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   Horizons 2008
Greenhill Middle School
      Student Staff:
            Fifth Grade:
            Nick Brienzi
            Jason Girson
            Clint Golman

           Sixth Grade:
           Bo Brinkman
          Spencer Moritz
          Lesley Rowland

          Seventh Grade:
            Isha Elhence
           Alison Glazer
           Maddy Rosuck

           Eighth Grade:
         Natalie Bernstien
           Katie Litman
            Gina Mills
   Special thanks to: Mrs McCracken          Greenhill School
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      Horizons 2008

Horizons is the literary magazine of the Greenhill Middle School. Throughout the year,
the language arts faculty request submissions from students in grades five through eight.
Final selections are made by the editors in the Horizons class. The cover design as well
as color insert pages and all illustrations come from digital images of student work from
the fine arts department. Artwork is gathered from grades five through eight art classes.
Students in the Horizons desktop publishing elective are responsible for the final design
layout and publication.

Horizons was first published in 1991 as a project of a literary Middle School club. The title
was selected by the first editing staff from a poem by Stephen Crane. It was felt that it was
reflective of middle school students. Students from all grade levels in the middle school
were encouraged to take part in the club. All were also invited to enter samples of their
writing for consideration. The editing staff was selected from members of the club. Today
Horizons continues to be a publication designed and produced by students.

                        Horizons 2008
            Candy Land

        You’ll love this place,
           You can’t resist,
The fountain shoots out a sugary mist.

 There are gumdrops and lollipops,
        Chocolate and more,
You’ll find Twizzlers all over the floor.

        You’ll love this place,
           You can’t resist.
The fountain shoots out a sugary mist.

            Remya Menyon

                               Esha Singhal- 6th

                 -1-                               5th Grade
Ice Cream
Soft, creamy, goodness on a cone,
It is a form of joy that is well-known.
This cold, sugary, treat will brighten up your day,
Every lick is like a holiday.
Once you start you cannot quit,
You will devour every bit!

Tamara Prabhakav                                                           Times One
                                                               In one week, a lifetime can pass.
                                                          In one day, a family can shatter like glass.
                                                            In one hour, time still moves too fast.
                                                           In one second, we make choices that last.

                                                                      Taylor Hardy-Haynes

                                            Healthy and Wealthy

                                          Everything is nothing to the wealthy,

                                          Nothing is everything to the healthy.

                                                      Lauren Moritz

5th Grade                                                -2-
By Jordan Seigal

      In the summer I was getting ready to head            After about ten minutes, the men started
to a water slide at The Atlantis Resort Hotel in    to pull us back down to the boat. We quickly
the Bahamas when my dad and mom said we             realized were in for a surprise as we were going
were going to the beach. I gave them a quizzical    straight for the ocean instead of the boat. They
look, wondering why we would go to the beach.       dipped our feet into the ocean, then yanked us
My dad told us he was going to see if we were       back into the air and pulled us back onto the
old enough to go parasailing by ourselves. Now      boat slowly. That was a pretty funny surprise. It
I was nervous. We walked over to the beach,         was so much fun, better than I could ever imag-
and we went to the parasailing booth.               ine. We were so excited that we even asked if
                                                    we could do it again. We were really lucky as
        The man at the booth said that my brother   my parents agreed to let us go again. After the
Jason and I could go together. Jason and I looked   second time, we all got off the boat carefully,
at each other and were like no way. I wanted to     amazed that we did such a fascinating thing. It
go with my mom or dad, as did Jason. We got         was such a great experience, one that I will re-
on the boat and two really nice Bahamian men        member forever and ever.
were driving. Jason and I were getting anxious
and nervous. I was shaking with anticipation.
The man put a harness on us and attached us to
a big metal pole. He told us to sit down, and all
of a sudden the parachute lifted us up into the
air. Our eyes widened and our mouths dropped
all the way to the bottom of the ocean. We were
so scared that we could not even scream, and
my heart was in my stomach. We were high
up in the sky, about thirty-two stories high and
suddenly I did not feel scared anymore. The
view up there was tremendous. The wind was
blowing in my face; it was wonderful. We saw
the entire Atlantis Resort. The people and boats
looked liked ants. It was so peaceful.

                                                                         Britain Winchell- 5th

                                              -3-                                5th Grade
The Butterfly

In the rain forest morning has come,
The ground is damp, there is little sun.
You look all around, and most are still sleeping,
But there on a plant are two butterflies meeting.
Their wings they do flutter, their colors are bright,
They fly all around, they are a beautiful sight.
The greens and browns of the forest trees,
                                                                         By Alex Bryan- 5th
Are great backgrounds for the colors in these.
The butterflies in the rain forest are a special treat,
They make the whole scenery hard to beat.
So next time you see a butterfly here,
Pretend that the rain forest is near.
 Carly Mondry


                                                            I have nothing to write about,
                                                                Nothing is going on,
                                                               Nothing is happening,
                                                                 Nothing is wrong,
                                                                I have nothing to do,
                                                                   Nothing to say,
                                                          Now I am going to go out to play.
                                                                    Brianna Kessler

5th Grade                                       -4-
             Death is a terror,

At times its horror dominates our minds,

      Its relentless fury rips our life,

   And cackles as we fall into oblivion.

       Death is soothing and calm,

    It gently releases the pain of life,

       Giving us eternal freedom,

    And bringing peace to our hearts.

            Death is a mystery,

     That the living will never know,

 The door of death is locked to mortals,

   Until the immortals let them inside.

        Death is always different,

       In different peoples minds,

  Death’s shadow lurks in every heart,

         And puts it in his world.

       Death exists in every world,

           Death can never die,

     Death is a tiger waiting in trees,

        Until someone passes by.

         Nothing can stop death,

     When someone is on his path,

Death is impossible to conquer or defeat,

     When his horn sounds a tune.

  Death will eventually come for us all,

       Dragging us into his oceans,

He pulls us deeper than the living can go,

Until we are enveloped in eternal shadow.

           Nikhil Ranganathan

                  -5-                        5th Grade
By: Emily Fine

       Once upon a time there was a tree that      summer day Pine looked over at the flower.
only grew pinecones that were brown, crunchy,             He noticed something he never had
and mute. Every year the pinecones fell off        seen before, the flower was turning brown and
and a new batch arrived. Then one year that        dying. All of Pines hopes of having a friend dis-
pinecone tree grew an unusual pinecone that        appeared. He did not even want to look at the
talked. That pinecone’s name was Pine. Pine        dead flower anymore or he would start shed-
wanted to talk all the time to the other pine-     ding tears.
cones on the tree, but none of them would an-
swer him. So then Pine took the twig that was        After three months had past, Pine final-
attached to the top of him and twirled around ly looked over to where the dead flower had
so he was facing the owl at the hole in middlebeen. He was shocked when he saw something
of the tree trunk.                            red dazzling in the sunlight. He started asking
                                              questions to the red object, knowing there
      When Pine tried to talk to the owl, all would be no answer, but he tried anyway.
the owl ever responded with was, “Who, who,          “Hi I’m Pine, I’m a pinecone. What are
who?”                                         you and what’s your name?” Asked Pine.
      So Pine kept answering, “I’m Pine the       Suddenly, Pine heard a voice return his
pinecone.”                                  question.
        But the owl still hooted out, “Who, who,         “Nice to meet you Pine. I’m a fruit called
who.”                                              an apple and I am named Apple.”
       Pine just stopped trying after he did that      Pine was so surprised when he heard an
about seven times.                                answer he was still and mute for more than a
                                                  minute. When he responded he said, “Hi Ap-
       On a bright blooming day when the sun ple, did I really just hear you talk?”
was shining bright a little white flower ap-
peared on the pinecone tree.                           “Yeah, that was me you heard,” said Ap-
       Pine started wondering, “What could
that flower turn into? Maybe it will be a mango        “Hey, do you want to be BFFAEAE? Asked
that can talk too. That would be great. Then I Pine.
wouldn’t have to hang here all day doing noth-
ing. Oh how I wish a talking mango would grow          “Sure, why not,” Replied Apple.
next to me.”                                           Pine and Apple stuck like glue to each
       Everyday for the next two months Pine other.
watched the flower progress. On a scorching

5th Grade                                    -6-
       Soon they played so much together a g-d  went over. Nobody knew what was happening,
came out of the sky and said with his mighty    everybody was terrified. The cloud just ran-
voice, “You two are such good of friends, so    domly appeared. When the mist went away
now I shall make you into one.”                 only one fruit lay on the pinecone tree. That
                                                fruit was yellow, crunchy on the outside (like
       When Pine and Apple heard this, they a pinecone), soft on the inside (like an apple)
were so excited that they almost burst out of and was called a pineapple!
their bodies. A cloud of sparks and yellow mist

                                                                       Gray Dueber- 5th

                                            -7-                            5th Grade
                        The Nerd

            I’m not what you would call popular,

            I’m not what you would call cool,

            I’m actually the nerd of them all,

            Here at my elementary school.

            I have red stick upy hair,

            And freckles all over my face,

            All the cool kids here at my school,

            Say I’m such a disgrace!

            I have braces all over my teeth,

            And I don’t see why their bad,

            I have big square glasses too,

            They tease me and make me sad.

            I ace all of my tests,

            And I like to study too,

            I always do extra credit,

            And I also get tripped on my shoe.

            I have no friends at all,

            No person wants to be,

            So all I do is study,


                           Patty Gomez-Palacio

5th Grade                                -8-
                         Rose and Dandelion
The rose is a token

Of someone showing their love.

The dandelion is a broken heart

From someone cheated out of love.

The rose’s color is blazing red,

And always getting deeper.

The dandelion starts off yellow,

But when it’s white you know it is a keeper.

The rose’s fragrance is as sweet as sugar,

The dandelion’s barely there.

The rose’s petals are like velvet,

The dandelion’s like stringy hair.

The rose is fine wine,

Getting better as it ages.

The rose’s petals unfold,

Growing with the sun.

The dandelion ends its life white.

The dandelion is hard to see in the dead of the night.

It is white like a dove,

It is blown through all the stars above.

All though my eyes do love the rose,

My soul loves the dandelion.

                             Caroline Early

                               -9-                       5th Grade
                          My birthday
                      My birthday is coming,

                       My birthday is near,

                         I am so excited,

                     I am just about to cheer.

            I’ll have a party, a cake, and so much more,

                       We’ll party all night,

                   And we’ll sleep on the floor.

               We’ll do some bowling and laser tag,

                     We’ll eat some junk food,

                  And hopefully no one will gag.

                        TIME TO PARTY!!!.

                        Christina Alexandrou


5th Grade                       - 10 -
The Parrot

The clouds part, and then I see,

Yet what darkness can hide thee?

Lo behold your colors bright,

Parrots flying through the night.

Singing softly, your sweet song.

Your sweet singing, please prolong.

How doth thou sing so vibrant?

Could thou sooth the worst tyrant?

Art thou the sole bird that speaks?

Out of darkness color seeps,

Tis a beauty to the eye

How doth thou so lightly fly?

The couds part, and then I see.

Yet what darkness can hide thee?

Lo behold your colors bright,

Parrots flying through the night.

Abbi Rees

                                                 Reed Russ/ 5th

                                      - 11 -   5th Grade
                                                 The Dog

            Even if there is a fog,
                                        You can hear a barking dog.

                                  Some are tame and some are wild,

                                       Some will act just like a child.

                                          A dog can be so playful,

                                            Acting oh so joyful.

                                      They sometimes are very rough,

                                  When they act like they are tough.

                                           A dog is very friendly,

                                  When they lie down by your knee.

                                         They are all so very kind,

                                 Sometimes treasures they will find.

            Even if there is a fog,
                                        You can hear a barking dog.

                                  Some are tame and some are wild,

                                       Some will act just like a child.

                                              Arrian Jahangiri

5th Grade                                          - 12 -
       Owl, Owl wise and brave,

What makes you stand there and behave?

        So quietly on a branch,

    Your beauty puts us in a trance.

  It’s a shock thy makes the pidgeon,

      Unlike the bold smart owl.

    Unfortunate are its features,

     Large, clumsy, grey and fowl.

       What daring fiery eyes,

   And wings of thick gold feathers.

       What animal ever tries,

      To kill them all together?

   Owl soars through the soft wind,

      Thy falls without a trace.

       Lost in owl’s very touch,

    A fine meal of not much haste.

    Dare to challenge thy and win,

  You’ll have a friendly deadly spin.

        Burning in fires light,

   You’ll sleep in an eternal night.

       Owl, Owl wise and brave,

What makes you stand there and behave?

        So quietly on a branch,

    Your beauty puts us in a trance.

                 Rachel Carp

                   - 13 -            5th Grade
                                   The Tortilla Contest
By: Adam Konig

        Once there was a young twelve-year-old                         “¿Porqué?” whined Jorge as Juan slammed
 boy named Jorge Samalo. Jorge lived in Mexico                  the palm of his hand into his forehead in despair.
 with his mother, father, and his younger twin broth-
 er, Juan. Through the generations of Samalos, the                       There was nothing they could do now so
 oldest son would be chosen to compete in the an-               the added the last ingredient, mixed the dough to-
 nual tortilla-making contest at the age of twelve.             gether, and tossed it into the oven. The judge blew
 The next contest would be held in a few more days.             his whistle again right as Jorge and Juan took their
                                                                tortilla out of the oven. They were to be judged last.
          In the competition you were to make the best          They immediately abandoned hope of winning
 tortilla within thirty minutes. You were allowed one           when the judge grinned as he took a bite of the first
 partner younger than sixteen. Juan was going to be             team’s tortilla. The judge took a bite of every torti-
 Jorge’s partner for the competition. Each team was             lla. He finally came to Jorge and Juan’s stand. He
 supplied with a table and oven to bake the tortilla in.        took a bite out of the flaming hot tortilla. He chewed
 Jorge and Juan practiced making their family’s secret          it for about three seconds until his faced turned
 recipe for the past three weeks. The recipe had a lot          a brilliant shade of red and the chewing seized.
 of ingredients to measure and add in, so Juan had
 to toss the ingredients to Jorge to get it done in time.               “¡Es caliente! ¡Es muy caliente!” yelped the judge
                                                                as he ran to the nearest fountain and dunked his head in.
        Finally, the day had come to go to the competition
 and win the trophy. The Jorge’s mother drove them to the               Jorge and Juan gave each other nonplussed
 competition. Jorge and Juan got out to go find their stand.    looks. The judge took his head out of the water and
                                                                people rushed up to him asking if he was okay. The
        “¡Buena suerte!” Their mother called af-                judge began to laugh and he finally announced,
 ter them as they, at long last, found their stand.             “Es muy caliente, pero es muy muy deliciosa.”

         Jorge and Juan set up their bowls and ingredi-               With that said, Jorge and Juan gave
 ents as they waited patiently for the judge to blow his        each other triumphant looks, for they had
 whistle, signaling them to start making their tortilla.        just won the annual tortilla-making contest.

          The judge gave a boisterous blow into his whis-
 tle and Jorge and Juan began creating the dough for
 their tortilla. Ingredient after ingredient Juan would
 pass to Jorge and Jorge would put them in. After eight
 minutes of stirring in circles so the tortilla would be
 soft, Jorge put in the secret ingredient, a small teaspoon
 of jalapeño hot sauce. No one in their family dared to
 put any more in, and no one knew what it would taste
 like if they did. Jorge and Juan continued to put in the
 next few ingredients. They got to the last ingredient,
 salt. Juan tossed it to Jorge. Jorge put up his hand to
 catch it but it just grazed the tips of his fingers. The
 salt bumped into the hot sauce, which had been left
 open, next to the bowl, causing it to fall into the bowl,
 adding an extra tablespoon of hot sauce to the recipe.

5th Grade                                              - 14 -
         Ben Weinberg - 6th

- 15 -   5th Grade
                           St Basil’s Cathedral
By: Hanna Arata

        Behind this beautiful masterpiece, a magnifi-
cent Russian sky looks down upon this work of art. The
highest point of this creation is a needle, pointing out
from a giant golden Hershey’s kiss. Below the Hershey’s
kiss are four thin, white lines with a dark tan color for
the background of the whole cathedral. After the lines
the tall steeple forms into a triangular prism. At the
bottom half of the steeple, there are beautiful designs.

        There are eight turrets, including the golden
one. In front of the steeple, there is a small turret with
crossed green lines and a dark gold background. All of
the turret tops are shaped like Hershey’s kisses. To the
right of this turret, there is a taller turret with winding
red and green lines on the top. (Each of the seven tur-
ret bottoms has a different design.) On the other side of
the small turret, there is a turret the same size as the red
and green one, but this one has straight vertical blue
and white lines. Right behind this one is a turret the
same size as the first one I described, but it has blue and
red winding lines going upward to the top of the tur-
ret, with a tile type look to it up close. To the left of that
one, there is a tiny turret with a dark green background,
with thin, vertical, gold lines, and in-between the gold
lines there are red dots. Directly behind the white and
blue one, there is a big turret that has horizontal red
and white zig-zag lines. And last, but not least, there
is a big turret with winding, fat, green and gold verti-
cal lines. (This awesome place is in Moscow, Russia.)

                                                                    By Dawson Ray - 8th

5th Grade                                                  - 16 -
By: Kevin Chaiken

         On my seventh birthday, I went to Miami with my                 Later that day, my dad gave me a tour of
dad. My dad grew up in Miami, so he knew what to do to           Miami. First he showed me his old high school.
have fun. The whole way to the airport and on the long           After that he showed me his old house. We had
flight there, we talked about what we would do when              a great dinner that night, and we went back to
we got there.                                                    our hotel. We left early next morning. I will nev-
                When we got to Miami, My dad’s friend            er forget that trip. It was the best birthday ever.
took us to our hotel. It was a very nice hotel and I was
very excited to be in Florida. We went to a restaurant
to eat stone crabs for lunch. I thought I was in heaven
because it was some of the best food I had ever had.

      After lunch, we went to visit my great grand-
mother. She was excited to have visitors. She was
very sweet and I was sad when I had to leave.

       I did not get much sleep that night. I want to
say that the reason was that I was so excited about
the next day, but I can not. The real reason was that
my dad snored so loud I could barely close my eyes.

         The next day we went to the Miami Seaquarium.
The Seaquarium is on the beach and has lots of exhib-
its. It was my dad’s favorite place as a kid and I could
see why. There were sharks, fish, whales, dolphins, and
even penguins. I even got to see the trainer feed the
sharks. My favorite animal was the giant sea turtles. The
trainer told us that they were over one hundred years
old. It was one of the coolest places I had ever been to.

