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Energy advocacy and quality assurance - from design through construction

Our specialized energy-efficiency based Mechanical Design-Build Services approach, and network of regional mechanical
Design-Build support centers, brings all elements of new and upgrade construction projects under one team for:

• Single point-of-contact responsibility
• Fast-tracked project schedule and cost guarantees
• Maximum energy, operation and management effectiveness

Our full turnkey experience in installing, and servicing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, building automation and process control
systems is brought to bear for our customers.

The Comfort Systems USA energy-efficiency based Mechanical Design-Build Services for energy retrofit and design build projects
consist of a sequence of events designed to ensure successful, cost-effective, interactive and collaborative projects. Founded on
industry-accepted Design-Build project management techniques, Comfort Systems USA Mechanical Design-Build Services
include all appropriate engineering and construction tasks, and focus on energy efficiency, risk management, cost containment,
and the elimination of change orders.

Our Mechanical Design-Build Services represent Comfort Systems USA's commitment to maximize energy-efficiency results
based on stated customer goals and objectives. We view the energy-efficiency based mechanical Design-Build process as a
business solution for you, our clients, and more than just an engineering and construction project approach. Our mechanical
Design-Build services process maintains the highest-quality delivery approach assuring open lines of communication between
Comfort Systems USA, our customer, and the entire project team.

As a team, we work closely with your architects, engineers and other specialty contractors to incorporate energy engineering and
life/cycle concepts into all mechanical systems design options. By working together, we produce the most operationally economi-
cal and energy-efficient structure possible.

Contact us to determine how we can service your business.

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