entered the profession which         my personal friendship with her
     her second husband died four        band opened the first natural         was to be the love of her life.      will always be much cherished
     years later and she returned to     history museum in the province.       She graduated from the Mon-          by me. I think Miss Conroy was
     the Delburne area, eventually       Along with her household du-          treal General Hospital School        the most selfless woman I have
     marrying a longtime friend, Or-     ties and the circumstances of         of Nursing in 1910. During           ever met. Wherever she went a
     ville Puffer. Mary died in 1963.    the times, Barbara continued          World War I, she served over-        mark of goodness was left.”
         Barbara Bernard George          painting landscapes and na-
     sailed to Canada in 1889 with       tive plants.                               She delivered babies, stitched
     her husband Dr. Henry George.          Reputed to have drawn the               wounds and set broken bones, at
                                                                                    any hour of the day or night, winter
     She brought with her the sketch-
     es and watercolours she did in
                                         Alberta crest, Barbara also cre-
                                         ated the crests for the City of
                                                                                    or summer, rain, sun, or snow...
     Ireland.                            Strathcona and the Red Deer           seas as a Nursing Sister. Finally,     Too many women will re-
                                         School Division. She was ac-          in 1921, she came to Alberta         main nameless, the stories of
                                         tive in the Church and the first      to become Supervisor of the          their lives, their passions and
                                         natural history society in Alberta,   Red Deer Children’s Hospital         their contributions untold.
                                         now called the Red Deer River         for three years. She joined the        You won’t believe it, but
                                         Naturalists. Barbara wrote her        Provincial Department of Health      your story is one of those.
                                         memoirs after moving to Van-          in 1924, later coming to oc-           Just as the efforts of
                                         couver in 1923.                       cupy the nurse’s cottage at          the Women of Aspenland
                                            Amy Conroy From 1932 to            Pendryl as the District Nurse in     shaped the communities we
                                         1946, when house calls were           1932. For over fourteen years,       are a part of now, you now
                                         the rule rather than the excep-       she dispensed her loving and         have a hand in creating his-
                                         tion, Amy Conroy was the District     expert care in every medical         tory. Although our moves and
                                         Nurse at Pendryl, a tiny hamlet       emergency.                           motives may not be written
              Barbara George             55 miles west of Wetaskiwin.             In 1947, she was made a           down in history books, each
        Moving to Innisfail in 1893,     She delivered babies, stitched        Life Member of the Canadian          mark we leave shapes the fu-
     Barbara cared for a family of       wounds, and set broken bones          Legion Dominion Command.             ture for someone else. RW
     twelve on the frontier. Much of     at any hour of the day or night,      In 1951 Amy retired in Edmon-           Photo: Fall on Elizabeth Lake by Kim
     Dr. George’s income was “in         winter or summer, rain, sun, or       ton where she resided until her      Bérubé. Barbara George Photo Courtesy
     kind” - knitted socks, butter and   snow, travelling by buggy, cut-       death in 1965, aged 89.              Innifail and District Historical Village
     sacks of potatoes.                  ter, or whatever means was               Mrs. Kate (Brighty) Colley, Su-      Halla Budvarson: Photo courtesy
        Barbara’s children gathered      available except horseback.           perintendent of Public Health        JoAnne Jarvis, granddaughter.
     local plants that she then de-      For some reason no one knew,          Nurses, wrote, “Miss Conroy was         Sources:

     wisdom        pearl marie mcleod
                       The Wisdom Found in Modesty,
                        Grace and a Thankful Heart

                         earl was born           The world has changed,
                         in 1927 and will     but it’s not always progress.
                         celebrate   her      There is a delicate era that is
                         83rd birthday in     being swallowed whole by an
              November.                       ever more complex, busy and
                She is a vibrant wom-         loud life. It is an era of simple
              an, involved with family,       dreams, hard work and mod-
              friends and church. I invit-    esty.
              ed Pearl to discuss her life       There is a generation gap,
              with me. I specifically want-   a full forty-three years, be-
              ed to know what she felt she    tween Pearl and I. But, I am
              did best in her ‘productive     genuinely curious about her
              middle years’ and what she      life as a woman; what she
              considered to be the ‘best      valued, how she took care
              years’ of her life. I didn’t    of herself, when she felt her
              get the answers I expected,     best. She wears peaceful con-
              Pearl was hesitant to speak     tentment like a gauzy, sum-
              of her accomplishments and      mer dress - lightly and softly,
              even with coaxing remained      radiating a sunny disposition.
              humble in her answers.          Her attitude is reflected in her