        My favorite part of the trip was deep sea fish-
ing. We went on my dad’s friend’s fishing boat. I did not
know what to expect, but when I pulled up to the pier
and saw a forty foot sports fishing boat, I was ready to
go fishing. I knew we were going to catch fish, but not as
many as we ended up catching. I dropped my line into
the salty Atlantic and about twenty seconds later I had
a fish on my hook. It was a big blue and white Spanish
Mackerel. We also caught a lot of strawberry fish. The
cool thing about the strawberry fish is that when you
catch them, you have to pop a bubble in its throat be-
fore you throw them back in or else the fish will float.

          At the end of our eight hour fishing trip, I felt
a little sea sick. I told my dad I wanted to go back in.
We baited our hooks and headed back to shore. On
the way back, our friend started screaming. Then all
of the sudden I saw a huge fish jump in the air. We
brought it in and found out it was a seven foot sailfish.

                                                        - 17 -                               5th Grade
                                     Athens vs. Sparta
By: Camille Andrews

       I can hear the Spartans pounding on
our city walls. Soldiers on our side are trying to
shoot them down, but the Spartan are invincible.

       My baby sister Hestia cries as my mom tries
to comfort her. Hestia’s hunger makes her shout
in agony. I feel like doing the same thing we all do.

        My mother calls me over; my legs are weak,
walking one foot in front of another. We pray to Zeus
and the other gods as we know we are about to die. I
think of my father struggling to keep shooting his ar-
rows at the Spartans. All that keeps him going is the
thought of Hestia, my mother, and I. If we weren’t
here, he would jump over the wall not wanting to live.

       Then in my horror I see a Spartan arrow shoot
up and hit my father square in the chest, below his
Athenian armor. He topples backward as I let out
a scream, as I rush to his side. My mother reached
out a shaking arm to catch me. I know she won’t
catch me, after all I did live up to name, Atalanta.

         As I run tears cascade down my face. The feel-
ing in my gut was worse then I had ever experienced,
worse then my grandfather being taken by the plague
along with my older brother. I rush to his side, he looks
at my weakly, in his eyes I see the life draining out, he
says calmly, “Atalanta, remember me.” Then he drifts to
sleep, a long sleep. Mother rushes over and places a gold
coin gently under his tongue, as she lets out a quick sob.      Chelsea Huss - 7th
       “Night, Night daddy.” Says Hestia.

5th Grade                                              - 18 -
                         Why There Are So Many Volcanoes
By: Arrian Jahangiri

        Once upon a time, there were no volcanoes                   the brink of starvation, when I met C.J. Prompt and Pat-
on Earth. There were too many plants growing with-                  rick Indecisive, two nine-year old kids that were the only
out lava making room for more. There were giant moun-               English-speaking creatures on the island. While I was eat-
tains that had craters in them, and when people tried               ing one of there sandwiches, they told me of a legend,
to explore them, they got low enough to be killed by                one of Ambassah. They told me why Ambassah was sent
the magma. But then someone changed all of that.                    down from the cosmos. It turns out that after an unspeci-
         A little girl was lying down in the grass, hand behind     fied amount of trouble, she was banished from the cos-
her head, staring at the sky. She saw a cloud that looked           mic throne. She traveled to Earth, and every time she re-
like a ship. It got her thinking about traveling. And that’s        members her banishment, her volcano home erupts. They
when Ebony Redhayle thought that she never would have a             spoke of a way to make Ambassah exit Earth forever. To do
chance to explore the world. She would be twenty in nine            so, one must locate the Amulet of Rokerdson, and place
years, and her father would arrange a marriage for her.             it in a crevice on the Punky Mountains. I have located the
Once married, she could never travel to exotic places like          amulet, and drawn a map of the Punky Mountains. I have
she wished to. That was when Ebony decided to run away.             given both of the materials to the Strongarians, the na-
                                                                    tives. The instructions are in the next following pages...
         Ebony asked her father to go to the dock with her
two older brothers, John and Perry. He was reluctant at first,      One Week Later
but Ebony swayed his mind. She packed a picnic basket full of            After triple-checking the instructions, packing food
food, and left. Later, while her brothers were working, Ebo-        for the journey, and thanking the Strongarians over and
ny spotted a cargo ship with a large crew and an even larger        over again, she set off. She walked for over fifteen hours
load of confusion. She climbed aboard quickly and quietly.          before she decided to rest, and ten minutes later, she
She eluded any passing sailors, who were to busy to notice          found a place to fall asleep. Ebony had dinner and slept.
her anyways, and crept down the stairs of the boat slowly,
she eventually reached the cargo bay. She opened the pic-            The next day, around noon, she reached the conspicuous
nic basket and had lunch. Several weeks later, she reached          Punky Mountains. As soon as she placed the amulet in-
the ship’s destination, Stronger Island. While the crew un-         side the obviously holy crevice, an inhuman screech was
loaded the vessel, she ran off. When she reached the islands        heard. Ebony looked up and saw a lofty, red woman aloft
village, every native jumped up and down, yelling in there          in the sky, hovering while hurling fireballs down at the
native language. “Little girl, you must be the one that will        Earth’s flammable surface, and flying away. Now in our
vanquish Ambassah! Get here right now!”But of course, this          time, wherever those fireballs hit, there now lays a volcano.
was in their native language, so Ebony did not understand.

         “What?” She tried to tell them that she only
spoke English, but they could not understand. Then, the
natives motioned for her to come along, and she fol-
lowed them to a cave. In the cave was something fa-
miliar. She saw a notebook, one that looked thoroughly
written in. Ebony open up the title page and saw the
date. The date claimed that the notepad was over two
years old. She dismissed any doubts, and began to read:

The Diary Of Kennelzeworth Banana Monkey Finkleheimer III

Hello. I am Kennelzeworth Banana Monkey Finkleheimer
III, but call me Ken. I came to Stronger Island in 1805, with
hopes of capturing Ambassah, the fire goddess. I was on

                                                           - 19 -                                     5th Grade
                                       My Mother’s Story
     By: Ashley Lee

              My eyes bugged. My mom had asked me the                    “All we learned was basic addition, subtrac-
     most unusual thing. She asked me if I wanted to hear        tion, multiplication, and division. We didn’t learn that
     her childhood story. I shrugged. “Sure,” I said. I had      much, because we were in the east region of China
     nothing to do, so I sat down in one of the breakfast        for half of the term,” Mom told me. “We were work-
     table’s chairs. “I was born in Shanghai, China,” she        ing in the factory, helping farmers, or learning to use
     stated. “Yes, mom,” I said. “You told me that a hun-        firearms.” I was stunned. That seemed pretty harsh
     dred times,” I droned. “Yes, well, China was ruled by       for a kid. “My father was against this system, so he
     a man named Mao,” my mom said. Then she told me             was punished by the Red Guards,” Mom said. “What
     of how in 1911, the monarchy was overthrown by a            are Red Guards?” I asked. “They are Mao’s soldiers,”
     man named Sun. He had established the Republic of           Mom answered. “How was Wai Gong ( my grandfa-
     China, but then came World War II. When the Japanese        ther) punished?” I asked. “They had a parade where
     finally surrendered in 1945, civil wars erupted between     the Guards would make people like my father dress
     two parties: The Nationalist Party and the Communist        up in a big hat and a shirt saying ‘I rebelled against
     Party. When the Communists forced the Nationalists          Mao and I should be killed,’” Mom answered. “My
     to Taiwan, the head of the Communists, a man named          teacher took the class out to see that parade and I was
     Mao, established the People’s Republic of China. Then       surprised to see my father there.” Wow, I thought. My
     he established the communist system. The communist          mom didn’t even have a pained look on her face. “
     system makes everyone equal. Everyone got the same          Father was sent to a labor camp for seven years,” she
     amount of money, food, and clothes. The total opposite      said. Seven years ?!? I’d go crazy if my father was sent
     of the capitalist system, which we use here in the Unit-    away for seven years. “Then when I was in 12th Grade,
     ed States. China accepted the system and settled down.      Mao died,” Mom said with the faintest look of hap-
                                                                 piness. “We spent one year to catch up on schooling.
             “At first, everything went smoothly,” Mom told      We learned geometry, chemistry, and physics. That’s
     me. “But then, Mao realized that some people were more      how I became interested in physics.” I knew the rest
     educated than others.” I imagined a doctor getting the      of the story. She went to Pennsylvania to attend col-
     same wage as a farmer. UNFAIR. “Mao thought that            lege, got a degree in physics, got a degree in engineer-
     the more people were educated, the more they would          ing, and ending up working for Texas Instruments.
     break away from the communist system. So, he decided        Then she met Dad, got married, and had us! The end!
     to shut down all the universities in China.” I gawked. I
     hated school, but close universities? That’s just insane!

                                                              By Kyle Weinreb - 7th

5th Grade                                            - 20 -
                 The sky was dark and the wind was blowing,

                     Suddenly, I saw a red thing glowing.

              I could see the light through the crack of my door,

                I did not want to go out of my room anymore.

                 The light was getting stronger and stronger,

                    I did not want to watch this any longer.

              Goosebumps where running all through my body,

          The door was opening; I wanted to yell, “help somebody!”

                      I saw a figure standing at my door

              It was a dark, dark shadow pointing at my drawer.

                My drawer was moving, moving and shaking.

               My mind was now seriously boiling and baking!

              I turned to look again at my moving weird drawer,

              The dark man was no longer standing at my door!

               The man was now next to me standing at my bed.

              I did not know what was going on inside his head.

              I did not know what to think, my mind went blank.

              Or was this just my brother pulling a mean prank?

                  The man spoke, with an angry mean voice,

            He said I had to open the drawer, I had no other choice!

                I walked over slowly, hoping not to get killed,

          Now I knew this wasn’t a prank, trust me I was not thrilled.

              I was two steps away from the creepy, loud drawer.

        When suddenly the man vanished, he was not there anymore.

      It felt like the whole world froze, and the drawer was not moving,

      Everything was awkward until I noticed something more soothing.

              I was awake in my own room, and it was not night.

The whole thing was a nightmare, but I can still remember that creepy red light.

                              Paty Gomez-Palacio

                                     - 21 -                                5th Grade




                         Peter Grishin

                                         Kimberly Corson - 7th

5th Grade                  - 22 -
Discovery Sonnet- Learning to Read

      Oh, when the letters showed so bold,
       For the great stories that they told.
     ‘Cuz when the words made sense to read
          I felt for sure I was in lead.
      Something funny about them though,
         When in lead, I could feel low.
       While messing up was here to stay
          As there, getting along, I lay.

     Though reading at first, mind impaired,
           My mind soon functioned,
                the words shared.
         A Wrinkle in Time, my first book,
        An adventure, my brain on hook.
       That of course, my mom read to me,
           Eager to let me read to she.

                    Kate Crotty

                      - 23 -                   5th Grade
5th Grade   - 24 -
- 25 -   5th Grade
                                                       Test pilot
By: Cole Travers

         “I am pleased to announce that Lieutenant David         impossible to break, at mach 4.8. Many pilots had come
McKnight has graduated with top honors as Top Gun of the         close to breaking his record, but none had ever broken it.
class of 1958.” David was stunned, realizing that he had just    Several earlier pilots spread rumors that he had even sabo-
been announced by the head of flight school as top gradu-        taged test planes to cause them to fail so he could keep his
ate of the Air Force flight training school class of 1958. He    record. They thought this because one plane exploded and
walked up to the podium, shook the trainer’s hand, and re-       the pilot was killed. After learning more about his compe-
ceived his diploma. He then returned in a daze to his seat       tition and playing a few more hands of poker, David went
and listened as his fellow pilots went through the same pro-     back to his suite. He found a letter tacked to his door that
cess.                                                            said, “Report to Hanger 11 at 0900,” and it was signed by
                                                                 Major Thomas.
         Later during the graduation dinner, all the pilots
were asked to fill out forms stating what and where they                  The next morning, David showed up early and had
wanted to fly. David hadn’t even thought about this, but         to wait around for Major Thomas to let him into the hangar.
he realized that he could pick anything he wanted because        When David entered the hanger, he saw a plane like no other
he was Top Gun. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He          he had ever seen. Before him was what looked like a missile
looked up in frustration, and as he did he saw a poster that     with a cockpit and small wings. It also said, “X-15” down the
had a picture of a plane that looked more like a rocket. The     side. The first thing he realized was that it could never take
caption said “X-Plane”. David decided immediately that he        off on its own. He asked Major Thomas and learned that in-
wanted to be a test pilot and fly the top secret X-Planes!       stead of taking off from a runway, he would be dropped like
This was the most dangerous assignment there was, and if         a bomb from a bomber, or in Major Thomas’s words, “Think
he wanted it he knew he could have it.                           of yourself as a missile for the test flights.”

         The next day he was given clearance to go. David                 Several days later, after four successful test flights,
went to his dorm room, packed up his few possessions,            David felt ready to try to break the air speed record. That
and tossed them into his car. He drove to a gas station and      night, as David was getting into bed, he saw a very tall man
bought a road map, a soda, and a snack for the road. He          walking around the back of the hanger, sheltering his X-15.
drove for several hours. When he arrived at his new home,        The man was looking into its windows, acting like he had
Andrews Air Force Base, the guard led him to a sergeant          just committed a crime and was running from the cops.
who checked him in and gave him the keys to his room. Da-
vid also met his commanding officer, Major Thomas.                        The next day by sun up, David was already flying to
                                                                 his launch point in the bomber. The pilot of the bomber’s
         David was assigned suite #204. It was on the second     voice crackled over the radio. “Go ahead and hop in,” he
floor and overlooked the runway and hangers from his bed-        said in a strong southern accent. David climbed down into
room window. He also had a kitchen and a large room with         the cockpit. He strapped himself in and told the mechan-
a desk and a TV. David found a flight suit and helmet already    ic to close the hatch. The bomber pilot came on the radio
in his closet. He unpacked his few possessions realizing just    again and began his launch countdown, “Five, four, three,
how little he owned. At least his suite came with a toaster!     two, one!”

         David walked outside and took a look around. Aside              David heard the latches snap open. He felt his stom-
from the airport facilities, he saw the mess hall, the armory,   ach drop and the plane came free. The pilot clicked on the
and the commander’s offices. After getting to know his way       radio and said, “X-15 away.” David gunned the throttle, but
around the base, David returned to the mess hall and found       nothing happened. He just kept dropping. David’s panicked,
a large game of poker being played. He played a few hands        and his mind immediately went over the emergency pro-
and got to know the other pilots. He found that one of the       cedure of the plane, but he couldn’t find anything wrong.
best pilots, besides himself, was Frank Cooper.                  Maybe the igniters hadn’t sparked, or one of the fuel valves
                                                                 didn’t open.
       Frank towered a full half foot over everyone else in
the base. Frank held the flight speed record that seemed

                                                          -1-                                            6th Grade
        Then, suddenly, his mind flashed back to seeing                  Maj. Thomas wasn’t sure what to do. He took David
someone tall moving around the back of the hanger last           to Lieutenant General Hunter, the commander of the base.
night. Who was that? Why was he there? Who did he know
that was tall? Was it Frank? It must be who else was that                 The Lieutenant General decided to court-martial
tall? Nobody! He also remembered the person was acting           Frank. The trial was held a week later, and Frank was found
suspiciously.                                                    guilty of tampering with the engines of three planes, includ-
                                                                 ing David’s, all of which were designed to be faster than
        David suddenly snapped back into the moment as           Frank’s. He was discharged from the Air Force.
Major Thomas barked over the radio, “McKnight! What are
you doing? “                                                               David got accepted to another project. The X-29
                                                                 was the first forwardswept wing plane, designed to exceed
        “The engine won’t light,” David yelled back into the     the speed of sound, and it was his mission to be its first pi-
microphone angry that Major Thomas thought he had for-           lot, if he wanted it. He took it. David continued thereafter
gotten something.                                                to break records (and planes) as he continued in his distin-
                                                                 guished military career.
        “Well, then, MAKE it start,” Major Thomas yelled
back. Now, David was too frustrated to even try to tell Ma-
jor Thomas his theory about Frank and that maybe he had
sabotaged the plane.

         Davie had been freefalling for almost a minute and
realized he was out of time, so he reached forward and
pulled the yellow bar that said “EJECT.” He was jerked out
of the plane, propelled away by small rockets that were so
loud that he thought some one had just tested an atom
bomb next to his head. When the rockets stopped, David
opened his chute and drifted down for several minutes be-
fore hitting the ground very hard.

         Ten minutes later, an emergency team arrived at the
crash site and brought him back to the base. After a medi-
cal examination that included several injections to help with
shock and his throbbing ears, David was declared OK.

        After several days of hard recovery, David walked to
the mess hall to get a nice hot meal. Of course, Frank was
there and just had to notice him. As Frank always does, he
told David what he should have done and how bad a pilot
he was, speaking to him as if David was a toddler. After a
few minutes of this, David exploded at Frank. “Just shut up
and go away, Frank,” he yelled. Frank decided he had had
enough fun, and it was time for him to leave. On his way out
the door, Frank accidentally ran into someone sitting next to
the door and dropped a piece of paper.

         David saw this happen, so he walked over and
picked the paper up. He was amazed to find that it was a
copy of the blue prints of his plane! He put the papers in his
pocket and left as if nothing happened. He headed directly
over to the security building and negotiated with the guard
on duty for a copy of the security tape of the back of hanger
#11 from the night before. After a small argument over the
tapes, he was successful in getting them. He then went to
Major Thomas with the tapes and the blue prints that Frank
had dropped. He then explained to Major Thomas his theo-
ry that Frank may have tampered with his plane.

6th Grade                                                 -2-
                      Ode to a Taco

       The dinner arrives, and I take my first glimpse.

I see you taco. You are simply a god compared to the rice and

            Steam rises from your rugged terrain,

       And the damp, humid smell lifts into my nose.

            You flavorful, seasoned white meat,

             And your sizzling, hot, delicious oils

          are just two of your many compliments.
                                                                                              Brent Rubin - 6th
          Your simplicity is the key to your sucsess.

                                                                          as I taste your memorable flavors,
         I can’t resist any longer. I must take a bite.                    and savor every last piece of you.
                   Slowly, I grab your shell,

                 the protector of your meat,                      Every bite I take, this flavor-packed sensation runs
                                                                                       through me.
           your most important, yet delicate part.
                                                                    Quickly, you dissapear from my once full plate.

                                                                Once you are gone, I know I will enjoy your kind again,
  I raise it up to my mouth, inhaling the fresh, sweet scent,
                                                                               but I feel a slight missing;
                       and take a bite.
                                                                                I know I want you back.

     Suddenly, an explosion of flavors runs through me.
                                                                 You, my taco friend, are one of food’s simplest inven-
                                                                yet your distinctive flavors, and unmatched ingrediants,
                                                                       make you feel like you are one of food’s…
 My taste buds scream, “O god yes!” as I fondly munch you
  My toenails feel happy, my ears feel happy, my toes feel

                                                                                      Nick Kraus

                                                          -3-                                        6th Grade
             A Blank Sheet of Paper
                 A blank sheet of paper.

