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                         Fund For Women Honors Eva Verplanck

FFW Grantee       2
Camp Invention
                         For the past three years, Fund For Women has hosted
                         a breakfast in honor of a Fund For Women Founder
                         whose participation in the community exemplifies the
Girls Just Wanna 3       spirit of the Founding Founders, the 16 women who
Have Funds!              established the Fund For Women. This year’s honoree
                         was community leader, volunteer and philanthropist,
                         Dr. Eva Verplanck. Dr. Verplanck lives in Kennett
                         Square but her philanthropic reach includes both
Trinkets and      4      Delaware and Chester County. She has served in nu-
Toddies                  merous leadership positions while inspiring others to
                         contribute to a wide range of causes.
A Grand Event!    5
                         “Dr. Verplanck’s contributions and achievements
Celebrating              serve as a role model for women who want to make a
1,000 Founders           difference in their communities.” said Kay Preston,
                         Fund For Women Chair. “She (continued on page 7)
Swingin’ With A   6                             Photograph courtesy of 
                                                                                     Left to Right: Founding Founder Judy Hoopes,
                                                                                     Dr. Eva Verplanck, and Founding Founder
Star                                        Escudero Photography                     Elisabeth Poole

                  We did it!                                                                  and staying power of our support
                                                                                              in Delaware.
                                                                                              Achieving its “1,000th Founder”

                  Fund for Women reaches 1,000 Founder Goal                                   goal has motivated the Fund’s
                                                                                              Advisory Committee to establish
                                                                                              a compelling new goal: to grow
                  The Fund For Women has                Since its inception 16 years ago,     the Fund’s existing endowment
                  signed up its 1,000th Founder,        the Fund has been making a dra-       of $2.3 million by another $1 mil-
                  reaching its original goal of         matic impact on the lives of          lion. This new goal is inclusive,
                  enlisting 1,000 women to con-         women and girls statewide by          as it will rely on donations from
                  tribute $1,000 each to fund pro-      harnessing the collective philan-     both new and existing Founders.
                  grams that improve the quality        thropy of women.                      Statewide, the Fund For Women
                  of life for women and girls in        Realizing our original goal is more   has Founders in all three coun-
                  Delaware.                             than just reaching a number. It       ties. The fastest-growing county
                  To mark this major milestone,         means that we will be able to help    during the past two years has
                  the Fund will hold celebrations       even more women and girls             been Sussex, which recently
                  in all three counties in Delaware     through the Fund’s charitable con-    signed up its 100th Founder.
                  in early 2010.                        tributions. It shows the strength     The Fund is a unique, all-
                                                                                              volunteer network which aims to
                                                                                              improve the worth and potential
                   “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people            of women and girls in Delaware
                   can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”          by funding critical programs that
                                                                                              meet their needs — from housing
                                                                   -Margaret Mead             to health (continued on page 5)
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           Spotlight on FFW Grantee…
           Camp Invention
           Camp Invention is an educa-        Local teachers
           tional outreach program from       receive training
           the non-profit National Inven-     in     inquiry
           tors Hall of Fame Foundation,      learning meth-
               presented in partnership       odology to pre-
               with the United States Pat-    sent the Camp
                ent and Trademark Of-         Invention cur-
                fice. The Camp Invention      riculum, which
                program promotes a pas-       is aligned with state and na-    town, and Frederick Douglass
                 sion for learning science    tional curriculum standards in   Elementary in Seaford. With
                 with exciting, hands-on      science, mathematics, history    this gift, 8 underserved girls in
                 activities, and focuses on   and language arts. This sum-     grades 1-6 were able to attend
           developing critical thinking       mer, children took apart old     the programs with an average
           skills, creativity, teamwork,      appliances, created models of    scholarship award of $125 per
           and confidence.                    new inventions, explored the     child. One week at Camp In-
                                              science of superheroes,          vention helps prepare children
           Each day of camp, elemen-                                           for future success in higher
                                              worked in teams to engineer
           tary students participate in                                        level science through the
                                              an X-treme landsled, and fol-
           five innovative modules pre-                                        teaching of critical thinking
                                              lowed the trail of the Vikings
           sented by local teachers,                                           skills and the application of
                                              to discover ancient treasure.
           while experimenting with                                            science content to authentic
           practical applications of ab-      In June 2009, The Fund for       problem situations. Hopefully
           stract concepts in physics,        Women provided $1,000 of         the 21st Century learning skills
           engineering, environmental         scholarship funding for 3 pro-   that were introduced at this
           science and creative problem       grams in Delaware: Olive B.      program will inspire our future
           -solving.                          Loss Elementary in Bear, The     scientists and inventors!
                                              Jefferson School in George-

