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					                           Questions and Answers

Q.    How will school lunches be paid for?
A.    Host families will pay for the lunches.

Q.    One of our students doesn’t have an email address to contact her host family.
      Can we get that?
A.    The family has gotten a new email address and the German student needs to
      get that to the German teachers.

For the following questions Ute (one of the German teachers) is trying to find the
answers for us. She will see all the host families after Easter break and get information
to us at that time

   Q. What will we need in the way of voltage adapters for our laptops and electrical
A.    Your equipment must support 220 V rsp. 230 V and you need power cords with
      plugs for Germany/Europe identified by the VDE logo. This means you should
      get plug adapters (US jack to Germany/Europe plug)

Q.    What about debit and credit cards?
A.    Many shops/restaurants accept credit cards (Mastercard, VISA) - US debit cards
      will not be accepted. As to the amount of cash - well I'm not so sure; maybe 100
      EUR per week - since when you go into a "local" shop e.g. a bakery, they might
      only accept cash ... If you need more cash during your stay you can use your
      credit card with atms, but beware of the additional handling charge of about 3 %.

Q.     Where will you be taking the American students as a tour group? Do you have
      some idea of an itinerary for us?

A.    If you would like to see a special place (far away, outside Hesse) e.g. Munich,
      Berlin ... with your group only - like we visited Chicago - I could help you arrange
      but of course we cannot cover the costs. We think of taking you and the group to
      towns in Hesse like Frankfurt, Marburg and/or Kassel ... I'll let you know once I've
      seen "my" parents on this.

Q.    Where can I get Euros?

A.    Associated Bank in Lodi can order them for you. It takes about a week for them
      to get here. There is a fee for ordering.

A.    The M and I Bank at Hilldale (across from the Great Dane Pub and behind
      (Hilldale) has Euros on hand. There is a $10 fee for non-M and I Bank customers
      and the rate as of 5/19/09 was $1.40 for 1 Euro.
Students and families: If you think of other questions, please email them to Robin
(, Sharon (, or Laurent