               There is a delicate era that is
               being swallowed whole by an
               ever more complex, busy and
               loud life. It is an era of simple
               dreams, hard work and modesty.
agility, her conversation and      then lived there - in that base-      RW: How do you stay                Oh, that’s a tough one. I
her smile.                         ment - for three years, until      healthy?                           don’t worry too much about
   She fixed me a traditional,     they could afford the next step       PM: Attitude, I suppose.        yesterday. I love helping peo-
civilized tea, the kind your       in the process. “We ordered a      I believe in being happy. I        ple when I can. I am thankful
grandmother served to guests,      house package through Bea-         usually wake up reasonably         for everyday. I can see the
in a real teapot, with home-       ver Lumber and financed it         happy and I think we have          beauty in everything. I’ve
made mini shortcake biscuits,      through the bank.”                 choices. I just decide to be       always been able to see the
fresh strawberries and cheese.        Although Pearl says her         happy.                             beauty in everything.
   We sat at her kitchen table     husband was a wonderful               I’m not one to be angry            Once the children were
and visited easily about her       man, they simply grew apart.       with anyone. It is wasted          in school, Pearl began her
life as a wife, mother and ca-     “I liked to talk. He didn’t want   effort. It doesn’t change          life as a professional woman
reer woman. Unlike me, Pearl       to talk,” and they divorced in     anything. We need to learn to      working for Alberta Fish and
was reluctant to talk about her    1970.                              really forgive.                    Wildlife and for the BC Re-
self.                                 But, love wasn’t far behind        RW: Do you take vitamins?       search Council in Vancouver
   Although she had attended       and in 1971 Pearl married             PM: Oh yes, lots of             and for an engineering firm in
a secretarial college, her first   again, a minister, twelve years    vitamins and supplements           Calgary.
job was working at a confec-       her senior, whom she cared         and garlic pills. I eat a lot of      PM: I guess I could say my
tionary for only ten dollars       for until his death, at age 90     garlic.                            career was my passion. I en-
a week. Pearl married very         in 2005.                              RW: What has been your          joyed working for very intel-
young, barely nineteen, and           “That was a hard year. I had    beauty regime?                     ligent people who had a pur-
was pregnant with her first        one hip replaced in April and         PM: Well, I have very,          pose. I enjoyed the challenge
child within six months af-        the other replaced in Novem-       very thin hair (it’s heredi-       and didn’t mind the stress
ter marriage. They had a son       ber and my husband passed in       tary), so I wear a wig all the     level. In fact, I performed bet-
and a daughter, a milliona-        October.”                          time. For years and years,         ter with a little stress.
rie’s family, and she stayed at       I wanted to know about          I’ve used soap to wash my             RW: Do you have anything
home with her children until       who she was as a woman,            face (I like lavender.) and        else you could add in the
they started school.               aside from motherhood and          rosewater and glycerine as a       way of advice?
   They purchased a piece of       marriage, but Pearl was sin-       moisturizer. Lately, I’ve been        PM: If you can learn to let
land with a small house on it      cerly humble about her suc-        adding olive oil to it.            things slide, I mean, forgive
(a shack, really), and began       cesses as a woman, saying, “I         RW: What are you most           people, you’ve got it made.
the lengthy process of build-      was just normal.”                  proud of?                          Don’t get yourself in debt.
ing their own home. They              She did her best to answer         My children. My family.         Always tell the truth. And be
built the basement out of ce-      my questions, offering simple         RW: What do you think you       thankful for everyday.RW
ment blocks, hiring a stone-       wisdom in tidy responses.          did well?
master to help mortar and
                                                                                              Be thankful.
        spark                                                                                              leanne young
                                                                                                      Blinding SuperNova:
                                                                                           Creating Her Future on Purpose

                  eanne     Young      her life, afraid to move for-                  a choice to make.” Leanne       to take the first step.”
                  belongs to a         ward because she was ‘com-                     knew she needed to choose         By making that decison,
                  women’s busi-        fortable’ in her marriage,                     between sleepwalking her        Leanne began to formulate
                  ness group that      career and body.                               way to the age of fifty, and    a clear picture of what she
     focuses on personal growth          Within that woman’s ad-                      being fearless enough to de-    wanted to do and who she
     practices. During one of the      mission, Leanne says she ex-                   sign her own magical life, “I   wanted to be. She decided to
     group’s quarterly retreats, a     perienced a major wake-up                      wanted to move outside my       move to Calgary, even though
     woman stood up to commu-          call. “Instantly, I felt an inner              comfort zone; to see what I     the number of acquaintances
     nicate that she felt stuck in     shift and realized that I had                  am really capable of.”          she knew living there could
                                                                                             Driven to act, Leanne    only be counted on one hand.
                                                                                          flew back to Edmonton         It was a refreshing, un-
                                                                                          after the retreat and im-   known world. Leanne felt
                                                                                          mediately signed a three    more alive and vibrant than
                                                                                          month lease on a place of   she ever had before, “I felt
                                                                                          her own. She then ended     that stepping outside my
                                                                                          her on-and-off six year,    comfort zone illuminated
                                                                                          live-in relationship and    me.” Much like a supernova,
                                                                                          within thirty-six hours     Leanne was alight with ideas
                                                                                          of the plane landing, was   and passion.
                                                                                          unpacking bags and box-       She approached the adven-
                                                                                          es in a new apartment.      ture completely open to each
                                                                                          “I didn’t know exactly      new contact, opportunity and
                                                                                          where I wanted to be, but   growth experience that ap-
                                                                                          I was absolutely willing    peared, but remained diligent