                                       Save the Date:
                                19th Annual Swingin' With A Star
                                 Women’s Golf Event and Auction

                                 Monday June 21, 2010
       For registration details and sponsorship opportunities visit the web site

                 Over the years the Swingin' With A Star Golf Tournament
                 has donated close to 1 million dollars to Fund For Women.

  FUND       FOR    WOMEN                                                                                               PAGE         3

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds!                                                              by Carolyn Strum
On September 3, 2009, seven             hand to Delaware women and
women became Sussex County              girls through grants. Since 1993,
Founders at an event called Girls       more than one million dollars in
Just Wanna Have Funds! The festive      grants has been awarded. Some of
event was held at the Lewes home        the services that the Fund for
of local watercolor artist Linda        Women grants provide are prena-
Dickey. Guests enjoyed Dickey’s         tal care, housing, abuse counsel-
display of paintings while munch-       ing, legal assistance, medical
ing on refreshments provided by         care, scholarship programs, and
the artist and Founder Janet Davis.     job training.
All the proceeds from one auc-
                                        New Founders who pledged
tioned watercolor were generously
                                        $1,000 to the organization include
donated to The Fund for Women.
                                        Nancy Friedman Beck, Carol Boyd
She also donated a portion of the
                                        -Heron, Lynn Cecil, Jeanne Gilli-
proceeds generated from any ad-
                                        gan, Marsha Metrinko, Marjorie
ditional sales at the event.
                                        Miller and Connie Miller. All new
Chairwoman and Founder Lynn             members received a signed print       Founder and watercolor artist Linda Dickey hosts FFW
Kokjohn, explained how The Fund         of the auctioned painting from the    affair at her home in Lewes
for Women Organization lends a          artist.

New Founders from left to right: Marsha Metrinko, Marjorie Miller, Nancy Friedman Beck,
Carol Boyd-Heron, Lynn Cecil, and Jeanne Gilligan (Not pictured – Connie Miller)

Members cheer as Marjorie Miller pledges
$1,000 to The Fund for Women.
                                                   Founder and Chairwoman Lynn Kokjohn and Founder Suzanne Landon stand
                                                   by the Dickey painting auctioned at the September affair.
        PAGE      4

                                    Trinkets and Toddies                                               by Carolyn Strum
                                    BEADazzled with Trinkets and Toddies!      the Art League decorated for the holidays.
                                    was the theme of the Sussex County         The evening was topped off with holiday
                                    FFW event held on December 3 at the        refreshments provided by Benedette Coo-
                                    Rehoboth Art League. The event signed      per, Janet Davis, Denise Emery, Kathy
                                    on six New Founders: Barbara Ed-           Kiernan, Lynn Kokjohn, Suzanne Landon,
                                    wards, Kathy Jankowski, Amelia Knarr,      Jean Lemontagne, and Cheryl Mitchell.
                                    Dee Moore, Sharyn Santel, and Sharyn
                                    Smith.                                     Sussex Chairwoman and Founder, Lynn
                                                                               Kokjohn, explained how the Fund for
                                    The highlight of the festivities was the   Women Organization lends a hand to Dela-
                                    jewelry displayed by three local arti-     ware women and girls through grants. Kay
                                    sans, Nina Esposito of Bean’s Beads,       Preston, Chair of the Fund for Women,
                                    Dorothy Davis of Glitter Girls, and        announced that the state-wide organization
                                    Sherry Sharp of Pandora Inspired De-       has exceeded its “1000th Founder goal”
                                    signs. In addition, guests were able to    and will now aim to rely on donations from
                                    view and purchase the paintings, jew-      new and existing Founders to achieve an-
                                    elry, sculpture and crafts on display at   other $1 million.

