Dear Hostess,

Thank you for scheduling your Scentsy get-together. As your Consultant, I am ready to help you earn lots
of free and ½ price Scentsy products! Let’s get started to make your presentation great…We will work
together to make sure you and your guests have fun and that you walk away with lots of Scentsy products!

Here’s what YOU get:
      A FREE gift with 5 or more guests in attendance
      The chance to purchase an extra ½ Price Product when one of your friends books their own party.
      The Scentsy Hostess Special. Earning “scent-sational” rewards is as easy as 1-2-3!

        GUEST SALES             $150-$249          $250-$399           $400-$999             $1000 +
       FREE PRODUCT                10%                10%                 15%                 15%
         ½ Price Items              1                  2                   3                    4

Step 1: Create a Wish List
Use the Wish List sheet in your packet to write down the items you would like to get out of the catalog.
Write down all of your favorite scents as well. We will work together to get all of these things for you!

Step 2: Invite Your Guests
You’ll need to over-invite because not everyone will be able to come. I suggest making a personal call to
let them know the Scentsy invite is on its way! Paper invitations are enclosed in your Hostess Information
Packet. If you need more, just let me know!

Step 3: Remind Guests to Come
Give your guests a call 2 days before the party. They will appreciate the reminder. Also let them know
that they are more than welcome to bring a friend or two. The more people at your party means more sales
and more sales means more rewards for you!

Step 4: Collect Outside Orders
Pass the catalog around to those who can’t come or direct them to my website
They can make purchases from your party directly through my site and all of these outside orders will be
put towards your party’s total sales (helping you earn more Scentsy products!)

And one more thing…Scentsy is a ground floor business opportunity and I am looking for leaders who
want to join my team and help spread the “Scentsy Bug”. If you or someone you know is looking for a
fun and rewarding way to earn an income, I would be happy to discuss the opportunities that becoming a
Scentsy Consultant offers. Thank you in advance for being a great party hostess and with the two of us
working together, I know we will have a successful Scentsy get-together.
                                 WICKLESS CANDLES


In addition to your regular hostess benefits you have the opportunity
                    to earn the following rewards:

           * $50 in orders collected outside the party you will receive
                              One FREE Scensty Bar

          * $100 in orders collected outside the party you will receive:
                             One FREE Room Spray

*If your party closes @ over $500 in sales I will award you with a FREE Plug-In
                     of your choice, for all your hard work.

Keep in mind: These outside orders DO count towards your party totals, so the more you
                  sell the higher your FREE product credit is getting.
                                       ORDER FORM INSTRUCTIONS:

     1. Have the customer fill out their name, complete address, and phone number for processing
        purposes. If they would like to receive a monthly newsletter telling them about the monthly
        Scentsy Specials have them complete their email address as well.

     2. Fill in Product information according to the catalog.

     3. Payments accepted are Cash, Checks (made payable to _____________) and ALL MAJOR
        Credit Cards (If paying by CC, fill in ALL CC information including the 3 digit security code on
        the back of the card.)

     4. You will need to total the order:

            1. TAX depends on where the product is being shipped to, ME tax is 5 %

     (I calculate this by multiplying the total by 1.05 this gives you the total with tax included.)

            2. Shipping is free as long as your Party Total reaches $150 and as long as the customer
               doesn’t need the order to be shipped separate from the party order

     5. Give ONE copy of the receipt to the customer (instructions for who gets what color is located
        @ the bottom of form)

I’m sure you’re ready to HAVE FUN so get out there and start sharing the wonderful world of Scentsy
                                    with everyone you know!!

               If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

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