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A U S T C a m p u s We e k l y N e w s p a p e r
                                                                            Midweek                                               Issue #27- Wednesday October 15, 2008

                    AUST Sidon: Always Aiming Higher

If you think that the AUST Sidon campus building looks different, that’s because          of students. As its mother campus, it has proved to the Lebanese people and
it is different. The AUST administration decided to add two floors to the original        the world at large that its founder’s dream to excellence and American-styled
building in order to accommodate students and make room for new classrooms.               education are within reach of all qualified students.
AUST Sidon though it has opened its doors three yeas ago, it has seen an influx

                              Polimi Design Team visits AUST

Mrs. Haibat Bawab, Mrs. Durriya Haidar, Ms. Luis Collina, Dr. Nabil Haidar, Prof. Paola
Bertola, Prof. Chiara, Ms. Joyce Haddad and Mrs. Hala Habbal.

The Arts and Design Department at AUST played host to a visiting team from                discussed the feasibility of establishing a new fashion design program at AUST,
the Design School at Politecnico di Milano for five days: September 17- 21,               which would lead to a bachelor’s degree in the said field.
2008. The teams’ main objective was to reach an agreement between the two                 Mrs. Durriya Haidar, Mrs. Hala Habbal, and Mrs. Haibat Bawab from the Arts
universities. The visiting team, Professors Vice Rector Gianarlo Spenelli; Luis           and Design Department presented the team with a Powerpoint® presentation of
Collina, International Relations and Projects; and Prof. Paola Bertola and Prof.          the existing Interior Design, Graphic Design and Fine Arts programs.
Chiara, met with President Hiam Sakr and Provost Nabeel Haidar and                        It was agreed that students can enroll in this new major as of October, 2009.

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Campus News                                                                                                  A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

           AUST’s Inventions at the Science Exposition
                                                                                                   Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Tammam Salam, and in
                                                                                                   the presence of Minister of Information Tarek Mitria, and Deputy
                                                                                                   Ghassan Moukhayber, a 3-day ‘Science Exposition’ was held at the
                                                                                                   Race Track in Beirut.

                                                                                                   On display, were creations presented by different departments of many
                                                                                                   prominent Lebanese universities.

                                                                                                   At the AUST’s corner, one could see FREM F1 car, presented by
                                                                                                   the Interior Design Department; an Electrical car, Drink Intelligent
                                                                                                   Machine, Water Machine and a Dough-Kneader machine presented
                                                                                                   by the CCE Department.

                                                                                                   President Hiam Sakr, and many of the AUST faculty were there
                                                                                                   to applaud the different creations presented by the gifted
                                                                                                   Lebanese Youths.

                  AUST Meets with Honored Businessmen
                                                                                                   Among the many successful Lebanese businessmen, they were
                                                                                                   chosen as the best for the year 2008-2009.

                                                                                                   The Arab Woman Association held a dinner banquet in their honor at
                                                                                                   the Royal Hotel. They are Engineer Shadi Massaad, Mr. Talal
                                                                                                   Makdesse, and Mr. Jihad Ibrahim.

                                                                                                   These esteemed businessmen were invited to a luncheon held in their
                                                                                                   honor at AUST, and met with VP Riad Sakr.

                                                                                                   The invitees were impressed with the university, and expressed their
                                                                                                   readiness to extend a helping hand for the sake of the students’
                                                                                                   vocational opportunities.

Poet Henri Zoghaib, Mr. Jihad Ibrahim, Mr. Talal Makdesse, Engineer Shadi Massaad, VP Riad Sakr,
Dr. Faisal Nsouli, Dr. Georges Farha and Mr. Elie Nakhle

              International Affairs: A new Major
                                                                                                   Are you still hesitant and haven’t decided on a major to pursue? Are
                                                                                                   you are interested in the world’s news and the different political strife
                                                                                                   that are taking place around you? Do you want to have in-depth
                                                                                                   information about the world’s political systems? International Affairs
                                                                                                   is your major.

                                                                                                   What is the International Affairs major?

                                                                                                   In short, the international affairs program is
                                                                                                   1. to introduce students to the major trends shaping the world around
                                                                                                   them and thus affecting their own lives;

                                                                                                   2. to train students on how to conceptualize and apply key approaches
                                                                                                   to those norms and policies that drive contemporary international
                                                                                                   politics; and

                                                                                                   3. to train students for entry into internationally-oriented jobs in
                                                                                                   business, government, international public or private agencies.

                                                                                                   To graduate with a BA degree in International Affairs, a student must
                                                                                                   complete a minimum of 105 credits.

