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									May 19, 2010

                   Madison Parks &
                 SUMMER CAMP EDITION
                                                                                        and practice physical defense moves.
                                                                                        With the final class, simulation of an
  T   he City of Madison Parks and
      Recreation Department is
 located at 8324 Old Madison Pike.
                                             REGISTRATION DATES
                                             LACROSSE – November – February
                                                                                        attack with volunteers.
                                                                                        Mothers and daughters are
                                             BASEBALL - January                         encouraged to attend.
 Our office hours are Monday through         SOFTBALL – January/February
 Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. If you                                                    For more information concerning the
                                             BABE RUTH –March/April                     R.A.D. class, please visit the City of
 have any questions, call our                SUMMER SWIM LESSONS - May
 department at 772-9300 or visit our                                                    Madison website at
                                             SUMMER SWIM TEAM - May           
 website at                SOCCER – May/June
                                             CHEERLEADING – May/June/July               Madison Pop Warner Football
                                             FOOTBALL – May/June/July                   and Cheerleading Association
 T     he Dublin facility includes a
       double gymnasium with a
       walking track, a 25 yard indoor
       swimming pool, 25 yard
                                             BASKETBALL – August/September
                                             AYSO Fall Soccer
                                                                                        Registration Dates Announced
                                                                                        The Madison Pop Warner Football
                                                                                        and Cheerleading Association
                                             Registration Dates Announced
 outdoor swimming pool with a 1                                                         Registration will be held at Dublin
                                             AYSO Fall registration will be held at
 meter and a 3 meter diving board,                                                      Park on Saturday, July 10th and 24th
                                             Dublin Park on Saturday, May 22nd
 nine (9) soccer fields, seven (7)                                                      from noon – 4pm and on Thursday,
                                             from 1:00pm – 4:00pm, Monday,
 lighted tennis courts, multi-purpose                                                   July 15th and 22nd from 6:00pm –
                                             June 7th from 6:00pm – 8:30pm and
 room, meeting rooms, a nine (9) hole                                                   9:00pm. For more information, please
                                             on Saturday, June 12th form 12:00pm
 beginners level disc golf course and                                                   visit the MPWFCA website at
                                             – 4:00pm.
 administrative offices. The hours for                                        
                                             Practices are scheduled to begin the
 the facility are Monday - Friday 5:30
                                             week of August 2nd with the first game
 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. -
                                             being held on the Saturday, August
 8:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to                                                     CURRENT PROGRAMS
                                             14th. For more information concerning
 6:00 p.m.                                                                              AND CLASSES
                                             fall registration, please visit the
 Palmer Park includes two (2) lighted        AYSO Region 498 webpage at
 football fields, thirteen (13) baseball     www.ayso498,org
 fields, six (6) softball fields, six (6)                                                Our baseball season runs April - June
 soccer fields, three (3) concession         RAD (Rape Aggression                       with registration usually in January.
 stands, four (4) pavilions, batting         Defense System) Classes to be              Registration, fees, etc. are set by the
 cages and an ADA playground.                held at Dublin Park for June               Madison Baseball Association. Age
                                             21st – 25th                                bracket is determined by their age on
 T    he Recreation/Senior Center is
      located at 1282 Hughes Road and
      is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00
                                             The Rape Aggression Defense System
                                             is a program of self-defense tactics
                                                                                        April 30th. For additional
                                                                                        information, search the MBA web site
                                             and techniques for women. R.A.D. is        at or the
 p.m. each weekday. The center offers
                                             not a Martial Arts program. The            administrative office.
 a Nutrition Site Program, Line
 Dancing, Ceramics, and other                course is taught by certified R.A.D.
                                             instructor, Christie Gover. Classes
 activities. For more information,                                                      Registration for basketball will be in
 contact Judy Meiers at 830-1576.            will be held at Dublin Park during
                                                                                        late August/early September.
