Warranty Deed_ with Spouse Release by ranafaizan


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									                        Warranty Deed, with Spouse Release

_________________ of __________, ____________ for consideration paid, grant to
_______________, of __________, ____________, with warranty covenants:

The following parcel of real estate:

The spouse of the grantor releases to the grantee all my right of dower or curtsy in the previously
described premises.



Witness our hands this ____________ day of __________________, 20_______.

State of ___________
County of __________

In _______________, in said county, on the _______________ day of _________________,
20_______, before me personally appeared __________________, each and all to me known to
be the parties executing the foregoing instrument, and they acknowledged said instrument, by
them executed to be their free act and deed.

My Commission Expires on:
                        Warranty Deed, with Spouse Release
                                          Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its
preparation. The Warranty Deed, with spouse release, should be notarized and filed with the
appropriate local registry of deeds.

   1. Make multiple copies. Give one to the signatory and the recipient should keep one with
      the appropriate file after recording it with the local registry of deeds.

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