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Business News                                                                                                             A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

 European Governments are acting fast in
                                        Financial Crisis Hits Europe
                                                    475 points to 4375; Frankfurt’s stock
 order to prevent the worst consequences            exchange has also opened with a 4.40%
 of the global financial crisis hitting their       decline; Paris stock market has plunged
 economies, among fears of negative news            4.82%; and Milan posted a 3.13% decline
 from several banks in Europe. Sstock               minutes after the opening.
 markets have already been affected by              Banks, as expected, have been dragging
 gloomy perspectives and the Euro is                down the markets, in England HBOS’
 dropping to long term lows against the             stocks fell 16%, while the Bank of Scotland
 Dollar and the Yen.                                posted a 12% decline, while in Brussels
 Asian Markets have been the first ones to          and Amsterdam, stocks from the Fortis
 feel the impact: the Nikkei 225 index has          Bank have been suspended to evaluate
 closed the day with a 4.25% fall; Shangai’s        the banks acquisition by BNP Paribas.
 stock exchange has declined 2.78% in the           The Euro has also followed the tide, and
 first hour after the opening. In Australia, the    has continued running down slope against
 Standard & Poor’s/Australian Stock                 the Dollar, posting the 14-month low
 exchange 200 in Sydney has posted a                against the Dollar, and a two year low
 3.3% decline.                                      against the Yen. The thing that the market
 In Europe the session seems to be                  does not feel at ease with is the lack of a
 heading for another “Black Monday”, as             common economic plan for the whole
 the London FTSE stock market plummeted             European Union.
 5% in the first minutes of trading, dropping

Supreme Mortgage Crisis                                                                                       The Financial Ethics

Effect of USA Supreme Mortgage Crisis Center on 11th September.
on the Banking Sector.

Effect of US supreme mortgage crisis on            • Effect of US supreme mortgage crisis on
the banking sector cannot be ignored.              the banking sector did not spare IKB
Many undulations have occurred in the              Deutsche Industriebank in Germany                 Ethics break into every single human            worldwide crisis. Industries and Institutes,
money market with subsequent ripples               (Europe). The bank had to be bailed out by        action. Ethics have a lot to do with finance    Schools and Universities, all took
being created in the entire system. The            a payment of USD11.1 billion. It has              and economy. Financial ethics is the            advantage of this situation and changed
aftermath has been revealed in the article         investments in the United States mortgage         ability of maintaining your prices’ stability   their price lists: they increased prices
below.                                             market.                                           when the indecent opportunity allows you        knowing that the worldwide increase would
                                                   • A bank in France, known by the name             to increase your prices. Financial ethics is    not affect them. This “group” fell in the trap
Effect of the US supreme mortgage crisis           BNP Paribas halted all withdrawals. This          essential for any institute or industry to do   of lacking financial ethics.
on the banking sector has been immense.            step was taken by the bank as the actual          what is best for its customers and at the
This is evident from the fact that banks as        value of the assets was not being                 same time the institute’s or industry’s         Universities represent a huge part of those
well as stock markets were affected in             ascertained.                                      interest as well. Any decent institute needs    institutes that lack ethics. These institutes,
every nook and corner of the world. The            • Another bank, which was about to                funds in order to keep its doors open and       which are the main highway for a better
European Central Bank or the ECB came              declare bankruptcy was WestLB.                    maintain the same level of service or/and       society and organized community, should
to the rescue of many. The amount                  • Deutsche Postbank, as a measure to              product quality and of course to receive        have been affordable and should have
injected by the ECB to rescue the other            combat the effects of US supreme                  revenue in return. But any decent institute     maintained or let’s say bared the old prices
banking institutions was €95 billion. The          mortgage crisis on the banking sector,            must also take into consideration the           even though few expenses were added
rate of interest was 4%. This was the first        redirected or re routed euros worth               community’s financial situation: it is inane    upon their backs.
rescue operation, the second and the third         hundred million of the bank's funds.              to raise the bills where the community
followed with a cash assistance of €61                                                               barely pays the old ones.                       At the end of the day everyone is exposed,
billion as well as €47.67 billion                  BaFin, a federal agency in Germany is                                                             whether in a direct or indirect manner.
respectively. The approach taken by the            responsible for the regulation of the             Taking a simple example that will clarify the   Ethics, which we lack, are a must when it
authorities of other Central Banks were            industry dealing with financial services.         introduction; the Lebanese economy has          comes to the community’s future and not
also varied. Central Bank of Japan's                                                                 been deteriorating for the past three years.    the future of our pockets and bank
contributions to the financial markets             Other effects of the crisis include rise in       Politics, economy and society have              accounts. All that we are asking for is a
comprised injection of 600 billion yen or          rates of interest. As a result of this, lending   changed due to an incident that took place      decent and affordable education that
€3.6 billion.                                      business got stalled. The signals started         three years ago, not to forget the              would guarantee us a successful future.
                                                   from the money market. In the money               accumulated issues that also took part in       Not to forget that we must keep calling the
The price of stocks fell in Frankfurt, Tokyo       markets there is liquidity, and the banks         that change. After three years, we have         dead conscience of politicians and
and New York. In fact, the financial               carry out several transactions to keep the        seen the prices of the essential products       corrupted leaders to wake up and have
assistance, which the ECB had shelled              system functioning. If the functioning of the     boosting higher than they have ever been.       mercy on citizens.
out, exceeded the amount it shelled out            money markets gets distorted, the whole           Every aspect in the Lebanese economical
after terrorist attacks on the World Trade         system gets upset.                                face has changed with the pretense of a                                        Ashraf Monzer