                                                                                          Leap, and the net will appear. ~ Julie Cameron
                              Leanne’s photos by: Jess Harcombe Fleming Photography
in making very deliberate
choices about who and what
she would invite into her life.
  It’s only been a few short
months and Leanne has ex-
panded her Calgary network
‘exponentially.’ She has also
refocused her business and
launched a new website:
  The website reflects her
own philosophy, one she de-
scribes as ‘a supernova of
optimism’ and though it, she
provides mentorship and
coaching for women wanting
to experience their own inner
  Leanne believes that our
best self shows up when we
practice a combination of
what she calls impeccable         ist for the Pediatric Center in   Youth Assembly. As a result,        leave the world better than we
self-care, radical self-care      Calgary, and is a model and       she has witnessed first hand a      found it and the desire to lin-
and living fearlessly. And        actor.                            speaker’s circle that includes      ger on each sweet, juicy drop
she is dedicated to teaching         She also readily immerses      Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton,         of life that we are blessed
those practices. She offers       herself as volunteer in any       Barbara Walters and Erin            with.
individual and group sessions     high profile event that reso-     Brockovich.                            She understands and mod-
with topic titles like Creative   nates with her personal phi-         Leanne’s choice to ‘live         els the value of being your
Coaching and Body Image           losophies. This practice alone    consciously’ - that is, with        ‘best self.’ A woman, when
Breakthrough.                     has afforded Leanne the rich-     clarity and good intention          filled with self-awareness,
  Aside from her desire to        est opportunities to work         held for all she interacts with -   solid boundaries and the pas-
mentor and support women,         closely with presenters and       represents an emerging trend,       sion of a purpose (large or
Leanne fills her life with nu-    speakers at events like The       particularly among women.           small) makes a better partner,
merous interesting ventures.      Power Within (a 9 year volun-        It leads with a longing to       a more stable mother and a
She is an Exercise Special-       teer) and The United Nations      truly connect with others, to       more postive mind.
                                         Kepler’s Supernova Courtesy Wikipedia
        In admiration of her com-
     mitment to living fearlessly, I                                             Supernova: a stellar explosion
     asked her:                                                                  that creates an extremely
        RW: How old are you?                                                     luminous object.
        LY: Ageless. I am con-
     scious to disassociate myself                                               A supernova causes a burst
     from the expectations as-                                                   that briefly outshines its
     sociated with age as a num-                                                 entire host galaxy.
     ber (she’s 26), such as how                                                 of my cheques. By showing          Rogues in Calgary this fall. I
     much money I make and have                                                  appreciation for my money, I       also auditioned for and landed
     saved, my relationship sta-        discovering the desire to                open it up so more can flow        my first role in an Indie film
     tus, whether I move on to a        move out of my comfort zone.             in.                                project called ‘Rosenglow.’
     stronger eye cream, and the           I am so clear on what I want             I believe in celebration           RW: What do you do that is
     novelty of a ‘steady’ job. All     to create within my life.We all          as an act of appreciation for      purposeful, intentional?
     I need to know is that I am at     have choices to make; who                what has come into my life            LY: I intentionally practice
     the right place, doing the right   we let into our life; how we             and I believe in contribution      impeccable self-care which
     thing, at the right time.          spend out time; how we view              because it is my duty as a         means I am mindful of the
        RW: Tell me about a signifi-    circumstances and events;                spiritual being.                   things I need to do for myself
     cant event in your life?           how we ‘show up.’ Essen-                    RW: What’s the coolest          and of how I talk to myself.
        LY: I have two and must         tially, the sessions I lead have         thing that’s happened to you          I am also attacking my pat-
     acknowledge one because it         been created so that women               lately?                            terns with vigor. I want to ex-
     led to the other.                  can ask ‘what choices am I                  LY: ‘Take acting class’ was     perience breakthroughs, learn
        The first: I sustained a se-    prepared to make?’                       on my life list (which terrified   the lesson and move to the
     vere concussion that forced           RW: What do you believe               me). Yet the actual experience     next level.
     me to surrender to the heal-       to be true?                              pushed me to reach a vulner-          RW: What do you mean by
     ing process. This transformed         LY: I believe that fear is            ability that was absolutely        Enhancing Self-Love?
     me. I had to practice a soft-      the indicator when I am on               freeing. (Meant to be? Fol-           Self-love is a personal jour-
     ness with my body and listen       the brink of something truly             lowing Leanne’s participa-         ney of trusting one’s intuitive
     to what I really needed. I truly   incredible.                              tion in the acting class, she      voice, of releasing stories and
     believe during this process           I believe that what I put             was approached and signed          patterns that do not serve us,
     there was a neural rewiring.       into this world comes back               by an agent. She’d never           and showing up authentically.
        The second was the expe-        because action is energy and             acted before.)                        It is a conscious, present
     rience I had in my women’s         energy is never destroyed.                  Fast forward two months,        practice that requires a com-
     group; realizing in that mo-          I believe in writing ‘with            I now have an agent, and am        mitment. There are going to
     ment that I had choices and        thanks’ on the memo portion              studying with Company of           be moments where it is tempt-
ing to revert to old habits - to   leap. Invest the time in your-
choose not to choose, to take      self to learn about what fills
things personally and to blame.    you up. Surround yourself with
   There is so much power in       people that love and adore you.
loving one-self. It really is a    Get into everything that is un-
beautiful dance between one’s      comfortable and makes you
words and actions, they have to    fearful with the enthusiasm of
be the same. True transforma-      a child and do not take yourself
tion happens when there is a       so seriously that you forget to
shift from awareness to being.     laugh.
   RW: Is there anything else         Everything starts with one
you’d like to share?               step, with one seed, with one
   Literally, everyday some-       action - just start. Declare
thing incredible emerges! I        what you want and honor your
hope that if readers were to get   choice with actions that sup-
anything out of this interview     port where you want to go. Be
it would be to Do It!              a supernova.RW
   Be fearless and take that
       brazen                                                          gabriella szakadathy
                                                      Educated. Fearless. Out-Spoken. Stripper.