                     Simple, right?


       A blank sheet of paper can be everything

                     And anything,

                      You and me,

            A masterpiece waiting to happen.

                 But if someone cared

                     Just a little bit

                  Maybe, just maybe,

             It wouldn’t be just anything, -

                 It would be something.

                   A tangible object,

                Which could be admired,

                      Cared about,

        Something with emotion and character.

       Is the blank sheet of paper more like you

                  And than we think?
                                                         Morgan Chapman - 5th
                  By: Rachel Robinson

                   Tamara Prabhakar

6th Grade                                          -4-
                                                    R.I.P. Billy
By: Giovanni Arana

         A spider named Bob and a fly named Billy were best               Bob was all grown up, and only reacted
friends. Bob and Billy were going to Pizza Hut to buy a large
                                                                 on instinct. He was very hungry because he hadn’t eaten
Pizza with pieces of pepperoni and jalapeños. After Bob ate
                                                                 anything in two weeks.
a pepperoni and Billy ate a jalapeño, they left.
                                                                          When Bob felt the twiddling on his web he was very
        They were going to go to Billy’s house to play catch.
                                                                 happy. Bob scurried to his spider web and saw a fly. Billy saw
When they arrived, Billy took out his frisbee, and they start-
                                                                 this enormous object heading in his direction. Billy was pet-
ed to play catch. Bob could catch anything that was thrown
                                                                 rified. Billy then recognized that the spider was Bob, but it
at him because he had eight legs. On the other hand, Billy
                                                                 was too late. Bob was already on him and had injected poi-
was having a difficult time because he was still too small, so
                                                                 son into him. With the few seconds Billy had to live, he was
they decided to play video games. Billy had to get out his
                                                                 sad because he should have apologized to Bob sooner and
extra small controller so he could play. Bob was just fine.
                                                                 maybe this situation he was in wouldn’t have happened.
        The first ten games, Bob won. Finally, Billy won a
                                                                         Billy died 2.25 seconds later. Billy had learned a les-
game and was extremely happy. When he couldn’t win an-
                                                                 son that whenever you do something to a friend and have
other game because Bob was winning all of them, he turned
                                                                 to apologize, do it as soon as possible, or else there could be
red and was furious, so he screamed at Bob. Bob, not know-
                                                                 bad consequences.
ing what to do, left. On his way home, he was puzzled be-
cause Billy never screams at anyone or anything.

        Three weeks later, Billy was on his way to Bob’s                  Bob had already started to curl up Billy in his web.
house to apologize. Billy was buzzing through the woods          A minute later, Bob was enjoying sucking out the blood out
peacefully when he was caught on a spider web. What! Billy       of the fly. Once Bob was finished, he was examining the fly
didn’t know whose it was,was it Bob’s?                           because it had tasted delicious. Bob found out that it was
                                                                 his friend Billy. Bob was so sad that he came to a conclusion
                                                                 that he would be a vegetarian.

                                                          -5-                                           6th Grade
                Summer is sipping lemonade
                   when it’s burning hot.
                Summer is being at the pool,
                 swimming, lounging in the
               Summer is just endless days of
                       Fun, fun, fun.
                 Summer is taking long trips
                        to the park,
                  knowing you can stay up
                   well after it gets dark.
               Summer is those long, hot days
              that you spend with your friends.
            Now that you know all about summer,
                      you can see why
                     every kid is so sad
                          when it
                         Sydney Lewis

6th Grade                    -6-
      Ryan Lane-6th

-7-        6th Grade
                                  Brunette Ruins the Day
By: Jasmin Lawrence

        On different occasions, my loving daddy comes        came rushing in my direction. Her foot planted itself in
to Dallas to visit me. I usually go to see him, though.      front of my right foot. Her chubby foot caused my body
Well, this particular Saturday morning ended up being        to head towards the ground. My knee skidded across
the day when my daddy was coming. The event he was           the grass while pealing off bits of skin. With a skinless
here for was my soccer game. What I didn’t know, but         knee, my whole body jolted to the ground. I let out a
later found out, was that he was bringing a lot of my        loud wail as blood rushed to the surface of my skin,
family with him. I was extremely excited. Immediately,       giving me intense pain as it hit the hot and scorching
I knew that I had to put on a show.                          air.

        When my mommy and I pulled up to the soc-                     I looked around. I saw my mommy and dad-
cer field, we also saw my daddy pulling up to with the       dy running towards me. When they reached me, I was
whole crew. When we were starting to park, my eyes           questioned with, “Are you okay,” and “ Jasmin, it’s ok,
hit my family as they were walking towards our park-         it’s ok.” I could hear the panic in their voices.
ing spot. I felt sudden chills trickle down my spine. I
was really eager to see them. As soon as we were safely             Slowly, I started to calm down. I placed my
parked, I ran to them and gave out all my hugs and           hands in the wet grass and stood up. I wiped the tears
kisses. After that, I knew it was game time! I ran to my     away from my face and sniffled; I had to be strong.
team with a grin on my face that no one could snatch         When everyone saw that I was okay, claps filled the
away. This was my time to shine!                             stadium for me. I felt so honored. Tear.....tear.

        My team had about five to ten minutes to prac-                When the crowd was done clapping, I told the
tice and warm up by the time I joined them. Everybody        referee that I could still play, signaling my parents that
got into game mode and met the other team in the center      they could sit back down. We started the game back up.
of the field. We recited the pledge, and then the game       I kept trying to retaliate against the brunette that put me
was on.                                                      through all of the pain; I never did.

Our coach told us our positions, and we started to play. I           We finished the game with a great win. I ended
started off well. I could feel the crowd’s eyes following    it with a lot less steam than I had when I went into it.
me as I ran the ball up and down the field. Every time       Nevertheless, I was a trooper. I have gotten mentally
someone on my team scored, it was because I made the         and physically tougher since that experience. Also, I
assist. My teammates would tell me, “Great pass” or          know that no matter what my parents will always be
“Nice!” I was feeling the love.                              there for me!

        I would often glance over at the crowd and see
my fan base (my family) smiling and saying, “Go ahead,
Jazzy!” It felt overwhelming having everyone there.
As time flew by, I found myself in the third quarter.
Sweat slowly slid down the ridges of my nose. My teeth
gripped onto my bottom lip. Oh my gosh, I had the ball.
I was sprinting towards the goal. My eyes stayed nailed
on the people ahead of me and...I knew I had to score.
Then, from out of nowhere, a brunette on the other team

6th Grade                                              -8-
      Griffin Glensky - 5th

-9-                6th Grade
                                       Sleep Over of DOOM!
By: Jack Beare
                                                                          “Ahhhhhh!” I screamed and freaked everyone out.

          “Mom, I am going to Dutch’s house to spend the                  “Jack, just chill out. The power only went out,” Bran-
night.”                                                           don said, trying to calm me down.

        “Ok Jack, remember to take your tooth brush and                  Then the power came back on and I started to calm
tooth paste, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.”                 down again.

         “I will, don’t worry but can you drive me there. They    “Hey, lets watch the Simpsons movie,” Colby and Hank sug-
can’t pick me up.”                                                gested.

          “Yes, I will. Come on.”                                         They put the movie in, and it started to play.

         Vroom, vroom. We drove for about ten minutes un-                “The Simpsons Movie on the big screen,” we all
til we finally pulled into the Dannis’ driveway. It was dark      chanted and began to laugh.
outside for about 6:30. I gave my mom a hug, and said good-               The movie soothed me through the storm by mak-
bye, and then started walking towards the door. I remem-          ing me laugh so hard, I felt like I was about to puke. But then
bered Dutch had also invited John, Colby, Hank, and Bran-         more lightning and thunder hit, and we all screamed during
don too. I knocked on the door and said “Hello.” I watched        the spider pig part.
my mom pull away as she waved to me. The door slowly
creaked open.                                                     After the movie had finished lightning was everywhere then
                                                                  BOOM. The power went out again. My heart sank. It was
          “Blah!” Dutch and everyone yelled.                      torture, sheer torture, I thought. Then, someone yelled and
         “Oh my god, guys, what the heck, you scared me           the lights came back on Hank was missing. We searched and
half to death!”                                                   searched, but I needed to go to the bathroom really badly.
                                                                  So I walked into the bathroom and there was a note on the
        They all started to laugh, and I felt so stupid getting   floor that said.
scared over that. I dropped my stuff and chased them all
over the house. After I caught Dutch, I was absolutely furi-              Guys, help me right now. Run, get away. Save your-
ous, and I felt like knocking all of his teeth out.               selves before he takes you to.

          “Dude, what is your problem?”                           Hank

          “Jack, learn to take a joke man, OK?” he smirked.               “Guys, get in here on the double,” I hollered.

          “Whatever, Dutch,” I said.                                      Brandon and Dutch came right away to see what
                                                                  had just happened.
        We all finally caught our breath and walked into the
kitchen and grabbed some fruit roll ups and brownies. Then                “Where is John?” I asked.
we went into his room and did a Halo 3 tournament on his                  “We don’t know. Hejust disappeared too,” they said
Xbox 360 and pigged out.                                          in unison.
         A couple of hours later, a storm came. We watched                “Read this. He probably took him to,” I shrieked
the rain pour down and told silly jokes and funny stories. Af-
ter Brandon won the tournament, we turned the television                  “Yeah,” they bellowed.
off. Then, a stroke off lightning came and was followed by a
very big boom that rattled the house and turned the lights                 We walked over to Dutch’s bed and sat down puz-
off.                                                              zled. Questions that came up were, where are they, who is
                                                                  this guy, and why are we still here. We talked for a while and
                                                                  then heard a thump in his closet.

6th Grade                                                  - 10 -
        We quitley walked to the closet, opened the door
and searchered around. Nothing was in there but some old
cloathes. My heart started pounding inside my chest, and I
began to cry.

        “I don’t want to die” we all said while sobbing.

         Then the power went out for the third time, so I hid
under the desk. When the lights came on, I was the only
one left inside the room. I had seen a movie like this before,
and I don’t make it out alive. I started screaming.

        “I hate you!!” I yelled.

        “Come and face me like a man you sissy,” I bawled.

         I knew it was the end and I couldn’t take it so I
walked in to Dutch’s closet and grabbed his AK 47 airsoft
gun and loaded it. I turned the guns light and laser on. I was
ready this guy was goad but I had a gun now. Then a made
a pillow baracade around me.

        “Knock knock,” someone behind the door said

        “What do you want with me and my friends?”

         I shot 20 pellats at the door as it slammed open and
a figure stood there in the darkness. I shot the person twice.
“Owwwww,” he shrieked in pain as he doubled over.

        I walked up to the person and I was Hank. I started
crying harder as more black bodies appeared from each
door and walked up to me.

         “You’re next boy.” they all said firmly. Then the
lights came on and it was all my friends.

        “You guys are such dorks,” I yelled

         “Yeah, but you should have seen the look on your
face.” John said, trying to be funny.

        They all apologized, and I said I was sorry to Hank
who had two small bruises. He wasn’t mad at me at all, and
I thought the whole thing was funny to. “We all got in bed
and went to sleep around 1:30 in the morning. In the morn-
ing we had some pankcakes,and played some more Halo,
and then I had to leave. We all said goodbye, and it is all
good for now.

                                                           - 11 -   6th Grade
                     Callie Deadman-5th

6th Grade   - 12 -
                  It is midnight.
                                                                        You slam the brakes.

               You just left the bar.
                                                               You jerk the steering wheel to the right.

         You think you are okay to drive.
                                                                       You feel the car vibrate.

          You speed down the highway.
                                                                   The other car crashes into you.

Your favorite Nirvana song is playing on the radio.
                                                                          You cannot move.

                You turn it louder.
                                                                        You scream for help.

               You see a car ahead.
                                                                            You black out.

                 You do not care,

         The car ahead seems to swivel.
                                                                            You wake up.
                It changes lanes.
                                                                   You do not remember a thing.
             Your eyes begin to blur.
                                                                        You see a bright light.
    You cannot tell if there is one car or two.
                                                                           You hear voices.
        You feel your heart beating faster.
                                                                       You are in the hospital.
     You say to yourself nothing will happen,
                                                                         You are not dead…

         You get closer to the car ahead.

           The brake lights are so red.                                     Miles Andres

             You try to go around it.

               The car cuts you off.

                                                      - 13 -                                 6th Grade
                     Austen Gerber-8

6th Grade   - 14 -
                           Sherlock Gnome: Case of the Purloined Kitty-cats
By: Genny Taylor
                                                                         “Let me through! Let me through! I have a case to
r sleuth Sherlock Gnome was walking past the walkie-             solve!” He struggled to hold back his anger at the teacher
talkie store, admiring the merchandise, when out of the          standing in the doorway.
blue a voice called. “Help, help! My sweet kitty Miss
Purlina has been stolen! Oh, someone please help me!”                     “Sorry sport, but Mr. Boringpants said to keep you
                                                                 in after class today, and I would like to keep my job.” Sher-
         “It’s a good thing you came here madam,” an             lock ran through his options. He could push the teacher
oily voice replied. Sherlock turned to see his arch-enemy,       out of the way, but since the teacher was on the hefty side,
middle school principal Bob Boringpants talking to Miss          and Sherlock was called Gnome for a reason, he opted for
Purleana’s owner, the famous cat enthusiast Furlina              another solution. He could sweet-talk the teacher, but he
Catmandu. “I, Bob Boringpants, am the world’s great-             was above that sort of thing. Besides his teacher would
est master sleuth! Certainly better than that Sherlock           think he was being a loud-mouth. His final (and best) op-
Gnome kid.”                                                      tion was to simply trick the teacher, and since none of his
        Bob Boringpants turned as he walked away to              teachers were exactly rocket scientists, it couldn’t be that
see Sherlock Gnome’s reaction. He smirked with satisfac-         hard, right?
tion when he saw Sherlock quivering with rage. “That’ll                   Wrong. As soon as he backed away from the door
stop him,” he muttered.                                          he said, “But Mr. Boringpants told me that you were sup-
         Sherlock Gnome walked home, trying to calm              posed to let me out early.” The teacher just shook his head
down. “It dosen’t matter anyway,” he thought, “the cat           and replied, “Mr. Boringpants also told me to not believe
probably just walked out an open window or something.            anything you say, so don’t try anything.”
Besides, that Bob Boringpants couldn’t find the ground,                  “Okay, I will try something.”
much less a clue.” He rounded the corner, lost in his
thoughts; walked in the door and sat down in front of the               “Good, now just take your seat and at six o’clock
TV, trying to calm his nerves. He grabbed the remote and         you may leave.”
turned it on.
                                                                         “So I am incorrect in the assumption that you will
         Click! “This is Stephanie Felinia reporting live        not allow me to leave now?”
in front of the Catmandu mansion, where the tenth in a
string of burglaries has taken place. Now here we can                    “Ummmm...” the teacher was clearly confused.
see where the window was forced open. Only one thing             “Yes, run along now.”
was stolen, and like the other burglaries, it was a cham-
pion show-cat, Miss Purlina, a five-time best in show                     “Yes!” Sherlock thought as he left, crossing the
champion to be exact. Her owner, cat enthusiast Furlina          overgrown playground and stepping on to the sidewalk
Catmandu is understandingly heart-broken, and is pray-           next to the bike rack. “Sherlock Gnome one, teachers
ing for her cat’s safe return.”                                  zero.” He grabbed his bike and peddled madly toward the
                                                                 Catmandu mansion.
         Bob Boringpants appeared on the screen. “Don’t
worry, I, the greatest sleuth ever, am on the case!”                      After only about ten minutes, he stopped his bicy-
                                                                 cle outside the mansion on the outskirts of town, observ-
        Click! Sherlock Gnome just stared blankly at the         ing the scene. The building was surrounded by about sixty
screen. “Oh, man,” he thought. “This is bad.”                    reporters, taking pictures and talking into cameras. Sher-
                                                                 lock pushed his way through the milling crowd of people
         The next day at school, Sherlock could barley           and finally stumbled over the doorstep and looked inside.
stay in his seat. Principal Boringpants was out “making
the world a better place” and Sherlock just knew that                    Sherlock Gnome stared. Mrs. Catmandu was
he was up to no good. As the last bell rang, Sherlock            wearing the strangest hat he had ever seen. It was a ten
Gnome bolted toward the door, but found an unexpected            gallon cowboy hat completely covered with pink and blue
obstacle blocking his path.                                      flowers, with wires sticking out; and on the ends of those
                                                                 wires, completing the look, were fake butterflies.

                                                            - 15 -                                       6th Grade
         “Sniff, I just want my poor kitty to come home                     Furlina Catmandu was crying while trying to tell a
safely. I’m so worried!” cried Mrs. Catmandu.                       reporter what Miss Purlina looked like.

           “Excuse me ma’am, do you mind if I search for                     “Ma’am!” exclaimed Sherlock, struggling to keep
clues?”                                                             from staring at her hat. “Do you recognize this piece of
           “Not at all sonny, say, who are you?”
                                                                             “Why, yes, sonny, I do, sniff. It’s part of Miss
           “I’m Sherlock Gnome, the world’s youngest master         Purlina’s little pink dress. Sniff.”
                                                                            “Thank you ma’am, that’s all I needed to know.”
        “That’s nice sweetie, there are cookies in the              Sherlock turned and ran right into the last person he
kitchen,” she said, while ruffling his carrot-red hair.             wanted to see.
           “I don’t want any-what kind?”                                    “Principal Boringpants!”
           “Peanut butter.”                                                  “So, Sherlock, you came snooping around on my
                                                                    case! I thought I told that teacher of yours to keep you
          Sherlock saw a butler walk past carrying an arm-          in after class. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. This area is off
load of tissue boxes. “I’ve got some questions for that             limits, so I’m afraid I must ask you to leave.”
butler...” he muttered to himself. “Right after a snack.”
                                                                            “Ah, Mister Boringpants, so glad I found you. The
       Three homemade peanut butter cookies later, he               mistress has asked to be alone, so I must ask you to leave.”
approached the butler. “Where were you two nights ago?”             interrupted the butler.
He demanded.
                                                                           “Oh, well I don’t want to disappoint my client.
           “What? I say, excuse me young man. Who are               Come along boy.”
                                                                            “Don’t trouble yourself, Mister Boringpants. I will
           “I’m Sherlock Gnome, the world’s youngest master         see to the young master. This way now.”
                                                                            Sherlock stood dumbfounded; the butler had just
        “Yes, and I’m the king of Spain. What are you do-           saved him from Principal Boringpants’s clutches. “Why did
ing here?”                                                          you help me?” he asked.
        “I’m trying to solve the crime of course! And                       “Between you and me,” the butler stated. “I find
you’re my prime suspect! So answer the questions!                   that Boringpants character most unpleasant. Besides, I
Where were you two nights ago?”                                     think you have a better chance of finding the culprit than
           “Where were you?” challenged the butler.                 anyone else. I’ll do anything to get the mistress to stop
                                                                    crying. She is so loud!”
           “Oh, I was at my aunt’s ho...that doesn’t count!”
                                                                            Sherlock slowly walked over to the window where
           “I was out.” replied the butler                          he found the fabric and stared out it. Then suddenly
                                                                    something caught his eye. “Could it be?” he thought, “It
       “Out where?” The vague answer gave him all the               is! Footprints leading away from the window!”
more reason to be suspicious.
                                                                            Sherlock opened the window and jumped through.
       “Out buying allergy medicine. I’m allergic to c-c-           He followed the footprints for about one hundred feet
cachoo! Cats.”                                                      when they suddenly disappeared. “No!” he thought. “Not
                                                                    another dead end!” He turned to go home when some-
         “But that means...” his thoughts trailed off. “He          thing caught his eye.
couldn’t have done it. It was a silent break-in. He would
have sneezed too loud. I’ve reached a dead end. Hey,                         It was a piece of paper sticking out from beneath a
what’s that?” He stooped down and picked up a pink scrap            rock. He carefully bent down and picked up the paper. He
of fabric.                                                          unfolded it, feeling like he was going to burst with excite-
                                                                    ment when, “This is just an old doodle!” he yelled, “I can’t
           “It’s a scrap of fabric,” said the butler.               believe I’m at another dead end! This is just a bunch of
                                                                    lines and an X! If this is a map, it must be impossible to
           “No, a scrap of fabric from what? Of course!”

