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									                                                                                                                                                                       First Quarter

                                                                                                                                                                     Air Issue
Diesel Soot Trap Receives Level 3 Conditional CARB Verification                                                   Partnership Investigates Highly Efficient Clean-
Unit Exceeds 24 Cold Starts With     increase in oxides of nitrogen       verification testing reflected diesel   Burning Engines to Serve as Power Grid
30-Minute Runs Within                (NOx) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2). fuel sulfur limits required by
                                                                                                                  FORT COLLINS - Caterpillar                         "Distributed power gen-
Backpressure Limits, Using                                                California regulations.
                                                                                                                  Inc. and Woodward Governor               eration technology is key to reli-
Non-Ultra Low Sulfur “Red Dye”       Durability testing (1,000 hours)
                                                                                                                  Company have made significant            ably meeting the growing power
Off-Road Diesel                      completed in November resulted       During standby generator testing,
                                                                                                                  donations to Colorado State              needs of our communities, with-
                                     in continued low backpressure and the engine was subjected to 24
                                                                                                                  University's Engines and Energy          out building new high-voltage
TULSA, OK. - MIRATECH                high PM reduction (98%).             cold-starts, each with a 30-minute
                                                                                                                  Conversion Laboratory (EECL) to          power lines," said Tom Gendron,
Corporation’s HUG Engineering        Application has been made for full idle session, and the DPF back-
                                                                                                                  develop a low-emissions, high-effi-      chief executive officer of
combiKat® CBS diesel particu-        verication from CARB for station- pressure stayed within OEM-speci-
                                                                                                                  ciency engine that could improve         Woodward, which produces its
late filter (DPF) has received       ary, emergency and prime-power       fied limits. All other filters tested
                                                                                                                  the reliability and efficiency of the    industrial engine control compo-
California Air Resources Board       generators, with approval pending. have failed to achieve this level of
                                                                                                                  electrical power grid, reducing the      nents in Northern Colorado
(CARB) Level 3 Conditional                                                performance. “This is particularly
                                                                                                                  occurrence of rolling blackouts.         plants. "We are pleased to be
Verification for stationary diesel   Verification testing showed that     important for diesel engines used
                                                                                                                              The new Distributed          working with Caterpillar and
engines used for emergency gen-      the combiKat    ® CBS exceeds all    in stand-by and emergency power
                                                                                                                  Power Generation Research Center         Colorado State to help launch this
erators and pumps. “Conditional      CARB requirements for emissions systems which are normally run
                                                                                                                  will conduct research on distrib-        effort."
verification satisfies permitting    reduction and pressure-drop per-     only in short intervals for inspec-
                                                                                                                  uted power generation - an               Caterpillar donated the newly
requirements in California,”         formance using standard CARB         tion and maintenance,” said Nick
                                                                                                                  increasingly popular solution for        developed G3516C 60 Hz engine
noted Don Newburry, MIRATE-          “red-dye” off-road diesel fuel with Detor, West Coast Sales Manager
                                                                                                                  power companies working to keep          capable of 1.6 megawatts for the
CH Research and Development          up to 500 ppm sulfur. The            for MIRATECH. “This testing
                                                                                                                  up with demand and increasing            first phase at the new center, locat-
Manager.                             combiKat   ® CBS is the only diesel  shows that, with the combiKat®
                                                                                                                  competition under deregulation.          ed in the EECL at 430 N. College
                                     particulate filter CARB-verified for CBS, engines in many applications
                                                                                                                  Peak power demand is expected to         Ave.
Newburry added that Level 3          stationary diesel applications using can be exercised for up to one year
                                                                                                                  grow by 2 percent per year               "Caterpillar leads the industry in
Verification “means that the unit    this type of fuel, which is less     before a load must be applied to
                                                                                                                  through 2010, according to the           research and product development,
meets or exceeds CARB's most         expensive than the 15 ppm sulfur, the engine to regenerate the filter.”
                                                                                                                  North American Electric                  spending $4 million each working
demanding performance crite-         “ultra low sulfur” fuels needed by   California is known to have some
                                                                                                                  Reliability Council.                     day on research and engineering,"
ria.” For example, Newburry          other particulate filter systems.    of the toughest air quality regula-
                                                                                                                              It's the first such center   said Bill Boley, Caterpillar's gas
noted, Level 3 Verification          “Customers can save about 10% in tions in the country and CARB
                                                                                                                  of its kind in the nation.               engine technology engineering
requires at least 85% reduction      fuel cost by using fuel with up to   verification is seen by many as the
                                                                                                                              Distributed power refers     supervisor. "We are committed
in particulate emissions. The        500 ppm sulfur compared with 15 state's “stamp of approval” for
                                                                                                                  to electricity that is generated close   to producing the highest efficiency,
combiKat® CBS achieved               ppm sulfur,” Newburry said.          effective emission control,
                                                                                                                  to where it's needed - such as next      lowest emission natural gas engines
greater than 90% reduction in all    Newburry added that the              Newburry added. “Operators can
                                                                                                                  to a factory or neighborhood or          in the world, and our investment
tests. In addition, the unit         combiKat   ® CBS performs just as    be assured that technology verified
                                                                                                                  other major power user. The closer       in the engines lab will compliment
achieved some reduction of total     well with regular, non-low sulfur    in California will be compliant
                                                                                                                  it is, the smaller the transmission      Caterpillar's own research while
hydrocarbons (THC) and carbon        No. 2 diesel fuel, explaining that   almost anywhere.”
                                                                                                                  losses and the more energy - and
monoxide (CO), without any           the use of CARB “red-dye” fuel for             See “Diesel Soot” page 13                                                       See “Diesel Soot” page 13
                                                                                                                  money - saved.

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 Middlesex College Offers Utility Technology Degree. . .14

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                         Business Briefs . . . 6
               Training/Educational Opportunities . . . 14
                   Employment Opportunities . . . 15

CSU’s Distributed Power                          INTERNATIONAL                          Rita. Nearly 20 percent of natural gas                Reliance on imports creates     Platts research shows that there has
Generation Research Center
cont’d from page 1
                                             Natural gas is                             production from offshore fields of the
                                                                                        Gulf of Mexico is still shut in due to
                                                                                                                                   anxiety about disruptions and price
                                                                                                                                   spikes beyond our control. But as nat-
                                                                                                                                                                              been an upsurge in coal plant propos-
                                                                                                                                                                              als mainly in Germany, that could see

