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Resonance Technology Debuts Innovative MagnaView HD MRI-Compatible
LCD for Patient Comfort, fMRI and More

New Mega 1280 x 1020 DPI Panel Supports Advanced MRI Coils

Nov. 29, 2009, Chicago--Resonance Technology Company, Inc. (Northridge, Ca.), an innovator
in high-performance MRI-compatible technology, introduces at the 2009 Radiological Society of
North America (RSNA) conference MagnaView HD, a revolutionary new concept in MRI-
compatible video for patient comfort and a broad range of additional applications. Also
capitalizing on advancing technologies, the company debuts a jumbo, high resolution functional
MRI (fMRI) heads-up display fine-tuned for today’s most advanced MRI coils.
        A unique, flexible and versatile high definition (HD) LCD, new MagnaView HD is the
centerpiece of a unique reflective video viewing system that supports ultra-comfortable patient
positioning for a full range of imaging exams. The adjustable 1920 x 1080 resolution 24-inch LCD
panel can be mounted directly on the back or front of the MRI bore and is combined with a
mirrored audio/video headset to deliver all-digital entertainment directly to the patient. The
MagnaView HD system also provides industry-leading all-digital stereo sound and supports
entertainment from a wide range of digital media and live television. Studies have shown that
when engaged in entertainment while in the MRI, anxious and claustrophobic patients are better
able to complete their exams.
        The high-resolution panel also is the choice for crystal clear, realistic images for fMRI.
When connected externally to an MRI console, patient images can be seen in the magnet room
as an exam is in progress so that technologists need not exit into the MRI room to monitor the
        The new MagnaView HD system offers multiple benefits, according to Resonance
Technology CEO and founder Mokhtar Ziarati. “This new reflective delivery method is extremely
comfortable and reliable. Patient positioning is significantly easier without the complexity of wired
connections. The mirrored headset simplifies patient set up and enhances reliability and flexibility
of the device.”
        Also new at RSNA, Resonance Technology will introduce to its family of VisuaStim fMRI
products a jumbo high-definition heads-up fMRI display with two built-in 1000 Hz eye-trackers for
precise vision monitoring. The display delivers 1280 x 1020 dpi crystal clear, large-scale images
with a low signal-to-noise ratio. The device is compatible with the new Siemens 32-channel brain
imaging coil.
        “This is the only display to date that can be adapted to fit in the new 32-channel coil,”
says Ziarati. “Resonance Technology is proud to maintain its position as an industry leader with
these new product innovations at RSNA 2009.”

About Resonance Technology Company, Inc.
        For over 21 years, Resonance Technology Company, Inc. has been the recognized
leader in cutting-edge MRI-compatible audio-video systems. The company was founded in 1988
by Mokhtar Ziarati, an electrical engineer specializing in CT and MRI, with the goal of eliminating
the claustrophobia and discomfort patients often experience during MRI procedures. At the same
time, the company was focused on helping leading clinicians make the most of their cutting-edge
MRI technology.
        In 1990, with its ground-breaking MRI television, Resonance Technology was among the
first to overcome the challenges of developing a color television technology compatible with
powerful magnetic MRI fields. Resonance Technology holds a full range of patents for its product
line and continues to expand functionality and features every year. Today, its advanced
CinemaVision system is the world’s most popular MRI video entertainment product for patient
        With a full line of MRI-compatible devices, Resonance Technology is also a leader in the
design and manufacture of visual, auditory and patient-response devices for functional brain
mapping applications. These complement its growing line of clinical virtual reality audio-video
and audio-only devices.
        Today, Resonance Technology remains dedicated to the design, manufacture and
support of state-of-the-art products that help MRI reach its full potential in both clinical and
research settings, while offering the highest return on investment.

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