       E         very


     among readers. Some of
                 has a story. This
     rouse a little controversy
                                     we believe separate good
                                     from bad and right from
                                        We’ve been conditioned
                                     to honor, without question,
                                                                       sees she is more than
                                                                       high cheekbones and
                                                                       dazzling legs. She is
                                                                       fearless. She radi-
                                                                       ates clarity and con-
     us may choose to condemn        the invisible line drawn in       fidence and is out-
     actions and choices. Some       the sand that separates and       spoken with strong
     will admire her courage         divides the worthwhile from       opinions in politics,
     and personal power. A few       the worthless.                    environmentalism
     may vehemntly oppose this          While her life may not         and social activism.
     interview running in Real       look anything like yours,         She is determinded,                likes being boxed and bored.
     Woman Magazine, viewing         and her choices may not           hard-working and tentional in         RW: As a child, what were
     the article as condoning or     reflect your values, I invite     her decision making. She is        your aspirations?
     contributing to the global      you to open your mind to          appreciative of her family and        GS: I was always an ac-
     epidemic that is pornogra-      twenty-nine year old Gabri-       her history, is well-educated      tive kid, climbing trees, run-
     phy, the sex trade and the      ella, an entertainer in the       and spiritual.                     ning around and jumping
     horror of human traffick-       adult entertainment indus-           And she is a stripper.          over things. Dance, gymnas-
     ing.                            try. Judgement aside, she is         RW: Who are you and what        tics, running, horse riding
       Your challenge is to sus-     one of us, a real woman.          do you do?                         and martial arts are my roots:
     pend your beliefs and your         Tall, slender, strong with        GS: I am an adult enter-        movement as expression has
     judgements, and your need       incredibly well designed legs,    tainer, model and exotic danc-     always been a powerful thing
     to be right. You may consid-    Gabriella Szakadathy is like      er. I am also a writer, public     for me; its freedom.
     er yourself a free-thinker;     a champion Thoroughbred           speaker, volunteer counsellor         I also inhaled every English
     unconditionally accepting       horse in human form; spir-        and activist. I consider my-       course I could get my hands
     and liberal. But I guarantee    ited, free and far smarter than   self an artist and strive to ex-   on and loved it. I am an ob-
     that each of us have bound-     one might give her credit for.    press myself in the mediums        sessive reader. I have seven
     aries that lineate our think-      Upon meeting Gabriella, it     I’m drawn to, both body and        book cases and a serious book
     ing. Morals and values that     doesn’t take long before one      mind. I have a mind that dis-      fetish. I studied psychology
from a very young age, learn-      on stage. I thought about it      work seriously.                   defined. I choose to be a strip-
ing more through university.       for a few minutes, improvised        RW: Any challenges?            per because I enjoy it and it
I am an English and Psychol-       a costume and did surprise           GS: When I first came into     is lucrative for me. This is my
ogy major.                         show a half hour later.           the industry, I knew nothing      personal view. I respect my-
   RW: How did you choose             RW: What makes you stay        about its inner workings. It’s    self and the skill I have as a
this profession and how long       in the adult entertainment in-    an industry with no safety net,   performer and a person.
have you been involved?            dustry?                           few warnings and tough stan-         I am not trapped in any way.
   GS: I’ve been a stripper           GS: Many things make me        dards. I came from a strictly     No one is hurling abuse to my
since October 2008, getting        stay; the physical expressive     dance background and had to       face; no one is striking me out
into the industry after much       outlet, I love being on stage     learn the nature of the busi-     of anger. I do not disrespect,
thought and research. The          with good music and nothing       ness from scratch before find-    nor will I tolerate it from any-
idea hung around for months        else. It’s a lucrative industry   ing foundation within the in-     one on or off stage. The realm
before I ventured into it. I was   that pays good performers         dustry.                           of degradation is not exact to
on my way home one evening         well. I love the freedom of          Also, if you have emotional    profession but rather our own
and simply wanted to look          raw expression; it’s an incred-   issues that haven’t dealt with;   integral feelings.
into how one would become          ible way to explore my cre-       they can bubble up unexpect-         We need to strive to fur-
an exotic dancer. It was a         ative sensuality. And it’s one    edly and shake you down.          ther our own innate strength
slow night and I was asked         hell of a workout that keeps      On stage you can’t hide from      and stop degrading those who
if I was interested in getting     me incredibly fit. I take my      yourself. The audience has        walk different paths. Doing so
                                                                     no interest in reality, only      helps no one, and only lower-
                                                                     the fantasy created. It takes     ing our individual integrity
                                                                     huge courage to step out and      and wisdom.
                                                                     perform, like all artists some       RW: There is a ‘dirty’ stigma
                                                                     cope better then others with      surrounding the adult enter-
                                                                     the pressure.                     tainment industry – dirty men,
                                                                        RW: You seem really clear,     dirty women, STDs, drug ad-
                                                                     intelligent and open which        diction, prostitution, child
                                                                     intrigues me because I can’t      porn, human trafficking. Do
                                                                     help but wonder how it is that    you encounter disapproval,
                                                                     a woman - who is by all ac-       judgement and criticism?
                                                                     counts bright - chooses an           GS: There is a healthy mix
                                                                     industry that is viewed as de-    of support and damnation I
                                                                     grading to women?                 have encountered. This is di-
                                                                        GS: Above all things we        vided among the genders.
                                                                     must define ourselves, not be        Many men support dancers,
     admire their shows, tip well       hol, no drugs, maintain emo-        Do you consider yourself a        formers around the world.
     and respect us as people and       tional stability and grounded       feminist?                            The first women who pio-
     performers. There are also         resources. In civilian business       GS: I do, but I don’t at the    neered North America were
     men that do not respect danc-      the veneer of acceptability is      same time. It is a word that in   not conservative and civilized
     ers - or anyone or anything        not questioned but the issues       many cases has become self        wives, but the good-time girls
     they encounter in their lives.     are all present; corruption,        defeating. So much harping is     who paved the way for female
