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                   ywca anchorage monthly newsletter
ywca news                                                                                                            April 2011
                          “I think the key is for women not to set any limits.”
                                                 ~Martina Navrotilova

                A message from our Executive Director!
         It’s great to be coming back home as the Executive Director for the YWCA of Alaska.
We are at a precarious time in our history with regard to the rights of minorities and women.             In This Issue
Immigration, reproductive rights, the education of our children through the public education
system, these are all under attack. This month, the United States government was willing to
shut its doors rather than give women reproductive rights over their own bodies. France A message from Hilary Morgan
banned the burka, making it illegal for Muslim women to wear their clothing of choice. Don’t Upcoming Events at the YWCA
misunderstand me. I have spent time in Pakistan. Personally, I am not a fan of the burka. I Women’s Business Solutions
find it oppressive and degrading to women. But both actions sent a message that women’s
choices are revocable by political whim and public sentiment. The 2011 census in India Youth Empowerment
showed that the ratio of girl to boy birth rates have dropped significantly because Indian fami- Social Justice
lies are choosing to abort female fetuses in favor of male fetuses. The message is overt and Women’s Wellness
subliminal. Women are not as important as men. This message permeates until women be-
gin to believe it. As this belief is internalized women begin to believe that rape, domestic vio-  Volunteer Spotlight
lence, and sexual assault are somehow simply the cost of being a women.                            2011 Power of Giving Luncheon
         According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Alaska is the #1 State in the country YWCA Empowerment Circle
for rape and has been for 23 out of the last 30 years; 23 out of 30 years. This tells us that
somewhere along the way, this became a norm for Alaska. Alaska has one of the highest
                                                                                                   YWCA Staff
domestic violence/sexual assault rates in the country. We have a lot of work to do.                YWCA Conference Room &
         As an organization whose mission is to empower women and eliminate racism, we              Office Space Rental
realize that we need to be out in front advocating wherever women are not empowered and
wherever racism is occurring. Silence is no longer an option.
         Simone Joyaux, a recent speaker at the YWCA’s Power of Giving luncheon, told a                 NOT A MEMBER?
story that I think speaks to where the YWCA of Alaska is headed. A woman is walking along
a river and notices that there are babies floating in the river, she jumps in to save them. Sev- Become a member of the YWCA
eral other people walking by follow suite. Another woman walks by, looks at the babies and          Anchorage TODAY and help
rescuers in the river and keeps walking. “Where are you going? Help us!” they cry out. She           make a difference in YOUR
replies. “I’m going to the mouth of the river to stop whoever is throwing the babies in.” Join       community! Membership is
us as we journey to the mouth of the river and stop injustice at its source. This is your YWCA             available on our
of Alaska. Become a member. Become a part of the solution. Together we can make a                 website or contact Darlena Fritzler
                                                                                                           at 644-9605 or
                     Upcoming events at the YWCA
    April 25 - 28, Brass Tacks Business Basics class at the YWCA, 5:30pm - 7:30pm                 WANT TO VOLUNTEER?
    April 26, Health Fair at Hotel Captain Cook, 7am - 11am                                       Contact 644-9605 for volunteer
    April 27, Block Clinic at All About You Medical Spa, 9am - 3pm                                        opportunities!
    April 28, Social Media & Business Networking Workshop at the YWCA, 12pm - 4pm
    April 29, Opening Minds & Hearts: Racial Justice Activists in our Community                        Visit our website:
    April 29, Stand Against Racism Day!                                                      
    May 6, Breast Cancer Focus Inc. Luncheon (BCFI) at Dena’ina Convention Center
    May 7, Health Fair at Eagle River Community Church, 8am - 1pm                                    Become a fan of our
    May 7, Spring/Mother’s Day Bazaar at the YWCA, 1pm - 6pm                                           Facebook page!
    May 14, Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Chuck Albrecht Softball Fields
    May 16 - 19, Brass Tacks Business Basics class at the YWCA, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    May 21, Estate Planning 101 at the YWCA, 5:30pm - 6:45pm
    May 27, Block Clinic at All About You Medical Spa, 9am - 3pm
    May 31, Block Clinic at Midwifery & Women’s Healthcare Center, 9am - 4pm
    June 11, Alaska Run for Women at the Sullivan Arena, 8:30am

         YWCA Anchorage ● Phone: 907-644-9600 ● 324 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
ywca news                                                                                     April 2011 page 2
women’s business solutions
                                         WBS has several upcoming events!
    Brass Tacks Business Basics class will be offered on from April 25 - 28 and May 16 - 19.
    Social Media and Business Networking Workshop on April 28, bring your laptop and get your business set
    up on facebook!
    Spring Mother’s Day Bazaar on May 7th!
    Estate Planning 101 will be offered at the YWCA office on May 24th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.
       Contact Caren Ailleo for more information about these events at 644-9611 or

