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					                        Great Tech Tools for Collaboration
    Site/App                     Platform     $             How to use with students

                                                     On a digital corkboard, upload images from the
                                  Web                major topics you covered this year. Challenge
                                   &        Free     students to go onto the corkboard and add a thought
                                 Mobile              along with a visual or audio piece for at least three                                topics.

                                                     Post primary source documents you studied this
                                                     year, like a poem or excerpt, and have students
                                  Web       Free     share what it meant to them or how it connected to
                                                     their content this year. Students can type, webcam,                               or voice record their response.

                                  Web                For a debate or discussion activity, use your social
                                                     network to find another class (anywhere in world)
                                   &        Free     that would like to participate in a panel discussion
                                 Mobile              with your class. Use Skype to see/hear participants.

                                                     Create a wiffiti wall for your class that includes
                                                     keywords and Twitter hashtags that pull in
                                   &        Free     information about your content. Grab the embed
                                                     code and place on your class blog or wiki and project
                                 Mobile              it to the class as a debrief activity.

                                                     Create a custom hashtag (#likethis) that you use to
                                  Web                have students communicate about your class. They
                                   &        Free     can use it for assignments or as a discussion board
                                 Mobile              part of a lesson. Best of all, Twitter keeps all of the                                 recorded tweets with that hashtag!

                                                     When groups or individuals present in class, have
                                                     students use a TodaysMeet room on their laptop or
                                  Web       Free     iPad to post questions or comments. The
                                                     presenter(s) can refer to the posts and answer them                             as time permits.

                                                     For collaboration around writing, have students
                                                     create a Google Wave where the document is
                                  Web       Free     uploaded and everyone works together to mark up
                                                     and improve it.

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