6th Grade                                                      - 16 -
read! Maybe I’m not a master sleuth after all.” Sherlock                     “Thanks.”
Gnome slowly headed for home.
                                                                          They walked for about twenty minutes until they
        Later that night, he was watching the news with           reached the school. Sherlock opened the door, which was
his parents (who were asleep.) and was feeling sorry for          curiously unlocked, and they sneaked inside. Sherlock
himself when Stephanie Felinia appeared on the screen.            crept down the darkened hallway, when suddenly the but-
                                                                  ler sneezed; and sneezed; and sneezed.
        “This is Stephanie Felinia reporting live from
outside the Catmandu mansion where the stolen show-cat                       “Bless you.”
Miss Purlina has been returned by none other than super
sleuth Bob Boringpants.” Sherlock’s eyes widened as Mrs.                     “Thank you, Sherlock.”
Catmandu appeared. This time she was wearing a porkpie
hat with an aquarium (complete with fish) on the top.                        “You seriously need to take something for that
        “Oh, I’m so grateful for Bob Boringpants, and now
my sweet kitty won’t miss her chance to break the world                      “I don’t have one, but I am allergic to cats.”
record for most best in show titles won by a cat. Oh, I’m so              “Of course! The cats must be here. The more you
proud of her!”                                                    sneeze, the closer we are. You go ahead, I’ll follow your
         Sherlock then recoiled in horror when he saw Bob         nose!”
Boringpants himself appear on the TV. He was tempted to                   Too many sneezes to count later, they stood in
put his hands over his ears when he heard that oily voice.        Bob Boringpants’s office. “That makes sense. He would
       “Unfortunately the culprit escaped.” he stated with        need someone to pin the crime on. And by framing me, he
no remorse, “But I have discovered his identity, he goes by       could get me out of the way for good!” It was all coming
the name of Sherlock Gnome.”                                      together for Sherlock Gnome.

        A news anchor appeared. “Sherlock Gnome lives                        “I think I hear meows!” the butler said.
here,” he said as a map of the town popped up.                            “They’re coming from behind the file cabinet!”
         Sherlock recovered from his initial panic enough         Working together, they pushed it over to revel a hidden
to pull out the piece of paper from his pocket. He looked         passage way. The butler, during a fit of sneezing, opted to
at the paper; then the map; then the paper again. “It’s a         stay and guard the door. So Sherlock Gnome continued
map!” He thought. “The lines are streets and the X is... my       ahead alone.
school!” Sherlock dashed out of the house, paper in hand.                 Sherlock crawled out of the passage way into a se-
“Yes! I can solve this mystery yet!” he thought!                  cret room. Inside were nine champion show-cat; the same
        Sherlock ran faster and faster until he crashed           ones that had been stolen. Sherlock stared in awe. The
into someone. “Oof!” Sherlock stood up while trying to            cats meowed louder and louder. He crawled back through
see who he crashed into. His annoyance turned to horror           the passage to the butler only to find his enemy.
when he saw the butler.                                                   “I found him!” Sherlock looked up to see Bob Bor-
         “Say, you’re Sherlock Gnome; what are doing out          ingpants himself standing in front of him. “Police, quick! I
this late, boy? Running from the police?”                         found the thief!”

        “I didn’t steal the cats! I swear! You’ve got to                  “Liar! I’m not the thief! You are!” He could barley
believe me! Bob Boringpants is lying!”                            contain his rage. “You framed me to make yourself look
                                                                  good! But I’m going to tell them the truth!”
         “Calm down, I believe you, still, you shouldn’t be
out this late.”                                                            Just then three cops walked in. “Son, you’re under
                                                                  arrest for stealing ten kitties!”
         “But I think that I’ve found where the cats are!
You see I found this paper,” he said, showing it to the but-                 “I did not, he did!” he said, pointing at Bob Boring-
ler, “the lines are streets, and the X is where my school is. I   pants.
think that is where the cats are.”                                           “Nice try, but we can’t be fooled.” said the police
       “Well, I can’t argue with that logic, but you’re too       officer.
young to be out this late by yourself. I’ll go with you.”                    “Meow.”

                                                            - 17 -                                          6th Grade
         “Mr. Boringpants, what was that?” asked one of
the officers.

         “Oh, that‘s just my new phone ring. Hello?” He
pretended to answer the phone. “No I do not want to buy
inflatable hairy feet! Goodbye!”

        The surprised cops let go of Sherlock long enough
for him to bolt down the secret passage and come back
with a tortoiseshell cat. “Mr. Boringpants stole the cats.
There are more that way.”

         “Well I’ll be. Mister Boringpants, you’re under ar-
rest for grand theft pussycat!”

        Three months later, Sherlock Gnome thought
about the aftermath of that case. He had been made an
honorary detective and Bob Boringpants was sentenced
to ten months in jail. “Not a bad nights work,” he happily
thought. “Not bad at all.”

6th Grade                                                 - 18 -
         Shellby Beauchamp - 6th

- 19 -                        6th Grade
                                           In the Kidnapper
By: Savannah Krantz

         I‘ve two best friends named Lily and Izzy. We are all                He grabbed my arm and said, “If you say anything I
eighth graders at Kramer Middle School.                            will kill you. When we walk out of that hallway you are going
                                                                   to pretend that you came here with me, got it!” I did as he
         Today’s date is Saturday the 23rd of March. One           said. I was so scared.
week ago an experience that changed my life happened,
this is how it started. It was a great day at school. We are all           When we got out of that hallway I was glad to see
so exited because it was Friday. On all Friday’s we go to Lily’s   other people. I looked around for Lily and Izzy but they were
house and had a sleepover.                                         nowhere in sight.

        After school Lily’s mom picked us up in her silver,                He made me get into his old, beat up, rusty, ugly
shiny mini van. She drove us to Lily’s house. When we got          maroon car. I was thinking about pulling out my cell phone
there we almost immediately went to bed.                           and texting Izzy when he wasn’t looking saying to help. Then
                                                                   I remembered that I dropped it when the man was chasing
         We planned out the whole next day. First, we would        me.
go to the movie theater. Second, we would go to the mall.
                                                                           Almost twenty minutes later we pulled up to an
           Finally, when Lily’s dad woke up he drove us to         apartment complex. When we got inside the man shoved
Cinemark Movie Theater to see whatever we wanted. The              me into what looked like an extra bedroom. It was empty
movie ended at 1:30. Lily’s mom drove us from the movie            with no furniture. I saw three other terrified girls in the
theater to the mall. The one rule she said was, “Stay togeth-      room. I asked how long they had been here and they said
er at all times.”                                                  about three hours. I also asked if they knew the man that
                                                                   kidnapped us. They all said no. It was quiet for about three
         We went into Abercrombie, and that is where it all        hours. None of us would say a word because we thought
happened. We all stayed together. We found a tank top that         the man would yell at us.
we all liked and bought it in different colors. I handed Izzy
my money that I had brought. I told her to buy it for me be-               Then that’s when I saw it. There was a wall in the
cause I had to go to the bathroom. I left the store alone.         back right corner of the empty room. We were on the first
                                                                   floor of the apartment complex. The only problem with
          I had broken the only rule Lily’s mom had told us        escaping through the window was the man came into the
when she dropped us off. She had clearly said, “Stay togeth-       room every five minutes to make sure we were there.
er at all times.” There I was going down the hallway to the
bathroom. The hallway had narrow walls that were as white                   Then one of the girls was looking out the window.
as paper. It was so quiet I could hear my heart beating. I felt    She saw a house across the street. So we decided that we
so guilty breaking the only rule. I should have asked Izzy or      would go out the window one by one right after he makes
Lily to come with me. I thought to myself, “Oh well, it’s not      sure we are here. That way we can have a full five minutes to
like anything bad is going to happen to me.” Then right after      get out of there. After we were all out we would run across
I was thinking that, sure enough I started hearing footsteps       the street and beg for help.
behind me. They got closer and closer. I started to jog, and
then before I knew it I was sprinting! Sure enough when I                  He came to check on us. He looked at us as if we
slightly turned my shoulder I saw a man who I did not know         were prisoners. I forgot that we were.
sprinting after me. “I should have listened to Lily’s mom.
What was I thinking?” I said quietly to myself. There was                   The three girls and I stumbled out of the window.
the end of the long hallway, oh no! “Ahhhhh” I screamed,           We ran across the street without looking and a car nearly
followed by “help me!”                                             hit us. The girl in it didn’t believe us at first when she heard
                                                                   our story. Then she saw the bruises on our arms from him
          He was a bald man with brown eyes wearing a              grabbing us.
blue, raggedy shirt and blue jeans. He had a sneaky smile
on his face. Also he had an ugly uni-brow. I looked around                  She let us in her car and said she would drive us to
for a security guard. Of course it was 2:00 and they were on       the police station. When I looked out the window I saw the
their lunch break. I stopped screaming because there was           man in the same room that he locked us in. He looked like
no chance that anyone could have heard me.                         he was crying. I didn’t care about him though. I was nearly
                                                                   ecstatic when I saw him crying.

6th Grade                                                   - 20 -
          It was about a fifteen minute drive to the nearest
police station. After that horrifying day it felt like forever. I
felt so relieved that I was finally out of there.

        We told our stories to the police. They actually be-
lieved us.

        When they arrested him they found out that the
man had a wife and four kids that died in a car crash. They
said that is why he took the three girls and me. Still, I didn’t
think that was a good enough reason.

         I later found out at the police station that the girls
that I had been kidnapped with names were Lauren, Sarah,
and Hannah. All four of us keep in touch with each other.

        By the time I got home it was 2:00 am, my family
was so happy to see me. Izzy and Lily were at my house
too. The first thing Lily said was when I walked through that
door was, “From now on we are always staying together.” “I
agree!” I said.

                                                                      Sam Moon - 6th

                                                             - 21 -                    6th Grade
                                    My Life as a Pop Raider
By: Emily Margolis
         One of my favorite parts of camp is pop raids and       when we saw someone walking towards us so we hid be-
kitchen raids. In Wisconsin they call sod, pop. A pop raid       hind a tree. Once they passed we rolled across the airstrip
is when you raid the pop machine for pop. A kitchen raid         to the other side. We walked towards the pop machine hid-
is when you raid the kitchen for food. You must go at night      ing behind trees along the way. We were finally at the pop
or else you will get caught big time. When you go on a pop       machine! We were getting our pop when Chad saw us, but
raid or a kitchen raid you need to wear dark clothes, such       we did not see him, and he squirted us with the hose and
as black, navy blue, or dark green. You also might want to       took our pop. We were very upset, we had spent seventy-
wear a dark sweat shirt so you can put your pop in it. Then      five cents and our pop got stolen by Chad. We went back
nobody will catch you if you are talking to them. When you       to our cabin with no pop. We were thinking of ways to get
go on a kitchen raid you might want to bring a bag to put the    Chad back but could not think of anything. In the meantime
food in. When you go on a pop raid you need three quarters       we went to get some more pop. We were thinking hard the
or a dollar to buy pop. You can go on pop raids and kitchen      next few days on how to get Chad back until five days later
raids with anyone. Counselors are the best to go with. They      Mollie thought of the perfect way to it. It was just the right
can pretend to be going to the staff lounge and make sure        thing to do. All we had to do was ask Gabe (one if the camp
nobody is looking. You can also go with your cabin. If you go    director’s) if it was ok to do it. Gabe said yes. Our counselor,
with your cabin you have to be extra sneaky and make sure        Becky, on her day off got us water balloons. We filled the
not to be seen by anyone. You can go with the two oldest         water balloons up with lake water and put them in Chad’s
age groups, the tamaracks. They are experts because the go       bed. Chad did not see the water balloons and lay down and
almost four times a day. When going on a pop raid or kitch-      they all popped all over him. Lucky for us we saw the whole
en raid it is very important not to get seen. If you are seen    thing through the window. It was hilarious! It was the per-
by anyone you will get your soda taken away by that person       fect way to get Chad back. The next day we saw Chad and
(unless it is a camper). You need to stay low to the ground      told him it was us and that we saw the whole thing through
when approaching the pop machine or the lodge (where we          the window. Chad was not mad, he just laughed! And that’s
eat). When you are on your way to the pop machine or             how you go on a perfect pop raid!
lodge near trees pretend to be a tree or a bear. Nobody
will see you if you blend in and it is so much fun. It is very
important to keep an eye out for staff or anybody who is not
a counselor so you do not get caught. Sometimes there are
counselors in the staff lounge and they will come out and
make you go back to your cabin with no pop or food. It is so
sad. If you already have pop or food they will take it from
you and eat/ drink it themselves. The people in the office
do the same thing. The most important person to beware
of is Chad, the cook. He will come outside and get the hose
and spray you with it. I hope you wanted to get wet. It is
very important to be as quiet as a mouse. Remember enjoy
your pop and food and have fun!

         One time when I was on a pop raid with my cabin at
10:00 P.M. with tamaracks we got caught. We had gotten
all dressed up in black and went on our pop raid. We went
behind M-7 (another maple cabin) and behind the infirma-
ry (nurse’s office). We were now by the craft shop when
we saw the light on so we ducked and rolled to the airstrip
(grassy area of camp with trees on both sides and the ten-
nis courts on one side and the climbing wall on the other)

6th Grade                                                 - 22 -
                      Ode to a Burrito
Big, bold                            The fluffy pillow,

Beautiful                            The soft, chewy,

Every burrito                        Warm tortilla.

Rice, beans, guac,

Lettuce and cheese.                  Bits fall from

More ingredients                     My open mouth.

Than these.                          See what the

                                     Next bite holds.

Smells like                          Stuff more in?

A warm day,

Steam rising                         Big or small,

Off white rice.                      Stuffed or thin,

Really hot sauce                     Veggie or meat.

Burns through                         The Burrito,

My tongue.                            The perfect treat!

Each bite,                            I demolish the

An adventure                          Masterpiece in minutes.

That I take.                          No, wait, seconds.

Best at Freebies                      The delicious taste

And Chipolte                          Hits my mouth.

Hear the sensation                    I am complete.

Sizzle.                               I am full.

Hold the white                         Hank Golman
Wrapped monster

Sink my teeth

Into the burrito.

My taste buds savor

                            - 23 -                              6th Grade
                           The Presidential Administration
By:Rodrigo Gomez-Palacio

                                                                  The Warming of the Earth
   The US has done so little about global warming. Why?
“Because the Bush Administration unilaterally withdrew                     Our earth is in danger of Global Warming. Global
the U.S. from the Kyoto Protocol on global warming ---            Warming was first discovered in the 1980’s by NASA sci-
which was signed by 55 other industrialized nations.”             entists. What is Global Warming? It is the warming of the
(Meadows 1) Obviously, the administration hasn’t done             earth by the effect of greenhouse gases. Some gases are
much to fight global warming. “It worked to weaken                caused by us, and some are caused naturally such as vapor.
America’s clean air regulations---threatening both our            The heat from the sun goes through the atmosphere, but
environment and our health” (Meadows 1). The adminis-             only some of it comes out. This causes the earth to warm
tration has “Pushed for oil drilling in the pristine Arctic Na-   up and makes the ice caps melt. The melting of the ice
tional Wildlife Refuge --- despite clear risks to polar bears,    caps is a serious problem because it makes the sea level
wolves, grizzlies and many other imperiled wild species”          rise. This may affect cities such as New Orleans that are be-
(Meadows 1). So the US and the administration has not             low sea level. Fifty-seven cubic miles of the Greenland Ice
only not fought global warming, it has made it worse.             Cap melt per year. Also, as the ice at the pole melts, the ice
                                                                  becomes thin and soon will not support heavy objects and
         Vice President Dick Cheney is former CEO of              animals such as polar bears. Many polar bears die every
Halliburton Oil. Halliburton is one of the world’s largest        year and more will continue as global warming gets worse.
goods and services providers to oil and gas companies and         Another problem in the melting of the caps is that ocean
institutions. The administration has agreed to let wildlife       currents change directions and warm up waters. When
preserve areas to be drilled and mined for natural gas,           the Greenland Ice Cap Sheet melts, it creates new salinity
fuel, and coal. George W. Bush received $2.36 million             levels that can reverse, slow down, divert, and change di-
dollars in contributions from Big Oil and Gas in the past         rections. These cold waters become dense and flow to the
2004 election; this is more money than any other candi-           bottom of the sea, but as they reach warmer areas, they
date in a decade. “Oil companies have big bucks to throw          come back up as much warmer water. These waters will
at candidates to get their way. In fact, Big Oil funneled so      eventually make their way back to the upper poles. Pass-
much money to the Bush-Cheney team, that public fi-               ing through the Atlantic and passing northwestern Europe.
nancing wasn’t even necessary for its primary campaign”           When this does so, the climate and weather in Europe will
(Meadows 2). The administration has also agreed to drill          change tremendously. Warmth from the oceans will soon
three thousand oil wells in Grand Teton National Park and         envelop north Europe completely. The climate change
the Green River Valley. New Mexico’s Otero Mesa Region            throughout the world will cause many plants and animals
is the home to rare drought-adapted vegetation and big            to die. Do you want this to continue happening
areas of scientific importance. Many rare animals call this
area home. If the administration has it their way, this part      to our world? If we want to save the world we have to act
of New Mexico could become a dump and a wasteland of              now.
byproducts of oil and gas production, used and fragmented
pipelines, power lines, roads, and toxic waste. The damage         What Can We Do?
that these companies could make during the next couple
of years could reverse thirty or more years of environmen-                 The United States Goverment hasn’t done much
tal progress. Every twenty four hours, we dump 70 million         to fight Global Warming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.
tons of C02 into the earth’s atmosphere from the burning          Here are some things you can do:
of coal and fuel. The administration isn’t fighting global
warming; it is making it worse.

