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									128-510 Cynthia Street, Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7                                  Phone: 975-0839 Fax: 975-0856                 SPRING 2009

            2009 Saskatoon Ringette
                                                                                                MAY 15, 2009 IS THE
            Annual General Meeting
          April 21th, 2009      7:00 PM
  Room 122, John Remai Building, 510 Cynthia Street                                            FOR ALL “AA” and “A”
        (Enter at the North Door Entrance at back of building)                             COACHING APPLICATIONS
                                                                                          Find the application form on our website
   - This is also a planning meeting for the 2009 – 2010 playing season -
                                                                                 then click on
           Vacant Board Member positions will be elected for:                              “Coaches” heading, then on “Coaches
                           President – 2 year term                                                      Application”
                     Bunny Commissioner – 2 year term
                     Tween Commissioner – 2 year team
                 Junior & Belle Commissioner – 2 year term
                 Coach & Player Development – 1 year term
                 Marketing & Public Relations – 2 year term
                    Marketing & Promotion – 2 year term
                         Tournament – 2 year term
                    Director of Fundraising – 2 year term

  - GET INVOLVED – MAKE IT HAPPEN –                                                      Ringette Saskatchewan – AGM is being
  If you’ve got something to say that                                                    held in Saskatoon on Saturday, April 25th
  will help improve ringette, we want                                                    at the Cosmo Civic Center from 9:30am –
        to hear it at this meeting!                                                      5:00pm. This meeting is open to anyone
                                                                                         who is a member of ringette.
 Please see later in this newsletter for a list of the proposed changes that the
 board wishes to make to the Constitution and to the Policies, Rules and
 Regulations.                                                                            If you are interested in attending, please
                                                                                         contact Brenda at the Saskatoon Ringette
                                                                                         office at 975-0839 to register.

                                       COACH APPRECIATION NIGHT

                                                        THURSDAY, April 2nd, 2009
                                      Location:              Modern Billiards on Central Avenue
                                      Time:                  7 PM – 10 PM
                                      Cost:                  FREE
                                      Activity:              Shoot some pool
                                                        The season just doesn’t work without you!
                                                           The Ringette Association would like to
                                        Thank You! for your commitment to the team that you helped with this season.
                                     Please join us along with your guest or spouse for an evening of socializing and fun.