providing the platform for a collabora-
                                             going global                               the summer hurricanes.                     ural gas becomes a global commodity,
                                                                                                                                   prices could come down rather than
                                                                                                                                                                              around 10,000MW installed over the
                                                                                                                                                                              next five to ten years. Enel of Italy is
                                                                                                    This has kept spot-market
tive effort with the professors and stu-     Russia-Ukraine dispute spotlights          prices for natural gas at levels two to    spurt up beyond their already-heady        busy converting old oil-fired power
dents at Colorado State University. We       susceptibility to disruptions              three times higher than they were a        levels.                                    plant to coal-firing. Meanwhile Eon
look forward to a long-term relation-                                                                                                         There's plenty of natural gas   UK has just unveiled plans for a
                                                                                        year ago.
ship focused on developing advanced          Jim Landers
                                                                                        LNG to the rescue                          in West Africa, Russia and the Persian     450MW clean coal station in the UK.
gas engine technology.Ω                      Jim Landers reports from the Washington
                                             Bureau of The Dallas Morning News.                     Shiploads of liquefied natu-   Gulf. As that gas comes onto the mar-
            Rudy Stanglmaier, mechani-
cal engineering assistant professor, will                                               ral gas – chilled to 260 degrees below     ket, it should knock down price spikes
manage the new center within the             WASHINGTON – The Russians                  zero – from Trinidad and Tobago,           caused by shortages and depletions
EECL. In the first phase, researchers                                                   Algeria and a few other nations are        elsewhere.                                 Special Thanks
                                             raised a ruckus in Europe this week by
and industry officials will work to                                                     replacing that lost U.S. production.                                                  to Randy Potter of Enginuity
                                             halting natural gas deliveries to
make the already efficient Caterpillar                                                  U.S. gas companies are buying many         Reprinted with permission of The Dallas    and Chau Ngyuen of GE Oil &
                                             Ukraine in a pricing dispute.                                                         Morning News
engine even more efficient while fur-                    For now, we can toss our       of these cargoes at spot-market prices,                                               Gas for their support in volun-
ther reducing exhaust emissions. At a        toast heels at Moscow for such behav-      however, and two shiploads already                                                    teering for the first “Guest
later stage, they hope to develop a dis-                                                have been bid away by European buy-                                                   Editor” positions.
tribution power facility that would
                                             ior without fearing for our own wallets
                                                                                                                                   Europe Begins Massive
                                             or heating supplies. But that will soon
mate the engine to a generator and                                                                  In the future, these cargoes
connect it to the electrical grid in Fort    change.                                                                               'Dash for Gas'                             The GM Journal and the GMC Today
                                             Natural gas is becoming a global com-      will come in under long-term con-          LONDON PRNewswire - Europe is              are published by Drama Queen
Collins to test it in conjunction with                                                  tracts. By 2025, under a forecast by                                                  Design, an independent, privately-
utilities such as Fort Collins Light and     modity.                                                                               embarking on a massive dash to build
                                                                                        the U.S. Energy Information                                                           owned marketing
Power and the Platte River Power                         Like oil, cargoes of gas are                                              new gas-fired power stations.
                                                                                        Administration, imports of liquefied                                                  communications company based in
Authority.                                   moving across oceans as prices respond                                                           New research based on sur-
                                                                                        natural gas will increase sevenfold and                                               Rowlett, Texas.
            That test is at least a year     to bids in Europe, Asia and the                                                       veys conducted by global energy infor-
away, researchers said.                      Americas.                                  account for more than 15 percent of        mation service Platts shows that over
                                                                                        natural gas consumption.                                                              Drama Queen Design is not
            "We are thrilled to be work-                 The United States is quickly                                              100 gigawatts (GW) of new gas-fired        affiliated with any other
ing with two industry giants on this         increasing natural gas imports as pro-                 Others are forecasting even    power stations are either being            organization but maintains
unique facility," said Stanglmaier. "We      duction at home declines. Soon             greater dependence on imported natu-       planned or are being built across          cooperative partnerships with ener-
want to be at the forefront of advances      enough, a political interruption of nat-   ral gas as the United States enters the    Europe.                                    gy industry associations
in this technology because interest in       ural gas deliveries aimed at somebody      global natural gas market.                            Platts research shows that      and groups.
this sector is expected to grow rapidly."    else will hit home by raising the global               "We are already part of a      over 20,300 megawatts (MW) of com-
The U.S. Department of Energy's                                                         global marketplace in many respects,"      bined cycle gas turbine (CCGT)             GM Journal is distributed
Office of Power Technologies wants                                                      said Bill Cooper, executive director of                                               to 3,500 energy industry
                                                                                                                                   capacity is in construction in western
distributed generation to account for                                                   the Washington-based Center for                                                       professionals as a benefit of mem-
                                             Bad for reputation                                                                    Europe, a further 20,000MW are
20 percent of new generating capacity                                                   Liquefied Natural Gas. "We import a                                                   bership in the GMRC or attendance
in the United States by 2010.                            These sorts of disruptions                                                approved to proceed and around
                                             are rare because politicians in energy-    significant amount of gas out of           70,000MW are proposed or applying          in a GMRC-sponsored workshop or
            In the meantime, demand                                                     Canada. And we do see LNG cargoes                                                     short course.
continues to rise: Sales of electricity to   exporting countries quickly learn that                                                for permits. In the UK, over
                                             a reputation for unreliability sends       coming into the U.S. today, subject to     15,000MW of new gas plant is being
consumers have increased by 2.1 per-                                                                                                                                          The GMC Today is the official, on-
                                             buyers elsewhere. Arab oil producers       a global price mechanism, and we           planned. A similar amount is also set
cent annually since 1989, but trans-                                                                                                                                          site publication of the Gas
                                             staged an embargo in 1973-74 and           expect that to increase over time."        to be built in eastern Europe.
mission capacity has increased only 0.8                                                                                                                                       Machinery Conference, and is dis-
percent, according to Caterpillar.           launched a boom in oil exploration                                                               Over the last two years near-   tributed each morning of the confer-
            The new Distributed Power        everywhere else.                           Project in Peru                            ly 24,000MW of CCGT plant has              ence as a benefit
Research Center is expected to serve as      Russia's pricing argument got political                Next week [January 12,         come on line across western Europe         of attendance.
an independent source of information         when it curbed pipeline gas deliveries     2006], President Alejandro Toledo of       despite rising gas prices and CCGTs
on distributed power for industry and        to Ukraine on Jan. 1. The same             Peru and Hunt Oil chief executive Ray      still remain the technology of choice
energy users. Other potential users          pipeline also carries Russian gas to       L. Hunt will break ground on a $1 bil-     for new project developers.                        Coming in the
include equipment manufacturers,                                                        lion liquefied natural gas terminal on
                                             Western Europe.                                                                                  "CCGT capital costs are                  next issue:
national laboratories and universities.                                                 the Pacific Coast south of Lima.
                                                         Ukraine continued taking                                                  roughly half the price of new clean
            Woodward donated                                                                        Within four years, the Peru
                                             gas from the pipeline, which meant                                                    coal and less than a third of new            A Focus on Reliability
$150,000 to install the engine in the                                                   LNG project is expected to begin gas
                                             the curtailment was felt by Germany,                                                  nuclear," said Platts editor Henry              and Efficiency.
lab and prepare it for the first phase of                                               deliveries to buyers in California,
testing.                                     Austria, France and others.                                                           Edwardes-Evans. "The risk for gas
                                                         Russia accused Ukraine of      Mexico and other Pacific markets.          plant is in the fuel cost, but it does
            "Working with Caterpillar                                                                                                                                              Limited resources mean that
                                             stealing gas, but the European Union                   Hunt also expects to export    seem that developers are more relaxed
and the researchers at Colorado State,                                                                                                                                            equipment needs to run better,
                                             said Russia was being irresponsible and    liquefied natural gas from faraway         than politicians on the future price
Woodward is looking forward to                                                                                                                                                 longer and with minimal increase
                                                                                        Yemen to the U.S. Gulf Coast, despite      and availability of gas."
developing and demonstrating our             proving itself an unreliable source of                                                                                             in maintenance costs.With aging
advanced controls technologies that          energy.                                    its quarrel with that Arab nation over                Second to gas, and well                         industry
meet global demand for clean, efficient                  Russia and Ukraine patched     Yemen's expropriation of Hunt's share      ahead of any other technology, renew-           infrastructure, it is becoming
power sources," Gendron said. "This is       up their price quarrel, and pipeline       of a prize oil field there.                able or otherwise, is wind power.             increasingly important to repair
only the first phase, of course, and we      deliveries resumed Wednesday. Natural                                                            There is currently little                 rather than replace.
encourage the City of Fort Collins and       gas prices changed little in the face of   Prices could fall                          interest in other technologies. For
other Colorado-based companies and           this short-term disruption – except in                Exxon Mobil Corp. is work-      instance, only one new nuclear plant                Put your solutions
organizations to become involved in                                                     ing to export liquefied natural gas        (TVO's 1,600MW Olkiluoto 3,                          in the spotlight:
                                             Ukraine, which will soon pay Russia
this exciting research."                                                                from Qatar to a Corpus Christi LNG                                                         Editorial Close - April 28th
                                             quite a bit more than the old, subsi-                                                 Finland) and a single new coal plant
                                                                                        terminal that won federal regulatory                                                       Ad Reservations - April 14
                                             dized price for natural gas.                                                          (RWE's 2,200MW Neurath facility in
                                                         Gas supplies are more often    approval in December. Work began on        Germany) are being built in west
                                                                                        another LNG terminal in Freeport,                                            
                                             disrupted by natural causes, such as                                                  Europe.
                                                                                        Texas, a year ago.                                                                               469-450-8794
                                             the devastating hurricanes Katrina and                                                           However, this may change.
  page 3                                                                                           The Air Issue                                                                            First Quarter 2006
                                                                    PEOPLE ON THE MOVE
                                     Rachel Bankston Named                 David Zenthoefer Named                    Corporate Development.           Company in February 1998 as
                                     Marketing Manager for CECO,           MIRATECH's Sales Director                                                  Manager - Exploration.
                                     Family of Companies                   TULSA, OK - MIRATECH                 Natural Gas Services Group, Inc.                 Alan N. Stewart was pro-
                                     HOUSTON, TEXAS - Rachel               Corporation - a leader in emission   Announces Chairman’s                  moted to President of Arkansas