6th Grade                                                    - 24 -
Drive Smart!                                                       Buy “Green” Energy Electronics

A good car with properly inflated tires reduces your               Buy new electronics such as refrigerators, ovens, air con-
amount of gas you use and saves you money at the gas               ditioners etc… that are specially designed for reducing the
station. Sometimes, don’t be lazy when getting from one            use of electricity. This could save you a lot of money. Look
place to another that is close by; take a walk, a bike, or a       for the Energy Star label on new “green” energy electron-
scooter and get some exercise and also save some gas!              ics.

Choose The Right Foods!                                            Plant Trees

An average meal in the U.S. travels 1,500 miles to get to          Believe it or not! Planting shade trees in your back yard
your plate! Imagine the fuel used to transport the food to         and around your house will create more oxygen and re-
your home. Choose foods you know are produced near                 duce your summer air-conditioning bills.
you. Go to nearby Farmer’s Markets to get your veggies
and fruits.

Use Clean Energy                                                   Recycling paper, glass, plastic, and other recyclable materi-
                                                                   als is great for the environment! It saves seventy to ninety
Switch to an energy company that produces your energy              percent of the pollution it would produce when creating
from windmills and solar panels. Wind and sunlight are             new products if they are created with recycled material.
free! Coal and fuel is not free. You might even save some          A four foot stack of news paper could easily equal the
money!                                                             amount of paper in an average sized tree.

Switch to Fluorescent Bulbs                                         Spread the Green!

Fluorescent bulbs produce the same quantity of light as            Take your time to educate others around you and in your
normal ones but use one fourth the electricity a normal            community. Send e-mails, make phone calls, put posters
one would use. Also, fluorescent bulbs last ten times more         up in public places. Set an example to visitors by showing
than normal round bulbs!                                           them the new reducing energy products. Simply be cre-
                                                                   ative and help spread the green!

Save Money on Air Conditioning!
                                                                   The world is heating up, and it’s doing so quickly. If we
You spend a lot of money on air conditioning, especially in        don’t act now, it’s going to be too late, and if no one acts,
the winter. What’s the difference if you lower your thermo-        the real problem in the world will make us regret we didn’t
stat one degree and saving three percent for every degree          act earlier.
you lower? It saves you money, makes you suffer a bit, but
also shows you how some people live in some countries in
the world.

Use Water Wisely

Turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth. Try to
use as less water as possible. Install low-flow faucets and
water heads instead of the normal ones. You’ll use half of
the water you normally use but won’t affect the perfor-

                                                               - 25 -                                     6th Grade
                               A Boat Ride

                                                                 The waves crashed
              Like a freight train against a mountain
                              The engine roared
                                                    Like an angered lion of the Sahara
                      The captain wrestled with the wheel
Like a grizzly bear
       The iceberg floated into view
                                    Like silent death
       The passengers slept
Like docile sheep with a pack of wolves nearby
                              The boat collided
                                            Like a ram against a tree
                      The boats hull ripped
Like scissors cutting paper
                      The passengers fled
                                    Like rabbits from a fox
       The women and children rushed to the lifeboats
                              Like fish from nets
                                    The rest waited for death
                      Like cattle for the slaughter

                                 Connor Cantrell

                                     -1-                                  7th Grade
                          In Pursuit of Life’s Answer
                            I sit here,wondering,thinking,
      Will I ever have a time where I am completely satisfied with my life?
                   Where I know a true friend wouldn’t leave me?
                 And a grandfather wouldn’t be sent off to heaven?
                   Where I know the dandelions would grow taller.
            And that one day where I could blow out the hundredth candle.
                And that the grass was truly greener on the other side.
                          Where I get all A’s in school life.
                            I sit here,wondering,thinking,
                               Asking some questions,
                              And getting some answers.
                                       Sarah Shor

7th Grade                               -2-
                                 THE HUNT FOR CHILI
  By: Meg Ranganathan

                                                               Ben was fourteen when the miracle hap-
        Once upon a time in a village called Gzan-
                                                       pened. He hadn’t mixed foods in five years and
tale (john-TAL-ay), there was a little boy. This boy
                                                       he forgot why he even liked to do it. But Ben was
was the son of a farmer. He knew every nook and
                                                       never one to linger upon a certain thought; he
cranny of the village by the age of six. He was
                                                       liked it when there were six or more thoughts run-
an adventurous boy, but not adventurous as we
                                                       ning through his mind at once. Then he only gave
think today. He liked to mix random foods to-
                                                       about five seconds to each thought and if he didn’t
gether, which even he thought was an odd hobby,
                                                       like a particular thought, he had many others to
but he vowed to become a chef by age seven. His
                                                       switch to. As a result, he never thought much
mother always thought it was too messy. His fa-
                                                      about why he liked to mix foods together. Ben had
ther thought it was a waste of food. They didn’t
                                                      given up all hope of becoming a chef.
have much money, and what they did have was
mostly given away to taxes, so the boy could un-              The miracle happened one day when Ben
derstand how his father felt. So, at the age of nine, was fourteen. It was Tax Day and Susanna and
he quit mixing foods together.                        Tom were going crazy. If they paid all the tax
                                                      they were supposed to, they would have ten gold
       After that, his mother seemed more relaxed.
                                                      coins, the currency of Gzantale, left, only enough
His father wasn’t so overprotective. Life was nice
                                                      to buy some cheap foods like onion, beans, maybe
and quiet from then on.
                                                      a pound of ground beef, some spicy powder, and
       The little boy’s name is Ben Chiley. When a few other ingredients. So when the tax collec-
Susanna Chiley, his mother, married Tom Chiley, tors came, they took it all except ten gold coins.
his father, she hated her new last name; Susanna
                                                              The next day, Tom, Susanna, and Ben hadn’t
was forced to change from Susanna Mannis to Su-
                                                      eaten in twenty-four hours and they were starv-
sanna Chiley. Her mother and father, Ben’s grand-
                                                      ing. Suddenly, Susanna had a “brilliant-beyond-
parents were quite proud when Susanna was mar-
                                                      brilliant” idea. Ben’s father thought the expres-
ried to Tom Chiley.
                                                      sion strange, but listened to his wife.
       Ben didn’t mind his last name. He actually
                                                              “Ben can take the onions, beans, beef, spicy
thought it had a nice ring to it: Ben Chiley. He was
                                                      powder and other cheap ingredients and mix it to-
supposedly named after a king in a far away land,
                                                      gether! Remember how talented he was before at
but Ben decided when he was eight his father was
                                                      creating recipes? Ben, take these ten coins to the
just making up that story to entertain him.
                                                      market and buy whatever you need! Hurry!”

                                                 -3-                                   7th Grade
      Ben thought the idea absurd, but obeyed                 Ben set to work filling a pot of water and
his mother and hurried to the marketplace. He          setting it over a fire. Then, he went to work chop-
bought onions and beans from the outside vegeta-       ping onions while the beans soaked. His mother
ble market. Then, he went to the butcher’s shop.       and father watched him with intent fascination as
                                                       he chopped cilantro. He tossed salt and pepper
       “Sir?” asked Ben, stepping in. The smells
                                                       into the almost-boiling water, and then tasted it
of raw meat filled his nose. He had to fight back
                                                       with a wooden spoon. It didn’t taste like much
the urge to wrinkle his nose in disgust.
                                                       yet, but Ben didn’t really expect it to.
      “Ah, Ben Chiley! I haven’t seen you in a
                                                            Ben was a little rusty with his mixing-foods
while! How’re you doing?” asked the friendly
                                                   talent since he hadn’t done it in five years.
butcher, Sam Meety.
                                                            “What are you making?” his mother asked
      “Fine,” lied Ben quickly. “I need a pound of
ground beef and a little packet of spicy powder.”
                                                               Ben shrugged. “I don’t really know.” That
        “Interesting combination!” said Sam, pre-
                                                       was all the information he would give about his
paring the beef. He laid the packaged meat on the
                                                       meal. When the beans were soaked, he took the
counter and set a small pouch on top. Ben picked
                                                       chopped cilantro, onions, and beans and put them
up the packet and sniffed it. A spicy smell shot up
                                                       in the pot. Then he opened the packet of hyr pow-
his nose. Coughing, Ben replaced the hyr powder
                                                       der and dumped most of it in the pot. He added
to its place near the meat and put four coins on the
                                                       a few other spices and stirred while his mother
                                                       cleaned up the odd varieties of food.
        “Ha!” laughed Sam, taking the coins, “Now
                                                              When it was done, the family each took a
you know never to sniff spicy powder directly! Is
                                                       small bowl and cautiously tasted a bite,
that all?”
                                                                 “My goodness, this is great!” exclaimed his
        “Yes, thank you Mister Sam!” Ben waved as
he left the small shop. He went back to the veg-
etable and spent the last three golden coins get-                “Yes,” agreed his mother, excitedly.
ting the other ingredients. Running home, Ben
                                                               His parents loved it so much they took it to
thought about how he was going to use all these
                                                       the village to see how the villagers liked it. Even
ingredients in a meal. This was the longest he had
                                                       the Village Chef took a bite and marveled at the
ever spent on one thought. Finally, he decided on
                                                       new taste. He immediately gave the Duchess,
a thick soup. He had never heard of meat in soup,
                                                       who happened to be strolling by the marketplace
but it was worth a try. He stopped at the river and
                                                       at the time, a taste. Ben and his family were run-
took a bucketful of water. He trekked home.
                                                       ning around, trying to see how everyone liked it.
       “Oh Ben, do hurry. Your father and I are
starving!” His mother exclaimed the minute he
walked in the door.

7th Grade                                        -4-
       The Duchess loved it, so she took it to her    had been being hungry and not having money for
husband, who gave it to the High Lord, who loved      food.
it and then took it to the Queen.
                                                             Later, a little girl named Cheze (ch-EH-
        The Queen absolutely adored the taste.        zay) added what is now called cheese to the top.
Ben and his family were not allowed in the castle,    It melted and quickly became a popular topping,
but when the Queen tasted it, she had Ben sent        along with a garnish of extra chopped onions.
in. She offered a thousand gold coins for the rec-
                                                            Three years later, some people got together
ipe. Ben grinned, knowing his mother and father
                                                   and decided spicy powder was better known for
would be so proud of him for bringing a thousand
                                                   Ben’s Chili than anything else, so they changed
coins into the household money stock, which was
                                                   the name to chili powder and they also named
empty now, and he accepted.
                                                   the little red things (which had no name and were
       He recited all he had done to make the soup just called “little red things”) that you make chili
to a scribe, who obediently copied his every word powder out of ‘chilies’. Ben was honored and
and gave the scroll to the Queen, who tucked it became rich and a great friend of the Queen, but
away for safekeeping.                               continued to live in the little hut with his parents
                                                    in the village of Gzantale. Then two years later,
        Ben gave her another bowl and got one for
                                                    when immigrants were coming in and asking the
him. They sat at a large table and ate.
                                                    name of the country a girl named Suzie came and
        “What is it called?” asked the Queen named the surrounding country “Chile” because
through bites of Ben’s stew.                        she saw how annoyed the villagers were getting
                                                    having to keep telling tourists and immigrants
        “Uh, I haven’t really named it,” admitted that the country is unnamed. That country is still
Ben, stirring the soup to cool it down, “but I will known to us as ‘Chile’ and is at the west of South
now. I will call it Chili, after my last name!”     America. Ben and his family have been long for-
        The Queen loved the name and had a spe- gotten. Now, Texas gets the credit for Chili that
cial plaque made for Ben. She called him Chili- Ben deserves. But now, the truth is out.
maker. The Queen was held him in the high-
est regards and banned anyone from making or
knowing how to make Chili unless Ben had given
them permission and signed a document.

       Everyone loved it. Ben sold it all over town
and people would pay great amounts to get their
hands on a bowl or two. A pot could cost up to
seventy gold coins and could feed a family of five
plus a hungry dog. Ben became rich and famous                         Mackenzie Merriam- 7th
because of that soup and gave most of his riches
to local poverty, remembering how unpleasant it

                                                -5-                                  7th Grade
                                           The Thinking Man

By: Ashkan Jahangiri

       The man looks very different when he is what, no one knows but him, and sometimes he is

thinking. He looks as if he somewhere else, or that      not sure himself yet he is knows, and always has

he wishes to be somewhere else, but perhaps he           known, that he will do anything to get it. All the

truly belongs somewhere else because it seems people around him are playing and having a good

that he is not part of his surroundings. He looks time and are being rather foolish, he decides, and

normal except for two details. One is that his foot      for one second the smallest of smiles appear on his

is forever tapping against the floor and the second      otherwise unreadable face. Then he remembers

is the strange look in his eyes. He stares at the tap-   the longing. He also longs for someone to come

ping foot and his eyes start to look fierce. Gradu-      up to him and offer help, for he is too proud to ask

ally, they turn sad, but not the crying sad. No, this    for it. Finally, the tapping abruptly ceases to exist

is a much deeper sad and cannot be expressed,            and his eyes look like those of everyone around

only felt. Then they turn extremely mad and his          him. He goes out to join whatever game they are

look is that of a general who knows he has devised playing, but he is still thinking, and forever will be

an unbeatable strategy and only has to wait for the      thinking, for he is The Thinking Man.
battle to begin. But these looks are deceiving. He is

actually content with almost everything, and there

is not one drop of hate that dwells inside him.

Instead of hate, there is a longing. A longing for

                                                                                     Matt Lebowitz -5th

7th Grade                                          -6-

  After the bad black morning storm something wonderful happened

It came in the color of soul
and heart
                                           It came in the color of warmth
It came in the color of red.
                                           It came in the color of orange.
  It came in the color of light
  and health
  It came in the color of yellow.             It came in the color of life
                                              and faith
                                              It came in the color of
   It came in the color of breath             green.
   and hope
   It came in the color of blue.             It came in the color of imagina-
                                             tion and spirit
                                             It came in the color of purple.
 It came in the color of people
 joining together
 It came in the colors of a rain-

                                  Madison Hayden

                                                               Rebecca Ray- 7th

                                     -7-                            7th Grade
                   A Face

            I see you, your right in front of me, but
  don’t know who you’re anymore, where did you go?
                     Where is the friend I
            to know, the one who laughs at nothing,
                        but we just do it
 have a good time. My buddy forever, now I see you in
            pictures, and it’s you, the one I used to
    Now I look at your face, and I ask myself where
             went, because I want my friend back.


                                                         Katie Schwartz- 8th
                                                        Katie Schwartz- 8th

7th Grade                                    -8-

        People                                                     are moved

     are creatures                                                 by HURT

       that have                                                   and PAIN
                                 a lock with a key

  self sufficed minds
                                   that has been
  that are controlled                                               because

          by                                                          the

     and tamed by                                            resolved in the actions
        GREED                                                      ANSWER

                                                              of the peoples ways

     and SORROW                         are

   that derives from
                                                                   So People

                                   in all aspects

that they long to disown

                                        but                         the hate
     and abandon

         with                                                         and
                           thing differentiates them most

                                   the choice of                    the good
       WISDOM                                                        FIND

        People                                              because they derive from
                                  or the resolve of

    long for PEACE
                                                                 that cloud the

                                but if people have a

they so often diminish
                                                                 we must seek

                               and a WILL to choose                    to


                                  then people can
 through open fingers
                                                                our minds from

   GRIP the concept
                                   the outcome

  FOLLOW the ideas


                                     the action
                                  CONSIDERING                    Hebah Khan

                                      -9-                             7th Grade
                         How to Make the Perfect Latte

By: Emily Levinstone

      The barista listened to my simple order,        like a dragon’s nose one inch from the brim of the
remembering it just as easily as he could remem-       “venti” cup. He cautiously but carelessly moved
                                                        the cup to the right of the almost empty glass
an order five times as complicated as mine. Then       food case, upon which he set it down as swiftly
 he arrived at his machine and, squinting at the                             as one
                                                      strokes a thick line of paint onto clean paper. He
with his fingertips skimming the many different        slid a recyclable, cardboard holder next to the
flavored squirt-tops, he grasped his long fingers                             cup

around the vanilla bottle’s top. Quickly, his hands    for me, so I muttered a thank you. He flashed a
 stirring speedily around his emerald apron and       coffee stained smile, then strolled to his machine
  drops jumping out of the wide, metal pot like
raindrops on a lake, he mixed the concoction in a     hind the counter and made, just as effortlessly, a
                       few                            decaf, non-fat, sugar free, soy, extra hot and with
 practiced movements slipping in a drip or two
  from a foaming machine until the liquid was         inch of room, no less, chai tea latte for one of his
                  steaming                                 very frequent, anticipating customers.

                                                             Kimberly Corson- 7th

7th Grade                                        - 10 -
                  3 simple words

You say a word to me but I’m not sure if I should say something back.
I don’t know what to believe anymore, I walk away, leaving, I’m sure
                   I’ll never speak to you again.
I’m gone thinking crazy thoughts, then I hear the Sirens, Screeching,
I turn and sprint, speeding like a crazy car, tears blur my vision. My
lungs are an Inferno, a blazing wild fire, completely out of control.
Then I see you and I grab your hand. I come close to you and whispher
           three simple words that everyone wants to Hear:
                            I Forgive You

                              COnnor Cantrell- 7th

                               - 11 -                       7th Grade
     Haunted House
By: Brian Broder

The night was Halloween, and my family
decided to go to a haunted house. I was about 6,
and my cousin, and I were not very fascinated
with the idea of going to a haunted house. Our
time to die had finally arrived, and we no longer
cared about how much candy we owned. We
were tugged from the car by our parents, and we
slowly moved towards the door. The moment felt
like hours; my heart was pounding, and my body
was sweating all over. I slowly made my way
through the chain-saw men and ghosts. No, let
me reword that past sentence, I sprinted my way
though the scary men. I got to the door and real
ized that I felt wetter than before. Now there was
a smell in my pants too and something dripping
down my leg. To this day, nothing scarier than
this night has ever happened to me.
                                                            Rebecca Sostek -6th

7th Grade                                          - 12 -
                          The Run for Freedom
By: Lauren Truitt

        The young woman of only fourteen looked       Catherine suited a girl like herself. Katy was
through the dark silk curtains into the church        plain and simple, just like she was in the eyes of
and then looked down with dismay at her long          her only remaining family. Of course everyone
gorgeous gown that was recently sent to her from      out of her instant family referred to her as Miss.,
London. It was the latest fashion of the 1800s.       for it was the polite way to address one who is an
Her meeting seemed as if it would never begin,        unfamiliar. She resented her guardians for this
hopefully the ending would not seem to drag so        and all they had done.
long. She had known previously that it would
proceed slowly. This was not the life she would              “Yes, dear?” Katy replied
have chosen. She should have the right to make
this life changing decision, but her guardians felt           “It is time.” Katy remained in her seat on
other wise. In their minds she needed to be raised    the bench in the old dull room for only a second
as they were, and how their parents were raised.      more. Katy took one deep breath and tour herself
How their parents were raised, but not hers.          from the place she had hidden in so many times
                                                      when her guardians had yelled at her. She would
       If only my parents were still here, she        run the block from the seemingly pleasant house
thought, they were the best. She looked back at       into this small room where she now hid from the
the few memories of her old life.                     fear of the upcoming events.