                                                      FOR REFEREES TOO
           Ringette Saskatchewan
         Certification Requirements:                          BUNNY:    Wildcats – Medal Winner in Regina Tournament
  For years RAS has been implementing training for ALL
   coaches & ALL bench personnel. SRA will insist this                               - Medal Winner in City Tournament
       training is completed for the 2009/10 season.                    Snow Dogs – Medal Winner in Regina Tournament
                                                                                         - Medal Winner in City Tournament
All listed bench staff on Ringette Canada Registration                  Ringers – Medal Winner in City Tournament
Forms must have the certification for their position.                   Black Shadows – Medal Winner in Regina Tourn.
This will mean that:                                                                            - Medal Winner in City Tournament
                                                              NOVICE:   Ice Boomers – Attended Davidson Tournament
Managers - must complete the Manager’s                                                     - Attended Regina Tournament
       Certification Program Booklet which is                                              - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
       available at the office and costs $22.00 to
                                                                        Black Widows – Hosted Tournament in Davidson
       complete to be certified. There is no refresher
       or renewal requirements involved.                                                      - Attended Red Deer Tournament
Coaches and Assistant Coaches – there are                                                     - Attended Regina Tournament
      specifics for all ages, even bunny division.                                            - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
      Check with Andie Johnston 665-0943 to get the                     Red Hot Rings – Attended Regina Tournament
      required training clinic information for your                                            - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
                                                                        Ring Pops – Attended Regina Tournament
Trainers – must have 7 hours of training from a
           creditable organization.
                                                                                       - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
                                                                        Ice Crushers – Silver in Leduc Tournament
REGISTER FOR CLINICS Early                                                                  - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
                                                                        Tornados – Attended Regina Tournament
Remember ….Clinics put on by Saskatoon                                                - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
Sports Council run through the summer                         PETITE:   Fury – Attended Medicine Hat Tournament
months.                                                                        - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
Certification deadline for all bench staff is December 31st             Breakers – Attended Medicine Hat Tournament
                                                                                      - Gold in Saskatoon Tournament
                                                                        Stealth – Attended Edmonton Tournament
                                                                                   - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
                                                                        Riot – Silver in Red Deer Tournament
       COACHING APPLICATIONS                                                  - Attended Saskatoon Tournament
                    All B Divisions:                          TWEEN:    Sonic – Attended Regina Tournament
      All coaches interesting in coaching “B” teams are                         - 4th in City Tournament
   strongly encouraged to submit their applications to the                      - Provincials – March 6, 7, 8
                   office by May 15, 2009.                              Toxic – Attended Leduc Tournament
                                                                                - Silver in City Tournament
                                                                        Rabid Dogs – Bronze in Regina Tournament
                                                                                          - Provincials – March 6, 7, 8
                                                                        Saints – Attended BP Memorial Tournament
     Custom License Plates still available at the office                         - Attended Edmonton Tournament
                                                                                 - Attended Regina Tournament
                                              $5                                 - Westerns – March 26, 27, 28
                                                              JUNIOR:   Blaze – Attended Edmonton Tournament
                                                                                - Attended Regina Tournament
                                                                              - Bronze in Medicine Hat Tournament
                                                                              - Westerns – March 26, 27, 28
         Ringette Saskatchewan is hosting the                 BELLE:    Ice – Silver in Edmonton Tournament
         Ringette Canada Annual General                                     - Westerns – March 26, 27, 28
                                                                        Blazers – Attended BP Memorial Tournament
         Meeting and Conference from June                                         - Attended in Regina Tournament
         12th – 14th. If you are interested,                                      - Bronze in Winnipeg Tournament
         please contact Crystal at Ringette                                       - Gold in Provincials
         Saskatchewan at 306-780-9432 to                                          - Nationals in Charlottetown, PEI
                                                              OPEN:     Chargers – Attended City Tournament
         register. Friday evening – Open                                             - Provincials – March 6, 7, 8
         Session, Saturday – conference,                                Blues – Attended Calgary Tournament
         Saturday night – banquet and hall of                                   - Attended City Tournament
                                                                                - Provincials – March 6, 7, 8
         fame inductions, Sunday am – AGM.                              Renegades – Attended City Tournament
         There is a registration fee to be                              Straight Shooters – 1st Men’s team in Saskatoon
         confirmed for the event.                                       Shock – Attended Calgary Tournament
                                                                                 - Westerns – March 26, 27, 28
 The Masters moved out to Dalmeny to
 play their games this season every Friday
 night. We have hosted several “Drop In”
 nights to encourage people to come out
                                                            In 2007, the Government of Canada put in place a
 and try the game. This has resulted in
                                                            non-refundable tax credit program for eligible
 gaining some new players from
                                                            amounts of up to $500.00, paid by parents, to
 Dalmeny, Martensville, and Warman
 areas, as well as Saskatoon. Carpooling                    register a child (under the age of 16) in an eligible
 from Saskatoon is also helping with the                    physical activity program, this includes Ringette.
 drive.                                                     This $500.00 is a per child amount so if you have 3
                                                            children under 16 playing sports your total tax credit
 This season we attended the “Friends on                    would be $1,500.00.
 Ice” tournament in Red Deer - January 2,
 3, & 4, and had a great time. We are                       Please visit for a
 ending our season with a tournament in                     complete breakdown on how this tax credit works.
 Calgary at the Old’n Ring Tournament in
 Chestermere, AB on April 3, 4, & 5.
 For more information about the Masters
                                                                             The Saskatoon Ringette
 Ringette Program, please contact Chris
                                                                             Association is excited to be
 Thiessen at                                        hosting the Western Canadian
                                                                             Ringette Championships from
                                                                             Wednesday, March 25th to
                                                                             Saturday, March 28th at Cosmo
                                                                             Arena and at Harold Latrace 1
                                                                             and 2.
                                           New to SRA
Husky supports our ringette
organization by rebating 2% of your
                                           – If you have a                   Volunteers are still needed.
retail purchases at Husky & Mohawk
                                           small business –
gas stations, convenience stores and       Call the office to                Come on out and watch the
Husky House Restaurants. Funds             check out our                     Tween Saints, Junior Blaze, Belle
can be used in any way our                 website or                        Ice, and Open Shock teams
organization sees fit.                     newsletter
There are no strings attached.
                                                                             compete to see who is the
                                           advertising.                      BEST IN THE WEST.
Cards will be available at registration
nights, at our AGM and at the office       Rates available
for you to give friends and family to      upon request.                     Opening Ceremonies are
present at the time of                     Subject to space                  Wednesday, March 25th at 8:00pm
purchases… other work is               availability.
involved.                                                                    at the PAC Centre on the U of S
                                                                             Campus. Everyone welcome.

                                     Something to think about for the fall.

                                  Earn some extra spending money.
                                                Flexible hours.
                                 Need to be 12 years of age or older.

                Are you interested in reffing ringette. Contact Gary Loy @ 374-2815
                        Summer Ringette Camps – Saskatoon Wild presents their 4th Annual
                        Summer Ringette Camps. August 23 to August 27, 2009 at Harold Latrace Arena. The
                        camp is run by the Wild players and will again feature power skating instruction by ex-
                        NHLer (and ringette parent) Dan Focht. The camp will again feature three age
                        groupings (Bunny/Novice with less that two year’s experience, Novice with two or
                        more years experience and first year Petites, second year Petites and Tweens) and if
                        there is enough interest, there will be a Junior/Belle group as well. Age groupings are
                        based on the upcoming year.
                                   Contact: Terry McAdam 384-6255 or Dwayne Andreen 384-3847
                                                              221-0237                        380-9600