Nina Esposito of Bean’s Beads

                                   Above left to right: Carolyn Strum, Suzanne Landon, Lynn Kokjohn, Jean Lemontagne, Denise
                                   Emery, Janet Davis, Cheryl Mitchell, and Judy Mellen
Sherry Sharp of Pandora Inspired

          Above left to right: Guest Amelia Knarr, Founder Benedette Coo-
          per, and Rehoboth Art League Executive Director, Karen McGrath
                                                                                        Dorothy Davis of Glitter Girls

             FUND      FOR      WOMEN
FUND       FOR     WOMEN                                                                                           PAGE    5

1,000 Founders!
(continued from page 1)
care, from science education to emer-
gency food programs. It was established in 1993 by 16
visionary “Founders,” who committed themselves to
recruiting a total of 1,000 Founders: women who would
each contribute $1,000 to fund a (then) $1 million endow-
ment held at the Delaware Community Foundation.
The Fund For Women appeals to women who want to
make a difference in their communities. Although we
have met our original goal, there is still a tremendous
amount of work to be done in Delaware. We are counting
on women from all walks of life to join us as we continue
to make an impact on the quality of life for women and
girls statewide.                                            Above left to right: Lisa Jones,     Photograph courtesy of 
                                                            Joanne Foggy, Leigh Sparks, and
Congratulations to all our Founders for helping us reach
this significant milestone!
                                                            Michele Whetzel.                   Escudero Photography

   All Founders the date for the big celebration!
                      Watch your mail and e-mail for detailed invitations...
                            Swingin’ With A Star Grants $25,000 to Fund For Women
          PAGE      6

                                                                                                              by Kay Preston
                            Since our inception in 1993,         and the endowment grew,         Star time. Please watch your
                            Fund For Women has been              the Fund For Women endow-       e-mail and mail for details of
                            privileged to receive funding        ment has generated enough       how you can support this won-
                            from one of the premier fund-        funding to be a force in it’s   derful tournament and in turn,
                            raisers in Delaware, the             own right but we never          women and girls in Delaware.
                            Swingin’ With a Star (aka            would have made the impact      We hope to see everyone at
                            SWAS) Women’s Golf Tourna-           we did without the generous     the June 21 Swingin’ with a Star
                            ment. Over the years, SWAS           support of Swingin’ With A      Women’s Golf Tournament and
                            has donated close to $1 million      Star!                           cocktail reception. You don’t
                            dollars to the Fund and has                                          have to be a golfer to partici-
                                                                 We are most grateful that
                            supported both the Betsy                                             pate. The SWAS committee is
                                                                 SWAS chose to support Fund
                            Rawls sub-fund in our endow-                                         always looking for sponsor-
                                                                 For Women once again with
                            ment fund and each year’s                                            ships and auction items. ..It’s a
                                                                 $25,000 of the proceeds of
                            current grants. In the early                                         great way to advertise your
                                                                 the 2009 Swingin’ with A Star
                            days of Fund for Women it was                                        business and support the tour-
                                                                 Women’s Golf Tournament
                            the proceeds of the tourna-                                          nament. If you don’t golf con-
                                                                 and Brew And What The
                            ment that allowed us to do-                                          sider coming to the cocktail
                                                                 Gardener Grew Silent Auc-
                            nated substantial amounts to                                         reception and bidding on the
                                                                 tion events.
                            women and girls causes in                                            fabulous auction items!
                            Delaware. In the last few years,     As we roll into spring it is
                                                                                                 Thank you again to Swingin’
                            as we added more Founders            once again Swingin’ With a
                                                                                                 With A Star!

                                                          From left to right: Renee Roberts, Connie Bond Stewart, Marilyn Hayward,
                                                          and Mary Culley.
FFW Chair Emeritus Susan Sherk, Founding Founder
Judy Hoopes and Founder and Vice Chair Ranney Ward.

   From left to right: Diane Issacs, Leni Markell, Karen Miller, and
   Sharon Williams.