                                     Bankston is the new Marketing         solutions for industrial, reciprocating
                                                                                                                Retirement                            Western Gas Company, the com-
                                     Manager for Compressor Engineering    engines - has named David            MIDLAND, TX - Wallace C.              pany’s gas distribution subsidiary.
                                     Corporation. Joe Miniot, Vice         Zenthoefer its Sales Director.       Sparkman, 75, retired effective       He joined the company in March
                                     President of Sales for CECO, made     Zenthoefer will direct MIRATECH's    December 31, 2005 from his posi- 2004 as Executive Vice President
                                     the announcement today.               sales activities; supervise the compa-
                                                                                                                tion as a Director and Chairman       of Arkansas Western Gas
                                               Bankston will oversee       ny's team of five regional sales man-of the Board of Natural Gas           Company. Previously, Mr. Stewart
                                     marketing efforts for the entire      agers, the MIRATECH inside sales     Services Group.                       served in a wide range of manage-
                                     CECO family of companies              function and MIRATECH's North                  “Wallace was instrumental rial and leadership positions with
Winston Johnson Retires              (CECO, ACTT, CECO Pipeline            American independent representative  in forming Natural Gas Services       San Diego Gas and Electric
          Winston Johnson II, for-   Services, and PPS). She is based in   and distributor organizations.       Group, Inc. in December 1998.         Company and Southern California
mer chairman of both GMRC and        the Houston corporate headquarters               “David Zenthoefer is a    Under his dedication, leadership      Gas Company, and provided pro-
PRCI, retired in December from       and will report directly to Miniot.   significant hire for our company,”   and 37 years of experience in the     fessional consulting services in the
El Paso Pipeline Group.                           says Bill Clary, MIRATECH's Vice     energy service industry, NGS has      energy and LNG industries in
          Johnson was born in                                              President of Sales and Marketing.    become a publicly owned natural       California.
Missouri, but moved to El Paso,      David Muesbeck Named                  “His prior achievements and success  gas compression company which                    Gene A. Hammons was
Texas, when only 3 months old. He MIRATECH's West Coast                    record managing multi-channel        has grown stronger and more com- promoted to President of
earned bachelors and masters         Service Technician                    industrial sales functions, growing  petitive every year,” said Stephen C. Southwestern Midstream Services
degrees in mechanical engineering    TULSA, OK - MIRATECH                  existing accounts and developing     Taylor, President and CEO. “We
                                                                                                                                                      Company. He joined the company
from New Mexico State University, Corporation - a leader in emission       new accounts is important to our nearwish Wallace and his wife, Patsy, all
                                                                                                                                                      in July 2005 as Vice President of
Las Cruces.                          solutions for stationary, reciprocat- and long-term growth strategies.”    the best in their well deserved years
                                     ing industrial engines - has named                                                       DeSoto Gathering Company,
          Johnson graduated in                                                                                  of retirement.”
                                     David Muesbeck its West Coast                                                                                    L.L.C. Previously, Mr. Hammons
1970, then spent two years in the                                                                                                                     served in a wide range of leader-
U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot,     Service Technician.                                                        El Paso Corporation Names
                                               Muesbeck's addition to                                                                                 ship positions with El Paso
including a tour in South Viet                                                                                  Ferrell P. McClean Director
                                     the MIRATECH technical service                                                                                   Natural Gas Company and
Nam with the 11th Air Cavalry                                                                                   HOUSTON, TX - El Paso
                                     team builds on the company's                                                                                     Burlington Resources, Inc.
Regiment.                                                                                                       Corporation has named Ms.
                                     established commitment to U.S.                                                                                              “These promotions rec-
          When he returned to                                                                                   Ferrell P. McClean to its board of
                                                                                                                                                      ognize the considerable accom-
Texas, Johnson went looking for a based product support, according                                              directors effective January 1, 2006,
job at El Paso Natural Gas, where    to Pat Runnels, MIRATECH's                                                 bringing the total number of direc- plishments of each of these key
                                     Technical Services Manager.                                                tors to 13. McClean, 59, had a        employees, and further streamline
he had worked one summer as a
                                     Muesbeck will be based in                                                  long and successful career in         our business processes as we posi-
student engineer.
                                     Fullerton, California.                                                     investment banking at JP Morgan       tion ourselves for future growth,”
          “The guy I had worked
                                               Since 2002 Muesbeck has                                          Chase from 1969 to 2002. Most         stated Harold M. Korell, President
for said to show up on Monday,                                             MIRATECH® Corporation has named
                                     been an Aviation Support                                                   recently she held the position of     and Chief Executive Officer of
and he would hire me as an engi-                                           David Zenthoefer its National Sales
                                     Equipment Technician in the                                                managing director/senior advisor      Southwestern Energy.
neer,” Johnson said. “He didn’t                                            Director.
                                     United States Navy. Based in San                                           to the head of investment banking
know what the salary would be,
                                     Diego, Muesbeck's Navy assign-        EnCana’s CFO to step down in         for JP Morgan Chase’s Global Oil Crosstex Energy Appoints Jim
but he said I would like it.”
                                     ments have given him a broad          2006; Brian Ferguson to succeed and Gas Group.                             Crain and Cecil Martin Jr. to
          By the the early 1980s,
                                     technical background with wide-       John Watson                                    “We believe Ferrell         Board
Johnson was named director of
                                     ranging experience in gas and         CALGARY, AB - Gwyn Morgan,           McClean will be a valuable addi-      DALLAS, TX - Crosstex Energy,
engineering. He was transferred to
                                     diesel engine maintenance and         President & Chief Executive          tion to our board of directors,” said L.P. and Crosstex Energy, Inc.
El Paso’s main office and given      repair. He has also had significant Officer of EnCana Corporation,
authority over the company’s                                                                                    Ronald L. Kuehn, El Paso’s chair-     announced that James C. Crain
                                     training in both power generation announces that John D. Watson,           man of the board. “Her vast experi- has been appointed to the board of
largest, most complicated projects. and compression.
                                                                           Executive Vice-President & Chief     ence in energy-related investment     directors of Crosstex Energy GP,
Johnson was named chief engineer
                                                                           Financial Officer (CFO), plans to banking as well as her strategic         LLC and, effective as of January 1,
over both pipelines when El Paso
                                                                           step down on February 28, 2006,      planning capabilities will bring      2006, Cecil E. Martin Jr. has
acquired Tennessee Gas Pipeline
                                                                           following completion of the 2005     additional depth to our board as we been appointed to the board of
and most recently served as senior
                                                                           year-end financial statements.       work to build shareholder value.”     directors of both the Corporation
vice president for engineering over
                                                                           Watson will remain with the compa-                                         and of Crosstex Energy GP, LLC.
the pipeline group’s five pipelines.
                                                                           ny as Advisor to the Chief Financial Southwestern Energy Promotes                     “We are pleased to wel-
                                                                           Officer until year-end 2006.         Key Operational Executives            come Jim and Cecil; both of these
                                                                                     Randy Eresman, who         HOUSTON, Texas - Richard F.           individuals possess the expertise
New GMRC Directors Named                                                   becomes EnCana’s President &         Lane was promoted to President        and strong character that we look
Tim Knox, Vice President of                                                Chief Executive Officer January 1, of SEECO, Inc. and Southwestern for to bring valuable contributions
Production & Engineering for                                               2006, is pleased to announce the     Energy Production Company and to the Crosstex boards,” said Barry
Compressor Systems, Inc.                                                   appointment of Brian C. Ferguson also named Executive Vice                 Davis, president and chief execu-
(Midland, Texas) and Doug Bird,                                            CA, as Executive Vice-President & President of Southwestern Energy
                                                                                                                                                      tive officer of Crosstex. “We look
Manager of Engineered                MIRATECH® Corporation has named       Chief Financial Officer effective    Company. Previously, he was           forward to the unique leadership
Replacement Solutions for            David Muesbeck its West Coast         March 1, 2006. Ferguson joined
                                                                                                                Executive Vice President of           perspectives that each of these gen-
Dresser-Rand (Painted Post, New      Service Technician. Muesbeck is       AEC in 1984 and has taken on
                                     based in Fullerton, California.
                                                                                                                SEECO, Inc. and Southwestern          tlemen will bring to our organiza-
York) have been named to fill                                              progressively increasing responsi-
                                                                                                                Energy Production Company. Mr. tion to help drive our continued
vacancies on the GMRC Board of                                             bility, most recently serving as
                                                                                                                Lane joined Southwestern Energy       growth and success.”
Directors.                                                                 Executive Vice-President,                                                                       cont’d next page
   page 4                                                                             The Air Issue                                                                  First Quarter 2006
                                                                   PEOPLE IN THE NEWS
cont’d from previous page
                                           In Memorium
Gas Technology Institute CEO
John Riordan Retires
                                           Michael A. Duffy                   Hutton’s Legacy: Salesmanship Tips From The Expert
DES PLAINES, Ill. - After five
years as President and CEO of Gas
Technology Institute (GTI), John
Riordan has retired effective
December 31, 2005. Riordan has
more than 40 years of experience
in the energy, natural gas and
chemicals industries, and his
achievements have helped secure a
successful future for GTI.
          GTI’s Board of Directors
appointed David C. Carroll act-
ing President effective January 1,
2006. Carroll joined GTI in 2001
as Vice President of Business
Development. In that role, he has     Michael A. (Mike) Duffy,
led the effort to expand GTI’s cus-   founder and president of the
tomer base and increase revenues      Corporate Telelink Network (a
from technology-based product         subsidiary of Souther Gas
and service offerings.                Association) passed away on
          In other GTI manage-        October 23, 2005 following heart
ment changes, Mr. Stanley Borys,
                                      surgery. After joining Southern
Executive Vice President and Chief
                                      Gas Association in 1987 as manag-
Operating Officer and Dr. Robert
                                      er of Human Resources, Mike
Stokes, Senior Vice President,
                                      founnded CTN, the Energy
Corporate Development, left GTI
at the end of December to pursue      Network. Under Mike’s leader-
new opportunities.                    ship, CTN expanded from a small
                                      beginning with a handful of gas
                                      distribution and pipeline compa-
Gas Expert Lew Watts Joins PFC
                                      nies participating, to a network
Energy's Washington Offices                                                         Jim Hutton of CECO said he has learned                    “When you make a promise, you keep it,”
                                      conducting video conferences, web
WASHINGTON - PFC Energy is                                                many things about salesmanship in some 50 years in        he said. “It’s that simple. Whenever I told somebody
pleased to announce the appoint-      casts, manaement programs, and
                                                                          the energy equipment business, and wants to pass it       I’d do something and I did, they thanked me because
ment of Lew Watts as Partner and other video services, which              on to others who can benefit from his years in the        other salesman would make promises and never fol-
Head of Global Gas. Dr. Watts         includes companies throughout                                                                 low through.”
                                                                          industry. To that end, Pennwell Publishing, Houston,
will oversee PFC Energy's growing the natural gas industry.               has just published a compilation of selling wisdom                  Assuming a client is always available to talk
practice in global and regional gas             An educator and accom-    that Hutton has been collecting for years.                with the salesman is also a common mistake, Hutton
markets, LNG, and corporate           plished musician, Mike was a                  The book is entitled How To Sell Technical      said.
portfolio modeling, as well as con- church soloist and was active in      Equipment and Services. Its publication will be the                 “Some salesman think they can just show
tribute leadership to the firm's      the Dallas Symphony Chorus, hav-    first time that Pennwell, which puts out Oil & Gas        up at the office and go see whoever it is they want to
activities in corporate strategy,     ing served on the Board of          Journal and other energy magazines, will put its mark     see,” Hutton said. “Along with pressure from the
management, and technology.           Governors, Executive Committee      on a book about a non-technical subject.                  salesman to buy his product, not making an appoint-
           Robin West, Chairman of and as tenor section leader. He                  “I’m doing this to leave a legacy, not to       ment was the single biggest complaint I heard when I
