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					Examples Eligible Health Care Expenses
The	following	are	examples	of	expenses	that	are	eligible	for	reimbursement	through	a	Health	Flexible	
Spending	Account	(HFSA).	You	can	reference	your	income	tax	return	to	find	a	more	complete	list	or	
IRS	Publication	502.	
 •	   Acupuncture	                                                  •	 Nurses’	fees	(including	nurses	board	&	
 •	   Alcoholism	                                                      	Social	Security	tax	where	paid	by	taxpayer)	
 •	   Ambulance	hire	                                               •	 Obstetrical	expenses	
 •	   Artificial	limbs	                                             •	 Office	visit	copays
 •	   Artificial	teeth	                                             •	 Operations	&	related	treatments	
 •	   Birth	control	pills	                                          •	 Orthodontia*
 •	   Birth	prevention	surgery	                                     •	 Orthopedic	shoes
 •	   Braces	                                                       •	 Over-the-counter	medicines	/	pain	relievers		
 •	   Braille	-	books	&	magazines	                                     Please	note:	requires	a	prescription
 •	   Care	for	mentally	handicapped	child	                          •	 Oxygen	
 •	   Chiropractors	                                                •	 Physically/mentally	challenged	persons		
 •	   Christian	Science	practitioners’	fees	                           cost	for	special	home	
 •	   Co-insurance	                                                 •	 Physician	fees	
 •	   Contact	lenses	(prescription)	                                •	 Physician	recommended	swimming	pool	or		
 •	   Contact	lens	supplies	                                           spa	equipment	costs	&	maintenance	
 •	   Cosmetic	surgery	(medically	necessary	procedures)	            •	 Prescribed	Medicine	(including	contraceptives)	
 •	   Cost	for	physical	or	mental	illness	confinement	              •	 Prescription	copays	
 •	   Crutches	                                                     •	 Psychiatric	care	
 •	   Deductible	                                                   •	 Psychologist	fees	
 •	   Dental	fees	                                                  •	 Routine	physicals	&	other	non-diagnostic		
 •	   Dentures	Diagnostic	fees	                                        services	&	treatments	
 •	   Drug	&	medical	supplies	                                      •	 “Seeing-eye”	dog	&	its	upkeep
 •	   Expenses	applied	toward	the	deductible	for		                  •	 Special	communication	equipment	for	the	deaf	
      your	health	care	coverage	                                    •	 Special	education	for	the	blind	
 •	   Eyeglasses,	including	examination	fee	                        •	 Special	plumbing	for	the	handicapped	
 •	   Fee	of	practical	nurse	                                       •	 Sterilization	fees	
 •	   Fees	of	licensed	osteopaths	                                  •	 Surgical	fees	
 •	   Handicapped	persons	special	school	                           •	 Therapeutic	care	for	drug	&	alcohol	addiction	
 •	   Hearing	devices	&	batteries	                                  •	 Therapy	treatments	
 •	   Home	improvements	motivated	by		                              •	 Transportation	expenses	primarily	for	rendition	of	medi-
      medical	consideration	                                           cal	services,	i.e.	railroad	fare	to	hospital	or	to	recuperation	
 •	   Hospital	bills	                                                  home,	cab	fare	in	obstetrical	cases	
 •	   Insulin	                                                      •	 Tuition	at	special	school	for	handicapped	
 •	   Laboratory	fees	                                              •	 Vitamins	(if	they	require	a	prescription)	
 •	   Lasik	eye	surgery	                                            •	 Wheelchair
 •	   Lead	base	paint	removal	for	children		                        •	 X-	rays	
      with	lead	poisoning	
 •	   Membership	fees	for	associations	furnishing		
      medical	services,	hospitalization,	&	clinical	care	
 •	   Naturopathic	office	visit	/	consultation		
      Please	note:	herbal	remedies,	minerals	&	vitamins		
      are	NOT	eligible	for	reimbursement.	

*	Orthodontia	is	reimbursed	according	to	your	contract	with	your	orthodontist	(i.e.	if	your	contract	indicates	monthly	installments	
of	$150	per	month,	you	can	only	be	reimbursed	for	each	month’s	installment	as	it	comes	due).	A	copy	of	the	contract	is	required	
with	your	first	claim.

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