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					Barrel Vault


   Country Blend                                                                          Sunset Gold

 G      erard Barrel Vault tile replicates the appearance of
        traditional Spanish tile roofs with out the excessive
 weight of clay or concrete. Gerard’s Barrel Vault tile will
                                                                                                        • 8 times lighter than clay
                                                                                                          or concrete tile
                                                                                                        • Energy efficient
 not crack, break, curl or fade, this is supported by Gerard’s                                          • Durability of steel
 lifetime transferable warranty, providing you with unsurpassed                                         • Five attractive colors
 performance and natural beauty found in homes or buildings with                                        • 120 mph wind warranty
 a Spanish mission design. Warranted for against winds of up to                                         • Warranted against 2.5” hail
 120 mph and hail stones of 2.5” in diameter the Gerard’s Barrel                                          stones
 Vault tile is an excellent choice for residents and custom home-                                       • Great for new construction
 builders looking to accomplish the look of true Spanish Mission                                          or re-roof application
 style architecture.                                                                                    • Will not break, crack or curl
                                                                                                        • May reduce insurance
        Dimensions                                     Installation                                       premiums
  Panel Width :       16.25”             Open rafter
  Panel Length :      45.5”              Solid Sheathing                                                • Insects and termites are
  Pcs / Square :      24                 2x2 wood or metal battens                                        not a problem
  Weight / sq.ft. :   1.5 lbs.           Re-roof over asphalt shingle
                                         Re-roof over wood shake / shingles                             • Non-combustible steel, a
                                         Minimum Roof Slope: 2.5:12
                                         Maximum Roof Slope: 12:12 full vertical face                     Barrel Vault roof will not burn
                                         Suitable for batten or battenless installation
                                                                                                        • Interlocking feature improves
    Substrate                     Te s t i n g                      Extra
                                                                                                          rigidity in case an earthquake
 26 gauge                 UL-790 Fire                  Transferable Lifetime Warranty
 Galvalume                UL-580 Wind uplift           Texas Department of Insurance                      should occur
                          UL-2218 Impact               Credits Available
                                                       May reduce insurance premiums
                                                       May qualify for energy savings
                                                       rebates and/or credits
 *Be sure to check local building code requirements

Leesburg, FL 1-866-919-7663 • Mesquite, TX 1-866-295-9016
Brea, CA 1-800-23ROOFS • Kansas City, MO 1-816-421-4503                                               

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