        “No matter what you do,” her mother                  She followed her cousin, her only friend
had advised while helping the young girl who          left, Marry, through the countless hallways and
was only six brushes her long hair, “follow your      rooms.
heart. If you do, your father and I will always be
proud. And we will be right there next to you,               At last the two young women made it
cheering you on.” But they were not. They were        into the room that held her future. Everything
not hear to help her through this.                    was just how she had pictured it in her many
                                                      daydreams. He stood there eyeing the gold cross
       Her parents had passed on when she was         hung high on the wall of the church room. He
only four. They were out at dinner with the local     was gorgeous. He had dark hair and mysterious
royalty but they had never returned home. Later       eyes but he was not the one. He was the one who
that week they were found in a ditch besides the      was sent to marry her. She despised this idea
gravel path in a peasants block. Her mother’s         more than all others.
words were the only memory left of the great
many she had lost.                                             There was nothing special between Katy
                                                      and the handsome man across the room, still
       “Catherine?” the gentle voice of her frag-     completely oblivious to the presence of the two
ile cousin called in a low whisper. Although the      girls. I dream of love, not of this. She thought.
voice was quiet, it implied urgency and distress.     Katy loved to read fiction; she had heard all
                                                      about love, but no one had known of her hidden
      The sound of her real name had come as a        fantasies because girls were forbidden to read.
shock and awoke her from her reverie.                 Where were the instant sparks? The love at first
                                                      sight? They were certainly not hear. Her parents
       No one called her Catherine after the          would have been discussed at the thought, but
tragic event eight years ago. Her guardians, after    they were not hear to protest. All her aunt and
the death, didn’t believe a name as graceful as

                                                  - 13 -                              7th Grade
       uncle had wanted was to get the “extra            was like ice. All she could do in response was
load” as they often called her, out of the house         nod her head and she turned for the door. She
and the fortune that came with the marriage of a         stalked forward. Once outside the door she flew
daughter and a wealthy husband.                          home. Once she arrived she yanked the door
                                                         open with such force she was almost certain she
       “Here, sir. S-s-s-she is here,” Marry stut-       left an indention in the wall. There was no time to
tered in a high- pitched, shy voice.                     stop and look. She ran into her office sized bed-
                                                         room and grabbed a backpack and filled it with
       Without moving, he responded “Thank
                                                         all she could find.
you, Mary.” Katy refused to say a word out of
protest. She stayed motionless. She heard the soft              She could not handle this. Her aunt and
“thud” of the door and she knew Mary was gone.           uncle treated her like she was a book and they
The only people in the room were her and the             were the authors. Katy could not marry drew
person she would spend the rest of her life with.        and be happy with him. Isn’t that what life is all
                                                         about, being happy?
        “So, you are my girl?” the man asked.
Katy shuddered at the sound of his voice and the                In too big of a hurry t+o change clothes,
way he had said my girl. She sounded like a pos-         she bolted from everything she had known since
session not a person. She remained silent. Many          the tragic event that had destroyed her life.
moments of silence passed by as if they were
both on opposing debate teams, weighing the                    After twenty minutes of sprinting as far
views and words just spoken. At last he risked           away from her childhood as she could get, she
a quick glance. Looking her up and own for the           slowed down into a walk. Where am I going? She
first time, from her small feet to the ends of her       asked herself time and time again. There was no
curly long, dark hair, all the way up to her myste-      conclusion to this pointless question.
rious gray eyes.
                                                                She ran from her past for days. She was
      “I’m Drew,” he said. The silence was over          constantly hungry. She had hardly any money
and Drew was making the first point.                     and only got the bare minimum to eat. She found
                                                         shelter outside of churches. Eventually, she found
      Giving up her refusal of making noise of           her final destination. She was in the middle of no
any kind, she spoke, “I know. I am Kat-“                 where.
        “No. I believe I have been informed your                She had heard hardly any sound for days
name is Catherine. What a beautiful name,” he            and any noise startled her. My parents wanted
interrupted. It did not sound rude; it sounded           her this way? She thought No. they wanted me to
like he was trying to be nice. She knew he would         be happy. I am certainly not.
have said this even if he disagreed. The ways he
said her name discussed her. She turned red in                  On the eleventh night of her new life, she
fluster as if she was offended.                          was lying on the hard cold Earth, gazing at the
                                                         full moon.
       They exchanged facts about themselves,
but Katy avoided talking about her parents, only                 “Are you okay, miss?” a strange masculine
to find they had nothing in common. All the dif-         voice called in only a whisper. The voice was per-
ferences between them created such a large gap           fect, almost musical.
that the air seemed to get dense and thick. They
talked as they had before. The discussion was                    She turned only her dead in the direction
awkward and made both of them feel stressed              of the sound. A tall boy with dark hair and dark
and tensed. Katy talked as little as possible. She       brown eyes, that were almost black, stood there
avoided the realization of this all.                     staring straight at her.

       “It was very nice to meet you, Catherine,”
she cringed as he spoke her name and his name

7th Grade                                            - 14 -
        “I’m fine.” She tried to sound convincing          was the first time she felt happy in ten years. It
but her efforts were worthless. He was here. Was           wasn’t the boy who was here to save her that
this the guy sent to be a savior for her or was this       gave her such relief. It was the first bit of free-
just insanity finally coming? She did not care.            dom she had ever felt. She was able to make a
He was here to save her from herself and that              choice.
was enough to make her trust the strange man in
front of her.                                                      “I’m Catherine.”

      He smiled the perfect smile and                            “I know,” he responded. Together
urged,”Why don’t you come with me?”                        they walked in the opposite direction of
                                                           which she had come.
       Without another thought pass through her
head, she replied, “I’d like that.” She smiled. This


                                                       life is a



                                               death must be the

                                             wind so I’ll submerge

                                             myself in my life and

                                             I’ll let it come when

                                            I’m too old to die young

                                          So when I go with one last

                                            flash I’ll set a fire to the

                                          worldso everyone will grow

                                           to be too old to die young

                                                Connor Cantrell

                                                   - 15 -                                    7th Grade
        Salvador Dali’s Visit To Greenhill

  By Brady Kahn
                                                               While I was painting my masterpiece
  January 23
                                                          these small children walked by and were
  Dear Journal,                                           laughing at my mustache. How could they

                                                          make fun of me? I am so beautiful.
  I was walking on a beautiful campus and was

  looking for a perfect thing to draw. At first I was     Sincerely,
  thinking about drawing an oversized trombone,
                                                          Salvador Dali
  but I decided not to. Next, I saw this really loud

  and colorful peacock sitting on top of the sev-

  enth grade roof. I sat down and got my materi-

  als out intending to paint this peacock with his

  neck stretched out over the entire canvas. When

  I looked back up, it was gone. I turned around

  to see where he had gone and this clock on top

  of a tower caught my eye. For a split second I

  had an image in my head of drawing a melting

  clock. What a genius idea! This melting clock

  reminds me of that slow school day oozing by

  followed by time consuming homework. I re-

  member the day I was expelled from school for

  not taking my exam. Those despicable teachers

  thought they knew more than I did but of course

  they did not.

                                                                                Justin Rasanksy- 8th

7th Grade                                        - 16 -
                          Never Again
Never again will I be fooled into believing I met someone just like me

     I learned my lesson the first time, but this is how it had to be

            On this particular day I was in need of a friend

     I wanted someone who would listen and could comprehend

             I found a soul to listen the first chance I got

        I shared my hopes and dreams; none of which I forgot

I can’t remember ever hearing my friend comment about my thoughts

  And it made me think that this was the friend I had always sought

     Before I realized what I was doing I told them all my secrets

In that moment I started to panic and hoped they would not forget me

 I did not once look up to see my new friend’s reaction until the end

  I hadn’t lifted my head to show the truth I could not seem to bend

    When I did see their face it expressed exactly what I was feeling

 Becoming best friends with them became more and more appealing

  I thought it odd that we seemed to be going in the same direction

 Our movements seemed to be synchronized and I felt a connection

I prefer not to remember, but I soon found out with further inspection

               That I was staring into my own reflection
                              Jessica Giraudon

                                  - 17 -                             7th Grade
            Dear Diary, (This is a journal entry from Anne Frank)

            It’s over, they’re here. In about ten minutes we will be on our way to a con-

            centration camp. All I can think about is if I will get separated from father,

            or even Peter. They’ve broken down the stairway door and are working on the

            wooden passage door. I am in a silent shock. Everything is running through

            my head. Peter is clutching me tightly and with every bang coming from the

            door, his grasp tightens upon my diaphragm. The first latch dropped open

            and father begins throwing us our bags. As Fright rises up through my body,

            the intenseness in father’s voice begins getting stronger. Margret starts to cry

            as I look up to see Peter slowly shying away from the intense emotion flowing

            through the room. One latch to go. No one runs, we all just stare at the door

            with fright behind our eyes as the door opens…

                   Ally Alexandrou


                                                           Speling iz importint.
                                                           Grammer iz also yoo c.
                                                           So if yoo dont go two skool
                                                           Yull ind up like mee.

                                                                 Andrew Spomer

                               Mikey Stanely-8th

7th Grade                                         - 18 -
                      Colors of the World
                      Blue                                                   Green
        Blue is the color of a cloudy day-              Green is a grasshopper jumping on the plants.
      and the early morning of a Saturday.                   Green is the grass swaying in the wind-

      Blue is the sound of the falling snow-                Absorbing all the water the sky may lend.

                                                               Green is happiness, green is cool-
  That you run to greet because you love it so.
                                                        Green is the feeling when you jump in a pool.

     Silver is a light that you see in the dark-
                                                                  White is snow, falling down-
and the help of a friend when you fall in the park.
                                                        And covers the ground with a nice soft sound.

  Silver’s the feeling when hopes coming back-
                                                                 White is the father to all colors-
  When you’re fallen down and lost in the black

                                                                White is lots of delicious crullers.

         Red is the flame of a fiery lamp-
 And the campfire blazing at a Boy Scout camp.
                                                              Orange is the color when your flying in the
   Red means stop when you’re going to fast-                                   air
            Red is fun, Red is a blast!                            Its also the color of a grizzly bear
                                                                   Orange is angry, Orange is mean
                                                              Orange is the vilest color you’ve ever seen.

                                                                            Grant Unell

                                                              Micheal Partlo-8th

                                                   - 19 -                                 7th Grade
                                                  Life After Dark

            Endless eternities succumbed to darkness
            While a waning moon vanished left swarthy appeal
            The benighted heights which the stars will bless
            Flecks of existence now adorning, vital and surreal

                                                  Moonlight dips the uplifted environs
                                                  Into a diluted and colorless fathom of rich sea
                                                  Rising shadows reveal their tacit sirens
                                                  Relentless night phantoms profoundly decree

                Flourishing waters prosper to the shore
                Undulations channel the masses of sparkling froth
                Thriving marine beings graze vast ocean floor
                A dim equivalence to energy, bubbling broth

                                                 He waits with presentiment and vanity
                                                 Refusal to acknowledge conformity’s remark
                                                 The surpassing man of concrete humanity
                                                 Shall await the resilient life after dark
                                                               Chandler Garber

                          Westin Shosid-7th

7th Grade                                     - 20 -
                    Beware Of Dogs
By Emily Mikolitch                                    came ripping towards me at full speed. I had
                                                      no idea what to do. Stay still. Don’t move. Or
                                                      just run. Go as fast as you can. I picked option
         I sensed it was a bad idea to wander off     two or I probably wouldn’t be telling you this
 the barn’s property, but somehow I found the         story today. I sped down the rock road and
 distance between my self and where I was sup-        squirmed back through the gate, which was
 posed to be becoming exceedingly further than        much easier for the dogs. They were gain-
 before. I never thought danger was in the mix        ing on my mediocre speed. I could hear them
 of this situation, but I’ve thought wrong many       barking madly from not far behind me but
 times before.                                        I kept going. My adrenaline kicked in and I
                                                      felt a power boost as I cut quickly around the
        My fist clue was noted but not accepted       corner, almost back on my property. They were
 as I kept walking past the big red sign with         not even a foot away when I jumped the fence
 “Beware of Dogs” written across it. I squeezed       and fell to the dry grass. Catching my breath,
 myself through the locked gate and kicked the        I could hear them banging against the fence.
 rock road as I walked toward the house.              Finally after my mom had found me, the dogs
                                                      gave up and walked back down the road.
         My second clue was again, noted, but
 was soon forgotten only because I had seen so                I learnt one very important lesson today,
 many ripped up plush toys before. Unfortunate-       if there is a “Beware of Dogs” sign anywhere,
 ly, I didn’t have a third clue as I found myself     assume it’s true and walk (or run) away.
 frozen stiff as the four abnormally large canines

                                                                6th Grade

                                                  - 21 -                              7th Grade
                                      I’ll Wait

                                 I’ll wait for you

                       To say what you have always thought

                    For I am too scared of the potential answers

                                 I’ll wait for you

            To realize how much effort I put into every word I say to you

                            So I say just the right things

                                  I’ll wait for you

                     To come back from a wrongly chosen road

                              For I know the real you

                                 I’ll wait for you

              To remember the remarkably wonderful times we’ve had

                            Sitting on the couch talking

                               And eating bad pizza

                              Laughing at anything

                       Even when we both know it isn’t funny

                                 I’ll wait for you

                     To recognize how I have always waited…

                                 Mackenzie Merriam

7th Grade                              - 22 -
                        SITTING         Sitting

                                  On my bench.


                         The bright morning sun

                      Rise from behind the trees.

                               No sounds.

                    I feel as if I’ve disappeared

                  From all things around me.


             By the sun glowing on the lake’s


             The water so calm and still.


        As if nothing could ever harm me.

         All of my problems are gone.


             Matters any more

     Because I am in another world

           Where I am safe

          From everything.

    Then I snap back to reality

Watching the bright morning sun

 Rise from behind the trees.


     On my bench.

  Lauren Butowsky

                                       - 23 -       7th Grade
By: Sammy Glick

        As I got up from my seat at half-time,                 When she gave me the plastic bowl with the

 to get in line at the super bowl nacho stand,                 golden chips, orange cheese and brown muddy

 my mouth got watery. The score was 28 to 14                   looking chili, I only stared in amazement. I

 Cowboys, but I didn’t care. All I cared about                 imagined the nachos were actually calling my

 was the most delicious nachos in the world. As                name. I took a bite of a cheese and chili covered

 I stood in line I could taste the spicy cheese, and           chip. It tasted like a bite of cheesy heaven with

 knew it was going to be a good day. I started to              a touch of chili. Nothing else had ever tasted

 rub my hands together as someone walked by                    that good to me. I didn’t need anything else

 with nachos; I was like a lion eyeing his prey.               that night, that one bowl of nachos made me

 I noticed I was next in line and I got ecstatic. I            happy. It was like magic, I didn’t understand

 couldn’t wait.                                                how someone could make such food.

               “How can I help you?” asked the

 lady behind the filthy looking counter. I told

 her I wanted nachos with extra cheese and chili.

7th Grade                                             - 24 -
         Calla Spatz-8th

- 25 -      7th Grade
                            First Person Narrative on Steroids
By: Meredith Purchal
                                      in Pro Sports
                                                          later, I saw Jimmy leaning against his beat up

                                                          Mustang and smoking. As I got closer, he reached
       “Hey, Jimmy. You got them?”
                                                          through his open window and picked up a brown
       “Yeah, I just picked them up. Where would bag as I reached in to the back seat and grabbed

you like me to meet you?”                                 his paper bag. If anyone was watching they would

                                                          think that two guys were just exchanging lunches,
       “Around back, noon tomorrow. Same as
                                                          but something much bigger was going on. Jimmy
last time. You got that?”
                                                          handed me the bag as I passed him his and, with
       “Yeah, see you there. Bring the cash.”             his cigarette hanging out of his mouth, he said,

       I hung the phone up and walked over to “You got all of it?”

my sofa and sat down. I always experienced that                 “Yeah”, I replied, “all 5 grand.”
tugging feeling at the pit of my stomach after I had
                                                                With that Jimmy got into his car and drove
planned a transaction. Our coach always told us
                                                          away, leaving me alone with my bag of HGH nee-
that steroids were wrong and of the public harass-
                                                          dles. I walked back to my car, rolled up the tinted
ment that would result from them, but I couldn’t
                                                          windows and pulled one out. Finding the vein in
seem to shake the habit. They had improved my
                                                          my arm used to be difficult but now it was simple;
batting and pitching so much and making it to the
                                                          all I had to do was find the last hole that I had
Majors was the only thing that I had ever dreamed
                                                          used. I quickly found the site and dug the needle
of. I needed them to be the best that I could be.
                                                          in and released the HGH. Pain shot through my
       Driving to the stadium, I glanced at the           arm but it was a small price to pay for the muscles
digital clock sitting on my dashboard; it read            that would come of it.
11:50. I would make it just in time to meet Jimmy
                                                                Once I was done, I grabbed my bag from
and use them before the game against the Giants.
                                                          the trunk and walked in to the locker room. Pass-
As I drove into the back parking lot ten minutes
                                                          ing the other players changing into their uniforms,

                                                    -1-                                   8th Grade
a wave of guilt crashed over me. They weren’t doing          “What the hell are those?” Seth said

anything and they were hitting and throwing just as   reaching for my elbow.

hard as me. Why do you need that extra push, Blake?
                                                             “What are you talking about?” I replied,
Through out this whole internal battle I could
                                                      pulling away and tugging on my sleeve.
hear my dad’s stern voice replying, “Blake, you

want to be the best no matter what you have to               “Those. Those marks on your arm. What

do. Take any action that you can to be on top. You    have you been doing?” Gavin said.

don’t have to play fair if you aren’t caught.” This          “Nothing,” I countered as I stepped to-
was the mantra that was drilled into my head my       ward the bathroom. I knew that they weren’t go-
whole life.                                           ing to let me off that easy but as I turned back

       I approached my locker and unzipped my         around I saw a look of incredulous disbelief

bag. Pulling out my white under armor and jer-        spread across all of their faces.

sey, I turned around to see Randy, Seth, and Gavin           Then I saw Randy’s hand pulling out of
staring at my arm.                                    my gym bag with the paper bag clutched be-

       For the last eight months I had consistent-    tween the fingers. I heard the rustling of the bag

ly been wearing long sleeves, and today I was as      as it was opened and the needles pulled out.

well. But, I had forgotten to role my sleeves back           “What have are you doing?”
down after I was in the car.