                                                      Photographs courtesy of 
                                                                                  Philanthropy Breakfast keynote speakers
                                                   Escudero Photography           Wayne and Betsy Holden and son Dean.
             FUND       FOR    WOMEN
FUND      FOR     WOMEN                                                                                            PAGE         7

                                                         Meet the 2010 Fund For Women Advisory Committee
  DuPont Volunteers                                                            Kay Preston, Chair
  Congratulations to the DuPont employee                                   Ranney Ward, Vice Chair
  volunteers and the Fund For Women!
                                                                          Susan Sherk, Chair Emeritus
  DuPont announced late last year that Kathy
  Wright Alzos, Carol Amos, Jane Bradd                                      Cheryl Corn, Newsletter
  Andersen, Lynn Flaim, Letha Hammon,                            Susan Daily, Kent County Development Chair
  and Rose Oakes are part of a group of
  nearly 400 DuPont employees being hon-                        Janet Davis, Swingin’ With A Star Representative
  ored in the 2009 DuPont Volunteer Recog-
                                                               Laura Day, New Castle County Development Chair
  nition program. Established in 1998, the
  program recognizes employees or teams                                   Irene Fick , Media Relations
  of employees who devote their time and
  talents to improve the quality of life in                              Kelly Firment, Special Projects
  their communities. On behalf of this hon-                             Letha Hammon, Special Projects
  oree team, DuPont has donated $1,000 to
  the Fund for Women! "Thank you" to not                         Anne Hogan, Large Non Profit Representative
  only these DuPont employees, but also to                           Marilyn Hyte, Grants Committee Chair
  the dozens of DuPont employees who have
  supported the Fund for Women with their                      Lynn Kokjohn, Sussex County Development Chair
  time, talent and financial support since the
                                                                 Alyson Lang, Small Non Profit Representative
  FFW was founded sixteen years ago.
                                                                         Mary Ann Miller Grants Event
                                                                         Maria Taylor, Special Projects
                                                                          Terry Villanueva, Secretary
                                                                          Michele Whetzel, Treasurer

                                           Planned Parenthood of Chester County,     ter’s formative years. He helped raise
Dr. Eva Verplanck                          and the Quintin E. Primo Jr. Lecture
                                           Series/Fund for Racial Justice. She
                                                                                     the bar in its land preservation work in
                                                                                     Delaware, and fostered the partnership
(continued from page 1)
                                           serves as an emeritus board member of     between the Conservancy and
has inspired countless others to give of   the Chester County Community Foun-        DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife,
their time, skills and resources. Both     dation. She is a Lifetime Achievement     which resulted in the protection of over
the state of Delaware and Chester          Award recipient of the Brandywine Val-    12,000 acres of forestland in Sussex
County have benefitted from Dr. Ver-       ley chapter of the Association of Fund-   County.
planck’s knowledge, passion and capa-      raising Professionals.
ble leadership.”                                                                     The Holdens’ community leadership
                                           The community activist was also re-       includes major commitments to the
The award recipient has served in key      cently was honored with the Jordan        Delaware Open Space Council, the
positions on an extensive list of non-     Award for Lifelong Philanthropy,          Schwartz Center for the Arts, Wesley
profit organizations over the years.       awarded annually to an individual who     College, and the Delaware Community
Among them: the YWCA of Delaware,          has made an enduring, long-term im-       Foundation, where they received the
United Way of Southern Chester             pact in Chester County.                   Foundation’s Allen Cup Award for Phil-
County, where she is one of the most                                                 anthropic Leadership in 2007. Also
sustaining, outstanding contributors,      Keynote speakers at the October 14
                                           breakfast were Wayne and Betsy Hol-       committed United Way of Delaware
and an honorary board member. She is                                                 supporters, the Holdens’ are recipients
also active on the YWCA of the United      den, who are also Fund For Women
                                           Founders.                                 of that organization’s Humanitarian of
States and World Services Council.                                                   the Year award.
Dr. Verplanck’s philanthropy and vol-      Wayne Holden has been a major advo-
unteerism have also impacted the           cate and supporter of the Delaware
United Way of Delaware, United Way of      chapter of The Nature Conservancy,
Southern Chester County, Chester           where, as a trustee since 1996, he has
County Council of Home Health Agen-        helped lead, guide and inspire the
cies, Wilmington Flower Market,            Conservancy’s work during the chap-
                                “The mission of the FUND FOR WOMEN is to provide funding to enhance        Presorted Standard
                                  the worth and potential of women and girls in Delaware by bringing to-    US POSTAGE
                                              gether the collective philanthropy of women.”                     PAID
                                                                                                           Dover, DE 19901
                                                                                                            Permit No. 168
         c/o Delaware Community Foundation
         PO Box 1636

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 Celebrating 1,000 Founders!

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