        Women are also divided          ruthlessness, bullying.             done of degradation of wom-       run business in the toughest
     in attitude. Some are greatly         If I say I am an exotic danc-    en in the sex industry, yet       parts of the country. Modern
     supportive and love to watch       er people assume I am a slut,       we live in a culture heavily      “feminists” in many ways
     awesome shows by amazing           basket case with abuse issues.      fuelled by aggressive tween       have lost a lot of touch with
     performers. Others consider        This is a stereotype of the in-     and teen marketing, obsessive     our original activist.
     strippers to be dirt beneath       dustry that is easy for people      consumerism and our endless          RW: Who taught you, you
     their feet. It’s easy to dismiss   to accept.                          fascination with the secrets of   could do anything? Did you
     what isn’t understood.                I’m an exotic dancer and I       sex that are advertised every-    have someone in your corner,
        There’s the flip side of co-    quite enjoy what I do. It pays      where. Yet, self understand-      or are you a student of hard
     vert fascination with the sex      well but is also freedom, exer-     ing, thought and articulation     knocks?
     industry. There is still strong    cise, meditation and stress re-     are not comparatively pro-           GS: I was never a normal
     repression world wide of fe-       lief. I’m not chained to a desk,    moted.                            kid; I never fit in. I was the
     male sexuality. Its recogni-       dealing with a herniated boss,        I have issues with the femi-    quiet kid in tights that stuck
     tion shifts power structures,      bitchy co-workers, recycled         nists who dismiss the sex in-     out as a total geek, picked on
     family basis and population        office air or the repetitive mo-    dustry and pornography as         by everyone as too short and
     growth. It is feared and thus      notony of a job I loathe but        degrading to women, when          odd. My mum was a strong
     cowed, not nurtured.               have to do because it pays the      the most notable historical       force that kept me from get-
        RW: There are smart women       bills and is perceived as hon-      feminists were either rare        ting systemically flushed
     who choose to build a busi-        est work by those around me.        women in powerful positions       through the school system;
     ness in your industry, create         RW: Equal numbers of men         in their own right or courte-     my father showed the power
     themselves as a brand and a        and women think hairy-arm-          sans, healers and stage per-      of will as he overcame a mo-
     product and make a terrific        pit, bra-burning, man-hating-
        GS: Adult entertainment
                                        woman when they hear the            I’m not chained to a desk
     and acceptable, legitimate
                                        word Feminist. But the word
                                        feminism is actually defined
                                                                            dealing with the repetitive
     work are contradictory. To         as “Belief in the social, politi-
                                                                            monotony of a job I loathe but
     successfully work in this busi-    cal, and economic equality          have to do because it pays the
     ness, it is wise to be a serious   of the sexes and the move-          bills and is perceived as honest
     business person; limit alco-       ment organized around this.”        work by those around me.
torbike accident and proved           Queen Elizabeth I:                RW: Thank you for this in-    mushrooms and I love Swiss
doctors wrong by walking,             Strength, tactics and cour-    terview and for sharing so       cheese for evening snacks.
skiing and hiking again. But,      age. Her courage defined her      honestly. I admire your clar-      Any Words of Wisdom?
in life, it’s the hard knocks      nation; she rose out of huge      ity about who you are and        Know yourself, both the light
that teach the most power-         uncertainty and found her feet    find you fascinating. Just for   and shadows. You’ll be a
                                   to be an amazing politician,      fun, can you answer a few of     much stronger person than if
ful lessons. Without them we
                                                                     these?                           you deny any part of who you
never truly grow.                  patron of the arts, definer
                                                                                                                 are. Owning your-
    RW: You and I talked a         of fashion and progressive                                                    self is powerful.
little bit about famous women      thinker.                                                                         Best read late-
you admire. Can you give me           Marie        Antoinette:                                                   ly? Jenna James-
three words that describe          Scapegoat, sheltered and                                                      on’s      biography
each of these?                     groundbreaking; she was                                                       How to Make
    GS: Dita Von Teese:            a contradiction. She was                                                      Love like a Porn
    Grace, style and huge sass.    brought up in a time when                                                     Star: A Caution-
She’s iconic for her grace as      women had few choices                                                         ary Tale, Learning
                                   about what they could do                                                      how to Fly by Vic-
a person and a performer. She
                                   with their lives and when                                                     toria Beckham and
brought back retro style while     choices were made for                                                         The Honest Cour-
retaining her own stamp of         them. She redefined her                                                       tesan by Margaret
femininity.                        style and upended gover-                                                      F Rosenthal.
    Gypsy Rose Lee: Mystery,       nance that sought to box                                                         Strength?     In-
wit, and hard work. She was        her into obscurity. She                                                       sight, experience
a classic burlesque stripper, a    didn’t have the skill to                                                      and the willing-
consummate business woman          fully understand, realize                                                     ness to speak my
and a perfect showman she          and properly deal with the                                                    mind and be blunt.
knew the art of artistry.          reaction to her rebellion; it                                                    Weakness? I’m
    Anne Boleyn: Intelligence,     cost her life to step out of                                                  very impatient and
                                   the mold.                                                                     I have a temper. I
balls and education. She re-
                                      Lucy Maude Mont-                                                           can also be a bit of
fused to be used like a piss       gomery:          Eloquence,                                                   a potty mouth.
pot. Highly intelligent, politi-   dreamer and spirited.                                                            What fills your
cally minded and willing to        She was a brilliant writer          What’s in your fridge? Cran-   cup? Mint tea, no sugar or
use everything in her arsenal      who captured the essence of       berry and pomegranate juice,     milk, Chamomile is also
of skill to achieve her goals,     a beautifully healthy female      organic broccoli, organic        good.
she was a revolution on her        free spirit in the pages of her   apples, cherries, pineapples,      What do you do best? Be
own, refusing to be used then      books with timeless, strong       blueberries, bananas and pa-     myself.RW
shucked aside.                     and achingly real gentleness.     payas. I also have loads of        Images courtesy: G. Szakadathy
         solution                        feeling anxious and panicked?
                                                               How Female Hormonal Changes Can
                                                         Contribute to Anxiety and Panic Attacks