                                                      Connor Cantrell - 7th
8th Grade                                       -2-
                                      I Am Natalie

I am photography,

Capturing the black and white days throughout the years,

Seizing each clichéd moment with the click of a button,

Photographs taking us back to moments in our past.

The pictures stored in our cameras are the memories stored in one’s heart.

I am a dandelion,

In the grassy countryside, the sun’s rays shining throughout,

The delicate flower clasped in the hands of a young girl.

An explosion of scattered petals following a deep breath,

Her wish kindling a true sense of hope.

I am sapphire blue,

The deep night sky against the pearl white moon,

A dark unsolved ocean, hesitant of what is beneath.

Cold stones held within the palm of my hand,

Gleaming ever so softly.

Dim and bottomless, flickering with light.

I am a charm bracelet,

Heavy and gold, overflowing with trinkets,

Passed down throughout the generations.

A memory encased in each charm,

A memory encased in my heart.

I am a mystery,                                         Rae’Van Parson - 8th

A puzzle yet to be solved,

The pieces not quite fitting, the questions not quite answered,

Vanishing before our eyes leaving no trade, no evidence,

Destined to be found in this world.

I am The Feeling,

Imprinted in one’s head imprinted in one’s heart,

Resisting the urge to use my voice.

“So give me the song and I’ll sing it like I mean it,

Give me the words and I’ll say them like I mean it.”
                                                             Natalie Bernstien

                                                -3-                              8th Grade

               When you put yourself on the field to play,
            And you make the decision to throw your life away,
               By injecting yourself to make you stronger,
                    You will be able to play no longer.

                   When the needle enters your body,
                   You will be criticized by everybody.
                   Sports fans who loved you before,
                       Will not love you anymore.

                 When you inject steroids into your arm,
                 At the time, it will cause you no harm.
                But when you finally retire from the game,
                     You will have lost all your fame.

                                               Nick Brienzi

8th Grade                          -4-
                         In a Station of the Metro
By: Jake Teichman
       As I sit here, in the dark tunnel of this dirty             It’s been seven years since I’ve seen pure sun-
place, people go back and forth, left to right, without     light, and its going to be many more in my life ahead. I
even acknowledging that I’m here. There’s the wealthy       assume that the only time in the future that I’ll be leav-
folks, the poor folks, the lost, the rushed, the scared,    ing this station is when my soul floats up to heaven.
and then there’s me. I consider myself different from       Perhaps there’ll be another station up-top in the heav-
everybody else. I’m a nobody who has nowhere to go.         ens.
I’m not homeless but in a way I guess I am. My par-

ents kicked me out of my own home seven years ago,

and I haven’t heard from them since. My two brothers

and younger sister have abandoned me. I don’t know

where to look for the rest of the pieces of my life. Here

in the metro, is my home. People stare at me as if I am

from another planet. Maybe I am, maybe I don’t be-

long here. Everyday the same faces walk on and off

those metros. Most of them with no expression, and

the ones with expression usually aren’t on the happy

side. My first memory of my childhood is standing
                                                                           Kimberly Corson - 7th
where I sit right now, with my father, waiting for the

metro. I have a feeling that might be the reason that
thirty-seven years later I am in that same spot. I will

never know why, unless my body tells me. I sit here

unshaven, ripped clothes, one shoe, not because I am

homeless, but only because that is just who I am.

                                                      -5-                                       8th Grade
                                  The best/worst day of Bobby’s life

By: Katie Litman

        Bobby got out of bed at 7:00 and took his first        part of everything. But Bobby knew she was wrong.
shot of steroids for the day. It was a big day today, the      As he checked in to his table, he realized very quickly
day of the NBA drafts. He wasn’t positive because there        that the men at that table were the top five picks for the
had been so many rumors, but Bobby was under the               draft. So he had to ask, “Hey guys who kept you going
impression that he was fifth choice in the draft. Bobby        and pushed you to the next level when you wanted
walked over to his friend’s house, got more steroids           to quit or were tired?” All of them said their fathers
and a tux, and went back to his house. Preparation was         or coaches. When it came to Bobby’s turn he replied, “
the easy part; all he had to do was wear a tux and pick        Well if you really want to know the truth but you can’t
up any chick he wanted from his school. He decided             tell anybody.” After they all agreed he replied “Well
to pick up Jenny. Bobby had liked her for a while so he        mostly girls and steroids.” The third pick for the draft,
thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to          named Brian, and was disgusted. “You know, I’m not
invite her to go out with him. Of course being the jerk        gonna tell anybody, but you can single handedly ruin
that he was, he hadn’t bothered to call. Bobby simply          this for all of us.” Luckily the ceremony started right
drove up to her house and knocked on the door. Jenny           then. As expected Bobby was chosen fifth, and his team
was surprised but said “Oh hi Bobby, um what are you           would be the New York Nicks. After the ceremony, he
doing here?” “Well I know you know I have the NBA              met with the whole team and talked. They organized
drafts tonight and I thought I would treat you by let-         practices for this season, set team and individual goals.
ting you come with me. You got bout’ 30 minutes to get         Right before everybody was about to leave the coach
ready, I’ll just wait in your house. Mind if I have a beer?”   said “Oh boys, by the way, everybody will have a phys-
By this point Jenny was really mad. “Bobby! You can’t          ical tomorrow.” Bobby wasn’t worried about a physical
just walk into my house and invited me to something            as long as they didn’t test for drugs. All the guys on the
like this, I mean you should at least call. I don’t want to    team went out to a bar afterwards and just hung out.
go with you.” Bobby was amused “ Ya right Jenny, look          Bobby let everybody on the team know strait up that
I don’t have time for this. Just get up there and make         he used steroids. Some of the guys asked where they
yourself beautiful and then we’ll leave.” “Bobby GET           could get some and others were disgusted. After many
OUT OF MY HOUSE, I DON’T WANT TO GO WITH                       drinks, everybody headed home.
                                                                      In the morning everybody went to have their
                                                               physical exam. One of the guys suggested to the coach
USES STERIODS” By this time Jenny was teary eyed.
                                                               that we have a drug test since we were already at the
“I hope you get what you deserve tonight Bobby.” She
                                                               doctors. The coach got the hint and made everybody
then shoved him out the door and closed it. Bobby was
                                                               get a drug test. Five out of twenty were positive. Bobby
comfortable not having a date but how did she know
                                                               was one of them. The coach ripped up all their con-
that he did steroids? He had never told her.
                                                               tracts and kicked them all out. It was bad for all five of
        The drive was exhilarating for Bobby. His moth-
er had always told him that anticipation was the best

5th Grade                                                -6-
them but it was worse for Bobby. He had given up col-

lege to become a pro basketball player. He was already

behind so much that he wasn’t going to graduate with

the rest of his class. On graduation day, Jenny walked

up to Bobby and said “Guess you got what you de-


                                                         abbi rees -5th

                                                   -7-                    5th Grade
                               “In a Station of the Metro”
By: Eli Steinfeld

        “Help me.”
                                                         probably wondering about the suspicious,
Almost silently, the boy muttered the two omi-
                                                         manila-colored index card that Alfred has been
nous words to himself. In his mind, though, the
                                                         holding is his right hand for the past half-hour.
miniscule phrase multiplied and rushed around
                                                         Help me.
in his head like a bustling bee hive. For a few mo-
                                                                 That’s exactly what Alfred was thinking in
ments, he completely lost his ability to reason. He
                                                         the train station at that precise moment so were
was panicking, unsure, and most of all scared. He
                                                         millions of others, cramped into tiny basements.
began sweating profusely and his hand-me-down
                                                         But Alfred knew he had to throw away all fear in
clothes as well as his hair became plastered to his
                                                         order to make his journey to Italy. The train. He
meager body. The myriad faces of the rapidly mov-
                                                         was on the verge of forgetting about the one and
ing horde of people were almost ghostlike: their
                                                         only possibility he had of getting out of France.
faces passing by too quickly for the boy to make
                                                         He glanced swiftly back up at the enormous black
out features. Was “scared” the proper term to use?
                                                         and white clock that had gained two minutes since
Let me think of something else that might describe
                                                         he last checked. Alfred started to trot in the first
the straight-haired boy’s feelings. Petrified, terror-
                                                         direction his eye caught onto. Out of the corner
stricken, and timorous- only to name a few right
                                                         of his left hazel eye, he noticed a large, wooden
off the top of my head. The 11-year old child stood
                                                         structure that was the information desk. Luckily
stationary for three consecutive minutes until his
                                                         for Alfred, there wasn’t a single soul in line.
frozen mind could not stand it anymore.
                                                                 “Which way to platform C-16, sir?” Alfred
        “Do something. You have to get on that
                                                         asked with seeming calmness.
train to Italy. It leaves in five minutes.”
                                                                 “All you must do is go down the walkway
        The boy would not respond to the fictional
                                                         to your left and continue until you find the C-ter-
voice of his sub-conscience. It was almost half past
                                                         minal. Then walk straight on from there and you
three in the afternoon and beams of light inched
                                                         should find it in about a minute or so.”
their way over the top edges of the enormous win-
                                                                 “Thank you,” the boy replied with a pace
dows that looked in on the Parisian train station.
                                                         as he started to run off.
Finally, he regained awareness of his surround-
                                                         Alfred began to sprint up the alleyway once he ap-
ings and realized the voice was right: the boy
                                                         proached the C-terminal. In a matter of about have
needed to get out of France and find safety in the
                                                         a minute, Alfred came to a stop in front of a large,
Italian countryside. His loving parents had unan-
                                                         brass sign that read C-16. He searched for the con-
imously decided that it would be for the best to
                                                         ductor and trotted towards the door in which he
send the boy into his grandparents’ care; the fear
                                                         was standing.
of war was lurking like a slow-moving shadow.
                                                                 “You’re lucky you got here when you did,
Of course, Rose and Alexandre Leclair had to stay
                                                         son. The train is departing in about a minute. You
at the small apartment in northern Paris in order
                                                         might want to find a seat before someone else gets
to make ends meet. The safety and protection of
                                                         it. We’re completely full for today’s trip.”
their only child was their top priority.
                                                                 The boy did not know exactly how to re-
A minute passed and a beam of light suddenly
                                                         spond to the stocky man. Alfred simply just
shown directly upon the bow-legged boy. No one
                                                         boarded the never-ending expanse of cars, found
else came close to Alfred’s presence at the station.
                                                         his seat, and closed his eyes until the announcer
The beam of light displayed the inevitable irony:
                                                         finally spoke a few hours later.
he was alone and unnoticed, but at the same time
                                                                 “We have reached the French border and
noticed because he was alone. But we are getting
                                                         we should be in Italy in ten minutes.”
slightly off track, aren’t we? You’re
                                                         Alfred Leclair’s two and a half year stay in Italy
                                                         was about to begin.

8th Grade                                          -8-
                        I am Gina

                          I am a lively sunset
                filling the sky with my vivid colors.
              I give off pink, blue, purple, and red
            – warm colors which make up tranquility.
          After my reflection is cast upon the ocean,
                 the night grows peacefully dark.
                As I hide behind the earth itself,
        the moon begins to make its nightly appearance.

             I am a single rose positioned in a vase.
                        As a week goes by,
            petals begin to fall from my fragile body.
           Though I have only water as a companion,
               I glisten as if I were a starlit evening.

                        I am forest green,
                 the color of a grassy meadow.
                  A young girl lies on her back,
                looking at the clouds above her.
                     The silence is broken
                with a giggle from a careless girl.

                     I am a newly born rainbow
covering the soft, colorless sky with vibrant colors.       Molly Pluss- 7th
       I am the answers to a dreary day full of exhaustion.
                 I am the smile to a tiresome face.

                      I am a turquoise wave
                  crashing onto the soft sand.
                  Children making memories,
                as soft waves crash upon them.
               Along with the coral and seaweed,
                I bring happiness to the shore.

              I am the lyrics of Deanna Carter.
          Remembered in the head and in the heart.
         Placing an image in the mind of the listener.
     “And the band played songs that we have never heard
                    but we dance anyway.
       We never understood the words, we just sang…”
                            Gina Mills

                                   -9-                                 8th Grade
            Slowly, Quickly, Gone
                     My mind is blank
                   with too many thoughts
                    rushing to my head.
             Deep in my heart, a feeling of dread.

                  Your image slowly fading,
                 as though it were never there
                         at all before.
                 I struggle to unlock the door.

             My soul longs for something, nothing.
                      What happened to
                       your hold on me?
                   You were tired, so I see.

                     My hands are numb
                     and longing to write
                  words that cannot be found.
                   A love, too far unbound.

                  Dark night falls on you,
                        and I can’t see
                       where you are.
                 A flash, like a shooting star.

                                Claire Brandt

                                                     Katie Schwartz - 8th

8th Grade                   - 10 -
                                 The Mask
I know a young girl who I have seen from afar.

I approach her and say, “I know who you truly are.”

She denies what I imply and puts on the mask,

No one else knows this is her reluctant task

She places it on her face so she doesn’t feel alone.

She always wears it out an only sheds it at home.

With the mask she shields the monster within her heart.

Without the mask’s force field the monster would break through, setting her apart.

Yet not a soul could imagine what kind of emotions it hides.

The mask is solid by in the day, but becomes transparent by moonlight.

She cannot let her true, bright colors shine because behind the mask she is bruised.

The load she hauls is exhausting and heavy, but this battle she fights she must not lose.

The mask imprisons the pain; all that she endures.

Once removed, the mask explodes, unleashing all of her inner torture.

I know this young girl who I have seen from afar.

I approach her and say, “I know who you truly are.”

I can help you. Pure joy is all you ask.

Because when the demon is gone, you will never have to wear the mask

                              Lauren Bennett

                                       - 11 -                            8th Grade
                     Weston Shosid - 7th

8th Grade   - 12 -
            I am Victoria Helena Jones
                  I am a green and white dress,

          Decorated with flower patterns and buttons.

My extra fabric at the bottom of me puffs out when I twirl around.

          It looks like a spinning, upside down tea cup.

Spring is the season for this upside down spinning tea cup dress.

                  I am chocolate chip pancakes,

            Smothered in syrup and whipped cream.

                 My taste melts in your mouth,

        And then slowly makes it way down your throat.

    I am the dream you remember when you jump out of bed.

      I am the food that delivers smiles to children’s faces.

                     I am an acoustic guitar.

                When you run your hand along me,

               There is a sleek and smooth feeling.
                                                                Katie Sheinfeld - 8th
           When you run your fingers over my strings,

                     Sound flies into the air.

          When you hold your fingers down on my frets,

    And strum your opposite hand’s fingers over my strings,

             An explosion of music bursts from me.

                    Victoria Helena Jones

                             - 13 -                                   8th Grade
                     An Ode to the Human Spine

My faith in you has gone without notation,

For you make my limbs move and it goes all to my head.

I think and my hands move.

I question and my head shifts.

My brain takes all of the credit,

But today: today I give thanks to you,

For brain is to knowledge as spine is to movement.

I have the knowledge to move

But the origin has perpetually gone undiscovered.

What if there was a dent in the ridged cord?

For a split second, there is no control over the spine’s decision.

It has a mind of its own, deciding between life and death.

Not only paralyzed in fear, but in knowledge, the knowledge of movement.

Only then does the spine become rediscovered.

Revealed by the lack of movement caused by a terrible accident.

Only now, we give thanks to you, the human spine.

                                 Katie Schwartz

8th Grade                             - 14 -
                                      The Dedicated Runner
By Jake Teichman

        Everybody is barefoot but one person. All      one must complete two laps around the reddish,
feet are lined up in a row standing on the warm        maroon track. The runner with shoes is taking his
track, waiting for the starting gunshot. The sun       time for is in third place. He knows better then all
is scorching down on the runners. Shadows are          the others. As soon as their feet would start to hurt
projected in a way to show that the sun was be-        and they would get tired, that’s when he would
ginning its descent towards the other side of the      begin to gradually pick up his smooth pace. The
world. One runner is wearing a pair of adidas          shoeless runners started to fall back one by one
shoes on his feet. This is the dedicated runner, the   as the track penetrated their feet with pain. The
respected runner, the best runner. Time was tick-      runner with shoes shot into the inside lane. He
ing as the beginning of a legacy was going to start    was first. He ran started to come close to his last
any minute. A man appeared out of the anxious          twoo hundred meters. When he turned the corner
crowd with a timer and a holster around his waist.     he sprinted and crossed the finish line. The rest of
It was the starter. Perspiration began to drip down    the runners came in one-by-one, feet throbing and
runner’s faces, as they knew the race was about        mouths panting. The dedicated runner walked
to begin. The runner wearing the shoes did a few       over to a near bench on which was sitting an adi-
ankle twirls and little last minute streches as his    das shoebox. He sat down next to the empty box
black and blue adidas glistened in the sunlight.       and started to untie his shoes. He took them off,
The crowd started to cheer. It was time to begin.      put them in the box so gently, treating them as if
The gun has been shot and the race has begun.          they were gold, and taped the box shut. He picked
The shoeless runners struggle to keep their pace       up the box and wearing no shoes, walked away,
due to the roughness of the track. To win the race     straight into the sun until he and his shadow dis-
                                                       appeared into the hypnotizing sunset.

