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					Lillehammer University College

        Jens Uwe Korten
        GSE - 19th March 2009
•   1971    established as Oppland
•   1994    reorganized as
            University College
•   1995    Lillehammer Campus
            established in the Radio
            and Television Center built
            for the 1994 Winter
•   1971:   200 students,
•   2000:   2000 students,
•   2009:   4000 students
• Lillehammer University College
  is a nationally attractive and
  internationally profiled institution
  for research and higher education.
• New knowledge is being created
  through dialogue in a scientific
  environment characterized by
  nearness and competence.
• 4000 students
• 300 faculty and staff
• 40 professors and 75
  senior lecturers
• 270 million NOK
  annual expenditure
       Student Contentment
• Students express
  contentment: LUC
  has been placed as
  no 1 in a series of
  national ratings
       Five faculties
• Faculty of Health and Social Work
• Faculty of Humanities, Sports and
  Social Science
• Faculty of Economy and
  Organisation Science
• Faculty of Television Production
  and Film Studies
• The Norwegian Film School
            The strategic areas are:
            • Film and Television
            • Educational Sciences (including
               Media Education and
               Continuing Education)
            • Health and Social Work (Living
               Conditions and Socialization of
               Children and Youth)
            • Innovation and Public
            • Business Management and
               Destination Development
  Academic profile
Undergraduate programmes
    – Travel and Tourism
    – Education
    – Business Administration
    – Film and Television
    – Health and Social Work
    – Sports
    – Psychology
    – Humanities and Social
  Academic profile
• Eight master programs
• Four PhD-programs (in
   – Child and youth
     competence development
   – Public policy innovation
   – Visual media (with
     Hedmark and Gjøvik
     University Colleges)
   – Film
University ambitions
• Cooperation with Gjøvik
  University College and
  Hedmark University College
• Total: 9.000 students and 900
  employees in faculty and staff
• A network university
• Regional support and funding
• 2012 as starting year?
Strategic Aims 2008-2011
 •   To constitute a solid base for a new
 •   To provide our students with an
     education of international quality
     based on cutting-edge research
 •   To further innovative research of
     international quality
 •   To strengthen relations with
     regional authorities and private
 •   To develop a ”learning-oriented”
     and flexible organization

• A situation with increasing
  national and international
• Recruitment - of students and
  academic staff
• Funding of new activities in
  research and education
• International relations:
  student and faculty exchange

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