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Ski trip kit list _ final details


28 February 2008

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find enclosed a suggested Kit List and a green medical form. Can you please complete the medical form and
return it to the Finance Office by 14 March 2008. Failure to do this will result in students not being allowed to travel.

There are a number of important issues that you need to be aware of when packing for your child for the ski trip to the

Your child should take one suitcase or bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg (51 lbs). If the student is in excess of this
weight then it is their responsibility to pay the excess weight charge. This is on the outbound and inbound flights.

Students are allowed to take one piece of hand luggage. This bag must not exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cm including wheels,
pockets and handles. Students must also be aware of the European Union Liquid Policy to protect air travellers against
the current security threat.

Students must not take in their hand luggage any of these items:

Medicines                Toothpaste                                       Shampoo
Shampoo                  Liquid or Aerosol Deodorants                     Creams
Perfumes                 Hair Gel                                         Cosmetics including mascara/Lip gloss
Hairspray                Drinks                                           Suntan lotions
No sharp objects (Tweezers/Scissors or nail files)

Please make sure your child is aware of this policy and they do not bring any of these items in their luggage or they will be

Flight Times

There has been a change of flight times on the Outbound journey. The new flight number and time is:

BA0215            1605 Departing Heathrow
                  1940 Arrive in Boston
Students need to be at school on Friday, 21 March at 9.30 am PROMPT. The coach will be departing for Heathrow
from the front entrance.

Pocket Money
Please be reminded that students’ pocket money should be in school by Friday, 7 March if you want the school to
exchange their money. If you have already exchanged the pocket money but still want the school staff to keep it safe,
then it should be in school by Tuesday, 18 March, clearly labelled and handed in to the Finance Office. The school
will not be responsible for “subbing” students who spend their money on the first day then have no money for food for the
rest of the week.

Thank you for taking the time to read these important notices.
I look forward to seeing you all at 9.30 am on 21 March when I will hand out contact numbers.

Yours sincerely


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