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					                                                         Hoof Beats
                                             Kiwanis Club of the Horse Heaven Hills
                                                    PO Box 6798, Kennewick, WA 99336
          January 3, 2010                 Edited by: John Lawson, Donna Underwood, Doug Brown
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President-elect Dick Nordness opened our                 Lawson noted that S.I.G.N. contributions had been
meeting. Wayne Underwood gave the invocation.            matched last year by another foundation.

Richard Lathim was our guest from the Pasco                            This week's raffle winner was Chris
club. Karen Aanes brought in her new member                            Sivula. Chris donated his winnings
application today. Kiwanis Lt. Governor Dave                           to the Foundation.
Dirksen was in attendance. Erick Brist
accompanied our speaker, Sarah Anderson who is                Announcements and Coming Events
also Mike and Jo Harrington's granddaughter.
Deborah Cooper brought along a display of                Lt. Governor's announcement
Scentsy products for our club's winter fundraiser.       Kiwanis Lt. Governor Dave Dirksen passed on a
                                                         thank you to our club for our club's contribution
               We circulated our once-monthly            goal for this year's Governor's Project. Also, next
               Kiwanis/S.I.G.N. Foundation               Wednesday, January 12, the Division Counsel
               contribution jar for the Surgical         meeting will be held at Camp Kiwanis. Arrive by
               Implant Generation Network.               6:00 for dinner hosted by the Kennewick Kiwanis.
                                                         The meeting begins at 6:30 and should last about
Birthdays, Anniversaries & Brags                         an hour. Dave also praised our member
Wayne Underwood was our wrangler this week.              recruitment.
Dick Nordness apologized to the speaker for not          Meetings
having a projector available. Don Barnes wished          A Membership committee meeting was held
us all a "Happy New Year" and took note of his           following the regular club meeting to vote on
daughter's birthday. Mark Blotz called our               Karen Aanes’ application and discuss our
attention to Sunday's Seahawks win. Doug Brown           recruiting program. There here will be no January
joined in wishing us "Happy New Year". Mike              Administrative Committee meeting. The Club
Harrington was glad to see his granddaughter as          Board meeting will be held at its regular time
our speaker today. Skype computer technology             January 13 at 11:45 at Clover Island.
provided Dick Nordness a live video window to
share Christmas with grandchildren in Slovenia.          Valentine's Fund Raising
Chris Sivula's wife Betsy is headed to UCLA for          Lorraine Cooper kicked off
specialized treatment. We all wish her well.             our “Scentsy” Wickless
                                                         Candle fundraiser running
WSU, Texas Tech and TCU were the objects of              through January 21. You
Wayne Underwood's football brag, Karen Aanes             are sure to find something
celebrated her birthday last week and received a         for all of the special valentines on your list. Sales
service award from her church. John Lawson               representative Deborah Cooper put us a table set
wished Karen a welcome to the club. Carolyn              up with an assortment of samples. Deborah also
explained a bit about the product line for those of
us who were uninitiated. Orders will be accepted           Jo Harrington introduced her granddaughter Sarah
throughout the next three weeks. Besides                   Anderson as this week's speaker. Sarah was
purchases at this meeting, you can buy from the            accompanied by fellow student Erik Brist to assist
catalog or at a special KHHH link on her website.          with the presentation.
(We also have a link to the sale on our club website.)

Shop over the net or traditionally by catalog and
help raise money for our club’s administrative
account. Our club get 25% of all sales! The
deadline to place orders is Friday, January 21.
Lorraine Cooper will accept any member orders
and payments you bring in for the fundraiser.

Wayne Underwood announced a push to complete
our "Round Robin" interclub objective. We will                                                  Sarah Anderson
have an interclub meeting at the Columbia Club             Sarah is a student at WSU Pullman. She is
this Wednesday, 7am at Granny's restaurant. We             majoring in Ag-Biotech. She has gained some
will try to have another interclub at the Division         hard won firsthand experience finding her way
Counsel meeting next week as well.                         through the financial maze of funding her college.
                                                           Although we were not able to provide Sarah with
                                                           the projector she had hoped for, she did a great job
                                                           adapting to the situation and delivered her
                                                           presentation traditionally. (Webmaster Doug Brown
More Dates to Save                                         has made her slides downloadable for us.)
Don't forget to check the end of the newsletter for some
other important dates coming up.                           Sarah opened by describing her own situation and
                                                           background. She told us how she personally
                                                           applied for 30 different scholarships and came up
                                                           with just $1700 in scholarship aid.

Next Week:                                                 Education is important. It is a critical predictor of
                 Lisa Toomey                               future earnings. But the cost of an education is
             Columbia Basin College                        growing much faster than inflation. Despite
                                                           savings and financial aid, virtually all students find
                                                           it isn't enough, leaving only loans and

                                                           Sarah went on to describe the scholarship process
                                                           and how students find scholarships and determine
This Week's Program:                                       what they might apply for and how the scholarship
             Sarah Anderson                                process usually worked. She closed with
          College Scholarships                             questions from the audience.

                                                           Her message was clear. College is important to
                                                           student success. For almost all students,
                                                           scholarships, public or private, are an important
                                                           part of the financial mix that allows a college
education to happen.

  We can add your card or message here. Contact one of our editors for sponsorship information.

  We can add your card or message here. Contact one of our editors for sponsorship information.

                 Special Thanks for our 2010 J&S Dreamland Express Sponsors:
Save the Date(s)
                   Wed January 12
                   Division Counsel meeting at Camp Kiwanis. Dinner at 6 pm, meeting 6:30-7:30. All members
                   are welcome.
                   Thursday, January 13
                   Club Board of Directors meets at Clover Island, 11:45. All members are welcome.
                   Friday, January 21
                   Scentsy fundraiser orders are turned in for delivery in time for Valentine's day.