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									                      CONSTANTIA TENNIS CLUB
                       PROSPECTUS 2008/2009
Constantia Tennis Club is situated in the heart
of the Constantia sports complex on Constantia
Main Road. The Club offers members and
visitors a friendly venue to enjoy both social and
competitive tennis on the nine all-weather
The Club has the advantage of resident
professional coaches and an attendant at the
club house on a daily basis. The manager is
also present at the Club on week day mornings.
Constantia Tennis Club has been in existence
since 1970 and has long been regarded as the
premier tennis venue in Cape Town.
                                                     The Club offers members a wide variety of
                                                     opportunities to compete in tournaments and
                                                     competitions at different levels.
                                                     The Saturday leagues are run by Western
                                                     Province Tennis and are played on Saturday
                                                     afternoons. These leagues run from September
                                                     to November and February to May. Match
                                                     practices for Saturday leagues are generally
                                                     twice a week (Tues and Thurs from 4:30 p.m.) in
                                                     the league seasons.
                                                     The ladies morning leagues play their matches
                                                     on a Thursday and ladies morning league
                                                     practices are held on Tuesday mornings.
Apart from the 9 excellent courts, 2 of which are    The Club usually has annual championships
floodlit, the Club’s facilities include change       competitions which attract entries from all player
rooms, showers, an attractive pub, a large           levels. It is intended that the old handicap
lounge area and a braai patio overlooking the        competition should also be re-introduced.
courts. A big screen TV and DSTV are available
for those special sporting events.                                   JUNIOR TENNIS
                                                     A team of experienced coaches from the Tim
        MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES                        Armstrong School of Tennis manages the junior
The Club offers a choice of membership               section of the Club.
including: Full members (qualify to play on          The last Sunday of every month is set aside for
Saturdays); Weekday; Social/Country;                 either a mini- tournament or round robin event
Student and Junior members (under 18 years).         including the annual parent/child round robin – a
Family memberships are also available.               highly sociable and enjoyable event.
Visitors are very welcome at the club and            The highlight of the junior calendar is the annual
various categories of visitor are catered for from   Junior Club Championship that is held every
occasional casual up to longer-term visitors. The    February. During the school holidays the
membership fee structure for the current             coaches also run clinics and various
financial year is set out elsewhere in this          tournaments.
The coaches endeavour to take a group of the                            COACHING
top juniors on a junior tour every year outside      Professional coaching for all levels of players
of Cape Town to compete with other clubs and         is offered with three excellent coaches operating
enjoy the fun and games of an exhilarating           from the Club. Top coaches Chris Potterton
outing.                                              (082 4031916) and Jackie Booth (084
Many of the Club’s top juniors also participate in   5626335) as well as assistant coach Chris De
Saturday league tennis, which gives them             Koker (082 4844455), all from the Tim
excellent competitive experience and teaches         Armstrong School of Tennis, offer group and
big match etiquette.                                 individual coaching to suit all needs. All juniors
                                                     who have coaching at the Club are required to
                SOCIAL TENNIS                        be paid up Club members. A discounted fee is
There is generally organized social play on          applicable to coached juniors as may be agreed
every Saturday afternoon at the Club.                from time to time between the coaches and the
To qualify for Saturday (or Full) membership the     Club. This discounted fee is not applicable to
standard of play of a new member must be             juniors who play league as the cost of the
approved by one of the committee members.            league participation fee payable to WPT for all
During the Saturday league season, a number          league players exceeds the discounted coached
of courts are used for league play but two or        junior membership fee.
more courts are always available for social play
                                                               COMMITTEE MEMBERS
on Saturdays.
                                                     Richard Berrisford – Chairman (082 8244980)
During the winter, or non-league months, the
                                                     Dave Buerger (084 6294327)
organized social play on Saturday afternoons at
                                                     Richard Ballance (083 4542281)
the Club is very well attended by all levels of
                                                     John Grant (082 4505017)
players making for good quality and balanced
                                                     Michelle Godfrey (083 4073560)
tennis. Organized social is also played on
                                                     Peter Frantisek (021 7154887)
Tuesday and Thursday “Morning League” days
                                                     Jackie Booth (084 5626335)
during the “off-season”.
                                                     Chris Potterton (082 4031916)
“Arranged sets” have become a feature of the
                                                     Chris De Koker (082 4844455)
social tennis scene and Wednesday & Thursday
                                                     Ron Larsen (082 4417399)
afternoons from 4 pm are particularly popular
                                                     Yvonne Fichardt (083 4418298)
with a great vibe on the court as well as
excellent camaraderie in the Club pub afterward.
                                                            MEMBERSHIP & VISITOR FEES
                    GENERAL                           Category             Amount
The Club maintains a database of all members          Full member couple   R1,510 p.a.
with names, telephone numbers, addresses and          Full member single   R900 p.a.
email contact details. All members are                Week-day couple      R1,310 p.a.
requested to ensure that their details are kept       Week-day single      R745 p.a.
updated.                                              Social/Country       R385 p.a.
The Club offers its facilities for functions to       Student              R470 p.a.
members and/or their friends at very reasonable       Junior-under 18 yrs  R385 p.a.
rates. Contact any committee member for               Family Junior        R220 p.a.
details.                                              Visitor with member  R10 per occasion
The Club’s website is in the early stages of          Day visitor          R30 per occasion
development but once up and running it will be        Temporary member     R150 per month
managed and kept up to date.
A Diary of club events is posted on the notice       Manager: Michelle Godfrey
boards. This is regularly updated.                   Club telephone: 021 7944295
Two flood lit courts are available and light cards   P O Box 103, Constantia 7848
can be bought at the Club.                           Email:

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