The Bantu Migrations by hawkeyefan711


                                                                      Core #__________

                                 The Bantu Migrations
                                     Pages 36-42
                                        Guided Reading
Directions: Guided reading questions help the reader to focus on important aspects of the
section. Each question accompanies a particular section (bold-face heading) from the
reading. Read the question carefully. Then, read that section. Finally, come back to the
question and answer it completely. Due Thursday.

   1. For more than 2,000 years, the largest desert in the world, the
      ___________ cut off the larger part of Africa from Europe and
      European ________________? Pg. 36

   2. Study the map and “The Physical Geography of Africa” on page 38.
      Answer the following questions below:
                      a. What will you find north and south of the
                         rainforests in Africa?
                      b. Explain how big the Sahara Desert is (in reference
                         to the United States).

   3. If you were a desert traveler in Africa, you would very interested in
      locating an ______________ which is an area of ___________ fed
      by _________ and also underground __________. Pg. 38

   4. Much of the area north and south of Africa’s rain forests is/are
      _____, a rolling grassland. Map and paragraph 2; pg. 38

           A.   Mountains
           B.   Savanna
           C.   Swamps
           D.   Fertile
5. Africa’s physical geography offers some ___________ sights.
   Giraffes graze on the plains below Kenya’s ____________ foot
   Mount ______________. Victoria _________ on the
   _____________ River plunge ____ feet and give off clouds of spray.
   Africans call the falls “______________________________”.
   Pg.39 – did you use all of the illustrations too?

6. Define the term migration. Pg. 39

7. Summarize the Bantu Migrations discussed on pages 39 – 40 by
   addressing the 5 W’s (an excellent strategy for taking notes). The
   “What” is done for you.
      What happened?
       One of the largest human migrations known occurred in Africa.
       Where did it occur?
       When did the event occur?
       Who was involved in this event?
       Why did this event occur?
8. Define the term oasis. Pg. 38

9. Learning and Teaching: Read this section carefully. Then fill in the
   blanks to list five things that the Bantu people spread by migrating to
   new areas.
   By migrating, the Bantu speaking people spread their culture and their
   language to new areas in Africa. –CRT Nugget
   In each area they crossed, the Bantu-speaking people passed on what
   they had learned. They introduced new __________, such as yams
   and _____________, to parts of Africa. They also taught people
   what was probably their most valuable skill --

10. Mapping Practice (page 253)- Use this physical map to complete the sentence below
    explaining where the largest desert (the Sahara) is located in Africa.
The largest desert in the world, the Sahara is located __________________________

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