 Please plan on attending the May 7th Mother’s Day Bazaar at the YWCA from 1pm - 6pm! Vendors will small busi-
  ness owners whose husbands are active duty military and women in the military. We will have a great selection of
 gifts for Mother’s Day to include: Tastefully Simple, Scentsy Wickless Candles, Thirty-One Gifts, Longaberger,
                                             Uppercase Living and MORE!

youth empowerment
                                                           2011 Young People of Achievement Awards!
                                         Congratulations to our 2011 YWCA Young People of Achievement! Ten won-
                                 derful young people (16-18 years old) in our community were recognized on April 22,
                                 2011 for their abilities to overcome obstacles in their lives and work towards the
                                 YWCA mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. In a community cele-
                                 bration with about 60 people, these youth were recognized and honored for their con-
                                 tributions. The honorees for this year are: Ruddy Sirri-Akonwi Abam, Nyamat
                                 Bichiok, Kahlil Bolling, Kenvin Chang, Sofiya Kostareva, Taylor Nichols, Brittney
                                 Nielsen, Corina Roker, Donald Wassel and Jamie Whiteman. Each of these young
Melody Kalmakoff, a 2010 YPOA,
                                 people received an award for their achievements, including $400 to support them in
speaks at the YPOA Ceremony      their endeavors. Congratulations!

       We would also like to express our gratitude for our event and award sponsors! This year’s sponsors include:
Alpha Lodge #1, Udelhoven Oilfield System Services, Jacqueline Carr and Lynn Shaver of Money Works.
Your sponsorship makes this event and the awards possible! Our in-kind sponsors include: Alaska Flower Shop,
Blockbuster Video, Great Harvest Bread Company, Jessie Talivaa (photography), Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Super-
star Pastry. Thank you for supporting young people in our community!

        Also, YWCA would like to thank the volunteer selection committee, who took time to meet and review all of
the nominations for the awards and select our ten winners. The selection committee included: Superintendent
Carol Comeau, Marisa Henry, Liberty Kyser, Charles Mathis, Ceylon Mitchell and Doyle Williams. Thank you
for volunteering your time!

social justice
       Join YWCA in our community-wide and nation-wide Stand Against Racism on Friday, April 29th! Be-
come a “Participating Site” for free by signing up at this link: and take your
own stand in your business or organization! The website has plenty of ideas for ways that you can join in this
movement to raise awareness about racism and work to eliminate it.
       In honor of our Stand Against Racism, please consider joining us on Friday, April 29th for our Opening
Minds & Hearts luncheon, featuring Racial Justice Advocates. Our speakers include Kiatcha Benson, Dawnyale
Bundy-Hale and Barbara A. Jones. The program will be moderated by the YWCA’s very own Eseta Poulivaati.
Tickets are $15 for lunch, $10 with a student ID, $2 for a beverage only or free if you simply choose to attend.
RSVP with Darlena at 644-9605 or
       Special thanks to Urban Greens for assisting us with lunch for our Stand Against
Racism event!

        YWCA Anchorage ● Phone: 907-644-9600 ● 324 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
ywca news                                                                                             April 2011 page 3
women’s wellness
                                                  Thank you to Fred Meyer Stores for making a $45,000 donation to the
                                          YWCA Anchorage Women’s Wellness program! As part of the Kroger family of stores,
                                          Fred Meyer is committed to supporting breast cancer awareness, treatment and re-
                                          search. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fred Meyer partnered with
                                          key vendors to raise funds for a program called Giving Hope a Hand. Funds raised
                                          under this program are spent in the communities where Fred Meyer customers and
                                          associates live and work. For the second year in a row, we have been honored by
                                          Fred Meyer with a generous donation from this program. Through this support we will
YWCA Executive Director Hilary Morgan &   continue our efforts to provide breast cancer outreach, education and referrals to
Fred Meyer reps Troy Harding & Gina       medically underserved women in our community.

Volunteer Spotlight!
         Thank you to Daniella Cortez, who graciously volunteers her time as
a Girls Circle Facilitator at Russian Jack Elementary! Daniella is a wonderful
facilitator, who is adored by the girls in her group. YWCA is very thankful to
Daniella for sharing her time and talent with youth in our community.

