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									EXCEL CLASS

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  Monthly Bills
  To Do List
  To Do List II
  To Do List III
  Employee Discount
  Contact List
  Contact List II
  Tools & Materials
  Plan a Party
  Daily Schedule
  TV Favorites
  Business Card
  Weekly Itinerary
  Shopping List
  Daily Appointments
  Party Budget
  TV Research
  Work Record
  Broccoli Soup
  Weekly Schedule
  Walt Disney's Time Line

ITEM                 DUE DATE     AMOUNT
House Payment          1/1/2011   $1,106.50
Health Insurance       1/5/2011     $429.00
SoCal Gas              1/5/2011     $115.25
CitiCard              1/10/2011     $135.02
BofA Card             1/10/2011     $543.93
Gardner               1/15/2011      $50.00
Exterminator          1/15/2011      $57.00
ADT                   1/18/2011      $37.45
Auto Inurance         1/20/2011     $200.00
Accident Insurance    1/24/2011      $41.03
FIOS                  1/24/2011     $210.53
SoCal Edison          1/25/2011     $155.53
Honda Lease           1/25/2011     $414.99
Life Insurance        1/30/2011     $228.11
Verizon Wireless      1/30/2011     $119.08
to do list

             1   Grocery
             2   Clean house
             3   Kitchen
             4   bed room
             5   laundry
             6   cook food
Contact utility companies to transfer service to new location
             Electric Service
             Gas Service
             Refuse Collection
             Water Service
             Telephone Service
             Internet Service
             Satellite Service
             Newspaper Service
             Gardening Service
             Post Office for Mail Delivery Service
Notify places of business and education
             Employer or Unemployment Office
             Children's schools
             Department of Motor Vehicles
             Car Insurance Company
             Life Insurance Company
             Health Insurance Company
             From whom receiving benefits such as Social Security or Veteran's Administration
             Auto Club
             AARP and/or other Clubs or Affiliations
             Memberships such as the gym, zoo, etc.
             Credit Reporting Bureaus: Experian; Equifax; and, TransUnion
             Medical professionals
             Dental/Orthodontic professionals
             Vision Professionals
             Credit Card companies
             Gas Card companies
Notify relatives and friends including place of worship
Contract with a bonded, insured, reputable moving company
             Purchase moving materials that will be needed
Pack everything carefully to be able to withstand the jostling that occurs in shipment
Clean old residence spic and span
             Notify landlord to make sure you receive your Deposit
Have a Good Night's Sleep -- you'll need it!!! Happy Trails To You!!!
To Do List

Things to do

Polution Fighter
Work on to Do List
Learn more about Computers
Able to interpt life

Places to Go

Go to New York
Go to Dealth Valley, CA
Go to Las Vegas, NV
Go to Grand Canyon, AZ

What Happems when I Die

Go to after Life
Be with Ghost
Interpt after life
see Angles and Archangeles

Alternating Realitys

Counter Earth
The other side of Milky way
Anti-Matter Universe
Anti-Time Universe
Disney Pill Boxes

                                                 Employee     * by the   After
                                   Full price    Discount     full price Discount
Bear Country Jamboree                 $19.95      35% off            0.65 $12.97

Jungel Cruise                        $19.95       35% off          0.65   $12.97

Matterhorn                           $19.95       35% off          0.65   $12.97
                                     $59.85                               $38.90
                        Price W/
                        Taxes        $66.50

                                                 check work               $66.50
                                                Money Saved               $16.63
Tax After After
Discount Taxes
       0.9 $14.41

     0.9   $14.41

     0.9   $14.41

                             Contact    List

friend    Chris              randy's baby
ride      Steve              Red head
friend    Steve              Bucher
meeting   Richard            General Contractor
Ride      Randy              Chiropractor
ride      Doug               one leg
ride      Rick               wendsday music meeting
ride      stanley steamer.
ride      Ricardo            mail man
First name Last name   Address   City   zipcode   Home phoneCELL PHONE   E-mail
List of tools                list of materials                                          to do list for
Hammer                       Rags                              1 LB Box

Screwdriver                  screws                            1 pound
Five-n-one                   Bondo/hardener                    1 gallon