Proposed Changes to Association Policies, Rules and                      Proposed Changes to Constitution
                                                                         Article VI – Directors
Section III – Registration                                               1. ii) Vice President of Coaching and Sport
reads:                                                                   Development – (even years)
i) …Deb/Open 19 years and older                                          change to:
                                                                         1.iv) Vice President of Coaching and Player
change to:
                                                                         Development – (even years)
f) …Open 18 years and older
Section III – Registration                                               1.viii) Vice President of Tournament and Games – (odd
                                                                         change to:
p) For league games, coaches are not allowed to pick up players          1.viii) Vice President of Tournament – (odd years)
unless they have less than ten (10) skaters and a goalie from their
own registered team. Coaches may pick up players to fill their           reads:
                                                                         1. xiii) Commissioner of the Open & Master Division –
roster to a maximum of ten (10) skaters and a goalie.
                                                                         (even years)
add on:                                                                  change to:
p) Teams that are preparing for Provincials, Westerns, and               1. xiii) Commissioner of the Open Division – (even
Nationals may pick up their affiliated roster pick-ups from              years)
February 15th of each playing season and onward, in order to
give these players a chance to get the experience they need to           4. … The 8 year consecutive rule in clause 3 applies …
play on that team.                                                       change to:
                                                                         4. … The 8 year consecutive rule in clause 2 applies
Section IV – Team Officials                                              …
reads:                                                                   Article VIII
h) The Directors will advertise locally for coaches. “AA” and            reads:
“A” coaching application must be received by May 15th of the             2. For the Annual General Meeting, 30 members
playing season. All other coaching applications may be                   consist of a quorum.
                                                                         change to:
submitted up until the time of drafting the teams.                       2. For the Annual General Meeting, 25 members
change to:                                                               consist of a quorum.
h) The Directors will advertise locally for all coaches. “AA” and
“A” coaching applications must be received by May 15th for the
upcoming season. “B” team coaches are strongly encouraged
to get their applications in by May 15th as well.

Section X – City and Provincial Qualifying Rules
a) No pick-up players will be allowed, including goal tenders.
change to:
a) Pick-up players will be allowed, to a maximum of ten (10)          There is an abundance of information about
skaters, not including goal tenders. These players have to be         Saskatoon Ringette and the people involved with
from the division below the one you are in.                           the organization on the website, so check it out.
                                                                      The association is always looking for up-to-date
Section XII – Bingos
                                                                      information about what is happening in the
Remove this section, we do not have bingos anymore.
                                                                      ringette world…so send your stories and pictures
                                                                      (in jpg format) to
      The Saskatoon Ringette Association is hosting NATIONALS in April 2010!!!

  From April 4th – 10th, 2010, Saskatoon will be host to the most prestigious event in
                                  Canadian Ringette.

   From British Columbia to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between and above,
Provincial Champions in the Junior and Belle divisions, as well as NRL playoff games,
               will be in Saskatoon for a wonderful week of ringette.

The Committee is formed and volunteers will be needed to make this event the best one

                                Keep this in mind for 2010!

                                                                            PLEASE WATCH
                                                                            THE WEBSITE
                                                                            FOR MORE INFO
                                                                            ON COME TRY
                                                                            EVENTS. FREE
                                                                            SKATES PLANNED
                                                                            FOR JUNE AND

The Saskatoon City of Bridges Tournament would like to thank the following sponsors for
their support.
                  SASKATOON BOX LACROSSE

                                   PLAY BOX LACROSSE
Saskatoon Box Lacrosse is starting a GIRLS DIVISION for Lacrosse this spring. They have
two divisions – Youth – 1999/1998/1997 and Intermediate – 1996/1995/1994. If you are
interested in playing or want more information, please contact: SBLA, 1111 Avenue G North,
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 2A2. Their phone number is 384-3466 and their fax is 384-3477, and their
email address is
- You base the purchase of your next vehicle on whether it will hold five kids, five sticks,
and five ringette bags.
- You know the location of every Tim Horton’s within a 400 kilometer radius.
- You relate directions to places by the nearest arena.
- You feel lost when you have a free weekend.
- You look forward to going to work on Monday morning because you can use the rest.
- You can cheer at the top of your lungs for an entire weekend and not lose your voice.
- You buy gloves according to how loud you can clap in them.
- You find yourself missing the parents of your child’s teammates during the off-season.
- You can keep up your end of the conversation and watch ringette at the same time.
- You refuse to make any plans with your friends until you check your kids’ ringette
- Dad can rationalize spending $90 on a Ring-Jet stick for his eight-year-old but won’t
spend $5 on a birthday card for his wife.
- You ground your kid for a week (except for ringette practices and games).
- Can justify complaining about someone who gives hundreds of hours of volunteer time
to your child.
- Has to use a grandparent to take kid #1 to a tournament, because Dad was in a different
city with kid #2 at a tournament and Mom was with kid #3 in yet another city for a 3rd
tournament all in one weekend.

               Twelve new referees joined the ranks this season. There
               will be clinics in October for any new referees that are
               interested for the upcoming season. For more information
               about the referees and their association, please contact
               Gary Loy at 374-2815 or at

               Watch for information on the website and in emails about
               the 3rd Annual Referees vs Coaches game.


 Also, a big THANK YOU to Larry Cruse and his SIAST students
          for their help with repairs to our shot clocks!

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