                           THE YWCA NEEDS YOU!
        We are looking for someone who is organized and detail-oriented to
coordinate the YWCA’s annual raffle. The volunteer or volunteers (it would be
great to have two people as co-coordinators) would acquire prizes; coordinate Daniella Cortez and her Girls Circle
with staff, board, supports ticket sales from September - November; do ac-
counting reconciliation between funds turned in and tickets sold. The raffle
culminates at the annual Women of Achievement which will be held in Decem-
ber at the Dena’ina Center. Half of the tickets are pre-sold and half are sold at
the event. The raffle coordination takes about 30 hours between July and De-
cember, and you will get lots of staff support. If you are interested please con-
tact Debbie for more details at 644-9602 or

2011 Power of Giving: Women & Philanthropy Luncheon
                                                       This year’s Power of Giving luncheon was fantastic! Thank
                                                you to all who attended and supported our event! We had 223 at-
                                                tendees and garnered 27 new members!

                                                       Special thanks to the Hotel Captain Cook for the wonderful
                                                service as well as their generous in-kind donation!

Keynote speaker Simone Joyaux

                        Thank you to our event sponsors this year!
   Alaska Community Foundation ● Alaska Permanent Capital Management ● Alyeska Pipeline
   Service Company ● BP ● ChemTrack Alaska ● ConocoPhillips ● CITC ● Cornelia Devlin ●
   Credit Union 1 ● FNBA ● Hagen Insurance ● Plan B - Events by Bobbi ● Providence Alaska
  Foundation ● Connie Ozer ● Tatitlek Corporation ● Udelhoven Oilfield Services ● Wells Fargo

                            Thank you to our in-kind sponsors this year!
                    Anchorage Daily News ● Dianne’s Restaurant ● Hotel Captain Cook

        YWCA Anchorage ● Phone: 907-644-9600 ● 324 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
ywca news                                                                                      April 2011 page 4
empowerment circle
    YWCA Anchorage Empowerment Circle members strongly believe in YWCA's mission and pro-
 grams. These dedicated women support YWCA Anchorage through annual contributions of $1,000 or
    more and meet to provide their input to the YWCA regarding the needs of Alaska's women and
              youth. Thank you to the following Empowerment Circle Members!

Eleanor Andrews, Kirsten Ball, Carla Beam, Susan Behkle-Foley, Deborah Bonito, Jacqueline Carr, Wilma Carr, Suz-
   anne Cherot, Carol Comeau, Louisiana Cutler, Cornelia Devlin, Leslie Ellis, Heather Flynn, Charlotte Fox, Alice
   Galvin, Joy Green-Armstrong, Tina Grovier, Shawn Hadley, Aase Haugen, Jana Hayenga, Barbara Hood, Holly
Hylen, Paula Inman, Pita Jelley Benz, Diane Johnson, Wendy King, Christine Klein, Noelle Kompkoff, Krystal Komp-
koff, Betsy Lawer, Gabrielle LaDoux, Jan MacClarence, Janet McCabe, Jo Michalski, Helen Morris, Barbara Norton,
  Kathleen O’Connell, Bobbi Olson, Connie Ozer, Ann Parrish, Becky Patterson Bunde, Maggie Price, Mary Louise
 Rasmuson, Veronica Reem, Robin Reich, Frances Rose, Mary Rosenzweig, Suzanne Rudolph, Mary Ellen Segel-
   horst, Kate Slyker, Robin Smith, Alexandra Sonneborn, Ivy Spohnholz, Cathie Straub, Barbara Symmes, Mary
                  Tesch, Mary Tay Thomas, Julie Varee, Julie Vincek, Jennifer Wagner, Hope Wing

ywca anchorage staff
  Hilary Morgan, Executive Director,, 644-9601
  Debbie LaFleiche, Finance Director,, 644-9602
  Darlena Fritzler, Development Associate,, 644-9605

Women’s Business Solutions
  Caren Ailleo, Director,, 644-9611

Social Justice and Youth Empowerment
  Solveig Pedersen, Director,, 644-9621

Women’s Wellness
  Lisa Ka’aihue, Director,, 644-9624
  Eseta Poulivaati, Outreach Worker,, 644-9620
  Zazary Ramos, Outreach Worker,, 644-9615

Conference Room Rentals available at YWCA
       The YWCA has three conference rooms that are available for outside groups to rent for a variety of pur-
poses. The very reasonable rates are just $10-25 per hour for non-profit groups and $20-35 per hour for for-profit
groups (rate varies depending on which room, time of day, and day of week). Coffee service and dish, glass, and
silverware service are available for a fee. Tables, chairs, TV, VCR, overhead projector, and flip chart stands are pro-
vided at no charge. We even do all set-up and clean-up for you! For information, contact Debbie at 644-9602.

Office Rentals available at the YWCA

The YWCA Anchorage has empty offices available for rent
  at our downtown location! If you are a small business
owner or need a place to meet with your clients, this might
     be a perfect fit for you! Please contact Debbie at
              644-9602 for more information.

       YWCA Anchorage ● Phone: 907-644-9600 ● 324 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

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