Resonance Mini-Lab by nuhman10


									Resonance Mini-Lab                         Name______________________ date_______
Physics – Frisby

Purpose: Determine the frequency of a “mystery” tuning fork

  - graduated cylinder with water
  - ruler
  - PVC pipe
  - tuning fork of unknown frequency
  - thermometer

   1. Write a numbered list of steps you will take in order to complete your experiment.

    2. Draw a sketch of displacement of air in the shortest closed pipe (one end closed)
       that produces a standing wave (intensifies the sound of the tuning fork).

    3. Calculate the speed of sound using the relationship: v = 331m/s + 0.6 t, where t is
       the air temperature in degrees Celsius.

    4. When you calculate and record the frequency of your tuning fork, your teacher
       will remove the masking tape from the fork. Calculate the %-error for the
       experimental frequency of your tuning fork. The formula for % error is:

      f – fexp
 = -----------  100%

    5. Give a reason for your percent error.

Data: Record your data in a data table:

Temperature        v            L               fexp            f              ε
(˚C)               (m/s)        (m)             (Hz)            (Hz)

    6. What is the next length where resonance will occur for your tuning fork?
       Calculate the length of the air column and draw a sketch of displacement of air for
       this case.

    7. Explain the relationship between the size of organ pipes and their resonant

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