           ome women are more sensitive to hormonal fluctuations    (the period of time before the onset of menopause). It may take
           than others. For many women, anxiety issues appear for   the form of panic attacks, nervousness, sweating, intense fear,
           the first time during periods of hormonal change. For    anxiety combined with depression, or other overwhelming
     other women, hormonal changes intensify previously existing    symptoms.
     anxiety symptoms.                                                 Here are several periods of hormonal change that can in-
        Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of Pre-Men-      tensify or trigger anxiety in women:
     strual Syndrome (PMS), post-childbirth, and peri-menopause        Puberty Developing girls experience hormonal changes as
                                                                                           they prepare to begin their reproductive
                                                                                              Monthly Menstrual Cycle Often girls
                                                                                           and women experience PMS the week
                                                                                           before their period.
                                                                                              Following Childbirth The severe drop
                                                                                           in certain hormones following childbirth
                                                                                           can cause dramatic physical symptoms
                                                                                           and a temporary feeling of depression or
                                                                                           anxiety; in some women, it is prolonged.
                                                                                              Perimenopause is the period of time
                                                                                           when the body is approaching meno-
                                                                                           pause. It may last from two to ten years.
                                                                                           During this time the menstrual cycle be-
                                                                                           comes irregular as the hormone levels
                                                                                           keep fluctuating, causing some women
                                                                                           to experience PMS-like symptoms.