                                             four evening classes of three hours
                                                                                        However, sign-ups are cut-off once
                                             per class. Students must attend all
                                                                                        we reach a certain number due to the
                                             classes to complete the class. During
                                                                                        limited space. Ages 5-17 year old are
                                             these classes, the students will discuss
                                                                                        taken, with age bracket determined by
                                             prevention and risk reduction, learn
                                                                                        their age on September 1st. of the
                                                                                        current year. Practice begins during
  2                                                                  Madison Parks & Recreation
the month of October and games are        naturally and experience the joy of       SOFTBALL
played November - February. For           creative expressions. We believe          Softball registration is held in January
more information, look at                 every child can learn to draw in a non-   with practice beginning in March and or call     competitive, fun, encouraging             games starting in April. The season
the administrative offices.               environment. To register, call Jan        usually runs April - June. Fees, times,
                                          Kelly at 830-4741 or email                etc. are set by the Madison Softball
EAGLE CLAW TAI CHI                                    League. For additional information,
Derived from Eagle Claw kung fu and
                                                                                    check out the Madison Softball
incorporating Chi Gung moving             KKT ALL STARS                             League webpage at
meditation, students will learn the       Baton Twirling Lessons          
outward art of self-defense and the       Lessons will be held weekly on            or the administrative offices.
inward art of meditation. If you have     Monday evenings at Dublin Park. We
any questions, please contact Sensei      will march in the Huntsville and          SWIM TEAM - Summer
Hawk at                Madison Christmas Parades. The            Madison Dolphin Swim Team
                                          recital is scheduled for May. For more    registration is held in May with
FOOTBALL &                                                                          practice beginning in May. Swim
                                          information, please contact Kristin
CHEERLEADING                              Craig at 256-652-2386 or 256-746-         meets are held on Tuesday and
Registration is held in May, June and     1349                                      Thursday nights with meets also on
July. We will offer two programs this                                               Saturday. Ages 6-18 will be accepted.
summer/fall: Tennessee Valley Youth       HUNTSVILLE/MADISON                        Each child must be able to swim the
Football or the Madison Pop Warner        ROLLER HOCKEY                             length of the pool to qualify. For more
League. For more information,             Are you interested in playing indoor      information, contact the Dublin Pool
contact the Madison Athletic              roller hockey? League fee is $170.00      Park Staff at 772-2560. Madison
Association at                            for 10 games plus playoffs. Roller        Dolphins website: or the     Rookies (six sessions) will be $75.00.
Madison Pop Warner Football at            For more information, please contact or the           HMRA at 520-0926 or email                 TENNIS
administrative offices.                                    Willis Mbandi and his staff will
                                                             conduct tennis lessons for kids and
                                                                                    adults during the spring and summer
IRISH STEP DANCE                                                                    months. For more information, please
                                          Join the fastest game on two feet and     contact. Mr. Mbandi at 694-5720 or
Come join one of the most
                                          the oldest original game in North – registration
exhilarating dance classes out there!
                                          America. Teams are forming now for        forms are available at Dublin Park.
In this class, you will learn the same
                                          youth lacrosse in all age groups for
style of dance as those seen in shows
like Riverdance or Lord of the Dance.
                                          boys and girls. For more information:     VALLEY FUTBOL CLUB
                                                     Our recreational program offers
Solo and ceili (group) dances will be
taught in this class. No dance                                                      players the opportunity to improve
experience is necessary to join.                                                    their skills and compete against other                 SOCCER                                    soccer clubs in the greater North
                                                                                    Alabama area while competitive
KIDS IN MOTION                                                                      opportunities extend statewide and
This creative movement dance class                                                  regionally. VFC proudly hosts a
takes students through a wide variety                                               variety of year round activities for
of dance inspired activities to learn                                               local youth soccer players.
the basics of any dance style. Students                                   
will use different props such as
tunnels, parachutes and musical            Sign-ups for fall soccer will be held    DUBLIN PARK WATER
instruments. No dance experience is       at Dublin Park in May and June. The       AEROBICS
necessary to join.                        season usually runs August -                 November and then a possible season
                                          in the spring. For additional
KIDZ ART                                  information, search the AYSO web
KidzArt helps children become             page at or the
creative thinkers and develop                                                       Come join the fun. Starting in
                                          administrative offices.
