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					                                   AF JROTC
                        Our mission is to create better citizens for America
                     A High School Class with NO MILITARY COMMITMENT!

               ACADEMICS                             TRIPS!
         2 curriculums in one class:
       Aerospace Science & Leadership                    Lackland Air Force Base
       Earn PE credit OR elective credit                 Kingsville Naval Air Station
                                                         Six Flags / Sea World
                DEVELOPS                                 South Padre Island
              Leadership skills
                 Citizenship                         FUN THINGS!
           Personal Responsibility
            Respect for authority                        McNeil Competition
             Honorable behavior                          Interflight Competition
           Character development
              Civic awareness
               Self-discipline                           Class space is still available for all grade
                Camaraderie                              levels.
          Good personal appearance                       Speak with your counselor about entering
        Responsibility for one’s actions                 now!
          Sense of Accomplishment
                                                         For more information contact:
                                                         LtCol Juste Sanchez 464-4096
              A chance to join the:            
       Rocketry team (build & test rockets)
 Drill/Saber Team (learn marching & formation)           MSgt Mark Janik 464-4095
           PT team (physical fitness)          
     Color Guard (perform at sports events)
  College Scholarships for qualifying Seniors   , see Parents,
   Rank of E-3 if you enlist in the Air Force                   Academics, About Us
          (Certificate of Completion)
 Possible appointments to military academies              We are part of the Academy of Science,
                                                        Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
         SERVICE PROJECTS                                                  (STEM)
The opportunity to participate in community
service projects is key to AFJROTC. Cadets
conduct road & park cleanups; collect food for
Hill Country Christmas Bureau; raise money for
battered children; help in MS 150 Bike race,
distribute textbooks at the beginning of the
school year, usher at Westwood Open House,
provide Color Guard for Westwood sports
events, etc..