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					  The Official Publication of the
      Black Caucus of the
  Government Finance Officers
 Association of the United States
           and Canada

                                                                   Black Caucus
         January 2006
                                        Message from the Chair …

                                        Dear Black Caucus Members:
  2005-2006 OFFICERS
                                        As I am half way through my term as Chair of the GFOA’s Black Caucus, I would like to
Ms. Barbara D. Jumper (CHAIR)           thank you once again for electing me to lead this esteemed group. It is a personal and
Associate Chief Financial Officer       professional honor for me and I am grateful for the experience. I would like to share with
Government Operations Cluster           you some of our recent activities and plans for the future.
Washington, DC                   Over the past few months, I have been working with the Black Caucus Leadership team
                                        to determine ways to facilitate communication between Black Caucus members, and to
                                        increase our membership. Our Vice Chair, Cynthia Alexander and our Secretary, Henry
Ms. Cynthia B. Alexander (VICE CHAIR)   Mosely, have both assisted me since our meeting in San Antonio, and I will continue to
Assistant City Manager/CFO              seek their leadership and assistance in the months ahead.
City of La Porte, TX
                                        I am happy to announce that we have started to expand the Black Caucus web site, and
                                        further developments will occur before our next meeting in Montreal. A “members only”
Mr. Henry Mosley (SECRETARY)            section has been implemented which provides us with the opportunity to have discussion
Chief Financial Officer                 forums on a variety of issues, and post information of interest to our members. I would
Washington Convention Center            welcome your suggestions for forum topics, as we would like to begin using this feature                in late February/early March. Please send your ideas to Susan Gaffney at
                               GFOA staff will also provide you with additional information to assist
                                        you with accessing and using the web site.
       GFOA Staff Liaisons
                                        We also plan to institute a schedule for a Black Caucus newsletter, with the goal of
                                        publishing 3 times a year. This newsletter will be available to all GFOA members, and
Susan A. Gaffney                        will be posted electronically on the Black Caucus’ main web site. We hope that this will
Director                                help build our membership and encourage GFOA members to become involved in the
GFOA Federal Liaison Center
                                        Black Caucus.
                                        GFOA’s annual conference – A Century of Progress in Government Finance: Our 100th
Barrie Tabin Berger                     Anniversary – will be held in Montreal, Quebec Canada, May 7-10. The Black Caucus’
Assistant Director                      annual business meeting will be held Sunday, May 7 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (SG confirm
GFOA Federal Liaison Center             time and room). We will also be planning a reception, and further details will be                       forthcoming in early Spring.

                                        I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your participation in the Black Caucus.
Deborah V. Reaves
Admin. Associate/Office Manager         Your engagement in the organization will help us grow and achieve the goals that I know
GFOA Federal Liaison Center             are important to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,                        ideas or comments. The best way to reach me is via email at

                                        I look forward to working with you in 2006.

                                        Barbara Jumper, Chairman, Black Caucus of the GFOA

                                                                                                             -- OVER --
                   GFOA Black Caucus

                    Mission Statement

We are the Black Caucus of the Government Finance

Officers Association of the United States and Canada

(GFOA). We are dedicated to the objectives of GFOA

and encourage our members to participate and

contribute at the national level and in the state

associations. Our mission is to diligently support the

aspirations and achievements of African-American

public finance officers; to pursue professional

development opportunities for our members; and to

sponsor projects to assist African-Americans seeking

careers in government finance.

January 27, 1995

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