confidence. With fun exercises and                                                  January, Dublin Park will offer Water
techniques, kids learn to draw                                                      Aerobic Classes on Mondays and
  3                                                                    Madison Parks & Recreation
Wednesdays from 9:30am – 10:30am           maintenance is not a quick fix. It is a    Flex, squeeze and balance your way
for $5.00 per class or $30 a month.        long-haul lifestyle commitment. In         through a series of floor exercises that
Classes will consist of shallow water      this dynamic class, learn weight           will demand attention of abdominal,
exercise including cardio, muscle          management techniques in an                oblique, and lower back muscles.
conditioning and stretches. For more       educational and supportive
                                                                                      ZUMBA – Ditch the workout and
information, please contact Jessica        environment. Monthly wait
                                                                                      join the party! Zumba is unique and
Jones at 772-2560                          measurements and weekly weigh-ins
                                                                                      exhilarating fusion of dynamic dance
                                           are the benchmarks that will guide
MADISON WELLNESS                                                                      moves with an international flair. It
                                           you on the road to fat-loss success.
                                                                                      combines fun conditioning techniques
PROGRAM – Healthy                          Sessions include: monthly waist
                                                                                      with electrifying beats that is meant to
                                           measurements, weekly weigh-ins,
Lifestyle Education –                      support and instruction from licensed
                                                                                      motivate, energize and sculpt fit, sexy
All classes will be held at Dublin                                                    bodies.
                                           dieticians and advice on healthy
Park. For more information, please         weight loss techniques.                    YOGA – Slow down your day and
call 886-3853, 690-3991 or visit the                                                  de-stress your body!
CSC Website at                             Challenge Fitness Camp                     Work on strength and flexibility while             Take part in positive, fun and             instructors guide you through relaxing
                                           beneficial workouts with experienced       and empowering key poses and
Sizzle! Healthy Cooking                    trainers motivated to deliver              postures.
Seminars Who said diet meals               equipment, expertise and energy to         Strengthen muscles, flex joints and
should be bland? Experience firsthand      Dublin Park!                               relive stress through poses like the
the fun of preparing delicious meals       Do away with drill instructors,            Big Toe, the Lord of Dance and the
with a nutritious kick! The chef will      whistles, and yelling. Say “NO” to         Happy Baby.
dish out ways to increase your             workout staleness! The Challenge
nutritional awareness while you add        Fitness Camp uses positive motivation
new flavorful recipes to your              to ensure all participants meet their
repertoire. Soon you’ll be slicing and     fitness needs is a constantly evolving     UPCOMING AREA
dicing your way to a happier, leaner       and ever-changing program.
belly.                                     Challenge Fitness Camp is a circuit
                                                                                      EVENTS, CAMPS AND
                                           training class utilizing medicine balls,   REGISTRATIONS
Harmony: Healthy Lifestyle                 kettlebells, jump ropes, resistance
Solution Series Confused about             bands and other tools designed to
the onslaught of conflicting nutritional   challenge the body. Benefits:
advice found in magazines, websites
                                                                                      Rocket City United Soccer
                                           cardiovascular training, muscle
and television programs? It is a                                                      Game
                                           development and tone, increased
challenge to balance a love for                                                       When: Saturday, May 22nd
                                           flexibility, enhanced energy and
delicious treats with an awareness of                                                 Where: Madison City Schools
                                           improved joint health.
healthy nutrients, portions and                                                       Stadium
limitations.                               Group Fitness Classes                      Time: 7:30pm
Harmony investigates the foundation        Knockout – Jab, hook, uppercut, and        Tickets: Adult - $10.00
of healthy eating as a part of living a    kick your way through a knockout of        Tickets: Youth/Senior - $7.00 For
well balanced life. Join this ongoing      a class!                                   more information, please call 256-
seminar series to expand your              Experience the fundamentals of             895-8325 or visit the RCU website at
knowledge on eating smart, enjoying        boxing and kickboxing while      
the complexities of food and               punching and kicking your way to a
                                                                                      Dublin Outdoor Pool Opens
addressing the nutritional needs of        slimmer waistline, toned limbs and an
your body.                                 energized attitude. Discover your          on Monday, May 31st at 10am
                                           inner warrior as you take out your         BJHS Patriot Softball Camp
Weight Loss Challenge Don’t                aggression and tighten your core at
care about the difference between                                                     When: June 1st – 3rd
                                           the same time.                             Where: Bob Jones Softball Field
high and low-density lipoproteins or
how to interpret the glycemic index?       PILATES – Spend your time toning           Ages: 2nd – 5th Time: 8am – 11am
Do you just want straight forward          your body while strengthening your         Ages: 6th – 9th Time: 1pm – 4pm
advice about losing weight and             core!                                      Fee: $65.00
keeping it off? JOIN THE WEIGHT            Improve posture, align your spine and      For more info, contact 651-0966
LOSS CHALLENGE!                            strengthen core muscles in this
You already know the fat loss and          exciting class.