Mixing Paddles               thinner                           1 gallon
Duster                       primer                            1 gal
Tack rag                     laquer thinner.                   1 gal
Nail punch                   paint                             55 gallons
2 gallon paint bucket        puddy                             1 quart
5 gallon                     Light weight spacle               1 quart
Bucket hooks                 caulking                          1 case
Brush hooks                  glazing                           1 quart
3" angle sash            2   sand paper 40 grit , 220 , 320.   1 sleeve of each grit.
9" roller arm.           2   9" roller cover 1/2 nap.                   2
7" roller arm            2   7" mini roller 1/4 nap.           case of 12
5' ladder                1   masking tape                      12 pack
6' ladder                1   plastic                           1 roll.
16' extention ladder     1   card board paint shields
24' extention ladder     1   Paint stripper.
4' ladder                2   Glass clips.
10' planks               1   Rubber gloves
ladder jacks             2   Tsp ceaner.
Airless pump.                steel wool.
6" spray extention           fix all.
2 FT "            "          mud.
Tips                     6   drywall/tape.
Garden Hose.
water nozzle.
Red rubber washers.
ladder strapes
Extention Top brace.
Glazing knife.
Shield handle
Dripless caulking gun.
Tooth brush.
2 ft rolling step
Mud pan/knives.
to do list for painting and refinishing!!!.

3/19/2011        flowers
                 table cloth
                 crepe paper streamers
3/19/2011        soft drinks

3/19/2011        Dancing

3/19/2011        candy


3/26/2011   9:00 AM         computer classe at ceritos for 4 hours

            2:00PM          Dentis appoinment

            3:30 PM         shopping

            4:30 PM         visit my mom

            6:00PM          go out for diner

            7:30PM          at home relax watch T-V
                                Favorite TV Selections
                  Sunday           Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday
                  8:00 AM           11:00 AM         11:00 AM          11:00 AM         11:00 AM
Atenna TV        Dennis The        Dennis The       Dennis The        Dennis The       Dennis The
Channel 5.2       Menace             Menace           Menace            Menace           Menace

                                                                                       
                 6:00 PM           6:00 PM           6:00 PM           6:00 PM           6:00 PM
ABC Channel
7.1         All In The Family All In The Family All In The Family All In The Family All In The Family

                                                                                       
               7:00 PM              8:00 PM          8:00 PM           8:00 PM          8:00 PM
ABC Channel   America's                             No Ordinary
7.1         Funniest Videos       The Bachelor        Family       Modern Family

                                                                     
                9:00 PM         9:00 PM               9:00 PM          9:00 PM          9:00 PM
ABC Channel Desperate House
7.1         Wives           The Bachelor

                                      
 Friday      Saturday
 11:00 AM     8:00 AM
Dennis The   Dennis The
  Menace      Menace

               
6:00 PM      6:00 PM
All In The   All In The
 Family       Family

               
 8:00 PM      8:00 PM

 9:00 PM      9:00 PM
Minnie Charlotte Mouse
Customer Service/Receptionist/Clerical

   Fully Bilingual English and Spanish
   Data Entry Clerk
   Receptionist/Marketing
   Instructional Aide
   Created charts and graphs for Management

         SUNDAY                 MONDAY                                TUESDAY
10:00 AM GIDGET                 9:00 AM Net-work @ Santa Fe Springs    9:00 AM Go to Selaco
                                                                      Customer Service
                                12:00 PM Go to Selaco                 workshop
                                 5:00 PM Go Home                       5:00 PM Go Home

               WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                        FRIDAY

Go to Selaco     9:00 AM Go to Selaco    9:00 AM Go to Selaco          9:00 AM Net-work @ Santa Fe springs
                Customer Service        Customer Service
                workshop                workshop                      10:00 AM Java Job Jam Job Club

                  5:00 PM Go Home        5:00 PM Grocery Shopping      5:00 PM Go Home
                                        Need:      Tuna
                                                   Cream of wheat
                                                   Furniture Polish
                                                   Corn tortillas