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Sports News                                                           A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

                 Sports & Activities Office (S.A.O.)
                    Sports Schedule Fall 2008

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Sports News                                                                              A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

                                              Sports Activities

Under the supervision of the Lebanese Army Chief General Jean           of silence, in respect to all the Lebanese army martyrs.
Kahwaji, the S.A.O Department at AUST, organized the “2nd Annual        Olmpic saida won the first place when it won the game played against on
Lebanese Martyrs’ Army Tournament” held in Futsal.                      the Lebanese army team. USJ held the third place; unfortunately, AUST
Eight clubs participated in the tournament: AUST, USJ, US Embassy       lost in the semi final (B) by penalty kicks, after the AUST team drew with
Club, Jamhour, Pro’s Café ,Olympic Saida, Lebanese Canadian Bank &      Lebanese Canadian bank team when L.C.B. scored in the dying seconds
the Lebanese Army team.                                                 of the game.
A parade was held before each match, which was followed with a minute   Ziad Ghosn, AUST student, scored the goal of the tournament.

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 Bits & Pieces                                                                                                      A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

                     The largest fountains in the WORLD!

Emaar Properties declared that it plans to build one of the     length of two football fields. The $218 million project will   any given moment and feature over 6,600 lights and 50
largest fountains in the world as the center-piece of its       be 25% larger than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio        color projectors.
Downtown Burj Dubai project that include the Burj Dubai,        hotel in Las Vegas.
Burj Dubai Lake, Dubai Mall, 30,000 homes, nine hotels,         “The fountain is an engineering marvel and will further        However, the tallest water fountain in the world is thought
6.2 acres of parkland and 19 residential towers.. The           contribute to Dubai’s rich array of tourist attractions.”      to be King Fahd’s Fountain in Jeddah with a height of
developer said the fountains would be capable of                Emaar Chairman said.                                           around 312 meters, followed by the Gateway Geyser in
shooting water over 150 meters into the air – the height        The fountain would include an integral light and sound         Illinois, US, and the Port Fountain in Karachi, Pakistan.
of a 50-story building – and stretch over 275 meters – the      show. It would shoot 22,000gallons of water in the air at      The structure is scheduled to be operated by 2009.

     To sleep better, read this...                                                                    Mobile Phone Battery
Before reaching for an over-the-counter sleep aid, try these natural tips from the Better
Sleep Council to help you get a good night's sleep.