  4                                                                  Madison Parks & Recreation
                                           Lady Patriot Basketball                 Madison Academy Football
                                           Camp                                    Camp (Grades 1st – 4th)
                                           When: June 2nd – 4th                    When: June 7th – 10th
                                           Where: Bob Jones Gym                    Where: MA Football Field
                                           Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm                  Time: 8:00am – 11:00am
                                           Ages: Grades 1 – 9 (09-10 school        Fee: $100.00
                                           year)                                   Contact: Coach Eric Cohu
                                           Cost: $65.00                            256-971-1621 or
Patriot Baseball Camp                      For more information, call 503-6779.
Little League Academy I                                                            Madison Academy Football
When: June 1st – 3rd
                                                                                   Camp (Grades 5th – 8th)
Where: BJHS Baseball Field
                                                                                   When: June 7th – 10th
Time: 8:30am – 11:00am
                                                                                   Where: MA Football Field
Ages: 6 – 12 years old
                                                                                   Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Fee: $65.00                                Valley Futbol Club Try-Outs             Fee: $100.00
Contact: Coach Jeff Bell at 783-9757       Where: Palmer Park                      Contact: Coach Eric Cohu
                                           When: June 4th – 9th                    256-971-1621 or
Liberty Baseball Camp                      Contact:
(Package #1)                                                             
This package allows you to chose           Rocket City United Soccer               Dublin Park Tennis Camp
from two options: Hitting and              Game                                    When: June 7th – 11th
Fielding or Pitching and Catching.         When: Saturday, June 5th                Who: Ages 4 – 18
When: June 1st – 4th                       Where: Madison City Schools             Where: Dublin Tennis Center
Where: Liberty Baseball Field              Stadium                                 Time: Varies depends on level
Ages 11 – 14 years old                     Time: 7:30pm                            Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50
Time: 8:00am – 10:00am                     Tickets: Adult - $10.00                 Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130
Fee: $150.00                               Tickets: Youth/Senior - $7.00 For       Contact: Willis Mbandi - 694-5720
Contact: Coach Hopper                      more information, please call 256-
256-682-2945 or                            895-8325 or visit the RCU website at    AYSO Registration                    When: Saturday, June 12th
                                                                                   Where: Dublin Park
Liberty Baseball Camp                      AYSO Registration                       Time: 12:00noon – 4:00pm
(Package #2)                               When: Monday, June 7th                  Fee:
This package includes hitting,             Where: Dublin Park                      1 player - $100.00
fielding, pitching and catching            Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm                   2 players in family - $200.00
instruction. Includes a free camp shirt,   Fee:                                    3 or more players in family - $250.00
drink and lunch each day.                  1 player - $100.00                      discounted fees applied when
When: June 1st – 4th                       2 players in family - $200.00           registering during walk-in
Where: Liberty Baseball Field              3 or more players in family - $250.00   registrations
Ages 11 – 14 years old                     discounted fees applied when            Website:
Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm                     registering during walk-in
Fee: $200.00                               registrations
Contact: Coach Hopper                      Website:
256-682-2945 or
Patriot Boys Basketball
                                                                                   Madison Junior Golf Clinic
When: June 2nd – 4th
                                                                                   for Ages 8 and Older
Where: Bob Jones Gym                       Dublin Park Basketball                  When: June 14th – 18th
Time: 8am – 12pm                                                                   Where: Madison Golf Center
                                           Camp                                    Time: 8:00am – 9:30am
Ages: Grades 1 – 9 (09-10 school           When: June 7th – 9th
                                                                                   Fee: $100.00
year)                                      Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
                                                                                   Contact: 772-5480
Cost: $65.00                               Ages: 7 – 14
For more information, call 698-0003.       Contact: Coach Miller -772-2547
  5                                                                Madison Parks & Recreation