@ Santa Fe springs    9:00 AM Intro to Excel

                     11:00 AM Updating Computer Skills PT. 1
Bacon      Baking Choc   Evaporatd Milk   Baby Food
Beef       Bakingpwdr    Fruit Cocktail   Beer
Chickken   Baking Soda   Beans            Candy
Seafood    Cake Mixes    Corn             Cereal
Ham        Ketsup        Peas             Crackers
   8:30 AM sk
   9:00 AM                 pick up car
  10:30 AM                               cerritos
   1:30 PM                                          j
   4:30 PM                                               carson city

Beginning Balance:                   $1,000.00

Chuck E. Cheese's                                $   300.00
Ballons                                          $    20.00
Cake                                             $    47.00
Pizza                                            $   100.00
Soda                                             $    25.00
Party Favors                                     $    75.00
Tokens                                           $   100.00
Sub-total                                        $   667.00
Ending Balance                                   $   333.00
Research on 65 inch TV - 'forewarned is forearmed

Brand                        Made in    3D      Voltz usage Picsiles     Panels
Toshiba                      Japan
Sony                         Japan                                       liquid-crystal display panels
Samsung                      Korea
Panasonic                    Japan
Pioneer                      Japan
Mitsubishi                   Japan
Hitachi                      Japan
LG Electronics               s. Korea
Sharp                        japan
Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT   China

Sony buys from as a joint venture from Samsung and sharp to reduce costs
Hitachi joint venture with Fujitsu, but fujitsu withdrew from plasma manufacturing
The glass on the plasma will be used from one of these six, even though the name is different, China, Taiwan, Chunghwa Pictu

Certain sizes of plasma TV screens are as unique to a company as a fingerprint, such as 43 inches (Pioneer only), 55 inches (Hitachi

Keep in mind that true HDTV resolution can't be found in plasma TVs smaller than 50 inches. There are two HDTV broadcast standa

'HD' in smaller sizes of plasma means that there are more pixels than 'ED' plasma, but generally not as many as there are in a true H

When viewing a widescreen DVD, you may often be surprised to se that the less expensive EDTV plasma TV actually looks sharper t
I would venture to say that if you watched both of these plasma TVs with the same content on them from a reasonable viewing dist

 Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-P65S1 65-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV, Black (Electronics)
I looked at this set and the TC-P65V10 in Best Buy before I purchased it here. Using the same input I could not

I bought the new TC-P54G10 in early September and also have a 720P 50" TH-50PX80U model. While the TC-P

This set is in a big room, 19' x 26', 12" ceiling with lots of glass windows behind it and sliding doors. The anti g
They need to add the ability to use Netflix right from the set and add more picture control ability for fine tuning

Panasonic really knows their stuff. I can't wait until they come out with a 100" or better Plasma that folks who

Don't hesitate to purchase through Amazon!
             LCD                  Plasma         HDTV         EDTV         burn in     burn out     burn up     life span

             as large as 55       50 & 63in
                                  3 players 65in
                                  3 players 61in

                                  3 players 55in

             as large as 55     60&71 in
             clear leader max 45
             as large as 55

erent, China, Taiwan, Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT), LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Pioneer,

ches (Pioneer only), 55 inches (Hitachi only), 61 inches (Pioneer only) and 63 inches (Samsung only). If you see one of these with another brand

There are two HDTV broadcast standards – 1920x1080 interlaced (1080i), and 1280x720 progressive (720p). So, in order for a plasma TV to be

lly not as many as there are in a true HD display. So, you'll find that it's difficult to see any substantial difference in picture quality between these

DTV plasma TV actually looks sharper than the more expensive HDTV plasma TV! That's because the image resolution of a widescreen DVD (nom
 n them from a reasonable viewing distance – say, eight feet to ten feet – you might think the extra $$$ for the same-size HDTV version isn't real

Using the same input I could not tell more that a tiny marginal difference in the V10's 96hz 24p feature and this set witho

-50PX80U model. While the TC-P65S1 Panasonic does not have THX, I was not as impressed with the THX settings as I tho

 d it and sliding doors. The anti glare works well, really great.
ture control ability for fine tuning and calibration of the picture.

 or better Plasma that folks who are not a Rap-Star can afford.
                                                     hdmi input how many
                                                     only digital is hdmi
             gas leak Plasma sun hurt LCD resolution connector options

ou see one of these with another brand name on it and a higher price, you may simply be paying a premium for that brand, or there may actually