1. Keep regular hours
                                                                                                       Dead? Try Dancing
Try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each
morning, even on weekends.
2. Develop a sleep ritual
Whether it is to take a hot bath, have a cup of herbal tea, or read a book, doing the
same things each night just before bed cues your body to settle down for the night.
3. Exercise regularly
This can help to relieve tension. But be careful not to exercise too close to bedtime or
you may have a hard time falling asleep.
4. Cut down on stimulants
Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine, in the evening interferes with falling asleep
and prevents deep sleep. Instead, have a cup of herbal tea, which is noncaffeinated,
before bed.
5. Don't smoke
Smokers tend to take longer to fall asleep, awaken more often, and experience
disrupted, fragmented sleep.
6. Drink alcohol in moderation
You may fall asleep faster, but drinking alcohol shortly before bedtime interrupts and
fragments sleep, leading to poor quality sleep.
7. Unwind early in the evening
Deal with worries and distractions several hours before going to bed. Make a list of
things you need to do tomorrow, so you won't think about them all night. Try relaxation
exercises, like slow rhythmic breathing, once in bed.
                                                                                                What do you do if you are stuck in a field      the same as a phone and are about the
8. Sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation                                   at a pop festival but your mobile phone's       size of a pack of cards.
It's difficult to get deep, restful sleep on a bed that's too small, too soft, or too hard.     battery is about to run out? Thanks to a
                                                                                                new invention, you now just need to face    Attached to the user's arm, they employ a
9. Create a restful sleep environment
                                                                                                the music and dance!!!                      system of weights and magnets which
A dark, quiet room is more conducive to sleep. Sudden, loud noises or bright lights can
                                                                                                                                            provide an electric current to top up
disrupt sleep. A room that is too hot or too cold can disturb sleep as well. The ideal
                                                                                                Mobile phone operator Orange teamed up charge in a storage battery. This can later
bedroom temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
                                                                                                with GotWind, a firm specializing in be used to recharge the phone.
10. Make sleep a priority                                                                       renewable energy, to produce a re-charger
Say "yes" to sleep even when you're tempted to stay up late. You'll feel healthier,             powered by dance energy alone. The "We wanted to create a fun, engaging and
refreshed, and ready to take on the day.                                                        portable kinetic energy chargers were interactive         product     which    would
In addition, restrict the number of activities you do in bed. Your bed should not become        given a test run at this year's Glastonbury encourage users to have a laugh while
a place for watching TV, eating food, or doing work. It should be a place to sleep and          Festival, the world's biggest Greenfield charging their mobile phone, and at the
perhaps, if you’re not alone, one other activity.                                               music and arts celebration.                 same time test out a new energy-efficient
                                                                     Senior student, CLS                                                    prototype," said Hattie Magee, Head of
                                                                           Hiba Khanafer        Orange said the prototype chargers weigh Partnerships at Orange UK.

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Bits & Pieces                                                                                         A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

       The world's biggest                                                                         Strange Cakes!
      Hotel on Planet earth                                                     Everyone knows that there are cakes for every celebration under the sun: birthdays,
                                                                                graduation, promotion, BUT a DIVORCE Cake????
                                                                                Look for yourself...

The world's biggest and most          Starting date of construction: June
expensive Hotel on Planet earth       2009
10 STARS Premium                      Estimation time: 3 years
Location: Beirut – Lebanon            Cost of project: 3.6 Billion US Dollars
Area: Facing Marina & Saint Georges   Official announcement of project August
Beach 'middle of the sea' Beirut      2008 in Beirut.

                                      Knowing Isn't Everything                  There is much that can’t be known by            people who you don't know their life
                                                                                thinking or reasoning. There are other          experiences, and their feelings. When
                                                                                ways of knowing and there are mysteries         some great loss occurs, you don't say, "I
                                                                                that can’t be grasped intellectually. Healing   know how you feel." You don't know. All you
                                                                                often comes through opening to                  can say is, "I'm so sorry." In not knowing,
                                                                                knowledge, to the mystery of life, and to not   you honor their unique experience, their
                                                                                knowing. In opening up to knowledge, you        unique expression, and their unique truth.
                                                                                come face to face with the wonders of life      Rather than assuming that you already
                                                                                and its boundless possibilities.                know them, you are more attentive and
                                                                                When studying difficult subjects like           open to learn more about them. It is a vital,
                                                                                chemistry, physiology, mathematics, or          sensitive, dynamic way of relating.
                                                                                philosophy, and when we finally                 Even when two persons have been married
                                                                                comprehend some principles or processes,        for a long time, they do know what they like
                                                                                we say, "Oh, now I get it. Now I grasp the      to eat, size and color of clothes they like to
                                                                                idea." This kind of thinking and knowing is     wear, and what music they prefer. But there
                                                                                very useful, but it is not enough. We must      are many things they don’t know about
                                                                                also be able to release our grip, stop our      each other, that’s why we always hear
                                                                                mental grasping, and open to something          “what would you like to do?”, or “what do
                                                                                larger.                                         you think about [certain subjects]?”…..etc.
                                                                                Not knowing is important in interpersonal       In fact, “Not knowing is more intimate.”
                                                                                relationships. There is respect and
                                                                                reverence in communicating to other                                           Hiba Khanafer
                                                                                                                                                         CLS, Senior student

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On The Lighter Side               A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y O f S c i e n c e & Te c h n o l o g y

                 Natural Sculptures


Midweek page 8                                                                 

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