AYSO Soccer Camp                                                                Patriot Volleyball Clinic
When: June 14th – 18th                                                          When: June 28th – 30th
Where: Palmer Park                                                              Where: BJHS Gymnasium
For more information, visit the AYSO                                            Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
website at               Dublin Park Tennis Camp                Ages: 4th – 8th Grade
                                         When: June 21st – 25th                 Fee: $65.00
Dublin Park Tennis Camp                                                         Contact: Coach Laura Burke at
                                         Who: Ages 4 – 18
When: June 14th – 18th                                                          205-908-0781
                                         Where: Dublin Tennis Center
Who: Ages 4 – 18
                                         Time: Varies depends on level          Rocket City United Soccer
Where: Dublin Tennis Center
                                         Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50
Time: Varies depends on level                                                   Game
                                         Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130
Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50                                                           When: Saturday, July 3rd
                                         Contact: 694-5720
Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130                                                         Where: Madison City Schools
Contact: 694-5720                        Lady Patriot Tennis Camp               Stadium
Patriot Football Camp                    When: June 21st - 25th                 Time: 7:30pm
                                         Where: BJHS Tennis Courts              Tickets: Adult - $10.00
When: Tuesday, June 15th
                                         Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm                 Tickets: Youth/Senior - $7.00 For
Where: BJHS Field House
                                         Ages: 2nd – 6th Grade                  more information, please call 256-
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
                                         Fee: $65.00                            895-8325 or visit the RCU website at
Ages: k – 12th grade
                                         Contact: Coach Kristine Roberts at
Cost: $20.00 Contact: Coach Kevin
Rose at 772-4388 or                                                             City of Madison July 4th              Madison Junior Golf Clinic             Celebration
Madison Dolphins Medal                   for Ages 7 and Under                   When: Sunday, July 4th
                                                       nd     th
Meet                                     When: June 22 – 25                     Where: Dublin Park More
                          th             Where: Madison Golf Center             information coming soon
When: Saturday, June 19
                                         Time: 8:30am – 9:30am
Where: Dublin Park Indoor Pool                                                  AYSO Soccer Camp
                                         Fee: $65
                                         Contact: 772-5480                      When: July 5th – 9th
Patriot Track Camp
                                                                                Where: Dublin Park
When: June 21st – 24th
Where: BJHS Track
                                         Patriot Boys Soccer Camp               For more information, visit the AYSO
                                         When: June 22nd – 26th                 website at
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
                                         Where: BJHS Soccer Practice Field
Ages: Rising 2nd – 9th Graders
                                         Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Cost: $65.00
                                         Ages: Rising 4th – 12th Grade
Contact: Coach Robin Gaines at 772-
                                         Fee: $60.00
2547 ext 220
                                         Contact: Coach Brett Chapman
Challenger Sports Soccer                 256-651-2650 or
Camp – Sponsored by St. John’s 
Catholic School                                                                 Madison Pop Warner
When: June 21st – 25th                                                          Football and Cheerleading
Where: Dublin 4/5                                                               Registration
Info:                                                                           When: Saturday, July 10th or                                          Where: Dublin Park
contact Tony Lashley at                                                         Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm                     Rocket City United Soccer              For more information, please contact
                                         Game                                   the MPWFCA website at
Rape Aggression Defense                  When: Saturday, June 26th    
Course at Dublin Park                    Where: Madison City Schools
When: June 21st – 25th                   Stadium                                RCU Soccer Camp
Where: Dublin Park Gym                   Time: 7:30pm                           When: July 12th – 16th
Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm                    Tickets: Adult - $10.00                Where: Dublin Park
Contact: Christie Gover – 772-5618       Tickets: Youth/Senior - $7.00 For      More information coming soon.