0p). So, in order for a plasma TV to be considered truly 'HD', it should have at least the same amount of pixels as a 720p signal, or more.

erence in picture quality between these two types of plasma TVs, particularly when viewing an HDTV program.

e resolution of a widescreen DVD (nominally 704x480) is very close to the actual pixel count (852x480) in an EDTV plasma.
r the same-size HDTV version isn't really worth it. And you'd be in good company, as 42-inch EDTV plasma TVs were big sellers during the 2004

hz 24p feature and this set without. I also looked at the 60" KURO and while it did look better calibrated, it was not worth

sed with the THX settings as I thought I would be and prefer to use the custom settings. In my opinion this is still by far th
and, or there may actually be some added value, such as improved video processing and scaling.

p signal, or more.

g sellers during the 2004 holiday season, while 42-inch HDTV plasmas were not.

ated, it was not worth the more than "double the price" premium. I could tell a difference in the price though and back in m

on this is still by far the best picture of the three sets I own. It shares the same Neo-PDP glass as the 54G10 but at 65" th
e though and back in my in home all I can say is, "WOW what a picture". This performance available at this Amazon price p

e 54G10 but at 65" the 1080 ability really shows through. Even at the 54" size I cannot tell the difference with the 720 set
at this Amazon price point is the value of the year in television IMHO.

rence with the 720 sets but this 65S1 shines like a star. I watched the Thursday night college football game on ESPNHD an
l game on ESPNHD and spent more time being amazed at the picture than at the game and it was a darn good game.
darn good game.
                             work Record :
           Season :      SPRING
DATE:      Style :       DATE :      Time in cut   DATE : Time out cut
 3/27/2009 S2013-09      3/29/2011   10:30 AM      3/30/2011       9:30AM
3/29/2011 E5022-09       4/2/2011    3:30 PM        4/3/2011       2:30PM
4/2/2011   E5023-09      4/4/2011    10:00 AM       4/5/2011       9:30AM

Time in sew   DATE: Finshed
       9:30AM            4/2/2011
       2:30PM            4/4/2011
       9:30AM            4/7/2011
Name of Excursion           Day      Date       Charter/TSD    Tour Cost    Trolley   Railway

1. Fullerton Arboretum   Saturday   4/16/2011        $625.00       $63.00

2.San Manuel Casino      Thursday   4/21/2011        $195.00      $124.00

3. Pechanga Casino       Friday     5/20/2011        $267.00       $63.00

4. Strawberry Festival   Saturday   5/21/2011        $411.00       $31.00

5.Temecula Balloons      Saturday    6/4/2011        $294.00      $105.00

6. Dodger Game           Friday     6/17/2011         $12.00        $6.00

7. Las Vegas             Friday     6/10/2011        $676.00      $368.00

8. Lake Arrowhead        Friday     6/24/2011         $78.00       $39.00

9. SEAL Tour             Saturday   6/25/2011         $25.00       $11.00

10. Yosemite             Thursday   8/11/2011      $1,064.00      $404.00

11. Sedona/Grand         Thursday    1/1/2012      $1,549.00      $749.00    $50.00   $100.00

12. Rose Parade          Sunday      1/1/2012        $171.00      $142.00

Totals                                                          $2,105.00
                                                    Between Total
                                       Advertised      Cost and
          Total Cost of   Total Cost    Cost Per    Advertised Cost
Lunch      Each Trip      Per Person     Person       Per Person

             $688.00          $65.00 $2,551.00        $2,486.00

             $319.00         $106.00      $52.00         -$54.00

             $330.00         $246.00      $28.00        -$218.00

             $442.00         $552.00    $155.00         -$397.00

             $399.00       $1,068.00 $1,030.00           -$38.00

               $18.00        $201.00    $226.00           $25.00

           $1,044.00         $589.00    $672.00           $83.00

             $117.00          $89.00    $705.00          $616.00

               $36.00        $251.00    $264.00           $13.00

           $1,468.00 $76,098.00 $1,114.00 -$74,984.00

$120.00    $2,568.00         $973.00 $1,295.00           $322.00

             $313.00       $2,422.00    $303.00      -$2,119.00

           $7,742.00 $82,660.00 $8,395.00
Broccoli Soup

               2 large (1 3/4 pounds each) heads broccoli, stems peeled
               2 tablespoon(s) unsalted butter
               3 tablespoon(s) extra-virgin olive oil
               1 large onion, coarsely chopped
               1 quart(s) low-sodium vegetable broth
               4 cup(s) water
               Salt and freshly ground pepper
               1/2 cup heavy cream
               1/2 cup milk
               Bite-size croutons, for serving