PFC Energy commented, "We are also was a contributor and                  make money,” said Hutton. “I wanted to put down           asked clients what they did not like about salesmen.”
very pleased that Lew has joined      Stradivarius patron of the          in writing what I’ve learned during my 50 years as a                Successful salesmen have two things in
the firm. His experience in the       Symphony Association.               salesman, all over the world.                             common, Hutton said. They empathize with the
industry is deep and broad with                 Born in Portsmouth,                 “This is not just a bunch of BS,” he said.      client’s position, and they are ego-driven.
both major oil and gas companies, Ohio, Mike graduated from high          “It’s what I’ve learned from my experiences, and from               “You have to put yourself in the client’s
and the service sector. He is a great school in Texhoma, Oklahoma.        watching other salesmen.”                                 shoes,” he said. “You have to think like the client,
resource for our firm as well as our He received an Eastern Star schol-             Selling equipment in the natural gas busi-      and understand the pressures that are on him. Many
clients." Vahan Zanoyan, CEO of arship and earned BA degrees at           ness is different from other types of selling, Hutton     salesmen try to put themselves in the client’s posi-
PFC Energy added, "Lew is both a Midwest Christian college and            said.                                                     tion, but then they still think like a vendor.
thinker and a doer. Over his career Southern Naxarene University, and               “In this business, you’re selling equipment               “And a good salesman has an insatiable
his experience ranges from devel-     an MME degree from the              to the same people over and over, because it is a rela-   desire to obtain an order,” Hutton said. “You have to
oping corporate strategy to devel-    University of Oklahoma. He was      tively small industry,” he said. “And they talk to each   get that order without pressuring the client, and
oping and governing a large LNG professor and departmend chair-           other. So you quickly get a reputation.”                  that’s what good salesmen do.”
project. This experience is unique    man of music education at Puget               Hutton said the book on salesmanship grew                 Salesmen can be made, not just born,
and valuable."                        Sound Christian College,            out of his experiences, and from his observations of      Hutton maintained.
           Headquartered in           Edmund, WA prior to joining the     other salesmen as well.                                             “I’m sure much of it is innate, but you can
Washington, DC, with offices in                                                     “I started writing things down that I           learn an awful lot,” he said. “There are natural sales-
                                      natural gas industry.
Houston, Paris and London, PFC                                            thought were incorrect,” he said. “I also asked clients   men, but everyone can learn the things that make a
                                                Mike is survived by his
Energy is a leading strategic advi-                                       what they liked about salesmen, and what they did         successful salesman.”
                                      wife, Chris, son and daughter-in-                                                                       Hutton hopes his book will help make a
sory firm in global energy with                                           not.”
                                      law Darin and Jackie and                                                                      difference.
clients worldwide, including major grandaughter Trinity of San                      The biggest mistakes a salesman can make
energy companies, financial insti-                                        are not keeping his promises, pressuring the client to              “This book will be useful to everyone in the
                                      Antonio, TX and numerous            purchase his wares, and not making appointments to        company, not just the sales force,” he said. “It can
tutions and governments.
                                      friends and colleagues.             see clients.                                              help everyone do a better job.”
  page 5                                                                            The Air Issue                                                                   First Quarter 2006
                                                                                 BUSINESS BRIEFS
Cooper Compression to                                                                                                       Eunice, Louisiana and the Henry        ing outside of these countries.
Consolidate Houston Operations                                                                                              Hub, two of the premier gas trad-
New Building will house superior,                                                                                           ing centers in the Gulf Coast          Excluding Iran and Sudan, the
aftermarket and headquarters in one                                                                                         region.                                international rig count for January
location.                                                                                                                                                          2006 was 905, up 14 or 2% from
                                                                                                                            As part of the storage project,        the 891 counted in December
HOUSTON, TX - Cooper                                                                                                        Bobcat proposes to develop two         2005, and up 104 or 13% from
Compression, a division of Cooper                                                                                           salt caverns with a total working      the 801 counted in January 2005.
Cameron Corporation, has                                                                                                    gas capacity of 12.0 billion cubic     The international offshore rig
announced plans to consolidate its                                                                                          feet (Bcf ), with injection capacity   count for January 2006 was 263,
three Houston-based operations                                                                                              of 600 million cubic feet (MMcf )      up five or 2% from the 258 count-
into a new, larger facility. The                                                                                            per day and maximum with-              ed in December 2005 and up 39
300,000,260,000 sq. ft. (3.07 Ha)                                                                                           drawals of 1 Bcf per day. Bobcat is    or 17% from the 224 counted in
building is located at FM 529 Rd.                                                                                           planning the start of commercial       January 2005.
and Houston’s Northwest                                                                                                     operations during the fourth quar-
Highway (Hwy 290).                                                                                                          ter of 2007. Bobcat will connect       The US rig count for January
                                       An exterior view of the building in northwest Houston, Texas, U.S.A. into which
                                       Cooper Energy Services’ pCompression plans to consolidate its existing Houston and
                                                                                                                            with the interstate pipeline systems   2006 was 1,473 up three from the
The new location will truly “cen-      Waller, Texas operations during the second and third quarters of this year.          of Florida Gas Transmission,           1,470 counted in December 2005
tralize” Cooper Compression’s                                                                                               Williams Gas Pipelines - Transco,      and up 218 or 17% from the
presence in Houston. Existing          September, 2006. The company              mately US$565 million on the               Gulf South Pipeline, ANR               1,255 counted in January 2005.
Superior manufacturing operations      has pledged that the transition           transaction. Proceeds from the sale        Pipeline Company and Texas             The Canadian rig count for
in Waller, Texas, are located about    will be managed in such a way that        are expected to be directed to debt        Eastern Transmission Company           January 2006 was 660, up 85 or
15 mi. (24 km) northwest of the        it will have no effect on delivery        reduction and potentially the con-         and the intrastate pipeline system     15% from the 575 counted in
new facility. Cooper Compression’s     commitments for orders in backlog         tinuation of EnCana’s share pur-           of Cypress Pipeline with minimal       December 2005 and up 110 or
current headquarters on Bingle         nor for future quotes.                    chase program pursuant to                  pipeline construction.                 20% from the 550 counted in
Road are about 5 mi. (8 km)                Cooper Compression pointed            EnCana’s Normal Course Issuer                                                     January 2005.
southeast of the new facility. The     out that its Ajax operations in           Bid.                                       Bobcat already has permits from
current Cooper Compression             Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,                                                             the state of Louisiana to construct    The worldwide rig count for
Aftermarket campus at Charles          U.S.A. are not affected by this           First Moffat Workover Flowing              three salt cavern storage wells and    January 2006 was 3,038 up 45 or
Street is just 1 mi. (1.6 km) to the   consolidation. The company has            Natural Gas                                associated facilities. To expand the   2% from the 2,993 counted in
northwest.                             assured its customers that it will        BAKERSFIELD, CA - Tri-Valley               market reach and flexibility of the    December 2005 and up 373 or
                                       keep them abreast of developments         Corporation announced that the             project, Bobcat will seek additional   14% from the 2,665 counted in
The address of the new facility is     in timing and other details.              Moffat No. 2 is now flowing natu-          authorizations from the Federal        January 2005. Excluding Iran and
16250 Port NW, Houston.                                                          ral gas after working over the well        Energy Regulatory Commission to        Sudan, the worldwide rig count
                                       GMRC Launches Re-Vamped                   that had been shut in since 1960           construct and operate the facility     for January 2006 was 3,038 up
All existing capabilities will be      Website                                   on its Moffat Ranch East property          under Section 7(c) of the Natural      102 or 3% from the 2,936 count-
maintained throughout the reloca-      DALLAS, TX - The GMRC is                  near Madera, California. In addi-          Gas Act, including market-based        ed in December 2005 and up 432
tion process. In addition, accord-     pleased to announce the launch of         tion to the sanded up well bore,           rate treatment.                        or 17% from the 2,606 counted in
ing to Cooper Compression, the         their newly designed website. The         the Company found extensive                                                       January 2005.
expansion will allow the company       site has been re-engineered with          debris which had to be fished out    Baker Hughes Announces
to increase the physical infrastruc-   search features that will allow users     before 80 feet of zone could be      January 2006 Rig Counts                      Crosstex Acquires Amine
ture and manufacturing capacity of     better access to GMRC research,           re-perforated. The well is choked    HOUSTON, TX - Baker Hughes                   Treating Rental Assets From
its Superior operations to better      papers and GMC presentations.             back as a caution to sanding up      Incorporated announced today that            Hanover
serve the increasing demand the        Scott Brooks and Q1                       and is flowing a steady 200,000      the international rig count for              DALLAS, TX - Crosstex Energy,
company has seen for its compres-      Communications completed the              cubic feet per day through a 10/64   January 2006 was 905, down 43 or             L.P. (the Partnership) announced it
sion equipment.                        design -                    choke prior to hydraulic fracturing. -5% from the 948 counted in                  has agreed to purchase the U.S.
                                                                                                                      December 2005, and up 45 or 5%               amine treating rental assets of
Furthermore, the company said,         EnCana closes sale of its natural         After several days or even weeks of from the 860 counted in January               Hanover Compression Limited
customers will benefit beecause the    gas liquids business for approxi-         measuring draw down pressures as 2005. The international offshore                 Partnership, a subsidiary of
company will now operate with          mately US$586 million (C$697              well as any tendency to sand up      rig count for January 2006 was               Hanover Compressor Company,
central warehouse operations and       million)                                  the well bore, the well flow may be 263, down one from the 264                    for approximately $52 million.
aftermarket order administration       CALGARY - EnCana Corporation              increased until an optimal produc- counted in December 2005 and up                The purchase will add 48 plants to
under the same roof, which will        and certain affiliates have closed        tion rate is reached and/or the pro- 29 or 12% from the 234 counted               the Partnership's treating business
result in greater efficiency and       the previously announced sale of          ducing formation has been foam       in January 2005.                             segment.
improved communications with           substantially all of their natural gas    fractured.
customers and within the firm.         liquids business to Provident
                                                                                                                      Beginning with this report, the              "Thirty-two of the treating plants
                                       Energy Trust for approximately            Bobcat Gas Storage to Develop        company is discontinuing its rig             we are buying are in operation
When the move is complete, all         US$586 million (C$697 million)            Louisiana Gas Storage Facility       count for Iran and Sudan. In the             adding about 20 new customers,
reciprocating management for           subject to post- closing adjust-          HOUSTON, TX - Bobcat Gas             third quarter of 2005, our inde-             and the other 16 are ready for
sales, marketing, engineering,         ments.                                    Storage (Bobcat) announced that it pendent foreign subsidiaries initiat-          refurbishment and will be available
operations, quality, accounting and                                              has acquired the necessary rights    ed a process to prohibit any busi-           to meet our customers treating
aftermarket will reside in the same EnCana currently estimates that it           for the development of a new,        ness activity that directly or indi-         needs," said Barry E. Davis,
facility, according to the company. will record an after-tax gain of             independent salt-cavern gas storage rectly involves or facilitates transac-       President and Chief Executive
                                    approximately US$400 million on              facility in Port Barre, Louisiana.   tions in Iran, Sudan or with their           Officer. "This purchase comple-
The consolidation process will      the sale. The company expects                This new, high deliverability stor- governments, including govern-                ments our coverage of the amine
occur between April and             after-tax cash proceeds of approxi-          age project will be located close to ment-controlled companies operat-
                                                                                                                                                                                        cont’d page 12
  page 6                                                                                     The Air Issue                                                                      First Quarter 2006
                                                        GMC 2005 - COVINGTON KY
                                                                   Orin Flanigan was presented wih the                      CORRECTION: In the Wednesday October 5th issue of the GMC
                                                                                                                            Today the caption was incorrect. Pictured below, Hoerbiger’s Kathy
                                                                   second annual Distinguished Service
                                                                                                                            Boutin, Franz Ottitsch (President, Hoerbiger Service North
                                                                  Award by Eric Thomas, Chairman of the                     America) & Claudia Maya greet GMC attendees during this year’s
                                                                        GMRC Board of Directors.                            spectacular Tuesday breakfast.

