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					Welcome to JDF Pavilion
Imposition and JDF
      Andre Valentine
Ultimate Technographics Inc.
 Director, Product Marketing
1.0 Impostrip and JDF Today
• Export populated or non-populated JDF.
• Export CIP4 PPF file.
• Export Mixed sizes press sheet sizes.
• Export Mixed sizes pages in same press sheet.
• Export Source files in pre-defined folder.
• Export Marks file in PDF and PS format.
• Re-map generic spot colors to actual spot
  colors automatically using the Impostrip’s
  Color Bar Editor.
• Virtual Paper Origami to automatically
  generate pagination on any kind of job.

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2.0 JDF and Imposition today
• The integration of imposition and JDF is
  only at its beginnings today.
• Imposition is a key part of estimation
  and production planning.
• Job Ticket information is not passed to
  any imposition software.
• Job Ticket data has to be re-keyed.

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2.1 The importation of Job
Ticket data
• The data of each job must be entered
  manually in the imposition package, to
  minimize the manual data entry in the
  imposition package.
• Imposition software needs to have
  extensive information to fully automate
  the imposition process.

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2.2 Data required
• Job Ticket number
• Client’s information
• Type of binding (Saddle-Stich, Perfect
  Bound, Come and Go, Flat Work or Cut
  and Stack)
• Type of press (sheetfed, web or multi-

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2.2.1 Data required

•   Total number of pages
•   Stock used for covers and inside
•   Resolution of output
•   Screening and trapping information
•   Color data

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2.3 Exporting JDF
• The Imposition JDF will contain the imposition
  page geometry along with the pagination of
  each page.
• The press marks (color bars, crop marks, bleed
  marks, folding marks etc.) in a PostScript or
  PDF format.
• Cutting and folding data in PPF format.
• Contains different Press Sheet sizes.
• Contains mixed page sizes in the same Press

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3.0 The future of JDF and Impostrip

• Export of Printer’s spread JDF duplexing
• Import of JDF data from Estimation
  software and MIS systems.
• Export of Cutting and folding data in
  JDF format.
• Export of press marks within the JDF.

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The future of JDF is exciting, but at the same time it is
   forcing developers of all kinds of systems in the printing
   industry to work together. Our objective is to get
   everyone to work closer with imposition software,
   because it is the key control point in print production
   and one of the keys for real Computer Integrated
Ultimate Technographics as a founding member of the
   CIP3 committee is definitely moving ahead by creating
   products that make sense in a real world printing
Ultimate’s CEO, David Watson has been elected to the CIP4
   Advisory Board for a two year term commencing at
   Graph Expo 2004.

                                         Visit us at booth # 5466

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