                                                             Kimberly Corson - 7th

                                                 - 15 -                                 8th Grade
                               Cold Wind Cold Water

By: Madeline Nelson

My friend Kylie and I had rigged our sailboats and              The wind caught the side of our sail, throwing all

were ready to leave. We were taking a sailing class,            the weight to one side of the boat. Kylie and I were

and we were sailing out to an island to spend the day.          thrown out of the boat and into the cold, deep, wa-

A lot of people think that sailing is nothing more than         ter. The cold and shock of capsizing is a scary thing.

sitting in a boat that won’t move for hours on end.             It takes away your common sense. All you can

Those people have obviously never been sailing on               feel is the oppressing cold, crushing you. I knew

Lake Superior. Few things compare with the feeling              that I needed to move, to do something, before the

of flying over crashing whitecaps with the wind lash-           situation got worse, but the cold had drained my

ing against our faces and pulling us through the wa-            strength. Suddenly Kylie called out to me. She

ter. The water was hundreds of feet deep and crystal            remembered that we had brought some of our

clear. Today was a particularly cold and windy day,             belongings with us to the island. We had money,

and we were chilled, sore, and tired, but being out on          clothes, food, sunscreen, and a cell phone still on the

the lake was exhilarating. Kylie and I were struggling          boat. Kylie quickly swam towards the boat, hoping

to get our boat through the winds and whitecaps that            to save them before they sunk. As she got close to

violently rocked it back and forth.                             it, I realized that the boat was still tipping. In slow

                                                                motion I watched the boat fall on top of her, trap-
After about 30 minutes, the part of the beach upon
                                                                ping her underneath it. I could here her screaming,
which we were supposed to land came into sight.
                                                                and I swam up to the boat to try to push it back up,
Our sailing instructor, Alex was motioning for us to
                                                                but I was cold, and the boat was over three times
wait for the rest of the group before we went to shore.
                                                                my weight. I struggled in vain to reach her or help
We looked at Alex for just a second, and we lost con-
                                                                her. I could here her calling for me to help her, and
trol of the boat.
                                                                saying that she couldn’t breathe. I realized that she

                                                                had a life jacket on, so she would be able to stay up

                                                                in the air pocket

8th Grade                                              - 16 -
under the capsized boat. It also meant, however, that

she couldn’t swim out from under the boat. She was

trapped. By this time, everyone knew what was go-

ing on. Alex jumped out of the boat and tried to help

us, but even he couldn’t get the boat back up. Our

other instructor Forest pulled up in his motorboat. As

soon as he realized what had happened, he jumped

into the water, swam under, and pulled Kylie out. We

swam over to the motorboat together. Alex’s mom

held out a hand to help us up, but Kylie only handed

the things that she had salvaged from the boat. Alex’s

mom pulled us up into the boat and gave us For-

est and Alex’s sweatshirts. We were cold, wet, and

scared, but we were relieved to be out of the water.

Our instructors managed to get the boat to shore even

though it was heavy with water. The motor boat

brought us back to shore. We hugged and then tried

to dry out our wet clothes, shoes, and backpacks. The           Kinaan Prabhakar - 6th
next few minutes were a blur of concerned people

offering us dry towels, warm clothes, and advice. We

learned a lot from that experience, but most impor-

tantly, we learned that we are more important than

our possessions.

                                                       - 17 -               8th Grade
                                   Ode to Ice Cream

                     Without ice cream, the world would be dull.
                  The birds would not sing and we wouldn’t be full.
             On a hot, summer day we wouldn’t have a cold, tasty treat.
                  We would be out in the sun and caught in the heat.
                  The man who invented it was brilliant and smart.
                      He had a big brain and he had a big heart.
                   There are so many flavors to chose from and eat.
            Without ice cream, the world wouldn’t have a cold, tasty treat.
                                       Tripp Russ

                                             Lauren Moritz - 5th

8th Grade                                - 18 -
                                    A Station in the Metro
  By: Katie Litman

        What is love? All my friends think they know,                Everyday, I wake up at 7:30 am and jog to
but they don’t. I have a pretty good idea of what it is.      Grand Central Station. I take Grand Central to down-
But like everything else I’ve ever contemplated in my         town, and walk to my building. My job is not some-
life, I’m not sure. Most of my friends are married or         thing I enjoy, rather something at which I excel. I’m an
dating. Of course, I am not. They always tell me that         architect; a remarkable one. I have done blue prints for
life will pass me by, and that I will miss out on every-      many buildings. Yet as I approach my 48th year my life
thing meaningful. They say that I need to find a girl         does not feel complete. Each and every day is the same;
and hang onto her forever. But that was ten years ago,        nothing new. I know that I should just tell Jane to stop
and seven years before I met Jane. We dated for about         leaving me, but have you ever tried to tell someone
a year. I somehow found enough courage to ask her to          you love to stop doing the thing that they love most in
marry me. When we got married, all my friends said            life? I simply am incapable of doing so. I’m afraid that
that they were happy for me, but they didn’t like Jane.       Jane would leave me forever. I might die without my
I didn’t care though, because we were so in love. She         darling Jane. If only I could explain to her that it kills
needed me and I needed her. I couldn’t live without           me inside everyday I do not see her. Luckily the trip
her. Even now, the flame of our hearts is still white hot.    that she is currently on will be a short one. This means
Today is September 14, 2010; it marks the ninetieth day       that she is coming home this Saturday.
I have been away from my beloved Jane. We never used
                                                                     Today is September 18, 2010. It is a Thursday.
to stay this far apart from each other for this long. Yet
                                                              I walk to Grand Central, I feel exhilarated. I feel much
after we both turned forty, Jane said that she yearned
                                                              better than I have in the past three months. Grand Cen-
to help people in need. She would often travel to Sen-
                                                              tral is relatively busy today. After I get my ticket, my
egal to help kids who needed medical care. Most trips
took up to a year. Since she left, all I can think about is

her. I long for her now. Yet every time she comes home,

there is no possible way I could be mad at her. To avoid

depression and hunger for Jane, I found a job that fills

my entire life.

                                                        - 19 -                                    8th Grade
       cell phone rings. I hope that it is Jane saying        woman’s shoes. I shut down, completely. I raised my
that she has come home earlier than planned. To my            hands, threw them on the ground and did the same
surprise, it’s Menia, Jane’s friend who is with her in        with my head.
Africa. After a few brief seconds of small talk, she
                                                                     After what seemed like an hour, I pulled
informs me Jane has been murdered. The man who
                                                              myself together. I was going to be ok. I came to the
killed her did not intend to do so, he meant to kill
                                                              realization that Menia was just envious of Jane and
Menia. But Jane leapt in front of her. I did not hear
                                                              me, and our relationship. She was like all the rest of
the rest of the story. I felt paralyzed, vulnerable and
                                                              our friends; she never liked Jane did she? NO! She
sick at my stomach. I collapsed onto the floor. Ev-
                                                              wanted us to break up. Of course this was the prob-
eryone around me was moving, but they all looked
                                                              lem! My wife could NOT be dead; she would wait for
still. The way the light shined on me, I felt like my
                                                              me, right? At that notion, I got up, pulled out a hand-
lungs were being filled with water. My body heaved
                                                              kerchief, blew my nose and wiped my eyes. I then
and tensed. Vomit poured out my mouth. The warm
                                                              validated my ticket. There was only two more days
taste after was foul. People stared. They probably
                                                              until I would see my beloved.
thought that I was drunk. How could that possibly

matter at a time like this though? Unless someone

you love has died, you would never understand the

feeling that overwhelms me right now. I don’t know

what to do or where to go. Everything was becom-

ing blurry. I tried to hold my breath to calm myself

down. While I held my breath I thought about not

taking air in again so that I could be with Jane. Jane…
she was the only thing that kept me alive each day.

Why bother with life if I couldn’t see Jane again? Yes,
                                                                                     Mackenzie Merriam-7th
even though I would have liked to die, I was physi-

cally incapable of making myself die. I then began

to cry. A woman walked by and asked me if I was

alright. When I didn’t respond, she threw a dollar bill

at my feet and rushed away. About two minutes later,

a janitor came by and cleaned up my former break-

fast. My cell phone rang several more times. I didn’t

answer. Echoes filled my ears with the click clack of a

8th Grade                                                 - 20 -
                                                     The calves it is found in are very rare,
Some foods make me gag,
                                                     As they are found under special meat, bone and
I wheeze and make big sneezes.                       hair,
But I can always count on                            And produce merely one gallon of milk a day,
Loving all the types of cheeses.                     They are not a hard days pay.

But out of all I love the most                       And for one more reason to be so rare,
I must now make a toast,                             Moose calves can only be milked in very hot heat,
To what makes some cheese so good,                   During the summer, between May and Septem-
And the perfect reason as to why it should.
                                                     Is when you’ll get the best crops feed.

The cheese we find the most delicious
                                                     So, oh, dear mooses,
Is made out of luscious moose milk,
                                                     Are there words we can mutter,
And wouldn’t you know? That special cheese
                                                     For praise of what comes out your utter?
Costs much more than some precious silk!
                                                     And unfortunately us Americans won’t be eatin’
                                                     Any fancy, 526 dollar cheese from Sweden.

                                              Maddy Rosuck

                                                  Weston Shosid-7th

                                                 - 21 -                                8th Grade
                                              The Nightmare
I saw you running towards me, as I stood there, vulnerable in plain sight.

I never tried to run away.

I felt your presence creeping closer,

And finally: you happened.

Your embrace was painful and hard.

The blow took me over in an instant.

Choking and constricted, I was unable to scream for help.

The harder I tried to push you off the mountain,

The closer I felt to the edge.

You are a nightmare playing constantly in my head.

We are like sun and shadow:

Light and dark, both inevitable.

There is not a day or night when you don’t make an unwelcome visit.

You are a nightmare playing constantly in my head.

There are two roads in which I could travel to escape your wrath.

One leads to bright sunshine, and an end to the journey.

The other is through a torturous jungle.

On this second path I am attacked and become lost,

And the nightmare continues.

How did I not see before that this was not the right direction?

I will turn around and follow the path leading me towards perfection.

I will break down the walls you built to block me.

I will build a bridge across your cold river and get over you.               Rae’Van Parson-8th
I will stare you down with fiery eyes and a fearless face,

Your taunting will come to an end.

The nightmarish tragedy that always comes in,

Will never enter my mind again.            Lauren Bennett

8th Grade                                                  - 22 -
The Ones Who Are Different
Why are people mean?
What’s wrong with being nice?
To be ignored everyday,
is to be slapped across the face twice.

Why are we left out?
Do they really even care?
I try to look for answers,
but I can’t find them anywhere.

And then there’s people like you,
those who can comfort a sad face.
With all of the other drama,
it’s nice to know you still have your face.

Why aren’t there more who are like that?
What happened to genuine and real?
I see so many shows going on,
At least you know how I feel.


                    - 23 -                    8th Grade
                                  Short Story
                                  Election 2008

                                                            “Yes, the package has been delivered.” The voices I

                                                            heard were in hushed tones and appeared to have a

                                                            Middle Eastern accent. I rushed around the corner in
By: Caleigh Pruitt
                                                            attempt to escape, but only ran into yet another myste-

Hello, I am Kelly McFadden. Today I will be reporting       rious conversation.

live every hour on the Democratic Party nomination.
                                                                   “Who is going to do it?”
It is July 12 and Clinton and Obama are neck and

                                                                   “Our best sniper on the force. It is a sure hit.”
neck at the Democratic convention. There have been

many reports of attempted attacks on Senator Obama.                “How will he be able to locate the target?”
Many believe that the Klu Klux Klan is a part where
                                                                   “The target will be standing on the left side of
as others think Clinton is conspiring to take out her
                                                            the platform.” I tried to inch my face around the corner
opponent. However, when asked about his feelings
                                                            so as to get a good look at their faces. At the exact same
about the attempted murders, Senator Obama simply
                                                            moment, the taller one turned and saw me. I ran as fast
replied, “There have not been any significant threats,
                                                            as I could, my coffee spilling over and eventually drop-
so I do not worry, and neither should the public.” Even
                                                            ping somewhere along the way. As soon as I reached
though the target of the attacks appears not to be both-
                                                            the main road, I tried to slow my breathing, pulled out
ered, I know his supporters are concerned. Many of
                                                            my journal from my shoulder bag, and began furiously
Obama’s followers have been trying to protect him by
                                                            scribbling all of the muted conversation that I could
not voting for him. One woman that I spoke with says
                                                            recall. Then I remembered: the candidates were just
that she prays for him every night before she sleeps
                                                            about to make their speeches. I yet again sprinted, my
in order to keep him safe. Hopefully, both candidates
                                                            arms pumping, legs aching to stop, and lungs crying
will come out of the convention alive. I will be taking a
                                                            out for air, to reach the stage in time. When I finally
short break but will return momentarily. This is Kelly
                                                            arrived, all seemed well and there were no uprisings or
McFadden signing off.
                                                            suspicious happenings, so I calmed down a bit, think-
       “Is it all set up?” asked Mohammed.                  ing all I heard must have been my nerves. However,

                                                            something inside of me nagged to alarm someone as to


8th Grade                                             - 24 -
I had overheard. Against my better judgment, I kept       even fathom the disgrace you’ve brought upon our

quiet and returned to my coffee break. I strolled to      cause? This is a Holy War! You cannot go back to our

the balcony of the arena in which thousands of people     country – you will surely be executed for your care-

were gathered below. As I sipped my coffee, some-         less error. Now leave, and never let me see your sorry

thing nearly blew out my eardrums, which caused me        face ever again!” The sniper then walked away, his

to fall to floor. My coffee fell all over me, drenching   face seeming to emanate steam from his anger. In an

my body in steaming hot liquid. As I sat up, I franti-    instant, he pivoted and shot. The man who had been

cally looked around to see where the noise had come       chastising him would never again scold. As soon as

from. I saw a man, judging by height, dressed all in      the sniper was out of sight, I rushed down the stairs off

black, donned with a mask, and running at high speed,     of the balcony to the news truck.

armed with a sniper rifle. Before I put two and two
                                                                 “Who was shot? What is going on?”
together, I heard waves of screaming from below me.

I looked down and I saw a pool of blood, the victim              “Senator Obama has been shot.”

masked by people. I looked for the two candidates
                                                                 “I want this on the five o’clock news. Hurry up
so I could figure out which had been shot, but could
                                                          and get moving!” I thought to myself, after all, Sena-
not see either. Looking back, I really should not have
                                                          tor Obama really hadn’t been the target of the attacks.
done what I did, but I did. I slipped my shoes off and
                                                          Poor Hilary Clinton, just because she is a woman who
ran after the man in black. When I was close enough
                                                          has enough courage to run for president, was planned
to hear his rapid intakes of breath, I lessened my pace
                                                          to be murdered by a culture who wrongly believe that
and tried my best to slow my breathing so as not to be
                                                          women are subservient.
heard. There was someone with him, reprimanding

him. “Fool, you took out the wrong person! Can you

                                                     Margot Masinter-7th

                                                    - 25 -                                    8th Grade
About the Covers
         About the Covers

	       The	fine	arts	program	this	year	provided	an	ample	assortment	of	art-
work	for	the	illustrations	of	Horizons.	The	Horizons	cover	featured	four	works	
of	art	from	various	grades.	Fifteen	other	pieces	of	artwork	were	used	for	the	
individual	sections	covers.	Unfortunately,	there	were	too	many	works	of	art	for	
all	of	them	to	be	displayed.	All	the	artwork	was	created	in	the	middle	school	
art	classes.	The	following	artists	have	been	selected	to	be	displayed	on	the	
Horizons	pages:

	     Artwork	for	the	fifth	and	sixth	grade	covers	were	distributed	by	Maddy	
Rosuck,	Westin	Shosid,	Matt	Levowitz,	Rae’Van	Parson,	Esha	Senghal,	Katie	
Schwartz,	and	Kimberly	Corson.

	      Artwork	for	the	seventh	and	eighth	grade	section	covers	were	distrib-
uted	by	Weston	Shosid,	Dawson	Ray,	Molly	Pluss,	Rae’Van	Parson,	Stephanie	
Seal,	and	Kyle	Weinreb
 Ally Alexandrou         7-18                   Ashley Lee           5-20
Christina Alexandrou     5-10                   Emily Levinstone     7-10
Miles Andres             6-13                   Sydney Lewis         6-6
Camille Andrews          5-18                   Katie Litman         8-6, 8-19
Giovanni Arana           6-5                    Emily Margolis       6-22
Hanna Arata              5-16                   Margot Masinter      8-25
John Beare               6-10                   Mackenzie Merriam    7-5, 7-22, 8-20
Shelby Beauchamp         6-19                   Emily Mikolitch      7-21
Lauren Bennett           8-11, 8-22             Gina Mills           8-9
Natalie Bernstien        8-3                    Carly Mondry         5-4
Claire Brandt            8-10                   Lauren Moritz        5-2, 8-18
Nick Brienzi             8-4                    Sam Moon             6-21
Brian Broder             7-12                   Madeline Nelson      8-16
Alex Bryan               5-4                    Griffin Olesky       6-9
Lauren Butowsky          7-23                   Rae’Van Parson       8-3, 8-22
Connor Cantrell          7-1, 7-11, 7-15, 8-2   Michael Partlo       7-19
Rachel Carp              5-13                   Molly Pluss          8-9
Kevin Chaiken            5-17                   Kinaan Prabhakar     6-4, 8-17
Morgan Chapman           6-4                    Tamara Prabhakar     5-2
Kimberly Corson          7-10,8-5, 8-15         Caleigh Prewitt      8-24
Kate Crotty              5-23                   Meredith Purchal     8-1
Cali Deadman             6-12                   Meg Ranganathan      7-3
Gray Deuber              5-7                    Nikhil Ranganathan   5-5
Caroline Early           5-9                    Justin Rasansky      7-16
Emily Fine               5-6                    Becca Ray            7-7
Chandler Garber          7-20                   Dawson Ray           5-16
Austin Gerber            6-14                   Abbi Rees            5-11, 8-7
Jessica Giraudon         7-17                   Brent Rubin          6-3
Sammy Glick              7-24                   Maddy Rosuck         8-21
Hank Golman              6-23                   Reed Russ            5-11
Paty Gomez-Palacio       5-8, 5-21              Tripp Russ           8-18
Ropdrigo Gomez-Palacio   6-24                   Katie Schwartz       7-8, 8-10, 8-14
Peter Grishin            5-22                   Katie Sheinfeld      8-13
Taylor Hardy-Haynes      5-2                    Sarah Shor           7-2
Madison Hayden           7-7                    Weston Shosid        7-20, 8-12, 8-21
Chelsea Huss             5-18                   Jordan Siegel        5-3
Arrian Jahangiri         5-12                   Esha Singhal         5-1
Ashkan Jahangiri         5-19, 7-6              Rebecca Sostek       6-12
Victoria Jones           8-13                   Calla Spatz          5-17, 7-25
Brady Kahn               7-16                   Andrew Spomer        7-18
Brianna Kessler          5-4                    Mikey Stanley        7-18
Hebah Khan               7-9                    Eli Steinfield       8-8
Adam Konig               5-14                   Geneva Taylor        6-15
Savannah Krantz          6-20                   Jake Teichman        8-5, 8-15
Nicholas Kraus           6-3                    Cole Travers         6-1
Ryan Lane                6-7                    Lauren Truitt        7-13
Jasmin Lawrence          6-8                    Grant Unell          7-19
Matt Lebowitz            7-6                    Benjamin Weinberg    5-15
                                                Kyle Weinreb         5-20
                                                Britain Winchell     5-3

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