                                                                Mr. Flanigan was chairman of the board for 27 years
                                                                of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group, an interna-
                                                                tional organization devoted to the advancement of the
                                                                state of the art of simulation, optimization, fluid flow,
                                                                transient flow, two phase flow, and similar technology.
                                                                He is now chairman emeritus of the organization               Kriss McDonald, 2005 GMC
                                                                                                                               Chariman (left) opened the
                                                                Mr. Flanigan was also chairman of the board                 conference & welcomed guest
                                                                of directors of the Pipeline and Compressor Research                  speaker Frank King.
This ad should have appeared in the Wednesday October 5th
issue of the GMC Today. The ad which appeared was incorrect.    Council from 1990 to 1994. This self-funded
                                                                organization conducts research on the various
The GMC is more than just classes - thanks to Siemens,          aspects of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors
Ariel, Enginuity & Dresser Rand for hosting their traditional   with heavy emphasis on the effects of pulsation.
parties and receptions - much fun was had by all! Below left,   He is now director emeritus of the organization.
“Tradin’ Up” performs at the Siemens reception, below right,                                                                  Charles Ely prepares to lead
“The Belle of Cincinnati” where Ariel held a reception on                                                                                        his class.
Monday and Enginuity hosted dinner on Tuesday, and
bottom, our hosts from Dresser Rand welcomed all to the
Monday Night Football Party.