                                                                                             A     lthough many of us may use
                                                                                                   the term “going through meno-
                                                                                           pause” to describe this period of time, it
                                                                                           is actually called perimenopause. Many
                                                                                           women experience panic attacks for the
                                                                                           first time during perimenopause. Other
symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, rapid heartbeat, and             Fight or flight reactions in and of
sweating are also common.                                             themselves are harmless. However,
   With surgical menopause (hysterectomy), you’ll likely expe-        when our thoughts convince our ra-
rience perimenopausal symptoms after the surgery, even if you         tional minds that these symptoms are
did not experience symptoms prior to surgery. Symptoms can            scary and dangerous, we create an
be prolonged and are due to the dramatic and sudden decrease          anxiety cycle.
of certain hormones as a result of the hysterectomy.                     Anxiety consists of more than fight
   In non-surgical circumstances, menopause occurs after a            or flight reactions acting by them-
woman has no periods for twelve consecutive months. It lasts          selves. Unproductive thoughts play a critical role in creating
only one day. Many women report feeling better than ever              and perpetuating the anxiety we experience.
mentally and physically after menopause, due to the fact that            Our thoughts convert fight or flight reactions into anxiety,
hormone levels stabilize.                                             and a self-perpetuating cycle begins. Soon we find ourselves
   Hormonal Change Triggers the Fight or Flight Response              limiting our behaviors because of anxiety as well, which fur-

  D     ue to the fact that hormonal change causes physical and
        psychological stress, it triggers our “fight or flight” re-
sponse. The fight or flight response is the body’s inborn, self-
                                                                      ther entrenches the vicious cycle.
                                                                         When a person is under stress, unresolved emotions and
                                                                      issues commonly come to the forefront. Because hormonal
protective response to perceived danger.                              change is a major stressor, it can bring up internal conflicts and
   When we perceive that we are under stress, our bodies send         self-doubt in many areas of our lives. All of a sudden, we may
out a rush of cortisol, adrenaline, and other brain chemicals to      find that the negative self-talk that we successfully pushed to
prepare us to “fight” or “flee” the danger.                           the background of our lives during less stressful times is now
   The fight or flight response triggers the physiological chang-     playing center stage.
es that we associate with anxiety, such as rapid heartbeat, in-          During periods of hormonal change, we may also feel un-
creased blood pressure, sweating, muscle tension, narrowed            certain about our changing roles (e.g. maturing from girl to
mental focus, heightened emotion, and many other symptoms.            woman, becoming a mother, becoming a mature woman past
   These are the same physical sensations that many women ex-         childbearing years), which can add to our internal conflict.
perience when their hormone levels fluctuate. In other words,            When we fail to successfully resolve internal conflicts and
most of the symptoms women experience during times of hor-            the unhelpful thought patterns that contribute to them, we cre-
monal change are really fight or flight reactions. While these        ate a breeding ground for anxiety. Combined with fight or flight
physical sensations are not dangerous, they can be very intense       symptoms, it’s no wonder that these unproductive thoughts cre-
and overwhelming.                                                     ate and perpetuate the anxiety cycle!
   Our fight or flight response mechanism can become “hyper-             What can you do if hormone-related anxiety affects you?
sensitive” with the various hormonal changes in our bodies that          Here’s some great news! The same tools that you can use to
take place from puberty to menopause. Many of us are in a             overcome anxiety due to other reasons can help you to conquer
constant state of stress due to our lifestyle and thought patterns,   anxiety related to hormonal changes too.
which also causes hypersensitivity.                                      Research shows that cognitive-behavioral techniques that
   In other words, our bodies may be stuck in the “on” switch of      help you change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, lifestyle
fight or flight. What normally wouldn’t trigger symptoms, now         changes, relaxation techniques, and nutritional strategies can
initiates symptoms and perpetuates an ongoing cycle.                  help women dealing with hormonal changes.
       These types of strategies not only help women regain a sense
     of control over their lives, but actually achieve improved physi-
     cal and emotional well being! Here are a few tips to get you

        Focus on reducing preventable stress in your life that trig-
     gers the fight or flight response. Stop the yo-yo dieting; in-
     crease sleep to eight or nine hours a night; exercise regularly;
     don’t skip meals; cut back on your frantic schedule; and de-
     crease stimulants, such as caffeine.
        The body isn’t designed for constant stress. When we are
     bombarded with stress, our ability to cope can become over-
     whelmed because the elevation in stress hormones makes the                            The
     fight or flight switch remain “on.”
        Learn how to train your body to respond differently to stress
     so that you can automatically turn the false alarm “off” when
     the fight or flight response is triggered. Relaxation techniques
     such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and progressive mus-             5065 - 50 (MAIN) ST
     cle relaxation can help you achieve this goal.                                CAMROSE, AB

        Most importantly, learn how to change how you think. Our                   780 672 6217
     thoughts are what convert the harmless fight or flight response
     into a vicious cycle of anxiety. Remember, just as our thoughts
     hold the key to creating anxiety, they also hold the key to elimi-   GOOD EARTH CLOTHING
     nating it!
        Deanne Repich is the founder and director of the National         MON to SAT 10 to 6      gifts
     Institute of Anxiety and Stress, Inc. and is an internationally         THURS til 8        jewellery
     known anxiety educator, teacher, author, and former sufferer.                             housewears
     Download her free e-book at                  CRUISE WEAR
                                                                             XS to 3X
  Finale  Celebrate
         with Nature’s

       Fresh berries, peaches,
      crabapples, rhubarb and
     pumpkin are ripe and ready
       to be prepared for your
        Thanksgiving dinner.

         A number of local
      producers still have fresh
      product available at your
          Farmers Market.