1. Separate the broccoli stems from the heads. Measure out 3 cups of small florets and
reserve. Coarsely chop the remaining broccoli. In a large pot, melt the butter in 1
tablespoon of the olive oil. Add the onion, cover and cook over low heat, stirring
occasionally, until softened, about 5 minutes. Add the coarsely chopped broccoli to the po
along with the broth and water and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer over low heat until
the broccoli is tender, about 20 minutes. Add 2 cups of the reserved florets, cover and
simmer until barely tender, about 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, in a small skillet, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add the
remaining 1 cup of florets and season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook over moderat
heat until richly browned, about 6 minutes.

3. Working in batches, puree the soup in a blender until very smooth. Transfer the soup to
clean saucepan. Stir in the cream and milk and bring to a simmer over moderate heat,
stirring a few times. Season the soup with salt and pepper and ladle into bowls. Garnish
with the sautéed florets and croutons and serve.

           4.   You’re too frazzled for breakfast
           5. You skipped lunch and want drive-through
           6. You’re in a midday energy slump
           7. Dinner will be late and you want food
           8. You’re snacking instead of sleeping
stems peeled

  out 3 cups of small florets and
e pot, melt the butter in 1
 k over low heat, stirring
oarsely chopped broccoli to the pot
 r and simmer over low heat until
 he reserved florets, cover and

blespoons of olive oil. Add the
per. Cover and cook over moderate

very smooth. Transfer the soup to a
a simmer over moderate heat,
er and ladle into bowls. Garnish
     Sunday                 Monday               Tuesday          Wednesday
         10                     11                   12                  13
8:30 am Choir Practice 9:00 am Caregiver     7:30 am Open Gate   9:00 am Caregiver
                       comes                 for Gas Meter Man
10:00 am Sunday        Give Betty's Meds                         10:00 am Check
 Service †                                   9:00 am Caregiver   Cerritos Park East
                       4:00 pm Home Health                       (tot lots class)
11:30 Home (cook,      comes                 3:15 pm Doctor's
clean up)                                    Appointment         4:00 pm LVN Visit
                       8:00 pm Take Trash
                       Out                   4:00 pm RN Visit
               Thursday                    Friday               Saturday
                     14                       15                    16
          7:30 am Open Gate         7:30 am Take Value      8:00 am Change
          for Edison Meter Man      Village Bag Out         Betty

          9:00 am Caregiver         9:00 am Caregiver       9:00 am EXCEL
          10:30 am Treat to         10:30 am Bath
          McDonalds                 Time                    11:00 am Costco

          4:00 pm Dietitian Visit   4:00 pm Social Worker   12:00 noon Lunch
                                                            and Laundry
           If I could meet anybody dead or alive it would have to be Walt
           Follow the path to find out about him

                                                                     The information on Walt Disney is bas
                                                                     Tour Guide of Marceline, Missouri Walt Disney's Home
                                                                     Disneyland THE FIRST QUARTER CENTURY
                                                                     Disneyland THEN, NOW AND FOREVER
                                                                     Disney INSIDER YEARBOOK 2005

                                                                                           high school to serve in World W
Walt Disney is born in                             1901                                    briefly as ambulance driver, ove
Chicago, IL. in 1901

Walt's father, Elias Disney moves                  1906
his family to Marceline, MO.                              The family's barn was the setting for Walt's
Only four years of Walt's                                 first venture as showman. The other was finding
life were spent on a 45 acre                              a bunch of burlap bags. He cut them up and
farm. His first impressin of the                          sewed them together to make a circus tent.
home, outside the city limits of Marceline,               In both spectales he dressed up his pets and farm
was that it had a beautiful front                         animels, only to have his mother shut it down
yard with lots of weeping willow                          and refund the neighborhood kids' fees
trees.                                                    Walt learned a valuable lesson. "Give the
To Walt the new farm was                                  audience more entertainment value than they
paradise. The happiest childhood                          expect and they'll be happy customers."
memories were of his family's farm