                                                                                                                                (below) Classes were well

                                                                 Diana Grauer helps out at registration (above) -

                                                                 while Eric Durfur, Eric Figge & Jeet Sengupta assemble
                                                                 the conference materials (below).

 page 8                                                                               The Air Issue                                                                    First Quarter 2006

          Air/Fuel Control Key to Engine Performance
          Continental Controls’ products combine to increase                                                  control when used with the ECV5
          output and fuel efficiency while holding the line on                                                because it keeps the fuel pressure
                                                                                                              profile the same throughout the
          exhaust emissions                                                                                   whole engine operation range,”
                                                                                                              said Fisher. “The fuel pressure to
                                                                                                              the engine is the same regardless of
                                                                                                              engine load so we are able to set
                                                                                                              up the pressure of the unit to be
                                                                                                              right around zero. There is noth-
                                                                                                              ing to change; the pressure is
                                                                                                              altered within the venturi based on
                                                                                                              its design to counteract the pres-

                                                                                                              “The only time the fuel pressure to
                                                                                                              the venturi has to change — this is
                                                                                                              handled by the ECV5 — is if the
                                                                                                              Btu value of the fuel or the ambi-
                                                                                                              ent air temperature changes.
                                                                                                              However, these are subtle changes
           Continental Control Corporation converted the fuel control systems on two Enterprise GSG-8
           engines at the Caolinga, CA, USA crude oil pipeline station owned by ConocoPhillips Pipeline Co.   by comparison to a load change on
                                                                                                              a carbureted application.
          By: Mike Mercer                                   to readjust the pressure set-point,”
                                                                                         “Using the venturi and the ECV5
                                                            said Rick Fisher, of Continental
          This article previously appeared in                                            together really allows us to take
                                                            Controls Corporation. “This is a
          CompressorTech Two (April 2005) and Diesel                                     care of almost any application,”
                                                            more efficient approach than the
          & Gas Turbine Worldwide (May 2005). It is
                                                                                         continued Fisher. “The venturi
                                                            typical bypass or restrictor type
          reprinted here with permission.
                                                            valve systems.”              could be used with other air/fuel
                                                                                         ratio controllers in applications
          The ECV5 is a computerized valve
          designed to precisely control the     According to Fisher, with a bypass where just the carburetor is
                                                                                         replaced by the venturi. However,
          pressure of the fuel delivered to the control system, the engine is set up
                                                                                         the ultimate package is the ECV5
          mixing venturi or carburetor mix- to run lean initially, with fuel
                                                added as needed based on engine          and the VM-350 venturi used
          ing bowl. As part of its package,
          the ECV5 installation kit typically load. A restrictor valve system is
          includes a zirconium oxide O2         set up just the opposite, and relies
                                                                                         Just one company to successfully
          sensor, two type K thermocouples on a pressure regulator to control
          and a computerized monitoring         fuel pressure to the engine, then a adapt the ECV5 and VM-350 as a
                                                                                         package is ConocoPhillips Pipe
          and display unit. When the ECV 5 butterfly or stepper motor is used
          and mixing venturi are used in        to restrict fuel to the engine based Line Co. with five crude oil
                                                                                         pipeline stations that have been, or
          conjunction with a three-way cat- on its load requirements. Both of
                                                these systems offer limited per-         are in the process of being upgrad-
          alytic converter, engine emissions
                                                formance capability because they         ed, to solve serious engine per-
          are reduced to a minimum.
                                                can only add or restrict fuel over a formance issues. One station,
                                                                                         located in Coalinga, California,
          The new VM-350 mixing venturi narrow range.
                                                                                         was a special case. It includes three
          is designed to replace carburetors
                                                                                         naturally aspirated, spark-ignited
          or mixing bowls and precisely mix “The beauty of our system is that
          the air and fuel admitted to the      it is a ‘full authority’ fuel valve that Enterprise GSG-8 engines rated
                                                can control all of the fuel to the       597 kW at 525 r/min.
          engine. This venturi also has an
          option to measure air flow to the     engine all of the time,” said Fisher.
                                                “The ECV5 can be used in con-            Each inline, eight-cylinder engine
          engine. When used as a package
                                                junction with a carburetor, but to       drives a Sulzer Bingham two-stage
          with the ECV5, the VM-350 or
                                                                                         pump through a Lufkin gearbox.
          VM-350 XL replaces the carbure- control the fuel in that set-up, the
                                                                                         The pumps now have a maximum
          tor and pressure regulator on both ECV5 has to chase the profile up
                                                and down a wider scale. It can do        flow rate of 120 000 barrels of oil
          richburn and lean-burn tur-
          bocharged or naturally aspirated,     it, but it is more difficult. In addi- per day and currently average
                                                tion, a carburetor is not the most       about 96 000 barrels per day. Two
          gaseous-fueled reciprocating
                                                efficient method to mix air and          of these engines have been con-
          engines with outputs of up to
                                                                                         verted to include an ECV5 with
          about 3000 kW depending on the fuel.”
                                                                                         an O2 sensor in the exhaust
          fuel supply pressure. “The ECV5
                                                                                         stream and ECVI display along
          and VM-350 system bases its con- These obstacles are eliminated
          trol on fuel pressure and then we     when the VM-350 mixing venturi with two Continental Controls’
          take feedback from the O2 sensor is used with the ECV5. “The                               See “Air/Fuel” next page
                                                venturi is the ultimate in air/fuel
page 10                 The Air Issue                                                                                       First Quarter 2006
                                   BUSINESS BRIEFS
cont’d from page 6
                                      More than 400 registered bidders        The innovative auto-dilution sys-       Air/Fuel Control Key to Engine Performance
treating rental market, and will      competed on the 264 Lots offered        tem permits measurements of CO cont’d from page 10
allow us to expand our service        at this Selective Offering(TM),         up to 50,000ppm and the (option- VM-350 venturi.                                        problem became obvious,” said
capabilities to all our Treating cus- 32% of which bid on the Internet.       al) NO up to 6,000 ppm.                                                                 Fisher. “Without a split in the
tomers by providing a larger treat- The Clearinghouse's Hybrid                                                     “The reason we switched to the                     manifold, there would always be
ing plant fleet with more inventory Auction process allows Internet           The quick release modular probes Continental Controls fuel control                      two cylinders drawing in an
to better target their needs."        bidders the opportunity to com-         provide testing for nearly every     set-up was to get the engines to                   air/fuel mixture. However, when
                                      pete simultaneously and on a real       application. Long sample runs,       run correctly and to get the most                  the manifold was split, the second
The transaction, which has been       time basis against floor bidders.       high draft conditions, or heavy      horsepower out of them possible,”                  manifold has no cylinders drawing
approved by the Board of                                                      particulate loading is not a prob-   said Keith Blumert of                              fuel in the 90 to 180 degree crank
Directors of both Hanover and         Ken Olive, President & CEO of           lem with the increased pumping       ConocoPhilips Pipe Line. “In the                   angle range, the result is that the
Crosstex, is expected to be com-      The Clearinghouse commented,            capacity to 80” WC.                  past, we ran the engines and                       fuel-air pressure in one manifold
pleted in February and is subject     "The growth and acceptance of                                                pumps at a lower pipeline                          increases to near atmospheric as
to customary due diligence.           selling higher valued, quality oil      Large memory provides on-board       throughput. However, with the                      the other manifold fills, permitting
                                      and gas properties has never been       data logging for up to two hours.    increased demand for refining                      a larger charge of fuel to be admit-
Entergy Corporation Announces more evident. For the first time,               New easy-to-use “EasyEmission”       capacity, we needed to increase the                ted into cylinder number 7 when
Intention to Make Public              the average of all minimum bid          software is available for fast down- flow on that pipeline. When we                     its intake valve opens. The same
Offering of Equity Units              properties sold in 2005 exceeded        loads with USB connectivity,         tried to step it up, the Enterprise                thing happens later in the other
CLINTON, MS - Entergy                 $1 million per Lot. Included in         graphic or tabular displays of real- engines detonated, especially in the               manifold where cylinder number 2
Corporation announced plans to        this day of records was another         time testing, on-screen analyzer     hot summer months, and we were                     gets an excessive air-fuel charge.
offer $500 million of equity units, first, a bid of $9.4 million for an       setup, custom fuel entry, custom     unable to get full power out of                    This causes these cylinders to deto-
subject to market conditions.         Oklahoma property was gaveled           reports, and an extensive customer them. That was when we went                          nate first, preventing further load-
Entergy Corporation will use the      and sold on the floor."                 management module.                   looking for a solution.”                           ing of the other cylinders.”
net proceeds to repay debt
incurred under its $2 billion five-   The Clearinghouse will hold its         Numerous diagnostic features pro-       Blumert contacted Continental                   To compound the problem, Fisher
year revolving credit facility which next Hybrid auction on April 12th        vide useful information that make       Controls Corporation, a company                 determined that the diameter of
expires in May 2010.                  in Houston, Texas.                      testing easier and more reliable.       he had previously worked with on                the intake manifold is actually less
                                                                              Problems can be proactively identi-     similar applications in similar cir-            than the piston diameter and thus,
Linn Energy Prices Initial Public       New 3-gas Industrial                  fied in the field eliminating costly    cumstances.                                     the manifold had no storage capac-
Offering                                Combustion Analyzer                   downtime. Graphic displays of                                                           ity for the air/fuel mixture. In
PITTSBURGH, PA - Linn                   with Expanded NOx and CO              sensor output for better sensor life    Ross Fisher of Continental                      addition, the pressure in the mani-
Energy, LLC announced the pric-         Capability                            expectancy and printable calibra-       Controls Corp. visited the                      fold varies with flow since the
ing of its initial public offering of                                         tion history are just a few exam-       Coalinga facility and confirmed                 throttle plate position does not
11,750,000 units representing lim-                                            ples.                                   that the engines could not carry                vary on a cylinder-to-cylinder
ited liability company interests at                                                                                   more than about 60% of their                    basis.
$21.00 per unit. The Company's                                                EnergyListings.Com Provides             rated load because of detonation.
units began trading on the Nasdaq                                             Online Oil & Gas Listing                The evaluation showed that each                 The solution was determined to
National Market under the symbol                                              Service                                 engine’s original intake manifolds              include two parts. A single larger
"LINE" on January 13, 2006, and                                               THE WOODLANDS, TX -                     had been modified to add a second               diameter intake manifold was
as of February 7 were trading at                                              Energy Listings, LLC was estab-         carburetor — most likely to                     needed and the Continental
just under the offer price at                                                 lished in September 2005 to act as      improve performance. The modifi-                Controls ECV5 emissions control
$20.90.                                                                       the parent company of                   cation split the single intake mani-            valve and twin VM-350 mixing
                                                                              EnergyListings.Com, an online           fold into two — one manifold and                venturi were to be installed.
Industry Record Breaking                                                      database of oil & gas investment        carburetor fed the first four cylin-
Auction: Over $96 Million of                                                  opportunities. Its purpose is to get    ders while the second fed the other             The venturi each measures the vol-
Oil & Gas Properties Sold at                                                  buyers and sellers together as          four cylinders.                                 umetric air-flow and provides the
The Clearinghouse's December                                                  quickly and cost- effectively as                                                        throat pressure of the venturi at an
14th - 15th Hybrid Auction                                                    possible.                               “When the air-fuel flow through                 external port. The throat pressures
Held in Houston                                                                                                       the intake manifolds was analyzed               of the venturi are compared to bal-
HOUSTON, TX - The Oil & Gas                                                   The company, founded by                 from the firing order data, the                                 See “Air/Fuel” next page
Asset Clearinghouse ("The                                                     Anthony (Tony) Motto, was creat-
Clearinghouse"), a leading              The new testo 335 Industrial 3-gas ed to provide easy to use posting
provider of acquisition and divesti-    Combustion Analyzer (above) has forms, document uploading
ture services for oil and gas proper-   many innovations that increase        options, active links to sellers’ and
ties and prospects, adds an excla-      capabilities for engine tuning and    buyers’ emails and/or external web
mation point to the end of a very       maintenance and for industrial        pages, and up-to-the-minute
successful 2005 with an industry        combustion analysis of NOx, Low online marketing reports.
record breaking Hybrid Auction          NOx, CO, O2, and SO2. Testo’s
totaling over $96 million.              pre-calibrated, plug & play sensors EnergyListings.Com provides
Including the record auction on         facilitate field-swap with other sen- online 24/7 access to a growing
December 14th - 15th, The               sors such as CO, COlow, NO,           number of opportunities, user con-
Clearinghouse in back to back to        NOlow, NO2, and SO2 for test-         trol over data posted and docu-
back auctions in the 4th quarter of     ing flexibility. They are pre-cali-   ments uploaded along with instant
2005, sold over $200 million in         brated eliminating the need for       marketing reports on postings and
property sales.                         expensive calibration gases on site. supporting data.                                Picture of an Enterprise engine before conversion at the Caolinga, CA station

  page 12                                                                                 The Air Issue                                                                                   First Quarter 2006