                                         more information, please call 256-
                                         895-8325 or visit the RCU website at
  6                                                                  Madison Parks & Recreation
Madison Junior Golf Clinic             Madison Junior Golf Clinic             Rocket City United Soccer
for Ages 8 and Older                   for Ages 7 and Under                   Tournament
When: July 12th – 16th                 When: July 20th – 23rd                 Where: Dublin Park Soccer Fields
Where: Madison Golf Center             Where: Madison Golf Center             When: July 31 – August 1
Time: 8:00am – 9:30am                  Time: 8:30am – 9:30am                  For more information, please contact:
Fee: $100.00                           Fee: $65                     
Contact: 772-5480                      Contact: 772-5480
                                                                              Patriot Cheerleader Camp
Dublin Park Tennis Camp                Lady Patriot Soccer Camp               When: Saturday, August 14th
              th    th                               st    th
When: July 12 – 16                     When: July 21 – 25                     Where: Bob Jones High School
Who: Ages 4 – 18                       Where: BJHS West Soccer Field          Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Where: Dublin Tennis Center            Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm                  Ages: k – 8th Grade
Time: Varies depends on level          Ages: Rising 3rd – 6th Grade           Fee: $35.00
Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50                  Fee: $50.00                            Contact: Tara Murphy – 227-4986 or
Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130                Contact: Coach Patrick Jacklin
Contact: 694-5720                      256-426-5255
                                                                              DUBLIN PARK
Madison Pop Warner                     Lady Patriot Soccer Camp               MEMBERSHIP PLANS
Football and Cheerleading              When: July 21st – 25th                 (Madison Resident)
Registration                           Where: BJHS East Soccer Field          INDIVIDUAL
When: Thursday, July 15th              Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm                  Three (3) Month - $50.00
Where: Dublin Park                     Ages: Rising 7th – 12th Grade          Six (6) Months - $75.00
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm                  Fee: $50.00                            Twelve (12) Months - $110.00
For more information, please contact   Contact: Coach Patrick Jacklin         FAMILY (Based on Family of 4)
the MPWFCA website at                  256-426-5255                           Three (3) Month - $125.00               Madison Pop Warner                     Six (6) Months - $150.00
                                                                              Twelve (12) Months - $250.00
Bob Jones High School                  Football and Cheerleading              ADDITIONAL MEMBERS
2nd Annual “Fun n Gun”                 Registration                           Three (3) Month - $10.00
Football Camp                          When: Thursday, July 22nd              Six (6) Months - $15.00
When: July 19th – 21st                 Where: Dublin Park                     Twelve (12) Months - $25.00
Time: 8:00am – 10:00am                 Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: BJHS Practice Field             For more information, please contact   WALK-IN FEES
                                       the MPWFCA website at                  Ages 3 and Under            FREE
Ages: k – 6th Grade
                                            Ages 4 – 10                $2.00
Fee: $65.00 includes t-shirt, games
                                                                              Ages 11 – 59                $3.00
and giveaways                          Madison Pop Warner                     Ages 60+                    $1.00
For more information –
                                       Football and Cheerleading                                                      SWIM WAIVERS
Patriot Football Camp                                           th            Children 14 years old and younger
                                       When: Saturday, July 24
              th    st                                                        require adult supervision while
When: July 19 – 21                     Where: Dublin Park
                                                                              swimming. If a child is between the
Where: BJHS Field House                Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
                                                                              ages of 11 – 14, his/her parent may
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm                For more information, please contact
                                                                              come to the Dublin Park Front Desk
Ages: 7th & 8th Grade                  the MPWFCA website at
                                                                              to complete a Liability Waiver Form.
Cost: $65.00                 
                                                                              This form will allow a child (age 11 –
Contact: Coach Kevin Rose at 772-
                                       Dublin Park Tennis Camp                14) to swim without parental
4388 or
                                       When: July 26th – 30th                 supervision. The form must be
Dublin Park Tennis Camp                Who: Ages 4 – 18                       completed and signed by the parent
When: July 19th – 23rd                 Where: Dublin Tennis Center            with a Dublin Park staff member as a
Who: Ages 4 – 18                       Time: Varies depends on level          witness. Children 10 or younger must
Where: Dublin Tennis Center            Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50                  be supervised by an adult at all times.
Time: Varies depends on level          Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130                For more information concerning the
Fee: Ages 4 – 7 - $50                  Contact: 694-5720                      swim waivers, please contact the
Fee: Ages 8 – 18 - $130                                                       Dublin Park Front Desk at 772-9300.
Contact: 694-5720

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