      For a complete listing of
     markets in your community
            please visit:

  delish                                         at home with leah: revisited
                                                                   Harvest Pies for Thanksgiving Dinner

Pecan Peach Pie

3          Cups cubed peeled peaches*
1/4        Cup sugar
3          tbsp flour
1/4        tsp ground nutmeg
1/2        Cup corn syrup
3          Eggs
1/4        Cup melted butter
           Pastry for one pie

1/2     Cup pecans, coarsely chopped
1/4     Cup flour
1/4     Cup firmly packed brown sugar
2       tbsp softened butter

Combine sugar, flour, nutmeg, corn syrup
and eggs. Beat at medium speed for one
minute. Stir in peaches and butter. Add mix-
ture to pastry-lined pan. Mix topping ingre-    Real Easy Tips... Lard and shortening are not the same thing. Leah’s pastry recipe calls
dients and sprinkle over filling. Bake at 400   for lard. If you want a vegetable oil based crust, find a recipe that calls for shortening like Crisco.
degrees on bottom rack for 45 minutes or           To ensure thickening, add a few blobs of butter (maybe 2 tbsp) on top of the fruit before the
until middle is set.                            top crust is added.
                                                   To move a crust from the rolling surface to the pan, gently fold in half, position over the pie
* Substitute 1 - 29oz can of peaches, drained   plate and unfold. Cut vents in the top crust to let steam out and help prevent bubbling over.
and cubed.
                                                               Raspberry Pie                              into a 9” pie plate. Add raspberry
                                                                                                          mixture and dollop butter on top.
                                                               Filling:                                   Roll out top crust.** Moisten edges
                                                               5          Cups raspberries*               of bottom crust with water or egg
                                                               1-1/4      Cups sugar                      white, then add top crust. Trim off
                                                               5          tbsp cornstarch                 excess dough and crimp to seal. Cut
                                                               2          tbsp butter                     slits in top crust for venting. Bake at
                                                                          Pasty for a two crust pie       425 degrees on bottom rack for 45
                                                                                                          minutes until golden brown.
                                                               Combine raspberries, sugar and
                                                               cornstarch in a medium saucepan.           * If using frozen fruit, thaw and drain
                                                               Cook over medium heat stirring con-        liquid. ** I used a pie crust stencil
                                                               stantly until thickened. Cool until        for my top crust. Try making your
                                                               room temperature. Roll out pastry          own lattice top by weaving strips of
                                                                                                          pastry. Brush with egg white.
                                                                                                      Recipes and preparation by Leah Richardson
Never Fail Pie Dough                                                                                  Photos by

5        Cups Flour
1        tsp salt
1        pound lard
1        Cup ice cold 7-Up

Combine flour and salt. Cut lard into small cubes. Using a
fork, pastry blender or food processor, cut lard into flour
until resembles coarse crumbs. Add liquid and mix until
mixture forms a ball. Don`t overmix. Cover and chill for
30 minutes. Roll our as
directed in recipe (usually about 1/8” thickness). Make 6 to
7 single pie crusts.

     Real Easy Tip...
        Freezing: freeze leftover dough, wrapped tightly in plastic
     wrap, for up to six months. Baked fruit pies can be frozen for 3
     to 6 months. Don’t try freezing uncooked pies that are custard
     based or contain egg.

     You Are One in a Million
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 thought of your finances... or let money worries keep you up at night,
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 couples and families, just like you. I am a mother with five awesome children and step-children,
 ages three to twenty-five. I understand both what it takes to be a single mom and the dynamics of
 being married with a mixed family. As busy women, it can be challenging to find a successful method
 to manage our household.
   In my work with so many young couples, I am noticing that women are most often responsible for
 organizing their family finances. There is a real need for trustworthy one-on-one guidance and I have
 a successful and simple process to show you how easily it can be done.
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   Enough of the guilt and shame, I want you to stop being so hard on yourself and be inspired to     Glenda J. Buelow
 take action! There is a way to get it done and feel great about it.                                      (403) 742-0051
         Let’s shift your money thoughts to a happier place.
         Call or email me. I’m here and ready to help.                                       Personalized Financial Services
                                                             ~ Glenda                      Serving Central Alberta Since 1998

        REAL                                   You gain strength, courage and
     inspired                                 confidence by every experience
                                                in which you really stop to look
                                            fear in the face... You must do the
      Only when we are no longer                thing you think you cannot do.
                                                                                       ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
      afraid do we begin to live.
                ~ Dorothy Thompson
                                                                   All adventures,
                                                             especially into new territory,
     Shouldersmastectomy and breast cancerout.
                             back, tits survivor                      are scary.
     ~ Karen Callsen, Double                                            ~ Sally Ride
     and former Real Woman Feature Female

       Don’t be afraid that your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin
                                            ~ Grace Hansen

       Fears are a darkroom                       The only real prison is fear,
         where negatives                          and the only real freedom
             develop.                                  is freedom from fear.
                    ~ Anonymous
                                                                                   ~ Aung San Suu Kyi

       Do you really want to look back on your life
       and see how wonderful it could have been
           had you not been afraid to live it.
34                                          Caroline Myss
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