Air/Fuel Control Key to Engine Performance                                            meeting them nowwith the switch            in California.                            upgraded them for similar rea-
cont’d from page 11                                                                                                                                                        sons,” said Blumert. “With the
                                                                                      to CCC products.”                          ConocoPhillips Pipe Line has also
ance the volumetric air flow when                                                                                                carried out conversions of three          Continental Controls’ systems, we
                                    “We basically wanted to get rid of There are seven more Enterprise
adjusting the throttle plates. A sec-                                                                                            Waukesha 7042 engines located at          were able to eliminate the carbure-
ond measuring port on the venturi   the carburetors to remove restric-          engines to be converted, according               its Junction pumping station.             tors to get more usable horsepower
is the pressure of the fuel in annu-tion from the intake system to get to Blumert, two at the Santa                              These Vee 12-cylinder, naturally          out of the engines in the summer
lus around the venturi. The pres-   more air through the engines and            Margarita station near San Luis                  aspirated, natural gas-fueled             heat. That was the main reason.
                                    get more horsepower out of them,” Obispo, California, two at the
sures in the ports of the venturi are                                                                                            engines are rated 858 kW at 1200          However, it is also good from a
compared and balanced by adjust-    said Blumert. “In the process we            Torrey station near Santa Paula,                 r/min and like Coalinga are also          consistency standpoint for service.”
ing the butterfly valves in the gas eliminated the detonation problem California, and three at what he                           fueled by utility supplied gas. The
inlet port of the                   and improved the fuel efficiency.           referred to as the Patterson station             Waukesha engines drive three-stage        According to Blumert, since these
venturi.                            The cost to upgrade                                                                                          pumps through             engines were installed over 15 years
                                    these engines was less                                                                                       Lufkin gearboxes.         ago, they have been well maintained
Other modifications to the engines than the cost to replace                                                                                                                and have received the Waukesha
were the replacement of the oil     them. These engines                                                                                            These engines use a     Extender upgrade packages over the
bath intake air filters with dry    still run seven days per                                                                                       single VM-350 ven-      years that included such components
panel-type filter elements from     week, 365 days per                                                                                             turi, single ECV5       as updated cylinder liners and pis-
Spitzer, Altronic CPU 2000 igni-    year.                                                                                                          control and single      tons, as well as bearings, filtration and
tion systems and Hilliard vacuum                                                                                                                   O2 feedback system      lubrication upgrades along with the
demisters for crankcase vapors.     “We continue to oper-                                                                                          for each cylinder       Inconel exhaust valves. These engines
Additional improvements to the      ate under EPA restric-                                                                                         bank of the V-12        also use Altronic ignition systems,
engines recently included cartridge tions for NOx and                                                                                              engines. The air fil-   Hilliard vacuum demisters and
style spin-on oil filters and the   CO,” said Blumert.                                                                                             ters were also          Johnson Matthey catalytic converters.
addition of Inconel metal exhaust   “We could meet these                                                                                           upgraded to Spitzer
valves. The valve material change   restrictions before (but                                                                                       dry panel units.        All of these pump stations are con-
allows the engines to run harder at only at reduced Picture                                                                                                                tinuously monitored and con-
higher temperatures. According to of an Enterprise engine                                                                                          “Although these         trolled remotely from
Blumert, the last step to improve   before conversion at                                                                                           engines did not         ConocoPhillips pipeline control
                                                                ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Co. also carried out conversions of three Waukesha 7042
engine efficiencies is to switch to the Coalinga, California engines located at its Junction pumping station. With the Continental Controls’       have a detonation       center in Ponca City, Oklahoma,
                                                                systems it was able to eliminate the carburetors to get more useable horsepower    problem, we             U.S.A.
synthetic lubricants.               station. loads), and we are out ot the engines in the summer heat.
                                                                                                                                                                           MIRATECH's combiKat® diesel particulate fil-
Diesel Soot Trap Receives Level 3 Conditional CARB Verification                                                                                                            ter achieves 24 cold startups with 30-minute
                                                                                                                                                                           idle times within manufacturer's backpressure
cont’d from page 1                                                                    hours at 25, 65 and 80 percent             red-dye off-road fuel was used.           limits. The combiKat® CBS diesel particulate
                                           CERT followed Code of Federal
                                                                                                                                                                           filter is the only soot filter verified by CARB for
The combiKat® CBS DPF, or                  Regulations Title 40 Part 89,              loads. Maintenance and operating           The unit was triple-tested against a      stationary applications to achieve a sequence
“soot trap” uses technology devel-         Subpart E “Control of Emissions            cycles are repeated six times to           baseline standard (exhaust without        of 24 cold startups with 30-minute idle times
                                                                                                                                                                           within backpressure limits set by the engine
oped by long-time MIRATECH                 from New and In-Use Non-road               achieve 500 hours of durability.           after treatment) at 0 hours and           manufacturer. The MIRATECH Corporation
partner and acknowledged leader            Compression Ignition Engines”              The purpose of the tests was to            167 operating hours to receive the        report shown here displays CARB's computer-
                                                                                                                                                                           generated test results. In the area marked by
in emissions control, Swiss-based          test methods.                              show how effectively the unit fil-         conditional verification. Additional      the red box, the blue chart line indicates back-
HUG Engineering. Unlike most                                                          ters particulate matter and other          verification for prime power appli-       pressure; the yellow “spikes” indicate cold
                                                                                                                                                                           startups. The unit is also the only diesel par-
diesel particulate filters on the          The HUG-MIRATECH unit                      regulated pollutants from engine           cations will require further testing      ticulate filter to meet CARB's stationary engine
market, the unit features catalyst-        received verification for use with         exhaust. A 350kW Caterpillar               at 1,000 hours, Newburry said.            verification criteria using 500 ppm sulfur CARB
                                                                                                                                                                           “red dye” diesel fuel, MIRATECH says.
impregnated silicon carbide (SiC)          engines in emergency and standby           3406C generator fueled by CARB                                                       (below)
filters, which are thermally more          generation as well as water pump-
durable than cordierite or metal           ing engine classifications. MIRAT-
fiber, Newburry said. The SiC fil-         ECH expects CARB verification
ters are formed in square blocks,          of the unit for prime power appli-
which can be stacked in differently        cations also.
sized housings to cover a wide
range of engine sizes. “Our system         The recently completed durability
isn't a one-size-fits-all solution,”       testing met the requirement for
Newburry said.                             full verification approval at 500
                                           hours for standby engines, genera-
Stainless steel construction increas-      tors and water pumps, and an
es system strength, temperature            additional 500 hours (total of
resistance and insulation capabili-        1,000 hours) for prime engines.
ty, Newburry added.                        The durability testing for standby
The CARB verification tests were           engines is broken down into two
administered by the University of          operating conditions: simulated
California Riverside College of            maintenance cycles and simulated
Engineering Center for                     operating cycles. Simulated main-
Environmental Research and                 tenance cycles consist of 24 30-
Technology (CE-CERT). CE-                  minute cold starts. Simulated
                                           operating cycles consist of 72
  page 13                                                                                          The Air Issue                                                                               First Quarter 2006
College Degree Program Opens Doors                                              For more information about any This 2-day workshop will give engineers and
                                                                                                                 senior design professionals information on how
                                                                                                                                                                                          Emissions Stack Testing & Analyzer Workshop
                                                                                                                                                                                          provides an understanding and familiarity
                                                                                of the training courses, please
To Careers In the Utility Sector                                                refer to the website at the end
                                                                                                                 to design and integrate all the various parts of a
                                                                                                                 compressor station into an effective and efficient
                                                                                                                                                                                          through live demonstrations, hands-on inspec-
                                                                                                                                                                                          tion of equipment, and lectures and group dis-
                                                                                                                                                                                          cussions of actual field testing experiences of the
PSE&G expands successful partner-       PSE&G began it utility degree
                                                                                                                                        practical knowledge
                                                                                of each listing. Email announce- providecompressor station oron
                                                                                                                 how to
                                                                                                                          It will
                                                                                                                                  a new                        eval-                      following: the processes and equipment for EPA
ship program; applications available    program at Mercer County                ments and descriptions of train- uate the design on an existing compressor sta-                           stack testing methods and protocols; function
                                                                                ing or educational opportunities tion.                                                                    and design of portable analyzer equipment; fac-
now to Middlesex County College         Community College in 2002 and                                                                                                                     tors affecting accuracy and outcome of testing
                                                                                to                  Instructors
students                                expanded to Essex County College                                                                                                                  and other calculations and flow measurements
                                                                                                                                     Chuck Law, Alliance Engineering                      required; state and federal requirements in lieu
                                        in 2004. PSE&G has hired more                                                                Joe Haught, Columbia Gas                             of Title V enhanced monitoring and record keep-
                                                                                APPLIED PRINCIPLES OF ENGINES &
Edison, NJ - Middlesex County           than 30 students since the pro-                                                              Transmission                                         ing and reporting requirements; evaluation of
                                                                                COMPRESSORS                                                                                               emissions reduction technology for internal com-
College students now have an            gram’s start and another 36 are         April 3-7 – Hilton Fort Collins                      Professional Development Hours: 16                   bustion and turbine engines.
opportunity to pursue careers in        currently pursuing degrees at the       Fort Collins, CO                                                                    Instructors
the gas delivery and electric gener-    schools.                                Applied Principles of Engines and Compressors                                                             Bruce Chrisman, Cooper
ation and distribution industries,                                              is an engine fundamentals class that provides a      ENGINE ANALYZER &                                    Compression/Ajax; Jon Tice, El Paso
                                                                                solid foundation to any employee involved in the
thanks to a new partnership             “The program is proving to be an                                                             RELIABILITY WORKSHOP                                 Corp.; Charles Ely, ACTT, div. of
                                                                                operation of prime movers.
                                                                                                                                     July 25-27 - Loews Vanderbilt Hotel                  CECO; Rich Schoonover, Enginuity;
between the college and PSE&G.          important pipeline of new and           Instructor: Charles Ely, ACTT div. of
                                                                                                                                     Nashville, TN                                        Charles Wait, Williams Gas Pipeline;
Applications are available for the      diverse talent to our company,”         CECO                                                 The GMRC Engine Analyzer and Reliability
spring semester for those interested    said Peter Cistaro, PSE&G’s vice        Professional Development Hours: 28                   Workshop is designed to meet the needs of ana-       Jeff Thomason, Cubix Corp.; Quinn
                                                                                                               lysts and engineers who are involved in predic-      Bierman, Air Hygiene, Inc.; Drew
in applying for the utility technol-    president for gas delivery. “It is                                                           tive and preventive maintenance programs             Wilson/Jerry Jeffers, ECOM America,
ogy degree. The 2–year program          also enabling young people to                                                                throughout the natural gas industry. Classes that
                                                                                                                                                                                          Ltd.; Craig McKim, Testo, Inc.
                                                                                FOUNDATION DESIGN & REPAIR                           range from basic to advanced will allow the ana-
combines classroom training with        access good job opportunities they      BONUS                                                lysts and engineers to take home information         Professional Development Hours: 14
hands-on technical apprentice level     might not otherwise have.”              When you register for the Foundation Design          that is useful now. Segments are also included
                                                                                Class, you also are registered for the Bolted
training. Students work toward                                                                                                       that will allow attendees to present their prob-
                                                                                Joint Class on Thursday morning.                     lems, challenges, and solutions to their peers.
earning an Associate Degree in          “What’s more, the students get to       May 16-17 - Embassy Suites                           Workshop Committee
Applied Sciences, and qualified         train side by side with some of the     Kansas City, MO                                      Jerry R. Lewis, Chairman, El Paso Corp.              CONTROLLING
graduates are offered positions at      industry’s best – and see whether a     This Workshop will give those responsible for        Keith Schafer, Columbia Gas Transmission             PULSATIONS IN
                                                                                reciprocating compressor design and installation     Brad Goodwin, CenterPoint Energy                     COMPRESSOR & PIPING SYSTEMS
PSE&G.                                  career in the industry is right for     the knowledge, tools, and practice in applying       David O’Kelly, Columbia Gas Transmission
                                                                                the latest compressor mounting and foundation        Gary B. Smith, Tennessee Gas Pipeline                October 17-19 - Southwest
                                        them,” he said.                                                                                                                                   Research Institute
                                                                                design and repair techniques to help maintain        Ed Gerzina, Dominion East Ohio Gas Co.
The PSE&G utility technology                                                    their machines reliability.                          Randy Anderson, ACTT, div. of CECO                   San Antonio, Texas
degree program is designed to help      Rutgers University’s John J.            Instructor                                           Professional Development Hours: 18                   Controlling Pulsations in Compressor & Piping
create a pool of technically skilled                                            Bob Rowan PE, Robt. L. Rowan &                                                                            Systems material has been specifically tailored to
                                        Heldrich Center for Workforce                                                                                               match today’s engineering environment where
and educated workers to fill critical   Development has recognized              Associates, Inc.                                                                                          performance and cost effectiveness are as
entry-level positions at a time when    PSE&G’s energy utility degree as        Pete Harrell, PE, Southwest Research                 COMBUSTION CHARACTERISTICS                           important in plant design as safety and reliability.
                                                                                Institute                                                                                                 While technically a short course for engineers,
the utility industry is facing a        one that works, a model workforce                                                            August 15-18 - Hilton Fort Collins                   practical experience and common sense have
                                                                                Professional Development Hours:                      Fort Collins, CO
looming skilled workforce shortage.     development program for other                                                                                                                     proven to be the most important prerequisites.
                                                                                10; 13 Professional Development                      Combustion Characteristics is a comprehensive        Although this short course has been oriented to
                                        businesses and industries in New        Hours will be given to those who                     problem-solving class covering the effects of        the design and layout of new facilities, the mate-
Jack Waintraub, chairman of the         Jersey to use to recruit diverse can-                                                        operating conditions and control adjustments on      rial presented will also assist in the solution of
                                                                                attend the Bolted Joint class.                       engine combustion plus a detailed discussion         existing plant problems. The detailed and practi-
Electrical Engineering Department       didates into entry-level positions.                                         related to issues affecting the development and      cal sessions will present the skills and know-how
at Middlesex, said the industry is                                                                                                   use of horsepower performance curves.                necessary for controlling acoustical and mechan-
facing a significant number of          “We hope our program will serve         THE BOLTED JOINT                                     Instructor: Randy Anderson, ACTT                     ical forces in compressors, pumps and piping
                                                                                This class immediately follows the class on          div. of CECO                                         systems.
retirements in the next five to 15      as a model for other New Jersey         Foundation Design & Repair.                                                                               Instructors
                                                                                                                                     Professional Development Hours: 28
years and has developed a progres-      businesses interested in expanding      May 18 - Embassy Suites                                                                                   GMRC Design Facility Staff,
sive strategy for recruitment.          their applicant pool by partnering      Kansas City, MO                                                                                           Southwest Research Institute
                                                                                This course is intended for engineers, reliability                                                        Professional Development Hours: 12
                                        directly with our state’s high          and maintenance technicians and construction         INTRODUCTION TO GAS TURBINES
“PSE&G is taking the lead in            schools and county colleges.” said      technicians who routinely make up or close bolt-     & CENTRIFUGAL GAS COMPRES-                 
assessing their need for new tech-      Cistaro.                                ed joints. This includes pipe joints, man-ways,      SORS
                                                                                inspection ports, and other structural members                                                            APPLIED PRINCIPLES OF HIGH-
nical employees in the future,” he                                              joined by bolts or by nuts on studs.                 September 7-8 – Embassy Suites
                                                                                                                                     Covington, KY                                        SPEED ENGINES & COMPRESSORS
said. “The company is also com-         “The Energy Utility Technology          Instructor: Pete Harrell, Southwest
                                                                                                                                     This two-day class is a unique opportunity to        December 4-8 - Holiday Inn
mitted to developing a more             Degree program is a terrific exam-      Research Institute                                   join the experts to learn what you need to know      Riverwalk; San Antonio, Texas
diverse workforce.”                     ple of how industry and communi-        Professional Development Hours: 3                    to apply and operate gas turbines and gas com-       This class focuses on high-speed engines and
                                                                                                               pressors in your operation as well as to interact    reciprocating compressor fundamentals. It pro-
                                        ty colleges can work together for                                                            and network with your peers in the field of turbo-   vides a solid foundation to any employee
Students in the utility degree pro-     the benefit of all,” said Dr. Joann                                                          machinery applications. In addition to the theo-     involved in the operation and maintenance of
                                                                                VIBRATION OF RECIPROCATING &                         retical presentations, case studies will be pre-     high speed reciprocating engines and separable
gram will take their general educa-     La Perla-Morales, president of          ROTATING MACHINERY & PIPING                          sented by the instructors in an interactive forum.   reciprocating compressors. It is intended for
tion courses and some of the tech-      Middlesex County College. “The          June 19-23 - Hyatt Regency                           Instructor                                           equipment operators, maintenance personnel,
nical classes in classrooms at          program will provide good jobs for      Riverwalk; San Antonio, TX                           Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines                          supervisors, engineers, gas controllers and other
                                                                                                                                                                                          personnel responsible for high-speed reciprocat-
Middlesex County College. The           our students and good workers for       This seminar will help you understand the funda-     Incorporated                                         ing compression equipment.
                                                                                mentals of machinery & piping vibration and
more hands-on courses specific to       the energy industry. We’re pleased                                                           Miller Robison, Solar Turbines                       Instructor
                                                                                assist you in determining their safety and relia-
the utility industry will be held at    to be entering into a partnership       bility.                                              Incorporated                                         Randy Anderson, ACTT div. of CECO
PSE&G’s training center in              with a quality company such as          Instructor: Experienced engineers                    Professional Development Hours: 12                   Professional Development Hours: 28
                                                                                from the EDI staf including Don                                           
Edison. Students will be required       PSE&G. I look forward to seeing
to join the appropriate labor           the program grow.”                      Smith, Jim Tison, Ken Atkins & more
                                                                                                             ENGINE EMISSIONS STACK TESTING
union- either OPEIU, Local 855                                                                                                       and ANALYZER WORKSHOP                                       Check
or IBEW- and to complete two                                                    FACTORS IN COMPRESSOR STATION
                                                                                                                                     The workshop also features a portable analyzer            for information on SGA training
paid summer internships.                                                                                                             field test session at the Cooper Ajax Facility.       scheduled in 2006 & the SGA Operating
                                                                                DESIGN                                               October 10-12 - Crowne Plaza Hotel                      Conference - Factors in Gas Meter
                                                                                July 11-13 - Sheraton Hotel                          Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                 Station Design Ultrasonic Gas Flow
                                                                                Colorado Springs, CO                                 Co-sponsored by SGA and GMRC, the Engine                          Meter Workshop
  page 14                                                                                     The Air Issue                                                                                                  First Quarter 2006
                                                        EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
SGA is seeking an individual who will focus on natural gas
   (transmission & distribution) operations. The successful
candidate will work with member volunteers to develop and
  complete projects based on member needs. Experience in
the gas industry with knowledge in operations/compliance a
 plus. Required skills include communications, project man-
  agement, and human relations. Based in Dallas. Travel
  required. Salary commensurate with experience and skills.
    Contact Mike Grubb, Senior Vice President, SGA 972-620-4022.

