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					       From notable spots with Gap, Ipod a nd Tar get to Andre 3 000’s a vant -garde
“Hey Ya” performanc es and the hottest videos f or Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Jessica
Simpson, Nelly Furta do, Will Smith, Prince, Rihanna , No Doubt and more, Fatima is
the choreograp her be hind many of the most memorable moments in dance
entertainment. Her fi lm resume reads like a who ’s who o f Holly wood having
choreographed the cr itically award winning Dreamg irls with Bey once, Jamie Foxx and
Jenifer Hudson , as well as working with st ars like, Jo hn Travolt a, Uma Thurman, T he
Rock, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Tom Cr uise and Jenni fer Lop ez.
       As the New York Times notes, Fatima is “ one of the most sought -after hip -hop
and popular -music choreographers in the world.” Her work as a choreogra pher and
video director for the Black Eyed Peas – she directed both “My Humps” and “Hey
Mama” - ha s earned her several MTV VMA Award nominations including a wi n for
Best Hip Hop Video (2006) for “My Humps” and Best Choreogra phy in a Mu sic Video
(2004) for “Hey Mam a,” her first win i n a category which she has been nominated
over seven times. Mo st recently she direct ed and choreograp hed the recent video for
Fergie “Fergalicious” in which she created a Willy Wonka -like “ Fergieland!!”
       Named one of Enterta inmen t Weekly’s “100 Most Creative Peopl e in
Entertainment,” Fatima just choreographed the Oscar s making her the second Africa n
American woman in history to do so (Deb bie Allen wa s the 1 s t ). Renowned for her
ability to blend classic dance -styles with her distin ct hip hop fla vor, Fatima is
acclaimed by critics and peers. She has r eceived multiple nominations for t he MTV
Video Music Award for Best Choreography , as well as for achi evement in
choreography from the Music Video Pr oducer’s Award s, America n Choreograp hy
Awards, a s well as a Lucille Lortel Award nomination for Out standing Choreograp he r
- Off-Broadway , for her theatrical debut, R adiant Baby, a musica l based on the life o f
artist Keith Haring , P roduced and Directed by George C. Wolfe a t the N ew York
Public Theater.
       Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Fatima moved to Los Ang eles at t he age o f four
with her mother a nd two younger sisters. After completing hig h scho ol early at the
age of 1 6, she dreame d of opening her o wn hair salon like her m other. Certified as a
Cosmetologist, Fatima worked as a professional hairdresser for a brief period of time ,
but her love for da nc e led her out to the cl ubs, and into dance contests. “ An artist
was looking for some dancers, so my friend and I went o n stag e at the club and
battled some other gi rls and won,” Fatima reminisces. T hat wa s the beginning. Her
“big break” came just two years later, when director John Singleton asked her to
choreograph the video for Micha el Jack son’s “Remember the Time.” Since then, she
has gone to wo rk wit h nearly every major artist in the industry , including her work a s
a resident choreograp her with artists like Aaliyah, Backstreet Boys and Will Smith,
which features some of the mo st memorable moments in music v ideo and award show
       Expanding her cr eative vision, Fatima recently opened a studio in the heart of
Silverlake, California . Foresight Studios offers two distinct dance studios with state
of the art sound syste ms and an open lounge space with flat scr eens, Wi -Fi, and a ful l -
size kitche n. Available for danc e rehearsals and auditions, ca sting sessions, photo
shoots, private event s, and more, F oresight Studio caters to pro fessionals in the
entertainment indust ry. Clients include: Ja net Jack son, Diddy, Nelly Furtado, Fergie,
The Gap and mor e. F or photos and more information on the sp ace, please visit the
website www.foresig ht -studios. com .

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