                                                 Dreaming Tree
                                     A giant cotton wood stood next to a spring where walt and his
                                     siblings would wad. Walt would observe the whole ot nature surrounding him:
                                      bugs, birds and the sounds of the wind
1937   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
       Received a standing ovation
       at the Carthy Circle Theater
d have to be Walt Disney

n on Walt Disney is based from books below:
ne, Missouri Walt Disney's Home Town
                                                             Returns to Kansas City:
                                                             apprenticeship as
                        At age of 17 dropped out of          commercial illustrator and
 high school to serve in World War I serving                 later primitive anamated
 briefly as ambulance driver, overseas.                      advertising cartoons
                                           1918                    1919               1922    Laugh-O-grams studio
                                                                                              in Kansas City Mo.
                                                                                              Young Walt and other
                                                                                              creatige talents included:
                                                                                              Ub Iwerks, Rudolf Ising,
her was finding                                                                               Hugh Harman, Carl Stalling
                          1909    When the family moved away to Kansas                        and others ultimatly
                                  City Walt carried the spirit of this small                  followed Walt to California
his pets and farm                 town's life within him. He often referred
 shut it down                     to this time in Marceline as a source of            1925    Walt marries lillian Marie Bounds on July 1
                                  inspirtion for his movies and theme parks
                                                                                      1928    First Two Cartoons
lue than they                                                                                 Steamboat Willie
                                                                                              and Plane Crazy
                                  In school Walt doodled pictures of farm                     debuted. A milestone in
                                  animals and his most significant mark                       many of Micky's films
                                   were his initials, carved on his desk.
                                  That desk is now behind glass in the                1929    Silly Symponies were released in 1929
                                  Walt Disney School in Marceline                             The skeleton Dance being the first of
ature surrounding him:                                                                        a series of musical short

                                                                          Flowers and Trees
                                                             First oscar to a cartoon                       1933
                      Walt's films contained many of the farm animals and characters
            from Marceline, the Missouri farm of his early years.

                                                                               1937                         1936
In 1937 Silly Symphonies
short The Old Mill


                           Walt had always been a fan
                           of ciruses, carnivals and fairs.
                           He would go to world's fairs,
                           oktoberfests, gardens,
                           amusement parks and an
                           enthusiastic visitor at the 1939
                           Golden Gate International
                           Exposition in San Francisco
                                                          Walt Disney' s last live action
                                                          film: Black beard's Ghost on February 8, 1968
                                                          This film was the last live-action film he
                                                          watched being filmed before checking into
                                                          St. Joseph's Hospital.                            1968

                                                On December 15, 1966 at 9:30 a.m. ten days                1966
                                                after his 65th birthday Walt died
                                                Disney was cremated December 17, 1966
 lents included:
  Rudolf Ising,
man, Carl Stalling

Walt to California

 es lillian Marie Bounds on July 13

A milestone in                                                                  Poppins,
Micky's films                                                                   That Darn Cat             1964

 onies were released in 1929
 on Dance being the first of
  musical short

                                                                     The Incredible Journey               1963

             First daughter                                                     The Parent Trap           1961
             Diane Marie Disney on 12/18/1933

                                                          Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson                1960
             The Disneys adopt
Sharon Mae Disney (Dec 31, 1936- Feb 16,1993)

                                                       Third Man on the Mountain            1959

                                            July 17, 1955 Disneyland the world's first      1955
                                            theme park opened

                                                       On July 21, 1954 ground was broken
                                                       for the Magic Kingdom
         The idea of Fantasia                          20,000 League Under The Sea          1954
         was to revive the popularity of
Mickey Mouse in The sorcerer's Apprentice                                     Bambi

               1940                                                                1942
Sharon and Robert May 10 1959
became Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Diane and Ron May 9, 1954
became Mr.and Mrs. Miller

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