                Beta Machinery Analysis
Since 1967 companies have come to rely on the experts at Beta
Machinery Analysis for vibration analysis, machinery
troubleshooting, performance optimization, and computer
modeling and analysis. Our specialty is reciprocating
compressors and rotating equipment in the petroleum industry.

                   Field Services Engineer

     We are seeking an Engineer with superior problem-solv-
    ing skills to troubleshoot machinery and piping problems,
    and support our MAO (monitor, analyze, optimize) remote
            monitoring program for our Houston office.

        The position will appeal to a well organized and
     technically adept team player with at least 5 years of
    experience in vibration analysis of all types of industrial
    machinery. The individual should also be a willing and
     capable contributor to the sales and customer service
    process. Travel and hands-on involvement in equipment
               troubleshooting will be required.

       Experience in the following fields will be an asset:
        Reciprocating compressors packaging, vibration,
   pulsations, optimization, machinery and piping dynamics,
         spectrum analyzers, and condition monitoring.

Beta offers competitive compensation including field bonuses, a
profit sharing plan, and the opportunity to challenge your abilities
in a well-established company. Are you interested in advancing
your career as a member of our dynamic team? Forward your                                      Coming in the next issue:
resume to Luis De la Roche, Operations Manager or email to                                A Focus on Reliability and Efficiency.

We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those candidates      Limited resources mean that equipment needs to run better, longer and with minimal
being interviewed will be contacted.                                     increase in maintenance costs.With aging industry infrastructure, it is becoming
                                                                                       increasingly important to repair rather than replace.
Beta Machinery Analysis
12012 Wickchester, Ste. 105                                                                       Put your solutions in the spotlight:
Houston, TX 77079                                                                    Editorial Close - April 28th      Ad Reservations - April 14
Fax: 281-920-4442
page 15                                                                       The Air Issue                                                   First Quarter 2006

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